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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 17, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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and all of us who call the gulf home. i've got two tickets to paradise!l set? pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? happier than eddie money running a travel agency. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, time for last call this, one gives a new meaning to computer glitch. here is jimmy fal on. >> officials in pennsylvania are poll jizing after a computer glitch printed the wrong father's name on about 500 birth certificates. so congratulations to the maury povich show getting
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renewed for 20 more years. >> greta: thanks for being with us tonight. everybody go to and talk about tonight's show. see you tomorrow night, good night. >> kimberly: hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: something is rotten in south bend, indiana, in the twitterverse. we begin with a hoax that turned the sports world upside down, involving a star linebacker of notre dame, runner up for the heisman trophy and likely first round draft pick in the n.f.l. manti tao. we are told he was trying to lead the fighting irish to winning season. in the middle of it, his grandmother and girlfriend died within hours of one another. the story captured the hearts
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of college football fans across america. but today, it's unraveling, as we learn that the girlfriend who supposedly died of leukemia never even existed. listen to him describe his girlfriend he called kirk >> she was the most beautiful girl, not because of her physical beauty by the beauty of her and what she is. a person i turn to. she was fighting leukemia and various things she found time to serve someone else. >> kimberly: he says is the victim of a hoax after learning the give wasn't real. notre dame says he's victim of
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a hoax. >> our investigators through their work discovered online chatter among the perpetrators that was the ultimate proof of this. the single most trusting human being i have ever met will never trust in the same way in his life. that is an incredible tragedy. >> kimberly: you know the fighting irish has his back. what is the truth? what do we think about this table in mr. beckel? >> bob: his father said she visited him in hawaii. so she didn't exist. second, finalist for heisman trophy. the father backed up the story. it's all about trying to get sympathy to get the heisman trophy. that's as simple as that. i hate to say it. some woman was in hawaii and the father said they were there together. who are you going to believe? >> eric: a little different tact along the same vein.
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there is this catfishing we'll get in to. a good chance he was victim of catfishing, internet hoax. but at some point he had to know it was a hoax because he started to perpetuate the lies that could haven't happened. she could haven't be on her death bed or pronounced dead and the father couldn't have seen them together. it's likely you are right that notre dame has had a tough couple of years in football, they are coming back. he is in the middle of this. he is a hero. he is a hero and playing for the national championship title and he is runner-up or going to be potentially the heisman trophy winner. once he realized it was a hoax, i think he played it. he had to run with it because he didn't want to blow the chances for heisman and/or get draftedrafted in the n.f.l. >> kimberly: dana you have this look. >> dana: i blame the p.r. people in a way. not the ones that necessarily work at notre dame. across the board. not just good enough you have
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a great football player but the story that goes with it. to me, they let that get away from them. i was very surprised. this story broke around 8:00 p.m. last night. inight. i'm there and see the director of athletics is going to do a press conference. i read it again today and i'm like i can't believe he did this. twtwo hours later. as a spokesperson not a good idea to do something that immediate. you need to tease up the story. there are so many layers to this, that greg had a good idea. we have a cast of characters here to try to sort it out. the p.r. people let it get ahead of him and shouldn't. >> kimberly: there are numbers, and the investigators in notre dame, dep rekahns running around, take nothing question. why didn't they take it to the police if they thought he was victim of a hoax? why not get the police involved and let them contact the perpetrators.
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>> greg: please, please, kimberly, stop. who hasn't fabricated a sick girlfriend to win the heisman trophy? some people will create elaborate dog calendars to prove they have a dog when you know it doesn't exist. the weird thing about this, he is a star football player, destined for a big career. he doesn't have to make up a girlfriend. that's what a soccer player does. it leads back to the brady bunch. who forget the george glass episode when jan brady wanted attention of her friends and family she contacted a fake boyfriend, george glass. her parents decided to throw her a surprise birthday party and invite george glass. guess who doesn't show up? george glass, he doesn't exist. moral of story if you make up a fake girlfriend make it katie holmes. >> eric: all right. you went there. so why in your opinion would he make up a fake girlfriend?
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>> greg: it's interesting thing. it looked at the evidence and we have all done this in the past. when i was in college, i told everybody i lived with a cannibal because i was bored. sometimes your manage nation gets away with you. you are # 2 years old. you a buddy, this could help. i don't know. it sounds completely fabricated and it got out of control. >> dana: do you think, do you think it started as a hoax and then the fantasy became real? >> eric: not necessarily real. but he is getting duped. he is sucked in. there are a lot of people out there, we get a lot of e-mails, i don't know if you have but i get e-mails from people saying they are this and that. >> greg: good point. >> eric: we do necessarily -- we have people looking into them. if you are duped, duped on a national scale, up for a heisman trophy. your team is coming back after being years on being on their
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butt and coming back. now i'm duped and idiot. >> kimberly: don't bring it up for discussion. sit on it. >> eric: because espn stuck a camera in front of him and there was a story about him. >> bob: explain how he met the woman after the game -- >> kimberly: november 28, 2009, notre dame loses to stanford. according to tao's father that is when he meets this girlfriend. >> bob: right. so i mean, it's -- where the hoax was, i still can't put the it together. how many newspapers went along with this story and looked in to nothing about it. >> greg: but this is a good point. the reason why -- >> bob: thank you. >> greg: the reason the hoax is national because of social network, something people don't bother checking anymore. you say a lot of people contact you, they contact you over social network. it used to be when you talk to people and look them in the eye you could tell they were lying, and that doesn't happen anytime because mob takes time to speak to people happen. is the real tragedy here.
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>> kimberly: what about the father? is he complicit in this? brian? he said, the direct quote, every once in a while he will travel to hawaii, that is the time that manti was home so he would meet with her there. >> greg: what about hawaii? >> eric: two issues. why didn't notre dame assuming they had investigators like the gentleman says they did, why didn't they complain? why did they wait when they knew more than a month before the national title game -- >> kimberly: distracting from -- >> dana: good question. such a great question. >> bob: i agree. to stand out there and say this and the overwhelming amount of evidence is against you. they may have said hoax some place. clearly the woman whose picture taken and shocked by it, the hoax is somebody lifted her picture. every time a good looking girl on campus, i used to say i had
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a date with her. >> kimberly: one of his close friends tuisosopo. >> eric: nice. >> bob: you're from hawaii? you're from puerto rico, right? >> bob: is this real, snob what is wrong with you. >> dana: what was your point? what did he say? >> kimberly: my point is he went to high school with the girl whose picture was used. there is a web of characters involved in this. somebody pulled the picture, put it up. buddy, it's skype season. get up and put the girl on skype, talk to her and meet with her. >> eric: a quirky, ange to this is there a girl, i'm not sure that is her, or not her name but a girl from social media someone lifted and made that his girlfriend. >> greg: who habit done that? >> eric: there are talking heads on tv now saying this is terrible, no team will take him. i go out on a limb and say if i was going to draft him in the first round --
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>> bob: two or three. >> eric: draft him anyway. >> bob: absolutely. the old man -- heisman trophy gets you money and endorsements yufe get out. that was probably part of it. in terms of a ball player, he's unbelievable. >> eric: great. there is not an n.f.l. owner not trying to get this guy. >> kimberly: maybe this -- they have his back because they support him and huge future and big star and one of the best things to happen to notre dame in a long time. he could have gone pro early and he stayed to be with the team, which is impressive. you the grandmother and the mom. the dad and brother. everybody is involved in this. >> dana: everybody is involved in this. i wonder at what point does he go to oprah and make a public apology and we can say we feel bad for him. >> bob: i will go out on a limb with you. i don't think second or third. first round for sure he is
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going. >> eric: slated to go on the first round. >> dana: probably end up on "saturday night live" to make fun of himself. >> bob: what is skype? >> kimberly: oh, please. you get in trouble. face to face people. >> eric: do you remember when tim tebow took a knee and did this? have you seen what this is? the new one. taoing. right here. look. >> kimberly: the fake girlfriend. we've now climbed to higher journalistic standards here. coming up, president obama's inauguration is on monday. does he believe in the constitution he will swear to defend? >> bob: who wrote that? are you kidding me? >> kimberly: we think he has issues with the second amendment. you'll hear from him next on "the five." with the spark miles card from capital one,
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>> eric: welcome back, everybody. less than four days, president obama will raise his right
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hand and swear to god, the good lord above to uphold the constitution. but will he protect it or shred it likebe the first four years? obama, the bail-out and the assault on the constitution, second amendment. marco rubio weighed in last night. >> i think the president and he doesn't have the guts to admit it, not a believer in the second amendment. that's what i'm saying. the second amendment is in the constitution. it at no time write the constitution. neither did you and neither did he. if he doesn't want the second amendment in the constitution or reform it, have the guts to admit that. >> eric: robert, kick it off. >> bob: first, you are open and the tease that kimberly read -- >> kimberly: was magnificent. >> bob: was the most outrageous shot i have ever seen. our executive producer must have written it. >> eric: i wrote it. >> bob: you are so right you
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make attila the hun look like a moderate. >> eric: obamacare, upheld in the courts, shredded the constitution -- >> bob: i think that is a reach. >> eric: bail-out and then the second amendment. >> bob: marco rubio, i spent time with him and i kind of liked him. now he is running for president and the right wing rubio coming out. kilnot true. >> bob: it is true. he has a mean streak and you can see it. >> greg: that's funny coming from you. >> bob: i don't have a mean streak. >> greg: no, you're entirely mean. >> bob: yesterday you interrupted me twice. >> eric: we took for granted on monday that president raises his right hand and swears to uphold the constitution. does he or promise to change it in the way he wants it?
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dabs what he did with the funs was weak tea. the individual right to up on a gun were upheld. he is not going to be able to get anything through congress. the second amendment will be okay. but executive order there wasn't much there to change anything. >> eric: we contacted the 11 senators rated "a" or "b" through the nra. throw the list up there. do you have it? throw it up there. it's coming. they tell me it's coming. harry reid one of them. "b." ten others received "a" by the nra. kimberly, if the people are getting "as" and "b"s by the nra do you think they will vote to change the constitution in the way president obama wants them to? >> kimberly: absolutely not. the nra poke the cage and
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super mad. this is all out war. they are not taking it sitting down. tremendous support. record number of people joining, giving money. look at the number of gun sales, ammunition sales. everything that is going on. thaw have this in their respect. if they want to hold on to the position, they have to tread carefully. >> bob: the same nra that used obama's children disgustingly. max baucus, i did his first campaign for the united states senate. he is from montana. i understand -- >> kimberly: did he win? >> bob: obviously, he wouldn't be up there. >> kimberly: you brought him in? >> bob: i did. that is not the point. baucus will vote against more than ten bullets in the clip. >> dana: they will never have a chance to vote on it. >> eric: i 100%, 1,000% agree. i don't think reid has the
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cojones to bring it to the senate floor. >> greg: his previous plan was to export gun to mexico so this is progress. they peer to be tough on crime. but they are only tough on guns. if they really cared there would be handgun laws for people using handgun or repeat offenders. federal law for three strikes you're out for robbery and homicides. >> bob: nra thugs -- >> greg: no, it's liberals. why do you on the left only focus on 1% of the crime when in chicago, you have, you have what one new shooting every few weeks and 42 people dying. why is that not a problem? >> bob: i don't know. >> --ross the table -- >> greg: you interrupted me and i'm fighting back. >> bob: i'll do it again. that is what you said yesterday. >> greg: no. handguns are the weapons of choice for criminals. why aren't you talking about
11:22 pm
that? >> eric: allow me. >> bob: i'm for banning handguns. >> eric: now you're for banning -- >> greg: they legalize nra but they won't talk about gan gangs. >> bob: the most evil lobby in washington. >> eric: i'm glad you're doing this. look at the poll that shows what american people think of the nra and take another group that has been singled out as a reason why some of the violence is going on. the nra, people had 41% approval rating. hollywood had a 23% approval rating. in the poll by the "wall street journal." roll a tape of hollywood's number one, call them dons. watch. >> i am not your slave and you're not my master. i am here to sell my movie. this is a commercial for the movie. not my job to flesh it out. >> it's my job to ask you -- >> i am shutting your butt
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down. you know where i stand on it. >> that there is no relationship -- >> yes. you haven't said why you think there is no relationship. >> it's none of your damn business what i think about that. i'm shutting you down. >> eric: here is the problem. of the four legislative orders that president obama is looking for and the 23 executive orders that he signed yesterday, not once tid he mention hollywood, not once. >> bob: that was a mistake but the poll you brought up, that means 77% don't like -- disapprove of hollywood. and 58% disapprove of the national rifle association. >> kimberly: numbers are aren't. >> bob: i didn't. >> eric: nra had 41% approval -- and hollywood -- >> bob: i'm saying -- >> greg: if you cared about crime. right now, i'm for background checks. but this is all smoke and min rors until you talk about longer sentences for repeat offenders of handguns. the left wisdom is the redneck americans clinging to their
11:24 pm
guns and religion. 99% of the gun violence is in the city. >> bob: they have three strikes you're out. >> greg: i'm talking about a federal law for handgun crime. why isn't omar abdel-rahman rahg about the 500 people that died in chicago. >> eric: he is inses tent to use the newtown massacre as the crisis that is not to be wasted. >> bob: not a bad idea either. the kids and you are talking actually about the national rifle -- freddie how many dead kids in philadelphia? >> kimberly: now you want to ban handguns? you're liberal kama sutro. so many positions -- >> eric: on that note, what are the odds the media does their job in the next four years and reports the truth about the obama administration? we'll place our wagers next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: so "usa today," the nation's official place mat for free continental breakfas breakfast, has not one, but two articles on how president obama should cope with the future scandals. the headline, similar. if you are falling over yourself to help the president to greatness, you can be forgiven for repetition. what are headlines when your head is in the clouds? stop that, kimberly. once warranted scrutiny from the news media looking for the next saturdayal. where is the intense scrutiny you speak of. what planet or drug are you on? we see more scrutiny from the judges on "american idol." and more questioning toward project runway hen.
11:30 pm
and barbara walters asks more questions of trees. so wait, i figured out to get the press. this could turn them to libertarians by sundown. this is funny watching them pretend they might cover a scandal. why else hasn't the press looked at lisa jackson and her secret e-mail account at the epa. no big deal, unless she is manti's ex. >> dana: maybe she was the hoaxster. >> greg: that is my point. you know who ises on the bicycle? lance armstrong. nobody knows that but lance
11:31 pm
armstrong. >> dana: from country of hawaii. freddie now we are really off-topic. bob, i am going to you first since i interrupted the last time. >> dana: he knows a lot aboutbe second terms. >> bob: first, was that necessary? >> dana: actually you know a lot about first term. >> kimberly: she was being generous. >> bob: that is fine. do you realize what i put up here? i write a column for "usa today." you know what he said about it? >> bob: the openings of these segments are so far offbat. i don't think a president got much of worse press than he got in the first term about the economy and jobs. the other things are not scandals. they're mismanagement. >> greg: you would have been
11:32 pm
salivating if a scandal happen under a republican, wouldn't you? >> bob: on one of these? >> greg: yes. >> bob: no. not big now have be a scandal. >> dana: the media helps drive that. i am quoted in theiation usa story, one of the things that happen -- i'm quoted in the "usa today" story, one thing that happened with a divided congress like president bush found in out 2006 after theteams look over, they decided the stupidest things would be the scandal. one was the attorney that let go. political appointee. they spent millions of taxpayer dollars investigating that. front page story, and all for nothing. benghazi you look at it and say you're from another planet and weigh the stories -- freddie tray did a movie about her -- >> greg: they did a movie about her. >> eric: may i? second term, presidents have a ten detendency to get themselven
11:33 pm
trouble. they don't have to be with the electorate again. mr. president obama said i'll have more leeway to do more things and then they feel like they have a mandate. they didn't in the first term. got themselves in more trouble. >> bob: the two biggest scandals were watergate. vietnam war. >> greg: nobody died in watergate. >> bob: wait, i was about to say that the three were watergate, iran can tra and clinton. vietnam. >> kimberly: clinton and then -- >> bob: leave me alone. >> kimberly: i was helping you make a list. it's four. >> bob: none of the other things even get close to those as a scandal. >> greg: how can anything be
11:34 pm
worse than losing four americans in libya? to make the media care. >> kimberly: that's disheartening because they couldn't ask the proper question or care to investigate until it was brought out and exsupposed. ient to expect them to do anything else. romance and dating and -- >> bob: with the respect to the four people dieing in benghazi. you had 10,000 die in iraq. >> dana: it wasn't like there wasn't coverage on that. that is the point that greg is making. maybe there will be a scandal to cover in a second term. not that there were things in the bush administration that weren't coverage. >> eric: yourish with iraq is what? trying to figure it out. he killed his own people and financed terrorism around the world. was it not -- he threated on the take kuwait.
11:35 pm
>> bob: that is not why we went to iran. >> kimberly: greater good doesn't matter. >> dana: other thing to happen is they want to be part of the next big story and the next big story is 2016. >> greg: all right. thank you for buttoning that up. >> dana: i thought you said butting in. >> dana: buttenning in. who is that? a strange man lurking outside our building today. i think he did art films in the '80s. >> kimberly: is that castro? freddie what? fidel? we'll tell you what will happen ahead on "the five." ♪ ♪ ck to "the five."
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♪ ♪
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>> dana: keep going. very good. i would love all of nashville to come after you today. earlier this week we discussed boy suspended from school, he was six years old because he made a gesture of a gun and said, "pow." he got suspended. this is not isolated case. this happened in maryland with two boys playing cops and robbers. they got suspended. the other parents at the school didn't think it was too great an idea. listen to them. >> suspending them is harsh. i don't think it will do any good for the parents, child or the school. >> people trying to make example of things they shouldn't. blowing things out of proportion. they have gotten strict and overboard on things. i definitely don't think it was warranted. if i was a parent i'd be highly upset. >> dana: kimberly, when you were a teacher.
11:42 pm
when you had boys that roughhouse, and they're six years old and you have a 6-year-old boy, as an adult can't you look at it and let it go without suspending them from school? >> kimberly: this is an overreach. i don't know why they are doing it. overreaction. this is what boys do. they play. they point imaginary guns. are we going to be paranoid and punish children now in the his tearia about this? i would be offended. this could happen to mine tomorrow. maybe he goes and does it at school and they suspend him. it could happen to any of the kids. look at how many storys we're hearing. >> dana: did that happen when your kid was younger? >> eric: no. but we are experiencing the wussification of america. you can't have a loser. girls got to play on the boys' team and no surprise liberal school says if you do this, we'll suspend you. instead of using at it as a teaching moment, to say a lot of people got hurt. >> bob: liberal school? listen, i actually agree on this. this is a big reason -- i got
11:43 pm
suspended from school for setting off a cherry bomb in the toilet. that was worthwhile. going out and suspending them for holding up their fingers. which kid doesn't do that? >> kimberly: the kids have no idea it even happen. the parents i know with 6-year-olds didn't tell their child or expose them to the media about the story. so you are punishing a child for something they don't know anything about. >> kimberly: where do you -- >> dana: where do you think this is coming from with they are oversensitizing the boys. >> bob: i can guess your answer to this. >> greg: can i start? i disagree with all of you. "cops and robbers" is a terrible game because it reflects hierarchy that doesn't work in age of relativism. we need something like massage therapist versus evil investment banker. what you get is something awesome. a beta male.
11:44 pm
a gutless failure who denigrates achieve in the favor of irony and skinny jeans. that is what you are seeing now everywhere. a guy that talks from the back of his throat, who has no concept of what it takes to succeed. away from totantly has to the side. >> bob: besides they are good and -- massage parlors are good and investment bankers are bad. >> eric: there is no man on the face of the earth should be in skinny jean. >> greg: believe me. hard to get out of them. >> dana: you know what? i'm going to demand we no longer have to prepare for three topics in the "d" block, that is four minutes long because we have to go. >> bob: do this tomorrow. >> dana: bob beckel, the most eligible bachelor is clueless when it comes to the world of online dating but we'll change that when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: there you go. folks. you know, when i was a young man in the late 1800s, when
11:49 pm
you wanted a date with somebody, you had to pick up the phone and actually call and ask for a date. or you had a strategy, which was you got your friend to call her girlfriend to see if i call would she take the date. >> kimberly: good idea. >> bob: today you have ridiculous online dating services. i don't get. every kind of dot-com. this is a wuss way to get a date. no guts to do it. explain to me why you have to fill out a questionnaire, like 80 things long. >> dana: can i defend them? >> bob: please. >> dana: one of the hardest thing to do is get a first date. you want to have a first date. maybe think the second date is harder. you to meet people. it's hard to meet people. the services website made it easier for people to meet. it actually know three couples who met online. and got married and are still married today. >> bob: really? >> dana: yes. >> kimberly: they do a compatibility thing. instead of an awkward conversation you select people you're highly compatible with.
11:50 pm
>> dana: don't waste your time. >> bob: let a computer find out -- >> eric: you say jdate, people look for jewish people to marry. great way rather than going to a bar and figuring out, you know, are you single, are you jewish? a good way -- >> bob: what is the big thing they do now? >> dana: facebook. >> bob: they know everything about you. their big claim to fame, you don't pick out a big questionnaire like you do. facebook they have the information on you. cades this is big business. people still want to find love. so they are trying to find it any way they can. facebook will tap in to that. >> kimberly: why wouldn't they? i'm surprised they waited that long. >> eric: as a owner of facebook stock, i hope they do that. they do. they have the information say these people have similar interests maybe they will work out. but how many people would advertise on that site? >> bob: greg's wife is russian. did you find her --
11:51 pm
>> greg: are you going in a certain direction that may actually have me get up and hit you? >> dana: they met in spain. >> bob: met in spain. >> greg: portugal. >> dana: same difference. >> greg: we both worked for the same difference. >> kimberly: puerto rican, hawaiian. >> greg: i hear the stories and i'm grateful i am married and don't deal with the crap. sorry, kimberly. there is mr. right out there for you. >> kimberly: thank you. >> bob: 3 strikes you're out. >> kimberly: bob, i swear, you have done this now. please help me. i have been a good girl. >> bob: sorry. i could have sworn it's three. >> kimberly: now it's a whole thing that everybody believes it. >> bob: what is wrong with that? democrat is -- >> kimberly: it's not true. i have been married twice. >> dana: have you gone on a date with somebody you met online? >> kimberly: oh, my gosh. >> greg: inline. it's ridiculous. >> dana: are you saying you
11:52 pm
don't have any online dating experience? never gone out and filled out profile? >> kimberly: truth serum. >> dana: i thought hannity producers, didn't they come up with a profile for you one time? >> bob: yeah. what is her name? >> kimberly: ashley. >> bob: ashley. >> kimberly: madison. >> bob: they solicited me. i didn't have anything to do with that. speaking of solicitation, wait, on the sites, some woman decided to put a profile in as a man. so she put all of this stuff done and got endless number of women interested in her. who said -- how do you know if you're telling the truth? >> dana: she was having a hard time meeting somebody. she wanted to find out what would be the best profile. so she posed as a man on she got all the information and algorithms and figured this out. this is in the "wall street journal." ladies go and look.
11:53 pm
how many pictures to put up of yourself. it's a really good idea. >> dana: so she can pose -- >> greg: she can pose as an adult man and get article published. if i pose as a teenager girl i get arrested. life is unfair. >> eric: there is a fine line between what she did and the -- >> kimberly: lisa jackson. >> eric: this is big, guys. i think this is going to be big. a lot of this. >> bob: more predators out there. >> kimberly: bob should stay off the internet. and after of skype. >> bob: one more thing is next. ♪ ♪
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>> kimberly: time for one more thing. [ inaudible ] delicious biscuit. i'm in the best mood. it could do another hour. we don't have time for that. greg, one more thing. >> greg: thank you for that great information. what is in that? that kind of strength. i got a call today, speaking of, i got a call from a large company to do, of the people on "the five," i get phone call to do a product endorsement. endorsement that the people are excited to have me promote
11:58 pm
their product. it's a weight loss product. hgh supplement. apparently i would take it and they would watch me lose weight. it's the most insulting product endorsement you could ever get. >> kimberly: is that a true story? is that a true story? >> dana: hold up your little jeans. >> greg: have i gained weight? what is going on? >> kimberly: you slouch. it gives you a pooch. that's what happens. okay. [ laughter ] >> kimberly: we totally went out of order. eric? >> eric: i got a call today, too, my cousin erier centrallin. he met up with bob's cousin rob smeckel. look what happened. >> what are you doing here? aren't you for free speech, though? >> free speech. >> freedom of speech.
11:59 pm
shouldn't everyone have the right -- >> the majority, the average of the intelligence -- >> kimberly: my gosh. >> eric: so it wasn't my cousin or bob's cousin. we just ran in to two people on the street. >> kimberly: that is actually -- that is scary. do you wear little bits of black panther. dana? >> dana: okay. i don't -- i'm sure i'm going to be embarrassed. i don't know what it means. freddie don't cry. >> dana: i can't get over the endorsement. i am supposed to be doing something serious. >> kimberly: we are giving her a moment to recover. go to mr. beckel, known for his seriousness and credibility. >> bob: i have to be serious today. michelle obama, this is her birthday. 48 years old. great first lady. wonderful job of raising her children despite the evi


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