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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 29, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PST

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carroll what do you have got? >> herbal life. they don't understand the business model and trading at 4 times four at cash flow. tell go up or bought out. >> and john layfield who do you have? >> facebook was a disaster of 2012 . buy this thing in the low 20s and you could see a 50 percent upside. >> figuring out the instagram mess. end is falling and far east financials employees and msg . msfg can do well in 20 13 and i own it as well >> japanese bank. that's it for the cost of freedom block . happy new year everyone. i will see you on fox business. 2:00 p.m. eastern. >> there is it no concrete puzzle.
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>> dejavu. working hard to see if we can get there in the next 24 hours. plan a no deal and plan b back fire in the final hours before america goes over the fiscal cliff. they are trying to craft a plan c. america's news headquarters live from the nowy nation's capitol starts now. >> hello everyone. we are down to the wire and an impatient president obama is leaning on top lawmakers to cut a deal. senate leaders are rushing to hammer out a last ditch compromise. mike emmanuel is live with the latest on the negotiations. >> hi, molly it is it eye critical window. we are not expecting an announcement today, but they are trying to carve out a deal capable of winning bipartisan support.
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president obama said the u.s. can't afford a self inflicted wound to our economy. >> fortunate lie congress can prevent it from happening if they act right now. i had a good and constructive discussion with senate and house leadership about preventing the tax hike on the middle class and we should be able to reach an agreement to pass both house necessary time. >> senate leaders can't strike a deal. it would be a plan c. keeping tax cuts for those making $250,000 or less . extending unemployment benefits and delay dramatic spending cuts until later next year. >> they realize it is it a critical time. >> we are engaged in discussion majority leader and myself and the white house in the hopes we can come forward sunday and have a recommendation that i can make
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to my conference and the majority leader can make and we'll be working hard to try to get there in the next 24 hours. >> sources say house spheeker bone bone deferred to the senate and house would consider or amend the plan and not expected to be included is the debt limit . leading republican senator said permanence is key and given the certain ty. task and alternative minimum and thres hold of tending bush over $400,000 and $750,000 is a key point. >> heavy lift before the end of the year. >> here for a fair and balanced debate . democraticic of kentucky. you are numbers guys. you sat on the house service
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committee . we watched to see if they can strike a deal there. i wonder if there is it wiggle room. republicans want to raise the threshold of $400,000 to $500,000. you think the president negotiate on that. >> he has simed firm. but some number higher than that would be acceptable to the democratics in the house. i introduced the amendment in the budget committee to raise the rates on incomes on million dollars and every republican voted against it and $400,000 seems to be right and that represents the top one percent of the income earners and got 93 percent of the income growth last year . stow i think there is it flexibility there. >> congressman, if there is
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flexibility on the level for the tax strike. you think the house gop would get behind the stripped down package that gives on the tax level bull doesn't deal with the spending as much as you would like. >> we need to come together and do what we can. spending has to be on the table at some point. but we need to work to prevint tax increases on many americans . there is it a way to do that. let congressman's amendment from last year makes a lot of substance. i neal like i am a life guard . we need to save people. >> you expect there will be something from the senate that you can vote on sunday night. it is overly optmistic . i am looking for something on
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monday and the senate will have to act first and that will act sometime sunday else on monday . i think that is more likely scenario. >> i think it is. and i think we might see something . i am much more optmistic when i am at home in ohio than i am when i get back to dc. i want optmistic and i think we can avert this and there is enough common sense republicans and democrats to come together to get it solved. and what about the state -- estate tax. >> the estate tax punishes
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family farmers in my district and small business people. that money has been taxed a lot of times people have to selllet family farm to pay the taxes or family business it is it a shame and we need to get it fixed and solved. we need permanence and a bigger exemption and something like we have today would make it work. >> and congressman, what about the debt limit. we'll hit the debt ceiling, 16.4 trillion . is that going to be worked in this piece of legislation or is that after the new year. >> i hope that we are able to work it in this legislation. then we would avert another man made crisis that we are all too good at doing these days . ive would hope it is part of the package but should never be a part of the negotiation. i know you all discussed many, many times is something that is raised routinely over the
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last 50 years and something in the law and doesn't save us or spending more money it just shuts the government down . risks the full faith and credit of the united states it is it about recognizing the debts that we incur and shouldn't be part of a extorsionist process. >> congressman you want the last word. >> the debt limit is part of our lecherage and not extortion. but making sure we live in our means and address the problem of spending. >> thank you for joining us today. we appreciate your sight. >> happy new year. >> and the united nations's envoy to syria warns that the civil war could meanos for the entire region. >> they met in moscow today and the talks don't seem to have prused much progress. >> they are concerned about the number.
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i recaller this week. bashar assad . the only hope for a solution is through the political talks. he and the russian foreign prime minister is ruling in syria untillet election takes place. secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to be back in the office next week. and she fainted and hit her head after being dehidrated from a stomach virus . what some are calling the benghazi shuffle . they are thought to have been relieved of duty . may be switching desks . some congress and joining us now is republican congressman chairman of the house foreign
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relation committee . trying to get information. of the four employees and were they fired or reassigned or on administrative leave. what have you heard? >> it is a shameful episode for the state department. they are bungling everything relate to bung bung. - benghazi. the americans asked near more security and consulate was over run by al qaeda operatives. and the administration wanted a web of lies of outrage of a video that slammed the prophet muhammad . that was bogus and now the state department purposely misled the american people and saying that four individuals in the state department high level were going to lose their jobs and the secretary had accepted a resignation of eric boswell. one of the heads of the security when the truth is, he
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resigned in that postition. but his port foalo inother positions in the state . he was not punished at all for the security lapses in benghazi. the other three are on a paid christmas holiday . they will be back in another part of the state department. they promised head said would roll and nothing has. secretary clinton has eye lot to answer for. why are they purposely misleading the public and making it look as if employees were punished or left their jobs when in fact nothing has happened. they just shifted the desk chairs. that's it . no one paid the price for the deaths of those four brave americans. shameful. >> and the independent riview board found that assistant secretary for diplomatic
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security eric boswell did a poor job much making sure u.s. personnel in libya were safe and secower in the the benghazi . they left them in uation . what should happen to the four pime in the state department. >> well, the state department will try to make it sound and secretary clinton will make the case. if they only had five billion more we could prevent another benghazi. the truth is, arb points out social securitiic failures in the entire structure of the state department . they need to make sure that people are doing the jobs and it is not a matter of the funding. they have misplased priority . want to fund global climate change. and all of the bogus areas that have nothing to do with
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diplomatic i think they need to be honest with us . it is it not a matter of the four individuals it is it systemic management flaws in the state department that must be addressed and what we want secretary clinton to respond to. >> i wonder if they view it as one of the washington things you play low it goes away. >> is that the calculation. >> i agree . not only do they want it to blow over just like benghazi . thank you for always keeping that light shining on the four brave merrence. stevens and wood and doubtery and smith. we need to talk about them all of the time. but they might be buying the silence? >> are they afraid the individuals were to be punished and might retaliate by telling the truth of what is happening and with all of
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those asking for more security and all of the intelligence reports that were ignored and the dangerousness of the consulate. >> do you think your best presciption will we hear from secretary clinton oath about benghazi. >> slee must. i believe she will worry and she is a smart individual and will answer the question. we'll want to know when it is going to stop? >> lying and purposely misleading to the american people. american people want and demand the truth and she needs to give it to us. >> thank you for joining us. >> happy new year. >> russian president vladimir putin is under fire. they are ausing putin of --
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accusing putin. >> and sarah westinburg has two special children and was in the middle of adopting twins. >> that hay were our family and we had their name and we were decorating their room. >> it is it awful. >> are you quiet? >> the law takes affect january 1st. 52 children in the process of adopting american families will remain in orphanages in rush yampt -- russia. >> and a emergency spending package for hurricane sandy sail would through the senate. it faces optician in the house. they face a smaller version . gop leaders appear to be reluctant to movog big spending bills .
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looks like eye snow i saturday for much. east. they are digging out from a storm that brought a foot to many. we are there with the nor cast. they are expecting more out of the northeast with a new storm system. and this is it 20 inches of snow ins of new york it is it another round it the good news it is forecast to be weaker than the last storm system. we are not expecting to see much snow . the reason why. the actul storm is not as strong . so again. not as much snow this time around . in massachusetts and parts of rhode island, we'll look at significant snow accumulations . we are dealing with a lot of heavy rain .
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that has since moved off shore. we are see snow shower necessary new york city and snow in portions of upstate new york and across the state of pennsylvania. how much snow are we talking about in the i-95 one-two inches in philadelphia. rain will be mixing inment and we'll not see as much in philadelphia . new york city. two-four inches . westbound, suburbs in new jersey can be looking at more snow with 4-5 inches forecast and in roadway -- rhode island and massachusetts. four-inches of rainfall . this is it looking at dangerous driving conditions. wind chill advisories are in affect. we have winter storm warning because of the wind and amount of snowfall we are looking at. >> if you are staying inside
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on a weekend, it is not too bad but for the travelers it is it you rough. >> stay in. thank you maria. >> they are used to performing in bigger venues. but the oakridge boys put on a show for one of their biggest fans. >> ♪ "amazing grace". >> they phoned it in for former president george h. bush. >> mr. bush was commander in chief of general norman schwarzkoph. we'll look at his life coming up. with the spark cash card from capital one, sven gets great rewards for his small business! how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% cash back on every purche, everday! woo-hoo!!!
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♪ "amazing grace". ♪ how sweet the sound. >> the oakridge boys phoning in a performance for a fan president bush. he's been in a hospital over a month but he is tong improve. they are outside of methodist hospital in houston with the latest. >> we are in one of the situations where no news is good news. a staffers are not updating much unless thuation changes and the last time they gave us an update, they said that he continues to improve. he is still in intensive care where he has been a week. the condition is a stubborn
9:23 am
fever . it was brought on by eye nasty case of bronchitus that caused him to be hospitalized. if you had an opportunity to meet this president after his term ended, he is it a funny guy and he's true to form and cracking jokes with the hospital staff and singing songs with the hospital staff . the staff around him made an effort to keep the releases light and optmist i think and all the while acknowledging the sober reality that he is 88 years oiled and pretty sick. >> we'll leave you with the latest update that the situation continues to improve and there is it reason for optimism out here. >> live in houston, texas. >> mr. bush's war-time commander has died. norman schwarzkoph was a highly decorated four-star
9:24 am
general known for the leadership in operation desert storm. they look back at his distigished service to the united states. >> high was born in trenton, new jersey. son and stounder of the new jersey state police. his father set the bar high for young norman and heap spear headed investigation of the lin berg baby. elder schwarzkoph trained national police and advised the shah. he graduated with a degree in engineering and served two year necessary vietnam . getting a reputation of protecting his troops and subjecting himself to enemy fire. he was a soldier who loved soldier . but he did not suffer fools and quick tempered with less than ready officers set him apart. >> is it that why there is.
9:25 am
>> over and on top. >> his plain spoken qualities and bluntness endeerdeared him to the press and people. >> as far as saddam hussein being a great military strategist. he is neither a strategist nor is he schooled in the operation of art and he is not a tactician or a general nor is he a soldier. other than that he is a great military man, i want you ton that. >> and with victory in the gulf war acheeched schwarzkoph's public perception rose to mythical heights of mcarthur and eisen hour. upon toirement from the army he retreated from celebrity after a brief stint as a military analyst for nbc. he settled doup to a quiet life in tampa bay. there was principled that
9:26 am
propelled him to greatness and remained intact. >> there are things fighting for and worth dying for and one of those things is it freedom. >> that was doug mcicle way. he live to age 78 and passed away after a battle with pneumonia. >> her life and was a mystery for decades. actress marilyn monroe and her alleged communist connection. questions? anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved!
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>> all eyes are on senate leaders at this hour as they try to make a deal to keep the country from going over the fiscal cliff. peter doocy is standing by with the story. >> stiant leaders are said to be working on a last ditch deal. they could present legislation to senators tomorrow . majority leader hairy reid warns that whatever they come up with will be imperfect. >> days after a major storm. the northeast is getting hit with another one. this will not be a block well buster. but could make it tough on people ready to travel between christmas and new years. state of maine . stame-sex couples are saying i
9:31 am
doportland held special hour to accommodate waiting couples and finally washington may be divide over the fiscal cliff but will be united sunday night around the television site. jim moran admits they will be watching another battle, washington and dallas play tomorrow night. we'll be voting sunday night and probably watching the skins cowboy gave in the cloak room. >> the title game starts tomorrow night . those are the top stories, molly, back to you >> december, and watching football matters. >> they will have a nice wet field since it is it pouring wet snow. >> are you praying that rg3's knees are okay. >> thee is a tough kid.
9:32 am
>> we need a big performance. >> president obama gave senate leaders a plan to avoid the fiscal cliff. if we go over the cliff, many of you decided who is to blame. 44 percent blame republicaning in congress. here to help us sort it out is the republican strategist and former iowa press secretary. you saw the poll on who gets the blame for this according to rasmusin . does this give president obama breathing room to hold out for the taxes on high earners. so be it it will be worse for conditions. >> i don't think either side wants this to happen. president obama doesn't want to give an inaugural address . conscience don't want to go over the cliff either.
9:33 am
you want to start out in a new congress and in the new year on a right foot with a bipartisan agreement. we'll have a smaller deal hopefully before new years. >> i want to play a sound by the from charles krauthammer and get your take on this. listen to charles. >> it is clear from the beginning he had no intention to solve the fiscal issues. he's been using this and i must say with great skill and ruthless skill and success to fracture and basically shatter the republican opposition. the only redoubt of the opposition is the house . his objective from the very grinning was to break the will of the republican house and to create an internal civil war and he's done that. >> talking about president obama trying to create an internal civil war. you think it is a grand
9:34 am
strategy. >> i don't think president obama will do anything. he's they are doing that to themselves. to americans it is bigger than that. we saw the debt limit fight last summer and fiscal cliff is the first and last chapters in a book that spells the end of the modern republican party. i would say listen, the debt limit last summer was the first time the teparty control house to push us in economic ruin and they were. they lost in november . yet there are members was john bone bone's party that are willing to double down on mistakes and push us again. >> you are ready to jump out of your skin. is that what is happenoglet hill? >> not at all. what we are dealing with is a
9:35 am
deal over tax rates. republicans are trying to save ax mayers from taxes rises . next year. president loses his leverage over tax rates which he call would date. we'll fight for spending cuts and entitlement reform. that is it price of debt ceiling and getting rid of sequestration issues . we'll have leverage. democratics need to be carriful about the overcreate. they have leverage and that goes away next year . >> whatif there is a tripped down package in the cent and what kind of posiddings is it that mutt -ute approximate john bone bone in the house. they have to get the rate level higher . what is john bone boner's play here? >> he will show he is
9:36 am
abdicating his responsibility and negotiations he said look it is up to you guys in the senate and we'll amend or look at what ever it is that you have passed because he failed in his own party. i say that if he aamends it at all. he does little and realizing that the power is with the democratics. >> and the spheekers proposed a plan that republicans did not accept and no democratics would accept . therefore, the speaker is likely to go along with the senate plan. he said the senate it is it up to you now. if you send it over we'll consider it and that is it a message that the house will pass and something in a bipartisan level. it has to be bipartisan.
9:37 am
if democrats didn't like it no one wanted wouldd. >> yes over the fiscal cliff. >> yes. >> roon? >> a small deal and the rest will go over the cliff. >> you heard it here. thank you very much for joining us. >> great to be here. all eyes are on the senate to come up with a deal the house can pass. coming up. chris wallace sits down with two senators. republican lindsay graham and diane feinstein to see if there is time for a deal. >> national hockey league does making a new offer to the players in hopes of breaking the stale mate. it was presented to the players on the thursday . players and owners have not discussed the lock out. and nhl season is cancemed through the franth.
9:38 am
they had said they don't want a season with fewir than 48. >> fbi and marilyn monroe . was there a link between the movie star and communist party. correspondant ixplains what new documents were released and say about the late actress. >> the fbi released new information about actress marilyn monroe. they were monitoring for ties to communist. >> she had a lot of high profile friends and under media scrut ninny . some of these people were possibly connected to the communist party. they focused on the trip to mexico in 1962 and her association with frederick. and that is it the guide. and she was spending quite a bit of time.
9:39 am
she was spending time with frederick vanderbillt hills. he had extreme leftist views and put her in a light that suggested that maybe she did have communist ideas. >> the actress died last year. her death was a probable suicide but many want to know how she died. they don't show information about the agency investigation about her death. >> it talks about how there were claims that she didn't take her own life but was possibly murdered. >> the fbi released these files after removing dozens of redactions. there was no proof that she was a member of the communist party. in a few days, kids will return to school after the
9:40 am
christmas break. as the nation discusses school safety and gun rights. we'll look at the issue coming up. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> hundreds of firefighters are heading to webster, new york to attend funerals for two firefighters that were shot and killed on on
9:44 am
christmas eve responding to eye fire set by the homeowner. they have had calls to donate hotel rooms for visiting firefighters. the nation itself and we had people from florida, michigan and calling in to donate. and the act of kindness. and there is players and support. the funerals for the fire tights. we have a fox news alert for you. new york city detective have a woman in custody who implicated herself in the death of a man. he was kimed when he was shoved in front of a subway train by a woman. they have searched homeless shelters and psychiatric word a suspect. >> the idaho senator who was
9:45 am
arrested for drunk driving will not fight the charges. michael crapo was arrested after running a stop light. his blood alcohol level twice the limit. he has not explained where he was before he got gack in the car. >> shooting in a connecticut school this month caused strong reactions all over the count roy from rising gun sales and talks of armed teachers . molly with the prospect of tighter gun laws. they are trying to figure out how to navigate the gun sales. law enforcement officials need more mon tow conduct the surge in criminal background checks. they are planning on asking for half million to speed up the process that takes a week
9:46 am
and is it free . one lawmakers suggest that those who want a gun pay for the background check themselves. anyone else whether it is it a teacher or law enforcement officer or need said a background check has to pay for it. and in the meantime in utah it is it already legal to carry a gun in school. record number of teachers attended a training seminar earlier this week. >> we are training teachers, actually all school employees for their application or permit to carry a conceal would fire arm. they can carry in schools . we don't restrict law abiding from carrying in a school. >> oregon is looking into a similar measure. one is considering a bill to give teachers option of
9:47 am
carrying their gun to work. they are just propose posals it is in the new year and they return and the white house congress and republicans blame the president and america we have just had enough. 2012 isinding on a frustrating note thanks to the fiscal cliff . after the break we'll get country as far larry gait lin's predictions for 2013.
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they responded to the scene and discovered that employee had a device placed on her neck. bomb squad personnel removed the device. fbi and phoenix police department are conducting a joint investigation. >> lawmakers are working to get a compromise on the looming fiscal cliff . they call on congress to protect the middle class from a tax income hike. senator roy blunt stated in the gop response said it was the democratics inability to pass that got them to this point. >> dock workers in the bocks have reached an agreement. long shoremen extended for 30
9:52 am
more days. if they can't agree workers could go on a massive strike. >> another winter storm is dumping snoy on great lakes to the east coast. >> snowfall in the new england area is expected to be 4-8: and she's off. sadey the donkey is getting to know her new family. she broke free from her yard and on the lamb for days. sadey's owner who bought the donkey for his grand kids. decided to give her up for adoption because she was too much to happenedle and i believe she has a new family now. keep it right here. after the break. country star larry gatlin talks to us about the new year.
9:53 am
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it will solve washington's budget crisis. what do people do when money is tight? they hold a garage sale . >> state owned businesses like amtrak to california. is it time for the federal government to sell what they don't need? >> instead of raising taxes that takes money out of the economy and lower economic activity we utto look at selling federal assets. >> like the va billions . both cases pol tiddingses said no. >> congressman representing the district and they want to make they are taken care of and sometimes that may get in the way of what is best for the next. >> the federal government is america's biggest landlord and selling 20 percent of the empty or unperforming buildings stave two billion. >> you go to the garage and
9:58 am
clear it out. the government is it no defendant. >> they refuse to sale valuable public land . let mining companies take billions for free . without charging royalties like we do for oil and natural gas. two taxpayer owned utilities and power would bring in more. a commission could over see the sale to overcome partison op. >> looking at all of the federal assets and decide which is available and now realistically. dysfunctional as the federal government is. few expect the administration to embrace these ideas unless they get dres operate or creative. >> and not sure what to do with the left over christmas
9:59 am
tree. one farm in rhode island have a clusion solution. >> they are giving the tree tots goats. it started when they gave the goats a free to munch on and now the neighbors bring the trees to feet the goats on the farm. we do have larry gatlin with us. we had a technical difficulty. there you are larry. thank you for joining us. we have you briefly. >> how are you doing. >> i tomit get your take on the end of 20 12 and beginning of 2013. what do you think of it all and what is going on in washington? >> well, they are a mess. a collective mess. my dear friend dr. art thinks we are in for rough time. two old boys in georgia dieded to go on at water melon and bought melions 50 cents a sold them for 50 cents and one of


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