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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  January 12, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> this is "the fox report." tonight, america being asked to engage its military to help out a friend. the entire country of france has raised its terror threat level now that that country has a special request for our military. could the u.s. act as france's eye in the sky? now that french boots are on the ground in maly. the african nation on the line. what we just learned about this new military campaign aimed at al qaeda. also, they're the pictures we have not seen until now infrared video capturing the moments immediately after an
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italian cruise ship hit rocks one from year tomorrow. left dozens of people dead. in moments the new development that has some of the survivors outraged. and, a dog left to die but a bunch of thugs gets a new lease on life. the pooch with the prosthetic leg. i'm harris faulkner. we begin tonight with one state taking some new steps to fight the flu outbreak. it follows the centers for disease control and prevention now calling what we are seeing cross the country an epidemic. we want to give you an idea what that means. the cdc declares an epidemic when the percentage of deaths reported from a disease is above a certain threshold. in this case, that threshold is 7.2%. and our current situation, the number of deaths from the flu is now at 7.3% of those who have it today in new york governor andrew cuomo declaring health emergency that gives him executive power to alarm pharmacists for the
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next 30 days to give the flu shot to patients who are between the ages of six months and 18 years old. under current state law pharmacists could only administer the vaccine to 18 years and older. those at risk having serious complications from the flu. new york's leaders urging everyone to get a flu shot immediately as the number of flu cases keeps climbing. >> we are setting records in our urgent care center in the number of patients. seeing a lot of people coming with shortness of breath and wheezing. >> i want you to take a look at this map here. you will see the cdc is reporting the bug is wide spreads spread in 47 states. everywhere except california, mississippi and hawaii. tonight concerns about the shortages of vac seep and tamiflu treatment especially for children. one doctor says he is urging patients in their 30's to try to recover without tamiflu.
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i tell my patients in the 30 year old range tested positive. you are young, you are lelty, you are going to do fine with this. you should probably let to ride it out and save tamiflu for somebody who needs it. >> anna kooiman is here now. we are hearing reports today that the flu is widespread and hearing from others maybe it is slowing down. what is the fact? >> we are hearing both sides. you are right. while we did see an early and quick start to the flu season this year. health officials point out that we do often see flu reaching epgd levels in the winter. this outbreak may a peaked like the south. this strain seems to be stronger and making people sicker longer. hospitals around the country have seen spikes since flu related conditions and deaths. comparatively the last few years including boston where the mayor also declared a public health emergency and the death toll there now stands at 6:00 but including one child. the flu season is about 12
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weeks long and right now four to five weeks into it. it does add to the flow and intensity. we could have several more weeks until we are really in the clear then. >> that makes total sense. as you said some places may have already peaked. you will see the numbers come back a little bit. not everybody has already peaked. what do we do about the shortage of vaccine how real is that and who does that effect? >> 62% effective. meaning you have a 62% less chance of getting sick. and while some places are running low on the vaccine. it is still available across the country and physicians insist it's not too late to get your shot. this is one of the worst that we have had in almost five years plus our last one that we saw was when of 2010 pandemic 10 years ago that we saw, you know, a season like we are seeing right now. >> since that h1n1, swine flu
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epidemic that was back in 2009 in november, the last month it was measured. only 37% of americans had gotten that vaccine. >> many places doctor's offices pharmacies still have abundant of this if you go ask. they do caution it will take effect protect ourselves. what's the list. >> everything that mom always told you. walsh your hands. avoid touching your face and keep your germs to yourself. >> if you are sick, don't come to work, don't go to the mall. don't go to school. don't hang out with your friends. if you are sick, stay home and cough into your sleep, cough into your arm. use tissues and try to decrease the amount of exposure to other people. >> there there are things we sleard and cdc recommends over the age of six months get vaccinated. very young and very old most
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susceptible. >> i heard you talking about this on earlier broadcast. don't spread your germs. if you are sick and go out your immune system is already damaged. don't have the flu but you are sick. catch the flu someone else very easily. >> don't forget to put lysol all over your computer and your phone and everything else. >> are you saying that because i'm sitting next to a laptop? thank you, anna. always looking out for the anchor. good to see you. a fox weather alert now. blizzard warnings with winds whipping across parts of our nation and in some areas a new storm bringing with it the threat of flooding meteorologist maria molina. very active on the weather map right now. >> good to see you. we are not just talking about flooding but looking at severe weather that's possible across northeastern portions of texas and also western parts of kentucky. we have even been seeing tornado watches issued across indiana and southwestern parts of that state where we have had funnel clouds reported with some of these
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thunderstorms, again looking at severe weather possible out here including you in arkansas. we have been seeing he heavy ran as well. isolated tornadoes, damaging wind gusts and large hail head into the overnight hours os the storm slowly continues to push towards the north and the east been issued for the state of arkansas that does go into midnight tonight. central time. and we have been seeing rainal rates inch an hour in some of these storms. there have been rain fall accumulations of 1 to 3 inches. locally though more will be possible and that's why we are looking at that possibly flooding out here there are a number of watches that have been issues as far as flooding goes. locally five inches of rain can fall across some of these areas. temperatures on the northern side of the storm system very cold take a look at some of these current temperatures. 2 below zero in minot, north dakota ms. mark. factor the wind that could be blowing around that snow. feels even colder right now. feels like 15 degrees below
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zero in bismarck and 17 degrees below zero. temperatures well above average with some places seeing temperatures as much as 30 degrees above what's normal for the month of january. >> you said it january. doesn't even feel like it in some places right now. maria, thank you very much. our ally france is fighting a powerful terror group at this hour and looking for us support from the air. the pentagon is looking at their elevated terror alert tonight because of what is happening in part of africa. france wants our military drones al qaeda linked militants inside the african nation of maly. hundreds of troops on the ground tonight. drive back rebel groups currently controlling northern territories. already learning of casualties or both sides. more than 100 rebels we're told reportedly killed in french air strikes today. a french helicopter pilot.
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after i response to fighting i mentioned. french president is raising france's domestic threat level. is he promising increased security at all public buildings. so, how did we get to this point? maly was a french colony until gaining independence in 1960. al qaeda's affiliate in africa has had low profile presence in mali for a decade that changed last year after a military coupe through new terror in that regke that may be happening. military experts now saying the terrorist activity in mali makes it africa's equivalent of afghanistan before the u.s. invasion. speaking of afghanistan, as you know, islamic terrorists once operated freely led the international effort to kick the taliban from power. now more than a decade later. leaders of both country
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meeting with karzai. what remains up in the air how many troops we will keep in that country and what role they will play in training. molly henneberg with the news live tonight in washington. what do we know about the troops and the switch to a different type of a mission in afghanistan? >> harris had it long been the planned to transition for training and advising role. that was going to happen this summer or later this year. but the president announced this week that that will happen sooner than expected. >> we agreed afghan force also take the lead for security across the country and our troops will shift to a support role. in the coming months i will announce the next phase of our drawdown. by next year america's war in afghanistan will be over.
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>> potentially helping the president make decisions about how many troops to keep in afghanistan in the near term. and after 2014. his nominee for secretary of state john kerry and secretary of defense chuck hagel. both are likely to favor a faster withdrawal of u.s. troops. and the white house has left open the possibility that the u.s. may not leave any troops in afghanistan harris? >> i understand that critics are very concerned about that plan because they say it could be very risky. >> concerned that the u.s. needs to make sure over the next couple of years that as we leave, we make sure al qaeda isn't going to move back into afghanistan. i think all americans want our troops home. keep our troops there safe. when you reduce your number complete, coordinated with the afghan authorities and filled by terrorists. >> president obama says the goal of making sure al qaeda
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al qaeda to launch afghanistan quote within reach. harris? >> so he met with president karzai yesterday and then i understand president obama had a meeting at the pentagon having to do with some of this. what you can tell us about that. >> the white house says this was really a fitness test at the health clinic at the pentagon today. part of the medical checkup coordinated by a doctor. the president was there at the pentagon for two hours. the results of the test will be released before the end of the month. molly henneberg thank you very much. good to see you. >> right now victims of the serial killer it's been years since we have even spoken his name. his rage grabbed the nation's attention and left communities frozen in fear. how it could effect families with missing loved ones. >> just what did vice president joe biden learn when
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>> haven't said this killer's name in a long time but new developments involving one of the most notorious serial killers in america's history. john wayne gacy. for years detectives have wondered if he killed others in addition to the 33 young men he was convicted of murdering back in the 1970s. now they will soon get to search for bodies underneath an apartment complex law enforcement officials in chicago say a search warrant just approved today after records showed gacy had worked at that complex as a handyman. police arrested gacy in 1978 dozens of babies buried the crawl space.
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he was convicted and executed in 1994. the debate over gun control expected to take a big step next week when vice president joe biden will present president obama with his plan on how to reduce gun violence. the vice president wrapping up a week of meetings with the entertainment industry, video game makers and the national rifle association. so what recommendations could we see? peter doocy with the news tonight from washington. >> harris, the vice president gave us a very specific example on friday of an event being kicked around by the task force leading trying to reduce gun violence similar from the james bond movie sky fall thrmpleghts is a lot could change if, for example, every gun purchased could only be fired by the person who purchased it. literally would be unable to be fired that technology exists but extremely expensive. ideas like that don't sit well with the national rifle association who emerged from a meeting with the vice president this week under the
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impression that the administration is seeking to attack the second amendment. gun control has been a failed experiment. joe biden pushed a gun ban through in 1994 and bill clinton's justice department said it had no contact impact on crime. let's look at violent culture. things that can address the underlying problem. retailers across the country have seen a surge in sales lately as many are stocking up on weapons they apparently come by once the federal government takes steps steps to reduce violence. >> gun sales have gone through the roof. everything -- anything and everything. rifles, handguns i think people on the fence about buying had plan to buy one were pushed a little harder now because they're afraid that they're not going to be able to buy certain weapons. >> vice president boyden said this week he thinks a great deal can be done without imbringing on the rights guaranteed by the second amendment. harris?
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>> peter, thank you. president obama may have an idea of whom he would like to replace lisa jackson. remember her? she ran the environmental protection agency until a recent scandal. now the probe into what was happening while jackson was on the job may be a road block for the president. we'll tell you why coming up inside "the fox report." first, a father and son torn apart 20 years ago. look at that little bo he vanished and all these years later, that cold case of a missing child just turned red hot, he has been found adult now the father who never lost faith is talking.
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>> new reaction to a decades old missing child case and
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it's coming from the family. richard wayne landers was just five years old when police said his paternal grandparents kidnapped him from indiana during a custody dispute that involved his mom and dad. is he now 24 years old and living in minnesota under the name of michael jeff landers. investigators tracked him down using his social security number. his dad, richard landers sr. says a reunion would be surreal. >> we always just kept it in the back of our minds that we believe we was going to see him again. until i actually get to walk up and say hello to him again i don't know that it's going to be real. >> no word yet on if and when that reunion will pap happen. meanwhile the minnesota sheriff says the case will eventually be forwarded to federal prosecutors for possible charges against the grand patience. new concerns about the future of air travel. after a very bumpy rough week for boeing's newest aircraft the 787 dream liner. one of their planes caught fire. another had a fuel leak.
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now federal regulators want a review of the design, manufacture and assembly of the 200-million-dollar aircraft. there are questions about weather there will be an economic fallout. take a look. boeing stock closing down yesterday. at 75:16. one point our colleagues at fox business network were watching the dow jones overall take a dip. mostly because of the reaction by investors to boeing's problems. dominic di-natale was live in los angeles with more on us. dominic? >> hey there, harris. 70,000 people. the question is if the f.a.a. investigation delays boeing's chances to recuperate all those invested in the dream liner. looking at a deep probe into the jet plane's design and the quality control in the manufacturing process. one analyst has said that threatens to unearth more problems for boeing ray la hood vouched for the 787
4:25 pm
safety yesterday. the company is one of our basic. also one of our based employers it could be a hefty economic set back. despite how alarming the hitches have been this week. it's not unusual for new models to have problems. analysts pointing out that boeing had trouble today it's trusted long haul work horse of the skies. it's a glitch when you look at it dominic. it's okay if you are an analyst. what if you are a traveler? >> are they boarding a faulty dream liner. plane passengers want to fly. it's state of the art aircraft. shine has been dented by the state of safety that it has got at the moment which for some has keen air travelers, at least, disappointed. take a listen. >> i'm going to route goes through tokyo because i wanted to fly -- i was just hoping that they didn't frown i'm not
4:26 pm
concerned about the safety issue. >> i was only concerned about -- >> dream liner has those dream to fly on it now. but look at the a 380 super jumbo by comparison made my air bus. cracked ways and that hasn't prevented people from boarding that aircraft. like it's going to cost boeing some major bucks to fix. back to you. >> if passengers keep buying tickets. they will have some major bucks to spend on that i suppose, dominic di-natale, thanks very much. platinum, brides like it to set their diamond rings to pick up at the altar and i guess the grooms, too. they get that would you want a pocket full of platinum change? sounds cool. actually it sounds kind of heavy. maybe kind of a pain. the u.s. treasury has an announcement about all of this. and the costa concord i can't. italian cruise line nightmare back in the headline. you know it's been one year since that ship hit the
4:27 pm
beautiful coast line of italy. the video just got released of the survivors upset and outraged all over again. we will play it for you next. humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my...
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>> harris: a lot of new information in that scandal surrounding the head of the environmental protection agency. you may recall lisa jackson quit recently after it was discovered she used a secret
4:30 pm
email account false name her job at the e.p.a. to conduct official business. right now, there are so many unanswered questions. and as the investigation unfolds, it could make it much more difficult for president obama to find her successor. chief washington correspondent james rosen with the story. >> you know her as lisa jackson. the head of the environmental protection agency stepping down after four year tenure that saw frequent clashes. >> take responsibility for it environmentalists regard as hugely successful. >> negotiated landmark accords double gas mileage within the next 10 years or so. she got some the suit and mercury out of the air we breathe. >> some privileged folks knew her as richard windsor. that's the used on thousands of emails she sent and received on private account with if you have
4:31 pm
fix. it's subject of inspector general's probe used freedom of information act to secure access to 12,000 emails the first 3,000 of which will unsealed on monday. >> i can't tell you the intention behind creating false identity but i know the obvious impact. that is which had to be apparent to them when they created this. you are frustrating federal record keeping and disclosure laws. >> others at the e.p.a. including some who could be chosen to succeed jackson also used dummy accounts. republicans on the house energy and commerce committee ghap whoever gets the job. the agency which spends in excess of 5 billion a year in use to promulgate flash point for controversy. as president obama and aides head into a second term. >> fairly intran jent in their commitment to what you might regard as the rather intrenched environmental left. >> house republicans are also threatening to subpoena the e.p.a. to secure more
4:32 pm
information about water testing the agency is conducting near a site where a mining operation has been proposed in bristol bay alaska. james washington, fox news. >> i'm harris faulkner. time for the top of the news. one idea to avert a debt crisis just got the action. the white house ruling out producing a platinum coin worth $1 trillion. the idea was being tossed around and one way to pay the government bills and avoid a nasty battle with congress over raising the debt ceiling. the u.s. has reached borrowing limit it did so last week by late february or early march. the treasury department will run out of ways to cover its debt and could begin defaulting. the pentagon looking at a request from france for drone support. france wants the assistance as its military takes on al qaeda linked terrorists terrorists in. french troops drive back rebels take back control of big chunk of west african
4:33 pm
nation. turning now to the civil war raging in syria. international efforts to hold the syrian government responsible for war crimes now. more than 50 nations backing a plane conflict to the international criminal court. this as rebel forces and syrian troops battle for control of key territory outside of syria's capital damascus. the u.n. estimating now 60,000 people have conor powell has the latest russia announcing today it continues to support u.n. backed peace efforts but also undermining those efforts by saying that the removal of president assad from power cannot be a precondition to talks. this comes as rebels have taken control of a strategically government air base in northern syria. syrian military helicopters. rocket launchers and tanks. >> for months syrian jets have
4:34 pm
pounded rebel fighters and civilians from above. some of the regime air strike is crucial to the opposition. particularly as cold winter weather has limited ground operation. with the help of god, we will not stop this rebel says no matter how difficult the circumstances become. if it's cold or snowy, we will persist until we are rid of this regime. set back as syrian troops reportedly took back control of a suburb outside damascus that rebels held fighting has intensified near the capital in recent months. on monday, 15 nations will submit a letter to the u.n. security council requesting that syria be referred to the international criminal court. this move would open up syrians on both sides of the conflict to war crime prosecution. but this latest diplomatic move will do little to end the violence today. it's more a threat rather than a solution to the current crisis. harris?
4:35 pm
>> harris: conner, thank you. we are getting brand new video of the night the doomed italian cruise ship costa concordia ran aground nearly a year ago. coast guard releasing never before seen picks. waiting to be rescued. 4200 people were on board. dozens of them died. meanwhile growing controversy over tomorrow's planned memorial at the site of that disaster. urging people not to show up. space is limited and priority is given to those whose families dated. the costa concordia remains stuck on that reef where it sank. salvage teams say more money and time will be needed to get the ship off the rocks safely. the italian captain who is accused in all of this. multiple manslaughter causing a ship wreck and abandoning the ship before all the passengers were safely off. at least 44 people killed in a landslide.
4:36 pm
now they there are questions natural disaster that actually happened months ago prompted it it's our top story as we go arend a the world in 80 seconds. china. all that mud on the move setting off an intense search for survivors. soldiers taking part in the effort as crews used construction machinery to sift through the piles of gook. china's state run news agency quoting one geological expert who says an earthquake four months ago left behind unstabled soil that contributed to the slide. nepal, at least 30 people died when a bus veered off a mountain road. police saying conditions in the remote area were dark and foggy. rescuers and local villagers pulled the dead and injured from the wreckage including one child. northern ireland a car torched as violent rioting going on for more than a month now intensifies. it's all over belfast city
4:37 pm
council's decision to stop flying the british flag at city hall. the council says it will only put up the colors on 18 official days each year. ukraine. animal activists rallying to save a tiger shark on display at a shopping mall in kiev. they say her small tank caused damage to her nose. small management insists she was injured in transit and will be just fine. activists aren't biting. they want the shark moved to hungary so she can live in one of europe's largest aquariums. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> today marks three years since the devastating earthquake hit haiti. a simple wreath laying ceremony was held mass burial sites in the capital port-au-prince. president bill clinton there for the mission. is he special envoy to haiti. more than 250,000 people died in that disaster. and right now more than 350,000 people are still homeless. many living in camps.
4:38 pm
only about 6,000 permanent houses have been built since the earthquake. a programming note for you. and it's related to this. greta van susteren traveled to haiti in the aftermath of the quack. she has been very involved with the relief efforts there tomorrow night you will leisure about the work being done to rebuild the country. still very much affected by the disaster as you just saw. on the record special rebuilding haiti with greta van susteren airs tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. and for a preview, be sure to watch fox report right here tomorrow night. greta will be our guest. a man stabbed multiple times and police say the alleged attacker did it because he thought he saw the victim flashing a gang sign. wait until you hear what caused the confusion and nearly cost the man his life. and in a world of people looking for instant gratification, there is new way for people to keep in touch with their faith. how your phone can help you say a prayer. ♪ the moment i wake up
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>> a north carolina man is in stable condition tonight after vicious stabbing. terrance daniels is death and communicating with a friend using sign language when police say robert neil walked
4:42 pm
over and stabbed him with a kitchen knife. investigators believe neil confused the victim's sign language with gang signs. onlookers watched in horror. as the innocent man was slashed over and over. >> i have no voice now have screaming stop, stop. leave that man alone. >> the whole neighborhood. >> whoever did that i hope they suffer for it. >> neil is charged with felony assault on a handicapped person and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. a judge rules the body of a lottery winner who died from cyanide poisoning will be exhumed. authorities determined this man was poisoned to death just before he was to collect his lottery winnings. his family denies having anything to do with his death. craig wall fox affiliate wfld with the story. >> i got a 4:00 in the morning that's how i found out. screaming on the phone. i couldn't understand what was going on.
4:43 pm
>> sister does not know who called her that night but it came from her brother's phone. the family is now relieved that a judge has given approval for khan's body to be exhumed from rose hill cemetery so the medical examiner can conduct a complete autopsy to determine how adjusted the cyanide that killed him. >> finally we know what happened. >> khan was a million-dollar lottery winner back in june. he accepted a ceremonial check with his wife and daughter from a previous marriage standing by his side. but on july 20th, the day his $425,000 lump sum check was mailed. he died in his home from what was later determined to be cyanide poisoning. since then 17-year-old jasmine has moved out of the family's house and her aunt has been appointed guardian. the family says wife prepared him his last male a curried meat dish which he ate around 11:00 p.m. they say no one else ate the food. hours later he died but
4:44 pm
experts say cyanide usually kills people very quickly. raising questions about the food as the source. the autopsy on the body is expected to be completed by the end of next week and that will allow the medical examiner to determine if khan ingested the poison by food, drink or if he breathed it. he has denied having anything to do with her husband's death saying she loved him. she supports the exhumation which she says will reveal the truth. khan's sister wants her brother to rest in peace. >> we have to have justice served. that's what it takes to bring justice for him and bring peace. then that's what needs to be done. >> do you think they will find the truth? >> i'm sure. at least i hope they do. >> the autopsy is expected to be completed within a week. and, again, that was greg wall of fox station wfld in chicago. a freight train derails in a suburban neighborhood. it's our first stop on this fox trip across america.
4:45 pm
>> missouri. that train coming off the rails just south of st. louis. no word on what caused the derailment. amazingly. nobody hurt. roughly 20 homes evacuated after rescue teams detected fumes coming from one of the chemical cars. it's all cleaned up now with everyone returning home. pennsylvania. a philadelphia man just wanted to catch some z's but wound up with a bullet lodged in his shoulder instead. >> i survived and you know i'm lucky. >> he was treated at a local hospital. police saying a gunman armed with an ar 15 assault rifle fired 17 shots into two homes. hitting the man as he was resting in bed. bullet holes piercing his windows and walls. >> maniac. crazy. i hope is he watching this too. you are a maniac, you are crazy. >> the hunt is on for the gunman. north carolina. firefighters blame barrels of hay for fueling a nasty barn
4:46 pm
fire outside charlotte it took crews several hours to contain it it thankfully no animals were inside the barn at the time. it was being used for equipment storage. california. welcome home sailors. pulling into port in san diego. marking the end of 7 month deployment to the pacific and middle east. >> i'm so excited i haven't seen my daughter in over a year owe traveled all the way from north carolina to be with her. >> tracking the long range missile fired by north carolina -- north korea last month no doubt they earned special treatment. >> to see my wife's good homemade cooking that's the main thing. spending time with the family and relaxing. >> harris: that's a fox watch across america. >> technology meets tradition as roman catholics use a modern way to connect with their faith. the country's largest group of
4:47 pm
franciscan friars accepting prayer requests by text mess located in new york call it faith at your finger tips. how the idea became a reality. >> actually, we were at a meeting and i was noticing that during the meeting a i lot of people were receiving texts you know how people tried to hide it but they were still texting. i mentioned to someone four office about how much texts people were getting and giving and then we just started talking about how people ask us to pray for them and i thought well, why not have people text us if they want to. >> so the prayer service is free of charge. followers can simply text the word prayer to 30644. we should have put that up on the screen. followed by the request. the fryers say they have received more than 1,000 text messages since the program began this week. i will will tweet it out to you later.
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>> well, be careful what you google because it could come back to haunt you. a florida man finding that out the hard way after hearing the judge's. decided to google the case. to learn more about it defying the judge's order not to do that the man apologized to the court after judge discovered what had happened.
4:52 pm
>> i would like to apologize to you judge, the court and the staff. i admitted that i have violated the court's orders. >> well, that apology didn't sway the judge who found him in contempt of court. >> when a juror such as yourself for whatever reason cure os city disrespect, whatever the case may be and i take you at your word that curiosity got the better of you. i will accept that. when you do that, it causes a lot of problems. >> well, the judge sentenced that man to three months of jury duty but if he is not picked to serve on an actual trial. he could go to jail. communities hit hardest by super storm sandy are asking congress to walk a mile in their shoes. eight towns in new york and new jersey. marching to raise awareness of the seriousness of the situation still. urging lawmakers to pass that 51 billion-dollar relief aid package they have been considering. meanwhile, a little used airport on new york's long island is storing thousands of vehicles.
4:53 pm
damaged by super storm sandy. the pictures are amazing. rick leventhal has more. cav investor ton executive carve investor ton. victims of hurricane sandy. who are man 2,000 cars and trucks were submerged, damaged or destroyed by the killer storm. 150,000 were totaled. the rest could be fixed up and driven again. >> the town of river head, new york, which owns this property, is now renting the space to insurance auto auctions incorporated, an online salvage company specializing in total loss vehicles. the company is paying the town $3,200 a month for every acre it's using to store the inventory as it sells the cars and trucks off on the web one by one. >> this is a fantastic deal for the town. the town has a general fund of $45 million. if they stay here for the full year. we'll reap the benefit of about $2.7 million and in
4:54 pm
these economic times, that is a big, big profit for the town. >> but some environmentalists call this a bad deal, arguing the airport sits on top of an aquifer supplying much of the region with precious water that might be tainted biochemical and fuel spills. >> lirlders get all of their drinking water from under ground. what gets into the ground gets into their water. we think it shouldn't be fluids from wrecked cars,. >> the town says the vehicles are all parked on pavement and regular gli inspected. most will be gone by this march when the main run way reopens, in river head, new york, rick leventhal, fox news. >> a dog who lost his front leg is on the mend meet lemon pie. >> running around and jumping like a lot of normal dogs look closely at his leg, those are prosthetics found february in a trash bend. legs cut off as warning from drug cartel wanting to show how ease request it is to remove a limb even that of a
4:55 pm
human, lemon pie ended up at dog sanctuary. the hospital didn't have the right material for the dog so they turned to the united states and with money from donors, he was fitted with a new pair of legs. now lemon pie is more than 100 dogs living there all saved from abuse and neglect. a sitcom star goes back to work after getting a lot of attention for speaking out against his show. i wonder if his big paycheck had anything to do with his change of heart. there is a python problem in florida. yeah. firch and wildlife officials aim to fix it literally. we are on the hunt. in the sunshine state, yikes. and real mozzarella cheese. but what makes us even prouder... is what our real dinners can do for your family. stouffer's. let's fix dinner.
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if you're still having difficulty breathing, ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at >> harris: florida looking to solve python problem hunting with 800 people showing up for the 2013 python challenge. the month long hunt kicking off today. fish and wildlife officials say they want to cut down on the estimated 150,000 burmese pythons in the evergrades. pythons first released these species in the park. you know what happens in nature. they keep on reproducing. now the snakes pose a serious threat to animals. what about the people? send away teenage actor angus jones expected to rejoin the cast of the hit comedy 2 and a half men next week. cbs formally accepted its his
4:59 pm
pub apology interview with the religious organization calling it filth and very inappropriate. cbs releasing a statement saying they are happy to have him back as actors begin rehearsals for new episodes soon. bring two and a half men back are next season. makes $350,000 per episode. recapping top story tonight. flu outbreak widespread in 47 states reaching what the cdc says are epidemic levels. in new york governor andrew cuomo declaring a public health emergency. the order loosening vaccination restrictions on pharmacists making it possible for people as young as six months to get a vehicle seen. and in the african country mali, french aircraft pounding rebel fighters for a second day today in a campaign to prevent groups linked from al qaeda expanding their power there and we're learning the french have asked our u.s. military for drone support. the pentagon said to be


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