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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  December 15, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm PST

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>> my daughter emily. she is stand giving love and stipulate to all of those victims because that is is the type of person she s. not because of parenting my wife and i could have done, but because those were gifts given
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to her by her heavenly father. >> a very powerful expression from robby parker. he's the father of six year old emly parker, one of the victims in the sandy hook elementary school shooting in few town, connecticut. >> hello, i am mike huckabee. i am coming to you live in new york city . our nation is in shock over the senseless and unspeakable tragedy that took place in newtown, connecticut. the shooter killed his mother in her home and then to a elementary cool where he gund down 20 opportunitis and teach ares before he took his own life . molly? nthe community has been pulling together since this horrific massacre. there are numerous vigils and we are getting word that
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president obama is it joining the community and an interfaith vigil. ther joining together and healing the community. it is it a difficult and long road ahead when you think about the victims in this case. and so many lives lost and 12 little girls and eight little boys and six women. two of the women killed were so young. beginning their careers in education . in their twens and one just 30 years old and all of these women trying to protect the children. the youngest victim named noah. you look at the list of the children's names and the names you hear in classrooms all over america. charlotte, and anna, and daniel. tiny little people cut down before they so much much life. that's what president obama talk body the lives that were
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cut short. the medical examiner talking about the tragedy and giving a picture of what happened in the school. not unexpected details. we knew they were going to be horrible but the extent of the detail was clinical. nearly all of the victims had multiple gun hot. three-len gun shot wounds and those are the folks he had a chance to examine himself. he participated in 7 of the exams personally. the paperwork is completed and now, it is time for the families to have a chance to see their loved ones and experience the great loss and in the coming days, funerals and memorial services and a very long road to recovery for the community. governor. >> molly, thank you for your report there in newtown. >> maybe it is simplep the attempt to express our
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collective shock when we say we are trying to make sense of the horrific shooting in the sandy hooks elementary school. it is it not sense to a rational human being. the governor malloy got it right when he said eril visited the community. president obama spoke more as a parent than a politician and quoted the bible to bring comfort to the nation. churches were filled in newtown, connecticut last night as candlelight vigils were held to grieve for the 27 innocent people killed and those shattered by the crazed carnage. on friday, neal cavuted me, where was god in we have systematically removed god from our schools and public account activities and at the moment of the calamity we wonder where it was.
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the liberal wave had a violent and jumped to the conclusion that if i said prayer was in school the shooting would not have happen. i said nothing of the sort. it is far more than prayer and bible reading. it is it the fact that people sue a city so we have no major 16 or christmas carol churches and christian owned businesses are told to surrender the values under the edict of the government orders to provide tax-funded abortion pills . we say things are sinful and say they are disorders and sometimes we say they are normal and have to abandon bed rock memioral truths, we were, where was god? why escorted him out of our culture and marched him out of the public square and then
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surprised that a culture reflects what it is it become. as soon as the tragedy unfolded he showed up. in the lives of teachers who put their lives between the gunmen and the students and in policemen who rush school not knowing if they would be met with a barage of students. and hugs and tierce of parents and teachers that lived through the slaughter and overflowed church services where people lit candles and prayed he showed up in the white house where the president envoked his name and quoted from his book then in a few days, we'll god to excuse himself. and announce in our arrogant pride that we have evolved beyond needing him and someone will suggest we have a law to stop this. we don't have to pass a new one.
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there is one that works if we teach and observe it. shaw shalt not kill. there are nine others. but to tell them about that would require bringing god back and we know how unacceptable that might be. geraldo rivary is standing by in newtown, but more importantly geraldo, i can't think of any major american trannel dee that you have not seen up close and personal in the last 40 years. how does this one compare to the tragic events that you cover as a reporter in the past four decades. >> governor, let me if i may, start by you know, giving you a electronically a big embrace and agreeing with you. this crime, this crime, this atrocity was a godless act and that this perpetrator was in
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every way the devil incarnate here on earth. he was the agent of the apocalypse. ip am not a preacher, i have an unusual as you know thelogical background, my jewish mother and catholic father. but it is impossible for me to miss the point that were this a faith-based young man, he could not possibly have perpetrated the evil. this was not just crime. this was evil. this was debase. this was something that so utterly beyond the realm of appropriate civilized conduct. this was someone who wanted to inflict pain and in inflicting pain, he chose the most vulnerable victims, six years old and 7 years old in first grade and took that big gun
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and posing as if he was a ninja car war garbed in black and stuck it to the terrified children and ended their lives and shot them again and again and again. this is it, governor, that no correspondant has seen this kind of carnage here in new england, in a beautiful 300 year old community to which people flock would for its safety and its security and traditions and churches, and its surrenity. he perpetrated an obscenity. if this is not the devil at work, i don't know what it is, goch goch. >> i can't imagine the grief and pain that you have seen there. as you have been there, people appreciate the media bringing attention to the plight and then there comes a time when
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they want people to leave and they need peace. are they they at that point or do they appreciate the attention that is it foc oused on newtown, connecticut. >> i have to worry that this way. i got here late intentionally i have been an observer much more an observer than a reporter. i felt an absolute queasiness about going up to people anding them. we used intermediaries to see if they shared the store storses. crig my brother was here all day yesterday and some responded with bitterness at the intrusion. and others are thankful for the compassion and the support. i am sure that the healer in chief, and the president gets here tomorrow night, he will be able to let everyone in the count, who said they don't
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know and most of them do, that the world ask nation is unite that we are all parents of these children and tonight, as people watch, and hug their children, that's the best way we can fight back against this obscene deal and mini holocaust. i never use the expression holocaust it connotes the most dreadful thing that happens in the human suspicious. that was for the 20 children the holocaust and that evil that this man perpetrated against them was as much like the evil the nazies perpetrated as kidnapping i can think much. >> geraldo, thank you for joining us in newtown, connecticut. you will have a live show later this evening from newtown. and we know folks will want to watch that at 10 o'clock eastern time. thank you for joining us.
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wilehear from a mother whose son was at sandy hook and he was in the school during the shooting yesterday. that's next initiated.
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>> as parents of the stunes in sandy hook elementary school got the word of the shooting, they rushed to the school and nearby fire house and fearing the worst and hoping and praying for the best. that's where chris teen wilfred found her senyear old son safe and sound and she joins us on the phone, chris teen, thank you so much. it is it a difficult time for
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you and i appreciate you being willing to visit with us about it >> when you first heard something happened in the school, where were you and what did you hear and what did you do? >> i was at home sitting at my kitchen table with my husband. he decide tod work from home yesterday. a neighbor had come over to pick up a christmas present i had at my house for her son. and we received an automated phone call that the schools were in lock down due to a reported shooting. she got on the phone to her husband and he said he thought it was sandy hook we pulled up on the computer that it was sandy hook. and she left to go to her husband, and we loaded our two year old in the car and headed to school . >> you had no idea on your way
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to sandy hook where your son was okay or not, do you? >> no, no. we had no idea. all we could do is hope and pray. that he was okay. how dufirst find out that your son was okay? >> we pumed up along with many, many other parents all arriving and converging on the main road and start totted run down the dirt rod that we found to the school, the little side road. and we were immediately directed by the police that oh, children were evacuated to the fire house. and just ran in there and started to frantically look as everybody was packed in there. know, spotted his teach are first. he's okay he's right here and got him off of the ground and gay him to me.
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>> oh, i can't imagine chris teen as a parent. ip just can't get my arms around the emotion that you must have had when you saw your son was okay. i am assuming you grabbed him and hugged him almost to the point of squeezing the air out of him. he is like i am okay. i done cry. i was brave. and you know, i am okay. and i said okay. and passed him to my husband so he could hug him and then my thoughts went to one of my best friend's daughters who i knew was at work and i immediately started to look for her and found her and took her. and told her manager on the phone with her mother. nthat must have been one happy conversation. had that mother known about the phone call. yes, had known.
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she had known. she had call would while we were on the way to the school. how do you ixplain to your son what happened. that is a horrible thing to explain something so heinous and evil to a child in a way that maybe he could understand it. >> we just told him that, that very bad man came in the school and hurt a lot of people. and you know, he was explained and we found out names of people that he was friends with and knew, we let him know. and you know. keep checking in with him. i him once an hour how he is doing and if he is okay. and just tell him if hement to talk we are here. >> chris teen, there is not a
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parent in america that is not riveted by what you have been through. i am soy glad you and your son are okay and all of your family. i know it is a hard time and you have known teachers and other kids who are not okay. i appreciate you letting us invade your privacy and tharching you for letting us understand what you went through. nthank you. >> that was chris teen wilford. her son 7 year old was safe. what a horrible experience. and what are detectives doing now to piece together why the shooting happened? weelerwill help answer that.
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>> it was unreal and i can't believe it that it is it true. i can't fathom this. nothing makes sense like this. this is it senseless. >> still no motive known as to why the shooter did what he did before taking his own life. what clues are people looking for. john is a police detective. john, before i get in the evidence gathering which i know the police are through now. i don't think most people understand. when the police officers first around on the screen like they did in sandy hook elementary. they had no idea what they may face. they may face one gun or five
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guns or explosives. they run in uation where they may have to make a split second decision where they may act the lives of kids. >> it is true. you niver can fully prepare because you never know what the scenario is. we have emergency action plans for these shooters. and this is what the situation was. and we have police officers and detectives and units that train for this all of the time for this type of scenario. and so when they turn out. they establish a perimeter and set up a mobile command base and ploy the troops and vet information as it comes in. and they will usually work in a minimum of four teems that go through the door and do a grid search. and maybe they will access to
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poigns of the building and being aware of the cross fire scenario to stay away from that. they go in and they don't know if the doors are booby trapped or if there is more than one shooter. and those people may not have all of the information. after columbine. one of the changes in dealing with law enforcements, as in columbine they waited a minute to assess what was going o. and the protocall is you go in and try to get to the shooter as soon as possible. and that meeps the first guys in there are putting their in harm's ways.
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a crime like this is usual lie done within five minutes. you don't have time to assess. you assess on the run so yeah, you don't know what is on the other side. you work out a plan before hand and you are analyzing your strat strat on -- strategy on the run. 24 hours passed before the bodies were removed and a lot of intense forensic work was going on. help us to understand, what is it that the police are doing behind the closed doors, obviously no cameras are going in there and no one will get in there is it evaporate that you tabe your crime scene. it was a contained crime 69 and behind the scenes, they are looking at the process in the crime scene and forepsics that they are recovering.
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matching those rounds to the gun. the most important thing if you are finding a round. and no gun. is there a second shooter in the building or maybe -- out in the world. that you know, now is still a threat to others. you want to mach sure there is one shooter and you havelet evidence. and make sure you establish a time line to that. of course, once the shooter kill says himself . all of that is second hare to tabing one or two shootersment one final question. eally you have been a police officer for a long time. can ever be prepared to sigh the death of so many children? >> i can't fathom it. right now they have
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bereavement contractors and that is it not only for the families and victim a children but the parents and surviving children and school officials and plice officers. they are traumatized. they have children at home. and school officials have children at home. survivor's guilt. you didn't want them to see thez thippings. ni have to say it is different with teen it is or adultings. but it lately is. nit is. >> y june, my heart goes out to all of the cops. they are humachine, too. nwe pray that god gives them trenth to cope with the loss. ing up a father whose was
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killed in the columbine tragedy. we'll explain.


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