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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 5, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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just not sure. does recession lead to aggression? do bad times lead to violent lads? i am still drunk from new year's eve. babies born during hard times are more likely to grow up to be delinquent, no good punks. they analyzed data on those born during the recession of the 80sand found there are higher rates of smoking, drinking and arrests. the conclusion is high unemployment creates high teens. or as the author of the study puts it, they suggest that unfavorable conditions may create circumstances that could have an adverse affect on the psychological development of the infant and lead to development of behavioral problems. smart guy. anyway, we asked a typical teen to comment.
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i guess that is kind of innovative for a rat. but i don't think it will get him laid. jimmy, good to see you. i want to ask what you make of the study. you are about to be a grand dad. your son, gavin -- well he is not having the baby, his wife s. i hate when they say the man is having the baby. >> have i no problem with that. >> you have no problem? >> the couple is having the baby. it is coming out of one of them, but for the next 90 years, the couple will be handling the baby's problems. >> realliment -- really. so they are having the baby. that's progressive of you. >> yes. >> do you have opinions on this study? >> to be quite frank, the study though potentially accurate smells of an abortion fart to me. i'm sorry and i might be bias with a grandchild on the way, but it smells of the
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freak-anomic stuff where they said abortion helped. this baby shouldn't have born. don't have a baby. don't bring a child into this evil world. that's really sort of the impetus for this sort of study. i am a man. you know what i am saying. >> this is going to be used to abort children. >> sort of. i mean, i feel like this generation is so lazy and so selfish and they are grasping for a reason not to breathe of the when they get a story like this they say, see, why do you bring a child? it is going to be a criminal. >> i see it. now i get it. it took awhile, baker, for me to get there. >> it took awhile for him to get there. >> by the way i have to ask does it bother you that baker is sitting like this to you? i was noticing the body lapping wedge. the body lapping wedge. language.
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>> bake, what do you make of this? do you think development depends on economic stability at home? >> it is a statement of the obvious, basically, and much like many other scientific studies, but sure the times are high and unemployment and the parents are stressed out. the kids are not getting the attention he needs or getting the wrong kind of attention during periods like this. and i think they went from saying that in this group of a thousand test subjects 20 normally would smoke pot when times are bad 25 smoke pot. who gives a rat's ass? >> it is 6% in some cases. >> over a million. it could be many. remi you are smiling. this is great news. more of these kids will turn to crime and possibly murder. meaning more clients for you to get off to pay for your yacht and to pay for your manicures, and that special yacht manicure you get when you are on the yacht. >> my manicure, clearly i am in need of my manicure.
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>> i did not think about it that way. but have i to say now that you mentioned it, i completely agree. look, i think as always mike is right. this is not a surprise. i do see in my business as the economy dips that more good people, hard working people who are in stressful, high anxiety times. >> boo, disagree. >> they commit crimes. >> that's amazing that you think the human being morality is so fragile that they can say they are unemployed and they are going to rob a bank. it was a made for tv movie. what is happening to you? i am going to keep yelling at you until you stop trying to talk. >> clearly you didn't understand anything i said. seriously. it has nothing to do with morality. i think people in pressure filled situations sometimes don't make the right judgment call, and they live with the
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consequences. whether they punish their children in the wrong way, they get in their car after they have been drinking and they party a little too hard, things they wouldn't otherwise do. >> those are things i do when i have a job. >> i guess what you are saying is there is a guy with a job and he sees there is a wallet on the ground and he is going to turn it into the lost and found. if he is unemployed he is going to keep the wallet is what you are saying. >> thank you, mike. jay it is the stress. again i think everybody needs to pull their boots up. you get out there and you sally your own bronk -- >> what are you saying? that's not a real saying. >> the stress goes up and that is a problem for the kids in the household. no matter how loving the parents are if they are out of work and the money is not coming in, there is a stress level that can negatively impact the kids. >> it is not a big surprise nor was the grant given to this study. >> bill, you were raised by bonnie and clyde. they took you out on a lot of their so-called jobs.
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>> well, it wasn't the famous bonnie and clyde who died in the 1920s. it was two dudes bonnie and clyde. check out their show. >> an amazing show, by the way. and the half time when rip taylor comes out. >> a lot of people don't know that. >> bonnie was incredibly good looking of the. >> for awhile. once the hormones kicked in. you guys are looking at this as lemons. as usual i see lemonade. what is recession babies if not a saturday morning cartoon show waiting to happen? can you imagine cute little infants wearing barrels with suspenders and long bread lines up to tom foolery? our dreams have turned to poo, recessions we are coming to mug you. that is the show. >> i can hear the theme song. >> ♪ recession babies >> i like it. is there going to be a wee doug? >> yes.
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>> a wee doug? what is that? >> an animal, a mammal. >> the one word i loved in this that we should bring back is delinquent. when i think of a school do link wept -- do link went i think of the puppet in "pee wee's play house" leather jackets cuffs on the jeans. you never know what they will do next because they never show you in tv what the delinquent does other than push you, and then they go to a commercial break. >> they go out and smoke. >> they go out and the smoke, that's right. >> they are truants. is that a crime? all i see when i walk around the streets is teenagers lounging about. is truancy legal? >> there used to be a truancy officer. >> what happened to him? >> are there truancy officers? >> i don't know. all i see is kids. >> wait a minute. that's what you want to see, isn't that right? >> you want to see them in school. >> i like to see them in statistics, but not the dairy on a monday afternoon. >> you can't see them on my block otherwise i go back to
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jail. >> from teens to tots, should they suspend even though it is pretend? an elementary school student in maryland has been punished for a pretend gunshot. a week after the sandy hook shooting the six-year-old boy apparently made a gun with his happened and pointed it at another student and said pow. we can show his face? i didn't know that. he was tbifn a one-day suspension with a letter to his parents explaining "your son was involved in a serious incident. he threatened to shoot a student. he was spoken to about a similar incident. " the family said they were never told of previous issues. meanwhile, this grown up goes unpunished. >> bang. okay come back to life. >> woo-hoo. >> did you see what happened after that? wow. things went crazy. mike, you are a parent apparently, is this nuts or
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really nuts? >> it is absolutely insane. i have three boys. >> and you have kids too. >> the oldest is five. >> good night, everybody. >> you know what, from the time -- even the youngest one who is now 18 months old, no matter what they pick up it is a weapon. even the 18-year-old -- or the 18-month-old will pick up the remote control and go like this. i know montgomery county. it is a self-absorbed liberal academic environments where they pride themselves on being forward leaning. meanwhile the kids aren't learning crap, and this is what happens. a six-year-old boy goes like this and he is suspended. we end up having to talk about it because they are unable to let boys be boys. >> you know what happens when you lean forward? >> what? >> you fall down.
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>> the problem with this is that if we didn't have the awful tragedy in the other school last month, it won't -- this kid wouldn't be suspended. maybe the parents would get a note going home with the kid. this is only as a result of terrible tragedy. everybody is hyper sensitive to violence. obviously it is normal to be on alert from more dangerous behavior from students. but a six-year-old doesn't have the mental uh bill tee to -- ability to form intent to either break a school rule or try to hurt someone. if there was a toy or injury -- i mean he literally picked up his fingers and did it. there is absolutely no reason the kid should be brandished with this danger to others from, what, six years old? >> i believe that this is not the first time this has happened. it happened before the masacre. i feel like we did this story a year ago. >> periodically it pops up and
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happens. >> maybe that's why it is on the news because of sandy hook, but it has been going on. kids are being sent home for having an american flag on their bike and for punching back somebody who beats the crap out of them. that's the level of kindness. obama is getting bigger and bigger and more government. you can see a wee microcos civil when they go to the school. they have power and what do they do? they tell you you can't go pow. what do you do when you play cowboys and indians? you are dead. how can you play? >> that's good. >> that's amazing. >> pack up yourself and go build a casino. you are finished on this land. >> no, you are dead. >> i like that. bill, did your kids get in trouble for anything like this?
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>> i am a firm believer in letting the kids go and not being around them at all. when are these schools going to learn that suspension is not punishment dism -- punishment? you know what will happen is every kid is in this school and you got a day off to every single one ity school. when i was a kid we didn't have suspension because i would have done it all the time because i didn't like school. we had detention. you want to punish kids you keep them thereafter school. you make them go on saturdays. not going to school particularly when this kid didn't do anything wrong, so this kid will be in toys r us with lots of ice cream and lots of watching recession babies. >> you know what, this is all part and parcel of the same crap we are dealing with where everybody is a winner where you can't talk to a kid and reprimand them and teachers and them poor manors. maners. this is where we end up. you can't just have common
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sense. >> when you give them unlimited power they come up with stupid rules like this. i can see your socks and your burr caw. you have to go home. >> you would love my idea for school which is where you get the kids in there and you separated them and you go you guys are winners and you guys are losers. it would make it simple. >> when i was a wee man, you are separated and if you are stupid as all my brothers were, they were happy and i was a bloody genius so i got a scholarship. it was a very effective method. >> look where you are now. >> i am rich. >> and you bring your own alcohol to the show jie. because you don't serve it here. >> we don't. >> that is a travis stey. >> jimmy kimmle has a whole bar. you have coffee.
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>> all right, coming up, where do cia agents keep top secret information? mike baker discusses his new book, "i'm always clinching." first, did an airport -- should an airport be named after this guy?
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nobody was watching and now even fewer will, if that is possible. the network from al gore is no more as al jaw swreer wraw, who ever he is, has bought and shut erred the lowly rated tv. it is about jam, i believe. the arab news thing plans to
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start an english language channel with newscasts from new york to qatar. 10 years ago al jazeera was known for broadcasting tapes from al-qaeda. and now they are trying to compete with their sister station, msnbc and a fun sidebar, according to the new york times, gore urged his partners to sell by december 31st to avoid higher tax rates. taking affect on january 1st. not only that, but glen beck reportedly tried to buy the network last year, but was told they wouldn't sell to someone who wasn't aligned with their point of view, ie, not bat [bleep] crazy. let's go to goat who thinks she a chicken. >> that would be an adorable,
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sexy pet. remi, you are iranian. you deny it, but i know you are iranian. >> they say persian. they don't like iranian. >> my parents are. >> i am siamese. >> and a little drunk. >> is this a good thing? al jazeera is popular in iran, right? >> i have never been to iran. i would assume it is popular in most of the middle east. i think the interesting thing is the combination with al gore and al jazeera. that's what is so shocking. the problem is nobody -- i don't know if it is a problem or fortunate thing. nobody is watching either network in the u.s. i had never heard of current tv. >> how do you double zero. >> what is it they are hoping to accomplish? there is a certain shock. >> they are also buying the
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supreme talent. >> if they can establish themselves as a legitimate, credible news source then good luck trying to compete with fox news and the other scror networks. >> -- and the other major networks. >> thank you for that. >> that was well taken. >> baker, on a scale of 1 to al-qaeda how fair and balanced are they? haven't they grown? >> they have grown. no, actually they do have a lot of viewers in the states which is one of the reasons they wanted to do the deal. you are trying to figure out a way to grow. they needed another outlet. i don't watch them. i think frankly they are better than they were say five, six, seven years ago, but they have still got perception problems. i think this is -- i think the best part of this story is not so much what al jazeera is doing. honestly i don't care, and i don't care what current tv is
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doing. the best part of the story is al gore trying to maximize his tax structure. he could make $100 million doing what he rails against in a self-righteous manner. >> he wants to get it done before 2013. is it completed, is it, no? >> he missed the deadline. >> he missed it, yes. >> although the filing is oftentimes what is important. they don't need to necessarily complete the sale. there could be filings that go on prior to the deadline. >> but on $100 million -- >> i think the big joke here is that al jazeera is paying half a million dollars. how much would they pay, $100 million? >> that was $35. >> that was $35? >> i poured iced tea in it. >> can you pour more in it. >> it packs a wallop. it is a spicy tea. >> it is iced tea. >> that's disgusting.
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>> let me see. >> do you see this as a punishment? >> i just want to make sure you have that. >> oh no. alcohol? >> you claim it is iced tea. >> oh boy. >> mike is drinking water after his iced tea. >> bill, no. bill no, it is iced tea. >> this steak stuff goes far. >> can we get back to brass tax. jay make a point. >> al is a squint essential hipocrite. there is all of this stuff about go green and his jet plane and the air conditioning and spending the money of an uh christa crate. and then what does he do when obama threatens to raise the taxes? he tries to close the deal before that happens. the guy is pro big government, pro regulation unless of
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course he stands to make any kind of money, and then it is all -- that is a perfect definition of a politician. >> it is. a leftist could be rich, but you can't. that's it. >> the best campbel, i have my money and now i will tell you how you can and can't make yours and what you should do with it. >> that was an uncanning impersonation. you could really hear the accent. >> you know what else is crucial about that? the liberals love to scoff at fox and glen beck. when they tried to do it themselves, they need to set up these -- you don't know what went on. i know these people. i see him frat niecessing with the comedian types. it was a disgusting scheme of lies. we got another week, and it sounded like bloody madoff. it crashed and then they came up with this crap about let
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teens do the news. and then it was the bloody 8 rabs. and then they scoff at capitalism, but when they try to do it, they fall on their face. they don't know what the average american thinks. >> i was confused when he was talking about air america i thought he meant the airline. i thought there was nothing ponzi about that. that was a go get them accomplish the deed. >> he was talking about air america. >> i just like sharing about what he thinks about average americans. >> that is actually a wee bit racist. we are run this one into the ground. do you have a comment? it is red eye at fox got a video of your animal doing something, and make it pleasant, fox ? fox eye and click on submit a video. we may use it if it is sexy. still to come, the half time report from andy levey. >> tonight's half time report is brought to you by car
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jumping. where they use ramps to go over a series of parked cars. ththththth
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we are back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. let's go to andy levy. >> how are you? >> i'm fine. >> touch and go. >> that's your motto, isn't it? >> it really is.
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on any public transportation. >> touch and go. you will never catch me. >> are recession babies prone to being delinquent teens? you said this study smacks of telling people they shouldn't have children during tough economic times and it is almost pro abortion. but to be fair there is nothing like that in the actual study. some people might look at this study and decide, oh, i am not going to have a kid now. but you can't blame that on the researchers. >> it is getting so much attention. the actual numbers seem so incon shaw qen shall. inconsequential. i won't concede that. but it seems like there is always this reason not to have kids and not to bother and don't bring a child into this world. it is over populated and all of this crap. >> you sold me. >> good. >> you imagine if the study came out and said the booming economy --
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>> if are you going to have five, now is the year. >> if it said like the opposite of what this says. >> what is the opposite of having fewer kids? wait. >> no, i was actually going in a different direction, but it was hijacked. i had a different point to make. i was saying they would use any conclusion not to have kids. >> so freak-anomics says it was good for the crime rate. that was clearly refuted. he took apart how they got the wrong year. nobody talks about the reputation, but they focus on the freakanomics thing. they just love it. we came up with a reason and that's what stuck in the history books. that drives me bloody, man. >> mike is, you said this study is telling the obvious.
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and you said more people commit good crimes. >> i am not saying more people commit crimes. i am saying the stress impacts how they inter -- interact with their children. they can't help it. either they pay less attention or the wrong attention. and the children were perceptive. >> i understand that. that's why remi you said before i said that part. >> i agree with mike, and i just took it one step further from my practice. >> my point is, it will be interesting to see if this will hold true for kids born during this recession as it has apparently for 9 one in the 80ss. this recession does seem to be the first time since world war ii that crime rates haven't gone up during an economic downturn. >> that's interesting. >> so the study then is perhaps not accurate? >> well, we won't know until the kids are born during this recession. >> maybe they are so bloody
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obese on food stamps they can't move. >> that's entirely not possible. >> eating so many video games and eating so many cheetoes. >> i don't know if there are actual studies, but there is some thought that video games by keeping ids c indoors after school does lower juvenile crime rates. >> i have seen that study. it is called the matrix. >> there are all sorts of studies that these video games are making kids more violent and aggressive. >> those studies are crap, remi. >> you can also get ready for another mind blower. i already had a couple if you have paid attention. you can also say that who were the kids of the great depression? the greatest generation. bam. there you go. your study is dead. >> the problem with that is -- -- >> they were bad guys. they were all stabbed to death. >> have i to do the math -- i have to do the math on the
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depression age. >> the ones you know are the ones you loved. >> you poo-pooed that during economic times some people could be driven to crime. it is disgusting. >> i believe he is referring to the french bear -- berraton in a little play i like to call "les-miz." >> the t is silent. >> and i don't poo-poo anything unless it is the week end and i am out on the town. >> i wish i could. it has been days. a six-year-old suspended for pretending fingers are a gun. mike, you said this is nuts. a bold stance, sir. and you mentioned little kids will turn anything into a pretend weapon. little rodney lynch, as i am calling the kid, little rodney
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lynch's lawyers say he has never been around a gun and doesn't know what a gun is. >> my kids are surrounded by toy guns. not real ones and they still use their finger. >> i find it hard to believe a six-year-old doesn't know what a gun is. i can understand if he has never been around one, but he probably knows what it is. >> my grandchildren go to school in brooklyn. are you not allowed to go like this. you never have been. you are not allowed to play cops and robbers. you cannot go like this in school or daycare. so cops and robbers is just -- >> bottom line is every parent should not compare what their kids are doing with their fingers until they hit roughly 13. >> don't put the camera on him. >> move on to the next story, please. >> remi, you said the kid had no intent to harm. the worst part is not that
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little rodney lynch got suspended. the school is saying he threatened to shoot a student. >> first of all, thank you for obviously agreeing with what i said. second of all, this school is reacting to such an awful, tragic situation that we all felt a reaction to. >> but there is no excuse. >> i agree. if they did nothing, you know that there is one annoying parent in that class who is going to call up the school and say we heard that little jimmy pointed his finger and pretended it was a gun. >> it is little rodney lynch. >> i think that they are responding from a place of emotion and fear of litigation. >> how about this, remi, apparently when the kid was -- when little rodney lynch was in the principal's office they asked him what video games he played, whether his family owned a gun and questions like that. >> that's not surprising at all. they are trying to make a
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connection. >> did they question this kid without his parents there? >> when he was -- the school can do that when he is in the principal's office. >> the school is allowed to do that, but they are trying to make a connection and find out why kids grow up to do these terrible things. this is taking it entirely too far. >> the public school system is the at that . it is the -- it is the taliban. it is the western at that . and it is what to come. mark my bloody words. jay some people are claiming that there was actually a second finger guner. >> this is why we are doing this whole sig meant. this whole segment. >> i am just saying we may never know. >> the magic finger bullet. >> remi, you said nobody is launching either network. al jazeera doesn't even exist yet. >> you know what i meant. >> it is also not fair to say al jazeera english. >> you said the joke is that
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al jazeera is paying half a billion dollars. they are not paying for current tv. they are paying for the access to the satellite and cable companies because they have contracts with current that run a couple more year. so to them it is worth the money. >> is it really? >> they are paying for access. >> i know that feeling. >> andy, isn't it true some cable companies won't even air it? they are blacklisting it? >> time warner had a deal with current i think it was where they could get out if current sold. they have chosen to exercise that right. there is a feeling though that there is a -- there is a chance they hillary sign al jazeera, but at a lower rate than they were paying current. >> i think in the big picture, an interesting angle is have you ever been to my home country, europe and scandinavia, it is miles and miles of satellite dishes with muslims watching their local news.
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they don't even like their host country. we are seeing that not only in deer born mimp -- michigan, but the fact they are considering this a good investment shows how many people are determined to pursue islam at the cost of per prism. >> that's not entirely fair. al jazeera had good coverage of the arab spring. it is their neighborhood. they know it. i could see times you would want to watch al jazeera. >> definitely. but that is not what they are going for when they make this investment. they are going for their people. they are going for muslims. >> i am not sure i agree with that. i think they are going for americans in general. i think they want to be in -- jay they are looking for mainstream viewers who click on every day.
11:39 pm
they are looking for cnn. it is sand cnn. that's what i am calling it now. >> are you saying they are looking for mainstream viewers or not? >> they are looking for regular viewers who just stuck their toes in, but it is their cnn. >> i am not sure i agree. that's possible though. back to you, greg. >> thanks. coming up until now i always got by on my own. i never really cared until i met you. not a story, just something lou dobbs mentioned to me. first, will britain take piers morgan back? spoiler alert, gummy bears.
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across the pond they are notnd to. brit short for british don't want piers morgan there. they decide toady port the cnn host from america over his tabun control views. and now another petition
11:43 pm
called keep piers in the u.s. has tallied 8,000 signatures, almost the entire population of england and carries the message as clear as it is the opposite of to the clear. we want to keep piers morgan in the usa. discuss in the -- >> "lightning round ♪ " lightning round. >> let's get right to it. if you don't want them and we don't want it back, is canada an option? >> canada is actually considered a commonwealth. i believe the queen is still the figure head of canada. check wick caw peaked yaw. >> maybe it is an option. i think you should. >> in canada there is the human rights commission where anything that is considered rude is illegal. for example hundreds of thousands of dollars defending
11:44 pm
the fact that he reports to the muslim captain. that sounds like pier's idea of paradise. >> you might be right. michael, does this surprise you that they don't want him back considering how arrogant he seems when he speaks? he is like a british version of mike baker. >> and i still have my dual citizenship. >> you were born in eveningnd la, weren't ?u. >> i was. >> i lost my train of thought now. i don't want him here in the u.s. i president do want him there in the mother country. so canada, yes, pew -- puerto rico. >> it is like a north american israel. it is where you go when there is an unforts gnat -- unfortunate event and you want to make things better. >> do you ever see these petitions leading to real action, or is it just something to talk about on late night shows while hosted by really land so many, but often small talk show hosts?
11:45 pm
>> is pier short? i didn't know that. >> not all the time. >> i can swell up to 5 foot 6. >> in my 10 years i have seen many federal court judge reis viewing these on-line petitions to have someone deported from this country for no legal basis. not exactly the way it is done. i have seen people supported for less. >> it is a token. >> he has to do something that violates the federal laws and gives a justification to havete. >> they don't need to talk about the deportation. they can talk about rendition. >> i have a solution. why don't we take him off the air? >> that's sensorship. his ratings are huge.
11:46 pm
>> your family has been trying to deport you for years. how many signatures do they have? >> that's the problem. i was raised in skid row. most of our neighbors can't spell. as for piers, that goes to my earlier theory which is people are dumb. i like doing this. if people don't like piers, don't make petitions. three people watched that show. but now a lot more people are watching the show because you created a story of not liking piers and deporting him. what are you doing? >> good point, now we have to take a break. we have plenty more to talk about.
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a south dakota mom, is there any other kind, is taking heat for teaching her kid a lesson about playing with her -- what, ipad? ipad. she tricked her eight-year-old son into thinking he bought a munstang on ebay. roll it. what are these things? >> why did you buy that $50,000 car on ebay? >> i didn't. >> you did.
11:51 pm
>> i did? >> it canceled it. jay is that -- >> is that true? >> i'm afraid so. >> we have to sell everything. i am horrible. >> are you not horrible, baby. you make mistakes. >> i was just looking at it and when i tried to exit it out it bought it. i didn't mean to. i was like, oh no, oh no. i turned the ipad off. >> you didn't buy it. you didn't buy it. >> oh. >> you didn't confirm it. you didn't spend $50,000. >>, yuck. >> i am not thinking this is a big deal.
11:52 pm
you think she is a bad mom. take away her parenting license, no, anybody can be a parent. we talked about this earlier in the show. deal straight with your kids. be a responsible parent. if you are upset because the kids are playing with your ipad take your ipad from the kid and tell the kid, you can't play with the ipad and here is why. give them a time-out, but be direct with the kid. that's how they learn. you do something like this because you want to get yourself on youtube. >> you want people to talk about it on tv. this is about the mother becoming a 15-minute celebrity and getting on to all kinds of net, woulds. >> that's interesting. >> no way the child is going to learn a lesson from this. >> i am looking at jimmy's face. you have grandkids. he pranks his kids. >> in scotland we do this all the time. in england people go, ew, what did you do? here in america it goes, no offense, but they say be straight with your kids and don't do that and don't make
11:53 pm
them cry. >> i am not saying don't make them cry. deal with your kids properly. punish them properly and reprimand them. teachers and them a lesson and do what you need to do to raise proper and responsible kids. that's about getting the mom on youtube. >>- q. i it is just a stew -- >> it is just a stupid prank. >> look, she is already on "red eye." >> he makes a wee gift a ring for one of the kids. not johnny, another kid for his girlfriend and it is a fake gold ring. from darrin, will you marry me. she is in tears and it says yes and it is a dad making a joke. the son is about 30 years old. he is -- >> and the girl will be traumatized for life. >> that is hilarious. >> it is funny because are you talking about adults. >> i am taking away his iced tea. >> we need more people crying in this world. >> we do need more people crying.
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we will close things out with a post game wrap up from an anne de levey. to see recent shows go to fox
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back to andy levy and time for the post game wrap up. >> back to you, greg. >> we have like 10 seconds. you are the host for kill me january 14th and 15th. major son's restaurant got a star? >> unsaw listed michelin star. that's the news for today. huckabee is next. tonight on huckabee the president and democrats got their way and raised taxes but did they give republic upper hand on the next fiscal fight.
11:58 pm
gearing up for the debt ceiling battle. >> and balanced plan that would cut spending in a responsible way. it always asks the wealthiest americans to pay a little more. and above all, protects our middle class and everyone striving to get into the middle class. >> he promise add fair chance for the milling class, but under the new deal middle class workers will take a bigger percentage hit on their paycheck. charlie gasparino on the impact the fiscal cliff deal will have on every american. plus, he was 11 years old and hungry when he asked her for money on the street. she didn't give him money but something much more valuable that has lasted more than 25 years. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applause] >> thank you very much. a great audience for this new year. and happy new year to you. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. well, it is hard for me to come up with a proper superlative to
11:59 pm
express the disgust i got with president obama and the congress. the gamesmanship and stagecraft that they substituted for statesmanship by rushing through a last-minute piece of legislation is going to cause about 80% of americans to pay more taxes. and it does absolutely nothing to deal with the real problem of run away spending. of course, since incumbents were sent back at a 94% rate in the past election, voters have to accept their responsibility in this disaster of a government. for those who actually believed president obama's promise that if your income was under $250,000, you wouldn't pay one more dime in taxes. then you probably feel sucker punched because you are going to pay an average of about $1,600 more because of the payroll tax increase. now since the person that you probably work for is going to pay that, plus an additional 4.9%


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