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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 31, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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december 30th, 2012, i'm harris falkner. >> hello and welcome to a special live sunday prime time
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edition of "the five", i'm dana perino and this is a fox news alert. you are looking live at the white house and capitol hill as the clock ticks down toward 2013. there are just 28 hours before the nation goes over the so-called fiscal cliff. fox chief white house correspondent ed henry has been at the white house, covering it all day. ed, where do things stand? >> good to see you, dana, you've been through the budget battles. the bottom line, there's not a lot of progress, so the white house is here and waiting and looking at what kind of last minute negotiations were going on, on capitol hill behind closed doors, but the senate majority leader harry reid a short time ago going home and basically saying that he will be back in the senate until tomorrow at 11 a.m., suggests that we're edging closer and closer to that cliff, but what the president did today. as he did something rare, he went on the sunday talk show for the first time in three years, went on nbc's meet the press and the last time he did one of the shows was promote
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health care reform today and try and back republicans back into a corner and suggested that maybe he's starting to play the blame game and saying if we go off the cliff it's going to be republicans fault. take a listen to what he had to say. >> not because democrats and congress don't want to go ahead and cooperate, but because i think it's been very hard for speaker boehner and republican leader mcconnell to accept the fact that taxes on the wealthiest americans should go up a little bit and as part of an overall deficit reduction package. if folks can't say yes to good offers, then i also have an obligation to the american people to make sure that the entire burden of deficit reduction doesn't fall on seniors who are relying on medicare. >> now, one of the questions in the days ahead will be whether or not this strategy back fired because republican leaders on the hill had their feathers ruffled by the fact that the president seemed to be blaming them. and speaker john boehner saying he should spend more
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time negotiating, why are you on tv while mitch mcconnell is working with harry reid to troy to get a deal. the president's point was if they do not make any progress on bipartisan talks in the senate since the clock is running out he wants a straight up and down vote on the senate on his fallback level. put it go in the $250,000 a year and extend unemployment benefits for 2 million americans americans americans, dana. >> this is bob beckel. are you done? >> i had a great question, but age before beauty. >> a lot of age and no beauty. >> what? >> ed, truth be known, and we see this fiscal cliff and the calamity of the day on january 1st, tonight is true the white house dot much care if they
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get it on the first or the fifth? >> reporter: you're right, with withholding, some people will not feel the effects of a tax increase the first couple of days, you might have time to finagle that, the treasury department has that authority. the fact of the matter, what they're more nervous about in the white house and republicans on the hill are unclear what will happen. will it be a tarp moment like in 2008 when the tarp legislation got voted down and president bush was imploring the fell mrow republicans. it's a bitter pill to swallow. they voted it down and the markets plunged 5, 600, 700 points and everybody figured it out. what's going to happen with the markets, they're closed new years day, but when they open january 2nd, we have several consecutive days the markets have gone down not by a ton, but if they're plunging on january 2nd, that's what they're more nervous about. >> andrea. >> we've heard a lot of names
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in these behind closed doors talks, we've heard biden, we've heard reid, the name we haven't heard is vice-president joe biden. what's the significance of them bringing him in in the 11th hour discussion? >> i think it's important because he was in delaware this weekend and all of a sudden, suddenly, rushed back to the white house early today and that's significant because when they had things all boxed up a year and a half ago on the debt ceiling and looked like they'd hit a brick wall, it was joe biden reaching out to mitch mcconnell and bridged the divide and magically had a deal and some senior aides who say joe biden might be the key to unsticking this, afternoon biden and mcconnell worked on the debt ceiling, many years in the senate, obviously, together and that's why they have that relationship, there's some in the white house who call the vice-president the mcconnell whisperer, as if he has some sort of magic potion that bring people together. >> stuart? >> can i just ask you, ed, if
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there's any deal you've heard of that's bandied around here, any deal at all from either side which would cut spending on tuesday morning, new years day? >> no, not a deal that's on the table right now, stuart. that's a good question. now, the white house would argue in the negotiations with speaker way speaker boehner he, the president put a trillion dollar in changes, medicaid, medicare and changes that nancy pelosi and speaker don't want to see. the and white house's defense is look, if the republicans are not going to play ball on revenue and tax increases they're fnot going to put the spending cuts on the table. this started out as a discussion about cutting the debt, cutting the deficit and now what's going to happen is th smallest plans on the table are going to-- are not really going to cut the deficit in the long run and don't have major spending cuts and i noticed at one point when he was asked about the sequester, not just the
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tax side, but the automatic spending cuts about to kick in. he said if we raise revenue by the wealthy paying more, that would be sufficient to turn off this request or what's called the automatic spending cuts and that's what republicans have been suggesting if he raises more revenue raising taxes on the rich, he's not going to put it towards the deficit, but the president kind of suggested that today. >> and a question from the beginning and it's your segment, go ahead. >> i've been on the show for ten seconds, by first time on the "the five", you've interrupted me and contradicted me. >> there will be plenty more time for that, and welcome to "the five", and bob beckel. >> can i ask my question of ed. because ed, you mentioned that i had experience in dealing with some of the budget crisis, but the difference is that when president bush was in office we actually got the house and the senate to pass a budget. the senate democrats have not been able to pass a budget in the last four years and now you have almost all the democrats agreeing on a decades long fight, that tax
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cuts are actually good for the economy. so, is there any way in the long run that the republicans can turn this around to say, look, we won an ideological fight that the fiscal cliff is just a minor blip with you in the long run they actually won a large chunk of what they've been after? >> we're going to have to see what is the impact in the the days ahead. can the republicans somehow turn that around? they certainly, inside the white house believe just the opposite because they believe that john boehner was sort of out maneuvered here, he had been pressing the president, pressing the president for some of his issues and what boehner may have forgotten is at the end of the day if there's no action by the congress, all of the bush tax rates are expiring, so the president is going to get what he's wanted in this debate all along, which is that taxes are going up on the rich and-- >> the president's outmaneuvered the republicans from the very beginning on this. >> ed doesn't have to answer that question. >> and kimberly, we're going to give you the last question, before we go to mike emanuel. >> i have a civilized question
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for mr. henry. >> and civilized-- >> my goodness, bob. >> it sounds worse than the negotiations on the hill. >> it's worse, thank goodness this wasn't our situation to try and strike a deal, it would be hopeless. if a deal is struck, how much will the deficit be redied, what kind of numbers are we talking about? >> it would be minuscule. where you'd see the biggest short-term impact would be if you eliminate all of the bush tax rates and they go back to the clinton rates. the government would be bringing in more revenue, but that's going to take some time. that's not going to happen immediately and it's a relatively small amount in terms of what the government is spending every single day. that money would be spent pretty quickly. so, again, because we're now at this point where this is just a short-term deal, any of the major entitlement reforms that would actually bring major spending cuts are sngsly off the table right now. so, to answer your question directly without pointing a finger at either party, report the facts, there's no major spending cuts here, so it would not have a major impact
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on the deficit even if they get a quote, unquote deal. >> ed, your last question, your favorite show to do on fox news. >> i'm going to get in trouble. i love "the five" i love bret and i love shep and chris wallace-- >> and public relations-- >> let's go to mike emanuel also in d.c. and following the dramatic on capitol hill. surely this is your favorite show on fox, your debut on "the five", mike emanuel. >> thank you, dana. senators i've been talking about thought there would be some kind of vote on some kind of deal and when it appeared they were not close to an agreement, senator majority leader harry reid said the senate would return tomorrow at 11 a.m. >> i was really glad to hear republicans had taken their demand for social security benefits cuts off the table. the truth is they should never have been on the table to begin with. there's still significant distance between the two sides, negotiations continue.
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there's still time left to reach an agreement and we intend to continue to do negotiations. >> republicans have been asking what democrats plan to do if tax revenue from a fiscal deal, a leading g.o.p. senator raised this concern. >> raising taxes to pay for new spending is not something that republicans believe this debate ought to be about. it ought to be about reducing the deficit and the debt and what they're essentially suggesting is, we want new taxes, we want higher taxes on people in this country to pay for new spending. >> i'm told most senators are gone for the night. we'll see if late night talks can pull some kind after agreement together. >> hey, mike, before we get to questions about the fiscal cliff. can you give us an update. we heard news about secretary hillary clinton. >> that's right, is she had a follow-up example at new york presbyterian hospital today when her doctors discovered she developed a blood clot. she's being treated with
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anti-clot medication at presbyterian hospitals and doctors are going to monitor progress over the next 48 hours. we're told her doctors will continue to assess her condition including what is associated with her concussion. >> hopefully that's a quick hospital stay. anybody, questions on the-- >> yeah, mike, it's beckel. mcconnell stayed out of this thing all along until he comes in at the last minute and i give him credit for trying it. at the last minute he drops in a reevaluation of the cross limit on entitlements which mired up the whole thing. we know full well you can't get that done in a day. why in the world is mcconnell messing with this thing. >> bob, you've probably been part of these high profile negotiations. >> i have. >> and dana mass. it's horse trading. bottom line, he probably wasn't happy with where the tax rate was going and said, well, this is something that would be good for our side. so, can we essentially save some money on the inflation
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rate in regards to perhaps social security. he says it's not a deal breaker. if they don't want this, we can drop it. and he essentially said, af been waiting 18 hours for a counter proposal from senate majority leader harry reid and so that's when mcconnell went to the bullpen and called the vice-president, his old buddy to see if they could cut a deal. >> andrea. >> mike, i've heard the reason, i know bob says mcconnell got in at the last minute and democrats and president didn't want nancy pelosi in the room if you're going to have mcconnell you've got to have pelosi in the room. that's a strategy there. isn't it true that president obama and nancy pelosi have expressed their interest in some kind of cpi, changed cpi, consumer price index in the past? other democrats have as well. so i'm getting the sentence that harry reid and the democrats don't want a deal. they want to go off the cliff. >> well, and that's certainly one opinion that's out there, andrea. the cpi aspect, democrats said, you know, we were willing to do that if you were
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talking about a huge 4 trillion dollar teal deal where we're going to cut a lot of different things, but as part after smaller deal they're trying to iron out over the course this have weekend, they said that that was a poison pill. so bottom line, they were not happy with this at the last minute. they made it well-known to everybody today to certainly stop it from happening so then we heard from a lot of republicans saying, fine, if it's a deal breaker, we're not going to do it and certainly the republicans would like some other sweeteners that would be appealing to them in the final deal. >> and do people in washington, to they realize how angry a lot of americans are? we're down to the wire on a financial crisis that we haven't seen in a long, long time, and there's no agreement. they're scrabbling like kids. do they understand how people feel out here? >> stuart, legitimate comments and certainly, i heard comments like that over christmas and i'm sure a lot of lawmakers heard from
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constituents, family members, friends, similar things and off camera i've talked to senators today who just said we should be able to work out a deal. now? can you assess the tax rate at half million dollars, we give in on that, they give in on this and we should be able to pull into a deal. anytime we get to a point, number one, there's not any kind of trust between senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and harry reid and he went over his head to vice-president to see at the final hour. >> remember you had group work and somebody in the group waited until the last minute to get their work done. makes you so mad. it's not as if congress didn't know it's not coming, understandably people are frustrated as stuart varney said. >> thank you. >> and who is going to be blamed if washington doesn't make a deal on the fiscal cliff? we are going to debate that plus, france says no to high taxes on the rich. could the united states learn
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something from that? we'll analyze that when we come back. ♪ need not wonder why ♪ ♪ no tim
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♪ ♪ you're a heartbreaker, dream maker ♪ >> welcome back to a sunday prime time edition of "the five." and as the clock ticks down and going over the so-called fiscal cliff. no deal he yet, but there is some finger pointing going on. >> i'm concerned about the lack of urgency here. i think we all know we're running out of time. this is far too much at stake for political gamesmanship. we need to protect the american families and
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businesses from this looming tax hike. everyone agrees that that option is necessary. >> i will say this, i think that the republican leader has shown absolutely good faith, but it's just that we're apart on some pretty big issues. >> and senator reid-- >> this has been a blame game from the very, very beginning and dana, we saw today president obama take to the sunday shows and spend the whole time blaming republicans. if we go off the cliff, who do you think is going to take the fall for this? i say republicans are just, they're going to go down because it's just tough to run against the white house with a bully pulpit. >> and i just believe that you can't worry about the short-term pr effects of something, that you have to do what's right based on principle and be able to get up in the morning and look in the mirror and say i stood on principle and i did what was right. when mitch mcconnell is speaking if you strip out the fact that there's all the other noise, what he's saying is actually true. i think that policy based on
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fact is better policy based on revenge. one comment on the interview president obama did with david gregory he taped it yesterday afternoon at the very same honor that mcconnell was actually trying to get a deal done. so to me, the president actually wants an argument more than a deal. he could have been helpful and instrumental in getting things done every six months to go through a budget crisis with president obama, he could figure out a way to lead and bring people together earlier. they can't call in mitch mcdonnell until the 26th and complain he was there at the last minute. i think there's a lot to be done to improve legislative affairs at the white house and would ultimately help president obama. >> and said about that, but mcconnell is still is late, he could have imposed himself, and not the way he does it. here is the fundamental problem. leaving aside the policy issue which i know is important to you all. if i get down to politics on bumper stickers, you're holding all of this up,
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including people's tax cuts it defend millionaires, that's all we have to say. >> and the democrats all agree that the bush tax cuts were the-- were good for the economy. that's had an amazing concussion that you're making-- >> and you're making -- let me finish here. the argument you sit here and the public ser receives you to be defending rich people against everybody else. >> you're making an argument w cliff, we're returning to clinton tax rates and basically what the democrats are saying, no, no, they weren't good enough we actually like the bush tax cuts and we want to keep some. >> what's going to happen wednesday. >> i want to get kimberly in here. the president i think has been playing a pr game since day one, i don't think he wants a policy solution. i actually see one scenario dana mentioned the short-term, in the long-term that the republicans can win if he gets his way, if he passes the obama tax cuts, if we go off the cliff and the economy does slide into recession. if we do get downgraded because there's not enough spending. in the long-term, the economy will suffer, but republicans
1:23 am
may be able to say we tried to stop this, this is obama's deal, now he owns it. >> but they need to do better with communicating that exact message, really, if you look at what's going on here, obama has been persistent and bullheaded saying, it's my way or no way and i think he can wants to go over the cliff to demonize and at the same time bullying the middle class. >> and in the short-term run, that it is inevitable that the democrats will say you guys, you republicans, you put us offer the cliff because you were defending your rich millionaire friends, it's inevitable they will say that and that's a winning political line in the short-run. and over that, however, and you ask where is the leadership from this president, where is it? >> and here, stuart. >> doesn't he agree with you. >> americans with funny accent. let me ask you this question, explain to me and to the american people out there right now why you need to protect millionaires tax cuts in two sentences? >> okay, if you tax people
1:24 am
over $250,000. >> wait a second, okay. >> tax them over a million, you might bring in on the best of years, you might bring-- wait a second you might bring in 80 billion dollars for a year. 60 billion of that is already spoken for in storm damage relief hurricane sandy. you're doing nothing towards getting a deficit situation solved, nothing at all. >> that's it. >> and you slow the economy and the deficit is worse in the future. >> and the republican party say that we shouldn't have-- we're talking. >> what? >> rate-aphobes, and grover cleveland or whatever-- >> that's the president. >> and took millions off the roles, 0 probable did and a fair 10% tax bracket and-- >> and a lot of those people-- why do you jeopardize all of the tax cuts for rich people? >> people who understand this think that that defense is disgusting, for ten years all
1:25 am
they said was that president bush only provided tax cuts that benefitted the rich. that was a talking point for years. all of a sudden, it's like, oak, well, he we didn't mean that. >> a lot of that was true. >> and in the long run-- >> it's a tired old song, bob. but george bush, the balance of the money went to the rich people. >> these are the people who paid the taxes and made the money to pay the taxes and the argument is that the economy got better because of the tax cuts and that's what the democrats have conceded. >> and the average income of a family of four did not go up at all during the bush years, so what does it mean? it means that rich people got a lot more money and-- >> you know what's happening now, in the treasury, the revenues coming in now are what they were in 2008. which that tells you that we don't have enough, we can't have it on the spending side and you're gobbling it all up. >> why are you risking all of these-- >> that's the problem. >> why are you risking all of these 80 million people on the tax cuts for rich people, i
1:26 am
don't get it. >> it's been a great year here on "the five." yes, but we have certainly had our disagreements, mr. beckel. and look at our best debates better than we're having right now when we come back. oh, my goodness. ♪ say with me, stay with me, tonight you better stay with me ♪
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♪ now got to cut loose, foot loose ♪ >> the music. >> here we go again, it's mine now, bob. a special live sunday edition of "the five." 2012 has been busy with a lot of news and we've covered it all on "the five." let's take a look the at the highlights. ♪ ♪ >> we are just one day from the iowa caucus, we have the latest poll numbers that show this race is anything, but over. >> the idea that anybody could predict what's going to happen in november today is crazy.
1:30 am
>> rick santorum said, i'm from pennsylvania, i have experience with blue collar voters. >> why you refer to president obama as the food stamp president. >> more people have been put on food stamps by barack obama than any other president in history. >> and knocking one of the questions out of park. >> what newt gingrich was saying, there's no future for kid in a classroom. >> there's a coalesces behind romney. >> who better at this juncture. >> we don't have to wait, it can begin this year, november 6th i need your vote. >> the supreme court upheld the constitutionality of the affordable care act. >> it shouldn't be called obamacare anymore, obama's health care tax. the only thing you left out of that wrap is just like greece. >> the first time an attorney general to be held in contempt. >> and the vote that the house
1:31 am
republicans want is a political vote. >> they played a bad hand, right now it's going to be a witch hunt. if you get more then it becomes intervention. >> the water has just now breached over the sand dunes. >> hurricane sandy a superstorm meteorologists are calling a once in a lifetime occurrence. the whole coast is devastated. >> the number of ambulances to move these children is remarkable. >> and lost homes in many forms-- ♪ ♪
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>> andrew breitbart died this morning, he was 43. he was a publisher, an activist and a commentator, but that says almost nothing about this force of nature. he was a big kid who treated his opponents like humans. it was never about people, it was always, always about principles. . >> the u.s. has just evacuated all personnel from benghazi to tripoli. >> this was something that was a concerted effort, well organizationed, heavily armed. >> you have the american president, the secretary of state and everybody else in the administration saying loudly that it was because of the video. >> what happened initially was, it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo, as a consequence of the video. >> they threw the libyan president under the bus, he came out and said it's a terror attack and they said he doesn't know what he's talking about. >> a guy worried about the muslim world. >> an idea that somebody doesn't care is absolutely absurd. >> let us never ever forget that our freedom is only
1:33 am
sustained because of people who are willing to fight for us. >> exactly two hours from now at 7 p.m. eastern, the first polls will close in six states. >> you cannot win as a republican, if you don't win ohio. >> and a point where none of this is making any sense, it's not right so i think it's going to go to obama. >> and going to get 299 electoral votes and obama by-- >> and new details of the ongoing controversy surrounding general petraeus. >> cheating general, shirtless fbi agent, beautiful biographer, it's the house wives of west point. >> kind of sounds like us. dana, what did you make of that. we went to the wardrobe selections, dresses we like and we don't. >> going to closet tomorrow on new years always good to do. and it was a great year and an amazing year, pretty stressful during the election time, i guess. >> yes. >> it got a little--
1:34 am
i got testy and sick to my stomach about it for hours because i don't like to get that way i'm glad the election is over. >> you feel bad about it. >> you don't feel bad afterwards. >> all the way through the whole year "the five" i never saw you get testy. >> me? >> i never saw you get really upset. i never saw the rest of you gang up on bob real fast. (laughter) >> and if you look at that retrospective. if you notice one of the problems romney had from the beginning not one mention of the economy in all the things we talked about, very little. you go back and look at all of that stuff and it was other things besides one or two that obama had from the beginning and rarely got-- >> you're wrong, the election wasn't fought on the economy. >> no, it wasn't. >> a lot of people wants to know what happens with the heated debates off camera and we do. the answer is yes. we have taken heated debates through the commercial debates and into the next block and as
1:35 am
we walk out the door back to our offices. >> i've got bruises on my le legs. >> you seem to like it. >> and tomorrow night on "the five" a special evening as we countdown to 2013, don't miss our new year's eve special at 5 p.m. and on again at 1 p.m. eastern and again, the fox news channel's all american new year's eve special kicks off with megyn kelly and bill hemmer and i got roped in as well. we'll be reporting live, pray for us, from times square. coming up, president obama made a rare appearance on a sunday talk show this morning and answered questions on his second term, benghazi and his plans to regulate guns. you're going to hear from the president when we come back, stay with us. >> it's unusual. ♪
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secretary of state hillary clinton hospitalized. more as we get it.:
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♪ >> all right. everyone, thanks for staying with us on this special sunday prime time edition of "the five." the president made his first appearance on "meet the press" in three years this morning and was asked this. >> so what is your single priority of the second term. what's the equivalent to health care? >> well, there are a couple of things we need to get done. i've said that fixing our broken immigration system is a top priority. i will introduce legislation to get that done and stabilize the economy and make sure it's growing, part that have is deficit reduction. >> that's tax and spend, and more same old, bob? >> i think the idea of immigration on a serious note immigration reform has to happen for both the democrats and republicans, republicans cannot go through another election cycle without
1:41 am
immigration reform and allowing people who are-- >> speed it up. sorry. >> dana. >> immigration, economy and energy were the exact three things he said in 2009 that were important to get done. >> not exactly a grand vision, is it? >> it would great if he were to get it done. >> it's the exact same proposal from 2008 and also, he's not getting any of that done. with the mood in washington and republican house, none of it's going to happen. >> yeah, everybody's too unsettled, angry, upset. everybody feels like they've been gypped along the way and sold a bill of goods and he has to say this because that's what his supporters and political cronies want him to say, but it's not happening. >> if they wanted immigration reform they could have had it in 2008. president obama is one of the people-- >> i can hand bob off, but not you. >> and now to benghazi. >> this was a politically motivated attack on her. i mean, of all the people in my national security team she probably had the least to do with anything that happened in benghazi. why she was targeted
1:42 am
individually for the kind of attack that she was subjected to, it was puzzling to me and i was very clear in the days after those attacks that they weren't acceptable. >> the president talking there about susan rice of course. >> if she had the least to do with benghazi, why did they roll her out as a human shield to be the one taking the fall for this? that's what i would have asked as a follow-up. >> an ambassador dead, no outrage, bob. >> it's a tragedy, but what it is, it became a republican talking point on the campaign. >> four dead americans is not a talking point, bob. >> i said it was a tragedy to start with, but you flipped, tried to ride this baby into election and it didn't work because nobody cared about it. >> no, we're genuine and people care about bloodshed overseas when they asked for security and it was denied and now the reports show it was negligent and asked to give support and they refused it and therefore, people died. >> what he later said in the interview was demonstrably
1:43 am
false and this is the interview and it's actually the report that came out that that isn't the case, so, second thing i would ask is, so, was susan rice, i would have asked was susan rice your first choice as secretary of state over john kerry. >> and still no outrage. >> and the president would have answered that, but as a reporter i would have asked it. >> and he called benghazi sloppy. >> the next topic is guns, listen to this. >> and have an armed guard, n.r.a. told last week that that could work? >> i'm not going to pre-judge the recommendations given to me, i'm skeptical that the only answer is putting more guns in schools. >> a big no to the n.r.a. >> for good reason, they're over-the-hill, they're a big paper tiger and when wayne lapierre got up there and embarrassed himself with the ridiculous comments he made, people want gun control lel' get it and pass by a big
1:44 am
margin. >> i don't think he embarrassed himself. >> hold on, bob, saying that children deserve better and we should protect them in the schools and we spend a lot of money here and other jobs, et cetera. why aren't children important enough to put even one armed guard. >> they want to put guns in to to put guns in. >> and even barbara boxer suggested guards and the president should have said i leave it up to the states and localities to figure out what's best for them. >> isn't it true this america wants something that will work, demonstrably work, is that not the case. >> i think that's the case and also what you see is washington, including president obama and congress, they are like kids playing soccer, they go to whichever ball is next and don't look at the bigger picture. there was a gun-- a terrible shooting, now they want to do gun control. they have some-- it's from one thing to the next and rather than a bigger picture and dealing with things. >> and mark this the beginning of the end of the n.r.a. as a big tougher-- >> their approval.
1:45 am
>> like the unions. >> and no, no, a lot higher than that. >> i repeat, still ahead on "the five." >> so, these are chicken wings. >> wow, minnesota or wisconsin, one or the other. >> music, ♪ i'm singing forever. >> i'm so glad i could introduce this. one of the great things about "the five" is all the fun they have at this table. we'll look at some of the wildest moments. you don't want to miss this. we'll be right back. ♪ let's twist again like we did last year ♪
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♪ in new york city, dancing in the street ♪ >> yes, sir, hello, excuse me. welcome back to "the five." my personal five, that's five, "the five." and we've had more fun on any show than any other show on cable news. here is the proof. >> we are "the five." >> i'm sorry. ♪ inside and about to show you folks what it's all about ♪ >> and the last six months and in hopes of-- >> that's a hope. >> that's had a hoax? it's not real? >> and they're here and that's why they only ate grass. >> and you can see your enemy coming. my dad said pay your bets and pay them on time.
1:50 am
>> i'm half irish and the other segment was my other half. >> puerto rican and irish? >> yes, a good combo. >> that wasn't a food cart you bought it from. >> is eric dressed up and selling fruit shakes? >> and age makes you full of wisdom when you were a jerk most of your life. >> look at bob. >> that's mean. >> that was a joke, bob. >> can you imagine bob getting an award for his vision? >> and why don't we do that. it's 4-1. >> let me finish, let me finish, okay. >> i haven't had a chance. >> it's not unusual. >> i'm tongue-tied. i'm just thrilled. you know, you're so right. >> and you're just so far right. >> oh. >> it was chicken wings and-- >> wow. >> oh. >> oh, my god. >> ripping the meat apart. oh, we miss it had again, oh,
1:51 am
no. >> oh. (cheers) >> and you had some nice shoes to wear with those legs. >> this represents, what the green companies get. does anybody have any peanut butter? >> ♪ music, i'm singing, diamonds are forever ♪ >> hey, you just said the title. >> last week i went on a tour, and joy of hate. >> and there was a bus that size with you in it it. >> not that size. >> there's a conspiracy against you. >> there have been 300 books listed on and some dealing with the 2012 doomsday and greg gutfeld didn't write any of them. >> the joy of hate, "the joy of hate" and your book gave me incentive to write my own book, here it is, take a look at this. and it's called "the hate of joy". >> we hit the budweiser tent no beer just chili.
1:52 am
>> you know me, mama loves her fried clicken and the mother land of all chicken and let me tell you something, it's delicious. >> and how is boca raton, i always wanted to visit mexico, is it nice. >> it's beautiful, greg, in florida not mexico. >> oh, okay. >> take her. >> make her. >> oh, all right. and 45 million people out of-- on unemployment-- on food stamp rolls. >> greg, you can't eat it. >> it's a milk shake and he's cute though. >> and another banned phrase for the day. comfortable in my own skin. >> when are you going to ban the phrase gratuitous, as in-- >> as in the photos i have of you? >> yeah, right. >> the president has a big stick. (laughter) >> why see what's so funny, dana. >> i watch the show as honey
1:53 am
boo boo. >> do you think politics can ruin relationships? >> certainly do. >> have you ever been snooped on by a woman? can you tell me what happened? >> not on camera. >> and i'll take you home if you want. take me home if you want. >> your home or my home. >> cost you more than half a billion dollars, buddy. >> when do you think the start of christmas should be. >> after thanksgiving. >> 5-#, the perfect stocking suffer. >> what? >> got you. >> you're ruining my life, bob. >> let's look at the electoral map and look at the road, there's minnesota or wisconsin, one or the other. it has to be one of those? >> fabulous. >> you look like an elf. >> ♪ ill he' not
1:54 am
♪ i'll be gone ♪ (laughter) >> man, you cannot make that stuff up. it's been a terrific year, it's a lot of fun and i enjoy every minute of it. >> not every minute. >> you complained for about 75% of it. >> because you kick you in the leg. >> i only kick you when we have to go to a break. you like it and do you know that bob actually loves it. >> i used to-- >> and he likes when we touch him and-- >> and every day that you laugh out loud when you watch? >> i really do, i'm a huge fan, always watch, i think you deserve a round of applause. >> what? >> oh. >> yes. >> and i always watch. >> annoying, bob. >> what's annoying? >> you're married three times and-- >> i've not been married three times and you keep saying that and people are believing it.
1:55 am
1:56 am
1:57 am
1:58 am
i propose to buy this guy an economy class ticket new york to london so he can see his socialist pals, goodbye, piers morgan, i shall not miss him. pu is his middle name? >> pu, piers-- >> pu. >> anna wintour. >> kimberly. >> and a nice story, and speaking about president george bush and how he' and making improvements, dana. what thing that helped him,
1:59 am
the oak ridge boys sang to him on the television and his wife barbara asked and they sang elvira and amazing grace. ♪ but now i'm found ♪ ♪ >> it's the oak ridge boys and president bush turned 80 and they got him a jacket, it was bedazzled and anyway, president bush if you're watching, hope you get better and continue to improve. and a shout out to south carolina, spent a week there in bluffton south carolina, and took my dog jasper and everybody, this one i have to dedicate one more thing to jasper in a car and a couple of pictures here and he got to meet santa and south carolina was one of the best places in charleston in his bow tie and it was high time for jasper and the low country which i can't wait to get back to. enjoyed it it very much. andrea. >> and see he didn't stick his nose out in new jersey, you can get fined. >> i was thinking that. >> it's rare that senate


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