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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 21, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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communist and i have the color. my one more thing is there is a new poll out that tells you everything you need to know about the republican party. the majority of the american people believe republican party is radical party. 53%, main stream. it's now crossed the line. we know they are right wingers. >> dana: why do you put in one more thing. ruin the show. >> dana: ruin the show for you. >> andrea: kids, look at the pocket. elf on a shelf. in the studio. >> dana: watch welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld or as i am known in italy, the florence flasher. now to andy levy for a regame report. w45* is coming up on tonight's show?
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>> our top story tonight is the gop too extreme? well i have never seen any of them chug mountain dew and then go snowboarding, so probably not. in the wake of the senseless tragedy they want a study on how violent video games affect children. stupid extreme republicans. oh wait. and then what happens when we send bill schulz out to ask people what they think about the nhl lockout. hopefully they body check him to the ground and then drop to the ground and he passes out because of the pain and then pummel him again and then he passes out because of the pain and then repeat the process at 37 times. >> what are you doing here? jay what do you mean? >> technically this show isn't happening. >> why is that? jay because the world has ended. >> greg, it is entirely possible . the mayans are on central time so the world might not have ended. we may get it in under the wire. >> or it could be a strange illusion that when the world ends there is a medicated process and they create an illusion that the show continues on so people will
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think it is still happening when in fact the world is over. >> or maybe this is our hell. >> this could be our hell. looking at you is my own hell. >> that's what i'm saying. now you have to do it fore eternity. >> you are a sad man. i hope the world ends for you, but for me it gets better. >> and even worse, you have to sit next to bill for eternity. chew on that, sucker. >> wets lets a welcome our guest. she is so sweet she sneezes yorkshire pudding. i am here with imogen lloyd webber, always with three names. her latest is called "the twitter diaries" and if jokes were shellfish he would give us all crabs. he is sherrod small. >> pleasure to be here gregory. >> i didn't ask. >> and then in the ukraine he is scared a sports bra. it is my respules sigh sidekick bill schulz. if fierce commentary was bubble wrap i would put my fragile package inside him.
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and gavin mcguinness. and she quite energetic, but writing pathetic. good to see you, pinch. >> today in dining jolly right for the market thanks to the affects of global warming. you see pigs hunt truffles, greg. >> i had no idea. >> and they have curly tails. >> i wouldn't call frank rich a pig. >> how dare you? >> how dare you? >> he lost weight. good for him on this holiday season. should they stay defiant or be more pliant? i speak of the republican party. i speak of a new poll. for the first time the majority of americans say the
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gop or gop for short is too extreme saying their policies are outside the mainstream. back in 2010, an actual year, only 40% felt that way. the poll also found that most people consider democrats, quote, generally mainstream, end quote. said the polling director of the perception of republicans that is due in part to the fact that the republican brand is not doing all that well. surprise, surprise. meanwhile 76% of americans believe this possum is the right amount of extreme. sherrod, what is the difference between an apossom and a possum? >> irish. >> was that snooki? >> she is an american hero who
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reproduced. something. gavin, you put the x in extreme. is the gop too extreme or not extreme enough for your tastes ? >> i think the gop of today is the [bleep] party. >> that's a good party. >> i think they are so scared of offending blacks and sounding too money hungry that they are a bunch of wimps and i am embarrassed of them. >> are you actually disagrees with the survey. >> i am saying with the gop would own what republicanism is which is love of the free market and love of christian western values, then they would have won the election. they are so scared of offending people that they come across as these milk toast everyone's friend people that no one likes. >> that's an interesting point, sherrod. your thoughts? >> ♪ they're out of touch ♪ and out of time
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>> and we just paid $30,000. >> ♪ they're out of touch ♪ and out of time >> $60,000. can we get an 80? >> people think they are too radical. most people hear the republicans as the loudest and the craziest. more people are, quote, newt gingrich and -- than somebody moderate and with the times. >> that's a fair point. the media focuses on extreme elements of the republican party, but not the extreme elements of the democrats because there are so many of them. it is true. if you have a nut bag in the republicans who says something crazy about rape and abortion, that's going to be a big deal. they over look the 99.9% of those who are pro life and have legitimate feelings of the unborn. instead they focus on this one person. whereas on the left you can anything because the media agrees with them. >> and with the republicans it seems like it is an older dude
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doing this. if it is a young republican doing it, maybe it would be a different take. >> we need youngblood. >> you need new faces. >> that is true. >> we need young blood? >> i knew you were a republican. >> he jumped on board. >> i listen as an independent because i go where the money s. >> it is making you a republican. >> it makes me a democrat. they have all of the money right now. >> we need young faces full of blood, imogeth. our viewers are dying to hear your opinion. >> they really, really are. they are tuning in. >> i am curious. >> i have a theory about republicans. most americans i meet are fiscally conservative. also more americans say they are socially liberal. if this -- if they could get out of the bedroom, it is a huge conservative win.
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gays are saying, yes, yes, we want to get married. at that moment suddenly the republican party would be on the good part. >> i agree with you. i do see that is part of a libertarian perspective. but what is ironic about this, as republicans are thinking about getting out of the bedroom they are telling you how to eat and your personal behaviors. >> so why is there a huge gap for the gop? they are hanging out in the bedroom. get out of the bedroom and things might change. >> here is the thing, i don't believe the republicans are hanging in the bedroom. they focus on the specific republicans who hang out in the bedroom. bill, you don't even have a bedroom. your bedroom is a whole down by some kind of under pass. >> where are my free gifts? obama promised me free gifts. i have nothing. i don't know if republicans are too extreme.
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republicans are being republicans. i know once they get a a lode of this survey they will do what they have been doing all year. they are blaming you, america. it is all your fault. while you enjoy your free gifts obama gave you. that's been the policy so far. they don't look inward and they blame media and people. >> liberals have no shortage to blame either. when they come across somebody they disagree with, it is because you are mean. the reason they are portrayed is extreme is common sense is seen as mean and mean as an extreme. my prediction in all of this is the republicans will now be considered the bullying party. you have mean, extreme and now you have bullying. that's the next thing. >> it is amazing that a bunch of wimps could be portrayed as these evil bullies when they are so soft on everything. they are so scared of offending anyone. i guess the liberal media
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focuses on when that guy says women don't get pregnant from rapes. that was a freak exception and the majority of republican beliefs are so bland and devoid of pride. >> that was the worst thing to say though. what a dumb -- >> it is getting blown out of proportion. >> there arey equivalencies on the left. when you have people saying horrible things like certain people should die or certain people have blood on their hands, that gets a pass in the media because they generally agree with it. so the republicans have a harder burden to bear with their idiots. the republicans always have to apologize for their creeps. the left has so many creeps in academia who says awful things about america. they are anti-american. it is okay. their heart is in the right place. it is for the greater good. >> when mitt romney was
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confronted with his net worth he should have said so? i am actually not worth 400 million. i am worth 450 million. >> the republicans have dealt with the media fine. since 1998 there were six presidential elections. republicans won the vote once and that was in 2004. they used to get 52% of the popular vote. so something has gone wrong with the republican party. they are out of step with america. >> i disagree completely. i think they have been smeared by people like you. >> they judge those, greg. >> the liberal media is before fox news. >> have i to say what happened in 1988 -- >> have i to move on. i have to move on. >> can we stop talking about gay marriage forever? there are 37 gays that want to get married and they dominate every debate.
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>> really? that's uneven though. >> don't get married and we will never talk about it again. >> 37 doesn't make sense. that doesn't come out to an equal thing. from extreme politics to extreme violence. should video games take some of the blame? in the wake of the senseless tragedy in nu ton -- gnu ton, the round up of suspect time means we add games to the list including mental illness and guns. jay rockefeller called for a study of the affect of playing violent video games on children. as the entertainment software association points out, any such study needs to include the years of excessive research that has shown no connection between entertainment and real life violence. does the lack of a link mean we don't have to think? we should have a meaningful conversation about an industry that is morally stunted.
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>> you just clapped, sherrod. >> i thought you were giving a speech. >> i was reading. after newton, hollywood canceled these premieres of violent movies and networks pulled tv shows. is that basically saying they agree they glamorize violence? >> no, i don't think they want to be inappropriate. they don't want to have a violent movie coming out with their studio name on it with this atmosphere. they will still released i they will just wait until it is time to make the money. >> ant that weird? they say we don't want to appear this way. well, that's what you do for a living. i am not saying there is a link, but own the link, i guess. own what you do i suppose. gavin, should the industry look at what they are putting out? >> no. >> they stopped these releases , but we heard about this in the 60s.
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it was comic books that were making them evil. we have been through this a billion times. and i understand people's motive to want an answer and to have a scapegoat. when a freak occurrence happens, i'm sorry there is no one thing to blame. the only rational explanation i heard was saying the kids are over medicated. but she was going to institutional lies -- institutional lies him. even that is not the solution. >> don't you think most people know the difference between make believe and reality. and when they don't, that's generally what gavin would say a freak occurrence? >> yes, absolutely. but also video games should be talked about. it is important they are. biden is going to be looking at video games. $78 billion industry. >> do you think he will just play them? >> i am not going to answer that question.
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>> honestly it will be a comprehensive look, and we have to hope it stops. >> that would be a great task force to be on. playing games day and night. this is good. >> sometimes i feel you have no thoughts. >> i have many. i just forgot what we were talking about. i think that the reactionary bull crap is task force. they study the studies that have been studied before about another study 10 years before. it is all stupid. 24r* is a reason we have -- there is a reason we have ratings. it says mature audiences on a video game just like it says r. i should know. my three i will legitimates daughters are a nightmare and i would play basic instinct on
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a loop if they shut up. >> i think task forces are symbolic activities that replace actual real activities that might be able to help. >> it is more big government. they keep inventing these committees. >> they won't then address actual -- you talk about the problems of medication. or you talk about security. you have barbara boxer saying they should be the national guard at schools. i'm surprised she would say that. what she is saying is gun free zones don't work. she is a liberal and i am beginning to think, wow, we are making headway. i want to talk about gun control and mental health and security. we never did that before, right? >> i don't know. >> which is why i have a feeling this task force may be different. there is a chance because people are talking about it in a way i never experienced. >> i keep hearing about are we moving toward this and i hate to cliche national conversation.
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where we can really have a debate and we can best find an example on another network. >> i honestly don't understand why people would be victims of a crime than be able to defend themselves. it is incomprehensible. >> that is -- that is as a liberal who knows that he has a slam dunk because there is a tragedy. he doesn't have to respond with any kind of facts whatsoever. >> british people and guns are just -- they don't mings. they don't mix. the way they speak. >> i love pierce morgan. he introduced me to my co author. >> i guess that makes it okay. >> they are a huge inspiration. >> thank you, pierce. you are an inspiration. >> but that was wrong, clearly. there was not a fact mentioned there. the guy was trying to make a fact. >> you didn't take a sentence out of it. >> imogen, would you object now that you are in america to
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push britain into the sea. >> you already have. it is called a special relationship. >> did if you think england and guns don't mix, maybe you haven't met my friend, mr. james bond, and to a lesser extent, m. >> i have to roll because we are running out of time. i would be okay with pierce morgan if he renounced. he walks around with large men and guns. unlike anyone in the country he is protected. jay every journalist who is venting about guns is sitting in a building that is protected by armed guns. >> we are protected by guards right now. last word to you, sherrod. >> i bring my own guns. i don't need your security. >> are you a true american. metaphor rickly anyway.
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coming up, whatever we haven't done yet we are going to do next. guess it is ratings time, people.
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has hugh grant inspired a rant? the 2003 film "love actually" has gotten an undeserved second act on basic cable, whatever that is. so they dubbed the it. i can't look at it without vomiting. they claimed the so-called chick flick is a massage nighs train wreck. if -- she said "if you were an
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alien writing" love actually" british men want hot chicks who fetch them tea and don't speak english. i think she is referring to this scene from "love actually." >> if that was in the movie, i would have at least had 17 seconds of fun. sherrod, you were saying in the green room that "love actually" is not just the greatest holiday movie ever made, best christmas film ever made, but your favorite kwanza film. >> some of my friends and i reenact it every year. we do it in the park. we reenact "love actually." i get to play the white person.
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listen, that movie -- i wouldn't put it on my best holiday list. >> what is yours? >> what is the one with the boy who gets his tongue stuck to the pole. >> that would be "a christmas story." >> that's my favorite, the kid with the glasses the nerd. >> i never saw that movie. we had that kid on "red eye." >> scotty fargas. >> i never saw the movie. there is a certain age-group that sees that. are you offended or delighted by the british stereo types? >> i am delighted. it means income to my poor impoverished isle. what is not to love about "love actually." it imroased $250 million. >> so did mc hammer. >> it is written and directed by richard and he raised $2 billion for charity. it has allen rickman and it has dido on the soundtrack. >> i have not heard that word,
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dido, in five years. what happened to dido? >> he is still per forming. >> kyra knightly's jaw is impressive. i would kill to have that jaw. >> i was always told i look like kyra knightly so i might be a bit offended. >> looks like a cow catcher. >> thanks. >> what does that mean? >> you know on the front of a train. >> what? >> no it is a nice chin to have. >> by the way, if you shave you would have no chin. >> the front gate on the front of a train is called a cow catcher. >> and that is a complement? now that you are talking, gavin, what do you make of this movie? >> i have actually pooed out razor wire before. it is a long story. it was much more pleasant than love actually. being a member of the writer's guild i get a lot of films for your consideration and i would like you to check out "this is 40".
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it is 37 times worse than "love actually" and it makes poohing razor wire feel like an orgasm. >> what is wrong with it? >> he thinks his kids are cute. >> everybody thinks their kids are cute. >> exactly x shut up. >> are they in the movie? they are all over the movie. >> all right, bill, this was your pitch. bill actually campaigned to have this open the show. you love this movie about as much as america hates you. >> that's why i love it. i actually describe love actually the way you often talk about "red eye." first time you see it there is disgust. the second time apathy. and then by the third or 40th time you are in love actually. this is one of the best movies ever made. and i like this girl's article
12:27 am
because it shows it is not really a chick flick. it is full of massagist good fun for my gender. i kid you not there is a sub plot in this movie where a british guy realizing he is goofy looking because he is british decides to take a plane to wisconsin because he knows his accent alone will get him laid. he takes a plane to wisconsin and goes to a dive bar and scores not one, not two, but three wisconsin ladies who were thin. and there is another part to this movie. there is one other part to the movie that must be recognized. it is one of two st of the greatest movies ever made. allen rickman is the king of christmas. or as he calls it in your land, father christmas. watch it if you have it. the sound track is a delight. >> i may have to watch it. i hate this movie.
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you know why i hated it? the use of the music. the music doesn't play a role like that in real life. music is annoying in buses or malls or airports, music makes you angry. >> greg, it is not real life. it is a christmas movie. >> it is not christmas. it is evil. >> the only downside is there are scenes of heathrow. >> actually the worst part of the movie is the opening where they -- where all of the band starts playing in the church. the wedding i wanted to slit my own throat with my throat. anyone who uses the word actually in any context is a [bleep]. what a smug, patronizing word. >> there was a title called love indubatibly and they
12:29 am
changed it to actually. >> do you have a comment on the show this e-mail us. if you have a video of your animal doing something go to our website. the half time report from tv's andy levy will be talking about this forever. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by mummy. the bodies or persons or animals embalmed with preservatives in the ancient egyptian. thanks, mummy.
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i want to make two points here. we are back. can we go to gavin's chair here real quick? this is what happens when you drink beer in the green room. he had to run to the bathroom and he wanted us to wait. i said we are not going to wait. for our half time report, andy, i want to do you a special favor. >> what is that? >> i think you should just start in with "love actually" because you feel strongly and whatever time we have left over for the other stories, we can get to the other stories, but i realize that your feelings for" love actually" are probably the strongest of anybody in the northern hem miss fee. hemisphere. so why don't you put everything away and explain to me scene by scene why i am an ass expru a genius. >> have i five pages of
12:34 am
notes. >> when what's his face gets back with an empty bladder, we will still be talking. >> he was a stupid poopy head. >> he is coming back right now. >> by the way, i want to point out this is the only show we continue filming if a guest has to go to the bathroom. >> and i think the republican primary when michelle bachman had to leave. >> they called it golden for a reason. >> i didn't have to go be. i had to [bleep]. >> it was an emergency. jay we will start here. greg, you refer to "love actually" as a horror film. it is a delightful film. that is not an opinion. that is actual fact. >> you know what?
12:35 am
christopher lee, if this movie was made as a hammer film in the 60s, he would have played the lead because it would have been a horror film. >> you take out the laura linney character -- >> bay the way, that equation works for every movie. >> you take that out and it is a perfect movie. >> can i give you my impression of laura linney? >> sure. >> come on now. >> that just made me feel weird. >> that's all she does. it is when something happens and she doesn't have a response she gives this i'm an adorable smiler. >> bill, greg pointed out you campaigned to open the show. i would like to point out i agreed with you. >> that was the first time you have agreed with me. >> sherrod, if you re-enacted
12:36 am
it, you would play peter. >> i can play you, andy. >> you can play me. >> chinese girl, little boy. >> but that is for money. gavin wasn't hooked up. >> i want to point out i proudly ordered the blue ray from amazon. i am just kidding about the proudly part. i checked the box that said "this will be a gift." >> it wasn't a lie. but if you check that box they keep it out of their recommendations to you for other stuff. since it is the only romantic comedy i don't like the recommendations. i checked this as a gift.
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>> that's a great movie. >> i don't have much more to say. it is obviously a great movie and those who said it is a horrible month of vee -- >> you know what this movie is? it reveals who the soulless human beings are, and who the people with a soul and passion and emotion are. and it is pretty clear from what we are seeing that basically the left side of the table is going to hell. >> you know what this is? what you are doing if you are flying to pierce morgan's school -- >> are you a stupid man. >> are you not being ironic? did you start being ironic and then started liking it? >> no i loved the movie. >> why? >> it is a delight. that's all i can say. >> how is that not enough? the movie entertained you. it is a delightful movie. >> you were making fun of it and you got sucked in like the
12:38 am
poltergeist. >> i can tell you why i like "deliverance." >> we know. >> but i will explain to you why it is like a poem. it is so perfectly paced. but you can't do it. you cannot explain -- >> you liked deliverance because it is the only legal movie you can watch with certain things. it is a well-written movie. it is a well-directed movie. it is funny at times. it is poignant at other times. in some, a delight. >> none of these things -- i like this movie. i really like this movie. >> this is like invasion of the body snatchers. >> england is a small country, but it is also a great country. it is a great of shakespear, of the beatles. when you act like a bully, you no longer are our friend, and that is the thing -- i think i
12:39 am
still made my point. >> that is the worst. where is that from? >> that is the line hugh grant was saying to billy bob thorton. and by god he taught him a new one. >> actually. >> let's take this movie apart. >> it is a dangerous game, by the way. >> i'm sorry what happened to andy and bill. i noticed this happened with joke dancing. do you start joke dancing when you go to clubs? if you do it too much you say okay that is enough. i am going serious dance now. it is like when your parents say make the jokey face and you will stay that way. >> don't joke dance too much and don't like crappy movie eyes ron nickly or you will never be able to come back.
12:40 am
>> so true. you know what it is? irony took over your life. >> the fact i love this movie shows how unironic i am. >> you know what is not ironic? true love. >> wait, billy bob thorton plays the president? >> and how much do you want to bet he is a jerk? >> by the way, hugh grant obviously is the prime minister. of course he is. >> have you seen a prime minister in england that hot? >> never. >> tony blair was sin tau lating. >> our presidents are good looking. obama good looking, bill -- bush, good looking, bill clinton good looking. >> lincoln was hot like daniel day lewis. >> for the record billy bob
12:41 am
thorton was stunning, and he made a successful path at the prime minister secretary. of course he has to fire her. he loves her. >> great boots. >> amazing boots. she was not chubby. she just had a full figure. >> what were her sides like? >> de electable. her dad called her chubs. he did it in front of the prime minister. >> what did he call her size, bill? >> he called them rigimarol. >> they were size of stree trunks. tree trunks. >> now i am becoming a feminist because i hate it. >> the woman said she had a sizable act, but hugh grant never said that. >> by the way "prim rose hill" is a better movie.
12:42 am
>> the only other hugh grant movie close to this is "about a boy" which is slebt. >> what about "bridger jones diary"? >> i don't know. >> "about a boy" is on sherrod's arrest record. >> why are we listening to baby-sitters? what happened in the world? >> the mayans were right. they were right. this show will not air tonight because they know this movie is terrible and they will go, the soundtrack will make you love the pointer sisters all over again. >> if the world ends it is okay. i have seen "love actually" 24 times. good day, sir. >> i can't call him sir. i can call him a doctor.
12:43 am
>> tom cruise loves men -- mention his new film. what is up next? is it this?
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all right. has the national hockey league given us lockout fatigue? we go from "love actually" to hockey. what has happened? a survey of 30,000 canadians say a lockout of the nhl has been worse than the bp oil spill. emotions range from confusion to irritation to frustration and disgust. this is already boring me. does america feel the same way? bill schulz put on the little blade things the skaters wear and skated through the streets of new york. i hope he got hit by a car. >> a nation in crisis. a league without players. speaking about the nhl, we will talk to some fans and see
12:47 am
how they are dealing with the possible loss of the season. >> what are you looking at? i am trying to work over here. let's do this. >> are you worried there will not be an nhl season this year? >> you are not involved? are you involved? do you have anything to do with it? okay. >> are you upset the allstar games are canceled? >> the rangers -- >> no, the allstar game is when they go to the planetarium. >> go panthers. >> the panthers are where? >> florida. >> very good. is it -- who is the commission ?er. >> gary john sofnlt. >> gary betman, but how on you so many -- on you so many would it be? you couldn't bring your kids to the game, but it would be more fabulous. here is mr. gates. who is your favorite team. i love the work you have done in africa. >> do you think obama should
12:48 am
be taxing the owners more? >> this is fox news. >> all you have to say is i think obama should be impeached ssments >>- q. i five, four, three, two, one. >> how can we shovel this nhl crisis. >> i think obama can be -- i assume -- the. >> on a kailey of 1 to about to kick a puppy how worried are you there will not be any nhl period is year? we will do player not a player. you tell me if they are really a hockey player jie. clint dallas. >> not a player. >> not a player, but i believe he has been in vivid videos. >> marian-ahassa. >> correct. player. >> they look uh shriek. >> zadano char raw. i am not a hockey fan and
12:49 am
these are hockey players. these are guys from saturn. dean youngblood on the silver screen who played him? i will give uh hint. he is gorgeous. >> rob lowe? >> ding, ding. all you have to do is say gorgeous. if i said gorgeous eight people would yell out rob lowe. >> would you like to play team or not a team? i like how you have a lot of foxy. >> new york islanders. >> that's real. that's an actual team. >> west chester olives. >> spain. >> it would be nice. go there and drink martinis. tempe melted ice cream cone. what a delightful name for a team. florida panthers. the hamilton eying wigs.
12:50 am
>> no. >> topeka leg weights. the eugene drunk makeout session in applebys. >> if we learned anything today, there won't be a hockey season. none of these posers seem to care. what the hell are you looking at? what? you want some? you want some? >> we can't even talk about this because we spent too much time talking about "love actually." take a break. back soon.
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according to a news report 1.2 million years of porn has been watched on the web's two larnest free adult sites since launched in 2006. they have 90 billion page views. the average play time is eleven minutes. sherrod, we are a country that just plays with itself. >> we enjoy porn and everybody enjoys porn. it is natural. >> it is easier than going to the website. i do it old-fashioned. i got on demand channels and the porn channels. i have a big screen and i go at it. >> stop bragging.
12:55 am
>> we are all going to hell. >> what? why? >> all porn drives the inter thet technology. all good has been discovered by pour pour nothing graw fers. all of this is about the male law be dough which is why we are here. that's why there is almost 4 billion of us. >> that's why we are not having kids. do you think women are naive about how much porn males watch? they realize, oh well. >> you walked in on somebody, didn't you in -- didn't you? >> you were right about the bill part. >> bill's idea of porn is he gets two dolls he bought at a thrift shop. bill last word to you they are tiewltly stand ins -- they are actually stand ins in a porn scene. >> it is true. >> it turns out the actual
12:56 am
money shot was a flub. >> i hate all of you, actually. closing things out with a post game wrap up. and if you could go to fox eye.
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back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> thanks, greg. gavin, you got something cool? >> yes, about a year ago after andrew died i made this shirt. >> andrew britebart. >> we sold it on-line for $40 and the profits were -- the margin was high, $30 a shirt, so we have raised over $17,000 for his kids' fund. i am just putting the checkup there so you can see it is not a scam and the money is going there and good work, everybody. >> nicely done. >> that's fantastic. >> to make a donation -- >> i am out of shirts now. i have 10 left. if you want to keep contributing to the fund it is


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