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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 25, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> merry christmas, everybody. and i hope you have a nice time. and i love you everybody, happy new year, merry christmas. >> bret: all right, daniel? >> happy new new christmas. >> bret: happy new year. >> that was so quiet. >> you can say it louder? >> louder. >> happy new year! >> bret: there you go. happy new year. we hope you have a great 2013. fair, balanced and unafraid. ♪ >> snow and that is only the start. tonight, the major stormself that's causing headaches for
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millions of travelers. plus, police say he set a fire to lure first responders who a death trap. >> three different weapons and arsenal of ammunition. >> now we know the gunman left a note saying he he was ready to do what he likes doing best. killing people. and alcohol testing members of the military. new details on what's reportedly the toughest policy in all of the armed forces. one that takes effect just days from now. but first a fox extreme weather weather alert. blinding snow and ice slick roads and twisters down in the south and all adding up to huge headaches as folks head home after this holiday. the monster storm is now taking aim at the midwest there, blizzard warnings are in effect overnight. earlier the system dumped evey
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snow across the plains. causing a 21 car wreck. tractor trailers all piling up on the icy roadway there. first big christmas snow storm that that city has seen in nearly 100 years. today the airlines had to cancel some 150 flights nationwide. you can hardly see a thing in atlanta's airport. it's the busiest one in the country. biggest travel headaches could come tomorrow as the folks take to the roads and the skies by the millions. the system's one-two punch also slamming the southeast. winds there reaching 70 miles per hour. that, of course, close to hurricane strength. and officials report possible tornadoes in texas, louisiana, and mississippi and they say a man died when strong winds knocked down this tree. the twister threat isn't over yet. so let's go straight to meteorologist sara robleski from fox 25 in boston. sarah, could to see you. who is going to see snow? how much and when is it going to clear out?
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>> yeah. this storm is a big storm. there is many components to it. the main thing that we are watching for snow that pushed through parts of the plains now is going to be heading to the northeast in places such as the ohio valley, the midwest and the northeast over the next couple of days that is going to see a goodment a of snow. in fact, there is going to be a ribbon of snow of 6 to 12 inches. and 12 to 18 inches through parts of the ohio valley into parts of the northeast by thursday. we could be talking about nearly 2 feet across parts of the higher terrain. so, yes. some very big snowfall totals heading heir way -- their way. >> there is hardly a place on the map isn't seeing wicked weather. in the south tornadoes. how unusual is that and is the warning still on? >> yes. you know, it's not that common to see or hear of tornadoes being reported during december. but it does happen. and it is occurring today. this storm not only had very
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strong winds and winter weather on the back side. we are talking about a strong cold front pressing along the gulf coast. we are seeing some isolated tornadoes being reported louisiana, southern mississippi, and as well as alabama until 8:00 p.m. tonight. that threat will go away, but then it will push into parts of florida. such as panama city until about 10:00 p.m. we will continue to see the threat of some of these severe weather storms continue through the evening hours as this storm system will continue to trek to the northeast. so, yes, a very large storm and not that great for folks who are headed out traveling about. >> jamie: continuing. folks, be careful out there. merry christmas. learning more about that suspect who set a trap to gun down first responders called to a fire. he left behind a note. in it, he lays out his plan for these multiple murders. according to police in
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upstate, new york. is he an ex-con named william spangler. he gathered an arsenal before setting his house on fire yesterday. that's when the firefighters responded and he started shooting. >> this was a clear ambush and first responders. spangler had armed himself heavily; taken up area of cover and national depression in a bank near a tree. >> deliberate it sounds like. of the four firefighters he shot he killed two and wounded two others before killing himself. in that news conference today, they said he left behind a typewritten note, several pages long. the police chief read aloud the single stunning line. >> quote: i still have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood i can burn down and do what i like doing best, killing people. end quote. >> spangler's criminal record,
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he served 17 years in prison for beating his 92-year-old grandmother with a hammer to death. that murder took place at the house right next to the site of yesterday's fighter attack. investigators say the shooter had three weapons with him. this time including a pump action shotgun, a .38 caliber handgun and a bush master ar. 15 rifle. the various gunmen used that weapon in at least seven mass murders. among them, of course, the elementary shooting in newtown, connecticut we have been reporting a few days before that in the oregon shopping mall shooting. also recall over the summer the aurora movie theater massacre that gun involved. one of the weapons the beltway snipers used in washington, d.c. in 2002. david lee miller has been tracking today's developments. he joins us live from our new york newsroom. david lee, police say now they searched the house. they haven't been able to get in there for a while and they found somebody's remains. who is it?
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>> that's right. it now seems almost certain jamie that spangler is responsible for the death of his 67-year-old sister with whom he had a relationship. shortly after the rampage authorities say she couldn't be located and this afternoon authorities said they made a grizzly discovery. >> we did locate apparent human remains in the ruins of the house of 191 lake road. the medical examiner has removed those remains. again, 191 lake road is where the shooter resided with his sister. medical examiner will be working on the identification. i'm assuming that's going to take quite a period of time. >> remember, that home was an inferno. authorities say they can't tell yet if the cause of death was a gunshot, air foorks or possibly something else. jamie? >> jamie: that note the shooter left behind talks about his intention to kill. did they learn about a motive. >> why spangler launched the
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attack it's still not clear or mentioned in the note left behind. possible link to the victim has now emerged. when spangler's his or her died her obituaries asked for donations to the fire association that's the same fire department where the victims all served as volunteers. in the words of the fire chief motive is always a burning question we might never know what went through his mind. jamie? >> jamie: it is worth mentioning they were all volunteers in that community. a quick-thinking police officer may have prevented more lives from being lost. >> indeed. you know, when the firefighters arrived with this ambush, authorities say the death toll could have been much higher. fortunately an officer would be webster police department also arrived on the scene. the officer has not been named because they say this is ongoing investigation. he did open fire on spangler with a rifle. police chief his officer immediately engaged the shooter in what he called combat conditions. and we can report tonight that the two wounded officers are
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in the intensive care unit of a local hospital in rochester, new york. they are said to be in stable condition and expected to make a recovery. jamie? >> jamie: still, what a way to spend christmas. david lee, thank you for the report. a lot of people paying it forward this christmas. police from communities all around connecticut are doing just that they volunteered to work in newtown today so officers there could have a much-needed day off. this is in the wake of the shooting at sandy hook elementary. they have all been working overtime. that shooting killed 6 women and 20 children. a number of these villain officers even went further don't napght for charities for newtown survivors. heart warming news. for a community that has seen far too much pain. pope benedict delivering a very special message of peace on this christmas day for regions torn apart by war. speaking from his balcony at the vatican st. peters square. the pope paid for an end to
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the bloody war in syria which has stretched on for nearly two years. >> yes. may peace spring up for the people of syria deeply counseled and divided by conflict which does not spare even the defenseless and reasons innocent victims. once again i appeal for an end to the blood shepherd. easier access for the refugees and dialogue in the pursuit of political solution to the conflict. >> jamie: activists say the fighting in syria has killed 44,000 men, women and innocent children. pope benedict also called on the israelis and palestinians to find the courage to negotiate. today in the west back the cold weather did not stop the crowds from filling historic church known as traditional birth place of jesus christ. leland vitter territory has more on that from bethlehem. >> merry christmas from bethlehem. it is a christmas unlike any other here overlooking manger square. you get a sense what is going
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on down there. a lot of people late in the night still celebrating. palestinianian corn out of which is a traditional treat here. the nurch of the nativity is where the gatt toe who is so. tourists go in and see and make the pilgrimage down to where the bible says jesus was born more than 2,000 years ago. midnight mass inside the church of the nativity, a standing-room only crowd as the latin patriarch proclaims the birth of christ at midnight. he went on to to talk about the birth of a nation. that being the fact that palestinians have observer status at the united nations which has caused a lot of controversy here in the west bank. also in israel has a lot of people concerned about how many tourists are going to come here. tourism is now the life blood of this community. many come for christmas season and of course christmas eve. that's when at noon the palestinian boy scowtsz began their processional march down here from jerusalem to bethlehem for the church of
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the nativity. the pilgrims we talked to are from all over the world saying being here, seeing the geography and experiencing those words bring them much closer to their own spirit or the materialism and santa and gifts that we talk about that is so much involved in christmas. now there is a lot of people who are wondering what happens next? there is a lot of tension here in the west bank. there is a lot of talk about a possible popular uprising. more violence and many here fear that if that happens the tourists that are the life blood of this economy here in bethlehem could disappear come next year. jamie, back to you. >> leland vittert. thank you. coming up, there is a new plan to start random alcohol testing of troops. it could start in just a matter of days. we have details of the strict new policy and who it is going to effect first. plus, a look at how our forces in afghanistan spent christmas day. i know a lot of you are thinking about them. and why the people that were handing out the food were not
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>> jamie: troops in afghanistan celebrated christmas day with a traditional turkey dinner trying their best to enjoy the holidays. obviously a challenge for military men and women to be so far from home. especially away from their kids. they say they are just trying to look on the bright side. >> christmas time here is i don't know i wish i could be home with family and friends. i'm surrounded by nothing but awesome people. >> christmas is is a time where everyone gets together and serves good food and. [ laughter ] and just a good time of year i certainly like to be with my family at mommy and we are serving here in afghanistan for a good cause. >> here is the treat they got. among those carving the turkeys and handing out the food both afghan and nato military generals made a
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little special. the marines are set to begin a first of its kind program for armed forces. random breathalyzer test to protect against alcohol abuse. the marine corps went public with the new plan after study showed a spike in bing drinking and drug abuse among military personnel among the past decade. steve centanni has more from us from washington. >> multiple deployments and combat injuries are said to be causing this troubling spike in alcohol and drug abuse among active duet military. democraticked by the institute of medicine. their study concluded earlier this year and sponsored by the department of defense shows that 20% of our active duty military personnel report they engaged in heavy drinking in 2008. binge drinking rose from 35% of personnel in 1998 to 47% in 2008. drug abuse of illegal and prescription drugs rose from 2% in 2002 to 11% in 2008:
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the report recommended better screening and that's just what the marine corps is doing, according to a directive issued in month the purpose of the screening program is to provide gheanders and additional tool to provide marines and sailors in their commands at risk for the adverse effects of alcohol abuse or misuse. the report notes that alcohol has long been a part of military culture. but it recommends better leadership on the frish top commanders all the way down. and it says this spike in cases results partly from outdated approaches to preventing and treating substance abuse. the marine corps is the first to have this strict screening policy. of the program begins january 1st. marines will u breathalyzer tests twice a year. those with blood alcohol levels .01 or higher will be referred for counseling. those with .04 or higher will be reared to a medical officer for a fit for duty determination. it takes about .08 for a person to be legally drunk in most states.
4:18 pm
the navy will introduce mandatory testing sometime in january. the army leaves these decisions up to commanders and the air force so far has no compulsory program. jamie? >> jamie: thanks so much, steve. dui's, bringing break ups and a royal prince losing his pants. the entemperature takenment world all types of news. take a live look back. manhattan all decked out for the holidays. great to have you here ♪ i want a hippopotamus for christmas ♪ only a hippopotamus will due ♪ don't wanna a doll ♪ no dinky tinker toy and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation and other handy stuff? yeahthat would be cool. introducing the all-new nissan sentra. it's our most innovative sentra ever. nissan.
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>> jamie: from breakups to baby news hollywood had easy time making headlines all year long. adam housley with a look at some of 2012 most talked about moments in entertainment. >> there is nothing like starting off the new year with a new bundle of joy. power couple jay-z and beyonce doing just that. welcoming baby blue ivy only a week into 2012. ending speculation of b not really being pregnant. song bird adele not only cradled a total of six grammy awards this year. also a new mother to a healthy baby boy though she refuses to give out his name.
4:22 pm
singer turned fashionista announced her pregnancy early she and her fiancee bringing home maxwell dru a baby girl. ' loren zoe born just in time for mtv to give jersey shore the ax. speaking of splits many gave celebs timeout. supermodel heidi klum divorced thiele. demi moore and ashton kutcher are not officially divorced but both parties say they want a break from seven year hitch. tom cruise and katie homes said good by to strange love ending six year marriage in june. hollywood had its share of happily everafterrers. seven years and six years later brangelina announced they are finally ready to tie the knot. to the knob out done pitt's ex-wife jennifer aniston announced her engagement.
4:23 pm
the winner of "american idol" is philip phillips. bluesy philip phillips beat out jessica sanchez becoming season 11 "american idol." nicki minaj and keith urban. the two women stirring up drama as season 12 kicks off in january. the x factor adding new faces to the judge's channel. pop icon britney spears and demi low votto bringing their expertise to the table. >> kate stevens. >> hollywood's biggest night went silent. ♪ ♪ >> the best picture award going to the artist. the film alone grabbing five oscars including the win for best actor. meryl streep not only won the record for the most award nominations she took home yet another oscar for her betrayal as the iron lady. >> shall we join the ladies? >> george clooney and his film
4:24 pm
the descendants took home the golden globe for best picture. >> i would like to know who the man was my wife was seeing. >> marvel the avengers top grossing film this year. 2012 was a tough year for twi hard. christian stewart admitted to cheating on pat continueson with sanders. also saying goodbye to the series with a fifth and final movie breaking dawn part 2 premiering in november. they won't remain heart broken for long. twilight fans best seller 50 shades of a gray unleashing stink into literature. world had to say good by to a great amount of celebrities this year including andy griffith. phyllis dill ler. whitney houston, donna summer and dick clark just to name a few. from the sad and into the realm of crazy. 2012 culminated with plenty of
4:25 pm
drama. local is lindsay lohan is still in hot water and may be headed to the slammer again. lying to the cops. tack on another charge for allegedly hitting a woman at a new york city nightclub. amanda bines following in her foot step the actress was asked to stay off 00 road all together after a series of car accidents. country singer randy travis hit the drunk tank twice for dui. george clooney protest iting embassy. british royals had eye poppingly bear ear prince dutches kate middleton catches sun in not so private riveria. what's tupac coming back to live for one last appearance. the rapper's hole game while justin biebers turns off his audience puking on stage. >> gangnam style. >> singer psy most sung video
4:26 pm
on union. >> and honey boo boo leaves behind toddlers and terras to get her own hit show even endorsing president obama. >> just the other day honey boo boo endorsed me. [ laughter ] >> that's a big relief. >> celebrity cycle starts over for another year with more hookup, breakup, meltdowns marriages and kids. some of the most anticipated include the first baby for the royal couple and the second bublegdz ever joy for jessica simpson. in hollywood, adam housley. fox news. >> jamie: well, at this hour there are no reports of tornadoes just touching down in some states as other states are dealing with blizzard warnings. coming up, we will give you update on the wicked weather that's effecting millions. and it looks like president obama may be cutting short his vacation to actually deal with the fiscal cliff deadline. he isn't the only one. there is new developments coming in right now and we'll have them for you next. [ boy ] there i was.
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it's our top story on this fox trip across america. >> texas. the san san antonio homeowner says his house shook and then boom. a neighbor says his kids were playing nearby just before the cessna came down. >> it went wing up right through the fence right there into the trees, through the trees into our fence and into the yard. >> my brother was like oh my gosh, sandy, look outside. there is a plane in the backyard. >> jamie: investigators say the pilot had mechanical trouble and lost control right after takeoff. he and his passenger unhurt. michigan. a homeowner says his family was asleep when an suv plowed into his living room west of detroit. police say they think the driver suffered a medical
4:30 pm
emergency before the crash. they rushed him to a hospital. oregon. rescue teams found three snow shoers who had gotten stranded on mount hood for two nights. the experienced hikers say they found summer floods had washed away the trail they normally followed. that spotty cell service made it hard calling 911. >> we had no more propane. very little food. and just one chance to make one call. and we made that call. and thank god we got through. >> too took search teams another day to reach the group because of bad weather. >> illinois. a chicago area bakery facing foreclosure is still open this christmas. and it's thanks to a local business owner who also happens to be a loyal customer. he says the place served the community so his pay back he cut a check and became partners with the bakery's owner. she says her2 2 employees not only still have jobs, now she can afford to get them
4:31 pm
healthcare. and that's a fox watch across america i'm jamie colby in for shepard smith. one week to go before the country topples over the fiscal cliff. now we are hearing that both president obama and and john boehner are preparing to get back to washington. if they can't work out an agreement and we go over the fiscal cliff it of course will mean smaller paychecks and automatic hefty spending cuts. according to economists possibly another recession. with just days until that deadline, time to cut a deal is rapidly running out. ed henry with the president in honolulu, hawaii. ed, as we get this news. possibly the president leaving his vacation early? >> that's right, jamie. we are now learning from an administration official that it is likely the president will be leaving hawaii tomorrow. probably in the evening to get back to washington early
4:32 pm
thursday. possibly meet with congressional leaders. start working the phones, trying to move this forward because, frankly, when you talk to administration officials in private, they admit this is pretty tall right now because the president hasn't had a conversation with speaker boehner since last friday. now, if there is any hope in any of this, it's the fact that the president's aides say that both he and the speaker before they left washington on friday and saturday made clear that maybe christmas could provide a cooling off period that will bring them back together. take a listen. >> everybody can drink some eggnog, have some christmas cookies, sing some christmas carols. enjoy the company of loved ones. >> hope springs eternal and i know we have in it to come together and do the right thing. blessed merry christmas.
4:33 pm
>> speaking warmly about maybe the holidays can kick start things. the fact of the matter is reality tomorrow which is that both sides are still far apart on two big issues at stake here. whose taxes are going up and how much spend something going to be cut, jamie? >> jamie: an issue big enough that most people probably aren't asking what the president and mrs. obama exchanged for christmas and what was on the christmas menu. we always talk about that what do we know about how they spent their christmas? >> they have kept it very quiet. what the president is trying to do since is he likely to go back to washington tomorrow is get as much family time he's can right now with his wife, daughters and other family and friends who were here. obviously it's a little different hawaiian christmas. you can see we have got some video of some of the christmas trees here they have now brought a live christmas tree to waikiki beach. he was skinniy and had dark hair, not white hair and playing a violin.
4:34 pm
little different hawaiian christmas. in all seriousness we are expecting that the president is likely to go to the u.s. marine base here in honolulu area. he has done that the last few christmases with the first lady to feed the troops who are here. that is on oously the most -- one of the most important reminders not just family and friends but remembering our men and women in uniform many for us in harm'sway -- way over the holidays. merry christmas. >> jamie: breaking news on "the fox report." the national weather service just confirming a tornado has touched down in downtown alabama. local media reports property damage with trees down and widespread power outages. this just in the last hour. also reports that three homes in mobile blown from foundations so far no reports of injuries. but, of course, it's very early on this. saul part of the violent line of storms we have been telling you how serious it is making its way across the southeast.
4:35 pm
earlier possible twisters reportedly tore through parts of texas and louisiana. officials say a man died near houston when a tree slammed into his truck. the threat of dangerous weather continues into the night. let's get to meteorologist ron jackson from ktfw fox 4 in dallas. tell us, ron, specifically what you know about mobile and what you know about what's happened in your area. >> well, jamie, here in the dallas-fort worth area we have officially had four tenths of an inch of snow on the ground. that's the first time we have had snow on the ground in 37 years here in the dallas-fort worth area. we are definitely not used to it. most of the snow fallen has moved off to the northeast. right now we are battling, biggest concern will be traffic problems. temperatures are expected to drop down low to mid 20's with streaks. we are not used to weather conditions like this where a lot of facilities have sand andg conditions for the roads, we just don't have that we do have some sand trucks but a
4:36 pm
big problem tonight will be the icy streets as temperatures drop down into the low 20's here in north texas. pretty unusual. >> all right. well we want to keep an eye as well on these twisters. thank you so much, ron for the situation where you are. but in mobile, alabama now, this report of a twister, i want to just tell folks we're going to listen in to the local coverage of wala in alabama. >> police department has sent me some information about a tornado down in dolphin. he has reported one trapped inside under a vehicle under debris streets blocked several power poles again. also getting reports from people around the area. trinity episcopal, murphy high school. ricker buy street as i mentioned. i had some pictures sent from popularville. damage there as well. the walgreen's at the loop i have been sent some information about damage there
4:37 pm
walgreens at the loop and tenth street and pritchard. again, a lot of information coming in. we are trying to check our phones as much as possible as far as these reports coming. in lots of debris i'm being told in the roadways by mobile police and people out in the streets right now. this is not the time to be out in the streets. as far as traveling around the mobile area. we have a lot of damage reports. you're looking at previous video. again, we want to make sure you know this is not live. this is video from the tornado on the ground earlier in mobile county that we caught with our cameras that caused all of this damage that john and i are talking about. >> we have just gotten a note here. i'm going to read this myself. mobile infirmary has experienced some minor damage only. ceiling tiles out. we have power and mobile infirmary drive is clear. we are addressing these minor injuries and remaining focus on patient care and safety. at this time they have not reported any injuries so we are certainly thankful of
4:38 pm
that. as you saw earlier, some of the damage looked pretty bad over at that hospital. also, there are patients over in the hallways that were taken out there during the tornado. withbut let's go find out more about the latest let's toss it over to matt. >> keep you updated on the latest situation right now. we still have strong storms out here. this one going through central washington county in hawthorne and sun flower. national weather service still saying this is a dangerous storm with the possibility of a tornado as it heads tom big buy jackson into clark county. same areas that had been affected before are being affected again. you need to be taking shelter if you are in this area around highway 43 and parts of washington county and also going on over into clark county. i was trying to look for the signature. it's hard to find. but they are pointing in around the sunflower area, possibly the hawthorne area talking about rotation. it's difficult to find on the scope. but negligence a strong storm that is in through here. this is another area where we
4:39 pm
need to continue to take shelter. we are continuing to see the strong storm. we are working on getting you the information of what happened in mobile. obviously video of that tornado. mean with some of the damage reports that are coming in. maybe it was more impressive than it looked or less impressive than it looked i should say. widening things out though current weather. stay on top of what is happening right now. a lot still happening. michael put this thing out and show us the lightning here. last 10 minutes on the stroke lightning strike. a lot of action going on. heavy storms. lightning bolts up thomasville and jackson and mcintosh. these are also very dangerous part of any system. we always get -- we have a nasty system come through. a lot of lightning strikes. we almost always get homes struck by lightning that can do damage like wind damage. a lot of possibility of rotating storms still in this.
4:40 pm
michael, widen me out and let's get into the summary view of what is happening here currently at this moment. mainly for washington is the and back into parts of clark county. then we have severe thunderstorm county. these are four mississippi county. that's important. this is important change. what happens when we start to get the back end of the line, squall line. the cold front is behind this. that's when we see warnings start to turn from tornado warnings into severe thunderstorm warnings. and the reason that is is because we get a more linear nature to the storm. and a tornado really needs space to breathe. needs space to work. and when they get a line going like, this no space for tornadoes to work. we tend to get straight line wind damage and only isolated tornadoes once we get the actually squall line in. back edge of this michael pulled this thing out going through new orleans but even closer in right about through hancock and down through harrison county, mississippi.
4:41 pm
>> jamie: let me bring you up to speed if you are just joining us. we are on "the fox report" watching in mobile, alabama check out this video. it's actually storm. new video into fox. from wala there doing live wall-to-wall coverage on this because this storm has already injured a hospital. 22,000 people already without power there it's a severe storm. the warning is still out and they are telling people to stay inside. already three homes knocked completely off their foundation across highway 43. if you know the area. it's over jackson and clark county. it's a big storm. it's a strong storm. and national weather service already confirming one tornado. look at it we hope folks are heeding the call and the warning as the local affiliate affiliate how dangerous this storm is. our entire country is covered with wicked weather from the snow storms, the sleet, the
4:42 pm
hail, the planes that had to be cancelled today. flights people trying to get back and forth for the holiday. slip back into local coverage and see if there is any update on oinjuries. >> one occurring right at this moment. once again we are watching this go more linear in nature. it gets much harder to pick out the circulation within these storms. even if we don't have a tornado on the ground in this cell would r. we have got strong straight line winds. if your home is hit by 90 mile-per-hour tornado or straight line wind, your home doesn't know the difference. that's why we still have to take them seriously even if we can't find a signature rotation with it a lot requesting on here. look at this lightning, folks. find a spot that is not experiencing a lightening strike. many same thing to do. a lot requesting on dealing with the a lot of the nasty weather township. michael once again taking the accept and trying to look around, were find ago bittle
4:43 pm
bit here. see the blips of orange in the red that means winds are in there. when you get the blip of the oranges and red that means what we are seeing are stronger straight line winds. like i said your home doesn't know the difference between straight line win and tornado. we have a drus situation in wught county and as well as clark confident. take us on back towards mobile county and baldwin county. what are folks dealing with down here. still have some rain in and around the area. >> the lightning has definitely decreased. >> jamie: before we take a quick break. let me tell you more about this at 4:59 p.m. local time. the national weather service corn firms and this is what they are calling it, folks. a large and extremely dangerous tornadoes hits mobile. so far three homes we know knocked off their foundation. a hospital actually had some damage. patients in the hallways. and also hearing that a
4:44 pm
walgreen's was hit pretty hard. it's early. holiday folks, those crews are all hands on deck. first spawnders out. more extreme weather after this break. with business. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] yes, you could business pro. yes, you could. go national. go like a pro.
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around 34:59 the national weather service is confirming a large and extremely dangerous tornado as they are calling it touched down. some damage to some homes. a walgreen's, a hospital right now they are assessing the damage. see the size of the storms to the left of your screen? look at it on the map to the right. this is a system that has already impacted louisiana, mississippi and our rick reichmuth who warned us and told us to be on the lookout for these. keep your weather radio on. now rick who is joining us, they are telling folks in this area to remain inside. how long will these watches around warnings be up? >> well, you know, these watches are going to continue all not -- all night long. it's a volatile storm especially for this time of year. the more the strength and dynamics that you might see in a more spring like storm. because of that we are seeing the chance for these extremely large tornadoes and that's what you are seeing on the left side of your picture there, a very large wedge
4:48 pm
tornado. that tornado itself though has made to the northeast of the mobile area northeast of that however, we are not out of woods there more storms that are going to continue to come from the southwest. mobile is actually getting another round of very heavy rain and will likely see some more severe weather. however we're going to see more of these kind of storms and potential cells still tornado warn to the north of the mobile area right now and we'll have to continue to see this potentially as we go into the night up towards the atlanta area cooking dealing with this kind of severe weather. >> let me jump in here for a second. folks who have been with us and watching the video and fox on the left-hand side. see how many of those lights are out now? more than 20,000 people have lost power just since the storm arrived on scene in mobile there is a report in midtown my bill that a school there murphy high has been hit
4:49 pm
hard by a tornado. they say this school of one of alabama's largest high schools with an enrollment of 2,000 they have had windows blown out. a the loft roof is gone right now and the athletic building may be gone entirely what kind of warning system do they have there, lick. >> they have got a very good warning system. this is an area accustomed to severe weather and tornadoes. i have tell you when you hear a tornado hitting a school you are very scared and very thankful that it's christmas because nobody is in that school not any kind of faculty or staff or students. if that happens, that's good news. obviously you worry if it can cause that kind of damage to a school. any of the neighboring neighborhoods and homes that are right in the area obviously potentially in harm's way. i'm looking at the map from home. also, jamie, and i can see that there are three other tornado warned storms and they are to the north of the mobile area. two of them are one of them to
4:50 pm
the north of monroeville and i-there is one southeastern of alabama. out in front of that line of storms. so, as you can see on that radar picture. there is one last line of storms. that's the cold front that is actually moving through so is the last we have to get through. probably take another two hours at least in mobile before they are in the clear. >> stay home, stay on the map. stay with us. we are taking a look at the video of the storm. the map, we have got rick reichmuth. people on the ground any injuries. you are on "the fox report." breaking news. we'll be right back.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
>> jamie: breaking news fox report. mobile, alabama where the national weather service confirms a tornado has touched down. a school, a shopping center, there is a lot of places that are badly damaged. at this hour all hospitals, according to our affiliate wala say their hospitals are running on backup power. let's listen to the reaction of some of the people who suddenly found they had to take cover. >> may friend of mine that
4:54 pm
lives next door stepped out. see the storm doing its thing and then it came behind the church. it came in behind the church right there and then all green florescent lighting it was transformer popping left and right and crash and power went out. >> i prayed to god as loud as i could. i was just praying for my safety and i knew that the church was shaken. i just prayed that the church stayed put. >> according to another person. another person in the mobile press newspaper quote it scared the crap out of me. this is an area that is very used to wicked weather. let's ask our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth. true, rick? look at the size of this storm. this is something they get regularly. yet, it seems to have moved in quick and large and powerfully. >> well, a couple things, first of all, you don't typically suspect these kinds of things to happen this season. certainly not on christmas. and in winter. you see these things a little bit more in the spring. and nobody is really
4:55 pm
accustomed to that large of a tornado. when you see that image on the left side of your screen, very large wedged tornado and those are typically the ones that are the strongest and most destructive. because of their nature, being so wide. you know they potentially run through a lot more areas. that's the concern. and on christmas day obviously a lot of people may be caught off guard. although we have been doing our best to warn people throughout the day that there is this threat. the threat is going to continue for a little bit longer. there is another very strong band of storms moving threw mobile. all those first responders are out there trying to assess the damage. cut any of the trees that have potentially blocked the roads and waves for other first responders to get. in there is more rain and more bad weather moving in and that certainly makes things more difficult also, jamie. >> jamie: what is that burst -- that's lightning or electrical power lines? >> no. that's transformers being blown out by the winds as that tornado is moving through them. >> jamie: we can see this
4:56 pm
picture virtually now this entire community is in the dark and the hospitals are on backup power. the warnings and watches you said remain until? >> well, this -- you know i have to check back with me about how long this watch is in effect. although i would tell you in the mobile area i would imagine they have about another two hours of potential severe weather. but the severe threat is going to be with us all night and in fact tomorrow we have it farther toward the east. it's going to be toward the carolinas. really powerful dynamic storm for this type of year. the national weather service office in little rock, arkansas issued their first ever blizzard warning for the state. so that tells you how strong it is. you see the snow and you see that severe weather. severe weather obviously an immediate danger. >> jamie: stay with us, rick. we will take a quick break. when we come back, more pictures and reaction from this tornado. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken,
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
national weather service confirming large tornado and dangerous one touched down in downtown mobile, alabama. reporting damaging a hospital and high school. moves homes off foundation and knocked out power to some 20,000 people. so far no reports of anyone hurt or killed. we will keep you posted. and first alert forecasters are saying that the fast-moving storm could bring more severe weather to the southeast. meanwhile, investigators say they have found human remains at the home of the ex-con who they say set a booby trap and a house fire then shot and killed two volunteer firefighters. they say they believe the remains are the gunman's sister. and a spokesman for netted flicks says things are back to normal now after they had an outage that hit customers in the u.s., canada and latin, america. taking a look back now on this day in 1914. the soldiers dropped their weapons for the christmas truce of world war i. as the story goes, many allied troops thought it was a trick when the


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