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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 28, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> eventually a rescue crew saved both of them and everybody is doing okay. and i happen done that dog's name. bart. >> how did you know that? >> because we did the story earlier today. bart the dog is okay. >> what is old is new. days until new year's eve. ring it in with us, bill hemmer will host new year's eve here on the "fox news channel" including this four time grammy winner. watch more from pat benattar. meg be kelly and bill hemmer live at times square. >> thank you for watching. we ran for megyn kelly. up next, trace gallagher. >> thank you. the news begins anew on "studio
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b." the president and top lawmakers are meeting now to try to stop our nation from plunging off the fiscal cliff. we're total any potential deals hinges on what happens in the meeting. details on that ahead. a man under arrest at a police station struggles with cops, gets a gun and shoots three officers before they take him out. that's coming up. an f.b.i.'s file on marilyn monroe minus main redactions. what the documents say about her suspected ties to communist. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." we begin with a fox urgent. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. a face-to-face meeting at the white house getting under way right now. one that could determine whether or not our nation plunges right off the fiscal cliff. take a live look at the white house where president obama called the top house and senate
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leaders from both parties to try and hammer out a deal avoiding the tax hikes and crippling spending cuts. remember analysts say falling off the fiscal cliff could drive the u.s. into another recession. more than a month has passed since the last time they got together. the obama administration called that mid another meeting constructive but there has been little to no progress. today lawmakers on both sides of the aisle tried to strike an optimistic tone. >> millions of americans are out there struggling and certainly they deserve a congress that will avoid going over the fiscal cliff, which is why the president has been working hard to bring leaders together. >> we can't continue to kick the can down the road with half measures. i think the market will respond in a permanent and negative way to our inaction. >> the chairman of the senate finance committee says it comes
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down to this meeting adding i wish them luck. it would be a great new year's present for the country. ed henry, how pivot the is the meeting? >> we're on the verge of the biggest tax increase since world war ii. that's how big it is. everybody watching this, if we go off the cliff, everyone's taxes go up january 1st. the bottom line is senator backus says with the deadline, the pressure is red hot on all sides. republicans are trying to say the pressure is on the president. >> we need two words, presidential leadership on not just taxing rich people, we could tax all the rich people and cut their heads off and it wouldn't help the medicare fiscal cliff. we need both.
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i'm ready to work with him and so are a lot of republicans. >> one of the reasons why he and other republicans are putting pressure on the president is this is the first time that the president has gotten all four of the house, senate, democratic and republican leaders, since november 16th. he'd had conversation with speaker boehner but the first time both parties have gotten together. they're saying he should have done it sooner. the white house response is the stumbling block is republicans have opposed any tax increase. >> so for the sake of argument, say the meeting goes well. what's the best case scenario? >> best case is a slimmed down piece of legislation, smaller than the $4 trillion the president and speaker have been talking about. if you remember one week ago today, before he left for hawaii, the president came into the white house briefing room in the evening and basically said this is what the plan should be.
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>> the next few days i've asked leaders of congress to work towards a package that prevents tax hikes on middle corral americans, unemployment insurance for 2 million americans and lays the ground work for further work on growth and deficit reduction. that's an achievable goal. >> you can see three points, the president wants to protect the middle class tax cuts, forget about extending tax cuts for higher incomes but adds 2 million people about to lose unemployment if there's no deal, and then finally, some small spending cuts but punt the bigger ones like medicare reform, for example, until next year. the president thinks it's achievable. we'll see. >> as soon as the meeting breaks up we'll bring it to you live. if lawmakers cannot reach a deal by january 1 we could feel pain in our first paycheck next year, as in next week.
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for the millions of americans out of work, unemployment checks would dry up as well and that's just the beginning. with us, kyle harrington, founder and managing partner of harrington capitol management. i guess if santa claus comes at christmas, uncle sam comes as new year's. not a lot of giving and a lot of taking. >> i'll tell you, nice to be with you first. i think people need to really understand the average american needs to understand the ripple effect associated with this fiscal cliff. so with less after-tax dollars in people's pockets, i think what happens here is we have a real fear and worry people start to not spend as much, which will significantly hurt the consumer spending cycle we want to get better. the unemployment, if people jump -- more people not able to collect unemployment benefits as
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a result of spending cuts will be a problem: we have an unemployment rate way above where we want it to be. so you understand people's 401(k) for example with capital gains tax rates going up, with own individual accounts, now they -- if my capital gains rate goes up, i have a lot less after-tax gains. this is important to know the ripple effect associate with this fiscal cliff slowdown. >> you make a good point. your taxes, which means your paychecks go down, unemployment may not be there in a couple of weeks. then you talked about the market here, and i want to point out, the market's been down five days in a row. five days in a row doing into the fiscal cliff and the dow stands to really get rocked again next week. >> you see, what's important here is the lack of clarity coming out of washington, d.c. really affects the marketplace in a negative way.
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like you just mentioned, before our eyes over the holiday vacation, market's down 100 points today. the volatility and swings in the marketplace are very big when there's uncertainty out of d.c. with respect to the fiscal cliffwhen the debt ceiling. they're real issues that need to be addressed in short order. >> you tend to think the media hypes up these things. the fiscal cliff, maybe we're making too much of it. you're not in that court. >> i'm not in that court. i think this is a significant piece of legislation the united states wants to see the balance sheet and income statement of the u.s. be taken care of in short order. otherwise, we also risk a credit rating downgrade. if we can't take control of our revenues that come in and spending that goes out, people will lose can confidence and faith. >> confidence is a big word. kyle harrington, good to see
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you. happy new year. thank you. >> thank you. cops in new jersey say a suspect in a domestic violence case shot three police officers in a police station. according to police in glaucester county, new jersey outside of philadelphia the suspect got his hands on a gun during a struggle with the cops at the station and shot at the officers. police returned fire and killed the shooter. >> he fired and struck three of the officers. one of them is in serious condition with wounds to his abdomen area where just below his body armor. >> the officer now in stable condition after undergoing surgery. the other two recovering from minor graze wounds. david lee miller with the news live in new york city. what's the latest on the injured cops? >> most seriously wounded is the officer hit twice in the abdomen just below the bulletproof vest.
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he's reported to be in stable condition after surgery. the other two officers, a male and female, were grazed. all were taken to a local hospital. names have not been released. the officers have only been identified as two sergeants and a rookie patrol officer. >> how did this guy manage to get a gun inside the police department? it seems wild. >> indeed. that's the question on the minds of so many. a news conference will take place in the next few moments and we should learn more about how he was able to grab a gun, the words authorities used. authorities have not released the details but the suspect was being processed in connection with domestic violence at the police station. not known is whose gun was grabbed. not only were three police officers injured but that's where the shooter was also killed. people who live nearby were
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awakened by the predawn commotion. >> i saw them throw somebody into an ambulance. it was very quick. police officers jumping in the ambulance and then taking off very quick. they hung out here for a very long time talking and then slowly you saw police officers arriving in cars from home. >> the name of the shooter has not been released, but starting just now is that news conference in glaucester township, new jersey. i expect that we will learn more information in just the next few minutes. back to you. >> as we learn it, we'll bring it to you. david lee, thank you. dozens of american families are suddenly unable to adopt the children they desperately want because of russia's president and lawmakers. up next, the reaction now that vladimir putin signed a law
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banning americans from adopting russian kids. maybe congress should take lessons from dock workers and employers. they came up with a compromise to avoid a strike that could have cost our economy billions. the meeting of the minds in the middle is next. [ all ] 3, 2, 1...
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sale ends midnight january 2nd. >> as of today americans can no longer adopt children from russia. putin signed the bill. the move appears to mark a deterioration of releasing between washington and the kremlin. it comes despite the fact more russian orphans have gone to new homes in america than any other country. 60,000 adoptions in the past 20 years. hundreds of thousands of children who need homes have fewer options and dozens whose adoptions were in the process must remain in russia, including some who met and bonded with
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their perspective new parents. officials in washington calling it a politically motivated decision aimed at punishing u.s. policy at the expense of kids. amy in. >> hi trace. this bill just sailed through the russian parliament and was signed by president vladimir putin. even so there are plenty of russians even at the highest levels of government who see this as bad policy, particularly because it penalizes those children in desperate need of a new home. there were protests outside that state and even arrests. the new law is in the name of a russian toddler who died because his american parents left him in a hot car but the real motive is retaliation for a law washington passed in the name of russian -- a russian lawyer to died in a russian prison after
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investigating tax fraud by people connected to the russian government. the law bans dozens of russians believed to be contacted to his death from traveling to the united states and freezes their assets. the u.s. state department redress the law on adoptions calling it a politically motivation policy. this changes everything. russia has severely limited russian civil associate's ability to work with american partners, closing nongovernmental organizations that receive u.s. money if deemed to be political. then, trace, the fate of the dozens of russian children that you mentioned, who are very close to coming to the united states for adoption, whose adoptive parents, perspective parents, have gone back and forth and proved to the russians that they are fit parents. their cases are very much in the
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balance. there has been rumbling out of russia those children will not be allowed to leave even though they were close to being able to. the u.s. government is going to fight very hard to make sure those cases do come through, that those kids come here. but the law goes into effect january 1. >> heart-rending for those parents. amy, thank you. a temporary deal stopped a pending shutdown of major u.s. ports that could have cost the economy billions. dock workers threatened a strike to freeze operations on the east coast and gulf of mexico but a contract extension gives them another 30 days to resolve their labor dispute with port owners and shippers. phil keating is live in south florida. there were key sticking points. which side budged? >> good afternoon, trace. we still don't know which side
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did in fact budge, whether it was the longshoremen or the shipping company owners or it could have been both sides coming together and reaching a negotiated deal. hard to imagine with what we see in washington, d.c. but neither side is talking. the key points had been over container royalties. you see the heavier each container is, the more money each long shore had man gets paid to take it off and put it on the truck. the owners of the companies wanted to cap the fees, the royalties, at last year's levels while the 15,000 strong longshoremen did not. neither side's talking but both sides say a deal on that -- an agreement has been reached. a quote from the federal mediator. the container royalty payment issue has been agreed upon, subject to achieving an overall collective bargaining agreement.
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crucial is that a strike has been averted for this weekend. it was set to happen midnight sunday morning. that's not happening but we could be back to the same position exactly one month from now because this is essentially a 30-day extension for the union and the ameritime alliance to work out remaining negotiations. if they don't, we could see this major economic impact coming back again. >> we talked about the billions of dollars this could impact the economy. what other impacts could this have? >> pretty much every american and product in all these containers, they get off-loaded from ships or loaded onto ships. imports and exports. things made in america to sell overseas and things americans want to buy from overseas. electronics, toys, manufactured goods, everything you can think
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of. a strike all on the east coast and gulf coast would have been far worse on the economy than the one in california. >> there was a strike in long beach in los angeles a few weeks ago. that was just clerks and it cost the area $1 billion a day. >> this just out from the florida governor's office, we are asking the president to pursue any means possible, including invoking the taft hartley act to avoid work stoppage, a shutdown of florida ports is not an option. president obama did not signify how he would have reacted had the strike happened. would he have chosen, we can't alienate all our union campaign supporters that just got us elected. or would we actually deal with an economy that is struggling possibly even a one-two punch with a fiscal cliff and strike. all this could return 30 days
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from now. >> indeed. phil, thank %ou. obesity rates in america have been growing quickly and steadily for decades. but finally a sliver of good news about the country's health. the new numbers on your children are next. [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8. or...try kids boxes!
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a potential bright spot is in the battle against childhood obesity. obese rates among young children in low income homes dipped. the rate began dropping 8 or 9 years ago and by 2010 fell below 15%. while the drop was comparatively small, researchers say it's the first study to show it may be on the decline after tripling the last 30 years. with us, doctor kerry peterson. doctor, good to see you. are you encouraged? >> i am. even though it's modest, we're taking a turn in the right direction. it was a large study, looking at 27 million preschoolers between ages 2 and 4.
12:25 pm
what they found over time period between 1998 and 2010 initially we saw about a 13% obesity rate. that peaked in 2003 at 15.2% but in 2010 when the study was concluded, we have turned the corner and are at 14.9%, so it's an exciting turn around. >> trace: it is but i hate to bring the mood in the room down but it seems like a drop in the bucket because the problem is just so bad across the country. >> i do agree with you. it's a modest decrease. when you do look at obesity numbers over the past 30 years, in 2008, children between 6 and 11, one-third were overweight or obese. i think the important thing is that there is attention being drawn to the problem. and because of that, there's a rising awareness in the part of parents, communities and child care centers that physical activity is much more important
12:26 pm
for children and that eating patterns need to change, including what is served in schools for lunch, for example. >> trace: in schools for lunch and you look at the fast food places, doctor, you can get 2,000 calories for 3 bucks. it's just -- it's easley accessible. and the less money you have, the worse the food gets. what's the biggest problem we face? >> the biggest problem with children, i think with low-income families it's the cost of healthy food. organic foods, fruits and vegetables are expensive and food from a supermarket or fast food restaurant or the food stamp program are not necessarily the most healthy choices which is why states and communities are targeting child careymme] center. there's a moment for the food stamp program to focus on quantity and quality because access to healthy foods is a big problem. >> i having to but what i see in
12:27 pm
kids that are carrying too much weight is their esteem levels are low. >> that's the problem. there's a stigma, and it can impact them and it increases risk for high blood pressure and high cholesterol and they're more likely to be obese adults with all the problems that come with that. >> thank you. >> thank you, trace. >> trace: while the president, top lawmakers and treasury secretary are behind closed doors, would you like to be a fly on the wall? it's a last ditch effort to avoid going over the fiscal cliff. we are live in d.c. with the latest on the talks straight ahead. plus a look at some of them hottest shows of 2012. among internet pirates. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news.
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>> trace: i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. this is "studio b." a fox urgent. you're looking live at the white house with less than four days until we hit the so-called fiscal cliff. president obama summoned the house and senate and the meeting just got under way. if they cannot reach a deal, taxes go up on all of us. analyst warning the cutts could be devastates. the impact on all 1k, the dow
12:31 pm
down 94 points, the fourth or fifth straight day in a row the dow is down. down over 300 points over the past five days. let's get to mike emanuel on capitol hill. how much stock are lawmakers putting in the white house meeting? >> depends who you ask. some republicans expressed concern it may be for show, essentially going to the white house, having a big meeting that everybody's talking about for the appearances that they're doing something. other suggest it's critical because time is running out. >> the window may be ajar but it's not wide open. and unless it closes -- or opens entirely today and there's a deal, it's more likely to close than stay open. in other words, if we don't have a deal in the next 24 hours, the question is where do you buy a parachute. it looks like we'll be going over the cliff.
12:32 pm
the closer we get to the end, the less likely it is you're going to be able to compress an agreement into place to have enough votes to pass. >> while rebounds and democrats may not agree on a lot. we heard from republicans and democrats that time is becoming critical and they're feeling the pressure of the calendar. >> trace: as you talk to lawmakers, how worried do they seem to be about the threat of taxes going up? >> that's a huge part of the so-called fiscal cliff, tremendous tax hikes due to kick in, but a key senate conservative tried to reassure the public today. >> most americans are not going to see tax rates rise. that's either going to happen over the next couple days or over the next several weeks. but we know that's the outcome and i think all of you know that's going to be the outcome. we hope then we'll turn to the serious business of reforming
12:33 pm
our entitlement. >> with time running short it doesn't sound like lawmakers or the president feel there's times but senator corker believes even if we fall off the fiscal cliff, sometime in the new year, the tax issue will be addressed. >> trace: if there's a compromise, do we know how much house republicans are willing to give or accept? >> that's the wild card. of course the rank and file house members have been out since christmas, not due back until sunday. they feel they've acted. they voted to pass all bush tax cuts and found alternate cuts to the domestic and defense spending. they're waiting to see what the senate is willing to offer them. while republicans don't control washington, a democratic controlled united states senate runs the house and you need significant republican buy in for anything to become law.
12:34 pm
>> trace: mike, thank you. joining me, washington bureau chief for the "chicago sun-times" newspaper. lynn swede. we've got this meeting going on and the dynamics are fascinating. the president, john boehner, nancy pelosi, harry reid, mcconnell, you don't need his support because the democrat controlled center. it is a sit doesn't have a -- >> mcconnell is very important because in the senate, you need a super majority to pass. a reason why i think if there's some kind of a deal, and i'm not that optimistic, why it has to start in the senate is you need republicans to buy in, even a little bit, in order to send any measure to the house. so by definition, to get 60 votes, you need republicans on it. that's enough to call whatever the deal is, bipartisan, which may make it easier on the house.
12:35 pm
as i said, i'm not that optimistic. >> trace: why are you not optimistic? >> part of it is structurele. house members got back at 6:30 sunday night. what if the bad weather comes that's predicted. unless a framework is hammered out that people could agree to, even a stopgap measure, there's not a lot of hours left to get everything down. a realistic deadline is january 3, none, when the new congress comes in because as we just heard, the impact of the fiscal cliff in terms of our taxes going up can be taken care of by making whatever taxes pass retroactive. >> we've known about the deadline two years, and you're telling me we can't make this
12:36 pm
deadline but january 3rd they're going to make it better. how much confidence do we have? >> i'm not saying i'm optimistic but i'm saying even if they have some kind of deal. there's a deadlock. republicans want more cuts in spending and democrats want taxes on of a earners -- this is a policy, ideological issue. the thing that's going to happen is when everybody gets socked in the pocketbook, no matter where they stand politically, they'll be mad at everyone in power. >> trace: you've looked at this closely. do you think there's a number that the republican house members would say we'll raise taxes this much but we want this much in cuts? what's your bottom line? >> i would;(:7wç think they maye able to -- say obama goes up another 100,000 and defines top earners as households with over
12:37 pm
a half million. they're close on that. then on the entitle cuts they could structure it a few ways, including stringing out the trillions at issue over a period longer than ten years or shorter. they could adjust either way. i think you have not only the -- you have the cuts and cut over number of years. so i think there's leeway to go when there's a negotiation. but it is chaotic, no doubt. >> trace: oh, its chaotic and we're going to find out soon. lynn sweet, bureau chief for the "chicago sun-times" newspaper. thank you. >> thank you. a family spokesman says former president george h.w. bush is alert and even singing in the hospital. you recall a couple days ago his spokesman said doctors moved him to intensive care after setbacks, including a fever and cough related to bronchitis.
12:38 pm
today the spokesman released a statement saying the president continues to improve and, quoting here, is alert and as always, in good spirits and his exchanges with doctors and nurses include singing. the bushes thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes and, like their doctors, you are cautiously optimistic the current course of treatment will be effective. at 88 years old, president george bush is the oldest living former president. a long list of video services make it easier than ever to catch your favorite tv shows but it hasn't stopped millions of pirates from illegally downloading them. the single-most pirated show this year was hbo's hit show game of thrones with pirated show illegal downloads of one episode. jerry willis, what other shows are favorites? >> hi there. that's right.
12:39 pm
i love the way you show office video when you show pirates. game of thrones, fantasy show on hbo, 4.28 million downloads. number two, dexter. the big bang theory, 3.2 million. how i met your mother, 2.96 million and breaking bad. 2.58 million. cbs is the only major network with that kind of track record. let me put it that way. >> trace: i would have thought homeland would be in there. right. >> trace: right? >> absolutely. >> trace: most of the pirating is coming from overseas, not the u.s. >> this is interesting. 80% of the downloads from outside the u.s. drill down to the game of thrones season to finale. number one downloader, australia. their shows are on a week delay. they had to see what happened so they downloaded it illegally.
12:40 pm
number two, u.s., number 3, canada, n4, uk. something we found in our research very interesting here, new data showing employees of companies lucky paramount pictures, warner brothers, disney, sony pictures, they're all illegally downloading this material while at the same time their industry is calling for a stop to this. interesting. >> trace: evil, evil insiders. ferry. >> thank you. >> syrian rebels reject offers for more peace talks but the decision may have more to do with who was offering those talks. police say the woman in this surveillance video pushed a complete stranger to his death. another fatal confrontation on a new york subway is coming up. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth.
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turn on the lights, even see that everyone is safe and secure. and with adt, you can rely on our fast response monitoring for 24/7 protection against burglary, fire, and high levels of carbon monoxide. the adt new year's sale. it could help you save something more important than money. call now to save $300 on adt starting at $99 installed plus 15% off accessories. sale ends midnight january 2nd. >> trace: police are asking for help tracking down a woman suspected of pushing a man to his death in front of a subway train in new york city. the suspect ran from the station after witnesses say she gave the man a deadly shove. she had been following him closely and mumbling before it happened. injuries to the victim's body are making it difficult to
12:44 pm
identify him. in a similar incident this month, this man pushed another guy on to the tracks where a train hit and killed him. that suspect pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and claims the victim was the aggressor. the leader of the sir ran rebels rejected russia invitation discuss the civil war. russia is one of syria's last allies and rejected united nations efforts to take action against bashar al-assad. russia invited the head of the movement to russia for peace talks. today the opposition leader said he won't go. and he demanded an apology from russia for supporting president assad. leland vitter, why won't the rebels step down? >> trace, simply put, the rebels don't view russia as an honest
12:45 pm
broker. he'd been supporting assad two years. the rebels believe time is on their side. if you look at the latest video that's coming out of syria, a rebel army is better organized, better armed, better equipped, they've taken areas in the north and are tightened the noose on assad's power basis, the cities in the central part of the country like the capital of damascus. they also believe they can fight all the way to pushing president assad out of power. that may be what the russians are most worried about. russians have a key naval base in the city of tartoose and may are worried if rebels come in, they'll lose any influence inside of syria and are starting to beginning the process of hedging bets against assad and see if they can make inroads with the rebels.
12:46 pm
>> trace: give me an idea of what other powers are keeping the war going. >> exactly. this is a proxy war going on. russia may be trying to play both sides of the coin. iran is not concerned with diplomatic niceties, they're supplying most of the weapons to the syrian regime. on the other side, turkey/g:.?un qatar providing money but people are getting scared, especially the western intelligence services, about where the weapons are going and in whose hands they'll fall into the hands of, meaning hardcore islamist, sympathizers, those kinds bringing fighters into syria and are not interested in kicking assad out but -- than a democratic state inside of syria.
12:47 pm
>> leland vitter, thank you. new details now on the f.b.i.'s surveillance of marilyn monroe. "the associated press" obtained newly declassified government documents that reveal the agency was closely monitoring the american icon over suspected tie to say communist. anita, what have we learned from the documents? >> the most interesting thing is how interested the f.b.i. was in finding out whether she had ties to communism. the files reveal the f.b.i. tracked her for years, they reveal the names of her friends suspected of being communist and how those relationships were concerning not just for the f.b.i. but to her family. the record from 1956 in which the f.b.i. documented an anonymous phone call to the new york daily news about monroe's husband arthur miller that said arthur miller has been
12:48 pm
and still was a member of the communist party and was the front man. and his wife, marilyn monroe, drifted into the communist party. for all this effort, imagine all the money spent, they never found proof marilyn monroe was a communist or had ties. >> trace: why so much focus on her? >> she hung out with a leftist crowd and one social light and known communist rhetoric, vanderburg field and his wife. he wrote an autobiography. she didn't talk much about 0 politics but mostly herself and her hatred for j edgar hoover, who was conducting the investigation. you can imagine why the f.b.i. might have been interested in her. there's no new information from the files about what we all want
12:49 pm
to know about her death. nothing really new there. and even the doctor who performed her autopsy said this will always remain a controversy until all f.b.i. files are released. maybe one day. >> maybe they will. thank you. more drama for the new york jets as their quarterback saga continuesfor the coach snubbing their popular player and the fans are not happy. the public relation mess is coming up.
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12:52 pm
>> trace: now to the fascinating soap opera surrounding the new york jets and their quarterback after starting greg mcthe roadway, rex ryan plans to give mark sanchez a nod against buffalo. this sunday mcilroy has a concussion. tim tebow gets a has attention despite his experience. we have the coauthor of the book rethinking reputation, how pr
12:53 pm
trumps marketing and advertising in the media world. fraser, do you think the jets went after timmy tebow because maybe publicity instead of the fact he's a good quarterback? >> do you think? do you remember in march they announced it? the biggest pr story in sports. either the grandest experience or the greatest blundener professional sports. it turned out to be the greatest catastrophe in the history of the world. the owner lost, the coach lost, the offensive coordinator lost, teen low lost. >> timmy tebow doesn't have the skills aaron rodgers has but he's a winner. he knows how to win. his quarterback skills aren't great but he knows how to get
12:54 pm
things date of done. >> absolutely, they tried to seek out pub publish. >> they haven't given him a shot. he's being paid essentially $3 million to sit and watch the game. which, come to think of it, to be forced to watch the jet games, they probably ought to pay him more. >> the jets are lousy. that goes without saying. they could bring joe namath back. is it your sense the tim tebow experiment is over and this sunday, whether he plays or not, will be his last game as a jet? >> i suspect that's right, it may be coach ryan's last game and the offense coordinator's last game and quarterback san she chez last game. wherever tim tebow lands, he's a good kid, religious kid, i
12:55 pm
guarantee you he'll continue for the starting quarterback on god's fantasy team. >> trace: i will disagree, i think mark sanchez will be there for a while because of the contract but tebow will go to another team. would you tell that team, look, this is a guy who can bring fannies in seat because he's popular, or you get him because he's a football player? he sells a lot of jerseys and fills the stadiums. >> he's strong and he can catch and he can throw with the prove offense. what they did with him in denver, the tragedy of the jets is they never gave this kid a chance. >> trace: well, i think the tragedy of the jets is a self standing statement because it's andrea kid -- it's an an awful year. tim tebow has a bright future. >> he does. thank goodness we still have the new york giants here in
12:56 pm
new york. >> trace: exactly. fraser, happen new good to see you. >> thank you. a dog plunges into a icy river forcing rescuers to take action. but pulling the animal to safety posed a very big challenge. and one rescuer fell right into the water himself. we'll have more from this dramatic scene next.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
well, scary moments for a man in michigan after his 11-year-old hunting dawn fell through thin ice into a river plunging into the water. his cousin tried pulling the dog to safety but the ice gave way and he fell in as well. >> my wife called 911 and we got the rescue there and -- and my cousin, lance, got waders and went to the dog, the deeper you got out, the more ice was cracking. you couldn't get to him. >> trace: that hound was ultimately stranded for more than an hour but the owner's cousin rubbed his fur and did everything he could to keep him warm. rescuers pulled him to safety and the dog is fine and lucky to have survived. and then t


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