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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 16, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PST

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louisiana, a bucket was the next choice after he left his mask at home. the disguise didn't work. cameras caught a glimpse of his face when he had to lift the bucket to see. >> how do you drive 900 miles before you realize you've gone way past your destination. earlier in the show we told you about a finance student bravely sent a cover letter to wall street touting his lack of experience in hopes of landing a summer internship. >> we want to know would you hire him. bill e-mailed us: the best employees are the ones who learn on the job and are ambitious. i would hire this guy in a second. we should point out he had a near perfect g.p.a. tim said not sure if i would hire him but i would interview him. >> if i were a hiring manager i would schedule an interview with this person. he separated himself from
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the person. although his approach appears brash on the service, his approach is honest, needed in today's business world to get someone's attention and he got mine. >> thanks to everyone who responded. >> "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: good morning. it is wednesday, january 16, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. two people died, several more hurt after a helicopter crashes down in flames over one of the biggest cities in the world. >>steve: can you tell the difference between these two rifles? here's a hint? one of them was just banned. the other, identical, still legal. are the rushed gun legislations taking place today full of holes? >> here was the new reality show that was supposed to prove we hit rock bottom. >> to you guys he might be known as a rapper but in
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atlanta he's known for having 11 kids and 10 baby mama's. >>brian: for all his baby's mama's, here's bad news. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: you take a couple of days off and they cancel "all my baby's mamas." >>gretchen: must have been signing all the petitions. >>brian: the guy's rich any way. we shouldn't feel bad for him. >>steve: first welcome back from a couple of days off down in the sun, i think. >>brian: right. i was in -- turks and caicos. >>gretchen: i feel sorry for those children in that situation, not necessarily the babies' daddy. we have breaking news. a chopper goes down in the middle of london, leaving the pilot and passenger dead. it happened south of the
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thames river near the british spy agency and 10 pwhraobgs from the waterloo -- blocks from the waterloo train station. the horrific scene unfolding at the height of the morning commute when thousands of people were trying to get to work. >> we just heard an explosion. it sounded like a fighter plane flying over. we thought it was a terrorist attack and we kept straight out on to the main road. there was huge piles of smoke over the back there. somebody shouting that a plane [inaudible] >>gretchen: at least nine people hurt, one of them critically. another member of president obama's cabinet calling it quit. in a few hours ken salazar is expected to announce he'll step down as interior
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secretary. salazar came under fire for pushing oil regulations for oil development. he said he'll leave by the end of march. overnight two of japan's biggest airlines grounded their dream liners for safety checks. this after another one was forced to land because of a burning smell in the cockpit. the latest blow for the new jet following a battery fire and two fuel leaks last week. fortunately no one has been hurt in any of these incidents. not good news for the plane. turns out the best medicine for modern health could be the barn. a study found families on farms are almost half as likely to have asthma and nearly four times less likely to have hay fever. but you don't need a pet pig to combat sickness. another new study suggests babies raised around dogs are 31% more likely to be healthy. researchers believe dogs and cats help kids' immune
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systems mature faster. that's interesting. >>steve: in our five-hour version, we play the whole tape. >>gretchen: when does that kick off? >>brian: there is a lot of talk about guns today as president obama plans to announce plans to curb gun violence. a man and woman killed while sitting in a car at a kentucky community college. a student opened fire at a financial aid director, then shooting himself. both of them expected to survive. we're just hours away from hearing what the president plans on doing about guns and what will be an executive order and what will be a proposal for congress. hey, peter. >> today at 11:45 this morning president obama and vice president biden will stand on a stage surrounded by children who wrote them letters full of their concerns about gun violence following last month's mass murder at sandy hook
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elementary school, and the president is expected to announce that he wants new laws to require universal background checks for anyone buying a gun in any state. he also wants to renew the assault weapons ban as well as a brand-new ban on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. >> the president has made clear that we all need to do more. and we all need to examine our consciences and acknowledge that we have not done enough to protect our children. if we had, some of the tragedies that we have seen in this country -- most recently in connecticut -- might not have happened. >> a new a.p. poll indicates a slight majority -- about six in ten americans -- now favor stricter gun laws. many more than that -- 84% -- support background checks for firearms transactions at gun shows. but when it comes to
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restricting high-capacity clips, some republican lawmakers are now warning a limit on one kind of big magazine just means more smaller magazines in the future. >> a ban on certain kind of magazines means more magazines. anyone who's trained at all, as i know from my time in the army, can change a magazine in one to two seconds. a ban on so-called assault weapons, in connecticut there already was a ban on assault weapons and adam lanza was still able to obtain one. >> freedom group filed a lawsuit against president obama. that lawsuit alleged the task force vice president biden was leading about reducing gun violence should have included public input. back to you in new york. sthoeup let's talk a -- >>steve: here in new york the legislature passed what governor cuomo is referring to as the toughest gun laws in the country.
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there is an assault weapons ban if it includes at least one military feature. what i'm talking about, let's take a look at a graphic. you see the mr-1 rifle. it's got a graphic. it is going to show you one that is banned and one that is not banned. maybe we're not going to show you the graphic. the one thing about it is they are identical. they fire the same bullets at the same speed, same clips. what makes the one on the top banned, notice the pistol grip. it is a military pistol grip. the bottom one that has the hunter grip, it is absolutely legal. there are some holes already in this supergun ban law in new york city. >>gretchen: they also say ten rounds, it now will be seven. a lot of people will say is that that big of a difference. if you already own these guns that are banned, you're going to be grandfathered in. you have to go through another background check. a lot of this is going to
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hinge on the new federal regulations. the president is going to be unveiling his plan later on today. he may have as much as 19 executive orders that would bypass congress. what will those entail? one other interesting thing about this law that i think we should mention, remember how that newspaper "the journal news" printed the names of all the people who legally own guns? now it is illegal in new york state to do that. 29 other states already had that on the books. that's a good part about that law. >>brian: why was new york in such a huge rush to pass this? it happened in connecticut. >>gretchen: because governor cuomo wants to be president. >>brian: give me a break. it would almost impossible to think this is well researched in this breakneck pace. seven bullets instead of ten bullets. if you're caught with eight, you're now facing misdemeanor charges. this is something i think is interesting and could be
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explored is a therapist who thinks they have a patient that's mentally ill and making a credible threat to use an illegal gun, that therapist will be forced to tell somebody, the authorities. there is some mental health aspect to it. they're not going to take your guns away. they are looking to expand background checks. but 85% of guns that come into new york that are involving crimes -- assuming people use those guns -- are from outside the state. >>steve: that's the big problem. that's why bloomberg has been cracking down. on the mental health issue, there is an item today in "usa today" that says mental health officials in new york state are probably going to ignore the new law because they are worried it is a squeal on one of their customers when one of their patients say i think this guy is unstable and that person is not going to come in for help. already there are all sorts of problem with this gun law in new york they rushed there. last night hannity squared off against a new york congressman, a new york representative.
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it got fiery. here are both sides. >> you tell me how this law makes it safer for a stay-at-home mom or maybe a woman that lives alone after a divorce and has a restraining order against a crazy ex-husband or boyfriend, how does that make them safer? >> it makes them harder for the person with the restraining order that has this weapon to do damage to this woman. it makes it safer for them to go to school -- >> you live in new york. wait a minute. you've got to be on drugs, with all due respect. >> no, i'm not actually. there is no need for you to say that. >> with all due respect, if you're thinking that the criminals are going to obey the laws, you're not thinking straight. >> you're not listening to me. it is not me who is on drugs at this table, so i don't appreciate the allegations. >> thank you. how nice of you. >> we're not saying criminals aren't going to commit crimes. we're going to make it as difficult as possible for those criminals to exert the maximum amount of pain and death possible. if someone walks into a
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school they won't be able to shoot rapidly bullet after bullet at our children. >> the next time they're going to wrap eight guns, pistols with ten shots each and then you guys are going to say we took a first step but now we're going to ban pistols. >>brian: ultimately you know who will be impacted the most will be law-abiding citizens. they have been following the rules. it is the people who go outside the law, crooks, criminals, killers, mass murderers, they sometimes always wind up with their -- >>gretchen: i agree that the mental health. think about the situation in colorado with the movie theater killer. he was seeing one or two psychiatrists but up until now their hands are tied to go to authorities with all the information. so we do need to have some sort of comprehensive approach to this. had those people -- remember he had written down in all those books they found later on in the mail at the university what his plan was. had they been able to,
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number one, find those and, number two, give them to authorities, maybe we could have stopped that massacre. >>brian: some people worry about assault weapons, handguns, ammunition. i've been focused on the imaginary gun. thankfully we're finally cracking down on the imaginary gun. >>steve: in montgomery county they suspended one six-year-old student because he went like that, pretended he had a gun. he was suspended. his parents appealed. now in talbot county, maryland, two six-year-old kids were playing in the baltimore area, one went like that, the other went like that. they were playing cops and robbers. suspended again. >>brian: two suspensions in maryland about the imaginary gun. >>steve: when you're six years old you can't understand why adults are
3:14 am
upset that you're just playing. >>brian: i had a cap gun. everyone had cap guns, didn't they? >>steve: if you didn't play with your finger, you put a stick in your hand to pretend you were playing with a gun. >>gretchen: you have to also keep in mind a little bit about maybe what kids are seeing on tv and video games and why they're doing this. >>steve: i go back to the days of roy rogers. >>gretchen: i'm just pointing out there may be other influences as to why more and more kid are doing that. >>brian: i blame the lone ranger. he influenced me. i even wore a mask. >>steve: in maryland if they are going to crack down on giving people the finger, it shouldn't be this one. >>brian: this reality show had a lot of you outraged. >> to you guys, he might be known as a rapper. but here in atlanta he's known for having 11 kids and 10 baby mamas. >>brian: brand-new drama for all his baby mamas.
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>>steve: welcome back. the welfare state is growing and sadly on so many levels no sign of it slowing down. >>gretchen: that according to a new chart released by republicans on two senate budget committees. according to dana colmes, federal welfare spending expected to skyrocket 80 % over the next decade. stew varney is here. how did he come up with that calculation? >> that is government numbers used by republican members of the senate budget committee. it represents a whole new america. in fact, it represents a total reversal from the days of welfare reform in the mid-1990's. welfare has made an enormous come-back. there are no plans to rein
3:19 am
it in. it is going to go up by $11 trillion. spending on welfare up $11 trillion in the next ten years. that's astronomical. >>steve: is a portion of it a sign of the times because the economy is so bad and it is hard for people to find work and they need assistance? >> absolutely not. there has been a shift in the eligibility for welfare during the obama years. more people are getting heating assistance, cell phones. you name it, you can get more of it in the obama years. point is there is no plan to rein this in. the president is adamantly opposed to any spending cuts or any reining in of these run-away programs. >>gretchen: one in six americans now on food stamps. i think one in four children, i've heard, are on food stamps. >> 19.9 million children are fed by the federal government. >>gretchen: you know what comes to mind is i wonder what president bill clinton thinks about this.
3:20 am
he's been an advocate of president obama, obviously helping him get reelected, but he was in charge of welfare reform. a lot of these things have been rolled back. i'm wondering what he thinks about this. >> i don't think he's said anything. he's been a big supporter of president obama in the election campaign last year, but i don't think welfare reform and the reversal of reform ever came up. i don't know what he thinks about this. >>steve: this could be one of the indicators why fitch is talking about down grading the u.s. debt once again. >> precisely. fitch says this is a rating agency, okay. watch out america. your triple a rating is under threat from my agency because it doesn't look like you can get your debt under control. >>steve: run-away spending. >> up 80% on welfare, $11 trillion extra in the next ten years, an astronomical amount of money. >>steve: big number. you're a big guy. can see him every day at 9:20 eastern time over on that fox business network.
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>>gretchen: the government destroyed its houseboat to build a fancy new waterfront. the supreme court ruled on its case and the outcome? it could affect many of you. >>steve: lance armstrong admits he's a big, fat liar. now you at home could pay the price. we'll explain as we wheel on live from new york city. [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. and ♪ savor and explore, a the great indoors ♪ ♪ ♪ friskies indoor delights. ♪ feed the senses.
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>>steve: got quick headlines for you on this wednesday morning. the psychiatrist who treated the accused dark knight shooter is being sued. the widow of a man killed in the movie massacre says lynn tpepbton should have
3:25 am
alerted authorities when james holmes of colorado told her about his fantasies to kill a large number of people, which he did. the white house reportedly ordered immigration officials not to arrest an illegal immigrant until after the election. the associated press says the white house didn't want the bad publicity since that illegal was an intern for new jersey democrat senator robert menendez. interesting. mr. kilmeade over to you. >>brian: our next guest taking on big government. taking away a man's floating home and destroyed it so they could redevelop the waterfront. but the man took his case up to the u.s. supreme court. thousands of hours, thousands of dollars, and guess what? he won. he joins us right now. how does the victory feel? >> fantastic. >>brian: your contention was that your home should not be ruled by any
3:26 am
maritime laws even though it was on the water; correct? >> exactly. it should come under florida statutes and floating homes around the country come under state jurisdiction and not federal jurisdiction. >>brian: how many hours did you put in in stating your case and fighting for your case? >> over the last six years, probably 4,000 or 5,000 hours. >>brian: six lawyers, four law students on this. while you were fighting this, they wreck your house? >> after i lost at the district court level, the judge ordered my home sold at a u.s. marshal auction. the city of rivera beach outbid destroyed my home at taxpayers' expense. >>brian: while you're paying property taxes? >> correct. houseboats are vessels and don't pay property taxes. >>brian: why was it so important for you? someone wrecks your home but you know the type of financial investment and
3:27 am
time investment this will be, why was it important for you to fight all the way up to the top? >> for the principle and to help, there's another 7,000 or 8,000 floating homes around the country. i wanted to make sure they did not go through the horse show i did. >>brian: are you going to get all the money back that you invested in? right now the court awarded you what? >> they reversed and now we'll go back to the district court judge and we'll see what happens down there. hopefully i'll get compensated for my home, furniture and my legal expenses. >>brian: you've got to go back to the same judge that ruled against you? >> that is correct. >>brian: what's the message from this fight that people should take away? >> the message is just don't quit. if you think you're -- if you think you're right, keep on fighting it out. winners never quit and quitters never win. >>brian: you believe that whole council is corrupt and want them replaced? >> absolutely.
3:28 am
the city council spent $6,000 between the federal conviction case and state admiralty case for what? they lost. it comes down to redevelopment. the master developer had given hundreds of thousands of dollars in bundled campaign contributions to these elected officials and they were beholden to the masters instead of the citizens that put these elected officials in office. >>brian: i don't think they knew what they were getting into when they took you on. fane lozman, i hope you continue to fight and get all your money back. thanks for the story on "fox & friends." straight ahead, a bombshell news story about autism. children can grow out of it? details next. what would you do if you saw this deer struggling on the ice? the park ranger who saved his life. first happy birthday to the first big star we met on our show who actually sent us a replica gold record of
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3:33 am
the interview supposedly lasted close to three hours, so it's sort of like a regular interview but on steroids. >>steve: initially it was going to be one part but she goes there's so much there, i'm going to do it over two nights, which her network needs. >>gretchen: own, nobody knows where that is. so maybe some people will figure it out by friday night. >>steve: i don't understand what oprah was talking about. he wasn't forthcoming, he was forthcoming. are you just trying to sell the interview? but you shouldn't be hedging on whether he came clean about the whole thing. >>gretchen: she wants people to watch to find out exactly what he says. >>brian: you can't contradict yourself in your description, can you? >>steve: unfortunately, people heard the first part or the second part. they may not have heard the conflict and so they're not going to tune in. >>brian: i have not heard
3:34 am
a lawyer who think it is a good thing. maybe he's being honest and this is cathartic but it doesn't sound like. >>steve: it sounds according to the "wall street journal" he's trying to rehab his image so he can do those triathalons. >>gretchen: i also think he has a lot of life left to live. i think it's more than just competing. maybe he wants to live his life clear in his head. that could be part of it too. >>brian: i would hope so. let's get your headlines. the olympics could hit the brakes on cycling and you can thank lance armstrong for that. a member of the olympics committee says lance armstrong's blood doping prove the sports needs to be cleaned up. he is suggesting a four or eight year break from the games. there is a report saying the fed may reopen their investigation of armstrong for alleged drug trafficking and fraud. >>gretchen: she's home safe with her mom but
3:35 am
police in philadelphia searching for the subjects who snatched this five-year-old from school. this is the first time we're hearing from the good samaritan who found the child alone and hiding on a playground on his way to work. >> when i was walking, it sounded like a cat. it stuck to me. so when i got closer to it, it just it kind of sounded so clear to me as help, help. when i seen her she only had a t-shirt on and it was wet. she didn't have nothing else on. she was bare footed. she was cold. she was shivering. the first thing that came to my mind was like this is a crazy moment right now to see this child out here at this time of night. >>gretchen: the school superintendent trying to figure out why there was a massive breach in protocol. the woman seen in this surveillance video you see on your screen right there never showed i.d. but was still able to walk out with that girl. >>steve: somebody is going to wind up with a $10,000 reward for that. brand-new and potentially
3:36 am
life-changing information about autism. a new study finds some children can grow out of it later in life. scientists from the university of connecticut studied kids between the ages of 8 and 21 by age, gender and nonverbal i.q.'s. they were all diagnosed early in life but appeared to be functioning tphorplgly now. results -- normally now. results suggest children had milder social difficulties. there could be very good news in that. >>brian: an update to a story we've been following on "fox & friends," the oxygen network pulling the plug on a controversial reality show "all my babies mama." >> to you guys he might be known as a rapper but here in atlanta he's known for having 11 kids and 10 baby mamas. >>brian: executives decide to shelf the show after more than 37,000 people signed a petition against it. where are the women who -- we had the women who started that petition on the show last week.
3:37 am
>> the term "all babies' mamas" is a slur. it is an offense to mothers. it is an offense to innocent children who did not sign on, did not deserve to be born into chaos. >>brian: in a recent statement lamb says -- quote -- "i am pleased oxygen heard the outrage of our over 37,000 consumers and shareholders who said enough is enough." >>steve: meanwhile, extreme weather. snow blanketing parts of the northeast this morning making for a very messy commute. you can see these pictures out of webster. when an ice storm swept across the south, half an inch thick in some areas. a state of emergency has been declared in tennessee. for the latest on what is going to be a slow go to work and school this morning, maria molina. >>maria: good morning. a very slow-go across portions of the east because we're dealing with snow, rain and even freezing rain in between those areas. i want to start out with
3:38 am
your temperatures for today. remember how it was very cold across portions of the southwestern u.s. and actually unusually mild across portions of the northeast? that's over with. back to normal. 71 for high temperatures today in los angeles. in the northeast, 38 for your high in new york city. it is those cold temperatures that are producing or helping produce snow across portions of upstate new york and pennsylvania. accumulations could be three to five inches of snow. that is going to be across the higher end of accumulations across new england. new york city, right along that rain-snow line so you've been seeing freezing rain along the roadways and sidewalks. kind of a crunchy sound as you're heading towards work. plain rain in philadelphia. southward, freezing rain across parts of kentucky, tennessee. some areas picked up to a half an inch of ice, very dangerous on roads and could be enough to bring power lines down and tree
3:39 am
branches down. we have an ice storm warning in effect across northeastern portions of louisiana through mississippi, up into tennessee for the rest of the morning. >>steve: thank you very much. meanwhile speaking of ice, he was stranded for hours on an icy colorado lake but a brave park ranger saved this deer life by walking on to the frozen water with nothing but a rope. paerbg ranger todd taylor joins us live. take us back in time to thursday over by the cooler's plant in colorado. passersby saw a deer in the middle of the lake. what did you decide to do? >> after responding, i met with the colorado park and wildlife officials. the deer was out on the ice approximately 200 yards from the shoreline. we met and were trying to think of strategies of the best way to get the deer off the ice. >>steve: we've got a picture of you approaching
3:40 am
him. you're in an orange suit. tell me what that ice rescue suit does. >> the ice rescue suit basically keeps me warm should i fall into the water. it also is rigged with ropes for safety to be pulled to shore if i need assistance. >>steve: as we look at this picture, it looks like there is a great big ice fault that runs from the upper left-hand corner to the bottom right corner. the ice was a couple inches thick. did you feel it give way as you walked towards the deer? >> no. the location i was on, the ice was pretty good. i think it was frocksly four inches -- it was approximately four inches. >>steve: we saw the part where you effectively lassoed the antlers of the deer. that's kind of dangerous because we're talking about a wild animal. >> i was approximately eight feet away, close enough to get hold of the
3:41 am
antlers without putting myself in danger. >>steve: you got it secured. the guys on the banks did what? >> the wildlife officers onshore at that point pulled the deer in. when it reached shore the deer was able to stand up. wildlife officers cut the rope from there and the deer took off. >>steve: that's fantastic. that should make you feel good that you saved the day. >> absolutely. it's a great feeling to see when he went running off on his own. >>steve: no thanks or nothing. but that's just the way those deer are. ranger todd taylor from colorado, thank you for joining us to tell us about last thursday when you saved the deer. >> thank you. >>brian: we give him credit. a great thing he did. >>gretchen: no doubt. i know what an mi-6 is. i said it wrong earlier when i was talking about the british spy agency where that helicopter crash
3:42 am
was. >>steve: meantime, thousands of cops now taking aim at a newspaper who outed legal gun owners. we've been telling you about this. the guy leading the charge joins us next. >>gretchen: this may be the hottest call these police officers ever got. a rescue with vogue models. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him twongs -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll wk his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and me from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, nd he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science.
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3:46 am
gun rights. the vogue magazine honoring fire fighters who came to the rescue during hurricane sandy. in the tribute the coast guard, national guard and belleview hospital doctors. >>gretchen: days after burglars targeted an elderly man after finding his name on that list of gun owners released by a newspaper in new york, tens of thousands of police officers are taking aim at that paper and its publishers. they want the journal news to take down the map that's already posed a serious threat. bob buckley is vice president of the affiliated police associations of westchester county. he says the map is a very serious risk. good morning to you, bob. >> good morning, gretchen. >>gretchen: when you first heard these names were being published of legal gun owners and their addresses, what was your initial reaction? >> everybody in the law enforcement community obviously had a great concern for the list being
3:47 am
published for two different reasons initially, and then it got a little deeper as we looked further into it. we were concerned that the interactive maps were making it readily available for criminals to actually have a shopping list to, if they wanted to go shopping and needed a gun, they could simply go down the list and say here's a gun in this house. let's make sure this guy's not home, rob his house, find a gun. or if they were looking to do a home invasion, they could go down the list and say this person doesn't have a weapon. there's a better likelihood we'll be more successful if we have a home invasion in this home. >>gretchen: i know that you called a press conference yesterday. what was your main talking point? >> yesterday the main talking point was we were basically demanding that they take down the interactive map from the on-line website the gannet news has and we were calling on janet hussan to
3:48 am
be a responsible publisher and pull down the list immediately. from a different perspective, law enforcement officers have a major concern that criminals can actually go on-line, seek this list out. and if they have issues with law enforcement officers, they can retaliate by searching for our names and going, putting the officers and their families in danger. >>gretchen: i know that was one of the main concerns. we had also heard about threats from inmates who are currently in prison saying there would be retaliation now that they know where people who put them away live. does it give you any solace to know that in this new gun bill that passed in the state of new york by governor cuomo yesterday that apparently makes it illegal now to be able to publish these types of things? >> yes, we fought very hard. it was our organization that got that legislation introduced. we are very pleased. that is one portion of that legislation we are pleased with because now law enforcement officers, things will no longer be
3:49 am
able to be obtained by anybody through a foia request. that is good news for us. >>gretchen: does that mean that "the journal news" will be forced to take the news down immediately now or will they be grandfathered in? >> there is no such thing as grandfathered in. as far as we're concerned "the journal news" is currently breaking the law. governor cuomo signed this into law yesterday afternoon. i don't believe it is a law that has a date where it takes effect at a later day. i believe it is law immediately. we're calling on janet hasson, publisher of "the journal news" to take down the list immediately. >>gretchen: we'll have to see if they listen to you and abide by that new law in the state of new york. thanks for your time. there was a dad who got laid off, was struggling to pay the bills. he wins the lotto.
3:50 am
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>>brian: briefcase number 20 on "deal or no deal" but now she's helping women deal with their bodies. >>gretchen: it's in partnership with the miss america organization. a new d.v.d. to get us fit. fast fitness aims to help every woman feel like they're in shape, like super model shape.
3:54 am
she's here to teach us some of her moves. good to see you. >> happy to be here. >>brian: what was it like doing that show knowing people were staring at your abs? >> most of the time our abs were covered so it wasn't a big issue. you're knowing people are looking at us, whether it's abs or little short dresses or our arms. >>steve: i think a lot of people were looking directly at the briefcases. it was a game show. did you know what was inside? >> never. never, never. >>gretchen: tell us how you got those legs. >> one, i've always -- i'm an ex-volleyball player. fitness has always been a part of my life. incorporating different things the with the d.v.d., it is a strength training d.v.d., and i have squats and lungs -- and lunges.
3:55 am
>>gretchen: one of the best things about this d.v.d. is, number one, it's portable but easy for people to do if they don't have a lot of time. if they're traveling, busy, a mom at home. >> it is versatile. we're going to do alternating squats. i have weights in my hands. if you're traveling you don't have to have the weights. you don't have to do this. you don't, you guys. we're going to start. >>gretchen: it's kind of hard in a dress. >> we'll do what we can. left and then squatting. make sure you position your butt back, bring your arms in. canned goods, whatever is at home. we go to the right. you're pulling it back. you're going back and forth. you're sitting back. you want to keep your back straight. if you feel it in your groin, you might be
3:56 am
stretching a little something. >>brian: you said step to the left? >> yes. we're alternating. we're going back and forth. another exercise we have are alternating lunges, so you can move forward. other leg we're going to go forward. down, up. then we're going to go back. >>gretchen: do you recommend four-inch heels for this? >> absolutely. you're doing excellent gretchen. i haven't tried the heels. except for the balance. then we have another one i like to do. it's called the standing bells, good for the core. arms up and you look like you're ringing a bell. kind of lean over. pretend like you're like holding your abs. >>gretchen: you add high knees to that because you want to increase the intensity; right? >> in between we have water breaks in between. there is like a 30-second break, grab water, do what
3:57 am
you need to do. if you want a more intense exercise, keep exercising. one of the things i do in between is the high knees. >>steve: have you gotten howie mandel to do this yet? >>gretchen: every dollar, if you go to and buy the d.v.d., one tkwhrar tkwhrar -- one dollar goes to the scholarship program of miss america. >>steve: thank you for dropping by. >> thank you for having me. a pleasure. >>brian: coming up, they're supposed to give you a big boost. instead energy drinks are making people sick at an alarming rate. we know lance armstrong is a liar, but who is the biggest of them all. your vote at the top of the hour. >>steve: all right, alike, let's go. one.
3:58 am
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powerful answers. verizon. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, january 16, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're gonna have a great day. thanks for sharing it with us. president obama's big gun control plan is going to come out today and he's getting some help from school children who will be standing beside him. so what do you think about that image? is that a correct thing to do? >> brian: a case against lance armstrong. is he the biggest liar out there? we're taking your vote next. >> steve: and do you know what animal makes this sound? (sound) that's one animal? sounds like a couple. >> brian: sounds like mel blanc. >> steve: there's a very good
4:02 am
reason we're putting you to the test. "fox & friends" hour two for this wednesday starts right now. >> brian: what exactly did pinocchio do wrong? i don't remember. >> steve: any time he would tell a lie, his nose would grow. >> brian: was there a specific lie? i know the boy that cried wolf -- he lied about what? >> gretchen: i'm not sure. >> brian: being a real boy? >> gretchen: that's sad that that's why his nose grew. is that what it was? >> brian: i don't remember. >> steve: any time he told a fib, and there were a number of times. >> gretchen: a liar in general? you know what the best thing was? >> brian: what about john lovett? >> steve: interestingly enough, when you look at the graphic, pinocchio, every time he lied, his nose grew. every time lance armstrong lied,
4:03 am
his wallet grew. >> gretchen: very, very true. the best thing that worked with my son is i told him about pinocchio and told him the same thing could happen to him when he told a little fib 'cause it was on his star chart of things he needed to do, not tell fibs. he believed me. he went in the bathroom and went, oh, mom, i think i feel it growing. >> brian: really? >> gretchen: yeah. it still works. still works. it's good little tactic. let's get to your headlines because we have breaking news right now. a chop hearts gone down in the middle of london leaving two people dead, including the pilot, it happened south of the thames river. m.i. 6, and ten blocks from the waterloo train station. police held a news. >> we believe a commercial helicopter on a scheduled flight has collided with a crane on top of a building under construction. the helicopter then came down on
4:04 am
the land ward side of the building. >> gretchen: horrific scene unfolding at the height of the morning commute when the thousands of people were trying to get to work. >> sound like a motor plane and we heard a loud explosion. we thought it was a terrorist attack and came straight out onto the main road and there was a huge plume of smoke. guys were running outside and shouted that a plane had flown into the crane. >> gretchen: at least nine other people are hurt. one of them, unfortunately, critically. another member of president obama's cabinet calling it quits now in a few hours. ken salazar expected to announce he'll step down as interior secretary. he's held the post for a little over four years. he came under fire for pushing more regulations on offshore oil and gas development. the 57-year-old says he's going to leave at the end of march to spend more time with his family in colorado. overnight two of japan's biggest airlines grounding all
4:05 am
of their dreamliners for safety checks. another plane was forced to make an emergency landing. a burning smell in the cockpit were to blame. this is the latest blow for the new jet. no one has been hurt in any of these incidents. changing luck, a man who was just laid off from his job was living in a one room cabin with his family, but now he's a millionaire. reilly gun has been out of work since may. he had just registered for community college classes and on his way home when he decided to buy a lottery ticket and it paid off. he won the $1 million prize. after giving some money to the family's church, they bought new cars and are now buying their first home. congratulations. >> steve: dollar and a dream. >> brian: four minutes after the top of the hour. steve? >> steve: brian, just over a month after the shooting rampage at sandy hook elementary school, two more school shootings on exactly the same day. man and woman killed while sitting in a car at a kentucky community college.
4:06 am
as you can see there. chaos yesterday at st. louis business school. a part-time student opened fire on a financial aid director and then shot himself. both are expected to survive. meanwhile, we're just hours away from president obama announcing there at the white house how he wants to prevent gun violence like this. but his plans are already drawing strong criticism. peter doocy with the latest. >> president obama will step forward in about 4 1/2 hours to tell the world officially that he wants every state to make universal background checks a part of every firearms transaction. he's also expected to express his desire for a renewal of the expired assault weapons ban, as well as a new ban on magazines that carry more than ten rounds. >> this is something we have to address as a nation. it's not something you can do alone through executive action. it's not something you can do with even a series of laws that congress might pass.
4:07 am
this is a problem that touches on a variety of areas of american life and it needs to be approached broadly. >> a new a.p. poll indicates that a slight majority, six in ten americans, favor stricter gun laws. many more than that, 84%, support background checks for firearms, transactions at gun shows. but some republican lawmakers are saying president obama's proposals are not likely to find full support in the senate with one senator even saying he's not even sure it will come to the floor for a vote. >> the senate majority leader said just a day or two ago that he didn't think the senate would be voting on gun legislation. that doesn't mean the president has the right to, by executive order, decide he can go beyond the constitution. >> the conservative group, freedom watch, has already filed a lawsuit against the obama administration because as politico reports, freedom works
4:08 am
is alleging the administration broke the law by not letting the public attend the meetings held by a special task force for reducing gun violence. back to you in new york. >> brian: thanks a lot, peter. >> steve: the president's announcement is going to be coming as he is surrounded by children who apparently had written to him from around the country in the wake of sandy hook. the white house is getting some flak for essentially using these kids as props for the president's agenda. i can understand if they were to have some of the parents from sandy hook, but the children? what do you think about that? e-mail us. ultimately the best way to keep a lot of kids safe is to keep them out of politics as well. >> brian: i think it's a tough thing. number one, when you use kids, they are really used as props, they're not going to say anything. they're going to sit there like the average middle class family has sat behind him when he was trying to push the tax cuts
4:09 am
forward. i'm not saying the letters aren't sincere and the kids aren't worried. but let's say if you are going to talk about keeping those kids safe, don't you also have to talk about possibly doing staten island did in a lot of areas? putting armed guards in their school, which new york city does in a lot of schools? metal detectors. having gun role is one small element of it. >> gretchen: it is. these are the kids who reached out to him. so i guess that's their defense that they're using those kids. but let's face it, politics is all about imagery and i'm not saying it's necessarily right, but it's going to be the image that's going to be sent around, it's that picture, right? it's going to look like these kids are standing behind what the president is going to do. >> steve: can you imagine, gretch, if one of those kids, because if they wrote to the president concerned about what was happening in the news said, hey, mr. president, what's the deal with the debt? i've been hearing a lot about the debt ceiling. what's my family's share? i'm just a kid. when i'm a grownup, i understand
4:10 am
it could be hundreds of thousands of dollars. could you guys please cut spending now? >> brian: if you want to know if that is going to happen today, see if rand paul's grandson will be in there or somebody like that. if there's a republican child or michael j. fox's character, michael keating. >> gretchen: that would be a good one. let's talk about what the new york state has done now and governor cuomo. he immediately went on the attack to try and pass very expansive gun law legislation because many people are saying he wants to run for president next time around and he also was very concerned about the issue. but some people are saying this morning that what they passed last night is full of holes. we want to show you a graphic of a particular kind of weapon that has been banned, a rifle. this is a baneli 1 rifle. the reason it's banned is because you can see how you hold on to the gun there. that's called a military style gun. >> steve: the pistol grip. >> gretchen: and the one below it is legal, simply because it does not have that little piece.
4:11 am
but according to what i've read, fires off the same amount of bullets. this is one of the little tiny loopholes you might be able to find. >> steve: one of the other things is you've got a gun now, you can keep it. but you've got to register it. but i've heard from some people who said, i'm not gog register it after what happened to those people who live in those two counties in new york, the journal news published a list with their names and their addresses, so they're not gog even register it, even though the legislature in new york did address it. they passed a so-called "journal news" provision, which says newspapers going forward cannot publish names of legal gun owners in new york state. >> brian: some other things in there, the law prohibits internet sales of assault weapons and another provision, a therapist who thinks a mentally ill patient or mental health patient of his or hers is making a credible threat to use a gun illegally would be required to report the incident to the state. >> gretchen: which is important, although legal guns coming from
4:12 am
other states definitely problem. apparently 85% of crime guns in new york city are from sales in other states. so that could still present a problem. >> steve: let's talk about lance armstrong. we told you yesterday he sat down with oprah winfrey for a three-hour interview. it's going to air in two parts. he apparently does come clean in some fashion. but you know what? he does face some peril. he still may be charged with something and he could potentially face jail time. >> brian: absolutely. he's worth $120 million. our government wants a ton back because the u.s. postal service sponsored sim. >> steve: he defrauded the government! >> brian: right. he lost 24 hour fitness. he lost the helmet deal, a bike deal, oakley sunglasses deal, nike, radio shack, anheuser-busch. and they're going after him legally because when he's been saying almost since he won his first tour defrance, why, if i had cancer, would i ever put something illegal into my body
4:13 am
like that and everybody aggressively. it turns out he's the liar. which brings us up to the biggest story of the day. who is the biggest liar as of now? >> gretchen: you have to wonder, if his lawyers were sitting in the room during the interview, if they planned to do this sort of mea culpa, you got tho think they forgetted themselves in those lawsuits, maybe in the lapping he chose to use. not sure. john edwards, pete rose, millie mivvilli, pinocchio, or lance arp strong. >> brian: pete rose lied to us for 15 years that he never bet on baseball. then said, i have a good idea, i might as well tell truth, i did bet on baseball. but he had nothing financially at stake. >> steve: right, millie vinnilli says yep, that's not us singing. then lance armstrong. or pinocchio, a favorite of many of the children. though know him to be quite the liar 'cause every time he told a
4:14 am
fib, his nose grew. >> brian: we don't remember exactly what pinocchio said. anybody would can provide quotes, we'd appreciate that. keep in mind, lance armstrong went at people and call them liars for calling him a liar. so he was really defiant. >> steve: i just got a list of pinocchio's lies from a fellow identifying himself as gepetto. >> brian: really? that was who made him, right? >> gretchen: was he the father or the father figure? >> steve: the fellow who made him. >> brian: we know so little about pinocchio. >> gretchen: they're supposed to give you a big boost. but energy drinks are make people sick at alarming rates allegedly. >> steve: then talk about catlike reflexes. a cat who wins the shell game every single time. purrrfect ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪
4:15 am
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4:18 am
>> steve: welcome back. yesterday the house of representatives on capitol hill continued a tradition two years ago with lawmakers reading the constitution aloud on the house floor. for only the second time in american history. >> we the people, of the united states, in order to form a more perfect union to provide and maintain a navy, to make rules for the government and regulation of the land and naval forces. >> congress shall make no law remaining an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or of bridging the freedom of speech or of the press. >> steve: virginia congress led the effort and joins us live there washington. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning.
4:19 am
>> steve: it would seem to me that this -- it's only the second time in american history that you guys have done this because it would seem like as you kick off a new session of congress, it's essentially the owner's manual, how the country works. >> it absolutely is and leading up to the 2010 election, there was a lot of debate about how our government, the executive branch, legislative branch, even the courts were not abiding by the u.s. constitution. so i suggested to our leadership that we read the constitution at the beginning of that congress. then i asked my staff to research when is the last time it was done. turns out 1800 and never and that was a stunner for me, too. so we put it in the rules and now at the beginning of each congress we're going to read it and even more importantly, i think we put in the rules last time that we strengthened it that the requirement that when you introduce a bill in the house of representatives, you got to cite the section of the constitution that gives you authority to pass that law. people forget that this is the
4:20 am
foundation of our democracy. >> steve: sure. and this was something bipartisan. there were democrats joining republicans. they wanted to read this. i know that democrat from georgia, john lewis, read the 14th -- rather the 13th amendment, which abolished slavery. applause from fellow house members afterward. and then the list went on and on of the in fact, you ran out of constitution before you ran out of members who wanted to read it. what, to you, congressman, strikes you as one of the things we forget about what the constitution mandates? >> i think, first of all, we forget that it is the foundation of our law. people sort of contact members of congress and say, you ought to pass a law about this. you ought to pass a law about that. and you know what? a lot of times they have great ideas, but the first thing we need to do is look at whether this is something that the federal government with its limited powers granted by the constitution, should be acting upon. if not, then they can go to their state legislator. maybe local government. so that's certainly, in my opinion, the most important
4:21 am
thing for people to remember about our constitution. it provides for our government, a limited government designed to protect our freedoms, protect our individual liberties. >> steve: it was very impresssive and a real preparer for people who were unfamiliar. we see the constitution, it doesn't seem like anybody ever reads it themselves. so it was nice that you guys and gals read it aloud yesterday. thank you very much for joining us today from our nation's capitol. >> thank you. >> steve: very nicely done. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. look at this video. that's crook trying to rob a restaurant. with a bucket on his head! wait until you see how it turns out. never good. then lose five pounds a week by eating whatever you want. our next guest is going to tell you how. it's called the 8-hour diet. i can invest eight hours in eating weight watchers online worked for us.
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4:25 am
>> gretchen: 24 hips after the top of the hour. 20,000, that's how many emergency room visits have been tied to energy drinks. the number has doubled since 2007. next, $3.3 million. that's how much this model is being sued for. her former modeling agency says she broke her contract by bolting to a rival company. >> they captain mean that! -- can't mean that! the machine knows! stop yelling at me! >> no! >> gretchen: 900, that's how many miles out of her way a belgian woman drove after she followed directions from her
4:26 am
gps. it's unclear if she entered the wrong address or if the gps was broken. sometimes that happens. brian? >> brian: hi. do you want to lose weight? what if i told you you could shed unwanted pounds and eat anything you want and eat the food any time you want, but it's all about when you eat it? it's all spread in and out this book called "the eight hour diet." joining us is the author of the book, david. welcome back. first off, you're in great shape, running marathons and you said you're worried because your blood pressure was going up. you know your dad passed away at 52 and your doctor says i could see you on the same path. >> what i wanted to do was really get into the science and see what is brand-new in weight loss and what's brand-new and we went to consultants and put 2,000 people on a test panel and basically said look, you can eat all the calories you would normally eat in a day, but you got to do it in an eight-hour
4:27 am
window. so from 9 to 5, 12 to 8, but eat them then because the problem is, americans are in an 18-hour eating party. >> brian: we never stop eating. >> we graze, three oates, six meals, you name it. and the problem is there is like this traffic pileup in our bodies with food because we don't have a chance to process it. so by giving your body a break, you can get the toxins out of your body and lose weight rapidly while getting on a path to better health. >> brian: before we look what you have here on the table, you were in great shape already. did you watch your blood pressure drop? >> it did. that's what's crazy about it. on average, people were losing between ten, 20 pounds in six weeks, including congressman billy long, the republican out of missouri. he lost 20 pounds rapidly and got on a path to better health. >> brian: so look at this. i cannot believe you're here, david, and you have french fries on the things to eat list, as well as pizza with pepperoni. >> there is a sausage, egg and cheese, breakfast sandwich here.
4:28 am
look, but this is not the honey boo boo diet. you can not live on junk food alone. so the idea is that the eight-hour diet also comes with these health boosters and fat busters. things like lean protein and healthy fats and good for you carbs. as long as you're getting some of those throughout your eating window, you're also going to be healthy while you're losing weight rapidly. >> brian: 'cause you talk about super foods. >> yeah, the power foods that are again, things like berries and yogurt, things like salsa with chips, salad. these are the things that are making sure that you're getting the vitamins and minerals and other nutrients you need in a day to stay healthy, while you're eating your favorite foods. >> brian: so you could lose weight. you tried this. not only did you see your test study, did you it and what happened? >> seven pounds in ten days gone. i was going to keep going. >> brian: you also were working out like crazy? >> yeah. the whole idea is look, in the morning, if you get a chance, give yourself an eight minute kick start just to get your
4:29 am
metabolism going and get rid am so much energy in your liver. if you still want to work out later in the day, that's great. that's going to accelerate the weight loss. that's encouraged as well. >> brian: this book will be on the best seller list coming up. it's called "the 8 hour diet." you did the research. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> brian: lose weight and stay healthy, an interesting combination. two minutes before the bottom of the hour. think your voice isn't being heard in washington? you might be right and the white house just made it a whole lot harder. then, do you know what animal makes this sound? (sound) i don't. we're putting you to the animal test. there is a very good reason why. back in a moment [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon.
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4:33 am
>> he found it. he's so smart. >> steve: i'm taking that cat to vegas. it's injure shot of the morning. you can't fool kiddo the cat. he was able to correctly pick
4:34 am
where the ball was underneath the cup each of the three times they played the shell game. kiddo, now obviously an internet sensation. love that. >> brian: according to one of our viewers, the reason why the cat is good at this is the noise. the cat has supersonic hearing. >> steve: and can hear the ball rolling around? >> brian: that's what we're getting. >> gretchen: maybe a little bit of the bell sound. we know that about dogs, right? they have that -- and other animals and dolphins, for example, i'm thinking about that because over the holidays, i got a chance to swim with them and they have the whistles that blow at a high pitch and they can hear noises that we can't. maybe that's part of it. >> brian: that's true. i remember in the '70s at one point dolphins were so good, they were fighting crime. flipper used to fight crime. >> steve: they were. speaking of the cat, a newspaper in great britain decided to see
4:35 am
who is better at picking stocks. so they squared off three professional stock analysts, a secondary class of children, and orlando the cat. after one year, who do you think won? that's right. orlando the cat. they gave each of the three groups of contestantses 5,000, that says dollars burks it's pounds. gave them -- trial maybe we've done the computations. they end of the year, the pros made 17 of pounds. but orlando the cat made 542 pounds. so in other words, save your money. buy a cat. >> gretchen: that reminds me of the ncaa picks where brian went up against the elephant. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: remember? >> brian: i didn't do too well. i understand that one of the keys is the cat shorted facebook. is that true? >> gretchen: very quick. that was good. >> brian: all right. let's play a game now. name that animal. the only animal that i can
4:36 am
identify, because i have some experience s the wood pecker. >> steve: that or the dog. >> brian: i know when my dog is barking. but you consider a dog a wild animal? >> gretchen: yes. a dingo. >> brian: a dingo is a wild animal. >> steve: at mccauley, they put 150,000 different animal sounds on-line. i went on-line this morning. you can actually listen to them. >> brian: what time did you get today to get on-line. >> steve: listen, i have a loft time on my hands. we're going to play the sound a. could be a bird, could actually be an insect. try to guess what they are. here, ladies and gentlemen, the first sound. we don't know the answer. (sound). >> gretchen: that's a wood peck er. >> brian: i'm going to go wood pecker. >> steve: it sounds like somebody with a harm. walrus. >> brian: walrus? >> gretchen: come on, how would
4:37 am
you know that without peeking. >> steve: sea world. [ laughter ] he's making a harming sound. >> brian: with his tusk? >> gretchen: i thought you were going with the wood pecker because we thought that was the big live pinocchio told. it was the wood pecker that came back to make his nose go back short. >> brian: right. because he evidently, pinocchio, went to the circus instead of school. >> steve: yeah. it was all about becoming a real boy and his nose grew because he told some lies. >> brian: steve, don't get us off track. >> steve: sound number two, ladies and gentlemen. (sound) aardvark. >> brian: flamingo. >> gretchen: toucan. >> brian: and the answer is? a whale. >> steve: killer whale? >> gretchen: we're learning is we're supposed to pick things in the water. >> steve: let's try the third one. what is this animal critter,
4:38 am
creature? >> gretchen: dolphin! >> brian: gassy monkey. i just hear static. do you hear a sound? >> gretchen: something that would really annoy the crap out of me after a while. >> steve: spider. >> gretchen: it's going to be an insect. >> steve: rattle snake. there you go. we should know. if you hear that, don't step that way. very nice. once again, if you would like to listen to some of the 150,000 recordings, including 9,000 suppose spree association go to mccauley >> gretchen: now we got to move on it a fox news alert. we have a sad story out of london. a chopper has gone down in the middle of the city, leaving two people dead, including a pilot. amy kellogg joins us on the phone from the scene with all of the breaking details. good afternoon to you, amy. >> hi, gretchen. in a sign of the times, many of the eyewitnesses here at the crash scene say they were frightened this was some sort of
4:39 am
horrible act of terror when they heard the explosion. but police are saying that there is no indication that it was. it appears it was a tragic accident caused by poor visibility this morning. the helicopter pilot, and members of the public on the ground died. one died and one injured. a helicopter having taken off from nearby surrey, apparently clipped a crane alongside what happens to be one of europe's tall assures did nottial blocks. a 52-story building, kind of stands out for its height in this city where buildings aren't so high. and then the helicopter crashed, exploding into a ball of flames. that pilot had asked to divert to a nearby helipad because of weather conditions, but did he not make it. this happened very near the station which is on the south side of the thames b a mile down from the houses of parliament, very close to the headquarters of mi 6, not too far from the
4:40 am
new u.s. embassy compound which is still under construction. hear lots of stories of very close calls this morning, including apparently that crane operator who was late for work this morning because if he had been atop that crane, he, too, likely would have been a casualty of this terrible tragedy that happened in the heart of this city this morning. gretchen. >> gretchen: all right. amy kellogg in a sad situation right in the middle of downtown london. it's a chopper goes down and two people have been killed. thanks, amy. >> brian: 21 minutes before the top of the hour. other stories making headlines, the white house quadrupling the number of signatures required to petition to get an official response. now people need 100,000 signatures in 30 days. the change comes after calling on the white house to disavow executive orders, especially one tho deport piers morgan. >> gretchen: note to self if
4:41 am
you're trying rob a restaurant, maybe you shouldn't put a bucket on his head. he had a disguise, but he forgot one thing. a mask. sew threw a bucket over his head. but the disguise didn't work. cameras caught a glimpse of his face when he had to lift the bucket up to see. now he's facing a bucket full of charges. >> brian: what an idiot. >> steve: no kidding. meanwhile, he's gained fame on youtube for randomly kissing strangers and posting the videos. look at that guy. but prankster charles ross may have taken his love of pranks a little too far. ross found himself behind bars for giving people wedgies in a florida movie theater. several victims said they were too embarrassed to press charges. sound bite now. >> it's supposed to be a joke. some people can find the humor and laugh at it. others can't. >> steve: all right. the wedgy bandit now 18 years
4:42 am
old, facing battery charges. >> brian: wow. it sounds like a bad knockoff of impractical jokers that show. >> steve: what about a snugy? >> brian: what is that? >> gretchen: the same thing, right? the same as a wedgy? we'll show you coming up. also coming up on the show, it's one of the most important things you'll ever do for your family. leave a legacy. so where do you start? dave ramsey, financial guru, will help us out with that coming up next. >> steve: first, the aflac trivia question of the day, born on this day in 1974, this english model was discovered at the age of 14 while at jfk airport. who is she? be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer and you'll win something. don't know what. something. >> brian: i was at jfk airport. i didn't win anything. nobody noticed me yesterday just no fun to drive.
4:43 am
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4:46 am
>> brian: white house ordered immigration officials not to arrest an illegal immigrant until after the election. the associated press says the white house did not want the bad publicity since that illegal was also an intern for new jersey democratic senator robert menendez, pictured this kind of smiling. and the first piece of the world trade center spear in place. once it's complete, the world trade center will stand 1776 feet high and will be the tallest building in the western hemisphere, which which is my favorite. >> steve: good to know. thanks, brian. some extreme weather. this a live look out of webster, massachusetts, a slow and slippery commute this morning for drivers throughout new england and the northeast as snow starts to pile up. parts of tennessee are under a state of emergency after an ice storm swept through the south. ice was half an inch thick in some areas. right now standing by live in
4:47 am
our studio, maria molina. when i got up about the same time the milk man does, there is about that much snow and it looked like snow, except there was about that much ice on top of the snow at my house in suburban new york. >> that's really what makes things so dangerous out here is the ice. it's not so much the snowfall, but that crunchy and slippery ice on top of that snow is what makes things slippery and causes the car accidents. please, everyone be careful out here. we still do have some additional freezing rainfalling across portion of the northeast and also some heavier batches of snow pushing through portions of boston, massachusetts, connecticut, and also portions of rhode island. we're seeing the snowfall accumulating, maximum should be between five to six inches. but overall, relatively light snowfall amounts. not too bad, otherwise southern new jersey dealing with areas of rain. the same goes for the mid atlantic and across parts of tennessee and kentucky, been seeing the freezing rain throughout the morning hours, right around nashville, be careful. and portion of mississippi.
4:48 am
not just right now you're dealing with the freezing rain, but dealing with it ever since yesterday. so that accumulation continuing. otherwise as far as the storm goes for the northeast, we're expecting most of the snow to wind down as we head throughout the day today and by thursday, most areas should be relatively dry. but the southern areas across parts of the mid atlanta hispanic further to the south, still continue to see more rainfall. couple more inches of rain possible. otherwise the snow expecting three inches across portion of maine, down in through massachusetts. steve? >> steve: all right. good for the ski resorts up in new england. thank you very much. all right. coming up, it's one of the most important things you'll ever do for your family. that is leave a legacy. so where do you start? dave ramsey coming up next. first on this date in history back in 1983,,, men at work, everybody at home sing to "down under." ♪ you better run ♪ you better take cover
4:49 am
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4:52 am
>> gretchen: answer to the aflac trivia question. kate moss. the winner is glenn in lafayette, louisiana. if you think you're too young or don't have enough money to plan for the unexpected, think again. our next guest says leaving a legacy behind and making sure your family is set when you're gone is one of the most important things you'll ever do. joining me now, personal finance expert guru, dave ramsey. good morning to you, dave. >> good morning, gretchen. >> gretchen: i think this is such a fantastic idea, to give people a checklist because many times people are in denial about the fact they're going to leave at some point in life. but also it's important to organize it all so somebody can find it when you're gone. so you say keep a legacy drawer starting with step by step instructions. what else? >> absolutely. because after 20 years of financial coaching, we've done
4:53 am
detailed research and the human race has 100% death rate. you're going to leave at some point. so you've got to put together a game plan because you're going to leave a wife, husband, kids, people confused in the midst of their grief. it's the worst kind of stress. you can do away with that by having a drawer in your home and put all the stuff in it. we kind of all know what the stuff is. you got to have a will, your living will, which is the unplug or not to unplug document, and your organ don'ter and do not resuscitate stuff is in there, your power of attorney, so if you're incapacitated, someone can do your health care and take over your stuff, all of your mutual funds, insurance policies, deeds to your property, the car elimination footings. the stuff that makes up your life paperwork wise and that means that if something happens to me, my wife can go to that drawer, open it up. there is a list of basic instructions and all the items she needs to implement it. in the middle of the grief, at least they're not freaked out
4:54 am
about money and where dad hid the money in a coffee can in the backyard. >> gretchen: exactly. you say it should get into your fingertips in 30 seconds. maybe that could be a new year's resolution for people to get that in order. let's look at some e-mails as well and hope to help some people out financially. iain from chicago says my wife and don't have kids. do we still need a will? we have each other listed as beneficiaries on our 401(k) policies. your thoughts, dave? >> you do need a will. everyone needs a will. the sad thing is between 60 and 70% of americans don't have a will. if you're 18 years old, get a will. you may not need a complicated one. you could go to something like u.s. legal and get one. very inexpensive. it needs to be state specific and everyone needs a will because of the things we j addressed. things like your health care power of attorney are done then and things like the living will, which is your medical process while you're ill before you pass. all of those things can be handled there. plus it makes it really easy for
4:55 am
the people you leave behind to process the estate if you have the will. >> gretchen: right. it doesn't go to prohibit if that's the -- probate if that's the case, right? >> it can go probate, but it sails through. so the difference might be six or eight days or six or eight -- or a couple of weeks versus six months or more if you get into a mess with the family. >> gretchen: gabe from connecticut, i have a big family. how many people should have access to my estate plan? >> that's a good one. the people that are closest to you should have access to know where this drawer is if you're keeping everything. but you really ought to almost do a reading of the will or at least covering what the will says before you die. this dramatic thing where you johnny finds out he got cut out of the will and the trophy wife got the money, that only happens in the movies. don't do that! you're asking to get your will contested. go ahead and cover your estate plan with your heirs while you're alive! >> gretchen: right. sally from florida, my husband and i have been putting off life insurance because it's so expensive. do you have any recommendations?
4:56 am
>> you're looking at the wrong kinds of life insurance. term life insurance, 15 to 20 year level term insurance, about ten times your income, is not that expensive. and you can check one of the quote services, the one i use is zander they'll shop among a bunch of companies and get awe great deal. term insurance is not that high. it's the cost of a pizza a month for most people. >> gretchen: great advice there for people who are estate planning. the end of it is not so great. you pass away. but you got to be prepared for everything that leads up to that. dave ramsey, all great to see you. have a fantastic week. >> thanks, gretchen. you, too. >> gretchen: coming up, is gun control already getting too far? six-year-old suspended for playing with an imaginary pistol with their fingers. then meet the craziest guy on the planet. he plays with sharks. and they love it? you got to see it to believe it [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
4:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, january 16, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you have a fantastic day. thanks for sharing part of it with us. fox news alert. horrific scene this morning, two people have died, several more hurt. a chopper came crashing down in flames during rush hour over one of our biggest cities in the world. we are live on the ground moments away. >> steve: meanwhile, can you tell the difference between those two rifles? here is a hint. one of them was just banned. the other is absolutely still legal. are the rushed gun regulations taking effect today in new york and proposed federal standards already full of holes? we're going to discuss that. >> brian: one mom puts her 7-year-old daughter on a diet. today she's hear to defend herself and why. "fox & friends" starts now.
5:01 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. brian is back from a few days off. so the whole team is here, welcome back. >> steve: we missed you. >> brian: turksturks and caicosi go to work out and all three tvs have fox tv. i felt like i was still at work. >> steve: so you're absolutely not rested. >> i'm not rested. still staying up to date on what's happening. >> gretchen: but your pecs are hard? >> brian: i was going to say them and i'm going to show them in the last hour. >> steve: sweeps. >> brian: yeah. >> gretchen: in the meantime, we have a fox news alert for you. chopper goes down in the middle of london during rush hour, leaving two people dead, including the pilot. amy kellogg joins us live from the scene with the breaking details. hi, amy. >> hi, gretchen. now you can get a look at the scene just behind me. a lot of press, a lot of emergency workers.
5:02 am
the tall building into which that helicopter apparently crashed and what emergency workers are trying to do right now, gretchen, is kind of shore up the remains of that crane because part of it was sheared off. it fell as the helicopter fell, and part of it now is dangling. the building is a 52-story building which is fairly unusual for london whose buildings are quite low to the ground. so an investigation is underway to determine what actually caused the crash, whether, in fact, it was due to the smog that was very prevalent this morning. the fog and the low visibility or whether it was something else. police have said that there is no indication that this was an act of terrorism. so it is now something called the air investigation unit, which is looking into what happened. the pilot, who was one of the two people who died, had apparently asked to divert his flight to a nearby helipad, but did not make it, crashing into the crane that was alongside the
5:03 am
52-story building under construction. 13 people injured. apparently, gretchen, a special unit has been set up to deal with those who are suffering from shock because, of course, the explosion and then the drama of this helicopter turning into a firey ball on the ground in the middle of central london has done a number on very many people who were eyewitness to this horrible tragedy this morning. gretchen? >> gretchen: i can't imagine quite a scene there. amy kellogg live at the keen for us today. thanks so much. the rest of your headlines. another member of president obama's cabinet calling it quits. fox news confirming ken salazar will announce today he's stepping down as interior secretary. he held the post for four years. he came under fire for pushing more regulations on offshore oil and gas regulation. he says he'll leave at the end of march. he wants to spend more time with his family in colorado. two of japan's biggest
5:04 am
airlines grounding all of their boeing dreamliners for safety checks. this after another plane was forced to make an emergency landing. battery problems and a burning smell in the cockpit were to blame. this is the latest blow for the new jet following a battery fire and two fuel leaks last week. she's facing -- police are searching for the suspect. check this out. that is the person in the surveillance video, wore a veil over her face and took a five-year-old girl from school. she walked out of the school with her. a good samaritan found the girl on a playground outside of philadelphia, screaming for help. >> when i was walking, i heard a sound like a cat. it stuck to me. so when i got closer to it, it kind of sounded so clear to me is help, help. when i seen her, she only had a t-shirt on and was wet. she didn't have nothing else on. she was barefooted and cold, shivering. and first thing that came to my
5:05 am
mind was like, this is a crazy moment right now to see this child out here at this time of night. >> gretchen: that man will receive a $10,000 reward. the school admitting there was a major breach of procedure. it's a story we've been following. outrage over that controversial reality show "all my babies' mamas." >> you guys, he might be known as a rapper. but here in atlanta, he's known for having 11 kids and ten baby mamas. >> gretchen: executives decided to shelf it after people signed a petition against it. sabrina lamb started one of those paths and was on our show. >> the term "all baby mamas," is a slur. it's an offense to mothers. it's an offense to innocent children who did not sign on, did not deserve to be born into
5:06 am
chaos. >> gretchen: 37,000 consumers and shareholders signed that petition. those are your headlines today. >> steve: all right. meanwhile, just a little before noon in the east room of the white house, president of the united states is going to release another run at gun control, the first one by this administration. the finding of the biden group. we have been told here are some of the broad strokes of it. it should include universal background checks. also a ban on assault weapons, a ban on high capacity magazine, which means probably only seven bullets in a clip. let's hope you're a good shot if somebody is coming at you. new trafficking provisions. regarding the executive powers because they are limited, apparently the president will suggest that he is able to prosecute the department of justice prosecute those who try to buy guns illegally. something that the nra wanted all along, apparently the white house is going to suggest and that is enforce the laws already on the books.
5:07 am
>> brian: there is going -- they say up to 19 executive orders involved. executive orders are not new. george washington said by the power i have, let's have thanksgiving. george h.w. bush banned the importation of semiautomatic weapons. but with this president, with this issue that so many people are passionate about and feel the same about newtown, horrified, it's amazing this is going to be one of those divisive issues in which the president goes off on his own and congress goes off on their own and together, there is a lot of similarities of what they want, but it seems as though this white house has no interest in reaching a consensus. so for four weeks he talks to people. i don't know what he got accomplished in that period. but you could just see us in dividing lines again, like the fiscal cliff, and just like the debt ceiling is about to. >> steve: because when they call for an assault weapon ban, there is absolutely no chance that's going to get through and it's not just the nra that says it. it's harry reid who says it's unlikely it could pass the house. harry reid says it's unlikely it could pass the senate. >> gretchen: that doesn't mean that he wouldn't agree with it,
5:08 am
though. it's just because the -- >> steve: voted against it in the past. >> gretchen: with rips, i do think -- i do think it's bad to leave congress out of the equation. the good thing is it appears that joe biden did solicit people from both sides of the aisle on this debate to come and have this discussion with him. i think one of the most important things that many americans agree with is that this should be a comprehensive approach. you may not agree with every tenet of what the president will talk about today or any of them, but at least it was a comprehensive approach and to hear that the nra is at least happy with some of the things involved and maybe other people who feel differently than the nra are happy with some of the things, i don't think you'll ever have a plan where every single person is going to be happy with it. so let's see what it is first before we judge it completely. in the meantime, one of the things that's causing big stir is the fact that the president is going to be surrounded when he makes this announcement by children from around the country who wrote the president letters in the wake of that tragedy. so that has become a big
5:09 am
question today. we know that imagery in politics, so important because those are the pictures that will be seen around the world. but is it a good idea to use children standing behind him when he talks about gun control? >> steve: we asked you what you thought. here is some e-mail. gary says will there be guns in the room to help protect the children when the president speaks today? well, we know there will be guns outside the white house. that's just always the case. >> brian: i just would love to see the cost of getting an armed guard in schools, if it is indeed possible, even the way the new york city does it, they can't protect every building from a terrorist attack. so what they'll do is surge in certain areas in a way and time and order in which only they know. so maybe there is a sense that there might be an armed guard in this school if you can't handle 12 in a community, maybe you could get a team, two teams that randomly go from school to school. there would be something like that. there is all going to be that adam plan display out there that is going to go beyond the pail of what we know is happening.
5:10 am
>> steve: in fact, if you look at adam lanza, the new provisions would not have kept what happened at sandy hook from happening. so that's a curious situation. when you take a look at what the new york state legislature did yesterday, the governor says they have passed the strongest gun control measures in the united states state wise. you look at it and there are problems. there are some loopholes. we'll put up a graphic. you're looking at a gun known as the baneli, mr 1 rifle. the one at the top is banned. it is identical to the one on the bottom. the reason is it's banned on the top is because it's got the military grip. under the new new york state law, it will ban any assault weapon that includes at least one military style feature and in this case, the military style feature is the pistol grip because they fired the same bullets at the same rate, only different, the grip.
5:11 am
>> gretchen: there is good things that are in this particular bill. number one, mental health officials will have to report when they know that somebody may be collecting arms and may be doing something nefarious. and also one of the big topics we've been talk being is "the journal news" that exposed all of the names of legal gun owners and addresses will now, within this bill of new york, will join 29 other states where that's illegal to do that. that's a wonderful protection for people who have gone to dependent these guns legally. they have permits for them, and it will keep people safe to not know who the sitting duck is in their house. >> brian: why was it so necessary for the governor of new york to act before the president of the united states to get his gun law passed in a way in which no one even knew what was even in this bill before it became law, which he signed in a matter of seconds in order to beat the president to his 11:45 a.m. press conference today? are you against assault rifles? maybe. are you against semiautomatic? are you against hand guns?
5:12 am
well, everyone is raising their home. we have a state of maryland, that seems to be against imaginary guns used by children. >> steve: we're talking about hand guns. this hand gun a fake gun made with your hand. we told you earlier this month about a six-year-old kid, school in montgomery county down in maryland and he was suspended because he pretended to shoot somebody out on the playground. his parents appealed. that suspension was lifted and now yesterday in talbott county, maryland, we hear about two six-year-old kids once again out playing cops and robbers out on the recess field. they were playing bang, bang, bang, bang. they were suspended. >> brian: to see this six-year-old interviewed, just saying once again, i got in trouble for making a gun sound with my fingers. and it just goes to show, i cannot believe you got to get to the point where this becomes national news, suspended twice in a month. >> gretchen: i'm not sure they should be suspended. that is a little over thein my .
5:13 am
let us know what you think about that situation. there is a lot of stuff we've been talking about today. you can always e-mail or twitter us. >> brian: ban bugs bunny because isn't he always getting shot at during rabbit season? >> gretchen: he comes back to life after being flattened, too. >> brian: taffy duck, i believe, blew up once. >> gretchen: quite often. >> brian: what are you doing in can't you play cops and robbers? you got to be kidding me. >> steve: you would think so. dozen minutes after the top of the hour. bombshell allegations this morning. was there a big cover-up tracing back to the white house right around election time? we're going to tell you about that bombshell report coming up. >> gretchen: we know lance armstrong has lied burks who is the biggest liar of them all? check out that list. let us know what you think. is it really pinocchio? [ male announcer ] when these come together,
5:14 am
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5:17 am
>> gretchen: 16 minutes after the top of the hour. did the white house order immigration officials not to arrest an illegal immigrant until after the election of a senator? >> steve: the associated press says the white house didn't want the bad publicity since the illegal was also an intern for new jersey democrat senator robert menendez. >> brian: here with reaction is fox news contributor arthur idell. does this sound unusual to you? >> yes. definitely sounds unusual to me. there is an 18-year-old who is a -- should have been registered as a sexual predator, whose immigration status was expired. so your talking about someone with two strikes against them and yet there was a tremendous delay between i'm being identified and him being arrested. >> steve: it says, this is an
5:18 am
item from the associated press that says federal agents were prepared to arrest him days before the november election, but they were ordered by washington to hold off after officials warned of significant interest from congress and news organizations because the suspect was a volunteer for the democrat senator. >> what i think is even slightly better and more incredible is they didn't lock him up because they had to prepare for hurricane sandy. >> steve: what? >> yeah. the immigration, they redeployed their assets, as they call them, to prepare for the hurricane. so they didn't arrest an illegal immigrant who is a sexual predator because they had to shore up the shore. >> gretchen: can i ask a logical question? >> oh, oh. >> gretchen: how does an illegal immigrant who is a sexual predator become an intern for a senator? >> well, i haven't started my senatial campaign yet, so i
5:19 am
can't specifically answer that question. i believe immigration status expired while he was working. >> steve: he was overstayed. >> right. he was overstayed. regarding the -- i believe he was a youthful offender because this happened when he was 15 and the child who apparently assaulted was eight years old. so there are a lot of different rules when you're under 18 and you commit a sexual offense. but you still, in many jurisdictions, still need to register at some level that you're somebody who is out there. it's at the senator's discretion as to whom works for him and ho doesn't. >> brian: i'll be curious to see if anybody else was prosecuted during that time during the lead up to hurricane sandy. did they have time to prosecute some people and not others? >> obviously they did. i can testify that the whole federal law enforcement system did not come crumbling because they were putting sandbags on the jersey shore. >> brian: which didn't work. >> so what the delay is here, i don't know. but i will tell you guys, i
5:20 am
handle cases where i'm not the defendant. i represent the victims and there is often a delay that a victim, a citizen, finds to be unreasonable and usually the federal authorities don't tell you why they're delaying it. there are reasons known to them and not us. >> steve: we should point out the department of homeland security cat goriccally denies that. >> categorically. that's about as strong as they can make it. they're making a very strong statement that it was delayed for sandbags. not for senators. >> steve: some sandbagging going on there. >> gretchen: the line of the day. >> steve: it is curious. arthur, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: hours from now, the president will release his gun plan. can he really push it through without congress? a look at what he has done before with executive orders coming up next. >> steve: she ignite add fire storm when she told vogue magazine she put her 7-year-old daughter on a diet.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>> steve: quick headlines for you on this wednesday morning. the psychiatrist who treated the accused dark night shooter in aurora, colorado, is being sued. the widow of a man killed in the movie massacre says lynn fenton should have alerted authorities when james holmes told her about his fantasies to kill a large number of people. she did not. and check this out. it's a close encounter. a texas guy playing with deadly tiger sharks in the bahamas.
5:25 am
look at that. the diver eli martinez says he's befriended the sharks after visiting the same beach for years. he can get close enough to rub his face against theirs and he does tricks with them in the water. i don't know if i'd do that. >> brian: more impresssive than the cat that picks the marble out of the thimble. as we've been telling you all day, it's in a few hours from now, president obama will announce his administration's plans to reduce gun violence. according to reports, the president is expected to consider some 19 executive orders that don't require congressional approval. so what can we expect and what possibly legal fallout could come from this? constitutional law attorney is here and former white house counsel of president eggen and president h.w. bush and joins us now. david, what do you expect today? >> we do not know for sure. we clearly know one thing, he can not do by executive order
5:26 am
anything that congress has not delegated authority to him for. we're talking about domestic policy where the president -- he can not ban high capacity magazines by executive order. he can not ban so-called assault weapons. i suspect most will deal with trying to imbellish on his authority to conduct background checks. even there he has to be careful in a way this is being done -- in a way that does not frustrate the constitutional right in the second amendment. >> brian: some of his past power grab didn't hurt him when he won reelection. no preaapproval for libya strikes. executive orders to stop deportations, he's done that. jamming through obamacare, we know how he did that. the department of justice did not uphold contraception mandate, he did that by himself. this would be something very similar to the pattern we saw in the first four years.
5:27 am
>> absolutely right. he has a pattern of ignoring the constitution, to exercise his power. republican president had done so, both congress and the main stream media would be in a state of uproar. he can try that. but again, i think he would fail. frankly, it's very, very injurious not only to the constitutional system, but to any kind of effort to foster consensus. so whatever he does by executive order, in my opinion, at best would be ineffectual. at worst, would be counter productive. if he does by executive order things that burden the right to have access to firearms, they would be challenged and eventually go down. and you have to be very careful in regard to background checks. let me give you an example. you can not have one that prevents people from buying firearms. if the government would say we can only bless people who get an affirmative mental wellness information, be able to purchase firearms, that effectively would
5:28 am
prevent virtually all americanss from gaining access because most of us do not have some information that gives thaws affirmative clearance. as you mentioned earlier, there are also problems psychiatrists can give that kind of information to the federal government. we have to be careful about how the whole background check issue plays out. >> brian: you brought up the most interesting point today. without having a law degree, fundamentally, if i want to get something done and i go do it on my own and ask people to agree or expand on it, i poisoned the well at any hope of consensus. so if you really want to get something done, you don't do the cowboy thing today at 11:45, correct? >> absolutely correct. unfortunately on this issue issues as many other issues, i'm afraid the president is not interested in fostering consensus and having constructive solutions. he's interested in scoring cheap political points and pushing back as much as possible against the republicans. that's the sad reality here.
5:29 am
>> brian: with children sitting by to pull at the heart strings. all the kids have written him letters to be safe in schools. it will be interesting to see what's rolled out. thank you for joining us today. >> good to be with you. >> brian: straight ahead, a bombshell new study about autism. can children actually grow out of it? we got details coming up next. then he's the most eligible bachelor in the world. so who is it? cat helio is next. and one of our favorite guests. ford c-max hybrid. when you're carrying a lot of weight, c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate.
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5:33 am
>> brian: fox news aletter. in a little over three hours, president obama will announce his plans to crack down on guns and is expected to include another ban on assault weapons. here we go again. what makes a gun an assault weapon? william lajeunesse live in los angeles with that answer. that's a question of the day, isn't it? >> yeah. so the semantics, what is a military style or assault rifle? take a look at this full screen. the gun on top is legal. the one on the bottom is not. yet they're the same gun and they shoot the same bullet, which is why some argue the term assault weapon is misleading. >> number one myth has to be
5:34 am
that they're machine guns. they're not machine guns. these are semi auto. , meaning i pull the trigger one time, it goes boom one time. boom, boom, boom. it does not go like this. >> the new assault weapons bill bans any gun with more than one military characteristic. >> military characteristics would be the telescoping stalk, pistol grip. >> gun advocates call those cosmetic definitions. >> this shoots 30 ought 6, capable of going through three people. whereas the .223 caliber is going to stop in the first person it shoots. >> senator feinstein claims her assault weapons ban targets america's most dangerous guns. yet none of the nation's top crime guns are on her list. >> these little guns here seem to be more of a problem than these guns. so why are they coming after these guns?
5:35 am
>> feinstein's bill outlaws the thumb hole stock, seen here, high capacity magazines. and a button that allows users to change them quickly. >> is it more dangerous? here are three ten round magazines. ten times. ten times. that was pretty slow and i still changed out three ten-round magazines in less than ten seconds. >> so the difference between the last assault weapons bill and this one is any gun with more than one military characteristic is banned. the president through executive order, can limit the importation, but a ban would have to go through congress. brian? >> brian: wow. william, i'm not a gun guy. all this gets extremely confusing for people who don't grow up around it. these are some of the debates we'll be having today. >> steve: william, your report made it simple to understand
5:36 am
what a lot of people have been talking about and now we know. we thank you for getting up so early out there in l.a it's about 25 minutes before the top of the hour. our other top story for the eastern third of the country, extreme weather. webster, massachusetts, the snow has been coming down all morning, causing a messy commute for drivers. in the south, ice was half an inch thick in some areas, causing dozens of accidents and bring down trees and power lines as well. state of emergency has already been issued for parts of tennessee. those pictures are from huntsville, alabama. >> gretchen: information about autism. new study finds some children can actually grow out of it later in life. scientists from the university of connecticut studied children ages eight through 21 by age gender, nonverbal i.q.s and diagnosed early in life. but appeared to be functioning normally now. results suggest the children had milder social difficulties.
5:37 am
researchers also looking into what kinds of treatment they received. brian? >> brian: the world's most eligible bachelor is not george clooney. it's prince harry. the royal crowned number one by town and country. apparently our next guest doesn't take this survey seriously. the 28-year-old who is also a british army helicopter pilot, has spent the last three months in afghanistan and due back any day. cat deeley tells us what's happening and then reporting back to us. he is eligible, right? >> he is eligible. and if you believe the vegas stories, very, very eligible. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: i saw the pictures. >> he's a fun loving prince. what's not to like? >> steve: it's good to have you. >> thank you. >> steve: there is harry right there, famously referred to as harry pot head in your press a while ago because he was caught smoking the weed.
5:38 am
>> was he? >> steve: is this news to you? >> i didn't know that, no. >> steve: did you realize william and kate now apparently, according to one of the great brit britain, look for a royal house keeper and then a nanny as well once the baby comes. >> i had no idea 'cause i would have actually submitted -- >> brian: you would not. >> yes, i would. i rate right behind mary poppins. i would have them all smiling and singing and dancing. of course. >> gretchen: you're the host of "so you think you can dance." why would you want that job? i would think it would be ultrastressful because if everything wasn't perfect, you would probably get fired. >> probably. but i think they have a good team of people around them and i think as individuals, with everything that's happened, even being within the eye of the storm and kate not coming from a royal background, she handled herself so brilliantly. you know. every step of the way. >> steve: you could do it because the dance show is part-time work. the rest of the time, hey, you
5:39 am
change some diapers. >> it's true. we've got the auditions coming up in austin. they're happening on friday. and i'm also hear to talk about the crest 3 d white campaign because i'm going to take somebody to the young hollywood awards. >> steve: you're talking about the crest white strips you put on at home to give yourself a gleaming smile? >> what we want to do is i want to take somebody to the young hollywood awards and basically what we want people to do is upload their smile stories. smile stories, everything from kind of smiling at somebody and meeting the love of your life, to just kind of smiling at somebody and making their day. >> brian: you don't have to do the bright smile. >> no, facebook page, upload, and you could be coming out with hi. >> steve: what are you looking for? are you looking for just the smile itself or what if your teeth are a little on the not white side? >> well, you see, if you use the product, it won't happen. >> steve: there go. >> do you see what i mean? >> steve: i do. >> i want someone with a sense of fun, confident. you've seen all the awards that
5:40 am
are happening moment. it's actual at thing to walk those red carpets. >> gretchen: so you need a partner. what do you think about the whole lance armstrong situation? he's probably not smiling right now. he's supposedly confessed to oprah that he has been lying all these years. >> i actually haven't -- have you seen the oprah interview yet? >> brian: that's tomorrow. >> i'm dying to see it. i'm not going to make any kind of judgment until i see that interview. she's normally very good at getting right to the heart of everything. so i'm going to wait and see. >> brian: tour defrance would not be a big deal except for lance armstrong in the u.s. in britain, it means a lot more. correct? >> we always do great big kind of bike rides for charities, while comic relief does an amazing bike ride. it's something within us. i don't know why. >> brian: would you ever do a contest that required to you take blood out and put it back into you? is there anything that would make you do blood doping? [ laughter ] >> brian, where is this going? where is this going? i have no idea.
5:41 am
>> brian: what these people do in order to win a bike race. >> it's pretty scary, yes. it's very squarey. like i say, i can't wait to seat oprah interview. >> gretchen: you've never told a lie, i'm sure. but we have assembled a -- maybe a white one. we've assembled a list of people who, we wanted to know what our viewers thought who is the biggest liar. we have john edwards, pete rose, millie vanilli, remember them? pinocchio or lance armstrong. >> pinocchio is always a good one. >> gretchen: exactly. >> at least you know when he's lying. >> gretchen: exactly. >> brian: so pi folk would he would be your number one liar? >> yeah. >> brian: how about a nonfictional choice? a little different than we scripted. >> steve: millie vanilli kind of fictional. all pinocchio wanted to be was a real beaumont that's all. we asked you what you thought and carey said, worst liars list left off the biggest liar ever, o. j. simpson. that's a good point.
5:42 am
>> gretchen: this tweet from scott. i think that bernie madoff is the biggest liar of recent times if measured by the damage done. >> and mr. clinton. >> brian: that was a big write in one on our e-mail. >> steve: cat is a professional presenter. would oatlike do the next tweet? >> pinocchio learned lisles son and grew personally from the experience. the others still lying. >> brian: pinocchio does not belong on the list. in your marriage, that's true, right? you are married? >> you're literally like, so many men will be crushed. >> steve: it's a change of status. he's been monitoring you on facebook. >> secret square-off. yes. i got married at the end of september and have a lovely day and lots of dancing. >> steve: tell us about that guy. that's my husband. >> steve: tell us about him. >> he's a comedian back in england. we met ten years ago.
5:43 am
and we got together about a year ago. it was never the right place, right time. then he just came and swept me off my feet. i couldn't say no. >> gretchen: look at you! you're blushing. >> i know. >> brian: i love what you just said. i couldn't say no. instead i said yes. i couldn't say no. >> he was too lovely and bold and funny and gorgeous. it was impossible. >> steve: you had me at hello. there she is, the host of "so you think you can dance." check out of the the 3 d white contest with crest. >> facebook, yes, exactly. >> steve: very nice. cat, always a pleasure and congratulations. >> thank you. >> gretchen: did you know that the flu season is really bad here in the u.s.? now check out this guy. he looks dead. that's 'cause he's a dummy. he's going to show you how you can fight the flu. he's been scaring me all morning. there he is. >> steve: he's not in good shape. >> gretchen: no. >> steve: then she ignewt add fire storm when she told vogue magazine she put her 7-year-old daughter on a diet.
5:44 am
today that mama here to defend herself. hello. you're next on "fox & friends" [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. see what's ♪ew from campbell's.
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5:47 am
>> gretchen: last spring one mother wrote about putter her then 7-year-old daughter on a strict calorie counting diet. it faced controversy and the mother faced backlash. in a new memoir called "the heavy," a mother, a daughter a diet, she defends her decision and she joins me now. good morning to you. >> thank you for having me. >> gretchen: take us back to this vogue article. i know you could do it again, you wouldn't have done it in vehicle. maybe a parenting magazine. what did you say? >> i don't know that i wouldn't do it in vogue, but i understand now that the context was important and putting it in a
5:48 am
fashion magazine perhaps tainted the story in a way that invited more of a backlash than a parenting magazine might have. it was just a story of a real mom story of going through helping a child who is suffering from obesity that is not a perfect person, who is not an expert north texas a nutritionist, but just a real mom who faced these difficulties and was surprised by the challenges we encountered. i wanted to get that story out there. >> gretchen: so your daughter is seven years old, was technically obese, weighed 93 pounds. she should have weighed in the 350s. so you put her on a diet. what did you do? >> the initial decision to take action was prompted by her pediatrician. her checkup at anal -- age six, she was at a dangerous place. she gained 23 pounds. even when i was trying to control her portions and help her i can make better choices. so we sought help from a
5:49 am
professional. we went to a pediatric nutritionist, childhood obesity specialist. she give us a plan and we stuck to the plan strictly. and that's ultimately what got her healthy. >> gretchen: here is a quote from the original magazine article. i once reproachfully deprived bee, your daughter, of her dinner after learning that her observation of french heritage day at school involved nearly 800 calories. i stopped letting her enjoy pizza when she admitted to adding a corn salad one week. i guess that's one of the quote that brought you fierce retaliation. why do you think that people -- we have an obesity problem in this country, weapon children and it leads to diabetes and many other health ail ams. why were people so hateful towards you? >> i think it's painful to think that you would tell a child that he or she can't eat what they want. that's part of the joy of childhood. part of the joy of my life is eating and food and especially for my daughter. i see the joy she gets from food she loves.
5:50 am
and you don't want to think that to help an obese child you have to tell them no a lot of the time that if they make a misstep, you have to compensate for it if you really want to stay on track. those are hard decisions, but that's what being the heavy, which is what being a parent is really about. >> gretchen: that's the name of your new book now that you have come out with "the heavy." we should mention you keep your daughter and pictures out of this book now. how does she feel about weight issues? i think some of the concerns were that maybe talking so much about this at such a young age, it would create things like eating disorders. how does she feel now about herself confidence, herself-image, who she is? >> she's doing great. her weight is still in a healthy range, which is terrific. she's very happy and confident girl. it is something that we still grapple with every day. i would never for a moment say oh, we took care of it. it's absolutely a problem every day that we are attentive to. my hope is that by being attentive to it and talk being it all the time and making it an issue.
5:51 am
not a shameful issue, but a loving, supportive family issue, that that will be beneficial for her. >> gretchen: a lifestyle choice. thanks much. >> thanks for having me. >> gretchen: just how easy is it to get the flu? this dummy is about to show you how. and it can only take seconds. let's check in with hemmer for what's on at the top of the hour. >> poor guy. looks terrible. >> gretchen: he's a goner. >> good morning to you. a shocking report on the future path of welfare payments in america. this is stunning. there will be breaking news on the battle over guns in america. we'll have it for you from the white house. what happened with this helicopter crash? inn a major city? stunning move by al-qaeda that's getting the world's attention. we'll see new ten minute, top of the hour on "america's newsroom" ♪
5:52 am
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if. >> steve: just how easy is it to get the flu? well, real and he said we're about to show you how. fox news' medical a team, dr. mark siegle is here, he's brought along a friend with a system demonstration to show how fast germs spread. >> 15,000 viruses per cubic meter of air. one sneeze fills the whole room. people think i'll do a dracula cough or cover my mouth or open the window of the car. the problem is, even if you do all of that, the respiratory dropletgo all over the place. you can still get sick. >> steve: so we've got a dummy here, a mannequin. he's been outfitted so that he can pretend that he's coughing and i'm going to wind up covered with -- >> cough stuff because cough spreads viruses 12 feet. 12 feet. not two feet. 12 feet. >> steve: let's go ahead and -- gear it up here. we should point out that's
5:56 am
condition martin from the university of louisville parasimulation center and the folks at cae health care for the dummy. kevin. >> medical students use this kind of thing to learn. >> steve: kevin, let her rip. let her fly. (coughing). >> steve: that is representative oing to dim the looks like. lights and dr. siegle has got -- it looks like he's got a radar gun. this is a black light that's going to show all of the white stuff. >> they live on the surface for up to two days. >> steve: that's somebody's blackberry. you touch your face and nose t. can live up to two days on a surface like this. >> steve: oh, man. >> everybody has to use these hand wipes. stay away from people who have the flu. >> steve: you should imagine that everything in your office is covered with flu virus? >> or cold viruses. you can use the clorox wipes. wipe down your computer.
5:57 am
>> steve: what about me? >> i'm staying away from you. >> steve: no kidding. i don'ti think i'm going to havo accept this to the dry cleaners. my poncho. this is good because -- i was on the subway yesterday and i heard somebody cough and uncovered, and i thought oh, man. i started breathing in my coat. >> i'm all for the covered cough, but even then it's not enough. >> steve: so cover your cough, but just once again, just imagine that -- i forgot about the coffee. take a look in there. >> use the hand wipes, wipe down the surfaces with wipes, with clorox wipes. even then if you're not sick or feeling well, if you have a cough or sneeze, stay home. >> steve: got you. we'll be right back. clorox everything -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ wh do you know? oh!
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