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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  January 5, 2013 3:00am-7:00am PST

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this has polarized the community whether or not that's a safety measure, what the newspaper did or whether or not it actually puts those gun owners in harm's way somehow. >> clayton: the newspaper released that statement last week or right around christmas time saying, look, look we did this because we felt its was the newspaper's duty to publish the names of these individuals so that the community would feel safer, be more aware of who was living next door. exburglars and gun owners say this makes you less safe. because you are aware of which houses have guns and don't have. >> if you want to make it. make a list hough had illegal guns, criminals who had guns. these are people who obeyed the law. who went through a series of steps to register the firearms with the state. these are the people you want to have guns. >> furthermore from like a judicial perspective. the thing that annoys me about this whole thing there was no journalism done with this. i was thinking about this for the past few weeks. it wasn't as if they published the names and then also tied
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some statistical evidence as to the individuals or the counties or the neighborhoods that had more violence as a result. they didn't do any journalism. they simply just published the names. >> furthermore, they didn't call guns. what's your back story? why do you own a gun? now it's come out there. are some women who have protective orders against exboyfriends and ex-husbands they felt they needed to be protected. everybody has their own story about why they feel they need to have a gun in their house. what's interesting is that former criminals and burglars and armed robbers have come forward that say what a list like this does for them. they say it's a gold mine because it tells them the criminals, which houses don't have guns. here is one talking about that. >> one of the things burglars look for when they go into houses guns. it's so easy to sell guns and make cash. they always look for them. now that this interactive map suspect and the issue is such a strong issue, every criminal
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in those two counties in the surrounding area is aware of it they are going to be checking out this map. they are going to be casing the neighborhood. and there is a couple of ways to find out if the homeowners are home or not. so you are going to see in the next few weeks several burglaries or more occur in this area. >> alisyn: that's interesting. he he is saying that one of the things they do is steal guns from houses that have guns. other criminals have said they also hit the houses that don't have guns. tucker: those guns get in the hands of criminals who commit violent crimes. if you want to take the guns off the street in the hands of the dangerous you would never publish a list like this. >> clayton: isn't it the club vs. low jack thing? bear with me i will go esoteric on you for a second. low jack in cars we don't know it's there and therefore it's a deterrent. criminals think when they walk up to a car maybe it has low jack. when they see a club stuck on the steering wheel. it's the not knowing that acts
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as deterrent. you don't know which house you are entering and less likely to go into the house. >> maybe the emphasis on burr the people who wield them chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the united states. you can get arrested carrying a gun driving through the city and yet they lead the nation in violent crime. >> more murders again. the arrest they make are to your point with illegal guns they are finding. i lived in philadelphia mayor michael nutter against the issue of illegal guns which are the reason -- not the reason but the things that are being carried by individuals carried by these crimes. >> meanwhile, mayor rahm immanuel of chicago and the state lawmakers there are pushing for even stricter gun laws in light of the new town tragedy. obviously everybody wants to do something and take some sort of action after newtown. we can't let that ever happen again in this country. so one of the things they are suggest something a data base.
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very controversial this suggestion. a data base because right now they say that there is not a data base. if your gun is lost or stolen. there is is no trace of it. you don't have to report that to anybody. so, then, guns that are stolen, or even that are just sold. if you legally buy a gun and then go out on to the street and sell it to somebody with obviously with ill intent that's not trace either. they think if they had a more secure data base that would help them control the guns on the street. >> certainly easier than why people are shooting at each other. what sort of society gives rise to random violence. that might be worth considering at some point. >> alisyn: absolutely. it is a many tiered problem. we're open to your suggestions. are you on twitter? >> i think i am. >> clayton: i realized also tucker is not following me on twitter tucker: i am now and as soon as we get to a commercial. >> about a half an hour ago
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tsunami warning for alaska. this after 7.5 earthquake hit just off the coast earlier this morning it happened about 200 miles south of juneau. no reports of any damage from this quake. a tsunami warning remains in effect for parts of alaska and canada. they broke out of a chicago jail and climbed down 20 stories with a rope made of bed sheets. it's classic. now, both inmates are back behind bars. 38-year-old kenneth conley picked up nearly three weeks after the daring escape within steps of police headquarters. i like to hide right under their noses. he was wearing a disguise and walking with a limp. wow, he is really cut from the central casting. police caught him after he tried pushing one of the officers and making a run for it his partner joseph banks was caught two days after the escape. imagine being told your flight is delayed because your pilot is drunk? this happened to 53 passengers at the minneapolis saint paul airport after 48-year-old coal
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byron christensen was pulled off american eagle flight in handcuffs. police boarded the plane and gave christensen a breathalyzer test after he smelled like alcohol. >> i'm glad they caught him. it's scary to think of pilots getting away with stuff that the facts that he was intoxicated but probably hadn't slept much either. >> i'm glad i wasn't on that flight. >> he is suspended. you can get drinks and snacks from them but what about buying pot machine? a california company wants to set up machines for recreational use in colorado and washington state. they are already used in some states to store and dispense medical marijuana. >> they will get ticked off if it jams. they won't even punch the vending machine. >> they will just walk away. >> hey, it's okay.
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>> all those buttons. >> fantastic. >> check in with maria molina upstairs in the weather center in for rick reichmuth. >> good morning, you guys. good morning, everyone. today we will be looking at temperatures pretty much where they should be at right across the country. as we head into the next several days. i have good news for many of you he is sprnlly across areas in the northeast. we will be observing temperatures warmer than this time the year. we will make it into just shy of 50 degrees here in new york city over the next several days. before that, current temperatures right now 39 in dallas. definitely a chilly morning for you. only 29 degrees in raleigh, north carolina. as we head into the afternoon hours. we will be warming up into the upper 50s in the city of dallas. 36 for you in chicago. low 50s across atlanta and also the city of raleigh, north carolina. we are actually going to be tracking a little bit of snow today across places in the central plains. already seeing some of that across parts of oklahoma and kansas. eventually, you guys, we are going to be seeing a little bit of snow showers into the mid-atlantic later on tonight
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into tomorrow morning. including right here new york city. but no accumulation. >> marie a thanks so much for that update. let's talk about this story. you heard it on fox news for the past several weeks. that is john hammar. he is the former marine who served in iraq and afghanistan who was then going for r and r in costa rica with a buddy. he crossed the border into mexico with gahanna. he he thought he had registered it and filled out all the proper paperwork but he didn't. he ended up being locked up in a mexican prison for five months. well, his father is now speaking out about just how -- what bad shape he is in. >> it's not just r and r that he was going down for a is surfing trip. he had post-traumatic stress disorder and other issues. he was going down there to relax. imagine being locked up for five months chained to a bed in a mexican prison. the father says this recovery process has been difficult and it's going to take a long time. listen to him last night on o'reilly. >> he said not doing real great right now physically. physically great. but mentally i think we're
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going to have to take a break for a second. >> it's a scary situation. he doesn't want to bring, you know, any danger on to his family or himself in the future. it's a tough situation down there. because, you know, you are dealing with quaws sigh authoritative people and you are dealing with the mexican authorities and so you are not sure who you are really dealing with. >> it's pretty amazing that he spent five months. you would think that the u.s. government would be on this in 20 minutes. we have a very close relationship with mexico. we do an awful lot for the mexican government. and, yet, if it weren't for fox, and a couple other -- mostly fox publicizing this. he probably would still be there. they did nothing. >> clayton: that's what struck me initially about it we have a close relationship with them. meetings an are a regular basis. you can't pick up a phone and
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do something about this. until one com decides making noise about this and gets the ball rolling on this. even afterwards the state department hasn't called to check on him. see how the family is doing. congressman ralph layton from florida has called. no calls from the federal government, no one. >> that's surprising. it's so easy to check on him. obviously his recovery is going to be a long time for his ordeal. not necessarily his physical scars but emotional ones. he had ptsd and being trapped in this mexican prison not knowing day in or day out if you were ever going to get out, if you were going to get out alive. that's a notorious prison where they hold a lot of the members of the drug cartels. he is, you know, emotionally still struggling according -- >> they threatened to behead him, he said. they deeply mistreated him. it's an outrage not just against him and his family but against his country. we ought to say something about it as a nation. >> more on that coming up. >> postal service business --
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postal service business wants you as a taxpayer to bail them out. you won't believe how much cash they are hemorrhaging every day. >> alisyn: plus, it puts jersey shore to shame. mtv's new show already reality gold.
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>> we told you about the journal news newspaper responding to the recent backlash publishing the name and addresses of gun permit owners. the paper's president janet hasan says this. it reads, quote: we believe the law is clear that this is public information and the residents of putnam county are entitled to see it. we are troubled that they switched their position since we first requested the information. now even former criminals are saying that data released could be highly useful to
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thieves. former nypd detective joins us with insights as to why this information could be dangerous. harry, thanks a lot for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> what's the point of releasing this, do you think? >> i think it's basically for their own political agenda. definitely antigun media. i guess they think they can release this information and give the names of the addresses of these people that they can shame these people into actually being gun owners. >> aren't these the people you shouldn't worry about. they went through every step to. are they the once we should be worried about. >> you shouldn't be worried about these people. you are worried about the typical bad guy out there with gahanna. because of what happened in connecticut, what they are going to do now is use, this all right, to further their own agenda. so, therefore, they are going to try to demagogue legitimate gun owners in this country. >> so this seems like a disincentive to registering your firearms. if i buy a gun in new york i
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say i guess i should register this and i see the journal news releasing the names of people who do makes me not want to follow the law. >> it might be. but then again you are breaking the law. you want to be a legitimate law abiding citizen. so you are going to follow the law. what this is going to do is this is going to make these people targets to criminals. i was a cop on the street in new york city for 26 years. okay? bad guys are not afraid to go to a home where there is a gun. you know, when i was in my prime 6'4", 225 pounds. solid, the bad guys weren't afraid of me. they are not going be afraid of a civilian. the amount of money the bad guy with get on the street is a lot of incentive for him. instead of going down south and buying guns at a gun show, all right? i have got a whole list of names and addresses where there is guns now. so, i'm going to hit those locations and i will be able to go and get those guns and then sell them on the street. >> why in the world would the
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county give this information to the newspaper? >> well, you know, i'm hearing that this is completely legal to do, you know. but it's a complete disregard for the lives of these people and their families. can you imagine, right, if you are a working family. the mother and father are away at work during the day. a burglar comes into the house. they can't find the gun let's waited until somebody comes home. all right? now your child comes home from school early and has a key to the house, goes in and surprised by a burglar who is then confronts that child to where the gun is in the house? i mean, something very terrible could happen here. and i hope this newspaper is very well aware of that because somebody can actually be killed or seriously injured as a result of their actions. >> how do you think the publishers and editors would feel if their addresses are published. >> i don't think they would like it at all. i think that's what the nra should do. the nra should publish their names and their addresses in their monthly magazine so they can feel exactly what it is
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like, you know, to have that information put out there. >> do you think they would like it. >> they would hate it. >> of course they would. that's the best idea i have heard all day. harry haulk. nypd, thanks a lot. >> thanks a lot. the streets are packed with homeless people. how far and why are they there? more to the point are they dangerous? we ask dr. keith ablow coming up. did miley sirus already walk down the aisle? we have got the picture that has hollywood buzzing this morning. let's give thanks -
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for an idea. a grand idea called america. the idea that if you work hard, if you have a dream, if you work with your neighbors... you can do most anything. this led to other ideas like lerty and rock 'n' roll. to free markets, free enterprise, and free refills. it put a man on the moon and a phone in your pocket. our country's gone through a lot over the centuries and a half. but this idea isn't fragile.
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when times get tough, it rallies us as one. every day, more people believe in the american idea and when they do, the dream comes true. we're grateful to be a part of it.
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>> 22 minutes after the hour. time for quick headlines. the struggling u.s. postal office is said to be losing $25 million every day. and it could potentially run out of money in just nine months. the agency hopes the new congress can help as it's defaulting on $11 billion in treasury payments and cannot borrow any more money. and an already bad flu season is shaping up to be the worse in a decade. cbc says 2 states are reporting a high number of flu cases usually not seen until later in the season and the
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peak is nowhere in sight. doctors say the best defense is getting the flu sack seen. let's go over to clayton. >> you already get yours? >> i did. >> you think you did? >> i don't remember. >> you don't remember having a needle shoved in your arm? >> no. it happens so often. >> i will administer you one later in the show. remember this photo that was all over the press a few weeks ago. homeless woman charged with murder after killing a stranger by pushing him on to the subway tracks. the history of mental illness and she is not alone according to mental illness policy organization. 11,000 of new york city's homeless adults suffer from some some of mental illness. 3300 of them are potentially violent. why aren't people getting the help they need? here to weigh in on this is is a number of our fox news a team psychiatrists dr. keith ablow. good to he so you this morning. >> good to he see you. >> what's going on here? why are these folks not being treated? >> it's a big problem. number one, back in the 1970s we decided we weren't going to have state mental hospitals in the same numbers that we had
3:22 am
before. we thought that was warehousing people. not much consideration was given to how we would treat them effectively. and so these folks hit the streets. some of them clustered around state mental hospitals or the grounds of those. system clustered around outpatient mental health centers. coincident with that by the way we have turned our mental healthcare system over to third party insurers who play a shell game with it basically right now you have to be either suicidal or homicidal and say it and refuse to retract it in order to get admitted to a hospital. otherwise you will be told to hit the streets. >> it's it the saying it or the verbalizing it that gets me. these folks don't know they have a mental illness number one. their brain can't regulate the amount of chemicals or let them know they have a mental illness. unless someone is aware of it. nothing is going to happen.
3:23 am
absolutely. even if you are aware of it. if you go to it the emergency room. they have been so indoctrinated. if you don't insist that you are going to take your life or take someone else's life and mean it and refuse to retract it they will say hey, listen. that doesn't qualify for admission. you're contracting for safety. >> that almost sounds to me sane. that doesn't sound like mental illness. >> you have to be literally that in touch with with the fact that you are sick and also once you get there if you are discouraged from seeking the kind of care. new york has kendra's law which allows for the outpatient treatment, and forced outpatient treatment of some people who are thought to be at risk for bad events because they are mentally ill. that law needs to be beefed up. but also we need to build or make accessible more inpatient treatment for these mentally ill folks.
3:24 am
i think if you are depressed or psychotic and you go to the emergency room for help and you say i'm also homeless, that should lead to you being offered inpatient treatment. that's enough do you think we are too tentative about admitting into in the hospital. >> too tentative? we have a fortress mentality. we won't reach into our pockets and insurance companies won't to get somebody a bed where they will be safe behind a locked door when they want. even if they want it, we create a fortress mentality to keep them out to save money. and then we see what happens with appear individual like that who is yelling and screaming and shoves someone in the middle of a subway track in the middle of manhattan. thank you for joining us this morning. interesting perspective. >> all right, c thanks. >> you can spot the difference in this photo democratic congresswoman it's like highlights magazine. how about now? extra folks added in there should the government be photo
3:25 am
shopping history? boat show into new york city. angela earhardt is there she is testing her sea legs. see more of her sea legs in just a moment. ahoy, captain. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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>> and members of congress are set to get a pay raise this year. [audience booing] >> isn't that like fixing a plumber for fixing a toilet he blocked up in the first place? [ laughter ] >> tucker, what you will come to learn is that clayton doesn't always find our jay lenos funny. >> that was good. >> that was good. >> that was an apt analogy. >> chuck our floor manager chuckled at that. much is made. i remember us slamming the iranian government on the show for adding in. remember that missile launch they added in where they photo shopped in extra missiles to show they actually launched them. they photo shopped in extra missiles. this is what we did. kind of like what the federal government has done over the past few days and nancy pelosi will be releasing this class photo of all the new congresswomen who have been members who are now the new members of this new
3:29 am
congressional al on the left-hand side is the real photo. that's really who showed up all of the female lawmakers of this historic class. >> that's the associated press photo that was taken during this class photo. and then on the right. >> cast your eyes up to the top steps of the photo and you see four lawmakers added there. >> photo shopped in. >> photo shopped in. they were late to the picture. so they were not actually part of the real picture. so, nancy pelosi had them added later on. >> because we have a lot of sway here on "fox & friends." we actually then, we added our own class photo if you can see there. can you see if we zoom in the "fox & friends" cast. i think there is bill o'reilly is in there. there is some other folks in there you see steve doocy and gretchen carlson in there, too. >> there is tucker. >> tucker you are right there. >> it's a huge improvement by the way. >> it really is. is this fair game? you can just.
3:30 am
>> i love it it it's totally soviet for one thing, adding and subtracting people. if you can add people can you take people away. people who displease mrs. pelosi? >> scrubbed from history. >> she was asked about this and defended it as a reflection of what actually happened and i'm quoting it was very cold outside. >> to her defense as many people argued in john boehner's defense it's like herding cats in congress to get all these people together. have you ever tried to photograph a child? i liken congress to children get one photo not blurry of your child runs around. imagine trying to get 70 people to stand on the steps in freezing cold temperatures. >> it's surprising. nancy pelosi whatever you think of her are good at that. people are terrified of. she got her caucus to vote for obama care and a lot of them lost their jobs. >> be here at 2:00 p.m. with your best jacket.
3:31 am
>> 61 democratic congresswomen, it's the most -- highest number ever. she wanted to memorialize it but four of them were late. >> so forever they will be photo shopped in the back. it's a pretty good photo shop job. because it looks like they are there. >> why don't do you this for the votes. y i didn't actually vote for that because i couldn't be on time i would like to vote and add. >> photo shop in your vote. i like that. make an app. >> let us know what you think about it you think it's unseemly for them to have photo shopped in or is that the digital age we are living in where can you do that later? >> meanwhile do your headlines now. >> i photo shopped your head on so fee a -- >> thank you. >> my personal collection. >> thank you. let's get to your headlines right now. attacks on the ground and in the air on syrian rebel post in neighborhoods surrounding the capital there.
3:32 am
the military post was also attacked with a car bomb. this comes after deadly air raids on thursday. u.s. troops are now in turkey to help in keeping the war from spilling across the border. a brand new report this week says more than 60,000 people have been killed in the violence in syria. well, the pharmacy responsible for the deadly meningitis outbreak is blaming cleaning company for the contaminated drugs. the new england compounding company unifirst. it says it only cleaned the pharmacy once a month and in no way responsible for the contamination. barney frank just retired from the u.s. house of representatives. is he not ready to let go of capitol hill just yet. he apparently wants to be senator. frank reportedly told devol patrick that he would like to fill john kerry's seat when kerry becomes secretary of state. he says it would just be will until a special election is held for the spot.
3:33 am
no word from the governor on that decision yet. are you going to tell us about your favorite new show? >> i will send my new favorite show buck wild kicked off this week and it's already reality gold. >> our motto around here is whatever happens, happens. >> ha ha ha ha ha. >> now you know why i love it it? >> i do. >> the show pulled in 2.4 million viewers during premier this week. that's over a million more than the jersey shore debut got. buck wild group of friends from back woods of west virginia. drawing criticism for the young people across the state. the governor, i'm sorry the senator now manchin has written a letter to mtv saying pull this thing off the air. it's horrible and it certainly plays at the stereotype its. >> are you kidding? that makes me want to move to west virginia. nothing in that tape portrayed the state in anything less than an awesome life. potato cannon. dirt bike. girls in halter tops?
3:34 am
i'm there. >> was that a potato. >> yes it was. >> you shoot a potato out of a cannon. >> you can actually penetrate a cinder block wall with potato. >> why do you have a potato cannon. >> i have several. >> we have time. >> did i a story for gq on potato cannons. >> this might be great publicity for the state, governor. >> is he making a case for it i was against it because i lived there i'm coming around on it let's talk sports right now. lance armstrong making headlines if you can believe. this maybe ready to admit that he took performance enhancing drugs after all. reports say he wants to come clean to persuade anti-doping officials to remove a lifetime ban so he can resume an athletic career. armstrong's lawyer has reportedly denied those claims. the former tour de france winner was stripped of his seven titles back in october. and if you needed more proof that heisman controversy winner johnny man zell was real deal.
3:35 am
hopefully you watched the cotton bowl. the quarterback who sat here on the couch. man zell racked up a cotton bowl record 516 total yards. including 229 of them rushing. he also ran for two touchdowns and passed for two more. is he a freshman. the aggies complete the season 11-2 with 14-1 blow out win. it's official kansas city chiefs have a new head coach my philadelphia eagles, former head coach andy reid now with the chiefs. stop the buzzer please. announcing yelled they have agreed to a new deal. the contract is reportedly for five years. reid was fired by the philadelphia eagles on monday after that terrible loss to the new york giants. after 14 seasons and 130 wins. by the way he is the winningness coach in philadelphia eagles history. he just gets lamb bassed for this season. >> chiefs need it. >> he has, ♪ shut up.
3:36 am
>> are you talking to yourself? >> he likes to play the eagles fight song and it annoyed me when they have a terrible season. >> eagles fight song literally fighting. >> where he they're throwing snow balls at santa. >> go to maria molina now for a look across the country. >> good morning, everyone. today we are looking at temperatures pretty much right where they should be at across the entire country. very near average but we are going to start to notice a change over the next several days. going to move northward and south of it you will notice that warmer air pushing northward. we will be seeing a rise in temperatures. good news for everyone in the southeast and texas. and even including us across places in the northeast. we will be seeing temperatures a little bit above what's average for the month of january. it's supposed to be cold so that's good news. high temperatures today again near average 37 in new york city. low 50s in raleigh and atlanta. 72, a warm 72 in tampa, florida. that's nice, upper 50s in dallas and across portions of the midwest. a cold day in minneapolis.
3:37 am
23 degrees. again, after all, it's january. what's supposed to be in the 20's across the city of minneapolis. as far as precipitation goes, we are actually going to be seeing some snowfall today across parts of kansas, oklahoma, arkansas, and into missouri. very light accumulation. some of that will be mixing with rainfall. you can get freezing drizzle. that's shading in pink. please be safe safe on the roadways. rain across louisiana and pushing into mississippi. otherwise in the pacific northwest, a brand new storm system arriving bringing in winds, rain and also some mountain snow. be seeing good snow out there in the cascades for anybody doing any skiing. not good news for anybody doing any traveling. back to you in the studio. >> my friends do like mount baker out there. they will be happy for the snowfall. it's the longest running boat show in the world one of the most prestigious. the new york boat show is back. celebrating 108 years.
3:38 am
i point to tucker to take it away. >> he he sent our own ainsley earhardt there to see what kind of sea adventures she could have. she doubt having adventures at the boat show at 6:30 in the morning. >> yeah, y'all take a little break there tucker. i will take over from here. you are doing a great job this morning. hey, everyone, welcome to the new york boat show we are here with the manager of the boat show this year. like you said, alisyn, the oldest boat show in the country. 108th year. lots going on this year. you have big boats, small boats, something for everyone. >> we have a boat for every lifestyle and budget. >> what i thought was fascinating i was reading and studying for this last night. 75% of boat owners make $100,000. very affordable. like buying a car. >> what's the average. >> we actually have special sanction here we call welcome to the water. any boat in that section is $250 a month or less.
3:39 am
it goes all the way down to less than $100 a month. >> these are going to be hundreds of thousands of dollars. you have smaller boats here that are more affordable. there is a recovery? >> absolutely. can you see this red boat here it's very verse tile. wake board. get a lot of people on here. good family friend fun. >> it's always fun when it's my job to come out to the boat show. because i can look and dream. but for serious boat owners, this is a great place for them to come and look and get a good variety,. >> this isn't just a show it's a selling event. the manufacturers and dealers spent a lot of money to be here. they pass on savings to you. and offer special incentives and boat show special pricing. >> how important is it. what's when they sell at a boat show it? >> all depends. a lot of them are 30 to 50% of their sales come from this show alone. >> tristate area. many people lost their boats.
3:40 am
we all saw the images of boats in the middle of front yards. are you expecting a big turnout this year from the new york area? >> we expect about anywhere from 40 to 45,000 people. the key here is that we see a lot of about 20,000 boats completely lost in this area. what we have been hearing a lot people excited to come back and seat product and get back into boating. it's not just the fiberglass. >> kids can't get in trouble if they are with you on the boat. always fun to have a boat. we wish you the best this year. >> thank you. >> back to you in the studio. we will be joining us throughout the morning show to show you these fun and interesting boats. >> we know you will be doing boating stunts, ainsley. >> i understand there is a wet suit involved. you will understand that. waterproof mascara. >> the ratings have just spiked. thank you very much, ainsley. very nice. [ laughter ] >> you will be doing some stunts here in the studio bikini.
3:41 am
>> can't mention that word. >> coming up on the show, want to make money in the new year? it could be as easy as saving your pennies. nicole pedestrian leads is here to give us some change can you believe. in. >> the booze made me do it. that's what these criminals are saying. now they are suing a beer company for what they did. do they have a case? no pun intended. we'll debate that coming up. everything you can fit vo: in this bag is 20% off. saving 20% on everything your company needs.
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it's a big deal. check your december 30th sunday paper or print the coupon at
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3:44 am
the knot? this picture was posted to her twitter account showing off her new pickupy. but look closer, she appears to be wearing two new diamond bands around her engagement finger. no official comment from sirus. we'll get to the bottom of that. you want to know how to make more money in 2013? i bet you da. next guest has the answer. nicole petallides is here. nice to see you. >> nice to see you as well. i understand you are at your desk down at the new york stock exchange, you have asking that can help us all save a little bit of money. >> look, there is old school and then there is new vote. the old school be with the coin jar. everywhere all the time in your pockets, in your couch, and your bag, have you coins everywhere. just put them together. i go regularly across the street to tv ameritrade and i cash it in. i'm telling you i got 100 bucks. >> every month? >> all the time, regularly. i fill up a cup like that and
3:45 am
put in a bag. i do one more cup and i'm off. i'm not a ameritrade customer. i pay small interest. they take out a little bit about 6%. but honestly you can rack that up so quickly. why have it lying all around. they take pennies. >> people still. >> i think pennies are good. there are a lot of pennies hanging around my house. >> the quarters add up the most tucker, okay? >> of course. found money. i have a ton of old cell phones, i have a backs of trios i don't know what to do with them. i can make money interest that. >> what we are talking about. this is he can key atm. originated over in california and san diego. but they have opened these kiosks and they are in mauls mauls -- malls all over the country. kiosk you open the little handle, the door you put in your old cell phone, your old electronic, whatever it is, whether it's a hunk of junk, even if it's not working, whether it's parts, chargers, et cetera, put it in.
3:46 am
it says i will give you x amount of dollars, 80 bucks for hunk of junk in your closet. decide yes i will take it or no i will won't. >> web sites extensions of that or you sell you go online simply type in what gadgets you have your trio and let them know what the device sand they will give you a quote for the device and pay the shipping to mail it to them. >> i love the idea of just going right into the mall. it's a nuvu idea old way of selling it it 26 electronics in each household on average. go if there and stick it in. >> there how about old type writer? >> i don't think there is a kiosk big enough to hold that thing. you say exchange is the third tip here? >> this is the gift cards. some gift cards you get and you are definitely going to use. then there is others that you have had and you have been holding on to for years and sometimes they lose 100% of their value or not able to get extended warranties on things if you are using gift cards.
3:47 am
i brought in and this is my real deal family gift card buck. i'm sorry the family you gave me neiman marcus card back in 2003, coach, ravel loren. dunkin' donuts. gap. amc, toys r us, barnes & noble. this is my family's real -- but, maybe you have one too many gift cards, you cash them in and all these places, card cash, plastic jungle, card pool, gift card all of these are.coms and in many places you can get 92% of the value of the gift card rather than losing the full value. >> in cash. >> they get it back. they send it to you. >> where do you get the gift card holder? >> i got this at fedex next door because i'm a vir go and i'm very organized and this is my personality. happy belated birthday to you being my birthdayself. >> i will take one of your amc gift cards and go to the movies. >> i'm not sure i'm willing to
3:48 am
share. i'm also an only child. i will will take you for sure we will all go and i goal too. >> president obama touted this furniture company as example of economic recovery. fast forward to this morning. it's closing its doors. so much for that recovery. >> then the booze made me do it. that's what several inmates are saying and now they are suing. do they really have a case? knowing they didn't know alcohol was addictive. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn
3:49 am
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>> alisyn: blame continue on the alcohol. that's what five inmates at the state correctional facility are doing in a lawsuit against several beer and wine companies. they say the convicts are seeking nearly $1 billion in damages. will their complaint hold up in court for a fair and balanced legal debate now this is interesting case.
3:52 am
rebekah. i know you think their claims are absurd. why? >> add suffered. first of all procedurally they make no sense. if they wanted to claim their crimes were related to the alcohol. they needed to bring that up properly in the criminal aspect of the cases. that could be possibly a mitigating factor in their sentencing. there are so many requirements alleged alcohol affected you while committing a crime. if they are claiming it had something to do with addictive behavior. it's outrageous. they are representing themselves. >> the first of all the fact that you are representing yourself pro se fruitful as somebody who has. we are society of labels. warning labels, tobacco. alcohol has its own warning labels. the question is whether or not a warning label is on the bottle, will it change somebody's ability or decision making? in whether they are going to
3:53 am
drink. i'm glad you brought up tobacco. i want to challenge you. yes it sounds absurd on its face. these five guys were drunk. they got into trouble and they are going to sue for a billion dollars. let's remember it was the tobacco companies that settled for billions of dollars because their product, it turned out was addictive and they hadn't labeled it properly. does the alcohol industry need to learn a lesson from this somehow? >> okay. that was a separate and distinct. the addiction of tobacco and the addiction of alcohol still has nothing to do with their criminal activity if it wasn't alleged at the point of trial. >> has to be alleged tamara. if you are going to cut me off. tamara, i'm a criminal defense attorney as well. >> hold on. >> i would like to finish my point. >> does it have merit? >> no. if it had merit, the judge and the jury at the time of the trial for the crime would have to see whether it has merit. they are there to determine that there is very clear laws on the books regarding
3:54 am
intoxication and mitigation regarding the men's real estate a you need to commit a crime. all of these men have committed manslaughter, rape and higher felonies than that. >> go ahead. >> it doesn't necessarily matter what the crime is we're talking about two separate issues. we are talking about whether or not the tobacco industry and really i think that the fact that these are criminals that are making this allegation. it does kind of minimize the strength of the case. but really the deeper issue is whether or not the alcohol companies should put warning labels on there that this kind of behavior will -- could lead to alcohol -- >> no it's not. >> it also is legislation. >> this is not a case that should be brought in the courthouse. >> may i finish i gave u. the sam respect. so it is legislation but, remember, we he have separate powers. so, the courts can also say and just like you mentioned with tobacco, the tobacco settlement for a few hundred billion dollars, that was something recently because
3:55 am
tobacco is addictive. >> right, those are for damages people suffered. copd. elm if a seem matchett there are no damages other than crimes that they claim. >> it's an addiction. >> they're not claiming they were hurt. they are claiming they committed crimes as a result of it. it goes back to their criminal case. >> ladies, we have to leave it there honestly this case is deeper than we thought of these five crazy convicts. thanks for debating it great job. lawmakers say the cia told them one thing about usama bin laden raid and a different story to the film makers behind that controversial film 0 darr 30. they want to know which story is real. and one grocery store owner could have sold his business for millions. instead he gave it away free to his employees. why did he do that? ..yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke.
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wow. i'm -- looking at the "new york post" cover which is the first thing i do 365 days a year, puts me in a good mood every single time. >> you never know what you are going to find. >> another drink for the man in 23 c taped -- it's fantastic. >> they have such funny names as you know in the "new york post." i think they called him like a boozed up bozo or something. >> no charges are filed. he is spitting on people. yelling at people. we will talk more about this. >> i think he was punished it looks like. >> we will tell you the back story of how that all happened. >> he liked it. you never know. >> story caught so much of your attention the journal news outside of new york city. it covers three counties. and they decided in light of the new town, connecticut tragedy, to publish the names and addresses of local gun owners, legal, legal pistol permit owners. now that they have done this there has been a lot of blow back and outcry including from criminals who have come
4:00 am
forward to say how much easier a list like this would have made their jobs when they were robbing homes. soosm have argued and tried to make the case that it's okay for them to publish the names and addresses first of all it's public information and they have likened them to sex offender. those sex offender registries available this isn't bad at all. it's like sex offenders. you are comparing me to a sex offender because i have gone through the legal outlets to get a registered gun and keep it in my home to protect myself that's absurd. >> that's a stupid comparison. i would love the name and address of anybody who made it by the way these are the are exactly the people you shouldn't worry about. these are the people who should have firearms. these are the people who have gone through every legal step to register these guns. how many crimes are committed by this group of people? none, basically. >> that's a great point. this is what i think was missing from this whole thing was any sort of journalism. when you print the names and addresses of these individuals
4:01 am
just willy-nilly with no information about it, wouldn't it be nice to know, statistically if they did their job as journalists for this newspaper well, in this particular neighborhood, because of the number of registered guns there is less crime or there is more crime in this particularod. or taken the numbers and in a different way and provided some journalist i can context to the community. >> that would have been helpful. why the way we were just showing there of the decision makers, the editor of the newspaper and publisher of the newspaper. tucker, to counter your point, adam lanza's mother was a legal gun owner. >> right. she hurt not a single person. her mentally ill son did. that is exactly the point. it's the person who commits the crime not the firearm. the firearm is mere live a fool. again, the number of people who go through the steps to legally register firearms who wind up committing violent crimes is basically nil. so focus on the people who are committing the crimes.
4:02 am
the risk to the rest of us. >> now those individuals who may come into your home and burglarize your home the very people you are trying to protect yourself from when you have a registered gun in the home is put in jeopardy he a former burglar was on greta show the other night and talked about this very same issue saying this will lead to more burglaries, listen. >> one of the things burglars look for when they go into a house is guns. it's so easy to sell guns and make cash. they always look for them. now that this interactive map suspect and the issue is such a strong issue, every criminal in those two county in the surrounding area is aware of it. they are going to be checking out this map. they will be casing the neighborhood. there is a couple of ways to find out if the homeowners are home or not. so you are going to see in the few weeks several burglaries or more occur in this area. there are other criminals have come forward to say this looks like it would have been a gold mine to them.
4:03 am
which homes had guns and didn't. they would hit the ones that didn't and now there is a road map for them. >> post the ones with large amounts of cash at home. >> find us at twitter at ff weekend as well. 0 darr 30. now they are demanding answers from the spy agency. >> james rosen joins us live from washington with the latest on this story. james? >> hey, james. >> tucker, alli and clayton. good morning. hollywood producers love free publicity for their movies not usually this kind. at issue imeb is the $20 million espionage thriller 0 darr 30 that resulted in the killing of usama bin laden. it's already caused controversy because of the cooperation the director including the alleged provision of classified material.
4:04 am
now some lawmakers are upset over the film showing waterboarding and enhanced interrogation techniques deemed by many to be torture as one of the factors that help lead to usama bin laden's compound in pakistan. michael more relevant told agency employees last month that such techniques were not the key to finding bin laden that the film created a false impression in that regard. yet more relevant also told employees that such techniques did help uncover, quote, some of the intelligence that was used to track the al qaeda learned. so, on new year's eve, three leading senators on the intelligence and armed services committees, two democrats and a republican wrote to more relevant asking, quote: in regards to the bin laden operation. what information was acquired from cia detainees subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques? when was this information provided? prior to? during? or after the detainee was subjected to the cia's enhanced interrogation techniques? if after, how long after? senator saxby chambliss, the
4:05 am
ranking republican on the republic committee called all of this odd. what's next chambliss asked in a statement yesterday. bourn thrilling or 24? 24? it also seems fruitless for the intelligent committee to demand more information from the cia about detention and interrogation program several weeks after the committee voted out its final report on the program. another strain of controversy involved the cia analyst portrayed in this movie by jessica chase stain. the analyst was passed over for an internal promotion at cia. did you guys see this movie? >> not yet. >> no. >> i want to. >> i would like to see senate inquiry into the bourn thrilling and wondering by the latest bowrnl fill was so bad. can we get on that? >> that demands further scrutiny from our lawmakers. i love saxby chambliss' reference to 24. shouldn't it have been homeland just to keep current. >> yes. you make a great point. i'm here to help. >> thanks, james. >> all right. thank you. let's get to your headlines
4:06 am
right now and tell you what else is happening. corporate donations have started rolling in it help fund the president's second inauguration. the inaugural committee posted the names of 417 donors 7 companies were listed including at and t and microsoft. allowing corporate donations for the ceremony this time around. retired marine john hammer is still recovering from being behind bars in a corrupt mexican prison. his father is speaking out now about his son's struggle. >> he said, not doing real great right now. physically, physically great. but mentionly, i think we're going to have to take a break for a second. you are dealing with quasiauthoritative people. and you are dealing with the mexican authorities. and so you are not sure how are really dealing with. >> hammer is suffering from a stomach virus and dehydration. both inmates that broke out of
4:07 am
a chicago jail and climbed down 20 stories with a rope made of bed sheets are back behind bars this morning. kenneth conley picked up nearly three weeks after the deadly escape within steps of police headquarters. weighs wearing a disguise and walking with lake lila campground. police caught him after he tried pushing one of the officers and making a run for it. his partner joseph banks was caught to days after the escape. those are your headlines. there. >> all right. thanks, alisyn. let's check in with maria molina. >> good morning. good to see you. good morning, everyone. today we are tracking pretty chilly temperatures early this morning. over the next several days we will start to see a shift in the weather pattern where temperatures are going to start to be a little bit above what's typical for the month of january. good news for many people across the country. otherwise for today we are actually going to be seeing some areas of snowfall. >> we have been seeing that overnight hours in upstate new york. most of that not really accumulating. it's our next system that will be producing a little bit of
4:08 am
interior snow along interior sections of the northeast. that's across the plains producing snow in cens and parts of missouri and arkansas. otherwise a brand new storm system out across portions of the pacific northwest. starting to bring rain in seattle. areas of washington will bring some snow. it will remain settled out here over the next several days and continue to see that rain, that snow and even that wind across places in the northwest. not good news for you guys. otherwise, i had temperatures, 44 in seattle. otherwise here in new york city, 37 degrees will be our high temperature. back to you guys. >> thanks so much. let's talk about one particular furniture store this morning that's making headlines because any time you bring up an individual, the head of a company, and you are in the government and you bring them to a state of the union address. you put them up there in the balcony and you hold them up as an example economic recovery and then they suddenly go out of business, chances are there is going to get some scrutiny as to why you went out of business now. the c., the head of a furniture company in north
4:09 am
carolina is now out of business. they were touted by the obama administration as a sign of american made goods that we can bring jobs back to the united states. they are an example of it. >> exactly one year ago this is what the president said. these are ceos who take pride in hiring people here in america. bruce cochran's family had manufactured furniture in north carolina for five generations. he came home and started a new company. lincolnton turn turf which operates out of the old family factories that had been shut down. he has rehired many of the former workers from his family business. >> now they are shutting their doors, sadly. the ceo is closing down. you heard after five generations or whatever the president just said because they say they can't compete with foreign companies. >> should have had a wind form or algae company or be making fuel cells or some other favored green technology that the government is now subsidizing and he would be in business. >> this is an example though
4:10 am
just based on the economic conditions there wasn't any stimulus money given to them. any green money given to them like solyndra as far as we know. the ceo says we didn't get enough orders. we thought we could get more orders. we thought we could put the made in america stamp here at home. i don't know who is to blame here. it's a condition of all of these companies having to ship. get lower cost goods from overseas. in this country we wanted cheaper computers. that's why del has flatts here. that's why we get cheaper iphones and ipads. if they were here, the cost would go up. that's simple economics. >> again, the story is all the companies who haven't had to oversend their workers overseas because they are receiving handouts from the federal government in some cases in exthat foing for campaign contributions the wind farm industry got more money in this last bill. >> for the victims of sandy. they snuck some of that pork in. it is a problem. we want low priced goods but we want american jobs.
4:11 am
somehow those it's hard to do both of them. sometimes we have had system struggling companies when we say they are all american made then their sales boost. if they tout that and trumpet it sometimes people patron nice this store. with this one it went under. >> sad news. coming up on the show. one state senator now saying is he going to fight until hell freezes over stop this newspaper from publishing another county's list of gun permits of owners, he joins us next. >> imagine this guy sitting next to you on an airplane. he was duct taped for his seat for being too drunk. was this the best way to calm him down or most amusing? ♪
4:12 am
4:13 am
4:14 am
putnam county clerk is refusing to release prosecute prosecute -- i wasn't elected to journal news i was represent the citizens of my county. my phone has been flooded with phone calls people fearful for their lives and their safety and the safety of their family and the neighborhood. these laws were written over 30 years ago. we didn't have computers we didn't have folks media. we didn't have google maps. it's an invasion of people's privacy. >> lawmaker who backs that court's new york senator greg ball. senator, thanks so much for being here. why do you agree with the names and dresses being published? >> it's a bone headed move and malicious slap in the face. these are folks obeying the law. they have done everything
4:15 am
right. they didn't create a list of sexual predators or criminal history of illegal firearm purchases: they are left of the left editorial board. and they try to connect the atrocity in connect cut somehow can w. this maneuver to try to justify it. we have victims of domestic violence that have called my office who have now, the stockers and whatnot are back couple days before christmas when this happened. we live in new york city, right? the metropolitan area. we have a lot of new york city police officers retired and live in our area. they put the worse of the worse away. we are talking about bad people, rapists, thugs, murders, gang members. and now we the journal news created interactive map allow those people to get to the doorstep of these first responders. >> why would the county give this information up? there is all sorts of behavior regulated by the state. painkillers, for example. would the county give the name of everyone who has a pain
4:16 am
killer prescription? probably not? it's such bad judgment to give this information. >> it's good that put ma'am county had the fortitude not to do it. the attorneys from the genus is going to counter and there will be a process. we need to make sure legislative there is a law in place like massachusetts and florida has make sure this information is not disseminated. >> alisyn: there is a law that allows it to be disseminated the freedom of information act allows the county executives, clerks for this information and they must turn it over. that clerk that we just showed is actually in violation of the law right now. the journal news progressive from my perspective it's non-warranted violation of privacy. that's an exemption also the fact that somebody's lives is at risk. we are talking about public safety. what's going to happen is that law enforcement officials from across the state are coming together to demand the journal news rescind their actions and that we move forward legislatively. this isn't a second amendment issue. this is privacy issue. we have gun control people and
4:17 am
second amendment people coming together saying genus, what the hell are you doing you? are putting our communities at risk. created a christmas shopping list for criminals like they have testified to. it's really a bone headed maneuver. >> if crimes result as a result of this information being disseminated, if houses are burglar rides, the guns stolen in the commission of a imcrew. could the newspaper be held accountable for that? >> the west chester county police benevolent association said if any of our 25,000 members, many of which live in my district are harmed or their families are harmed, that that community is going to hold the journal news accountable. i hope that it doesn't happen. but we he have seen in other states when similar actions have been taken, that people have been hurt. and we saw just a couple weeks back what happens when you give a little bit of leeway. the fact that they created interactive map. somebody can click on that map, link it with google earth and be on somebody's doorstep in less than 30 seconds. >> pretty over the top. >> good to hear. >> thank you.
4:18 am
>> wants you the taxpayer to bail them out. you won't believe how much cash they're hemorrhaging every day. >> one grocery owner could have sold his business for millions instead he gave it away free to his employees. the store's new ceo joins us coming up. excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app.
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4:21 am
time for news by the numbers. first, $375,000 that's how much the obama campaign has been fined for reporting violations. reports say that during his 2008 campaign. the president accepted nearly 2 million bucks without properly reporting it next 2, a million dollars. that's how much the u.s. postal service is losing every day. the agency has defaulted on 11 billion in treasury payments and can't borrow any more money. finally $4 million. that's how much the average 30 second spot will cost customers super bowl. 500 grand more than they paid last year. he weighs retiring and could have sold successful business to the highest bidder. instead, the founder of
4:22 am
lumplet kins village foods gave his employee -- his company to his employees all 400 of them. nice to see you this morning, brent. welcome to the show. we understand joe who was suffering from parkinson's not feeling well this morning and of course retired. how did this all unfold? what made him decide i'm not going to sell my company to the highest bidder i'm going to give it back to my employees. >> joe has always thought about. >> he decided if he could put it in the hands of the employ yeses, whatever he was going to do, he wanted to take care of us. so, about a year ago, he sat down with his family and said this is what i think we should do. and they put the plan in action, and then we made the
4:23 am
announcement in september. >> what exactly is is that plan? a lot of people at home probably thinking how do i suddenly take ownership of a company? how exactly does that work? did someone show up in my office one day with a check? do i get a corner office? how does all of this unfold? >> well, what happens is it's done through what's called esop, employee stock ownership plan. instead of the employees trying to take out a loan and buy the business, really the owners they get to sell the company to the company itself. the company buys itself and hands the stock options to the employees that's divided out it overtime based on seniority and pay but everyone who meets the qualifications gets to be a part owner in the company. >> now you feel that there is an ownership quality at the beginning of this year now, all of these 400 employees have an ownership in the
4:24 am
company like that they have never had before. do you think that this makes them get out of bed with a little bit more of a spring in their step going to company they now. >> definitely does. they have come to us with list of things very first day after the announcement i saw 21-year-old looking at a a chair. i think we need a a dollars part to replace that that's thinking like an owner. >> that's great. i wonder if other companies will take this on. we wish joe the best and hope that his health improves in new year. an amazing story. we appreciate you joining us this morning. give us the best to joe and what he has done to his company there, thank you. >> i sure, will thank you. >> thanks, happy new year. forget on the show forget doggy paddling. these pickups won't go
4:25 am
swimming without a life jacket. the government wants to regulate what dogs wear. ainsley is living the high life on the high sea. she is on board this luxury lot. sneak peek as we get back to the new york boat show and a little christopher cross this morning as we sail away. ♪ many of my patients clean their dentures with toothpaste. i tell them dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains, cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why i recommend using polident. [ male announcer ] polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. >> announcer: 'tis the season
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4:28 am
♪ amazing grace ♪ how sweet the sound. >> tucker, do you know this story that the oak ridge boys called the hospital room. >> yes. >> of president george h.w. bush because is he a big fan of the oak ridge boys. when he was cooperating and convalescing in the hospital they sang this beautiful song and he will virus are a to him and lo and behold he got better and felt better and isen the mend. that is great. i heard that you said last week on the show gosh, i wish the guy with the low voice would do my phone message. >> i want the guy from the oak ridge boys with the deep voice. >> the he will virus are a guy. >> the mountain mountain mountain. >> hey it's layton morris.
4:29 am
that's what i want for my voice mail. >> your wish is our command. he has made. >> hello, yes, you have reached clayton's voice mail but, no, this is not clayton's voice. this is richard temperature stue oak ridge boys. leave a message from my pal clayton and he will give you a call back um pappa. >> thank you so much. that is awesome. it's a dream come true. that is great. how do i get a copy of that and put it on my phone right now? >> how many lucky strikes does it take to get a voice like that? >> i know. many many years. >> who do you want to leave your voice mail message? >> jerry gars has passed away. >> what miley cyrus. >> i'm not sure who miley cyrus is.
4:30 am
>> that is excellent. >> what about this guy? how about this guy? would you want this guy to do your voice mail message? take a look who is is on the front page of the "new york post" this morning. he was on a flight. 30,000 feet up in the air. he was drinking wildly. wildly drinking. then he started of spitting on people and yelling at people. and the only way at this altitude that they could restrain the guy, hold him down, duct tape him to the chair and duct tape his mouth so he would stop spitting on people. >> these are the producer's notes, drunk lunatic duct taped to seat on flight after booze. >> it's like the story of the day. >> he looks like hand bell lecture that looks very ominous. in fact you said he was spitting. he was. but he was also groping passengers. >> who doesn't do that? >> on a flight. this is from iceland to jfk and he apparently had been
4:31 am
inbibbing. >> i bet you a thousand bucks this guy took some kind of sedative with the flight and reacted with the booze. >> they said he wassing you canning the little plane bottles like one after another. >> a lot of people take sedatives or sleeping pills on planes and any kind of alcohol can react in a way that makes you into a nut case. >> you might have a good point. at times when i have overindulged i had the common decency to just pass out. >> you didn't grope anyone? >> well -- >> you have never been duct taped. >> i didn't go berserk. i fell asleep. >> wind up duct taped. >> fun night. >> just a guess. >> let us know if that cocktail holds true. a lot more on that coming up. >> more headlines right now. let us american head airlines to discuss troop withdrawal. the afghan president concerned troop withdraw will hurt
4:32 am
economy. many citizens work on troop bases and would be out of work. security and military agreement will reportedly be signed during karzai's visit. firefighters trying to stop a small leak at california refinery may have actually made it worse. according to a new report the pipe had a large gash punctured from the outside. believe a firefighters tool hit the pipe while they were trying to fix the smaller leak. the large hole could release a huge cloud of gas that caught fire and caused explosion 15,000 people living nearby went to the hospital for eye and breathing problems. >> well a group of strangers come to the rescue after a car flips over on a busy highway it was all caught on camera. take a look at this as several people surrounding the car and actually lift it up so one of them could get underneath and pull a 19-year-old woman out. the scene was caught on cell phone by another driver passing guy.
4:33 am
they laid them out on the ground and one guy took his coat off and laid it over them. another one came one a large sheet of plastic and laid over them to keep them warm. >> so many people would stop and do whatever they had to do. that was the cool part. >> the driver is recovering at an atlanta hospital. good for them. and, are they fur real? you are welcome. california lawmakers are considering all dogs to wear life jackets when they're around the pool. not only that a lifeguard must be present. the rule would only apply to doggy day cares and kennels. lawmakers say the rule is necessary after three dogs drowned last year. the bill is still in the draft stage and the public will have a chance to comment on it before it becomes official. >> odd because i thought dogs born they knew how to swim. >> doggy paddle. >> pretty much they are. how hue humiliating is it for a dog to wear layoff jacket. i love dogs. i'm as pro-dog as you could be but i just think there is
4:34 am
something sad about a dog in a life jacket. >> made fun of. >> dress them up in the sweaters and put them on. they are dogs, do they need a sweater outside? >> of course not. that's nothing compared to a life jacket. if you can't swim and you are a dog, that's like you falling down on the dog job. [growling] >> pointed out by the other dogs. >> can people hearing the growling outside my ear? was that going on the air? [growling] >> maria molina is with us for a look at the weather across the country. >> actually a story about that our family dog back in florida actually almost drowned so i think that's a good story. a good idea. i know it seems a little silly but i woke up at 4:00 in the morning one morning basically to my dog barking that he couldn't get out of the pool. he can swim he just couldn't get out and that's what made things dangerous. after that to say the least he slept inside. as far as the weather goes. >> good to know. >> across the country out here, pretty much the story across the entire u.s.
4:35 am
over the next several days, we are going to start to notice a little bit of a change. that jesus' jet stream is goingt rise northward. that's going to be warming things up across places in the southeast and texas and oklahoma and even here into new york city we will be seeing temperatures a little bit above average. still january. but better than what's typical. 37 will be your high temperature today in new york city. low 50s in raleigh, atlanta, parts of the plains. seeing pretty chilly temperatures as well. in dallas a'' for high temperature. we do have a storm across the center of the country that will be producing areas of snow. already doing so in places like missouri, northern arkansas, and also further west across oklahoma and kansas. otherwise, you guys the pacific northwest looking at rain right now. >> thanks so much. >> thanks maria. >> we sent her to the new york boat show thinking she would go fishing and get her feet wet. it looks likes ainsley is living the high life on the high sea. and she is. look at that.
4:36 am
>> she is on the giant yacht. >> clayton, i absolutely loved your yacht. i'm hurt that you never invited me on this though. >> i'm sorry. needed it for the boat show. i'm glad you got a chance to tour it this morning. >> it's amazing. will you buy me one, too? this is clayton's cot set right here. if you walk inside. you can see the kitchen of clayton's yacht. and then the living quarters or what i would call the living room. what's the proper name for this area? >> the proper name is salon. >> we are learning this is a salon. the bedroom is called a state room. the bathroom is called a head. this yacht has three state rooms and each of them have their own head. 50 feet. this is dick curry. the staten island yacht sales. >> welcome aboard. i love your hat. >> appreciate it saving it for halloween. what i loved about this boat when i walked on i saw this retractible sun roof. >> yes. >> if i are out in the middle of the ocean and get the sun inside or you get the stars? >> it's actually got glass enclosures on the top so you
4:37 am
can see through it when it's closed. >> amazing, it's retractible and everything in here is water resistant. >> yes, it is. >> nothing will get damaged if it starts to rain. you have your flat screen open and close here. >> drops down when you are not using it underway drop that down so visibility is better. >> then the two state rooms that you see down here. two bedrooms in the front of the boat and then there is a separate state room that makes this very attractive. >> the master state room was a full beam master which in the 50-foot express yacht like this is very very rare. it's a tremendous wow factor ys a wow.le walk down that >> put the kids in the front because one of the room has two twin beds. >> or unwanted guests. sleep 8 to 10 people under certain circumstances. >> lots of bells and whistles on this boat. what's the most attractive feature in your mind. >> full beam master is a real
4:38 am
winner. the creative layout of this boat is absolutely spectacular in that you have got a tremendous amount of natural lighting that comes inside the boat which gives people a feeling of being in an open area. people don't like to be clausester phobic on a boat. this particular boat has a amount of windows which you can see over here and over there. it's a very very comfortable feeling. the ability to speak, have an open conversation across from everybody. >> can you just imagine? wouldn't this be the nice high life to sit on this boat? have the music cranking. have have a little cocktail. all your family and friends around. >> yes. >> how much would this boat cost if i wanted to buy it? >> depending on the options or power package on it the manufacturer suggested retail value of this boat is $949,000. >> wow. >> we go down from there. >> clayton, what's your charge number? your credit card number? >> no cod's don't accept that i do offer layaways.
4:39 am
>> close to a million dollars. i will say if you want to buy a boat they were telling me earlier the boat show is the way to go. you can get a lot of deals. this are a lot of boat shows over the next few months, it's boat >> pick one up after the show. >> look forward to your next report and see what trouble you are stirring up gilligan. >> skipper. >> county government regulate the rain? they tried in virginia but failed thanks to state attorney general ken cuccinelli. how he fought big government and won next. >> want to keep your new year's resolution. clayton has the gadgets that could make that happen coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the already great sentra apart and completely reimagined it? ...with best-in-class combined mpg... and more interior room than corolla and civic? ...and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation and other handy stuff?
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yeah, that would be cool. introducing the all-new nissan sentra. it's our most innovative sentra ever. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a $169-per-month lease on a 2013 nissan sentra. ♪
4:41 am
>> welcome back quick headlines for you. most americans agree that obesity is a major issue.
4:42 am
want the government butt out. more than half the adults are against higher taxes soda or junk food. super sized sodas. what do you do if you see a giant pothole in the road? pull over and use it like a hot tub, of course. 21-year-old taking a dip in a massive pothole. a foot deep hole in ireland was caused when a water main burst. it's since been patched up by the town. ali? >> while virginia scores a legal victory against the e.p.a. ending the agency's bid declare rainwater in fairfax county a pollutant. a federal judge's ruling does more to predict what some critics calling attorney general. it saves virrians more than $300 million. virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli joins us live from washington. high, ken. nice to see you. >> on the face of this. it sounds silly, rainwater,
4:43 am
run off water a pollutant. but do you have any idea what the e.p.a.'s real rationale for this was? >> well, i think first of all what they said in court is they acknowledge that what they put in this permit to regulate was water when which is not a pollutant. what they then argued was well it helps us get not good enough. regulate this like pollutant you don't have the authority to do that end of case. you asked what were they trying to do? first of all they were trying to get the legal ability to bootstrap non-pollutants to get at pollutants, which, in turn, would have given them a massive beach head in local land use and the ability to have a seat at the table when your local county is making decisions about zoning and storm water and things like that. which would have put the e.p.a. in every economic development decision everywhere in the country. or at least given them the ability to get there.
4:44 am
>> right. >> this is a big win in pushing them back. >> it's a big win to you. you saw this as overreach and slippery slope as you just speltd out how had they been able to win this the sky was the limit. >> right. >> play out that scenario. how far would it have gone? >> well, let me tell what you it would look like in the real world. my client was the department of trfings in transportation in virginia. our co-plaintiff was the board of supervisors of fairfax county. vdot owns road. we don't own other land. what they're trying to too is make us stop the flow of water. cut it by half into this creek. and to do that we would have had to condemn people's houses and businesses near the road. we would have had to knock those houses down. of course we would have evicted them and plant grass. so the water will soak into the earth instead of flow into the creek and build retaining
4:45 am
pools and things like that. that's what it looks like in the real world and all of this would have cost virginia and fairfax county over $300 million. >> what they said was that they were -- what the e.p.a. said was that they were trying to get at the problem sediment as a way to get at the problem with sediment was through rainwater. so, did -- >> -- i have a better idea. why don't you get at the problem of settlement by getting at sediment. it is supposed to keep water clean. treating it like it's a pollutant and pollutant is completely asinine under the clean water act and the judge agreed. he was very elm emphatic in this ruling. >> ken cuccinelli you won and you have kept the e.p.a. at bay, no pun intended in terms of water in virginia. >> no pun intended. >> thanks so much for coming in to explain it to us. >> glad to do it. >> coming up, the world's best selling car just revealed and the topic might surprise you.
4:46 am
stick around, clayton has the latest gadgets that will help you stay on track to stick to your new year's resolution. that's a scale. don't try to trick me, clayton. >> i'm going to weigh alisyn when we come back. everyone wants to know. don't show my weight. [ laughter ] this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur
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>> take more than will power to keep your new years resolutions clayton morris here with the latest tech items to help you keep those 2013 promises. clayton, what is all of this. >> this is good stuff to help you keep your new years resolutions app. called good habits. download if you have iphone or ipad. let you set up reminders for the things you want to accomplish every day. working out it will gently nudge you as a reminder that you haven't done it yesterday today. >> call you names flossing maybe you want to pay guitar this year. set up all sorts of things start early and start in
4:50 am
january. i'm a big fan of fit bit. you wear this pedometer tracker. you keep it in your pocket if you are a woman keep it in your shirt or bra, wherever you want. track all your calories for the day. every floor you climb. steps climbing by the end of the day set a gool reach 10,000 steps. you will notice if you are 8,000 steps by the half of the day. maybe step up face a bittle. works over blue tooth it will pare with your smart phone. log on into free app. and see how you are doing throughout the day. pairs with fit bit scale called the area scale. every day you wake up, you step on your scale and it thinks with your app. and with the fit bit. it all works together. so you can see how much weight you are losing and go to the web site, track it it on the app. and see how many pounds you are dropping. >> is there any way that information could leak to the public? [ laughter ] you don't want it out there. >> i don't want it hacked.
4:51 am
>> you can tweet your updates if you want. set up twitter account lets you tweet out weight. no one knows about it but my wife. don't try to find it? >> that's interesting. >> when you put it out there in public you be more likely to. >> humiliation does work. >> among your friends of course it does. >> it isn't very techy but using the internet to get your coffee is. it's interesting that most americans will spend $20 a week on going to a coffee store and buying coffee on their way to work. that's over $1,000 a year that they're spending on coffee. so a lot of friends i was talking to some friends that said i need to cut back on $8 a day latte habit. what better way to do it than tonx they source the world's best beans and ship to your doors. have it shipped to you every two weeks or moont. these the world's best beans. free trial. give them credit card and insoup for the trial and they will ship you a bag of beans
4:52 am
to try out. when you try their beans and know they are the best in the world and not sitting on a shelf and rancid. >> my wife is like i don't want to go out and get coffee anymore. >> i never thought about rancid coffee. >> people don't know this. they think they are drinking muck. >> this is great for working out. if you think about heading back to the gym and you are a busy parent and want to be able to hear your kid. these are great head phones for the busy mom. it uses military bone conducting technology. they don't actually go in your ear. they rit right next to your ear that means can you hear your kids and ambient noise as you are crossing the road. it works so well and you get the full sound of listening to your normal music the way you would without it being stuck in your ear. >> so you can hear music through the bones in your head? >> exactly. how military does it actually for on the field in battle. you can actually hear it by conduction through the bones in your head. it works really well. plus they are sweat resistant and great for working out. stay up there securely.
4:53 am
>> that's remarkable. >> it's crazy. >> probably better for your hearing. >> absolutely not shoving it in there. next is neat receipts. i'm a big fan of ecosystem. neat cloud plus the neat desk. if you have got all those receipts this year go paperless and make it easier come tax time. scan all of your receipts quickly and put multiple pages of bills that come in. business cards go right through. and what it does is organizes it then using neat cloud all of it is stored in the cloud. one click send off that pdf right to your tax accountant or attorney whoever handles that sort of stuff or to your family. multiple accounts so family can have access. go paperless. don't have big stacks of paper. smart phone app. take photos of your receipts stores it right in the cloud right in the cloud system. folks from neat receipts have done something cool with the neat desk. >> lower your rates? >> if you are good with your overall finances.
4:54 am
>> throw them all in there and shoot them to your accountant? >> you can stick 8 or 10 pages deep. stick your receipts in there. business cards. start, scans right on your computer and toss this right in the trash. you don't need it anymore. because it's all digital? >> we get to a point where if you buy apple it? >> saves them money on having to pay for all these extra receipts. people out there like my wife who can't stand this has bpa in it every time touching it and getting chemicals all over their hands. why not. >> i stopped licking them for that exact reason. >> started losing his hair. as p if you missed any of these ngs find me on twitter at clayton morris. i would be happy to answer any questions. on sunday i'm flying out to the consumer electronics show in las vegas. i will be live from there for the weak. biggest consumer electronics show in the world. all the new gages.
4:55 am
"fox & friends" throughout the week. tweet me at clayton morris, i will try get photos of the things you are interested in. >> all your stuff is great. do you have an app. or gadget that makes the coffee into a coffee cup then? >> i'm working on it and also an app. that just makes you lose weight without doing any work at all. >> call me when you get that. >> thanks so much, guys. that is great. hollywood support of president obama is paying off. wait until you hear what tinseltown is getting in the fiscal cliff deal. plus, a newspaper published the names and addresses of gun owners. are they putting the public at risk by doing that? governor mike huckabee has some theories and he is at the top of the hour. where is flo? anybody know where flo is? are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head.
4:56 am
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4:58 am
the names of gun owners to help help keep them off the streets or help at least alert their neighbors is it just smoke and mirrors. is the newspaper just publishing somehow its own liberal agenda. governor huckabee weighs in on all of that next. and it's your zen moment hour. yoga for kids. it's replacing competitive sports. so whether it benefits beyond the map are we raising a nation of wimps? downward dog? come on not a nation of wimps. >> they are not wimps. plus, the guy in 23 c needs another round, another cocktail. just how much he drank to end up like this. look at that guy. ffsz hour three starts right now. he would probably want a drink too. >> i would tickle him. >> hi, we're the oak ridge boys. you are watching "fox & friends."
4:59 am
>> if you missed it earlier richard from the oak ridge boys has made my new voice mail message hello you have reached clayton. i'm so honored. >> exciting. if dolly parton is listening feel free to make mine. >> we asked tucker carlson who would you want to do your voice mail message if you had a celebrity. >> he died 18 years ago. >> sad. >> jerry garcia. >> he lives on in the souls of his fans, me included. >> that's beautiful. let's get to your headlines? what is happening at this hour. congress approved more than $9 billion for relief funds of super storm victims on friday it will help pay flood insurance to 115,000 people second vote on the rest of the aid package. 151 house speaker john boehner
5:00 am
drew criticism when he cancelled the vote on the full 60 billion-dollar aid package. well they broke out a chicago jail and they climbed down rope made of bed sheets. they are both back behind bars kenneth conley picked up three weeks after the daring escape police headquarters. he was wearing a disguise and walking with a limp. police caught him after he tried pushing one of the officers and making a run for it his partner, joseph banks was caught two days after the escape. so imagine being told your flight is delayed because your pilot is drunk. that happened to 53 passengers at the minneapolis saint paul airport after 48-year-old coal byron christian sen was pulled off of an american eagle flight in handcuffs. police boarded the plane and gave christianson a breathalyzer test after witnesses said he smelled like alcohol. >> i'm glad that they caught him. it's scary to think of pilots getting away with stuff that i
5:01 am
mean, the fact that he was in the only intoxicated but probably hadn't slept much either. >> i'm glad i wasn't on that flight. >> christensen is now suspended and the airline is investigating. well, this unlikely visitor not only showing up in a california woman's backyard,. >> big foot? >> but it got -- its antlers stuck and tangled in a tarp somehow. well, the sheriff's department says it's not trained for rescuing animals that large and they would have to put it down. that was not okay with the woman who found it. >> do not want the deer destroyed. he wont it the rescued. is he a beautiful trophy buck. >> they want it mounted on their wall. >> we're told the california fish and game went out to rescue the buck. >> we're hoping that's a happy ending. >> you would have to think that would happen more often. those things are pointy. get caught on a lot of things and they are everywhere. i live in the city of washington in the district of
5:02 am
columbia we have deer in our front yard all the time. we live them unmolested we don't hang sheets out. >> you don't hang sheets on out to get holes on a regular basis. maria molina is in for rick reichmuth. good morning, everyone. today we are tracking pretty chilly temperatures. feeling like january out there head out the door 22 degrees. 11 degrees in minneapolis. only 2 a in rapid city. a little bit better across places in the new york city where you are seeing current temperature at 32 degrees. 25 in raleigh, california. very chilly start to the day for you guys out there. otherwise, as far as precipitation goes in the northeast, not really seeing a whole lot of that for today we have had a couple of snow showers here and there across places across the lake. not seeing much accumulation. that's over with we will have snowfall as we head into tomorrow morning and that's all because of our next storm system that is a relatively weak system. we're not expecting to see really any accumulating
5:03 am
snowfall right now we have some snow coming out across places in missouri and some of that is actually coming down in the form of sleet or even freezing rain. so please be careful on the roadways. south of that storm where temperatures are too warm for snow we are seeing areas of rain across southern arkansas and widespread areas of rain and thunderstorms across places in louisiana. otherwise, the pacific northwest, brand new storm system arriving producing some areas of rain. higher elevations across the washington cascades. we'll be seeing some snowfall. some of you have guys could actually see over a foot of it we will continue to see unsettled weather not just for today out here as we head into sunday and other the next several days as well. you are going it continue to see that rain, that wind, and also basically that snowfall falling across the mountains. otherwise, quickly you guys, i want to mention as we head into the later half of next week, we're going to see a warm up in places across the south and northeast. it's january, above average temperatures still very chilly. >> all right. thanks so much, maria. check back later with you.
5:04 am
first back. >> we want to talk to you quite a few waives into christmas and beyond this controversy continues. we are talking about what the journal news did up there in -- up in northern new york. and publishing the names of all registered gun owners and their addresses on a map saying it was a public service. that the neighborhood had a right to know all of this public information and that we wanted to put it in black and white so everyone could see it. they are going to go further with this. they are going to do more of this. what's your response? >> it's recklessly irresponsible. the question is what service is being provided to tell people who owns a gun and who doesn't? have you had people already that i have seen this morning talking about this as an invitation to burglars saying this home may have an armed citizen behind it. this one doesn't. it's an easy knock off. or this one might be a target if you need guns. and just wait until the people aren't home. i think the bigger issue is
5:05 am
what is the real agenda. and i think maybe the way to deal with this is to have somebody who has the capability and the time to get the names of the publisher, the editors, all of the reporters and go to nexus lexus and get extraordinary lestlesz of information that is available to the public. how much did their mortgage cost? how much taxes did they pay on their house? their home address? list it would google maps. give every bit of information. divorce records if they have had one. put it all out there on the internet and ask them how do you like this? are you having a good time letting everybody have your information for no particular purpose? >> alisyn: that would be extremely uneleventh. >> why wouldn't they like it? if it's okay to publish other people's information. then let's all have the same salt applied. >> that is one suggestion. greg ball a new york state senator had another suggestion. he had called for a boycotting of the newspaper and of their advertisers. obviously hit people in the pocketbook. >> yeah. >> that makes them pay attention. here was his rationale earlier
5:06 am
on "fox & friends." >> it's a bone headed move. it's a malicious slap in the face. people have to realize that these are folks obeying the law. they have done everything right. the journal news has never created interactive list of three degree sexual predators. didn't create a list of illegal firearm purchases or create haze tri of illegal firearm purchases from. my perspective it's unwarranted violation of privacy. that's an exemption under the request. and also the request that somebody's lives at risk. talking about public safety. what's going to happen over the next couple days is that law enforcement officials from across the state are coming together to demand that the journal news rescind their actions. and that we move forward legislatively. this isn't a second amendment issue. this is a privacy issue. >> totally exactly right. the senator is on target. frankly, if the paper wants to publish something. why not publish a list of all the people written hot checks. publish a list of all the fathers behind in child support payments. those are people who are broken laws. what they're publish something a list of people who have obeyed the law. is it somehow now
5:07 am
unfashionable to obey the law? it's s. it somehow so outrage just to this editor that some people might decide to protect themselves? >> you know the answer. >> i do. >> the answer is that most journalists consider guns scary. and basically illegitimate. the second amendment notwithstanding. >> david gregory who ill ely holds up a clip on meet the press a couple of sundays ago didn't get charged even though it's illegal to have that in d.c. where he held it up. his children go to the same school that the president's children go to. they have 11 armed guards at the school. they are applying or advertising for a 12th armed guard. so here's the point. why is it perfectly okay for some journalist' kid to go to a school that is protected by heavily armed people but somebody else's kid is supposed to go to a school that doesn't have an armed guard. >> do you think congress would live by its own laws if a new assault weapons is past. banning different kinds of
5:08 am
magazines and weapons. would congress apply those restrictions to its own body guards. >> of course it wouldn't. i always have a problem when people use the problem assault weapon. because every weapon is an assault weapon. a pencil in the hands of an aggressor is an assault weapon if it's slammed into the side of your neck. and the idea that something looks scary and therefore makes it more dangerous is is absurd. a lot of the more traditional rifles have a lot more fire power than the so-called assault rifles that everybody wants to ban. it's the i had gross of people idiocy of people who know so little about firearms afraid of them because of thinking ignorance. >> move on to more of a productive note. >> that wasn't productive? gee. i. >> i enjoyed it. >> i did too. >> problem solving. what is the answer? >> well, the answer is that people behave. i know that sounds a little simplistic. look, we are not going to solve every crazy person by taking guns away from the people who aren't crazy.
5:09 am
we had more people murdered by hammers last year than murdered by guns. did you think about that? are we going to have a ban on hammers? there is a lot of carpenters and even just fix it uppers yourself who need a hammer. >> or use my son he has nerf hammer he is 2. >> you never know. think about that we cannot protect everybody from everything all the time. what we do need to do is address the things we can. don't let guns get in the hands of crazy people. >> how? >> first ofll, if you know somebody is crazy, they may need to have an institutionalization. you know, we have mainstreamed everybody and put them on the streets. and it's not been the smartest strategy. i know it sounds more humane to not institutionalize people. some people need to be for their own protection and that of others. put in a place where they can be carefully supervised. because they can't function in society. >> that's part of what the journal news said. we actually heard from viewers
5:10 am
over the past couple of weekends about. this they said i would like to know if my neighbors had guns. wouldn't you like to know if there was an adam lanza in your neighborhood who had access to a gun? that was a question some of our viewers raised. >> here is the problem. just the fact that you have gun in your house doesn't mean have you access. most of us who have firearms have gun safes. we don't leave them laying around like a mexican drug lord. the nonsense that a gun owner is irresponsible i take take exception to that i was far more afraid of my father any ever touching that gun without permission than i was of the gun. >> take a look at the number of violent crimes committed by legal gun owners and it's basically none. >> yeah. >> so this is just irrelevant to the crimes that are committed in this country. it has no bearing on them at all. >> okay. >> stick around we have a lot more to talk to you about. >> maybe even productive. >> that was very productive. newly sworn in republican
5:11 am
senator tim scott hammered by the naacp. the group says he doesn't believe in civil rights. well, that senator is now firing back. the governor sticks around to talk about that. >> plus, getting your hands on pot could soon be a button away. next to hit stores. marijuana vending machines. [ male announcer ] kids grow up in no time... marie callender's turkey breast with stuffing is a great reason to slow down. creamy mash potatoes, homestyle gravy and 320 calories. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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5:13 am
>> republican senator tim scott was sworn in yesterday as first african-american senator in more than three decades. slamming the newly elected lawmaker on civil rights. senator scott is firing back. listen. >> we have republicans who believe in civil rights. you know, unfortunately he is not one of them. and unfortunately his party as you know has really gone after
5:14 am
so-called rinos as they call them. these republicans who believe in civil rights again and again. >> i think that it's tcontinue a nation. if you really think about where we are, we have the most diverse freshman class in the senate. perhaps in its century. >> the way we get beyond it is recognize we have an opportunity to inspire young folks. i think about kids coming up in the same situation i came up in. we can talk to those kids about the fact that this country the american dream is alive. >> what does that even mean? governor huckabee is back with us now. >> does that mean senator scott doesn't like black people? >> why does anybody take the naacp offended anymore. >> i'm highly aoffend they'd would make those comments because he obviously doesn't know tim scott. do i know tim scott. i have known him for a number of years. he is remarkable person. his story is one of the greatest american stories that
5:15 am
we have in america today. for him to be in the u.s. senate is a great testment as who we are. grew up without a father and manager of chick-fil-a restaurant noticed he would come every day and buy fries as a teenager. he said how come that's all you buy? he he said because that's all i can afford. the manager befriended him. started becoming his mentor and introduced him to a spiritual life brought him to god. this is a kid who who would have been a gang member. one of the most remarkable stories to. say he doesn't represent the best of mercury find that appalling. >> what's at play here if that's the argument? is it that no is it this idea or stereotype if you are a minority you couldn't be a republican? what's going on here? >> i don't even understand that. i got 4 the% of the african-american vote in my state when i ran for re-election as governor. you hear very little about
5:16 am
votes being given to republicans. the reason is is because if the republicans were to give a real message it's a message it's about the america to come crazy of schools. rather than forcing your kid to a school that doesn't work. giving every kid regardless of his color the opportunity to dream his dream and live in a neighborhood he wants to rather than being told this is a government apartment and this is the only place you can live. it's about being able to put on your table whatever food you want, rather than having the government say here is your cheese this month, this is all you get. we ought to inspire every kid in america to dream his own dreams and live his own life. that's what tim scott represents. it's a wonderful example of great civil rides to say your color doesn't keep you where you started. for a lot of us who grew up poor the idea of america is that you don't have to stay where you started. you can't help where you started, you can dog on sure have a difference where you
5:17 am
end up. >> sometimes we have got to know where to leave it. that was so well said we're not going to say anything else, governor. >> that was productive. >> was that productive? >> i will actually qualify that as productive. >> who is coming up on your show tonight. >> we have a great american story of laura and young man saw when he was 11 years old on the streets of new york she developed a 20 year relationship. it's a powerful story that we're going to have tonight. a lot more east coast band is going to be with us wronging the house. is, you know, from soup to nuts, we have got it covered tonight. >> huckabee will:00 p.m. tonight. governor, great to see you. >> thanks. >> former congressman barney frank just retired from the house of representatives. it seems he is not ready to let go of capitol hill yet. >> isn't yoga just stretching becoming much more popular with children and being used as replacement for competitive sports. how wimpy can america get
5:18 am
before we roll over with all four paws in the air. >> come on, nothing wrong with yoga. reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it.
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>> here with is quick headlines. barney frank telling devol patrick he would like to be considered as a fill oo-in for john kerry's senate seat. he said it would only be until special election held for the spot. no word yet from the governor. this may be a surprise but an american car is now the best selling vehicle in the world. ford focus was named number one out selling the toyota carolla. the compact car is especially popular in china which of course helped drive it to the top spot. >> well more than 20 million people across the country are doing yoga and now the zen trend is catching on with kids. but author, larry winget said more kids. >> it is is the wussification. grow a pair. we need to toughen up and
5:22 am
stand up for ourselves and learn to be a lot tougher than yoga is going to teach us to do all by ourselves i can guarantee you that. [ laughter ] so what happened to competitiveness and team building. let's ask the author of a nation of wimp and editor at large at psychology today. what is wrong with kids doing yoga? my 2-year-old son. my wife is a former yoga instructor. she lays out the yoga mat my son loves to do downward dog. what's wrong with that? >> yoga is generally speaking not an activity that kids grey up saying hey, mommy, i want to do yoga. what kids really need is to get out there and actively play. and play in ways of their own devising. and playing together in groups of kids. what yoga basically is is a way of disengaging from the world. it's great for adults. adults need it. they are overstressed.
5:23 am
kids need to learn how to engage with the world in a productive way. so running, gambling, jumping, hide, seek, tag. those are things kids need. and they build kids' brains. >> why not get them started young with that as you yourself just pointed out with adults being overstressed why not have them learn at a young age it's good to reflect and take a few moments to yourself and calm down? >> we're confusing a bunch of things here. it's not that kids don't need quiet play. they do need quiet play. and sitting with paints and puzzles are wonderful things for kids to do. but free play, actively being out in the park or playground running around is by far the best stress reduction method in the world for kids. untop of that, it does things that kids need. so, you have to think that what kids need to develop is different from what adults
5:24 am
need to reduce stress. so what does play do? well, within 30 minutes of actively being out there or running and tagging and playing and jumping, play turns on hundreds of genes in the brain. so it's building connections in the brain. it's doing really important things and spurring brain growth. what's happening during play. kids are engaging with other kids. they are learning how to solve problems. they are learning how to negotiate their differences. and one of the other things that happens. >> aren't they being violent, too? isn't that part of don't little boys need a way to hit one another in a structured manner? >> contact is important for kids. they like contact. but violence is a whole other issue. >> kids' version of violence just like punching each other. >> i raised two little boys. yeah, there were times in the back of the car when he they
5:25 am
were not moving when they would pummel each other and i thought neither of them might survive. there were times when i thought that. but no they were not vibrant. about balance and giving them structured play and maybe even doing -- in addition to structured i don't think yoga itself is going to wussify anybody. >> as the governor said it's the hardest activity he has ever done. >> well, for him it's going to be a very difficult balancing activity, of course. >> right. but you are saying as a supplement? >> certainly not if it takes the place of play. >> as we say here -- >> the book is a nation of wimps, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this. >> let us know how you feel about this.
5:26 am
friends at is this the wussification of america or where do you stand on. this contorted. >> up next, you have taken a look at this week's paycheck. you now are just working as hard as before but for less money and you can thank washington's fiscal cliff deal for that. >> plus, it's a paddle palooza. paddle board something one of the hottest friends in fitness. ainsley getting lesson in that as you can see at the new york boat show. ♪ don't rock the boat, baby. campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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5:29 am
>> well, let's see what's going on. congress approved some version of the fiscal tax bill which raises taxes on rich americans. president obama was determined to do this right away while there is some still rich americans left. [ laughter ] >> you know jay leno is right. that the fiscal cliff deal does raise it on whatever the top 2%. but, everybody's taxes who gets a paycheck are going up because the payroll tax break, expired on january 1st, so your payroll taxes go up from i think 4.6 to 6.6% now from your paycheck. >> not just because of that loopholes have been closed for deductions on people earning way below $450,000.
5:30 am
way below. to middle class level. the average person is going to pay more taxes. >> never on the table. the payroll tax was never on the table as part of the negotiations. our own griff jenkins has more on exactly how much we are going it pay. did you check your paycheck today? you may want to. every american for that matter. it's 2% less than it was last week. that's right u as part of the fiscal cliff the payroll tax rose from 4.2% to 6.2% today. it effects every working american. >> so, peter, what's all this mean? >> well, the last two years washington agreed to cut from 6.2% to 4.2% that cost the government will $100 billion a year in rev now so now the government has raised that back up. that is $100 billion to come out of consumer's pockets it
5:31 am
was put there to help stimulate the economy. everyone has agreed we have done it for two years and that's enough. the economy is growing okay so we can pull it back. you can't pull it back without having consequences. average income for worker in this country is $50,000 a year or so. so 2% of that is $1,000. there has been some independent analysis that shows that this increase in the payroll tax is going to cost the average worker 800 to $1,000 more a year. that's 800 to $1,000 less in income, $40 a week that might be very important to families that are still struggling. >> i'm a college student. he just graduated student loans. every penny counts. >> how do you feel about the fact that your paycheck is 2% less than it was last week. >> that sucks. it's terrible. >> >> that's awful. >> i can't believe it. >> i think it's pathetic that
5:32 am
congress can't get their act together. >> how do you feel about your paycheck being 2% less than it was last week. >> i will let you know when i look at it. >> congress really let us down. i'm willing to give that 2%, you know, in order to step up and make sure that we're taking care of what we need to take care of. >> actually, this was payday. and seen the statement yet. >> are you afraid to look. >> it's anxiety producing, yes. >> how do you feel about the fact that your paycheck is 2% less today than it was last week? >> it sucks. >> you didn't know that? >> no. >> you have got to take the bitter with the sweat. >> i'm surprised he couldn't find anyone. >> paycheck. fantastic. >> to be clear it sucks is not a policy position. >> do something about it. >> there is a better way to articulate it. >> maybe voting -- maybe getting rid of the people in
5:33 am
congress who do this on a regular basis or voting or maybe changing the way in which you vote. you saw the guy there with the pro-obama hat on. >> that's a thought. >> okay. one suggestion. >> anything else, tucker? >> it just seems to me that a ton of people voted and we got this. i mean, look, the truth is, they sold these tax increases as a tax on people you never met on the super rich. warren buffet is the only guy who is going to pay the tax. it turns out that was a lie. >> that one was always set to sun set. >> you never heard word one. you heard the president day after day rich people can pay more their fair share. >> we have been talking about it so we know you heard something. tell you what's been happening at this hour. survivor and target of arizona's mass shooting two years ago. former congresswoman gabby giffords paid a visit to newtown, connecticut as the community there is still reeling from last month's tragedy. mark kelly met with families of the victims to offer support. the couple also spoke with local leaders about gun
5:34 am
control and mental health issue awareness. >> the pharmacy responsible for the deadly meningitis outbreak is blaming its cleaning company for contaminated drug. the new england compounding company is demanding uni first pay for legal claims against them. it says it only cleaned the pharmacy once a month. it is no no way responsible for the contamination. 39 people died and 600 people got sick in that outbreak. take a look at this unbelievable picture taken on a flight from iceland to new york. that is a drunk passenger who had to be duct taped to his seat after he attacked some women, spit on passengers and ranted about the plane crashing. the man was reportedly incredibly drunk and he drank his duty free liquor. >> he drank all of it? >> then he became belligerent and abused other passengers. the other passengers had to get up to tape him down. he was arrested in new york but bizarrely he he was not charged because the other passengers would not for some
5:35 am
reason talk to police. i guess. >> no snitching. that's the code of iceland. [ laughter ] >> you can get drinks and snacks from them. what about buying marijuana from a vending machine? california scp medicine box wants to said up machines similar too this for recreational use for colorado and washington state. they're already used in some states to store and dispense medical marijuana. those are your headlines. what do you call if it bangs? coke won't pop out. you keep jimmying it. i bet this would not do anything. >> no they are going to stare there kind of looking at the machine. >> grooving out on the buttons. >> going to fall down any time soon. >> then order a pizza. >> very passive folk. >> maria molina is outside to tell us how the weather is looking today. >> hey, good morning, good to see you guys. good morning, everybody. it feels very january like out here. we actually had some visitors.
5:36 am
they'll actually barbara over there. her visit ever to new york city here on this chilly morning. and temperatures will be warming up a little bit as we head into the afternoon hours. high temperature here in new york city should reach 37 degrees right now. we are in the low 30's. out west, much colder though, minneapolis 23 degrees for your high temperature. that's pretty much as warm as it's going to get together. 57 for your high temperature in dallas, texas. so upper 50s out there. a little bit of a warm up compared to the last couple of days in tampa, florida, a nice, warm 72 degrees. wow, we can only dream about it here in new york city. otherwise, across portions of the plains, we actually have a brand new storm system. this one is relatively week weak though. we are not expecting significant a. further snow showers south just rain. this storm actually produced significant snowfall accumulations across parts of southwestern texas with some places seeing as much as 10 inches of snow. you guys in the studio that's actually more snow than places like chicago have seen so far. >> all right. thanks so much, marie a we
5:37 am
will check back a little bit later as that storm approaches. coming up on the show, we're going to have this because now our own ainsley earhardt is actually at the progressive new york boat show. she has cruised into town with all of these boats. it's the 10th, it's huge, it's massive, and it's been here in the biggest city in the world. it's also the biggest boat show in the world. >> but it's not all about boating. it's also about water sports like the suddenly extremely popular paddle boarding. >> ainsley earhardt is here to prove it. she is going to give us a lesson. hey, ainsley. >> we're trying, alisyn. i wish you were here to do this. hi, good to see you this, no. if you are in the business to buy a boat. you can come here and bring the kids because they are probably going to talk you into buying a paddle board as well and want to get the whole family out on the water. we are here with kim and karen. kim owns down under. tell me about down under what and what it is. >> it is is a waterboard business in connecticut. we are all about having fun on the water. getting people on the water, making it their experience successful. do kayaking and paddle
5:38 am
boarding and do surfing. >> karen is going to demonstrate for us a lot of gyms now are picking this up and take 45 minute classes she teaches telling you how to do this to learn to surf on land before you actually go in the water. >> this is fitness and karen is demonstrating she is swimming out to catch a wave she is going to pop up, hardest thing when you are surfing pop up and not fall in the water. we teach them out in connecticut you can learn to do this and catch a wave. >> that's great. higher percentage of success have people taking your class. >> absolutely. >> very hard. she said she did it it's hard. >> more chicagoing on the water. >> really? i can imagine. >> it's a great workout. what we're trying to do is make sure you have a lot of fun. if it's fun you will do it and get the workout and get the benefits look like a surfer chic. >> do you look great if you add to it the paddle, and in that process can you do this
5:39 am
as well. we add the paddle boarding to the surfing. the paddle board. got her hand at the top of the panel fully extended. the blade is facing away from her. paddle along the side of the board and bring the board again. that's your straight stroke. forward stroke make you go forward. and then if you want to turn a little bit. just push the water away from the board. okay. that's this stroke. try it on the water. thank you so much. teach us how to paddle board. >> she was teaching us earlier. >> i will say if i can do it, you can do it. >> so i'm going to demonstrate. >> come and sit on the side of the board here. >> all right. so this little groove in the center is put your legs around, this right? >> farther away the better. so i'm going to hand you a paddle. >> we need the paddle, that would be helpful. >> and then when you are ready you are going to come into a crouch and then up into a standing position with your paddle, okay. >> perfect.
5:40 am
>> all right. your hand goes on the handle all right. great. i'm going to go paddle boarding. back to you guys in the studio. >> we're waiting -- can someone push you in? >> if clayton were there, you would be in the drink right now. thank goodness he is not there, ainsley. >> we're getting him the drink in the next live shot from what i understand. that's coming up. >> our audio -- i guess they don't have a microphone on her right now. they have the boom mike in case she falls in. they are not that confident in her paddle boarding. >> she is learning a lesson. ainsley, you are doing great. >> they don't trust me that's why they didn't put a microphone there is a boom up here. they thought i might fall in. >> oh ye of little faith. >> that's awesome. we will check back in with you soon. >> coming up on the show, our founding fathers created the constitution. one law professor says in order to get the country back
5:41 am
on track, we need to get rid of it. is he right? fair and balanced tee bait on that next.
5:42 am
5:43 am
>> it established our national government and fundamental laws and guaranteed us certain basic rights more than 200 years ago. has the u.s. constitution become outdated? georgetown university constitutional law professor lewis michael sideman says yes it has, constitutional attorney david rifkin disagrees. they both join us from washington. professor thanks for coming on. the constitution is useful certain rights regardless of who is in power. do you think we would have the freedom of speech, for
5:44 am
example, without the bill of rights? >> tucker, first, i want to say thank you so much for having me. in the last week, i have gotten over 1,000 abusive emails, many of them ante semitic. some of them threatening and so it's really a pleasure to be able to have a conversation that's sensible and calm about this. americans don't like other people telling them what they have to believe just because those other people claim to be better than they are. so, we wouldn't be happy being ruled by the french or the british or the u.n. or by a bunch of fancy pants law professors and there is no reason why we should be ruled by a very small number of people who have been dead for over 200 years who didn't even represent the united states at the time they were alive, the majority. so, with regard to free speech, of course we should have free speech.
5:45 am
but we should have free speech because free speech is valuable. i know that i have been taking advantage of it for the past few days. here is an argument that is not a good argument for free speech. we ought to have free speech because james madison 200 years ago thought we ought to have free speech. >> now, can you think, i mean, countries, civilized countries, great britain, for example. canada neither one has freedom of speech enshrined in the bill of rights. you can be imprisoned in both those countries for saying unpopular things. is that not true. >> they have different approach to the freedom of speech. let me say, this tucker, there are two different issues. my good friend professor has engaged. one is the particular mode of governance that's reflected in the constitution. that features not just provisions in the bill of rights but the diffusion of power both vertically between states and the federal government and horizontally among the three branches of the federal government. the right way to proceed.
5:46 am
let's stipulate that the frame has created diffusion of power because they believe no matter how compelling the action of a moment may be the best way to protect individual liberty frankly is to have a very cramped, confined government. the second issue is is the constitution as it stands now elm bodies the perfect balance. well, the answer to the first question i think is yes, i think the constitution is brilliant instrument. it continues to be relevant to the 21st century. second, we don't need tone gauge in extra constitutional hand throwing. article five of the constitution provides for opportunities to amend it. specific amendments constitutional convention. we now have 27 amendments in the book. i'm not sure why professor does not understand the proposition of the constitution the processes, the procedures for its own amendment. >> let's start from scratch the heck with it. >> professor, very quickly, if you would, without a
5:47 am
constitution, wouldn't each administration, political administration just make up the rules anew every time? >> no. gaza strip, israel, new zealand they don't have constitutions and that's not the way they work. we have long traditions in this country and we're not about to throw them out tomorrow. we're not about to throw them out in part because mr. rifkin is right. there is is a lot in the constitution americans believe in today. so, we would continue to do those things. there are also, i should say, some really pernicious provisions that almost no americans believe in today and we ought to get rid of. >> he gentlemen, i wish we had more time. thank you very much. that was illuminating. mtv's new show already reality gold. we go buck wild coming up. plus you have seen her dish out advice to contestants.
5:48 am
sharing weight loss secrets with us here. ♪ girl can't help it ♪ can't help it, the girl can't help it ♪ she got a lot what they call the mo ♪ the girl can't help it ♪
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>> you are looking for your bed, protein, healthy fat, complex carbs. focus on what you need and he eliminate the rest. >> after dishing out celebrity advice. rachel is with us now to give us easy tips so we can all lose like the biggestlessers. nice to see you, rachel. >> nice to see you alisyn. >> what i love about your book eat to lose, eat to win is that you say that these are easy to follow suggestion lings. you are not counting calories or carbs what are you doing. >> basically getting on an action plan. an action plan that's simple and going to help you lose weight and get you healthy. >> one of the greatest thing is you say snacking is mandatory. >> positively mandatory. that's your p.m. snack. if you think you are going to
5:52 am
bypass that afternoon snack, you are setting yourself up for failure. >> let's go through the day to give us great suggestions how to et auto. let's start with breakfast what are you suggesting is ideal breakfast. >> what you want to think about address breakfast is fiber assurance fix. have at least 10 grams of fiber in the morning. >> why do you love fiber so much? >> it cleans your body out. everybody is getting on detoxes in the new year and really this is your daily dose of detox. women climb your way up to 35 grams for optimal prevention of heart disease, cancer. >> 35 grams a day of fiber. >> a day. men, 40. >> this breakfast hooks up with fiber right away. >> exactly. >> kiwa great grain protein in it how are you preparing it? >> what you are going to do is look at it and say that has four grams of fiber or if you are glue ten free and going for oatmeal four grams of fiber, not enough. you are going to double boost it take one teaspoon of chia
5:53 am
seeds. >> they have been lately to have all of these great properties. you don't like the dark ones you like the light. >> when i introduce chia seeds to the biggest they looked at me why did you put bugs we eat with our eyes the white one is what i insist on because you are going to stay with it for the long run. we are in it for the long run. >> you are putting in chia seeds and blue berries and cinnamon great healthful benefits what is this? >> 12 grams of fiber. you are set and insured and starting your day off right. if you want an extra boost of help i have this am shaker take saon cinnamon regulate blood sugars to help you lose weight. began lated orange peel may suppress your appetite most importantly and i weight loss
5:54 am
it intaskly has a lot of cancer preventative compounds. >> get it as the your local grocery store. >> easy. >> i'm sorry, the began lated orange peel. >> easy. >> what do you suggest? >> when you look at your lunch, you want to think volume. we're trying to lose weight. we're trying to protect our bodies. so you want to think antioxidants. at least a cup and a half to two cups of veg. doesn't always have to be a salad roasted veg you set that up. i chose wild salmon. then you need a healthy fat. the fat helps you absorb the antioxidant. olive oil. attle bit of avocado. light dressing, not too much sodium. just a great solution. >> i have a few minutes left. i want to get to the snacking. you suggested everybody have dark chocolate. >> absolutely. we all want treats. have something that gives you nutritional bang.
5:55 am
dark chocolate 70% at least. melt it, dip your strawberries, you are set. enjoy it, lose weight and feel great. >> if you send in your emails right now, rachel is going to stick around. she will answer any of your nutrition questions that you have to help get your diet on the track for the new year. stick around. the book eat to lose, eat to win. see you in a little while. licensed enisted will the journal news says it's published the names of gun owners to help neighbors know where the guns are in their neighborhoods. is it just blowing smoke? then, would you stop on the side of the road to help a driver in need? that's what a group of total strangers did. we will show you their amazing story of how they saved a driver's live. top of the hour. ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪
5:56 am
5:57 am
♪ ooh baby, can i do for you today? ♪ [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. nly align has bifantis, a patented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. try align to help retain a balanced digestive system. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. >> good morning, everyone, it's saturday, january 5th, i'm alisyn camerota, thanks for being with us this morning.
5:58 am
one newspaper, well uknow them. published the names and addresses of gun owners. they said to help people, could it have the opposite effect. and criminals, have a frightening warning. >> tucker: he has freedom, but spending months in a decrepit mexican jail may have cost him more than his health. the father of retired marine john hammar talking about his son's struggles south of the border. >> clayton: and drunk on a plane, not a new samuel jackson film. but how much did this guy chug on the airplane to be duct-taped to the chair by other passengers, was this the best way to calm him down? we'll have the story. "fox & friends" hour four starts now. ♪ >> good morning, "fox & friends." good morning, "fox & friends." "fox & friends," good morning, "fox & friends" >> can you make that stop? >> the call center is open this morning. >> clayton: it's our pledge drive, annual pledge drive and
5:59 am
tucker carlson is here to talk part. >> alisyn: and we get this. >> tucker: and you get this handsome tote bag and a cozy for your beer. >> alisyn: tucker, thanks for being here. so of course, you know all about the top story that we have been following and that's this newspaper called "the journal news" it has published the names and addresses of legal pistol permit holders in two counties, north of new york. they're trying for a third county, but the town executives there won't release the names and addresses of their legal gun owners. >> tucker: no rational justification for this. legal gun owners particularly those who register their firearms with the states commit virtually no crimes at all. we know that. this is merely a primal scream from journalists who think that they're scary and mean. >> clayton: journalists if you can call them that, say the reason they did that was a public service, felt that the the neighbors would want to know who is is a registered
6:00 am
gun owner. here is one of the owners jeanette hanson there and also, news editor karen mcbride justifying, saying we think that the neighborhood would want to know who in their neighborhood owners guns. a former burglar was on our show-- was on greta's show last night and says it's going to open up pandora's box for burglary, doesn't make us more safe, less so. >> one of the things burglars look the at is guns. it's so easy to make cash. and now that the map is up, it's an easy issue and most criminals in the surrounding area is aware of it. they're going to be checking out this map, going to be casing this neighborhood and couple ways to find out if the home owners are home or not. so you're going to see in the next few weeks, several burglaries or more occur in this area. >> alisyn: okay, he so it's interesting. one of his theories is that
6:01 am
robbers, criminals, look to steal guns in homes, but then we have another criminal who came forward, his name is walter shaw, his claim to fame, he was responsible for 3,000 robberies that netted him 70 million dollars over two decades. he said that it's like a gold mine. a list like this is a gold line and obviously criminals read the newspaper. you think they all live in a shack somewhere. no, they read the newspaper and look for things like this and they would hit houses where there are no guns, obviously, what they would look to and he also predicts that this would see a spike. >> tucker: there's been some research on this question, john wat did a ground breaking study years ago that showed in places where there is a high level of legal gun ownership you have less crime, stands to reason, of course. why would any rational person, criminals included, want to hassle people with guns, they wouldn't. >> clayton: and i brought this up earlier and correct me if i'm wrong, the lo-jack versus club theory, which is that the lo-jack in cars, right, helps
6:02 am
police track down a stolen car and police can descend on that stolen car with lo-jack. >> alisyn: it's invisible. >> clayton: it's invisible and less likely to steel the car and the club is visible and they know what they're up against and dealing with. is this the same thing, you go down a rat hole either way, but if they're aware of it maybe they're less likely-- or more likely to break in, now they know what houses are open or free. >> tucker: either way it seems a violation of the gun owners as i think governor huckabee explained when he joined us earlier this morning. here he is. >> and i always have a problem when people use the term assault weapon. every weapon is an assault weapon, a pencil in the hands of an aggressive is an assault weapon if it's slammed into the side of your neck. and the idea that something looks scary and therefore, makes it more dangerous is absurd. a lot of the more traditional
6:03 am
rifles have a lot more fire power than the so-called assault rifles that everybody wants to ban. it's the idiocy of so many people that don't know about firearms-- >> by the way, i think governor huckabee said something i think we should correct. he said that hammers killed more people than guns, i think what he meant, rifles. and more people murdered by hammer than rifle. that's a stunning statistic. >> tucker: and the correct point almost never made, the guns that receive publicity, the scary ones with the suppressers et cetera, are in fact much less dangerous to people than a 30 ought 6 deer rifle that has a massive slug that would kill you instantly and deer rifles are nor dangerous than assault rifles. >> clayton: and more legal and talking about the guns,
6:04 am
registered gun owners that have a criminal history and it's the illegal guns and talk to mayor nudder of philadelphia, and rahm emanuel, legal guns in chicago the murder capital of the country. >> tucker: i wish we could quiz the people you just mentioned and profoundly ignorant about things they're legislating. >> alisyn: on that note, your headlines, a few weeks after nominating john kerry as the new secretary of state president obama is ready to make another cabinet nomination, set to nominate chuck haggle to take the place of leon panetta and the prove is expected to draw criticism from democrats and republicans because of his views on iraq, iran and israel and sources close to the situation, say the nomination could come as early as monday. congress approved 9 billion
6:05 am
dollars for super storm sandy victims. and help the flood insurance for the people affected by the storm, a second vote on the rest of the aid package, 51 billion is scheduled for january 15th. house speaker john boehner drew criticism, he canceled a vote on the 60 billion dollar package and republicans supported the situation saying the bill was filled with all sorts of unnecessary pork. so a group of strangers came to the rescue after a car flipped on a busy highway caught on camera. take a look, several people surrounding the car actually lift it up, they're super heroes, so that one of them could-- undernea underneath, could get out. she was 19 years old we're told. the scene was caught on cell phone by another driver who was passing by. >> they laid them out on the ground and one guy took his coat off, laid it over them and another one came up with a large sheet of plastic and laid over them to keep them
6:06 am
warm and that so many people would stop and do whatever they had to do, that was the cool part. >> clayton: one person stopping just to record cell phone video. >> alisyn: there you go. that driver we should say is recovering at an atlanta hospital. now, you loved this new show. what's not to-- talk about it, please, tucker. >> tucker: this is "buckwild" a new reality show on mtv, not my job to tout other networks, but this is reality gold, here is a click. >> whatever happens, happens. (laughter) >> and the show pulled in 2.4 million viewers during the the premier last week, over a million over jersey shore's debut. >> alisyn: how dare them. >> tucker: features a group of friends in the back woods of west virginia, and drawing criticism portraying young people and the state foolish, you have people shooting potato guns, and laughing,
6:07 am
girls are pretty, like a mountain dew commercial, what's wrong for that. this is like an ad for the state, i feel like moving there. >> alisyn: yes, denigrates the state? you feel it elevates the state. >> tucker: are you kidding? it's my favorite state. >> clayton: potato guns and girls running around in halter tops. >> potato guns, potato canons. let's go to maria with a look at the forecast. >> good to see you, good morning, everyone, to understand we're looking at temperatures, pretty typical for the month of january, kicking off the morning, if 12 in minneapolis, a 24 in chicago and as far as high temperatures go for new york city, we're going to be seeing temperatures into the upper 30's, again, very typical january-like weather. i want it talk about a storm that impacted western or southwestern portions of the state of texas. significant snowfall, ten
6:08 am
inches that's more than some has fallen in the midwest, this system is continuing to track north and eastward, now impacting places across the northeastern or places across the mid mississippi valley. so we're looking at that storm right now, producing very light snowfall accumulations in places like missouri, northern parts of arkansas, but not really too significant, so the storm is rather weak now. we do have areas of heavier rain across parts of louisiana moving into mississippi and the storm eventually as we head into late tonight and also tomorrow will be bringing in a little bit of snow across northeast, not expecting a lot of snow, but still looking at some of that white stuff coming up tomorrow morning. otherwise in the pacific northwest right now dealing with just mostly areas of rain, very light rain in seattle. down i-5 through portland and the storm system will continue to impact you throughout the day today, bringing some wind ton also some mountain snow cascades. but guess what? you're not done just today as we head into tomorrow and the next several days you're going to continue to deal with more rain, more snow, sometime some of you guys could actually see
6:09 am
over a foots of snow. that purple is actually more than two feet of snow for some of you again, so looking at the snow the next several days, high temperatures, 23 will are your high temperature. minneapolis 57 and the city of dallas, otherwise tampa, florida the warm spot 72 for you. >> clayton: thanks so much, maria. now to the story that fox news has been out in front on of course and bill o'reilly among others, leading the charge. >> alisyn: and "fox & friends." >> clayton: john hammar, sr. is speaking out, the father of this marine, john hammar trapped in a mexican prison for five months, chained to a bed for simply bringing a registered firearm, antique shotgun across the border on his way to costa rica for r and r. suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and trying to get a little bit of surfing in to try to recover. and trapped there, the father now speaking out on o'reilly's show last night saying his son is still struggling mightily with this condition.
6:10 am
take a listen. >> he said i'm not doing great physically-- physically great, but mentally, i think we're going to have to take a break for a second. it's a scary situation, he doesn't want to bring any -- you know, danger on to his family or himself in the future and you know, it's a tough situation down there because, you know, you're dealing with quasi-authoritative people pand you're dealing with the mexican authorities so you're not sure who you're really dealing with. >> alisyn: he's responding to a question why his son hasn't spoken out publicly. he's saying it's a dicey situation, he's afraid, not crossing anybody and you can imagine he found himself in this hornets nest of having run afoul of the law in mexico even though he thought he'd done everything right with
6:11 am
bringing the gun across the border and he suffered from ptsd and it's going to be a long mental recovery for him. >> tucker: pretty unbelievable that the u.s. government let him languish all those months. during the teddy roosevelt, an american was detained in morocco, he said immediately let him out or i'm sending gun boats over there. and you can't fool with an american and citizenship and i think we're humiliated with this. >> clayton: and walking softly and carrying a big stick and didn't we end up sending marines in that situation, but this situation, haven't called him. and when o'reilly asked the father has anyone from the state department called your family and see how he was doing? nothing, zilch. >> alisyn: lawmakers say they told one story about osama bin laden and the raid that got him and a different story to the makers of "zero dark thirty" that movie. which story is real? we'll ask a former operative
6:12 am
mike baker about it. >> tucker: plus, did miley cyrus secretly get married? we'll have the picture that has hollywood buzzing. it's unbelievable. ♪ to give us an edge, and more savings down every aisle, it only takes a few twists and turns for those bright ideas to make the new year even brighter. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. art fresh and save with x 20-gallon totes, a special buy at just $5.88 a piece.
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6:14 am
>> welcome back. the new film on the hunt for osama bin laden, "zero dark thirty," stirring up controversy in washington. >> bad new i'm not your friend. i'm not going to help you.
6:15 am
i'm going to break you. any questions? >> lawmakers have sent the acting cia director a second letter asking him to back up his claim that interrogations did produce some useful intelligence. joining us is former cia former covert operative mike baker, thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: as i understand they're upset because the film portrays enhanced interrogation as potentially fruitful, useful. >> this could be one of the strangest stories to come out in recent weeks and it does make you wonder. don't our senators in washington d.c. and those on the intel it committee have something better to do. >> tucker: apparently not. >> they may have missed the point that this is a hollywood film. so in a hollywood film you enhance reality, you create composite characters, you do a variety of things for entertainment purposes. admittedly sony's kind of pitching this movie as sort after part documentary, but it's a film. and what they're upset about
6:16 am
is the intel committee came out with a report and it was, i think, somewhat lacking in common sense, but the the report said there was no intelligence that was gathered from enhanced techniques. well, that served a certain mindset that has been kind of holding fort for years about enhanced interrogation, remember. there was a successful efforts by the left to grab that debate and say you're either talk to go a detainee or it's torture and there's nothing in between. so the intel committee report basically backed that up and said no intelligence, the film, "zero dark thirty," the scenes of enhanced interrogation, they gathered actionable inintelligence. it wasn't the only intelligence that allowed us to find bin laden the committee says wait, this entertainment film doesn't match our opinion and so they've gone back to the cia and say you better explain yourself and tell us exactly what you told the script writer.
6:17 am
>> tucker: as if the cia is responsible for the content of hollywood? >> it really is insane. more to the big picture point, the reality is the truth of the matter, when you're talking about enhanced interrogation, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. it's not black and white. and what the advocates are saying, you can never have enhanced techniques, want to say is that it never works. well, there's no absolute in any of this. sometimes your best bet is to develop a relationship with a detainee and talk and a lot of information was gathered that way, but what you want in your kit bag is the unknown. and what we've done over this past few years is tell the enemy exactly what we can and can't do now. we've taken the unknown out of the the kit bag and that's a bad thing. >> tucker: so that's just one less arrow in the quiver. >> absolutely, absolutely. you need that element of surprise, the unknowing, the fear, keeping them off guard, but to the point of the story,
6:18 am
it's just a strange position for the intel community to take. >> tucker: well, you should live in washington, you'd be more familiar with it. happens all the time. mike baker, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> tucker: coming up, can you spot the difference in the class photo taken of democrat democratic congress women? should they be photo shopping history? and a mom, people attacking her, saying it was over the line. we'll let you judge coming up. ♪ with my friends, we'll do almost anything. out for drinks, eats. i have very well fitting dentures. i like to eat a lot of fruits. love them all. the seal i get with the super poligrip free keeps the seeds from getting up underneath. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. a lot of things going on in my life
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♪ >> time for some quick headlines. an already bad flu season is shaping up to be the worst in a decade.
6:22 am
the c.d.c. says 29 states are already reporting a high number of flu cases, usually not scene until much later in the season. and the peak is nowhere in sight. doctors say the best defense, getting a flu vaccine. the f.d.a. is proposing the most sweeping food safety rules in decades and the agency hopes to cut down on food bourne illnesses after deadly outbreaks last year. under the rules, farmers will have to take stricter precautions to prevent contamination. >> alisyn: well parks sou, a so dakota mom convinced her son he bought a car on ebay and some found the video humorous, and post it had on youtube and calling into question whether the parent went too far. and that mom, paula joined us yesterday. >> i don't know how anybody could think that they can figure out my parenting techniques from a one minute
6:23 am
video. >> i think because he does cry in it. to you it was a joke and you kind of made him cry. >> yeah, that was sad. >> if you had to do it over, the whole thing, would you? >> yeah. it was hilarious. it was a lot of fun and he's had a great time. >> i was okay. >> alisyn: so was the prank just fine or was it over the line? and a doctor, robert f stein is a child psychologist and author of "teen 2.0" and dr. susan lipkins, preventing hazing, how parents, teachers and coaches can stop the violence and humiliation, welcome to both of you. >> thank you, alisyn. >> alisyn: the mom, you heard her, she says it was just a joke, do you see something troubling here. >> yes, i think that parents want to be role models and not the behavior that we want to show our kids. they learn it quickly enough and we need to have pro social behaviors rather than these kind of things which are humiliating to the child. >> alisyn: okay, dr. epstein,
6:24 am
what do you think about this? >> oh, i disagree completely. i think this was well within the bounds of normal parenting. clearly, it's a family which kind of plays and you know, this was play and there's no question here that there's a lot of love in this family and no harm was done whatsoever. >> doctor lipkins when you say we should promote pro social behavior and preventing bullying, where does it cross the line, maybe it's a family of pranksters and they joke around with each other. >> it could be, and i see the pre-bully kind of behavior, it's demeaning and you see it in society and the culture and this is not the way you want to have fun with your children and you don't want to teach them this kind of behavior. they don't need to repeat it and make fun of others. >> alisyn: dr. epstein, what about the fact the mom then post it had on youtube, does that add an added layer of pain or humiliation? >> not at all.
6:25 am
again, i just i don't see it that way at all because the mom, as you know, she said she would do it again. this was just the way this family has fun and clearly, this boy is enjoying the attention and you know, he doesn't just cry in the video, the moment she says to him, this is just a prank, he just starts laughing. he thinks it's a wonderful prank. >> alisyn: and dr. epstein, i want to stick with you one more second. you studied 2000 parents and looked at the different styles of parenting, and what was your take away? >> i was really thrilled with the results since i'm a parent of four children and two stepchildren. the main result was that the best way you can produce good outcomes with children for expressing lots of love and affection and there's no question in this case, this m adores her child and she adores him, too. >> alisyn: doctor, last word. >> i don't think it's an appropriate way for a child and parent to interact and
6:26 am
reinforcing if we humiliate one another, we may end up on tv and that's not the kind of lesson that i would like parents to be teaching their children. >> alisyn: you also say that it does teach the lesson of not telling the truth and of course, we're supposed to model telling the truth to our children. well, it's a fascinating debate and you're own experts in your own right. we appreciate you sharing your insight into this. dr. robert epstein and dr. susan lipkins, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> alisyn: and imagine this guy sitting next to you on a plane of the this guy was duct-taped for being too drunk. was this the best way to calm him down? we'll hear what the passengers had to say. plus, ainsley is getting ready to go for a dip. she's getting a scuba lesson at the new york boat show when we come back. looking good, ainsley. ♪ ♪ gonna rock the boat ♪ ♪ .so as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%.
6:27 am
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6:30 am
♪ >> and finally, hundreds of people have signed a petition asking the white house to create a tv show that would follow joe biden around in his daily life. even honey boo boo is like, dude, that would be hilarious. (laughter) >> how exciting would that be? >> actually be pretty awesome. >> alisyn: it would be hilarious. >> meeting after meeting after meeting. >> alisyn: and then some of the bidenisms would sneak in. >> clayton: they would have to edit the show and it would look like "buckwild". >> alisyn: i'm not sure you have to do fancy editing. >> tucker: i have to say, i don't normal ly defend democrat democratic, but biden likes other people, in a headlock, and totally sober, too.
6:31 am
>> alisyn: and a hand slapper, and we know that's not the president's style. >> tucker: not the president's style is quite an understatement. >> alisyn: yeah, joe biden is a friendly guy. he's been in our green room, a friendly fun guy. >> tucker: could have been on the show, would have been good. and pelosi, is someone doing a show on her? >> that would be good, but she might be frightening as you would say she likes to get people in line and trying to get people in line for the class photo for the freshmen class of congress women and couldn't get them there in time and took the photo on the left-hand side of the screen. this is the associated press photo. >> alisyn: the real photo. >> clayton: the real photo, on the right side of the screen is the one that nancy pelosi's office released and they photo shopped in the women who didn't manage to make it to the vote initially. >> alisyn: they were late. four women on top including debby wasserman schultz, you can see in the middle, they were late so you know what nancy pelosi wanted to do and there's a point and clayton,
6:32 am
i'd love to here it it. this is a historic class of women. there are 61 democratic congress women sworn in all different ethnicities and different religions and they wanted to memorialize this great moment but four didn't show up and she added them later. you love photo shopping, is it foul? >> i don't have a problem with it. here is the deal. in this digital age, yes, we're taking photos and we're constantly manipulating them, you use instagram or whatever you're doing, adding filters or adding fun with it and i think it's like everyone has been saying about john boehner this week, like herding cats who would want that job of being the speaker of the house, and herding cats trying to get them at one place, one time at 2 a.m. >> tucker: if you can add people why can't you subtract them. let's say for the ache of argument one of them in the coming months was to displease
6:33 am
former speaker pelosi, would she be eliminated from history, her memory torn from the books, right, like never added. >> clayton: like back to the future when michael j. fox is looking at photos of his family and they start disappearing. >> tucker: like a soviet history back, like malakhov. >> i never heard of him. or the chinese revisionist history and change it every ten years, can't keep up. >> alisyn: and have creative embellishment and create a mockup after photo like this, again, look closely, this is the freshman class, but, whoa, wait a second, what is tucker carlson, clayton morris, eric bolling doing-- and me, among all of the women in the-- >> adding gender diversity. >> tucker: that's not a diverse group, all democratic women so like, we're-- >> and taking matters in our hands and adding more diversity. >> clayton: and you'll be erased once pelosi hears about
6:34 am
this she's going to erase you know looking forward to being expunged. inmates that broke out of that chicago jail and climbed down 20 stories with a homemade bed of sheets-- a rope made of sheets are back behind bars this morning. 38-year-old kenneth conley picked up nearly three weeks after the daring escape within steps of police headquarters. he tried pushing one of the officers and making a run for it and his partner was joseph banks two days after. instead of making millions selling a chain of grocery stores, the own of lukens decided to give the store to employees for free. he founded village foods 46 years ago and people can thank him for staying in their jobs. >> he decided a long time ago if he could put it in the hands of the employees, whatever he was going to do, he wanted to take care of us,
6:35 am
so, about a year ago he sat down with his family and said, this is what i think we should do. >> alisyn: employees stock ownership creates a board of directors to oversee management of the stores, employees make decisions through committees. well, i know you've been waiting to hear about this, tucker, did miley cyrus secretly tie the knot? her fiance, liam hemsworth apparently seen wearing a band on his ring finger and this picture on her twitter account and showing off her puppy, and she appears to be wearing two new diamond bands around her engagement ring. no official comment from miley cyrus, but you didn't know who miley cyrus was an hour ago. >> tucker: now the world waits for confirmation. >> alisyn: and let's fake a look at this picture, a slight from iceland to new york city.
6:36 am
a drunk passenger was duct-taped to his seat after he apparently groped the women and spit on some other passengers and ranted about the plane crashing. now, with his duty-free liquor and became abusive. other passengers taped him down. he was arrested in new york and bizarrely wasn't charged because the other passengers would not talk to police. >> clayton: told him i had a show to do. >> tucker: they drink a lot, but never till. >> clayton: and rakevick, that's a town with drinking, and let's check with maria, in for rick reichmuth. now we know where rick is. >> alisyn: rakevick is great this time of year. >> maria: goodness, yeah, we're out here in new york city and you know what? it's feeling very january-like, temperatures in the low 30's in new york city. and barbara is with us from atlanta, georgia, her first time ever in new york city. a good month to visit.
6:37 am
january. she knows the high temperature is going to be in new york. what is it. 37. >> maria: yeah, way to go. it's going to be 37 as we head into the afternoon hours out here, not cold enough to keep people home, but good news for everyone across the southeast and into the northeast, we're actually going to see a shift in the weather pattern where some warmer air from the south is going to start moving northward and that jetstream will rise northward and allow the warmer air to moving into places, and the great lakes, and above average temperatures coming up by next thursday, but before then, high temperatures for today again, 37 degrees should be the high here in new york city, as we head westward. 23 in minneapolis and only 57 in the city of dallas, and as far as rainfall goes, one weak moving storm system through portions of the midwest and light snowfall accumulation, and parts of louisiana and mississippi just dealing with rain. back to you in the studio. >> clayton: thanks so much, maria. >> alisyn: all right, she does make a splash, ainsley earhart live at the progressive both
6:38 am
show and it looks like she's suited up and ready for a scuba lesson, let's she her. wow, how is it going, ainsley? >> alisyn, two words for you, waterproof mascara, we need it this morning. we are going to go underwater and i'm learning how to scuba dive and to be honest, i'm fearful of this. i've snorkeled a lot, but as far as scuba diving you must learn how to breathe directly and to go underwater with the creatures, a lot of people are fearful of it. this is big wave dave and he's here teaching us to scuba dive. what would you tell someone who is fearful. >> diving is easy and we're starting out in a pool four foot deep, and the boat show, we have towels, hair dryers. you can pick up diving and briefly try it in 30 seconds. >> if you're going to buy a boat. >> you can go out and use it, great diving in the northeast or travel and rent a boat and dive wherever you want. >> how long does it take to
6:39 am
get certified. >> do some online and over in pennsylvania, get to a tropical location, finish down there. >> and what do you tell people that are nervous about it. i was talking to these guys earlier and saying if you're with your spouse on a nature trail you're pointing out an owl, someone else is pointing out a bird. if you're underwater you get that experience together, too, it's not competitive. >> not competitive at all and underwater you can use slates, write downs and pictures of different things and different sports underwater the. i do underwater photography and video and clayton would love this stuff, underwater. >> clayton would love that. >> and show me how to do that. >> put your mask on. >> easy there, not trying to pull too much hair. >> this is a great hair day. >> oh. >> let me help you out here. >> okay. >> and then put the mask on. >> oh, i've got to put this off. >> don't want her out there diving underwater with electricity, but we're going to-- >> i can't hear you back at
6:40 am
the stew yo now. >> and the mask is on. breathe a couple of breaths. >> uh-huh. >> we're going to go underwater and underwater with the camera. >> hi, guys. she was saying i would love this, and fantastic, the cameras on the masks. >> that's fantastic. look how trap cal that looks. >> seems to be fine. and bizarre creatures, who is that bizarre creature? >> you're right. >> clayton: that is frightening. >> tucker: we should note she's in the javits center in manhattan. >> clayton: a tropical wonderland there. >> alisyn: that is great stuff! ainsley, how was it? >> wow, was that awesome? >> that's awesome. guys, can you hear me? >> yes, can you hear us? >> it's much easier than i thought. yeah, that's great. >> and that's how you start out if you like it sign up with one of the local diver
6:41 am
shops in the tri state area and do it the rest of your life. >> it's awesome, much easier than i thought and i was worried about the breathing. >> have you guys done it? >> yeah, my dad was an instructor and doing it for years. >> alisyn: i have, too, ainsley. thank you for showing that to us. >> thank you. >> alisyn: and the gear and check with-- >> want to take pictures and got everything you need. >> yeah, they're very tight. i'm ready to get this thing off to be honest with you. >> alisyn: thanks so much. >> thank you. >> alisyn: it's really relaxing and not nerve wracking at all. really relaxing. >> tucker: until you see a bare cueda. >> clayton: oh my-- >> never dived at the javits center. >> alisyn: scary. >> a totally different thing. and run into stan the janitor there. you're in good hands what allstate claims. when it came to helping a couple who's home was hit by sandy, using their home in television ads without telling them. that couple joins us next. >> alisyn: check with neil cavuto what's coming up in the
6:42 am
cost of freedom business block. >> hey, guys, good morning, a new year, a new congress, but it's pretty much business as usual. with no tough choices being made on spending, is there any choice than to hike taxes on everyone. while they play, you pay for their raise. lawmakers salaries are headed higher. do you believe some debate they deserve it. and some colleges hide negative online images in their past to get a job in the future. why that may actually be good for job creators. you're going to hear a lot more on that as the cost of freedom coming up at the top of the hour. we will see you then. ca's fav. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. maybe you want to incorporate a business. orrotect your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like the help of an attorney. at legalzoom a legal plan attorney is available in most states with every personalized document to answer questions. get started at today. and now you're protected.
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>> welcome back. a staten island couple whose home was destroyed in hurricane sandy claiming they're not in good hands of insurers who are not only lowballing them, but using images of their ravaged home in this television ad that allstate put out. joining us is the couple, dominic and sheila, nice to see you this morning. >> nice to see you. >> clayton: take us back a little bit here. your home, what happened to it during hurricane sandy? >> our neighbor called us up, and we were in touch with our neighbor earlier in the day, said that some shingles had blown off the roof if we want to repair it, no, we'll come down tomorrow. later on in the the evening he called us to say he heard a noise and looked out his kitchen window and said the front of the house looked funny, the front of it was down. so my husband said where is
6:46 am
the water so he went to the front of the house and looked out the window he said coming up the street now. so, we knew the wind took it down before the storm surge hit. >> dominic when you saw the house, what were your thoughts after you saw that devastation. >> we went down the next morning, we knew there was something wrong, we didn't know exactly what it was, when we got down there. we were kind of in shock and you know, you don't realize when you see other things on the news with people that have tornados and this, that, and what you really-- it doesn't hit you until it happens to you, being homeless and that's what happened. >> clayton: now, this photo, these images of your home, so allstate, you filed a claim. how much was your claim with allstate for to redo the house to get back up and running. >> well, we assumed, which is a bad thing to do that what we were covered for, what the policy we paid for, were insured for, that's the amount we would receive. >> clayton: close to $200,000 to get back up and running. >> yeah. >> clayton: so allstate sends
6:47 am
you a check for what $10,000. >> $10,700 some odd. >> clayton: doesn't do anything. and now the photo of your house is being used in an allstate commercial to promote their own services. what were your thoughts when you saw or heard about your house being used in that commercial? >> it was thanksgiving and we left staten island to forget about staten island and enjoying the day. my husband was watching the jets game and i was in the kitchen i hear my grandchildren yell, granny, there's your house and they played it back and there it was, the first two clips, the chair with the table on it and a picture of our kitchen window. >> clayton: dominic, when you saw this ad and haven't heard from allstate, have you. gotten the $10,000 check haven't said anything to you. >> no, i've gotten a phone call from the woman handling the case says she's going to
6:48 am
mail a check. two checks, one for cedar grove avenue and 101 and how much is it, she told me $10,700, i said what's that for. >> for 67. >> i said don't send me that check, it's unacceptable. >> clayton: unbelievable. she sent it anyway. >> clayton: well, i hope allstate is watching this morning because this is outrageous story, the fact that they're using your house to promote their services an an incredibly low check for this is horrible. we hope we get good news for you guys, soon. >> thank you. >> clayton: we hope you hear from allstate on that. thanks, guys. >> thank you. >> clayton: coming up here on the show, last hour she dished her weight loss secrets with us and now the celebrity weight loss expert is answering your questions. we're going to open up the e-mail mailbag.
6:49 am
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6:52 am
>> she's coached everyone on weight loss from sheryl crow to contestants on the bigger loser. >> now she's back to answer your of questions. rachel, thanks for sticking around. let's get to the e-mails, debra says i work overnight and have trouble staying on a diet plan. same for us, hard when you work odd hours. do you have any healthy snacks for her. >> everyone in the control room can relate to this working overnight. the same rules that apply to the afternoon snack apply to, you know, overnight because you want sustaining energy so you're going to do something like a half turkey sandwich, which is fine on whole grain bread you want your blood sugars to remain steady. 30 pistachios, and takes him to eat them. covered with a dark chocolate or piece of cheese. again don't go for the vending
6:53 am
machine, bring a snack and you're set. >> peanut butter cup is into the on the list. >> not on the list. >> tucker: e-mail from renee, what are some breakfast ideas for those who don't like breakfast, i know i should eat something and i only want coffee. i'm on your team. >> if you're not the person who wants to eat breakfast first thing, i can relate, i don't like to eat until nine. that's one thing, sometime between the morning when you wake up or lunch squeeze in 10 grams of fiber insurance. if you don't like breakfast food, shake it up. find something out of the ordinary, the kiwa double boosted with the chia or fulgar. that he's inexpensive and i think it's a hot one for breakfast because it's the same amount of calories as oatmeal, but double the fiber.
6:54 am
>> tucker: fulgar is the not just for breakfast anymore. >> alisyn: what if you don't like eggs. >> greek yogurt is amazing, pro biotics and protein sustaining you almost as much as a breast of chicken. and great ways to put it together. some high fiber cereal. >> alisyn: fantastic. rachel, the book is eat to lose, eat to win. thank you for sticking around and great suggestions. >> thanks. >> alisyn: more "fox & friends" coming up. ♪ ♪
6:55 am
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6:57 am
>> we're back with rachel this morning. would you recommend no carb diets? >> i get asked that all the time. it's not about eliminating carbs, you need them, fruits, veg have carbs, people think if you take them out you'll lose weight. you'll lose weight if you limit your carbs, so you have to mind your carbs and know how much is a serving. >> hold that thought we'll talk to you on after the show show and log on to fox and see you tomorrow. >> the pigs at the trough because the pork is alive and well in d.c.
6:58 am
the year is only one week old and lawmakers already handing out tens of billions of dollars, for green energy, electric motorcycles, nascar, hollywood, even rum makers in the caribbean. proponents say this is great news for jobs, but with nearly 16 1/2 trillion dollars in debt someone here says if we don't start trimming the fat now, we're only killing more jobs later. so, who is right? hi, everyone, i'm brenda buttner, this is bulls and bears. let's get right to it, the bulls and bears this week, gary b smith, tobin smith. jonas max ferris and gary and caroline. welcome to everybody. gary k, the year is one week old and congress passing billions of new pork and you say bad sign for jobs in the new year. why is that? >> could have,look, it never ends. 430 million dollars for hollywood producers so they do movies in the u.s. versus other places? that's crazy. look, when you continue to
6:59 am
raise spending it ends up being a tax on the economy, it keeps the headwinds on the economy, still at 7.8%, if you add in the people that came out of the work force we're more like at 11. it does nothing for nobody because government is inefficie inefficient, there is no profit motive and the inefficiencies because of that does nothing for the economy going forward. >> brenda: jonas, doesn't it do something? might create some jobs create those electric motor scooters you love so much? >> and it's not just hollywood. you can make the case in the long run, running up the deficit can cause a fiscal collapse and crisis that could lead to major recession, but in the short run, jobs 2013, giving the tax credit to make movies in america. if they make the movie in canada wouldn't that create less jobs in the u.s. than making the movie or commercial here. yeah, it's increasing the federal deficit


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