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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  December 30, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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>> we are learning more about secretary of state hillary clinton. from her spokesperson it reads in the course of a follow up exam today the secretary's doctors discovered a blood clot formed stemming from the concussion she sustained three weeks ago. she is treated with anticoagulants so they can monitor the medication over the next 48-hours. we learned she was ill when she was supposed to testify on capitol hill after the terror attacks on benghazi. she was forced to cancel that december 20th appearance on the hill her travel schedule also cut short cancelling a trip to north africa and the middle east. secretary of state hillary clinton hospitalized tonight. more news on that when we get it. i am harris full can ner stay tuned for the latest on the situation. a oo this is the fox report.
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tonight last minute negotiations in washington right now. we are inside 30 hours from when we all go over the so-called fiscal cliff. if our elected leaders cannot fix the mess they set into motion. they are hoping for we understand a little divine intervention. >> oo have mercy upon us as we gather with so much work left undone. >> they have tried everything else. now praying for a solution to keep americans from feeling the impending higher taxes and deep spending cuts. the senate opening a sunday session with its chaplain. >> look and save us from self-inflicted wounds. >> our coverage continues as lawmakers are still at it. tonight. new video of a plane crash that appeared to leave no survivors the death tole rising. now we see this huge airliner
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crack into pieces. the latest on what happens here as investigators point to some equipment on boyered. >> al -- on board. >> also feeling the fight of winter weather again. northeast taking the brunt of a new system as many of you head this way to bring in the new year your travel forecast. it has all come down to this again. crunch time in our nation's capital. the state of our economy could hang in the balance. tonight talks to solve the fiscal crisis are continuing to play out in private. it will effect virtually every single american tax hikes that will take money out of millions of paychecks unemployment benefits that could suddenly ride up for millions of people still looking for work. deep spending cuts that could hurt our military with so much at stake it's hard to believe that it has been left to the last minute but it has.
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the stakes high time short but even now lawmakers are expressing at least some optimism that a deal could be reached. mike emanuel has been following all of the developments with us tonight. it sounds like there won't be a vote tonight at this point because there's no deal at least on the senate side. >> that's right. senate majority leader harry reid said we should talk to vice president biden and mitch mcconnell. earlier republicans suggested changing the way inflation is calculated on changes like social security read offered this reaction late in the day. >> i was really grass fied to hear republicans taking command by social security set off the table. this should never have been on the table to begin with. there is still significant difference between the two sides negotiations continue.
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still time left to reach an agreement. >> meanwhile west virginia democrat joe mansion introduced the calm act trying to soften the blow as the country goes off the fiscal cliff. it would maphase in tax hikes or the years and prioritize spending cuts. he says he's frustrated and tried to do something. >> it was crossing the wires it's more than frustration it sounds like desperation at this point as they are losing hope. the chained cpi the social security adjustment you were talking about basically changes the way they configure the cost of living and would make those benefits smaller checks. does it sound like republicans are willing to let that go? >> seems like they are willing to let that go. senator mcconnell says no stumbling block should cutff this deal.
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when the democrats protested they said fine take it off the table but it talks like reed and the republican leader got stuck. they called in the bullpen. called in a senate colleague vice president joe biden. >> willing to work with whoev er can help. it remain as possible sticking point. appears to be a willingness and interest or the courage to close the deal. >> top on the republican side sound hopeful because they believe vice president biden can cut a deal but it may not be tonight. >> president obama putting pressure on lawmakers to reach a deal. mr. obama making remarks about the fiscal cliff aired it earlier today. he put much of the blame on shoulders of the republicans if no deal is reached. the gop fired back saying the
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president should lead right now not cast blame. correspondent s henry is live from the white house. >> he is frustrated going on a talk show today in the middle of the negotiations. he has not been on one of the programs since 2009. he felt it was important to get the message out there. you are right he was pounding the same message again and again f. we go up the fiscal cliff for not meeting them halfway. not because democrats and congre congre congress don't want to go ahead and cooperate but i think it has been hard for speaker boehner and republican mcconnell to accept the fact taxes on wealthiest should go up a little bit sweas well as a deficit reduction package. if they can't say yes to good offers i have an obligation to make sure the entire burden of
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deficit reduction doesn't fall on seniors who are relying on medicare. >> republicans are expressing frustration saying the president is trying to put the blame on them for going off the cliff but when senator mcconnell was brought a few days ago mcconnell's office says he got a call from senator reed or democrats to talk about the fiscal cliff in about a month. they feel like they have not gone the extra pile here. >> the vice president getting a call today. what do they make of all of that? >> that could be a big deal. it shows the white house push back they are going to say look he has been pulling out all of the stops with the vice president in delaware came to the white house today working the phones we are told they had multiple conversations with senator mcconnell. a year and a half ago they talked about raising the debt
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ceiling it was joe biden a lot of years working with mitch mcconnell. joe biden got a nickname as the mcconnell whisperer as if he had a magic potion that is able to get through the noise. the whisperer goes back. >> any kind of whisper to get a deal. >> maybe a whisper will help bring a deal. >> i like that the flip side. >> we are only hours away from the markets opening now. what will be the final trading day of 2012. wall street is watching washington very carefully not only because of the fiscal cliff fight but because of another potential looming in the wings. remember this our nation's enormous debt. joining me now anchor of the
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willis report i followed something called the debt tally on twitter it changes every second or so not in a good day all day long. we learned last week from treasury secretary that we could hit our debt ceiling on tuesday. the perfect storm fiscal cliff debt ceiling. what is the debt ceiling? >> we are only allowed to borrow so much without asking congress. every time the president wants more money you have to go to congress to ask for more money. you have to have the people elected approve spending increases. 16 trillion in debt we are bumping our head on the debt ceiling right this menu. when you look at how much we are spending we are similar to spain and greece. it is not a pretty scenario. >> tell me this what happens
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when we judge up against it? >> everybody starts wondering when we are going to raise the debt ceiling. there's a debate because they don't like to. then you have all of wall street looking at this wondering if we will be able to pay our bills. you remember what happened last time around the market sold off 2,000 points over the 2 month period. it was dramatic and hurt people's 401 k's. if you can't pay your bills you get a downgrade. >> again. >> it's not going to be good news. you know what happens you can't borrow as much money. >> that's what happens to me. >> it costs you more to borrow. all of us coming together it will be -- it could be we would be watching none of this would come to a surprise fell off the
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market every single day. they know what's happening. they know what's going on. it's not a surprise but nobody likes to see it. >> when they raise the debt ceiling is that to pay off debt already accrued. >> the money is already out the door. that has been spent. that is money we spend on other things. we built it up over a period of time. we are not talking about money that will be spent tomorrow. we are talking about money already out of our pockets. >> i am sure you have much fancier term to it. >> catch jerry willis week nights the willis report 6:00 p.m. eastern on fox business network. appreciate your time. >> right now the threat of the fiscal cliff hanging over our entire nation.
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we've learned about five people killed in a charter bus crash on an icy interstate in oregon. these weather systems are something that we have been watching tonight. state police are telling us that 20 others were injured when the vehicle crashed through a guardrail and traveled down an embankment. some of the injured taken to local hospitals while others were treated there and there will be an investigation and we'll bring you pictures as they come into the news room as well. new developments regarding a fatal plane crash in russia. new video surfacing of the airliner as it careened off the runway and on to a highway in moscow yesterday. the impact sending debris flying into oncoming traffic, including a tire that slammed into a car. no passengers were on board at the time only crew members and the death toll risen to five after a flight attendant. the remaining three survivors listed in mythical or serious condition.
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hospitalized tonight. no injuries listed of people on the ground. including that car. and investigators are trying it determine what went wrong and one official is looking at faulty brakes to blame for the crash. two teenagers injured at a stabbing in a shopping mall in california at least one of them undergoing surgery the at a local hospital right now. and police responding to the scene late last night to find the victims on the third floor of a movie theater. it was chaos in the search for the suspect. >> they had us all in a line exiting, police caution tape. >> and police were shopping every vehicle and shining flashlights, opening trunks and checking everyone leaving the parking garage. >> investigators say a search for a suspect continues now, although they lack the details on the attacker's physical description and they don't know why the person did this.
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and hundreds of people gathering to say goodbye to one of the firefighters shot and killed in the ambush on upstate new york on christmas eve. holding back tears at the funeral for wes webster, a volunteer firefighter, mike, he and a firefighter were shot and killed while responding to a house fire. two other firefighters wounded in that. before the shooting, william spankler, jr. was spot and killed by police, i should say after. and he was a convicted murderer and set a trap for the first responders and then shot them as they were trying to put out the fire. holiday travelers running into an electorate of problems this weekend after two powerful winter storms swept across the nation. people across the country still dealing with that and now we're looking ahead to new year's eve. your holiday forecast is coming up. first, we go back to washington, capitol hill and talk with a republican lawmaker whers stand right now. he's in all of this.
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he can give us firsthand information on this fiscal cliff. stay close.
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>> the he questions buzzing around washington and frankly the nation tonight, will a deal get done on the fiscal cliff. negotiations continuing behind closed doors to avoid some of the the most painful tax hikes and spending cuts in our nation's history. at least one republican congressman believes the president really wants the nation to go over the cliff, he so tax rates can rise. joining me now for his take on what's going on, live from the hill right now, house budget committee member, republican south carolina congressman mick mullvaney. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me.
7:22 pm
>> harris: this would be quite an acting job if he really in the end wants us to go off the cliff. >> politicians are good actors. and not only the last couple months, but years, his omb, budget, the money necessary to run the programs he wanted and nancy pelosi tells me there are members in her caucus wants taxes to go up and howard dean not shy saying that taxes should go up on everyone for months. there's a major part of the democrats who want the rates to go up and are public about it. the question, does the president have the interest to stand town that part of the party or does he want taxes to go up and blame the republican. >> harris: first time since 1970 congress is working between christmas and new years. how do you negotiate with
7:23 pm
someone who is determined basically to see is fail and see us go over into extreme high taxes? >> we don't and one of the most insightful things i've read in the the last couple of weeks, the dialog between mr. boehner and the president off the election and mr. boehner put 800 billion of revenues on the table and talking about negotiations and the president says i get that for free, i'm not giving you anything for 800 billion dollars. and washington is a rumor mill, as you can probably mante imagine, and we've heard that the change cpi would be off the table, an indication of a smaller deal, not a larger deal, and it's hard to imagine a larger deal without including those. and things are moving quickly despite the fact it seems fairly quiet on capitol hill. >> harris: we're edging later and later on this sunday night
7:24 pm
and talk about things that have been said that can shift the temperature of where you are. senator reid has said he cannot offer a counter offer because he says, quote, we're too far apart on some pretty big issues. what's he talking about? >> i don't know, the first i've heard. when people tells they don't want a counter offer, it tells they don't want to deal. it strikes me it would not be difficult to focus just on the tax rates. i think what you might be seeing out of mr. reid and others across the aisle, they're not interested in doing something on the tax rates and not that interested in the tax rates and staying down with the interest and what they can get as part after deal. you saw the president asked for 50 billion dollars in stimulus and extension of unemployment insurance and the question what leverage can they get, not whether or not they're interested in the tax rates staying where they are. >> i'm curious, a little like shopping on christmas eve and
7:25 pm
the stores are about to close. do you get the gift and get everybody out of harm's way? >> we'd like to get as many out of harm's way as they can. of course the house cannot do things by itself. said this for two years, since i've gotten to washington we thought they were inaction and sat on the senate desk, and the senate didn't take up for a vote. so, unfortunately, it looks like what we're going through tonight is more of the same and the senate from what you've told me sound like they're not interested in doing anything. the most disappointing news i've heard all day. >> harris: when america watches the sausage being made and you guyed are used to it. when you look at approval rating or disapproval rating of congress across the country, how does this get left to the last minute. before you speak, congressman, i want everybody to know, you can't see it, a fox news opinion poll that shows at that people feel about congress at all and you're part of that group, 74 disapproving. how do you get to the point
7:26 pm
where it's the eve of new year's eve and we don't have a deal on a fiscal cliff? >> i've got three 7th graders back home, we've got triplets and congress is pretty much like having three teenagers in the house, leave everything to the last minute. keep in mind we've known about this for at least 18 months and probably two years and the argument could be made we know it's been coming for ten years and i've seen the president and him saying that rational arguments and i wish he'd listen to his own speeches, he's in a powerful leadership position. the president for goodness's sake, and his party is leading the senate. and if you wanted to highered could be part of a negotiation, if he's not that means the president has refused to engage and i think those actions speak much louder than words. >> harris: talking about your family and i've visited your website, your children are beautiful and a dad, if you're
7:27 pm
part of the mix there, tell your teenagers to answer up, would you? . thanks for joining us, sir. >> thank you, happy new year. >> harris: we've been watching the latest from capitol hill and we'll bring you the latest. you heard me delivering bad news and i didn't realize that the congressman didn't realize that harry reid had said and about no deal from the senate. now he'll go into the closed door g.o.p. meeting he was just going to leave our interview to go into and potentially more news before we get off the air if we hear back from him. we'll check in. meanwhile, president obama making new remarks about the terror attack in benghazi, libya, saying we have some quote, good leads on who was behind the attack that killed four americans, including our ambassador to libya. this, as we're learning al-qaeda in yemen is offering a bounty for the murder of another one of our ambassadors. stay with us. questions? anyone have occasional constipation,
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>> breaking news, we will get back to the fiscal cliff coverage in just a moment, but re now >> we are learning more about the tour bus crash in oregon. the death tole rising 9 people have been killed in that. it happened in law grand. state police say 20 others are injured. le crashed through a guardrail and traveled down an embankment. the roads are icy out there. and we've been covering on fox
7:31 pm
news all day, some of the weather systems that move in the northwest. and we knew we had icy conditions there. and some of the injured have been taken to local hospitals and others were treated there in a triage manner at the scene and the the exact cause of this accident is under investigation. but as i mentioned, the roads were pretty treacherous out there due to weather: we'll keep you posted as we learn more on this. i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report, a special edition, two hours tonight, it's the bottom of the hour and time for top of the house. all eyes on our nation's capital will look live now as the fiscal cliff rages on in the fight to come up with some kind of solution. republicans and democrats going back and forth behind closed doors on this sunday after reports of setbacks in negotiations. joining me now for his take on what has gone on now, really, since last night, fox news senior capitol hill producer, chad, good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> harris: so basically, chad, we're right back where we
7:32 pm
started because of this setback and these two sides are now breaking up. they've gone home. >> well, in some respects we're back further than we were. it was very remarkable this afternoon when we heard there was a major setback as they start today talk about this changed cpi, change to the the consumer price index and the way they would calculate it for entitlement benefits. that's very serious, it's almost toxic to democrats and the democrats immediately decried this as a poison pill. and again, just how quickly things have changed throughout the day. democratic senator of maryland says it's like a kaleidoscope, you look one minute and see a picture and a few minutes later, a different picture. sometimes it's a pretty picture, sometimes it's not a very pretty picture, i was struck by opening remarks today when the senate came to session by the senate chaplain barry black. rarely do you hear them sort of get involved in politics and there is so much to do on
7:33 pm
the senate floor and said, divine providence, save us from our self-inflicted wounds and this is the opening prayer in the senate so you really understand how testing and close we are to the fiscal cliff. >> harris: we have a little bit of that, if we can cue it up, chad, we'll share it again. as we watched on this sunday, it seemed, well, rather appropriate that the only thing they could agree on is maybe a little divine intervention could help. there's been put forth another bill, i'm curious to ask you about this, i don't know how serious this is if other people are talking about it, but joe manchin, democrat out of west virginia, senator joe manchin has put together what is called the calm act, it's the cliff alevation at the last minute or calm act. and he put that out before the tax hikes and spending cuts get in and determined to make it a softer landing. what is it about?
7:34 pm
>> i was sort of told about this sort of off the record, if we got that coming forward. you'll probably see other lawmakers make last ditch attempts, if we're going to go off the cliff, have a parachute, a para sail or something. and he would phase these in over three years. and remember, it takes the irs several weeks, probably into late january before they print up the tax forms for this year coming up in april. so there's some thought even if we actually numberically go off the cliff in the next couple of days, there's still sort of time to do this in january, maybe february, so long as everybody doesn't get hit right away. and there are ways they could put in legislative putty or grout. but they are far from an agreement right now, and that's something that senate majority leader harry reid said just a little bit ago. when asked if there would be an agreement, he said, look, it's up to talks for joe biden and mitch mcconnell.
7:35 pm
>> harris: i'm curious, we had on the congressman from south carolina, learning from us, what senator reid had said that there were strong sticking points that they couldn't cobble together a deal on the senate side and he said that's very discouraging, the last couple of seconds. your response? >> yeah, that's what people are saying here, they can't believe they're so close in some respects, but they can't get over that hurdle and it kind of has to start in the senate, the message that the house republican leadership is delivering to its members, saying, look, the senator has to go first, we have passed house republicans, passed bills to deal with the fiscal cliff and deal with the spending cuts and later this year, not much else, not much time we have to sort of get out of this so they're saying, if they can get something through the senate, fine, but if not, it's up to them, they're waiting for the senate at least as far as the house of representatives. >> harris: our senior producer on capitol hill, often we don't get to see him, i can hear voices behind you and
7:36 pm
know there are people still on the him and let you get back at it. and if there's breaking news we'll bring you back. >> we think it's going to be pretty dead from this point on. >> harris: 11 a.m. eastern tomorrow is whe expected to pick back up again with official leaders going back to the hill. some new information coming out now about the terror attack in benghazi. according to president obama, the united states has some very good leads on who carried out that deadly assault at the consulate in libya killed four americans, as you know, including our ambassador to libya, christopher stevens. mr. obama remarking on the investigation into what happened during an interview that aired earlier. >> there was just some sloppiness, not intentional, in terms of how we secure embassies in areas where you essentially don't have governments that have a lot of capacity to protect those embassies. >> harris: we're getting a lot
7:37 pm
of reaction from those remarks to the president. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live for us from the white house. ed, the president was pressed today about benghazi, what did he say? >> you heard a little, but also pressed on whether or not he did enough to support susan rice, who had been talked about as a potential nominee as secretary of state, and pulled back after the criticism of what she had said on those sunday talk shows, where critics were suggesting she was misleading the american public about whether this was a spontaneous reaction to that anti-muslim video, whether it was a terror attack. the president dismissed all of that, in his words, he said politically motivated attacks against susan rice and the the rest of the administration and then he went on to say this about the investigation. >> with respect to who carried it out, that's an ongoing investigation. the fbi has sent individuals to libya repeatedly. we have some very good leads, but this is not something that you know, i'm going to be at liberty to talk about right
7:38 pm
now. >> reporter: now, you mentioned the reaction, the fact that the president said we've got some pretty good leads into who did this whether it's al-qaeda or some other terrorist group. frustration from the republican said they've already been attacking the president about this for a long time, but now saying after four months we just have good leads and doesn't appear we've made progress in terms. criminal investigation into who killed these four americans here. >> harris: i know the timing of this getting answers has been so delayed. critics are not happy and it sounds like republicans are not satisfied with the actual answers themselves? >> they're not. let's also remember when the state department put out a report, the accountability review board, about what went wrong in benghazi, there were initial reports suggesting that some state department officials have resigned, we've since heard-- they weren't resigned, they
7:39 pm
were reassigned and suggesting they weren't punished that severely. >> i thought the other thing in the president's statement that was absolutely stunning was that attention to security at the benghazi facility was sloppy. right, four dead americans. this is a tragedy. >> reporter: you can tell from the president's remarks he obviously wants to move on. you hear from mr. bolten's remarks, there are a lot of republicans who still have unanswered questions about this. i think the next big thing here is when mr. secretary of state clinton testify. she's been ill, as you know. she couldn't testify on the hill when that accountability review board came out with their report. she has vowed that she will testify so we expect earlier in the new year she will do that, harris. >> a little news on that today. the senior senator from california dianne feinstein,
7:40 pm
she expected her to testify. we'll have to see. ed henry, thank you. fox news alert, it's about weather. the northeast digging out after the second winter storm in less tan a week. southern new england hardest hit by the latest round with up to a foot of snow reported there. nearly five inches falling across pennsylvania and officials imposed a 45 mile per hour speed limit on the pennsylvania turnpike. many passengers travelling between the christmas and new years holiday find themselves stranded, again. accord to go flight, about a hundred flights canceled today alone, more than 1500 have been delayed. and it's the one-two punch was not enough, bitterly cold temperatures are now moving into the region and i mean cold. it's going to feel like winter. accu-weather meteorologist jim dickey to tell us more, jim? >> yeah, good evening, harris, this storm incredible yelled. rapidly striking its way up the coast and brought a swath
7:41 pm
of snow. and up to 20 inches from the storm and now across the region, not much to look at, but it isn't telling the full story and the pressure off the coast, and bringing in cold air and gusty winds. when you factor in the wind, the real-feel, minus 2 in portland and temperatures will fall here, cold ones, especially in new england and fall to 5 in burlington, down to a cold 9 in portland. like you said, winter is here to stay and of course, we're already looking for our next snowstorm here and new year's eve watching a large system drift out of the four corners out of the southern tier of the rockies, bringing soaking rain across the lower mississippi valley and a swath of snow from the central and southern plains into the ohio valley and not the snow maker we just saw or the predecessor of that storm either. still, decent snow in some spots and especially into kansas through the afternoon, through the morning here, and that's a spark, one to two inches generally, a few spots,
7:42 pm
four, five inches not out of the question and an icy mix farther southward and southern missouri and that soaking rain like i said further southward across the lower mississippi valley. an active pattern here and cold in the northeast into new england as well. >> jim dickey accu-weather, we appreciate the update, now, this just coming into our news room and i want to share it with you. capitol hill now, this is from mike emanuel, they walk away and stuff is happening. he's sending this out now, an aide to senator mitch mcconnell told our mic that there have been multiple phone calls between vice-president joe biden and they are still continuing this evening, they're still talking back and forth. an aide to senator harry reid said the majority leader has left the capital, left the capital. no deal from the senate side. can't come up with a deal from the senate side, democrats not able to get together on something as a counter offer. we're inside 30 hours.
7:43 pm
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>> during hard economic times, people often hope for a little luck to turn things around and that can mean a windfall for the lottery. california alone pulling in 8.4 billion dollars this year, that's the highest number in more than a decade. but there are concerns about people's spending all that money on a game when many can barely afford everyday necessities. live for us from los angeles, clauda? >> harris, it's not just california in states across the country, lottery sales were thriving in 2012,
7:47 pm
according to the experts that has a lot to do with the state of the economy. >> are you going to walk away with it? let's find out. even when times are tough, lotteries rake in the dough. >> during bad times people want to have hopes and dreams and apparently are living it out through the lottery. >> they saw lotto sales jump in 2011, up from 2010. >> we respond by thinking of it as just a fun diversion, a fun recreational activity, a fun way to give flight to our imagination what we might do if we want a million dollars. >> and states see it as a way to supplement lost tax revenue. >> won? yes, whoo! >> in california has the nation's third highest unemployment rate, lottery sales are up 20%. >> the million dollar raffle is back. >> and rhode island's gamblers dumped more in 2012 even as the state's jobless rate
7:48 pm
climbed it to number two. why the trend when we know the odds aren't in our favor? >> you're about a hundred times more likely to die from a flesh eating virus. >> there's no chance if you don't play and it's that hope of instant wealth that keeps people coming back for more even though some experts caution against it. >> the best thing to hang on to your dollar, instead of buying a lottery ticket. >> most financial advisors will tell you they don't have anything against the lottery per se, they just suggest looking at it as a recreational expense, not an investment strategy. good advice. harris. >> harris: clauda, thank you very much. the fiscal cliff deadline is getting closer and closer, if lawmakers fail to reach a deal in time, our nation's top employers, the small businesses in our communities, will have some difficult decisions to make, with 2013, will it bring more economic opportunities or will the job market contract? stay with us.
7:49 pm
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7:52 pm
>> the looming fiscal cliff is leaving many small businesses in limbo in this country. some owners say uncertainty over potential tax hikes is keeping them from expanding and hiring new employees and analysts warn, that's a recipe for disaster in this already sluggish economy. anna kooiman joins us with more. many small businesses owners say they're kind of operating on the defensive right now. >> it's tough to plan. they're making decisions based on business coming in and the risk of losing it all. arthur cooper is concerned that the change in tax rates will hurt his ability to hire so he doesn't want to expand. >> when you don't know what the rules are, all right? and that's-- it's hard to be aggressive and it's hard to--
7:53 pm
it's hard to be really resolute and you know, in your business planning. >> and barbara says she and her husband own an architecture firm and are worried if congress agrees to raise taxes on people in their income bracket, the company will suffer as they try to make up the the difference in salary increases. >> i don't want to lay anyone off there are 12 people who work here and they all have children and you feel a little bit responsible for them. i know i'm not supposed to do that, but i can't separate myself from the rest of them and their lives. >> and economists say businesses are postponing purchases like equipment or merchandise until decisions are made by congress. >> you know, it's interesting the way she describes it. one of the reasons that people love working at small businesses, because they're a family. >> harris: we're thinking the same thing. and congress says the problem is actually two fold. >> 100 million americans are
7:54 pm
looking at tax increases as well and they are the consumers who buy the products from the small businesses. >> if you take more money out of the pockets of consumers and send it to washington, guess what? these less money they have to buy the products and services that small businesses provide in this countries. >> economists also say the shock of less spending could be all it takes, harris, of course, to push the country back into recessionnobody wants. >> harris: anna, thank you, good to see you tonight. well, you've heard about black friday, you know, happens around thanksgiving time and that's when people shop for christmas. well, in the nfl, they have black monday when teams go shopping for coaches. pete joins us next to tell us who is getting share everything.
7:55 pm
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>> and we have breaking news again on fox report. we are learning from the associated press, fox news is working to confirm this, secretary of state hillary clinton has been admitted to the hospital with a blood clot following her concussion. remember, she's been sick for a couple of weeks, she was due to testify on capitol hill about the terror attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. that got delayed because of her concussion illness, first told food poisoning and concussion and now the associated press reporting secretary of state hillary clinton has been admitted to the hospital with a blood clot following her recent illness. as we learn more details and firm this up for ourselves
7:58 pm
here at fox news, via our journalists, we will bring you the update. a lot of happening on this hour of fox report. we'll move on now with what is planned. the final weekend of the nfl season and it did not disappoint. peter slegr of fox is here. and adrian peterson had a huge night, this is a typical rivalry. a state thing, green bay and minnesota. >> and a playoff on the lines for the vikings, they win on a last second field goal by the rookie walsh. and they'll play in the wild card round, the game of the year in the nfl and anybody watching could attest to that, a fantastically played football team and winner of the cowboys and redskins will play seahawks. and afc, texans playing the bengals and ravens hosting colts in their game. >> harris: this season cooked along. indianapolis their coach
7:59 pm
coming back after a health scare. >> yeah, chuck pagano came back after a leukemia scare. and inspired win by the colts. beat the houston texans essentially knocking the texans out of home field advantage. and afterwards chuck pagano was dancing. and i talked about black friday, and now it's shopping for coaches. >> it's turner will no longer be in san diego and the eagles coach and shermer is going to be in cleveland. i'm hearing, this is crazy, up to ten coaches may lose their jobs. >> harris: really? >> tomorrow, happy new year. >> harris: wow, no doubt. can you give us an idea, can you give us the scoop? >> the scoop, we are going to see rex ryan with the jets had a rough season and have a press conference at 4:45.


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