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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 15, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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this. so many lives lost, young lives lost. at the same time, it's been truly inspiring to see the way the community has come together to support one another. >> greta: it's been just terrible. i frankly don't know what to say to anyone here, but thanks for joining us. >> yes. my pleasure. >> greta: thank you for being with us tonight. stay with us throughout the weekend br for latest on the school massacre here in connecticut g night from newtown, connecticut. now. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> we all huddled and i kept hearing these booming noises. >> fox news confirmed that as many as 27 people are dead, including 20 children. >> bill: unspeakable evil in connecticut. >> the gym teachers directed to us take against the wall and
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everybody started to panic. >> bill: dozens of school children murdered. >> they had their entire lives ahead of them. birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. >> bill: tonight what happened? how it could happen and can america prevent this kind of atrocity? we will have a number of reports. >> he's tough. a lesser person would have pleaded guilty. >> bill: also will president obama and secretary of state clinton demand the release of marine lance corporal jon hammer being held in a mexican prison on bogus charges? we will continue our reporting on this disturbing story. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now.
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>> bill: hi. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. mass murder in connecticut, unspeakable evil on display. there is little anyone can say when 20 school children are murdered. that kind of thing diminishes the entire country and deeply affects all good people. here is what we know at this hour. about 9:40 this morning at the sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut, 230-year-old adam lanza shot the principal dead and also killed a school psychologist. then he entered two classrooms, killing the children. four other adults died as well. lanza hess mother, nancy, was a teacher at the school and he apparently murdered her earlier in the morning at the home they shared. right now there is no known motive and we won't be getting any explanation from lanza who committed suicide at the school. this is the worst school shooting ever in connecticut. second worst in the united states behind virginia tech. here are some scenes in the aftermath of this appalling crime. >> evil visited this community
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today. (sirens). >> a call came in to dispatch. police officers and resources from all over the state raced to that area as they converged on the school. the children obviously were very shaken. they were crying in the closet. when they were leaving, the police made them hold hands and told them to close their eyes. >> they had their entire lives ahead of them. birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. >> the gym teachers directed us to stay against the wall. everybody started kind of panics. >> there is no words. it's shear terror. >> doesn't even seem real. it just does not seem like it's even possible. >> we all huddled and i kept hearing these booming noises.
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>> i just saw all these moms networking, trying to figure out what's going on. >> the kids were terrified! they were terrified. they had just witnessed something and they were terrified. >> most traumatizing thing i've ever been to. >> my god bless the memory of the victims and in the words of scripture, heal the broken hearted and bind up their wounds. >> bill: three guns were found at the scene. two pistols and a rifle. police say they were legally purchased and registered to lanza's mother who again was apparently mumpedded by him. with us now, geraldo rivera. between us, we pretty much seen what there is to see in this world, but this kind of evil has got to be at the top of the chart. >> you know, bill, i've been eye to eye with charles manson.
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i've been a war correspondent for seven years, i covered the worse atrocities of iraq and afghanistan. this is the worst thing ever. i have a scene in my mind that i just can't get out of my mind. he had the three weapons. he had the glock and the six hour, both .9 millimeter, the 223 bush master. it's unclear whether or not he used it. most reports are suggesting he left that one in the car, which means he went into the school, gets past security, gets into the classroom, one or two classrooms and starts firing at the little children. at some point he has to run out of ammunition. even if he has extended magazines, at some point he has to reload. so the scene i have in my mind is these babies, between the ages of five and ten, as this grownup -- these are children who have never seen evil. these are children who are in the flower of innocence. here is a grownup dressed in
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camo and bullet proof vest and he's got two hand guns and he starts killing the children and you can imagine the children screaming and then he's reloading and there is the dead children and there is the children yet to be killed. in this moment, just imagine the terror before he kills them. it is so unconscionable. it is beyond description. it is so evil doesn't do it. it doesn't explain sufficiently the wickedness, the depraved wreckless indifference to the lives of these children, just something as that father of five, i cannot get out miff mind. >> bill: nobody can. there is no explanation for it. it is evil. you would admit that's what it is. so when you look at things like this that happen and why they happen so much in the united
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states, you know. we saw the norwegian thing last year and all of that. but it's a good country, but there is insanity. there is strain of insanity now running through our country. we'll get to that a little later. you know, you go to the concentration camps, you know? you been there, right? >> that's what it most reminds me of. >> bill: i've been there. >> a mini holocaust. >> bill: go to the concentration camps and go to cambodia and they still have the skulls, if you want to, you can go see them, and you go to china and you see what's happened in various places. it all comes back to one thing. it all comes back to there is an evil in the universe and you can't stop it. you can't stop it. we have to deal with it. we just have to deal with it. >> this young man, adam lanza, woke up and he killed his mother. why did he kill his mother? we don't know. maybe he thought his mother was paying too much attention to the
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children. maybe it was something as -- >> bill: we don't want to speculate tonight. >> as crazy as that. after she's dead, he then drives to her classroom. how best to savage your mother than to go and kill the children she cared for, that she nurtured, that she taught. and my brother craig was there all day. he saw a scene where all the parents collected their children, the surviving children, and the governor at some point says, those who haven't collected their children, there are no more children to collect. they are inside, the forensics are still ongoing. they were at the fire house. so there were families arriving late. some coming from out of town. the school was almost a magnet because it was so good and parents coming dur course of the afternoon. he saw a scene where the parents were taking the car seat out of the back seat and putting it in
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the trunk, never to be used again. this is something that -- i mean, i don't think there is a person listening right now, a parent who can't just be so just defeated, deflated, outraged, sickened, disgusted -- >> bill: and the worst part of it is, we can't do anything about it. there is nothing we can do. >> the other bitter irony is that this heroic principal, dawn hocksprung implemented security at the school. she put a buzzer system in the school that he apparently burst through to get to the -- >> bill: if his mom taught there, they knew him and he knew how to get into the school. >> i want an armed cop at every school. i remember there were two school shootingsings and were there wee
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amish kids in pennsylvania. and then i said, we have to protect these children as if they were gold. as if they were the material you use for atom bombs, you have to protect the children. >> bill: i know that all over the united states right now, that, what you just said, is being discussed. in heightened security for all the kids. all right. thanks for coming in. we appreciate it. he's got special reports all weekend on saturday and sunday. next on the rundown, we will go to the scene of the crime in connecticut and talk with fox correspondent rick leventhal, as well as with a third grader who survived today's mass murder. "the factor" will be back in a moment
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>> bill: continuing with "the factor"'s coverage. joining us from the scene of the crime, fox news correspondent
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rick leventhal. what's going on now? lot of reporters obviously from all over the world have descended upon a small connecticut town. what are they trying to accomplish this evening? >> bill, obviously everyone is trying to get the latest information and try to piece together what happened here today. i can tell you that i've spoken with a number of federal investigators, one of whom, a seasoned investigator, one of the biggest, toughest guys i know, and he was shocked as he related the news to me. the details of this horrific crime. when you hear from law enforcement the horror at what transpired, it really brings it home. the fact that this kid, would shoot his own mother in her home and then drive to the school where she apparently worked and slaughtered children, it's almost too horrific to believe. >> bill: we get our reports from law enforcement that hundreds of shots were fired by this guy and he had planned it out. i mean, obviously he had taken
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three weapons with him. but there is no much else known other than he's a mass murderer, he didn't care about anybody, obviously his mother, children, nothing matter to do him at all. do the acts that you talked to, did they describe the inside of the school? did they tell you anything that specifically happened? >> well, we've heard from law enforcement just in general terms how awful the scene is. it's going to take them days to process that scene. the medical examiner is inside the school at this hour attempting to work through the identification of the bodies, including those 18 children still in the school. that could be finished, they hope by tomorrow, bill. but we have also learned through law enforcement sources that the brother of this shooter, ryan lanza, was originally identified as the shooter, maybe because his younger brother was carrying his i.d he has spoken with federal
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authorities and described as very cooperative. he's telling federal authorities that he believes his brother had developed mental problems and possibly autism, and the boy's father also said to be cooperating with federal authorities in new jersey, being questioned, trying to shed light on this kid's mental state and what may have set him off. >> bill: all right. so they have the father and the brother who are obviously trying to explain to authorities the condition of the dead murderer. when you cover a story like this, there is a lot of chaos and there is a lot of misreporting, as you just mentioned, the kid ryan, we just saw, the brother, was initially tied in to the crime, but now he's been totally exonerated, right? there is just one shooter. they believe it's one man who did these horrible things. is that correct? >> correct. yeah. bill, you can understand, in the aftermath of a major incident like this, there is a lot of confusion. in this case, if the shooter was carrying an identification, then
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that would lead investigators to previous that was him. apparently it was his brother. his older brother. this kid is 20. his brother is 24. he may have had his i.d. on him for purposes of who knows? alcohol. who knows? >> bill: i want to be clear. the shooter who is now dead, was carrying his brother's i.d that's the i.d. they found on him. and his brother and the father live in new jersey, not close to the scene. all right. rick. we appreciate it. thank you very much. directly ahead, a third grader survives the murder. we will talk with her and her mother. later pressure growing on mexico to release a former marine they put in prison on bogus charges. those reports after these message
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>> bill: in the impact segment, no words can console the families of the dead children in connecticut. no words. there were more than 600 children in the sandy hook school today. the survivors will carry this crime with them forever. joining us from newtown, brenda and her eight-year-old daughter, sophia, third grader at the school. sophia, you okay tonight? you all right? >> yes. >> bill: can you tell us what you saw today, what happened to you at school today? >> well, we were at morning meeting and then we heard these knocking sounds and then miss martin, she closed the door and locked it and then told us to go in the corner and then we were like shaking and everybody was all squished. >> bill: did you know what was happening outside your classroom? did the teacher tell you anything? >> no. >> bill: so you were just scared 'cause she didn't know and you knew the teacher was concerned? >> yes. >> bill: how did you get out of
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the school, sophia? >> well, someone was knocking done the door and our assistant, she looked out the door and it was the police to tell us to come out. so we went out and went to the fire house. >> bill: okay. did you talk to your daughter about this? does she understand it? i mean, this is so traumatic for everyone. adults are breaking down. how is sophia dealing with it with you? >> i think she's still numb. she has her family around her. my sister came up, so i think the gravity of the situation hasn't hit her yet. she wasn't really exposed to any of the bodies or anything. they took her out a back door. >> bill: that's good. >> then went to the fire house. >> bill: did you know any of the children who were killed?
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did sophia know them? i think they were younger, right? >> they were supposedly in kindergarten. we haven't been told any of the children's names. so i don't know. i do know that my friends that i've talked to, their children are safe. i made sure of that. anybody i saw in the fire house, i hugged them. and i said do you have your babies? and they said yes, we're okay. it wasn't until later when -- go ahead. >> bill: sandy hook is a very, very calm place, newtown, connecticut, a beautiful suburb. >> oh, yeah. >> bill: no violence to speak of. >> safe. >> bill: this would be the last place on earth you would think at that this would happen. where were you when you heard about this and what was your reaction? >> okay. i was home doing my christmas cards on-line and i received a phone call from the school superintendent that we usually get if there is going to be an early dismissal, you know, something of that sort, saying
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that there was a shooting in newtown and that the schools were on lockdown. but she did not say that there was a shooting at one of the schools. so i wasn't that concerned until i received a text from -- i think it was a.p. news on my phone saying that there was a shooting in the sandy hook school on dickinson. that's where my daughter attends, so i jumped in the car. i went to the school. there was already parents there crying and i saw a friend of mine. i said what happened? and they were hysterical that they carried out a little girl and she looked like she was dead. i panicked. but luckily i saw my daughter right away coming with her teacher, 'cause they started walking the kids from the school to the fire house, which is almost adjacent to the school. >> bill: by all accounts, the school handled the situation well and the police and the authorities did a good job. is that what you saw? >> yes.
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absolutely. >> bill: so everybody was reassured quickly? you say you panicked, but everything was contained. >> the children were being orderly, taken to the fire house. they went into a large room. there was a lot of crying. but the teachers seem to keep the kids calm and we kept every classroom was kept together, so the teacher knew where her kids were. as the parents came in, you know, she's over here, you know. she's okay. we had no idea the gravity of the situation until later on when i came home and i heard the news. i heard that the principal was shot and the little girl that i was told that was taken out bloody. but we had no idea that there would be 20 some odd people killed. >> bill: did you know this teacher whose son did this allegedly and wound up dead?
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did you know her? >> i never heard her name before. i have older children. they don't know the boys. she's not listed on the directory in school as a kindergarten teacher. i do know that they started a preschool here this year. so i don't know if she was a preschool teacher. >> bill: but you don't know her. okay. >> no. >> bill: all right. sophia, we appreciate you telling us your story and we hope you're okay and miss labinski, if you need anything, you let us know. thank you very much. i'm sorry you had to go through this. >> thank you. >> bill: plenty more as "the factor" moves along this evening. evil people, can we protect ourselves against them? we'll talk with two mental health workers. and then marine corporal jon hammer still in a mexican prison. we're trying hard to get him out. we have hope you stay tuned for those
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>> bill: unresolve problem segment, how should we process evil and protect ourselves from it? joining us from boston, psychotherapist dr. karen ruskin and kansas city, dr. russell, forensic scientist and attorney. could evil like this ever be dealt with effectively, dr. russell? >> well, bill, you can't eliminate it, but you can minimize it better than we're doing. not just by enhanced security practices. a couple big things, bill, one is we can rethink our deinstitutionalization policy where by far too often we
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actually show more compassion for an obviously dangerously troubled individual than we do for everybody in the society that that person may harm. and secondly, we can get back to being the kind of a culture in which kids grow up getting lots of messages at home, school, church, everywhere about being part of something larger than themselves. thinking about the impacts of their actions on others because we've become coarsened and callus to the point that a kid can grow up in this society and not necessarily internalize the kind of disgust that you and i feel, this visceral disgust for the kind of disregard for human life that we saw today. >> bill: dr. ruskin, it seems to me that there is casual violence and very explicit violence on display more than ever before and that's, of course, thanks to the internet. i'm not sure whether this is having an unintended consequence on a generation of americans. it's hard to quantify that. but certainly the casual
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violence is on display far more than any other time in history. am i wrong? >> i wouldn't you are not wrong. and we can't ignore the fact that our environment absolutely affects us. we must view things systemically. we are a system l it's television, whether it's parents being too busy to spend quality time with their kids, whether a kid is hurting and another child is mean about that, whether teachers are not noticing, whether parents are not noticing what's happening with the emotional well-being of their kids. everything affects everything. the violence that we're experiencing is systemic and we need to put a stop to it by everybody playing a role, parents, very important. i believe that's where it all starts, at a young age. >> bill: all right. so but it's almost impossible to legislate good parenting, dr. russell. that's a problem on almost every sociolevel that we have in america. i mean, families fall apart.
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fathers abandon children, mothers abuse children, whatever it may be, then the children suffer. so in a free society, you're always going to have dysfunctional people and you're always going to have evil. always. i don't think a lot of people understand -- my mother, for example, doesn't understand evil. when i would tell her, hey, mom, i was in el salvador and i saw nuns get shot in the back of the head, she almost couldn't process it. she couldn't process it. you know. and i don't know whether we americans really understand the concept of evil. >> you're absolutely right that it exists. it and i can tell you that there absolutely are people, they may not be mentally healthy, they're sane and they choose to hurt others just because they want to and we have to wrap our minds around that and you're right, we can't make everybody parent the way that they should. society is not squander chances
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when we get them to intervene because the person has given us reason to, has shown a propensity to be dangerous. i predicted in this thing, we're going to find out there were signs all over the place. >> bill: there usually are. there are usually signs. although a ted bundy, the serial killer, tracked that guy all over the united states, nobody -- i talked to his mother. nobody thought that he was a monster who would look a woman in the eye and then cut her throat because he came across as this preppy, regular guy. but sociopaths and nare city cysts, i think this is growing in our society. i think that this disease, this mental illness of sociopathy is growing and i don't know why. >> you know, there is a difference between the psychopath and the sociopath. the psychopath, they don't care even if it's their family that
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they're hurting. there is no remorse. there is no guilt. whereas a sociopath may or may not feel guilty over hurt ago family member, but they sure as heck don't feel guilty about hurting somebody else. and the psychopath can appear very lovely to others, whereas this sociopath often you can tell that there is a disturbance, and i believe that in our culture, as we have become so self-absorbed and self-titled that we deserve to have loving parents, i deserve not to feel hurt, i deserve to have money. i deserve have a job. yes, yes. everybody deserves. but the fact is, we can not control the cards that are dealt to us. so rather we must work hard every day in our mental health and wellness and well-being and if we're not feeling well, we, we, we, i must take ownership of my own behavior and seek out help. >> bill: that's a mature mind. your point about we all feel we deserve all this and if we don't get it, some of us go into a
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rage and some of us lose it and start to inflict damage i think a good one. but only a mature mind will say, i need help. doctor, i'm going to leave you the last word in kansas city. people watching tonight, there is no solution to evil. we just have to recognize it, i think. >> two things. don't call it an illness because this, what we're talking about tonight transcends psychology. everybody watching tonight has to decide what to call it. i call it evil. you call it evil. the other thing to keep in mind, you do a lot on the culture war. when you have an entire culture that's drifting in a direction, you're bound to have those people who are out there on the fringes of it anyway drifting even farther out of the bounds. >> bill: allall right. thanks very much. when we come back, former marine unjustly imprisoned in mexico. will the obama administration be able to get him out of jail? we'll have the very latest on a very troubling story. then we will go back to the crime scene in connecticut. the latest breaking news with bill hemmer and "the factor"
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. we'll go back to connecticut shortly. but first in "the factor" follow-up tonight, the talking points memo. mexico insulting every single american citizen. 27-year-old jon hammer, former marine lance corporal from
1:41 am
florida, remains remains in a mn prison charged with gun possession. the charge is totally bogus. last summer he registered an antique shotgun, handed down to him from his great grandfather with american customs officials in brownsville, texas. he was then told by the american agents to take the paperwork across the border to mexican officials and he would be fine to travel on to costa rica for a hunting trip. when he did check in with the mexicans in matamoros, he was promptly arrested and charged with carrying a deadly weapon. that was last august. despite many attempts by the u.s. government to get him released, mexico will not do it. so he sits in a filthy prison ten days before christmas. that's simply unacceptable. everybody knows corporal hammer did nothing wrong. so why doesn't mexico just release him in the name of goodwill? for years talking points has been telling you that mexico does not act like a friend to the usa. i've stopped going to the country 'cause they do not -- i do not believe they're looking
1:42 am
out for us. the jon hammer case proves this. mexico's new president should release hammer immediately. right now. we understand high level negotiations are taking place and there is some optimism the corporal will soon be free. but why is it taking so long? and how did it ever happen in the first place? we will stay on the story. that's a memo. nor for reaction, joining us from washington, congresswoman who is deeply involved in the case. i don't understand this. i really don't understand how you can have somebody in jail for four months who didn't do anything and everybody is involved, the state department, i assume the president knows about this. so try to tell me what's going on. >> well, we are outraged as well, bill. in fact, it is so incomprehensible that when the mother first came to us with the case, we said, oh, something must be wrong here. sometimes constituents stretch the truth a little bit. this cannot be happening. >> bill: but it is. >> the more we investigated,
1:43 am
that's right. we found out absolutely, everything that she was saying is absolutely correct. and, in fact, in my conversation just two days ago with the mexican ambassador, he told me that right now jon hammer is chained to his bed. why? because they had to move him from the general population of those criminals into an area that is less secure. and in that area that is less secure, it is so unsecure that they fear that he will escape and in order to overcome that fear, they have chained him to his bed. >> bill: does the mexican -- when you talked to the mexican ambassador, does he justify this? i mean, he doesn't have the power to release him. i guess the mexican attorney general would do this. but does he justify this travis see? >> i don't want to talk about conversations that i've had with this official or the other official. i can tell you this, bill, the mexican government is probably even going to be powerless
1:44 am
because they believe that they're under siege by these drug lords and they have creed control to these gangsters. so the folks administering this terrible prison is not the mexican government, but these drug lords. >> bill: are you telling me, congresswoman, the president of mexico does not have enough power to release had american from that filthy prison in matamoros? is that what you're telling me? >> i believe he doesn't have the guts o do it. does he have the authority to do it? yes. >> bill: of course he does. >> this is a case that will put him to the test. this is a country whose leaders, leader after leader, they love to lecture the united states about how badly we supposedly treat illegal immigrants. hogwash. here is another case, because it is not an isolated case -- of an american unjustifiably imprisoned. so we call on this president to do his duty and release this -- >> bill: i want our president to do something, too. i want barak obama to speak out about this. he has remained silent.
1:45 am
so has secretary of state clinton. i understand this much and i think you hinted at it. we don't want to muck up any negotiations that might be fruitful by attacking anybody and calling anybody out making any threats. that includes president obama and secretary of state clinton. we're going to assume, you i'm e american government is doing what they should. i'm soaping they are doing what they should do. is that right? >> i don't get that feeling yet, bill. maybe i'll get that feeling -- >> bill: so you want more pressure put on by secretary clinton and president obama? do you want more pressure? >> absolutely. that's why i've reached out to my congressional colleagues, over 50 of them have signed a bipartisan letter to hillary clinton and janet napolitano, the head of homeland security, calling for their advocacy for jon hammer -- >> bill: they need to get out in front of this! the news media, "the factor" and you and senator nelson, although he didn't make himself available this evening and he should have, you guys have been out in front. look, we'll give it the weekend.
1:46 am
we'll come back monday. we'll see where we are. we'll keep in contact with you, congresswoman. we got to get this guy out before christmas. >> you are his life policy. i believe that -- >> bill: we'll get him out because no american in -- we're going to call for absolute boycott of travel to mexico if he's not out. simple as that. >> thank you for saving his life. we got the whole community praying for him. >> bill: we're going to work together and get it done. all right. thanks very much. >> thank you, bill. >> bill: in a moment, we'll recap that horrendous mass murder in connecticut. horrible story. that's next
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>> bill: back of the book segment, let's go back to newtown, connecticut. fox news anchor bill hemmer is standing by with an update. all right, hemmer. we're starting to now learn a
1:50 am
little bit about what happened inside by the scene that the police describing. tell us about that. >> it is a scene that can only be described as grisly and a scene that even hardened police officers working the state for decades have never seen before in their lives. bill, we believe all the bodies are still inside that small little elementary school down the hill from where we are and they will not be moved tonight or even possibly tomorrow or even into sunday. this is a grisly crime scene and the police are being very particular about making sure that they are careful about this evidence. this is a school, bill. it's a tiny place. kindergarten through fourth grate. and you come up here to this town and you think this is the kind of community with you want to send your kids to school. you go down this hill through the forest and the school emerges there, bill. there is a short little driveway runs about 75 yards leading up to the parking lot of the
1:51 am
school. you walk in there and you think, what in the world could possibly go wrong here? and today everything went wrong. overnight tonight, these police officers and these investigators are working this crime scene to make sure they get positive identification, something that we expect at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow eastern time to be announced to the rest of the country. >> bill: okay. we have an identification, the principal who was shot dead by this lanza. tell us about her. >> i don't want to give out her name out of respect to the community here because police have not given out her name yet. she's 47 years old. she's been the principal for two years, going back to 2010. which by the way, was the last year a serious crime was even reported in the town of newtown, connecticut. she has five kids. two daughters and three stepdaughters, along with her husband whose first name is george and he, too, is a teacher in this school district. here is the sad awful thing about this, bill.
1:52 am
we're just getting into the horror of what happened here. every hour, these layers peel away. we're going to meet these victims in a very intimate way overt coming days as we move through the funerals and it's only going to make us more and more sad as we work through it because these lives have been lost and when we learn about people like it woman who was a mother of five and based on the police accounts we have, the gunman walked in the principal's office first and counted at least four adults, all of which we believe, all of whom we believe were women, including the principal, and shot them dead on site at that moment. >> bill: it's hard to comprehend any of this, of course. but i think people have to understand that even the survivors and there were over 600 kids in the school. i mean, it's a small school, but there are a loft kids there. all of them are going to be affected for the rest of their lives. you don't know -- you don't know how personalities absorb that.
1:53 am
so not only are the dead and grieving families with their priority number one, but all of the other children, we just talked to one earlier in the program, who looked -- i don't know whether you saw that, but she looked like, you know, i'm eight years old and what am i dealing with here? never goes away. it never goes away. so the community is going to have to provide services for those people and as you said, it's going to unfold and now we have a woman with five children and you're going to have a lot of those stories. >> yeah. one thing to add on that, i met in a young girl before she talked to you, sophia. she was so charming. she had a huge smile on her face. i mean, you look in her parents' eyes and you can see the tears in their eyes and they try and fight it back. they have their daughter for christmas and so many others do not. and i spoke with a woman earlier today, she has a daughter named alexis. she was a third grader here, she's okay, too. she said throughout the day, they've been talking, she's been
1:54 am
asking her questions. then finally her daughter, from the third grade, age eight, said, mom, are you going to be okay? your point is well taken about how they absorb this and how they try and interpret it and understand it. and they, just like it whole town, are now left to live with this for the rest of their lives, bill. >> bill: the only advice i could give to anybody threw is be strong. parents have to be strong for their children and they have to be very well aware that this thing is going to go on for a long, long time. all right. good job. thank you very much. as always, we really appreciate it. bill will be on throughout the evening. factor factor tip of the day. some advice to avoid being conned this christmas. we'll have that for you in 60 seconds
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are flawed. same concept and both dr. king spoke and envoking. and jesus was a jew. and they were honored because of what they did for mankind. i can't make it clearer than that, sherry. stanford, connecticut. you reminded me of the abbott and costelo routine. you were abbott. lana coony. i say beckle would be more fun at a party than you at a party o'reilly. beckle is in his pajamas by nine. i will not go john hammer is released from prison. corporal hammer is not released, i am cancelling my trip to cancun. i expect the mexico government to do the right thing.
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if they don't economics will be if you know what i mean. bill you and is dennis were wonderful in salt lake city. i think you mean miller thanks. and we'll see you all in phoenix, la and washington d.c. and westbury, long island. bill, took the tip of the day and visited missing and found i was owed $100. and peel off $20 for charity tom. and finally tonight the factor tip of the day. many of us give to charity over hanukkah and christmas holiday season in general. we want to be smart about it, don't we. go to charity very honest web site. it rates the charity so you can be sure the money is used
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