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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 25, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> eric: concur with bob's comment about the troopsover seas. pray for you. >> kimberly: we -- our hearts and prayer goes out to family of the troops that are serving and most to the victims of sandy hook. i'm certain their families are missing them very much. the sweet, precious babies. angels passed on to a better place. we have won't forget them. we want to say thank you for joining us "the five" today. thank you for watching. we want to wish you all a very merry christmas. and merry christmas to the troops as well. have a great night, everyone. >> bob: merry christmas. ♪ ♪ >> doug: chilling details just revealed in the christmas eve ambush that left two volunteer firefighters dead. this is "special report."
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> doug: good evening. i'm doug mckelway in for bret baier. policemen are piecing together what led a gunman to set his home on fire to lure the first responders. he killed two of them and injured two others. correspondent david lee miller is live with breaking details including news the shooter left a note. good evening, david. >> reporter: doug, up until now there was only speculation to what the gunman william spangler was thinking when he took the lives of two firefighters and injuring two others. now we know the evil intent was to cause as much carnage as possible. when volunteer firefighters arrived at the home of spangler, they didn't know they would be ambushed. he took his own life and he left a note. authorities won't reveal the
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entire content but what they did share, offering chilling detail about his plans. >> i will read one of the sentence from the two or three page type-written note that really clearly goes to his intent. "i still have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood i can burn down. and do what i like doing best: killing people." >> reporter: police say as a convicted felon he was not allowed to notes is firearms. he had three guns, including a bush master semi-automatic rifle. the same weapon used in newtown, connecticut, massacre and he had plenty of ammunition. >> talking to investigators, there was a large number of rounds. he was equipped to go to war. >> following the shooting authorities have been trying to locate spangler's sister for whom he had a strained
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relationship. authorities say they believe they found her remains in the house the two shared and spangler set ablaze. >> we did locate apparent human remainmains in the ruins n the house on 191 lake road and the assumption is it's the shooter's sister. >> why he launched the attack is still not clear but a link to victims now emerged. when spangler's mother died her obituary asked for donation to the westminster fireman association. the samement for where the victim served as volunteers. in the word of the police chief, motive is always a burning question. we might never know what was going through his mind. doug? >> doug: david lee miller. thank you. police in newtown, connecticut, are getting a much needed and deserved break on christmas day. police officers from across the state of connecticut are volunteering to cover the town, so newtown's entire police force could have the day off. some of the officers donating the overtime pay to charities
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helping those affected by the shooting early this month. half a world away, pilgrims are flocking to bethlehem, lining up to see the traditio traditionn't birthplace of jesus. in a land longing for peace but used to war, the day was not without politics and threat of future violence. correspondent leland vittert has more. >> standing room only class. they announced the birth of christ. in the second inthe fa da it was easy to get in christmas mass. it was deserted. now that tourism is the life blood of the economy, it resembles an armed camp.
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as many guys with the ak 47 as tourists. flint and his family are in town for the christmas season. to take in the site of jesus birthplace but also to pay for tour guide and stay at hotel and buy souvenirs. they stop at the holy land sue near store. >> we expanded from one shop, 25 to another souvenir shop. and three restaurants. and next week we are going be opening the hotel. >> a risky proposition in the west bank where the anger on the street reaches a breaking point. this month, a major round of violence rocked the area and last month dozens were hurt when they attacked check points in response to the war
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with gaza. anger is growing over the newly announced settlement that the land prince want for the future state. the israelis announced a building spree in response to palestinian victory at the u.n. this statehood bid was a risky proposition by the palestinian president mahmoud abbas who hoped to force israel to restart, failed peace talks. >> we tonight have a good feeling about it. this is our only hope. if anything goes wrong, everything will go bad. >> here, bad is very bad. there is talk of a third inthe fa da. another popular uprising take form of mask protest. rock throwing and attacks on the israeli check points which could easily turn birthplace of christ to ghost town. even on christmas. doug? >> doug: virt virt in the not so little -- leland vittert in the not so little town of bethlehem.
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>> may he grant israelis courage to embarrass resolutely on the path of negotiation. >> this is the pope's eighth christmas. every year he delivers a christmas greeting in 60 languages. there is no peace in syria. fierce fighting continues as rebels have another victory, capturing a town in northern part of country near the border with turkey. rebel forces surrounded the town for week, before making the final push today. the government forces steadily have been losing criminal of territory in the north. over the past few months. the constitution drafted by islamists in egypt passed a referendum with 64% of the vote. voter turn-out was low.
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the opposition campaigned against the constitution, charging it will usher in islamic rule and restrict freedoms. there are forecasts of snow, thunderstorms and tornadoes leaving many with a wet and not necessarily white christmas. along the gulf coast, they raced for possibility of tornadoes and possible thunderstorms. tornado watch was in effect over louisiana until this afternoon. after being battered by superstorm sandy, they are struggling to rebuild the holiday season.
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>> this christmas, 9-year-old kylie wants her home back. her family's house was severely danieled by hurricane sandy's floodwaters. kylie, her parents, marie and dennis and the 14-year-old sister were forced to relocate several times. they lost nearly everything. spent a month living in a hotel. >> provider for the family. >> i'm just grateful that we're together. honored by everyone. i'm scared. i'm not going to lie. but i have faith. >> i don't think you can prepare for. this live for today. >> the house backs up to the wetlands. the water rushed through the basement and started to come up here through the first floor. there was so much, ten feet,
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that this was the water line. their lives and this christmas season would never be the same. >> you spent 22 christmass here? >> 22. yes. >> volunteers helped to gut the house. >> webb this, you can still have a christmas? >> always. because christmas is family. christmas is love. christmas could be a tree this big or this big. it could be in this corner or it could be in a hotel room. it's family, it's love. it's hope. it's god. >> kylie used a donated gift card to buy a tiny tree for their hotel room. small symbol of the outpouring of support and money from the people. the charity one small wish helped them furnish the tetch rare home they are now renting. >> it's important to have something to call your own. this is home. a lot of people are living in hotel, shelters and living with other people. there is nothing like having your own home. >> goes outside.
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>> bathrobe. >> generosity of people has been unbelievable. >> we're not used to it. to be honest with you. >> they also received blessings. >> strangers that reached out. you just never, ever imagine that you could be in this position. and it's -- you realize the only thing you can do is recover, rebuild. look forward on the future. it can't get any worse.
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the basement was flooded and they lost two cars. >> it was depressing. we came back and felt better. to be back home. >> the box of ornaments remained untouched. >> happiness from this point forward. >> faith sustained many. >> reverend is the pastor of the community church of the nazarene in new york far rockaway still serving as relief site. trying to make the christmas normal for the children hit the hardest. >> charities across the region, like rebuilding together are helping people get back on their feet. volunteers donate the time to fix danieled home and repair the broken lives. >> still have hope?
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>> always. >> it's god. we are blessed in so many ways. >> now they are able to celebrate christmas in a home together. say they have learned firsthand the meaning of the season. >> in one of the hardest times in our lives a lot of good has come out of it. beautiful things come out of it. >> this is awesome. it's a blessing. like you never think that people would do this. it's just like amazing. >> even after sandy, the christmas spirit survives. in middletown, new jersey, i'm eric shawn, fox news. >> doug: indeed the christmas spirit. later on, might want to grab at kleenex. touching story of marine's journey to find life after near death. up next, retailers are hoping for christmas gains this holiday season. will they get their wish? economic report coming up next.
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>> doug: christmas is time to take inventory of your life. good and not so good parts. we have inventory that doesn't have a clear-cut. >> day of christmas and all through the land. people were industrying to forget the bills that would be enhanced. >> many said the economy weighed on their minds. >> we cut down to bare essentials not as extravagant as we used to be. the economy is taking a toll. >> they're smart to keep an eye on the nation fiscal health, according to the financial advisor jordan goodman. >> state of the economy is on the edge. >> heading to the new year, numbers on the economic situation. unemployment is 7.7%, lowest since december of 2008. but when you add in the underemployed the number jumps to 14.4%. november housing sales are up
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14.5% over last year but below the $5.5 million sales. consumer confident is down to lowest level in five months because of the looming fiscal cliff. consumer spending bounced back after dipping in october. >> overall sales will be up 5-6%. >> but at the same tie he said shoppers are holding back and the businesses are holding back on filling positions, because the economic climate for 2013 is uncertain. doug? >> can't get out of neutral. >> can't get out of neutral. >> we'll have more on this with the panel. washington did not get a fiscal cliff deal for christmas so that means president obama and lawmakers
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will need to kick it to overdrive to get something done by new year's. this is easier said than done. >> after weeks of bitterness, this is not a contest of the parties between who looks good and who doesn't. >> the only thing both sides agree on now is christmas may provide a cooling off period. >> ebb can drink eggnog. have christmas cookies. sing christmas carols. enjoy company of loved ones. >> hope springers eternal. >> when the christmas trees come down tomorrow from waikiki beach and elsewhere, the nation will be staring at the cliff that economists warned could spark a new recession. the fact is both sides are further apart than the holiday
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messages suggest. this puts the speaker in a box leading to collapse of plan "a" of $4 trillion debt deal and the slimmeded-down plan "b." >> in the course, i offered to compromise with republicans in congress. i met them halfway on taxes and more than halfway on spen spending. >> boehner is saying that the stumbling block will lead to taxes on red ink and says the president plan "c" unveiled friday increases tax rates on some and punting reform of the entitlement program on medicare to some point next year. >> the best way to address the crippling debt is make significant spending cuts to fix the tax code to pave way for long-term growth and
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opportunity. >> likely that president obama will rush back on wednesday to come back to washington in hopes of debt deal by the end of the year. >> we'll see. >> doug: thank you very much. till ahead, bret baier brings in his family for special holiday greeting. but first, if you think there is consensus on where jesus was born, think again! [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes! you can stay in and share something... or you can get out there and actually share something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> doug: u.s. troops in afghanistan spend christmas far from their home. many would want to be with their families but they have strength to be with each other and a nice spread to feel as delosse to home as possible. nato forces due to withdrawal from the country by 2014. they are speeding up evidents to train and advise the afghan military and police unit before the pull-out. >> i wish i could be with family and friends. >> they get together to share good food and laughter. good time of year. i like to be with my family at home.
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>> 200,000 u.s. troops spend the holidays in some other part of the world. >> location is a big part of this next story. bethlehem, the small town six miles south of jerusalem is the place where jesus was born. according to tradition. as religion correspondent lauren green reports some scholars have a different take. ♪ ♪ >> christians from every background acknowledge bethlehem the birthplace of jesus. >> why call it jesus of nazareth? >> it was based on the earlier tradition that jesus had born there. >> we visited the church of the nativity built by the emperor constantine in iv century. >> why go to a cave to have a baby? well, luke tells us they laid him in a manger because there
3:25 pm
was no room in the inn. greek word is cataloma and that the guest house is full no, privacy. rather than give birth if guest room they take hor to the cave where things are quiet. >> many scholars believe jesus was born in nazareth. >> can anything good come from nazareth? jesus is from nazareth. the statement can anything good come from nazareth assumes he's from nazareth. >> that didn't make sense. they remind the readership he was born in bethlehem. >> book of luke says in the pregnancy, mary and joseph travelled to bethlehem to register for roman census. and angel reassured joseph he should take mary as his wife. joseph followed the angel's
3:26 pm
advice and saved her from ridicule. in the ancient world you acknowledge paternity by naming the child. you are stoned to death if they catch you in adultery. >> mary conceives by the power of the holy spirit so there is something special about the child. >> tremendous expectation of messiah in century leading up to the birth of jesus. first century jews long for savior to liberate them from the roman obsess sors but jesus is as much as a challenge as today, because the scriptures say he was born to liberate everyone. from more treacherous enemies: sin and death. in new york, lauren green, fox news. >> doug: former president george h.w. bush is in the hospital this christmas as he recovers from a severe cough and fever. the doctors admitted him out of an abundance of cautious
3:27 pm
because of his age. he is 88 years old. he suffers from parkinson's disease and often uses the need of motorized wheelchair or scooter to move around. they are cautiously optimistic that bush will recover but want to keep him in the hospital for time being. coming up, the all-star panelists are here and they brought the naughty and nice list. up next, inspiratio inspirationr moves on in his life after a terrible battlefield injury. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympto. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food.
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>> doug: many returning men and women are coming home with invisible scars. but this man's scar are obvious. but so is his take on life. here is jennifer griffin. >> marine sergeant john speck one of five quadruple amputees
3:30 pm
to emerge from the last 11 years of war and overcoming one of the signature wounds facing american war fighters since 9/11. >> i was injured may if, 2010. in afghanistan. i went to turn around. took -- i think it was my left foot forward. next thing i know i'm basically being flung through the air. and i land on my back like mud, sand, dirt, whatever in my eye. i could not see at this point. it could make out like little bit of color and shapes and everything. just basically telling the guys i don't want to die here. i don't want to die here. wake up two-and-a-half months later and basically found out that i don't have arms or legs no more. >> how are you feeling? >> but less than three years later, he's sky diving. >> whoo! >> next thing i want to jump off a cliff. or white water rafting. cliff jumping.
3:31 pm
there we go. >> welcome back. >> in previous wars, john peck never would have survived. but he did. this is the story of how he and so many wounded warriors like him are adapting to the new lives. how the signature wounds from afghanistan and iraq, i.e.d. or roadside bomb blasts that have led to amputation and traumatic brain injuries forced the medical field an technology to evolve and how the technology is now serving the newly injured war fighter. peck has had 29 surgeries in 2.5 years. >> can't keep up. >> now he lives on a wooded patch of land with his mom lisa in rural virginia. two weeks ago, independence fund gave john a new lease on life and chance to do something that standard wheelchair can't do. head outside and offroad. in to the forest where many of the warriors grew up hunting
3:32 pm
and fishing. peck drives something known as track chair, new technology developed bay cuple in minnesota that allows the wheelchair to function like all-terrain vehicle. >> i used to ride atvs. i guess i would consider this a tank. >> 27-year-old john peck looks like a boy given his first bmx bike for christmas. >> whee! my darkest fears? was my divorce. >> his young wife left him. >> she couldn't hang with the injuries. she wanted to move forward for me being 6-foot tall and having muscles and everything like that. once i got injured she hung it up. i was a very angry and spiteful person that didn't want to be around people. >> his mom lisa was with him every step of the way. from the first moment she heard his had been hit. >> i don't remember a lot of that day. but what i have been told is i pulled in the driveway and
3:33 pm
didn't put my car in park. i jumped out of the car and asked what did they do to my baby? i told him all his life we could get through anything together as long as we stuck together. first thing i said to him was i'm here. okay. we can get through this, too. we have. >> if it wasn't for her being here, i would have probably gone insane. >> c'mon. can i have a hug? >> if peck served in vietnam he would have ended up like the character lieutenant dan like from "forrest gump" angry and alone. but the residents from where the hollywood tale was shot and former new york firefighter who impersonates elvis that raised money to allow peck to have the wheelchair that costs $15,000. and could ain't ford to buy amputees -- couldn't afford to buy for amputees like peck.
3:34 pm
>> just because we're injured doesn't mean we can't do anything. >> john peck and doctors that saved him rewrite this chapter of battlefield medicine. doctors like armanda that served in iraq in 2003 where he conducted brain surgery in army field tent. >> we were in the desert and it was unheard of to get the care close to battle line. >> he con ducked 600 brain surgeries in 12 years to make him one of the leading neurosurgeons in the world. he rewrote the book on decompressive crane yotmy. so much so when gabrielle giffords was shot the civilian doctor called dr. armanda for
3:35 pm
advice. >> the biggest thing we do differently is not trying to remove every fragment of bone or piece of metal in the cranial vault compared to previous conflicts. we're doing larger incision. we typically will leave half the skull off for anywhere from four to six months. we have other problems to deal with, with the infection and swelling. >> in the 12 years the limb prosthetics improved dramatically, so have the skull prosthetics, going from plast tic to new and improved tie tainian that resists infection and allows better facial reconstruction for the patient. one of the dr. armanda's patient works for him. lieutenant colonel holt is a special operator medic, who was blown up by an antitank mine in afghanistan in january of 2009. his skull was smashed when thrown in a concrete wall. >> swimming with a full suit of clothing on.
3:36 pm
>> you can do it but you're not as efficient. you are slower and takes a hard time to get there and you're awkward. until the brain catches up with what you want it to do there is a significant amount of frustration. because you know what you can do but you don't quite know how to get there. it could not filter. with a frontal injury, talking to you right now with the bright light or the air conditioner i couldn't concentrate. >> now he is on a medical fellowship to study ways to deal with chronic pain. he himself traumatic brain injury survivor investigating how to prevent brain trauma and post traumatic stress syndrome aest intytizeing the war yore -- anesthetizing the soldier rather than using morphine. for lisa peck, the medical advances gave her back her only son. >> i kept reminding myself i have him, he has me. >> she sat by the bedside at
3:37 pm
walt every reed for two-and-a-half months with her hand on his chest so he could feel her presence until he woke up. >> i would take my ipod and put an ear bud in his ear and one in mine and sing to the music he knew i was there. i would talk to him like i knew he could hear me. i still need you here. you have work to do. a lot of good. you're still young. hang in there. >> he did. now he is getting his life back on track. >> i don't have arms. i don't have legs. stuff could be worse. it could have no mobility whatsoever. >> stuff can always be worse. there is always something worse going on. >> in washington, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> doug: hero would be an adequate word to describe a
3:38 pm
lot of people in that piece. fox all-stars join me after the break to talk about the state of the economy and the ticking fiscal cliff clock. ♪ [ male announcer ] jill and her mouth have lived a great life. but she has some dental issues she's not happy about. so i introduced jill to crest pro-health for life. selected for people over 50. pro-health for life is a toothpaste that defends against tender, inflamed gums, sensitivity and weak enamel. conditions people over 50 experience. crest pro-health for life. so jill can keep living the good life. crest. life opens up when you do.
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shareable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. hurry in for a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99. there is to only one person to provide the leadership, president of the united states. rather than campaigning he should be here working with people and talking to folks on
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both sides of the aisle to get a solution so we don't go over the cliff. i believe the president is eager to go over the cliff. >> i don't believe that at all. there are 535 of us who can provide leadership. 435 in the house and 100 in the president. all of us have a responsibility here. >> doug: that little exchange on "fox news sunday" between senator conrad and senator borasso a perfect metaphor as the nation peers over the fiscal cliff with only a few days left. bring in the panel. bill kristol from "weekly standard." juan williams, columnist with the hill. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. bill, start with you. we heard that congress is coming back to session on thursday, 22. two days from now. we heard from ed henry in honolulu that the president plans to leave his vacation spot tomorrow to return. reason to return or not? >> he should. i watched that exchange on
3:42 pm
sunday. i remember saying to chris wallace afterwards i thought her toicly senator conrad won the exchange. it sounds better to say no, we're all leaders. rather than saying we depend on the president. seeing it again and thinking about it, the senator was right. it's 535 can't lead at once. john boehner tried to lead a fractious republican congress get nothing help from democrats in the house or in from harry reid, or the president. it turned out he couldn't deliver first. it's up to the president now. the president has the come back. put his proposal on the table. i assume the senate controlled by the democrats could pass it. then the house republicans, fair to say to speaker boehner and house republicans you will let us go over the cliff or swallow and accept something you don't like much. i think the ball is in the president's court. >> doug: juan, others are saying that the ball is in the senate hands right now. >> the scenario most likely is speaker boehner abandoned by
3:43 pm
the troops. no investment of confidence in him or his negotiating skillnous you look at president obama and the senate. republicans in the senate who are open to some kind of deal with president obama and the democrats in the senate. if you have ten-plus republicans, willing to sign on to some kind of deal, that puts pressure on the house. it might create an opening for speaker boehner. although it might endanger his re-election to the speakership on january 3. >> doug: the 21st of this month, the "wall street journal" did a great piece on the inside negotiation over the fiscal cliff. i said this. referring to president obama. ol' office meeting he told mr. boehner that if the sides didn't use the agreement he would use the inaugurate address and "state of the union" to sell country the
3:44 pm
republicans at fault. he said i put $800 billion in tax revenue on the table. what do i get for that? you get nothing. >> he knows the republicans are fractured and i think the debate who will lead is ridiculous. nothing is going to come out of the house or the senate. president will decide what will be in the senate. the entire objective was not to pass anything to help with the debt or deficit. to destroy the republicans in the house. create a civil war. that is what he did. he would not compromise on tax rate. he himself said a year ago. but he insisted on the rates
3:45 pm
knowing it would cause the kind of civil war in the house. the objective now of fracturing the one element in washington this could stop the agenda in the second term succeeded. he put out the patch plan to raise rates on those earning $250,000 and extend unemployment. if that is the bottom line he will propose it. the republicans decide he wins either way. he passed it in the house or he will blame going over the fiscal cliff on the republicans if they resist. completely in the driver's seat and he will l decide what is on the table at december 31 at 11:00 at night. >> let's look at the national debt clock. we surpassed the $16 trillion
3:46 pm
mark. $16.4 trillion. interest on the debt is huge. thereon what bayh boy said recently. >> servicing the debt hard now. this is interest rates at record lows. god forbid something should happen to cause interest rates go up a littlement we have seen nothing yet. interest rates eventually will go up. >> doug: in the negotiations we are ignoring the long-term implications of this. >> people are aware of it. >> part of is it the future generations. the damage that it could do if the interest rate goes up in short-term to the economic interest. the market did not retake
3:47 pm
alarm we're going over the fiscal cliff. in days to come and the prospects for after the cliff is that the market would say this is alarming that washington can't get the act together. we have to deal with the debt ceiling. that could impact things because of the credit ratings. >> he has had the cards and he played them well but he does run a risk. if he gets cute and greedy and wants to humiliate the public more to get what he wants with the policy and go off the cliff he is the president of the united states. we might be poised for economy. if we go off the cliff. they lose confidence, he is the president. he will be blamed. he has to be careful. >> people don't often times
3:48 pm
say you're president obama. your second term gets five a terrible step -- the republicans hurt themselveses in the house. >> we are running out of time. up next, the naughty and nice list. don't miss that. back with more.
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3:51 pm
>> doug: back with the panel. we need a naughty and nice list. bill? >> a rather nice man beneath a grif exterior and dry wit. he died last week and i want to pay respect for the incredible public achievement as a law professor and legal scholar and judge. principled and courageous public servant but for those of white house knew him as a wonderful man. beneath a gruff, as i say, exterior and dry wit. warm man. at his fun ral saturday, lovely and dignified funeral. they had quotes from thomas moore, quotes that i guess i assume he very much liked.
3:52 pm
one was relevant to face calf cliff discussion. what you cannot turn to good you must at least make as littled be as you can. which is thomas moore, a good, bob bork sentment for guiding yourself in washington. at least make the bad as little bad as you can. the other quote from thomas moore, you must not abandon a ship in the storm because you cannot control the winds. it love. that must not abandon the snip the storm because yaw cannot control the winds. dying a week before christmas. pay respects to him here. naughty, how about baby boomers. the baby boomer generation. we are the greatest generation to save us from the naziism and in a way to won the cold war as well. ronald reagan, not a baby-boomer. we have become close to bankrupting the country and not a good job of leadership and i hope the kid's generation is more like their grandparents. than like us. for me, happy to dump on the fellow baby boomers.
3:53 pm
>> going to be around a long time. you have to deal with us. juan? naughty or nice? >> start with nice. i think nice goes to david axelrod, who ran president obama's campaignment you might at first think i am talking about the success, this is the second time. he shaved off the mustache to raise $1 million for epilepsy. his daughter suffers from epilepsy. david went out of his way to say this is an opportunity to turn what was a bitter campaign to something positiv positive. we are human beings to hang us out. >> one man on this panel with a mustache.
3:54 pm
>> $50 and a happy meal. >> for naughty, i pick wayne laperre of the nra. the press conference was appalling. remind they're come people, especially the people who sell guns in the country and represented by the nra are totally out of touch with a crisis in the country about the easy accessibility to fire arms. >> i want to ask for every person outraged by the number of weapons and the caliber of weapons, another guy says i deserve to protect my family. what do you want me to do call the police? >> yeah, call the police. i think everybody else has a right to public safety. the point that public safety is in danger. talk about putting an armed guard in every school. at some point you say this is the line. we need to re-calibrate.
3:55 pm
>> charles, naughty an nice? >> that quote we saw earlier about the negotiation between obama and boehner, where he says i give you $800 billion, what do i get? nothing. leo derosher, a great philosopher said nice guys finish last. he sea nice guy on the fiscal cliff. naughty, the worst man on the planet is bashar assad. 40,000 debt and thousands to come after he is driven out of office. you can't get naughtier than that. >> doug: what is his fate? >> three fates. he stays in power, unlikely, he is killed. probably by his own people if he tries to escape. or he could try to escape to a can on the, independent in the '20z. that is his strieb. tribe. it's walled off and create mini country, which is possible. on the sea, so iranians and the russians could support
3:56 pm
him. that is the least likely but would create chaos because the civil war continues forever. >> but a pariah and a marked man. >> he should be. whatever he gets he deserves. i don't think it's a good ending. >> thank you. that will do it for panel. stay tuned for really professional message from the four bears. as in bret baier's. [ laughter ]
3:57 pm
smoke? nah, i'm good. ♪ [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette, you celebrate a little win. nicoderm cq, the patch with time release smart control technology that acts fast and helps control cravings all day long. ♪ quit one day at a time with nicoderm cq.
3:58 pm
>> thanks for joining us on this christmas edition of "special report." we had expected this to be a fairly light news week but now it appears that the president,
3:59 pm
according oour ed henry in honolulu is going to be returning to washington tomorrow. that should put him in perfect timing for the congress coming back into session on thursday. so, perhaps, we will see some movement on the fiscal cliff issue. and when and if that happens, we will be here to report it for you. that's going to do it for this christmas edition of "special report." we really approach you watching. we hope you have a wonderful end to your holiday. we will see you right back here tomorrow. we with a special message from the anchor of this show and his family. >> bret: thanks, doug. merry christmas. it's been a tradition for me to bring my family on and from my family to yours merry christmas and happy new years. here we are again. this is my wife amy. my son paul. and my other son daniel. so here we are. >> we wish you a merry christmas and ha happy, healthy new year. >> paul, if i asked you what the people do in the dome behind me, what would you say? >> nothing. >> nothing? >> that's pretty


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