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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 1, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> good point. >> this is a stunning moment. i am going to agree with pat. comcast is awful and i am from philadelphia. but where he is really right i. satellite tv. >> no! that's my point. >> he's right. we have to fight -- >> i didn't talk about suppressing speech because you are right about that. what i said, this is not free speech. bill maher, people pay for that. you pay for hbo, you don't have to take hbo. that's not free speech. >> i like hbo -- >> did you hear me? no, they could put dennis mill or -- >> he's on the fox newschannel. we are not going to share him. >> but, sean, pat -- >> we are out of time. thank you all. happy holidays to everybody. happy new year. >> merry christmas. >> that's all the time we have left tonight. left tonight. thank you for being with us.
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>> eric: hello, everyone. happy new year's eve. i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, andrea tantaros, greg gutfeld. the count down is on. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: 2012 is coming to a close. fired up and ready to go for 2013. it's been quite a year, guys. go through "the five"'s biggest stories and worst stories but go around the table quickly. new year's eve. kimberly, love it or hate it? >> kimberly: i love new year's eve. it usually work new year's eve. but you get off in midnight just in time for celebratory inebry yens. >> eric: how you? >> juan: i'm not crazy about it. i bet somebody else is having a better time. >> eric: that is sad. >> juan: going at it. >> kimberly: glass half ful full. >> juan: but i think i make
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you in puerto rico around new year's eve. it ran in geraldo at the restaurant and i thought it was fox in puerto rico. >> eric: we met in a hot tub. [ laughter ] i think that is juan williams. >> andrea: is that where the story ends? >> eric: i'm walking across a pool, walking by, drink in my hand. walk over and i think that's juan williams in the hot tub. juan? hey, bolling. just what reese up, dude? >> eric: i love new year's eve. it's my second favorite holiday. fourth of july is my favorite, midto feel summer. new year's eve is second. happy time of the jeer. >> andrea: i don't have any fun hot tub stories. >> kimberly: that you went to share. >> andrea: i actually like it. i used to not like it. inused to think it was totally overrated. i still kind of do, but i don't know. the last couple of new year's have been fun. i'm in to it. tonight will be a good night.
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>> greg: you remind me of the year i met john gibson in the steep room. hemmer was there. i think they drugged me. it woke up somewhere in new jersey without my pants. it's predictable. i don't likebe new year's eve. a stupid thing. arbitrary thing. why be reminded i'm one year closer to death. i don't need that. i prefer to sit home and watch reruns of "matlock" how you're supposed to spend it medicated on over the counter cold medicines. >> eric: we each picked our favorite, not our favorite story, because it's happy, but the big story of the year. kimberly, kick it off. your big story of the year. >> kimberly: i thought it was the superstorm sandy. specifically, when we had the little bear hug where christie, game changer for the election, where christie went and embraced obama.
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that was a big deal. he was the main people surrogate for romney campaigning in the election for him to validate and say hey, this guy is doing a great job. didn't help days before the election. >> eric: big story. sandy. christie. two big stories. >> kimberly: yes. >> eric: juan, what about you, sir? actually i don't think there is any -- >> juan: i don't think there is any question. the big story of the year was the election. the big story here is the change in the way technology, media treats an election. i remember the debate. the first debate. won by romney. the way i was looking at it. obama is not doing bad. not doing great but basically you got to knock out the champ to beat him. it didn't see a knock-out. all my friends like sean hannity, i sit next two on twitter and they're scoring the debate minute by minute, everything going on in social media. in that case, romney was the winner. that's true with fundraising.
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each campaign raised $1 billion. how much money is that? for what? >> andrea: how could you think that obama was doing just okay job? just h -- >> juan: i thought he was doing fine. >> andrea: the only person in the world. i wish you for my math teacher in high school. >> greg: mitt lost. like talking about the game won by the last place team. it doesn't matter. >> eric: not surprised this is the big story. >> juan: how many hours did we spend talking about the election? >> eric: hours. >> juan: thank you. >> andrea: give him a mulligan. do another one. eric, what about you? >> eric: my favorite story, i don't why, but the red bull, the guy who jumped out little space -- there it is. bombgartner, red bull jumped from space. i was glued to the tv when he did it. i think it's fantastic.
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privately. private money. he just did something that i would love to do some sometime. i couldn't stop watching that. every sometime i see it, i love to see that. >> juan: you want to do that? >> eric: if i didn't have a 14-year-old son i'd do in a heartbeat. >> andrea: how much did it cost him? >> eric: i don't know. whatever it cost red bull they make -- >> andrea: he almost died, right? >> eric: one of the reasons -- he blacked outch he would have broken more -- >> greg: i black out all the time. not from that. >> eric: how can you jump out of is that cast? >> greg: i don't need to do that stuff. i'll tell you why. people like this are selfish. they go off and do the dare del activities. who bails them out and who has to climb up the mountain? poor guys that got to rescue the people. i keep more about the people that slip and fall in the streets than some guy jumping out of the plane. that is the truth. >> andrea: you always slip and fall on the street after night in the bar. >> juan: you could run in traffic if you need a thrill?
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>> greg: exactly! >> eric: he is the only guy that jumped out of a little space capsule. >> kimberly: give it credit. cool. love it. great story. >> greg: oh, c'mon. jump up in a flame and then call me. >> juan: like michael jordan. what did you say? arbitrary to -- i think this is like manufacturered. for what? i don't even like roller coasters. >> eric: for a lot of reasons. ed are bull did it. freddie jump out and land in a hot tub with juan. >> andrea: i would do that. last weekend. >> eric: moving right along. >> andrea: my story of the year is obamacare and the supreme court ruling. not the story that dominated all year long but a big deal. the supreme court ruled that the mandate was upheld and
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people have to buy health insurance. one third of the economy. even though might not be top of mind to everybody today, it will be top of mind for the rest of eternity and touch every single person in this country. it east a tax. you will be taxed forcibly. they held it up. huge issue and huge court ruling. you are looking at me like that is your biggest -- >> greg: no. that is a huge story. you added a new arm to government. that is a big deal for a lot of people. >> eric: surprising mike didn't make that his sub favorite story of the year. >> juan: she is right. in terms of the american history, the social safety net and this was the missing element. republican and democratic presidents tried to do it and failed to. it's an incredible
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accomplishment for any president. >> eric: are your siz that we find new taxes in the law? medical device tax. investment tax. >> juan: look, everybody agrees there are blank pages. we don't know what is to come. >> andrea: doesn't that scare you? >> juan: what scares me, rather than get on board there are peep delight in congress shooting spitballs. >> greg: legitimate criticism is not a stball. nancy pelosi didn't bother to read it. that is not a spitball if you flow a large portion of the economy going to government that do nothing right. that is not a spitballle just why do republican governors say we're not going to do this. let the fed do this.
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they said we don't like big government. they should control it. to me this is just like we don't likebe you guys. >> andrea: they can opt out if they don't want to opt out. to me, we have to throw spitballs. a lot of promises were made. taxes wouldn't go up. premiums wouldn't go up. keep your doctor. all of those things not true. i think we will be talking about this story and this decision for years and decades come. just i agree. >> kimberly: this show next year at this time. >> andrea: count it. >> juan: get out of the hot tub before i shrivel. >> greg: hope and bo on "days of our lives" and on and off again. it spent a lot of time thinking about it. to me, the big story that changed the election was mitt dropping the ball in the third debate. it was about foreign policy and became something else
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entirely. an opportunity to nail president obama on benghazi and bring it home and win an election and he chose not to. he chose to play it safe. to me, that was the turning point. he got bad advice. somebody said you know what? don't do this. or he had knowledge of what was going on, because he was given the knowledge by the white house so he felt compelled to keep it secret. the other thing, too, his son said mitt didn't want to be president. that is tragic to me. it might have meant that mitt would have been a good president. >> juan: do you think it's true? >> greg: people who don't want to be president the end to be good president -- tend to be good presidents. >> andrea: washington turned down power of king. >> eric: i disagree. it's such a demanding job -- >> greg: but to say, conservatives by nature do not
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like government. natural inclination not to want to be in charge. >> eric: let me add something to the story. mitt romney blowing it in the last debate, candy crowley. second? second. misinformed, oh, yeah, president obama mentioned it. he wasn't prepared. >> he held back. >> eric: the second debate. third debate. >> juan: it's too complicated. >> eric: i don't -- actually i don't believe what tag said. revisionism. i think romney wanted it badly. the ten debates with the republicans. they got huge ratings for fox. he went all the way through, remember his famous, i bet you $10 million -- $10,000. great moments. 47% and the like. he wanted it. >> andrea: the biggest story it was nonstory.
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the story that wasn't. the way the economy was. we never heard that story. just romney, the taxes. the biggest story of the year was journalists didn't cover the story. >> greg: throw benghazi in that was well. >> andrea: nonstory. programming note. catch kimberly and greg tonight on fox news channel all american new year's eve broadcast at 11:00 p.m. >> greg: we'll be in a hot tub. >> kimberly: no, we won't. >> eric: waiting for ball to drop. what did you say? you lost your pants in a hot tub somewhere? don't go away. much more to come. special including a look at some of the wild moments of the past year on "the five." don't miss it. ♪ ♪ all across america, people are using lysol
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: hello. welcome back to "the five" new year's eve special. to stuff we covered this year that we hope will go away in 2013. okay, i'm going to begin right here. if around the take. story i don't want to hear again or phrase is "fair share." this was a key component to the 2019 election. the president did use the phrase repeatedly. much to his success, ultimately. in the outcome of the election. the first time we saw a major presidential candidate using class warfare to create divide
10:18 pm
amongst hardworking miles per hours to suggest people who pay majority of taxes are not contributing their fair share. >> juan: glad you let us know how you feel. democra >> kimberly: that was the point. >> eric: in 2016 you will hear it more. fair share. >> juan: here is so i don't want to hear again. take a look. or take a listen. ♪ ♪ ♪ gangnam style ♪ gangnam style >> juan: now that is something i can do without in 2013. it has swept the world. it's now the most watched video ever. it's in every -- i can't go to a ballgame. i can't go to the supermarket. i can't go to the dentist. the hot tub! check it out, greg. what is that from years past?
10:19 pm
the ghost of, the ghost of new year's past. macarena? my gosh. ♪ macarena ♪ macarena ♪ hey, macarena >> kimberly: so, juan, was that music clip from your last vacation in puerto rico in the lob >> juan: in my new year's eve fantasy world. >> andrea: you worry when gangnam style is a wedding song. macarena is classic, permeated weddings everywhere. gangnam style will be here to stay. >> greg: the guy psy is galluping toward obscurity. in five years he will be doing porn or professional wrestling. seriously, i hate that guy. ja five years? -- >> andrea: five years? >> greg: maybe three. i can do the macarena and i can dowelie.
10:20 pm
>> kimberly: what about the cabbage patch? running man? >> greg: bob knows those. gawp >> juan: what are you doing tonight? >> andrea: wouldn't you want to know? >> kimberly: she is all dolled up. actually she has glitter -- >> juan: she has glitter on. >> eric: you know how to dougie? >> andrea: i'll teach you. >> eric: teach me how to dougie? i know how to dougie? >> juan: been to a black wedding? electric flies. >> kimberly: that is not just at black weddings. that is at white weddings. that is racial. >> eric: do you know bob beckel claims to have won a disco dancing contest. >> andrea: on roller skates. >> eric: what? >> kimberly: he convinced me want to go rolling skating. he is a disco roller skating champ. right? >> andrea: he does have a picture, though. >> juan: wait.
10:21 pm
is bob in shorts on the roller skate? >> andrea: he is not in roller skates in the picture. but put it up on "fox and friends." in white skip tight pants. it's traumatic. >> kimberly: i'm not wait -- not making it up. >> andrea: i'm not sure he won an award. he does exaggerate. >> kimberly: he said he won the lighting award for his house. >> andrea: he stole the lights off his neighbor's house. >> kimberly: so the neighbor would have less lights. he did this at 2:00 a.m. nothing good happens after 2:00. >> eric: the story i don't want to hear another one, newtown, connecticut, mass murders. america changed twice in 15 years. once at 9/11, a with the mass murders in newtown, connecticut. enough of this. the dialogue should open up about everything that goes on. what goes on in their minds. what causes them to do this. but do something smart. get the schools safe and
10:22 pm
locked down. i hope we never have another one. my guess is we might. probably will. pray we don't. >> andrea: colorado, the batman movie shooting. disturbing. >> kimberly: that is why i rent pay for view. i was a prosecutor in the d.a.'s office, i had to hand a shooting. go to the scene. halle berry movie. i went in, the guy -- anyway, was shot by the police. nobody died except for bad guy. movie theaters, post traumatic movie stress disorder or something. >> andrea: i wish i could lighten everybody's new year's eve up. but i hope i never hear from again is sandra fluke. not a conversation lifter. we heard a lot from miss fluke. even getting her to headline the dnc, i thought was unprecedented. unemployment was almost in the double digits. million of people on unemployment line and you have
10:23 pm
a georgetown law student headlining the dnc for free birth control. what a country. how far we have come. in most presidential elections, it would have been considered p.r. disaster. but this was genius. the democratic base love it. >> kimberly: speaking engagement. huge turn-out. ten people. those are your friends and family. phone a friend. >> andrea: she will get a job and pay for her birth control. >> juan: a note, that american women were plus ten for obama. >> andrea: that is sad. crept in the suburban bedroom. >> kimberly: okay. greg? >> greg: she will chair the department of afreed feminist in no time. what i don't want to hear from again, my banned phrases. banned phrase is not a phrase, but a body moven't. phaseer talk when they take
10:24 pm
the blackberry or iphone and talk in it like this. rethink. wait for it. unpack. daylight. in the weeds. rock star. banned phrase, national conversation. >> kimberly: anymore? there were 3,000 additional banned phrases so now we don't know what we can say. >> greg: the next time we do "the five," no one can talk. we just sit here stone faced. then we just show cat videos. >> kimberly: which is what you do on "red eye." >> greg: nothing else rings people together than decent cat video. >> juan: i don't understand the think about the cats michigan son is in to this. why do they watch cats on the internet? >> greg: easier to deal with cats on a screen than in real life. >> kimberly: that is not a good sign. he to obsessed and they do it on "red eye." >> greg: it's better than
10:25 pm
violent films. >> kimberly: coming up. a great year on "the five." we have had major laughs and major disagreements, too. "the five" last laugh is directly ahead. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ roasting firewood ] ♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go,
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back. happy new year's, everyone. no shortal of news to talk about on "the five" over the past year. benghazi, hurricane sandy and the election. let's take a look back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> andrea: so we are just one day from the iowa caucus. >> we have the latest poll numbers that show this race is anything but over. >> the idea that anybody can predict what is going to happen in november today is
10:30 pm
crazy. >> rick santorum said i'm from pennsylvania, i have experience with blue collar voters. >> why you refer to president obama as the food stamp president. >> if more people had been put on food stamps by obama than any other president. >> newt knocked my question out of the park. >> the pressure on him to have lost two of 8 states gets to be stronger. >> coele sense behind romney. >> he has the cash and the momentum. who better at this junkture? >> we don't to wait. it could begin this year op november 6. >> supreme court july help the constitutionality of the affordable care. >> it shouldn't be obamacare but obama healthcare tax. >> too broad of federal power. >> you left out of that rant "just like greece." >> the first time for attorney general to be held in
10:31 pm
contempt. >> this is issa with a political move. >> this will be a witch hunt. if you get more it's an intervention. >> the water just now breaching over the sand dunes. >> hurricane sandy, superstorm that meteorologists call a once in a lifetime occurrence. >> the whole coast has been devastated. >> the number of ambulances for people who showed up to move the children is remarkable. >> the loss is emotional and memories. loss comes in many forms. ♪ ♪ notice ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:32 pm
>> greg: andrew breitbart died this morning at 43. publisher, activist and commentator. but that says nothing about this force of nature. he was a big kid who treated his opponents like humans. never about people. it was always about principles. >> the u.s. has just evacuated all personnel from benghazi to tripoli. >> this was a concerted effort, well organized. heavily armed. >> the american president and secretary of state and everybody else in the administration saying louddy it was because of the video. >> what happened initially, it was spon tapous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo, consequence of the video. >> they threw the libyan president under the bus. he said this is a terror attack. the administration said he doesn't know what he is talking about. >> is this guy worried about what is going non-the muslim world? >> the idea he's somebody who opportunity care is absurd. >> never ever forget that our freedom is only sustained
10:33 pm
because our people who are willing to fight for it. >> exactly two hours from now at 7:00 p.m. eastern, the first polls will close in six states. >> you cannot win as a republican if you don't win ohio. >> now you are to the point that none of this is making sense. this is not right. it will go to obama. >> bam will get obama will win by 1% of the vote. >> new detail of the ongoing and growing controversy surrounding general petraeus. >> beautiful biography, mentally ill swin sister. the housewives of west point. >> that was good one. >> andrea: lots of serious memories here. we covered every major news story. >> bob was completely wrong about the election. >> there were 17. >> he said obama will win by 1%. he won by 3-1/2%. freddie compared to even -- >> greg: compared to even
10:34 pm
else who was wrong, that was minor. >> kimberly: not at this table. >> juan: i was right about this. >> andrea: pull the tape november of last year. >> kimberly: i got all criticism about obama. it was in the press. >> andrea: coming up, enough of the serious stuff and psycho background music. time for fun on "the five." we have those moments when we come back. ♪ ♪ s.
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send this back to new york and the colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> juan: getting redty to
10:39 pm
party. the last segment we took a look at the serious moments on "the five" this year. now let's get to the good stuff. roll the tape. ♪ notice >> are we non- >> bob. >> sorry. ♪ ♪ notice ♪ ♪ >> hostess brand maker of twinkies. [ laughter ] >> lockness monster was a hoax. >> what? that is a hoax? it's not real? >> oh, man. i'm really going to upset you now. saskatchewan. >> that's sasquatch. >> that's why they only ate grass. >> the eyes were here -- >> my dad said pay your bets and pay them on time. >> give us a profile shot. >> the other segment was my other half. >> puerto rican and irish. >> yes, thank you. >> good combo, right? >> there must be food safety
10:40 pm
standard. >> that wasn't a food cart you bought it from. >> what was it? >> age makes you more full of wisdom when you were a jerk most of your life. >> look at bob. >> that was mean. >> that was a joke, bob. >> could you manual bob getting an award for his vision? >> what would that vision be? >> leave me alone. >> let me finish, let me finish. >> you're not done? >> no, i haven't had a chance. that's not unusual. >> i am just thrilled. >> you are so right. you're just so far right. >> no! >> chicken wings. sign daughter barbecu bash -- fm dinosaur barbecue. >> my gosh. >> ripping the meat apart. >> we missed it again. oh, no! >> bob, if only you had nice shoes to wear with those legs.
10:41 pm
>> this represents what the green companies get. >> did anybody get peanut butter. >> music. i'm singing. >> didn't say the title. >> my gosh. >> last week i wasn't on a tour to promote by book "joy of hate." >> they put a bus that size with you in it? >> not that size. >> around here, there is a big conspiracy against you, greg. >> there have been 300 books on amazon dealing with the 2012 doomsday. greg gutfeld has not written any of them. >> can you put your bock up? i don't think we promoted it enough. >> joy of hate. the book gave me an incentive to write my own book. here it is. if you look at that. it's called the "hate of joy." >> we hit the budweiser tent. no beer. just chili. >> you know me. momma loves her fried chicken. came to the motherland of fried chicken. it's delicious! >> how is boca rtaon?
10:42 pm
i always wanted to visit mexico. is it nice? >> it's beautiful. in florida, not mexico. >> big bird. >> dorothy. maker. >> communist. >> oh, yeah. >> 49% unemployment. 45% -- >> yeah. >> unthe employment -- >> 4 million. >> food stamps role. >> you can't eat him. >> good boy. >> a little shaky. >> that is jasper. eight weeks old. he is cute, right? >> another banned phrase of the day. comfortable in my own skin. >> when are you going to ban gratuitous. >> as in the photos of i have of you? >> the president has a big stick. >> i don't see what is so funny, dana. >> my mickname for you when i watch the show at home is honey bo boo. >> do you think politics can ruin relationships? >> i do. >> have you been snooped on by a woman?
10:43 pm
>> yeah. >> tell me what happened. >> not on camera. >> i think take me -- you would take me home if you won? it will cost you more than half a billion dollars, buddy. >> when do you think the start of christmas should be? >> day after thanksgiving. >> size 7. the perfect stocking stuffers. >> one more thing is up next! i got you! >> you are ruining my life, bob. >> take a look at the electoral map. look at the road. minnesota or wisconsin. one or the other. one of those. >> that is fabulous. >> look like an elf. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> juan: now that was fun. >> greg: i don't remember any of it. >> people are asking why is
10:44 pm
the show so successful? this is a fun show. i mean you turn around, uplifting show. you feel better. >> greg: you do. we're a vitamin for america. >> andrea: do you think bob feels better after every show? >> juan: expect for little jar. cost him. >> andrea: we could have done a montage on all of bob's hair styles. >> kimberly: and hair colo colors. >> greg: terrible. >> eric: a lot of that montage was you eating stuff. >> kimberly: i love the food segments. i got lost on the way to the foot channel. >> juan: i love you and the -- e food channel. >> juan: love you with the chicken. how much would it snake half a billion dollars? >> andrea: i'm going home with him? >> juan: coming up, my man greg gutfeld is not a fan of new year's resolutions. want to know why?
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♪ ♪ >> greg: that song doesn't work anymore. >> kimberly: yes, it does. >> greg: i hate new year's eve resolutions because they don't exist. if every predictable reporter or news reader never brought them up again you'd never hear of them.
10:49 pm
it's true. the average person doesn't consider them until a chucklehead with a cheery smile brings it up. with doris, ill open for wkab. what are you giving up this year? if she would respond with "lame reporting" with a chick to the shin or groin. why do the media do this every year? fearful of to do anything different. resolutions are a symptom. think of the trite gar banal that passes for commentary in the media. shallow attempts at psychoanalysis discussing root causes of violence. what is worse is their infatuation with symbolic. you could say that is my resolution but then you have license to punch me in the face. >> kimberly: by goodness.
10:50 pm
that is real evidence -- >> andrea: can i punch you in the face because you banned resolution three days ago? >> greg: i did it. i banned red lutions so we would don't a segment on it. what do they do? they gave me the segment. >> andrea: you deserve it. >> kimberly: well done. >> greg: it's media generated junk. you don't sit around with your friends going hey, are you going to give up something? >> juan: never. you talk about the news, i don't get it. the highest rated part of the told i'm told is the weather. i don't care. i'm not farmer. i don't care. >> greg: good for travellin travelling. >> kimberly: i love weather. >> eric: what do you have against resolutions? it's fun to just -- i'm going to be better at this next year. >> greg: i don't do them. >> andrea: don't you think people make personal steps to improve themselves? that is a good thing even they give it up. my resolution ten years ago
10:51 pm
was to stop biting my nails. >> greg: did it work? >> andrea: yeah. it did. only time i made up with and stuck with it. >> greg: why did you pate for the end of the jeer? >> andrea: i was forced to pick something and it worked out. >> greg: i do my resolutions every day. i reto stop spying on you. >> kimberly: could you stick with that? it's getting to be awkward for the community policing group around my neighborhood. >> greg: i'm just doing home security. >> juan: the number one resolution of all time is -- >> eric: quit smoking. >> juan: lose weight. >> greg: probably lose weight. >> andrea: probably quit smoking, too. >> kimberly: she doesn't smoke. >> juan: she said that. >> kimberly: you misunderstood this. >> andrea: watch what you say. >> kimberly: the chewing tobacco. >> kimberly: bubble gum.
10:52 pm
>> greg: last friday? couple days ago? you must be really hammered right now. you think that happened yesterday. the problem with resolutions and losing weight, you gain the weight back. you go on a crash diet for a month and give up, opposed to creating a normal eating plan. >> eric: or doing nothing. >> greg: you are brainwashed to think it must be done. >> eric: media doesn't have anything to do with it. >> greg: they are doing the stupid stories. >> eric: you did your monologue. >> greg: i'm trying to stop it. >> andrea: doing it now. >> greg: i'm trying to kill it. >> eric: you are the media. >> greg: why did i think i could change your mind. >> juan: i am not going on a diet. the people who sit next to me in the plane and hot tub, especially those diving in the hot tub, they need to lose
10:53 pm
weight. the seats aren't big enough for these people. >> greg: these people? >> juan: but not me. i'm telling you. campaign took weight off. >> kimberly: don't take up more than your fair share in the hot tub. moving on. >> eric: one more thing is up next.
10:54 pm
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♪ ♪ >> eric: time for one more thing. new year's eve edition. go around the table. >> greg: we have a special "red eye" tonight after new year's eve. my one more thing is people i will miss. of course andrew breitbart. dear friend of mine. forget politics, one of my closest friends. the world is less interesting and is grayer without him.
10:57 pm
if he were a leftist they'd name bridges after him. that's it. >> eric: great guy. great guy. miss him. >> andrea: i know it's early, because we're not at midnight yet but i want to toast viewers of "the five" who joined us for wonderful year and loyal to us to help grow the audience. my hope is in 2013, everyone raise your glass, not just for health and happiness for you but hope you will join us for the next year to share more memories and more fun with the seven of us. >> eric: hear! hear! >> kimberly: you have to drink it. >> eric: sparkling -- >> greg: sparkling whatever. >> kimberly: i drank it. this end of the table knows how to party. just we can do it. >> eric: my one more thing, this is mostly my wife. adrian and i were awarded the 2012 humanitarian of the year
10:58 pm
award from the new jersey animal coalition. we have a little tape. there is the website. they save sheltered dogs due to be put down. so adrian did fantastic work with them. just wanted to point it out. >> kimberly: congratulations. >> juan: why don't you tell us -- >> eric: good boys. just you help feed -- just you help feeding the -- >> juan: you help feed them. >> eric: $10,000 worth of food. >> greg: feed animals to people. >> eric: no. saving the animals. juan, you're up. >> juan: you know what 2012 may be remembered for that we've got a stash of great athletic talent on the scene. think about it. andrew luck in indianapolis. great quarterback. robert griffin iii in washington. my redskins, go skins. again, newtown. and what about on the baseball field? you've got mike trout of the los angeles anaheim angels. phenomenal player. >> andrea: me, too. i mean.
10:59 pm
just come back to washington -- >> juan: come back to washington. bryce harper. rookie of the year and tall sent on prime time for years to come. >> eric: good sports teams. >> kimberly: more of "sportscenter" when we return after the break. where am i? i love sports. it's been a great year. >> andrea: you watch sports on mute, kimberly, for the guys. >> kimberly: i like to make sure they are doing okay. i like the outif its. okay. so now, that is a true story. so now on a serious note, think about the holidays and the people celebrating, drinking and drive is no-no. madd does incredible work. mothers against drunk driving or alcohol prevention and to save lives. statistics. in 2011, 9,878 people died in alcohol involved traffic crashes in the u.s. 27 per day. let's take a


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