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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 19, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> good morning everyone. i am patti ann browne. >> i am hert childers. it
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-- i am heather childers. it is december 19th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> another day of mourning in newtown. four funerals will be held today. they will say good-bye to daniel bar dan, 6-year-old charlotte bacon and victoria soto. she shielded her students and saved their lives. what may have caused the gunman to snap. pref individu good morning, peter. >> nancy lanza was reportedly at her wit's end with her son adam and was having such a hard time raising the 20-year-old by herself that she was in the process of getting conservator ship over him. that's kierdling to someo -- ac to someone who knows the family of the shooting andl of the vic. this man told quote
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from what i have been told adam was aware of her petitioning the court and plans to have him committed. adam was upset about this. he thought she just wanted to send him away. from what i understand he was really, really angry. i think this could have been it, what set him off. the community is immersed in funeral services and vigils. last night they came together to remember the fallen principal dawn hochsprung. seems like everybody on the planet knows what happened in newtown some parents of sandy hook elementary students still have not told their kids exactly what happened. >> he simply knows a bad man came into his school and hurt a lot of people. but the police and teachers were heros and they saved the day and the school is safe and everybody is okay.
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we haven't told him -- he just knows a lot of people were hurt. two of her son's friends were killed. her son was home sick on friday with the flu. last night just behind me through intermittent rain mourners who came from near and far were struggling to keep handles lit but eerie time there was a break in the water coming down from the sky they would light the candles. it is important for people here to remember everyone they lost five days ago. peter doocy, live in new town, connecticut. thank you. >> it is time now for a look at who is talking. this morning we are hearing from more witnesses of the sandy hook elementary massacre. >> sherry burton is a teacher's assistant and called 911 moenlts after hearing -- moments after the gun shots. >> i called 911 they said they
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had calls to come through. they asked me to describe what i was hearing. at that time all i was hearing is pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. it wasn't stopping. he said do you think it is gun shots? i said i think it's gun shots. at that time i did not realize our teacher couldn't lock her door. she saw the custodian our door won't lock. he shoed her in our room he closed our door. all i could think of was my co-workers and friends, and children. i didn't know. >> the shooting lasted about 20 minutes. police eventually showed up to escort her and all of the students out of the building. >> overnight a scathing report released on the benghazi terror attack that left four americans dead. confirmed there was no protest
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at the consulate a. >> two senior members of the panel benghazi attack of capitol hill today. briefed law americas behind closed doors about the findings. here is the finding. it says in part systemic failures and leadership in management deficiencies at senior levels. grosslien inadequate to break. the time line of the benghazi attack left four people dead including the u.s. ambassador to libya. more determined there had been no specific warning of a potential attack on 9-11. there had been several incidents on the days before the attack which should have set off alarm
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bells. the obama administration blamed spontaneous demonstration against an anti islamic video. it turns out there was no demonstration. wall street journal is reporting that surveillance cameras around the compound shows that to be the case the video confirming there was no protest before the attack. neither does it prove that al qaeda was involved in a preplanned attack according to the newspaper. the raw video was edited into a 10-minute presentation provided to law americas. they started kicking in doors instead of blasting their way in saying they didn't have the right tools for the job. after the foreign affairs committee get their briefing today there will be an open hearing in which secretary of state hillary clinton was scheduled to appear until she became ill and suffered a concussion. >> stef centansen ta -- steve c
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for us in washington. a manhunt is underway for two convicted bank robbers on the lose in chicago. their greatest scape from a federal prison like a scene out of macguyver. they tied together bed sheets for a makeshift rope, broke the win toe and rep pelled down the side of the 20 story building in broad daylight. they may have gotten as much as a 9 hour start before any one noticed they were gone. >> they wanted to attention the deaths of drone attacks. new details released during a detention hearing show suspected loan wolf terrorist researched bomb making techniques including one using christmas tree lights. he then traveled to new york city in hopes of funding his plan. he returned home to florida because he didn't have enough money. that's when cops busted him and his older brother.
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the two naturalized citizens from pakistan are charged with conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. >> another botched fast and furious program linked to the death of a beauty queen. the gun was used in a shootout between gun runners and police. marie gomez and 20 others were killed. u.s. border patrol agent brian perry. several government officials stepped down over the botched program. house speaker john boehner unveiling a plan b to avoid tax hikes for many americans as we rapidly approach the fiscal cliff. it is a common sense plan but the white house is making clear it is a no go for the president. i believe it is important that we protect as many american taxpayers as we can. and our plan b would protect the american taxpayers who make a
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million dollars or less. >> he will not accept a deal that in order to protect some of the wealthiest americans from having taxes go up shifts the burden on to seniors and the middle class. the house is scheduled to vote on two amendments related to boehner's plan b tomorrow. it will be the hietts level of recognition for daniel inouye the decorated war hero will lie in state in the capitol rotunda. he was the second longest senator in u.s. history. he was awarded the medal of honor back in 2000. the last person to lie in state was president ford in 2006. congress won't be in session tomorrow out of respect for inouye. that's your 5@5:00.
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now it is time to brew on this. civilians in sen ddenver they wo things that seasoned police do from crime scene analysis to put the cops back on patrol and save the city 600,000 dollars. >> many argue these jobs require law enforcement experience something people can't simply learn from a book and that leaves us to today's question of the day. is this a good way to save money or is it dangerous? >> send us your comments you can tweet them at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail at and we will leread them later in th show. still to come one of the world's large he is pic/* -- largest pick uptruck makers. >> so long to the u.s. we are betting off in ireland.
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>> after the break we will have a look at your forecast across the country.
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avielle richman, >> 13 after the top of the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. another chapter opened in the case of two men executed more than 50 years ago for the murder of a kansas family in 1959. the true man cap potato tee look "in cold blood." they are exhumed the bodies to
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help solve the slayings of the family. a fort hood shooting suspect will be allowed to keep his beard during the trial. the new judge says the facial hair is a violation of army legislations but won't hold it against him. he is accused of killing 13 people during a 2009 rampage. now to stories you can bank on this morning as lawmakers struggle to reach a deal on the fiscal cliff national debt reached what some are calling a dangerous level. good morning, dennis. >> good morning, patti ann. the national debt spiraling out of control. right now it is approaching $16.4 trillion. four years ago it was at 10.6 trillion. that means the federal government is borrowing 6 billion every day, 4 million every single minute a lot more than the government is taking
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in. every american ought to be concerned because if you divide this among ever are you household in the country take your mortgage and add 140,000 dollars extra to it. >> 140,000 dollars per household. it's incredible. all right. also everyone has been trying to figure out who going to replace tim geithner as treasury secretary. the american express ceo is in the running? >> very interesting. two sources claiming white house officials is considering the american express ceo for the administration in the second term. continu he could be picked to replace tim geithner. white house chief of staff jack lieu still considered the leading contender. wall street doesn't like him as much as they might like one of their own. he is a long time obama supporter. member of the president's council on jobs. he has been a real business guy. >> interesting. this race not over. general motors in really a
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strong competition right now with the other american auto makers for pickup sales. >> that's right. about 15 billion the government owns there. gm trying to send this pickup truck line by offering discounts right now. the auto maker matching or beating discounts offered by ford or cliers. knocking up to 9,000 dollars off of a price tag of the 2012 model 4500 off of the 2013 model. in the coming months gm is planning to temporarily close the truck plants in ohio and kansas cut down on supply. it's not selling enough. >> those pickups come in hand tee de to put the christmas tree in the back and drive it home. 17 after the hour. holidays can be tough to get through. you can e-mail us at he will answer some of your
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questions about holidays with family. have you ever wondered why rudolph has a red nose? we have an answer to this christmas mystery. get away from me. >> what's this nonsense here. ah! (laughter)
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>> it is 20 minutes after the hour. may be looking to hire taxes. the rapper moved three of his companies to ireland which has a generous corporate tax rates. he is the highest world musician because of the beats by dre head
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phones. a review of detroit finances. an emergency manager may be put in charge of the city's checkbooks. it has a budget deficit of more than $200 million. snyder says immediate action is needed to make sure essential services is provided. trouble getting through the holiday season? you are not alone. psychiatrist dr. keith ablow is giving us advice. thank you for joining us. >> it's a pleasure. >> the holidays could be happy times especially this year can be a tough time for folks. let's take a look at some of the responses that people e-mailed in so you can talk about it. my son passed away december 31st, 2009. i felt numb that christmas but had to stay strong for my grand kids. this year i can tell my emotions are gone. i am not happy, sad, i am nothing. will this feeling ever go away? >> the answer is it certainly
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can. you are already having feelings. you miss your son. if you follow the love and you think to yourself, my grand kids still need me, where am i getting this idea that's not the case. you are not done with your life. you still have challenges ahead of you and people who care about you. don't go this alone. i always wonder why people aren't seeking out a therapist. empathy is a tremendously powerful tool. i have people come to me with horrific stories and relating them to me helps them. just that, sitting with another human being who will listen. >> this next one is from mandy. around this time of year i always feel a tremendous amount of guilt. it is even worse this year because of all of the tragic events. i work very hard for the life i have but can't seem to shake this guilt. how can i get rid of it? >> i think, number one, you remind yourself of exactly what you just said and go through it. in other words, you work very hard. write it down or tell someone
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else you went through. you may remind yourself you really were in the trenches making what you earned. secondly, charity. charity is a great feeling. it's a wonderful thing to do this time of year. has this individual found somebody in need, maybe another family. maybe it's the anonymous gift to a big charity. >> this is from john it was on facebook. everything is so expensive and my wife's stress is rubbing off on me even though i usually enjoy christmas this year. it is border line miserable. next year i am going to start a christmas fund in january. i wish people understood we don't want any gifts send a card with family photos and we will do the same. >> i think fellow is one year away from a solution. nobody is offended if they get a note saying this year we are only exchanging gifts with the children. expect to get a card in the mail
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saying what we have donated for you to a charity. nobody needs to know the amount. we expect the same from you or nothing. you won't have anybody kicking and screaming about that. it is all about the kids. >> dr. ab low thank you so much. the time now is 24 after the top of the hour. straight ahead her mother kidnapped her from a u.s. hospital and took her to mexico. police were worried if they didn't find her would she die? up next we funlly hear from that little girl. and they were supposed to use your tax dollars to create jobs but it turns out one government agency lost track of the money and the job. first on this day in history back in 1997 titanic opened in theaters. >> keep your eyes closed. you trust me? >> i trust you.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am patti ann browne. >> we have two big stories details coming out about the sandy hook gunman possible motives. >> also the benghazi attack investigation is something we have been following.
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a shocking report released late last night on the benghazi terror attacks. >> the independent report reveals our consulate there had inadequate security due to what are described as systemic failures and the report confirms the attacks did not happen following a protest. doug luzader is live in washington with more details for us. good morning, doug. >> good morning. there are going to be hearings on capitol hill this week about this incident. congress is going to get their first look at the classified version of their report -- of this report today. there are still lingering questions about why we are not hearing directly from secretary of state hillary clinton. the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that killed the u.s. ambassador a-- 3 other american the new findings of the independent investigation say senior state department officials demonstrated a lack of proactive leadership and
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management ability given the deteriorating threaten riernment and lack of reliable host government protection. congress is going to get a classified version of this today and tomorrow on capitol hill two senior state department officials will respond. but their boss, secretary of state hillary clinton will not be there. the state department says she has been sick. this is at least the second time she has declined to speak publicly about the benghazi attack. some question whether she is truly ill leading to this response from the state department. >> we have been very clear from the beginning that she had a stomach virus, an ugly stomach virus. she got very dehydrated, she fainted, was later discovered she had sustained a concussion. on doctors orders she is working at home this week. >> incidentally the new report does confirm despite the initial response from the administration there were no protestors out
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sit side the benghazi facility back in september. back to you. >> doug luzader laif in washingtwashin -- live in washington. thank you. it is time to look at who's talking. charles krauthammer says the benghazi report is now complete, that means it is fnow time to hear from secretary of state hillary clinton. >> five days after the attack she was not out there to address the american people. she sent out somebody whom the president himself said had no idea about benghazi. now she is supposed to speak to the congress about this she has an illness now. i am not going to say she doesn't have one. i would be hap tee to give her a neurologic exam. on the absence of that i will take her word. she did say i take full
2:33 am
responsibility for the attack in benghazi. she said that during the campaign which is completely utterly meaningless. what does that mean? the secretary resigned over it even though it was fog as a matter of principle. she won't even speak about it which ought to be the minimal requirement. i think that's incumbent upon her, too. >> the state department dismisses the motion that hillary clinton faked her illness. >> a difficult day ahead for the newtown community as they say good-bye to four more victims. funerals will be held for 7-year-old daniel barden, 6-year-old caroline previdi and 6-year-old charlotte bacon and victoria soto the hero teacher
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who shielded her students and saved their lives. brand new information on what may have caused the gunman to snap. peter doocy live with this fox news exclusive. nancy lanza was having a hard time raising 20-year-old adam she was trying to find ways to have him commit to do a psychiatric hospital. that's according to a 25-year-old u.s. marine who lived in sandy hook her whole entire life knows the killer's family and some of the victim's families. he thinks the motive might have something to do with adam thinking nancy loved the kindergarten kids, the elementary school kids who she volunteered with last year more than she loved him. this person told from what i have been told adam was aware of her petitioning the court for conservator ship and plans to have her committed.
2:35 am
adam was upset about this. he thought she just wanted to send him away. from what i understand he was really really angry. i think this could have been it, what set him off. they have been immersed with funerals and vigils. they remembered the principal dawn hochsprung. seems like everybody here knows what happened, but some of the parents haven't told their s children what happened. her son was home with the flu. >> bad men came into the school and hurt a lot of people but the police and teachers were heros and they saved the day and the school is safe and everybody is okay. we haven't told him -- he just knows a lot of people were hurt. i was walking around in
2:36 am
sandy hook last night during intermittent rain, the candles kept getting washed out, blown out. people made the effort to make sure the candles stayed lit. the folks in newtown and sandy hooks are taking the issue of remembering the victim as serious as anything. back to you. >> reporting live for us. such a tough day. now for your 5@5:30. top five stories making news at this hour. vik victory for religious freedoms. they must rewrite obama care's contraception mandate. wheaton belmont abby colleges sued arguing it violated the rights to religious liberty. the mandate must be rewritten by august. the administration must also give updates every 60 days. her mother kidnapped her from a phoenix hospital last
2:37 am
month and took her to mexico claiming her daughter wasn't getting the medical help she needed in america for her cancer. we are interviewing emily, her side of the story. >> i was very sick, they weren't helping me that much and over here they helped me a lot. i feel a lot better here than over there. >> she blamed the hospital for her right arm being amputated. >> he sefbed our country in iraq and afghanistan. john hammer is still chained to a bed in a mexican prison for carrying his registered gun. the white house has no idea about the case. this was the response when ed henry asked about it. >> i will have to take the question. i don't know the facts myself on that. i will have to take the question. hammer's parents are
2:38 am
outraged from our government is not actively trying to free him. >> it is sort of shocking. >> it is more discouraging the feedback we get from the actual state department. they told us they can't do anything. >> ham ar hammar's friends told him they won't have a prosh with the gun as long as hemitted a permit. >> the department of agriculture says it spent 9 billion from the 2009 stimulus to save or create 10,600 jobs. a new report reveals the department is clue also about how many jobs it really created. the inspector general found inaccurate jobs data from 33 of the 99 projects reviewed. they have jobs numbers instead of jobs created each quarter reporting the same job twice and wrong payroll hours. and we know rudolph this a red nose and now scientists can
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explain why. >> you wouldn't mind my red nose? >> scientists figured out it's because rudolph and reindeer in general have a bunch of red blood cells in their nose. in fact 25 percent more than humans. that helps to keep rudolph's nose warm when he is up in the sky leading santa's slay. it keeps his body temperature regulated. >> time now to entertain on this. ben affleck future senator? the actor and democrat rumored to be on a list to possible successors to john kerry. if the president does appoint kerry as secretary of state. a special election will be held to spill his spot. shaun white chopping off his signature red hair for charity. he posted his trip to the barber on youtube. he plans to locate his bony tail
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to locks of love. late night host jay leno could be out by nbc late late guy jimmy fallon. he would move to the coveted tonight show spot when his contract expires in 20014. >> and now your starting lineup. your top sports stories. ryan sacking mark sanchez as the starting quarterback as the jets. here's a shocker ryan will not be starting tim tebow. greg mcelroy got the nod. teeb bow will ask to be traded or released if mcelroy starts the last two games. texas a&m quarterback named the college football player of the year. the hides man winner is the first freshman to win the award. victor cruise paying respects to his biggest man. m he visited the family of jack pinto one day after the shooting
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victim was buried in cruz' victory. mu he tweeted much love to the family, i am sorry for your loss, looking throuat life thro different lens. several companies have been funded by you the tax payer under the investigation. they are ore charging to get more of your tax dollar. >> a storm so strong it knocked a cargo train right off its tracks. copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers
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lively hood >> fox business network diane macedo is here to explain. >> several solar panel companies have been subpoenaed as part of an investigation as to whether they over charged their work in order to tweet more money as the
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treasury 1603 program. the program offers cash to alternative energy companies. the department inspector general is looking into whether companies that receive hundreds of millions of dollars under the program charged more than they should have for work on rooftop solar panels. the investigation was revealed by solar city which disclosed in an fcc statement before going public last week that it sand several others but the "washington post" reported they include sun run and sun gevity. they follow the controversies over solyndra and other solar companies that have gone belly up after pocketing millions in tax payer money. as of july the program doled out 13 billion to roughly 45,000 projects across the country and spokesmen confirmed the company alone has applied for 341
2:46 am
million in grants. but a solar city spokesman also told solar city has follow the treasury department guided for the 03 program and has done nothing wrong. representatives will sun run and sun geovity did not return for comment. >> do your photos always turnout like this? there are simple things you can do to make sure photos are picture perfect. >> incredible video. a storm so strong it knock add cargo train right off the tracks. that's next. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true.
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fox and friends kicks off in 11 minutes from now. benghazi, how washington blew it, systemic failure is not good. what is dugood we have cardinal dolan in the house he's talking the newtown tragedy and he will have his christmas wishes. speaking of christmas, we have "hey santa." >> sounds fun. thank you, steve. 49 after the top of the hour. mother nature throwing a powerful punch in washington state. take a look at this. mud slide knocks a frait train right off the tracks. 7 cars carrying chemicals. it's not just alcohol that can give you a hangover. certain foods like baumann gnaws or onions can have the same effect. they say the foods trigger a chemical reaction causing
2:51 am
headaches. heather, don't spend hundreds of dollars on professional holiday pictures this year. they will tell you how to get the same picture with your own camera. matt is president of unique photo in new jersey. he joins us with expert advice. we are going to look at before and afters. this is a poorly done photo. tell us what's wrong and how to fix it. >> what happened in that one is when the camera focuses on the subject in the tree it takes an overall light balance from the picture and puts everything at about the same light. what you really want is a portrait of the child you want to see her face. in that case what you want to do is force the camera to flash the fire it puts the subject's face in proper lighting. >> so you do that by putting your camera setting on. >> if you have a camera like this one in particular doesn't have a belt in flash you force the flash. there is a little lightening
2:52 am
bolt and it has a cross through it it means it is off you can force it on. >> outdoor pictures speegsly action photos can create problems, too. that one is obviously the blurry one. >> what happens in that case is outside white and light. the camera picks the shutter speed which isn't really fast enough. what you want to do if you have a camera like this olympus, you force the shutter at a thousand of a second. >> a lot of this involves getting quainted with your camera. even a point and shoot have options. >> we offer hundreds of classes during the year and the university is one of the most popular events in our camera store. >> outdoor lights. very tricky to get it right. >> absolutely. this is the kind of picture where you have your christmas dinner and you go out and try to take a picture. if you hand hold the camera and
2:53 am
you have the lights on the house and will actually take a picture which doesn't have a long enough exposure. so if you put a camera on a tripod or put it on a steady object once again shutter priority longer shutter time you get more exposure there. another good thing about the picture you want to take it right after sundown. when you take it out after sundown you have more ambient light. you can you can see the sky is actually better. >> when you take a picture of a christmas tree or statue they tend to put the picture right up against the background. you want to put the person further forward. >> you can choose the setting in the camera so the front object is more in focus. the other thing to remember is not have anything coming out of a person's head. sometimes when you are standing in front of the tree the tree is coming out of your head it doesn't look so good. >> i am guilty of that.
2:54 am
matt sweetwood. >> 53 after the hour. we told you about the denver police department using silians instead of police officers to process crime scenes. we want to know if you thought that was a good idea to cut costs or is it just dangerous? we will be reading some of your responses your tweets and e-mails next. one of the most amazing renditions of carol of the bells you hear this christmas coming up.
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that is their dad who is back home after being overseas for six years. the usa contestant that claimed the pageant was fixed have to pay. they were disgruntled by not making it past of the elimination round. nand serious offenders a ticket for going over 5. the grinch is really the county police chief. >> it is time for your brew of the day. denver police department cutting costs by hiring civilians to do things . crime scene analysis and collecting evidence . >> is it a good way it save
2:59 am
money or just dangerous. >> cr johnson said congrats to the denver police chief for saving taxpayer money. they can learn from books and field work and hands on experience. >> let the police do it. i don't think the crime scenes will be handled properly. >> mike said it is it a great idea we is this band together to fight the evil in this world. >> finally it is time for your christmas card photos that wed you to send in. the united seniors for america held the annual christmas card this mong and looks like santa was popular. nand look at st. nick. he was sleeping on the job. he was up early watching our show. >> one of santa visiting camp laju


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