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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 23, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

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dieting. >> it is literally the first two feet of your small intestine. that's where most of the nutrients are absorbed. for people who are obese and people with diabetes this is very exciting. in chile and argentina and europe it is being used. the fda has approved it, and we expect it out soon. for people who can't have surgery. >> it helps with your sugar and with diabetes and weight loss. in massachusetts it is basically gi liner. it is a great treatment. >> all good topics. quick before we go, had a birthday on friday, and i got the most amazing birthday present ever. a special call from dr. dr. rosenfeld who remembered it was the 21st and called and wanted our viewers to know he sounded amazing and doing great and watching us now. thanks, doc, we love you very much.
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>> we miss them, of course. >> we will be right back -- no, we will be here. >> happy birthday to you. >> thank you. >> happy birthday. all right, enough with the celebrating because congress is on a holiday break. the fiscal cliff deadline is still looming. hi, everybody. here we are. great to have you here. >> this is a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters." as jaime said, lawmakers expect to return after christmas back to dc. they are thinking of getting back on thursday. that just gives them a few days to work on a deal to try to help the nation to try to avoid an economic crisis from this so-called fiscal cliff. some say no deal is what the country needs to cut spending and raise taxes.
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what will happen? national correspondent live in washington with the details. good morning, steve. >> good morning, eric. the two sides in the fiscal cliff debate had their say before heading home for christmas, but no deal of course. after house speaker john boehner called off his push for a plan b last week saying the ball is now in the democrats' court. there has been no movement toward any deal. democrats want tax hikes for the wealthy. republicans want spending cuts. and some in the gop say the president doesn't want to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> when i listen to the president, i think the president is eager to go over the cliff for political purposes. i think he sees a political victory at the bottom of the cliff. he gets all of this additional tax revenue for new programs and he gets to cut the military which democrats have been calling for for years and he gets to blame republicans for it. >> president obama for his part said he is optimistic a deal can still be reached. he spoke at the white house
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friday before leaving for hawaii where he is now. but at the same time the president acknowledging there might not be time for any kind of a grand bargain. he scaled back his goals and pushing not for the big deal, but for middle class tax cut and extended benefits. a larger deal wouldn't be that hard to reach. >> what we ought to do is take speaker boehner's last offer, the president's last offer and split the difference. that would be a package of about $2.6 trillion. you couple that with the 1.1 trillion that will be done. that would be close to the $4 trillion needed to stabilize the debt and to begin to bring it down. >> and if no action is taken by the end of the year taxes go up for everybody. back to you, eric. >> we have to see. the clock is ticking. >> tick, tick, tick. more on the fiscal cliff negotiations. i am joined by congressman
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peter king from new york who is involved. congressman, great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> happy holidays. >> happy birthday. >> have i to ask you, what are you doing home when we are approaching the fiscal cliff? >> probably not. once the deal broke on thursday night, the president and the speaker and the majority leader and the senate thought it was best to step back and now try to work out an arrangement. i have no problem being there. >> were you in support the plan b? >> i was. it was not a perfect plan, but considering the alternative, basically what john boehner was saying was no taxes would raise on anyone who had under $1 million. he was setting a million dollar threshold. the president was 250 or 400,000. i thought john boehner's hand was better and would strengthen in the negotiations. i think too many people in the conference were afraid would
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be seen as voting to increase taxes, but for not voting on the tax on over there for over a monthly they are allowing the tax on everyone over 2 thift,000 to go up. >> ?ar majority leader harry reid who has gotten involved, helpful or hurtful? >> i don't know if they are serious. there is talk democrats want to go over the fiscal cliff. if no action is taken by december 31st, everyone's tacks go up. that gives more revenue to the federal government and the president can decide who he will propose tax cuts for. i think the democrats feel it could go over the cliff. everyone's taxes will be gone up. >> automatically. >> what would happen to spending if you went over the cliff? >> you would have automatic spending cuts come in which in some cases mate be good, but could december mate defense. and that's the real concern i have is that these cuts are almost arbitrarily 50-50 and
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the defense is not 50% of the budget, and they will drastically cut weapon systems and the deployment of our troops. >> i can understand that you would be concerned about that. in terms of this christmas break now that you are home and the president is in hawaii, but the president suggested it is a cooling off period for everyone. are you optimistic that next week things could change all of a sudden and a deal could happen? >> i am optimistic if we can get one done in the hour. people are far apart. many republicans feel they were elected under a pledge not to raise taxes no matter what. democrats were elected under a pledge that everyone over a quarter million dollars has to have their taxes locked in. once we come back, actually right now talks are going on right now i'm sure between the staffs of the speaker and the white house. it is not as if nothing has been done. if people want a deal they can have it. if not, it can be difficult.
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i say it is 50/50. >> one thing you have been following are the hearings on libya. hillary clinton, secretary of state has a virus, a con cuss, and wasn't -- a concussion and wasn't able to testify. at this point, what do you think we will learn from the secretary that we are not learning from these hearings? is libya something that will stay with her should she decide to have a run next go around? >> of all of the members on the cabinet, i think secretary clinton is probably the most able and has done the best job. obviously she has questions to answer in benghazi. the report was accurate. i don't believe it did reach her. she has an obligation to testify to show what her role was. how those decisions are made. apparently it didn't go to her, but why doesn't it go that high. if she runs in 2016 she will be judged on her record. so long as she comes in i
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think that will immunize her as far as running for president. but it is essential she do testify. >> on 48 hours notice she will be back to work. we appreciate that. thanks for coming in. >> thank you, congressman. >> congressman king just gave us the big fallout and questioning why some of the information may not have gotten to secretary of state hillary clinton. the scathing report blames the state department for failing to protect the u.s. consulate, and it raises questions about mrs. mrs. clinton's role. she does take she stakes responsibility, and she promises to testify about what happened at the house foreign affairs committee hearings held next month. for more on this let's go to the former spokesperson for the last four united states ambassadors to the united nations, and he joins us from los angeles. good morning, rick. >> good morning, eric. thanks for having me. >> secretary of state clinton says she will raise her right hand and she will testify
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about what happened, what she knew and this sort of thing. what do you expect she will say? >> first of all let's make it perfectly clear. the senate should make sure that she is still the secretary of state when she testifies. we should not move forward and make john carey the next secretary of state if hillary clinton has not testified as the sretary of state. i is a this because they held an incredible press conference that really crystallized the issues of benghazi and the failings of the report. this report didn't name names, and it ended up blaming midlevel bureaucrats. the buck stops with midlevel bureaucrats. it is a really brilliant point because he wasn't sure that secretary clinton even sat for an interview with the benghazi investigators. there is no evidence in the report that secretary clinton
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has sat for an interview. we need to get to the bottom of this. more importantly, why aren't reporters asking these questions? there are so many questions. what did the president know about the cables? when did he find out? these questions haven't been asked and the report doesn't answer these questions. >> let's first start with the fact that you say the senate should not confirm senator carey and should keep hillary clinton in this process. why is that important? >> we had multiple hearings. we had multiple times when secretary clinton couldn't attend the hearing. she was in australia on a wine tour. then she was sick. i take her at her word that she had other priorities, but i think the simple fact is she is not taking this seriously. it is her department that failed to protect an am ambassador on 9/11.
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let's also remember that this all happened weeks before a presidential election, and the entire obama administration and the entire obama campaign rushed to talk about this as a political screen by mitt romney. and they didn't own up to the fact that there was a terrorist attack on 9/11. they didn't recognize it immediately as a terrorist attack. the media here have missed the story because we have allowed political reporters and not serious report -- reporters to conduct the investigation. >> some of those political reporters, they are serious people. finally what do you expect mrs. clinton will say she can get beyond this? >> i think that remains to be seen. we just don't know what secretary clinton knew, what she approved, did her political deputy protect her? did he keep information from her because he is a very political guy? clearly has been a loyal
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soldier to secretary clinton, so did he cover up? that's a huge question of whether or not her deputies kept things from her to protect her, or if she knew about these cables and she made the decision. we need to know these answers. >> those are the questions that the members of congress may or may not be asking when they have these hearings. rick, thank you for your time. happy holidays and merry christmas. >> you too, eric. >> we'll see what happens. fox news alert. i'll take this one. routers reporting dozens have been killed or injured in an uh syrian -- on a see yen airstrike on a bakery. new video just into fox. some are reporting 200 are dead or hurt. here you go. this is just a little while ago. the strike hit a town recently seized by rebels in a new push to take territory in the hamas province. as details come in, we will keep you posted.
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let's get back now to the developments in the tick tock, the clock ticking down. propose said spending cuts and tax hikes will go into affect if a deal is not reached. john boehner's back up plan, the so-called plan b failed to get the support of his entire party. what comes next? fair and balanced, a former white house political directer under president george w. bush and martin frost, a former congressman from texas. welcome to both of you. joy thank you. >> great to be here. >> congressman frost we are down to the wire here. what are democrats going to do about it? >> well, first of all the republican house is in total disaway. they didn't have the majority to pass anything and didn't have the votes for. it it is up to mitch mcconnell, the republican leader in the senate and harry reid, the democratic leader in the senate. if they can come up with something and mcconnell would have to agree not to filibuster, if they could come
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up with something and pass it and then send it back to the house and if boehner would permit a vote knowing he would only have a minority of his own party and he would have enough democratic votes to pass it, those are two things that have to happen. whether those can happen qukly enough to raw void the cliff remains to be seen. but it will take some cooperation on the senate side and boehner's willingness to let it come up in the senate knowing his own party won't necessarily support -- won't support it enough to avoid the cliff. we need some leadership here. >> matt it has to come from both parties and from the president. and let's face it, congressional approval ratings are a low, low. what is the impact of this? do you think american voters are sick and tired of things coming down to the wire? they will be hit hard? just about everybody after the first of the year if nothing is settled. >> i think that is why. that's why i think the congressional approval ratings
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tend to be low. they look at the institution as a whole and it seems to be a lot of bickering. if you look at the approval ratings of the congress people in their districts they tend to be pretty good which is why they get re-elected. i agree with congressman frost that there needs to be leadership. and the house is in some disarray, but nancy pelosi came up with the idea of having this bill, this plan b that john boehner put on the floor. she said taxes should no the be increased on people who make up to a million dollars and small business owners who make up to a million dollars. and charles schumer in the senate has been pushing this. there have been prominent democrats pushing this plan. you know what is surprising? you know why the congressional approval ratings are so low? national pelosi voted against john boehner's bill or said she wouldn't uh port it, and it was -- wouldn't uh sport it, and it was her idea. this is what the american people are tired of as we head to the cliff. >> republicans have a majority in the house. all they had to do was to bring the bill up and get
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their people to vote for. it they couldn't do it. this is a disaster for the republicans in the house. >> shouldn't nancy paw pelosi, shouldn't she support her own idea? >> she is in the minority. look, the republicans run the house. boehner couldn't get his own people to vote for this. who know hows pelosi would vote -- who knows how pelosi would vote. now it is strictly on the senate. >> coming man frost quick question before we leave, the speaker, speaker boehner, moved more toward what president obama wants. that's in terms of the limits of who would see higher taxes. do you think that was a step in the right direction? >> i think it was exactly the right thing for the speaker to have done. i just feel sorry for him that his own party wouldn't support him. what should have happened is this should have been brought up for a vote. boehner should have been able to get his own party to support it and send it back to
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the senate and see what they would do. he failed to get his own people behind him, and that's a disaster. >> i will leave it there. to be factually correct moments ago congressman peter king, a republican, was sitting here and says he did support the speaker plan. >> of course he did. he couldn't get enough republicans. >> you said the entire party. i want to make clear. >> no, the entire party didn't. >> thank you. >> thank you, merry christmas. >> merry christmas. and now to the fox news voter fraud unit which doesn't take holidays off because there is so much voter fraud and so many cases to tell you about. we covered this development during the election. the voter fraud allegations against congressional candidate wendy rosen. ms. rosen was accused of voting twice, twice. she now could face up to 10 years in prison. prosecutors charged her this past week with voting in 2006 and 2010 in muscular dystrophy muscular dystrophy even -- in maryland. she dropped out of the race in maryland, but she still got
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more than 92,000 votes. in massachusetts reports say democratic representative steven smith who pled guilty and resigned from the legislature alleged looy used -- used fraudulent ballots. the boston globe reporting he obtained ballots for voters who did not even know he was voting in their names. and they say there is a similar scheme in new jersey and that would send john fernandez to the slammer for five years. he was also convicted of filling up ballots for unsuspecting voters. and the absentee ballot fraud case we have been reporting reporting about in troy, new york, that's where prosecutors say some faked absentee ballots to steel a primary election. well, there was a verdict in one of the trials on friday. the county elections commissioner was found not guilty of 61 felony counts. mr. mcdunna will remain in office. voters say they never filled
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out absentee ballots voted in their names. they believe that the 2009 election primary there was stolen. so far four democratic officials and political operatives have pled guilty. one former councilman was acquited and two more former officials including the city council president face trial. will that is an absentee ballot from that election. the voter fraud unit will stay on all of this, and we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year. our address, of course, voter fraud at fox >> thanks. we all want to keep our families and our belongings, our stuff safe. insurance is often a good way to go. how do you know if you are being taken for a ride? i will sift through the policies that experts say you don't need. it is our consumer protection segment and we will save some money. >> and some immigration and custom officials are getting sharp criticism for a new deportation policy. why illegals are getting a free pass.
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well, there is new reaction to the response of the national rifle association to the school shooting in newtown, connecticut. the organization now proposes that armed guards be placed inside the nation schools.
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it has caused quite a reaction. >> eric, the national rifle association's ceo reuh officialed his position on putting trained guards in every american school this morning saying that is the one and only thing that would immediately protect children. >> it is crazy to call for putting police in schools and protect our children and then call me crazy. i will tell you what the american people, i i think the american people think it is crazy not to do it. it is the one thing that will keep people safe. the nra is going to try to do that. >> if they can train other police in other countries like iraq it should find money in the budget to help put police in every american school. which is why he said the ? ra will -- the nra will add -- advocate for that. he put hutchinson at the top
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of the nra effort to protect schools this way. and hutchinson said this morning, protecting schools with guns is similar to protecting planes with guns in the hands of air marshals after 9/11. but not all lawmakers are sold on the idea and kent conrad says it sounds costly. >> we already have armed officers in many schools in washington, d.c. we have armed officers in schools. and some of that is appropriate and perhaps we can do more. it actually doesn't cost $8 billion. we have 130,000 elementary and secondary schools in the country. if you have two officers in each it would cost $25 billion. where is that money going to come from? >> critics of the nra plan to guard every school with guns think the better solution would be to ban assault rifles or high capacity magazines. but wayne la pierre doesn't
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think that will make any difference. >> thank you peter, thank you so much. just about all of us have insurance for something. it can be a really good way to protect yourself and your family in case disaster strikes. but now not every plan is worth the money. in today's take charge consumer protection segment, i i wanted to look at some of the policies you may not need and that could save some money. >> joining us is the financial advisor and the president of diversified financial consultants. thank you. >> good morning. >> i think this is a great topic. some of the insurance policies they are selling out there, i had never even herd of. like the one the insurance to insurance your children, which i don't want to go there, but one of the things i wanted to ask was about rental car insurance. we go to rent a car and they tri to sell us five policies. >> and almost insist on us. >> do you need that? >> if you don't have insurance
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i recommend it. but most of us who drive a car have auto insurance on our own vehicle, and that policy will cover your rental. make sure you carry a copy of your insurance card in your wallet and present it at the counter. >> bing, bing. saving money. and extended warranty. >> these are huge high profitable centers for those that sell them. the truth of the matter is most of the products come with a manufacture area warranty. if something is going to break it happens right away. when you get the extended warranty it is after the warranty the first manufacturer gets you. often not worth it. >> the tip up they only offer it at the time you purchase it. you can't buy it the next day. don't buy that one. credit card insurance. >> these are all profit centers. the companies are trying to get you to buy a service. check your credit scores, see when somebody uses your credit card.
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most of the credit card companies are liable. again don't pay for it. >> so the one you mentioned about checking your credit report, i am not totally opposed. >> for free. >> very important. the other is for covering balances you don't pay. is it still limited to $50 if your credit card is stolen sph. >> not sure. >> the other one and i never heard of this one, but when i did the research i found out there is something called disease insurance. >> you literally can buy cancer insurance or heart disease insurance. it is insane. this is the number one killer in this country, but the idea you would share one singular event, you are not covered. make sure if you need life insurance to protect the family take care of that. >> one other one if we have time, mortgage insurance. a lot of people now the mortgage rates are low, but they can only put 10% down, and the bank says you must buy private mortgage insurance.
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what do we need to know about that? >> it is a must do. if you put in 20% or less the bank is going to require you to ensure the loan. the pmi companies and bank companies went into foreclosure. having said that, if you can get the loan down and if the value of the property goes up and they have been starting to go back up, you can can sell. you have a right to can sell the pmi insurance, do it. >> don't forget if you reach the threshold -- >> don't ignore it. >> one more. the other one is the mortgage life insurance. that's a little different. that's if something happens to you and you are unable to pay the mortgage, right? >> well, if you die typically they sell it to you when you get the mortgage. it is a little add on. it is an extra $20 or $50 a month. what is the big deal? it is expensive life insurance. buy your own term life insurance. it is a lot less expensive. if you payoff the mortgage or
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sell the house you can take the insurance with you. >> in terms of -- i'm looking through some of the other notes, flight insurance. there is that kiosk at the airport and it says if anything happens buy a policy when you fly. it is a little morbid to think about, but are those ever worth it? they are still in business. >> unfortunately air accidents do happen. but we know they are excruciatingly rare. buy yourself a good quality life insurance policy. you are better off. >> flood insurance, with a storm like we saw with sandy, it seems like in the places you would really need it if you live on the water you can't get it. they are not writing it anymore. if you can, should you? >> the irony here is they say you don't need it and you are not in a flood zone. what we found out are areas not in a flood zone ended up flooded. ironically they weight the policy. if you are close to the water, it is very expensive. if you are further away, less expensive. if are you in that kind of zone, get it. probably worth the money. >> any tips when you are choosing a company? how do you tell if the company
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will be in business to pay you a claim when you need it? >> very, very difficult. if they are licensed today, you don't know if they will be licensed tomorrow. you can call your state insurance department and ask them if there will be complaints and ask what the ratings are in that company. or talk to a good qualified financial advisor. >> like dominique who joins us today. i feel like you saved us a bundle. i hope folks will take a look. >> pay attention to the details. >> very good. thanks for talking to us about this one. i like it. take charge, there is a lot of them on our website on a number of consumer issues. trying to keep you safe and save you money. go to fox click on the america's news hq page. it is there and there is a link. when you get there you will see these videos for our take charge consumer protection segment. it is exclusively on this show. thanks, dominique. eric? >> thanks, dominic. keeping us safe and saving us money. who can argue with that? have you heard of the new deportation policy that kicked
8:32 am
in? >> some call it a free pass for illegal immigrants. is it? we are live with the details. and a medical update on former president gorge hw bush. will he be out of the hospital in time for christmas? he has been in there for several weeks. we will have the very latest on mr. bush coming up.
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some stories making headlines right now, thousands of people turning out in india to protest the gang rape and beating of a 23-year-old woman. police using teargas and water cannons in an attempt to break up the angry crowd. meanwhile, president george hw bush has been in the hospital for a bronchial and respiratory problem. he is 88 years old, and even though he is doing okay, the
8:37 am
hospital has not yet set a released date. best wishes to the president and his family. and good news from nasa. the large asteroid they once thought could potentially threaten our planet and maybe hit us, guess what. it no longer poleses a risk of impact -- no longer poses a risk of impact. >> shocker. a tragedy in oregon and a shooting victim is speaking out since the deadly rampage at a mall there. jacob tyler roberts was behind the shooting that left two people dead earlier this month. kristina was inside the mall when roberts opened fire. she is a teenager and says a simple shopping trip turned tragic in the blink of an eye. >> i only saw him for an instant to see that he was
8:38 am
wearing black, a mask and carrying a gun. i didn't even realize it was a real gun. i thought it was a prank. >> we have to cherish every moment. you never know when it can be the last. >> she is doing well. doctors were able to remove bullets from her lungs and her liver. her family says her recovery is nothing short of a christmas miracle. amazing. now there are new concerns that a serial killer could be loose in michigan. a discovery in a drainpipe outside detroit. this is the second time in four months they have found human remains. police have sent the remains to a lab in texas for testing. they want to find out if the remains match a body found four months ago. that belonged to an unidentified female. >> so happy to not be at the airport. one of the busiest travel times of the entire year whether you are heading home
8:39 am
for christmas or setting off on a winter holiday get away folks are racing to get where they need to be. the weather isn't exactly helping us. it is really complicated travel plans for so many. storm-related delays and cancellations and leaving passengers stranded. so as we get closer to christmas, will things turn around? david lee miller live from laguardia in queens. how is it looking there? >> jaime, passengers will get a welcome christmas gift this year. very few delays and cancellations two days before christmas. look at the arrivals and the departure board here at the american airlines terminal. every flight listed on time for the departures. as for the arrivals, some are actually listed as early. as we pan down here you can look and see the security line. yes, there are lots of people here as you would expect, but for the most part things are moving along at a very good pace . overall system wide few
8:40 am
cancellations. there are about 500 delays. a few days ago we did see as many as a thousand flights that were canceled because of a big storm in the midwest. those problems are now for the most part are history. this holiday season, it is expected that 5.6 million americans are going to fly. we talked to a few of them moments ago, and most anticipate an uneventful travel experience. >> i just got here so so far so good checking in my bag. it seems like it will be a little bit of a battle finding room in the overhead compartment. >> have you a lot of things. >> yes, the gifts. everybody wants something from new york, right? all of these food goodies. they had some sales. bringing half of new york back with me. >> we packed a lot of food just in case. we are traveling four girls and my husband is checking the bags outside.
8:41 am
going through dallas and three hours there. we won't get to cabo for 12 hours. so a 12-hour day for us. >> and while we hear so much about air travel this time of year consider 90% of all travelers are actually going to be on the roadways, and they also have some pretty good news. the national average price for gasoline is about $3.24 a gallon. the experts say it is not expected to significantly impact travel on the roads. a storm is forecast after christmas. right now, jaime, it looks like for the most part travelers in the air and on the roads are going to be able to get to where they have to be without any serious problems, back to you. >> at least from where you are. thank you. take care, david lee. >> that's good news. there is a white christmas and then some with more snow in the forecast. this is upstate new york. folks were already digging out, but it is not the only spot that faces stormy weather.
8:42 am
hi, rick. >> if you live around the great lakes you get lake thick snow. take a look this is the radar where we sit and we have two storms we are watching. the first is a precursor, not a big storm. but it might make a few people happy. this is the rain over the next say 24 hours, and then you go to monday evening and pennsylvania upstate new york and across new england, snow. that means a clean coating of snow on top of where you have that now. we are talking an inch or two of snow. the other storm is a different story. let me show you real quickly. this is what is left of the lake affect snow. the next storm, this is a differenery big one. it has been a series of storms that have been pounding california.
8:43 am
this is the last one. you get a little break tomorrow and the day after. but we've got very heavy rain and mountain snow there. this will be a big snow maker for places like oklahoma and texas. this blue indicates cold air diving down to the south for tuesday. look at that tulsa 31 degrees. this green is precipitation. that's going to be snow across oklahoma. going toward the day after though and this storm track is up toward the north and taking a pretty interior track. anywhere on the west of this we are talking about snow. maybe snow in st. louis and detroit and indiana and ohio. at this point looks like rain for wednesday. nonetheless travel problems on wednesday if you are going home if that's your day to get home. eric? >> they don't want rain on christmas day. people want snow, but i guess it makes it easier to travel. house speaker john boehner telling the public, quote, we're broke. congress supposed to help solve that problem. how do we fix the fiscal
8:44 am
mess? billionaire john built his business from scratch. he has solutions for the country's budget mess. he joins us live next.
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to the fiscal cliff. you know the national debt tops more than $16 trillion. as house speaker john boehner put it, quote, let's be honest. we're broke. how does washington get its economy in order? who better to ask than a billionaire. he built his company red apple group from nothing. john, welcome. thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me. how do we get this spending under control? >> common sense prevails. we are all americans. newt gingrich and bill clinton hated each other. but they sat around the table and solved the problem. we had an excess in our budget which is unheard of. these people have to realize
8:49 am
whether they are democrats or republicans, it is not being democrats or republicans. it is being americans. sit down at the table and negotiate and come up with a solution instead of going off to hawaii and instead of going home that's what business people do. if i have a problem in one of my companies, i sit down and i say, guys, let's solve the problem. you don't just raise prices or raise taxes. what you do is you say to the guys what i say to them, plus 1 minus 1. if we have to raise prices or taxes let's do it 1%. but let's also cut expenses 1%. so there has to be common sense. i think some of the leadership in the democratic senate should come to -- there are elder states men. chuck schumer should take the lead and say, guys, let's sit down and do common sense.
8:50 am
>> they were sitting down, but it doesn't seem like they were getting anywhere. it was an icy relationship between speaker obama and the president in the last meeting. how do they get to what you do with the unions? you sit down with the union guys. >> and we solve the problem. 99% of the time we solve the problem. one of the problems is norquist. you can't make a contract with congress to do it your way. i think norquist has to go away. >> well what should be done? what type of plan would you like to see? how do we stop the spending and at the same time get everything out of control to right the ship? >> i think the americans should be outraged. they should call their congressmen and write to them and say how can you take off when we are ready to fall off the cliff? i think we are going to fall of on the cliff. i think -- >> what does it mean if we fall off the cliff? >> i think the stock market could have an adverse reaction
8:51 am
which could create a barnyard opportunity for some people who have the courage. but courage is hard to acquire sometimes. >> and bo the tom line -- and bottom line, if they don't have an agreement will it be solved? >> i think common sense will prevail in january. they are trying to make each other look bad. they have to get over that. >> we'll see what happens. supposed to get back on thursday. maybe they will take your advice. maybe they won't. thank you for coming in. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> we will be rightne back.
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welcome back. immigration and custom enforcement is unveiling a new deportation policy focus owed unauthorized immigrants convicted of serious crimes. live from our los angeles bureau . dominique, tell us about it, anyone getting off the hook? >> well, if you are unlawfully here and you get a traffic ticket or any other petty crime you don't get issued what they call a detain re. that's what gets you deported. it is dedicated resources to hunting down the most dangerous immigrants. those with charges of drunk driving or possession of a firearm. they stated a record number of unlawful immigrants who
8:56 am
deported that is 410,000 in all, approximately 55% of the people removed in 2012 were convicted of felonies, all misdemeanors. >> could this become bigger? more levels to this new policy? what do you expect? >> you know what, it is not just the current administration that is considering this. california's attorney general is here. she made a similar move recently. critics are worried this is a political move by the white house to apiece immigrant activists. what it is doing is violating existing law. the law is that if i illegal alien subject to deportation should be arrested and subject to the deportation process. they say the white house is trying to ensure that due rights are upheld and they are not harmed by a one size fits all immigration and enforcement strategy. but the problem remains that
8:57 am
illegal immigrants are coming into the country. >> good to see you, dominic. and we will be right back.
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