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tv   Americas Election Headquarters  FOX News  January 22, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PST

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♪ i'm so in love with you ♪ whatever you want to do ♪ it's all right with me ♪ you, you make me feel so brand new ♪ i want to spend my life with you ♪ let me say this, baby ♪ we're together ♪ i'm loving you forever
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♪ it's what i need ♪ well, let me be the one you come running to ♪ ♪ >> and welcome to hannity, moments ago, president barack obama spokes to troops at t commander-in-chief ball serving in camp leather neck in afghanistan. and followed by the traditional dance by the president and the first lady and the inauguration day we'll continue through the night and hear later from joe biden and he'll be addressing the troops and as the long festivities continue, i want to begin with the president's inaugural
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address from earlier today. this speech is indicative who this president is and where he wants to steer america as he now today start the second term. the address, first the most partisan and divisive address in living history. it's only unity and common purpose as a means to an end and in the end, what obama defiance is advancing his own left wing agenda. now, time and time again in the the speech, there were always jabs, not always direct, but obvious aimed at republicans and conservatives in america and at one point in the speech obama said, quote, we cannot make absolutism for principle or substitute politics or name calling as reason to debate. >> was he referring to name calling, republicans are-- guys who want the dirty air, dirty water and kids with down syndrome, the elderly, fending
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for themselves. is not feeding the hungry children, is that the name calling. and charged mitt romney for the cancer death of a steel workers wife. is that the name calling? of course not. obama is saying his opponents, conservatives, not him, who has destroyed civil discourse in america and who are rigid ideologues and has it backward and comes almost second nature and to portray his opponents as malicious, inflectionable, dog mattic, there's never such a thing as an honest disagreement with barack obama. his opponents always need to be portrayed as evil forces in american life. now, one other observation, from today's inaugural address how extraordinarily liberal it was, to advance his agenda, an agenda at that was addressing global warming, championing
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gay rights, gun control and wants to protect, medicare, medicaid, social security from any reform even though they're going bankrupt though matter how urgent and necessary the reforms are. so what obama was saying with the speech is is this: i am he' going to protect the liberal gains of the last century in terms of not doing anything to deal with entitlement programs and try to break new ground in areas, gloes global warming, gay rights, and preparing for the time ahead. in order to block as best you can obama's efforts to transform america. while americans across the country grapple with a country that's 16 trillion dollars in debt. do you think the president today talked about generational theft, balanced budgets, living within our means, making tough decisions so that america does not become greece? that's not part of transforming america. here with reaction is our own fox news contributor, the architect, karl rove, sir. i like the music, i like the
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dancing. what did you think of the speech? >> not impressed. you know, i agree with your comments in the lead-in. there was one other thing, the president kept falling back on this habit of strawman arguments of suggesting that somebody is arguing something that nobody is arguing. for example, no single person can train all the math and science teachers we'll need to equip our children for the futures or build the roads and networks and research labs that will bring new jobs to our shores. who is suggesting one person can do this? what he's trying to say there is, you can't do it. communities can't do it. businesses can't do it. groups of private individuals, private sector can't do it. we've got it give it all to washington to do, but no one is making the argument that even suggests that. here is another one. we reject the belief that america must choose caring for the generation that built this country and building the generation that built this future. who is saying this?
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taking everybody on social security and roll them over the cliff? the straw man argument. and what got me, the focus, what are the issues facing america today. on this day, fewer americans are working than were working four years ago. >> sean: 8.3 million. >> yeah, and at the current rate of job creation, it's going to take us 26 more months just to get back to that point in 2007 when we went into the recession, and in the meantime, between 2007 and 20-- nearly 2016 or excuse me, 2015 we will have 8.6 million more americans enter the work force without a job to find them. and we have for the first time in the history of a recovery, a decline in the amount and in the amount of the median family income. we've had anemic growth the last four years, 0.4% on average the last three years, that compares to world war ii average and rose 2.3% and the
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president could bearly bring himself. all he said was we've got an economic recovery underway. what are the challenges our generation, to start the challenges so everybody has a prosperous life and future? no, our president said here are our generation tasks, equal pay for equal work, i thought we got that done with that, you know, ledbetter law. you know, gay marriage which he was against in his first campaign and during three of the first four years in office. voting protections, you know, i think this was a veiled attack at voter i.d. laws. and immigration reform which he had a chance to do when he had complete control of the congress in 2009 and 2010 and didn't bother to do and gun control. are all of these things only going to pass with democrat votes in 2013 and 2014? no. he's got to get the kind of gun control legislation you're talking about or is the congress going to validate gay marriage? i don't think so. he couldn't get climate
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control when he had complete control of congress, do we now think it's going to be passed with republicans in control of the house? no. and as a result, i think this was completely political and not focused on the big challenge the country faces which is getting our economy going. >> sean: i like what our colleague charles krauthammer said it's an ode to big government and you pointed out in the list, gun control, gay marriage, global warming, he not only wants to lock in every liberal agenda item, but advance it further. will he be successful? second term are notoriously not successful. >> let's add global climate warming on her, climate change. we've already passed this through the congress. it's done. is congress going to pass it? is congress going to tell the states, no, you can't put that past voter i.d. laws?
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only in it's bipartisan doesn't require amnesty and citizenship. gun control passed, no. i think the president was basically declaring his administration is no longer substantive achievement. it's make the democratic party and making the republicans look more extreme. taking their strength to pass positive items that pile up over in the senate never to be really considered, but give them an agenda, a view that says to the american people he's over there worried about gun control. we're worried about getting jobs. he's over there worried about trying to get gay marriage. we want prosperity for your family. >> sean: 8.3 million americans out of the labor force, a big number, and none of these things said deficits, generational debt, not mentioned. it's interesting, you had some people on the left comparing the speech to the gettysburg address. which i found somewhat amusing. and you know, the references
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to the messiah, jesus, i can't believe how caught up the media gets in these moments. it's actually comical, but i wanted to ask you for the speech itself, i felt it was a hodgepodge of written by people that want today come up with their ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country moment and when you write a speech like that isn't it likely to fail? >> well, you have to use your own words. but what they did cribbed a lot from abraham lincoln, i saw at least three speeches in there. the nation without liberty and equality, remain half free and half slave. and that's almost word for word from the house divided. gettysburg address, we have a republic, by the people, for the people. and lincoln's famous message to congress in 1862 before the emancipation proclamation he said as we think anew as our
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case is new so must we think and act anew. but, look, you don't become, you know, big rhetoric by simply copying the words of somebody else, you have to have a big original thought. charles was right. this was a declaration of liberalism is back in all its glory you about he couldn't say the era of big government is over or find a memorable phrase that introduces the idea, this is about expanding government and more power. >> sean: stay right there. and according to cbs we ought to be a one party country. and we'll explain. more from washington as we keep our eye on the inauguration 2013. and will the spending hit them in the pocket? details of na plan. and world champion the shooter showed us on friday night the stupidity behind some newest proposed gun laws. it set our blogosphere on fire and we'll tell you why coming up next. so, we all set?
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>> and we continue now with the architect, karl rove on this inauguration day. all right, karl, let's go to cbs, there's a political director his name is john dickerson, and urging obama to go for the throat and pulverize the g.o.p. and all opposition, the quote up on the screen. obama's only remaining option is to pulverize whether he succeeds passing legislation or not. given his ambitions his goal should be fights and controversial issues and he could force republicans to either side with their coalition's most extreme elements or cause a rift in the party that will leave it at least temporarily in disarray. >> wait a minute, we should have one party and follow one
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person, no need for opposition voices. obama rules period. reaction? >> when i read the piece online, i tweeted a link to it because i thought, it was an extraordinary statement. i know john dickerson, known him for a while the typical kind of person you find in the media, very nice fella, good man, but he is so blindly-- this article should scare anybody who has any doubts whatsoever about the media's impartiality. he's a news director for cbs news and writes a piece he essentially calls for an anti-democratic action. delegitimize the opposition. this is a country that needs and deserves to have two great political parties against each other and one in the majority and one as the loyal opposition, he doesn't believe that. he believes obama ought to delegitimize and it's one thing if he says this is what the president is attempting to
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do and what i think his strategy is. but this is his advice to the president. and john dickerson needs to figure out if he's the political director of cbs news or a news columnist. if he's the latter he shouldn't be the political director. if he's the political director he shouldn't be writing trash like that. >> sean: let's take a trip down memory lane and in 2009 here is barack obama. we stated it earlier. 8.3 million americans, fewer americans working than when he took office four years ago, but here is obama. how appropriate these words would even be today what he said in 2009. >> our economy is badly weakened, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some, but also our collective failure to make hard choices and prepare the nation for a new age. homes have been lost. jobs shed, businesses shattered. our health care is too costly
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our schools fail too many and each day brings further evidence that the way we use energy strengthens our a adversarie adversaries. >> in light of where we stand today. >> the president says there is a spending probl is-- the spending problem before he came into office, roughly 2.5 trillion in revenues, and about 2.9, just less than 2.9. 2.8 trillion in spending. today revenues have recovered so that this year they'll be at 2.9 trillion. they're over 300 billion dollars from where they were when he came into office, but spending has gone up to 3.5 1/2 trillion dollars. you know, the revenues have recovered, but the spending has far outpaced it and he's not willing to make the hard choices and the amazing thing
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is, it was his own commission, a bipartisan commission, erskine bowles and senator simpson, simpson-bowles commission with recommendations on tough choices that needed to be made to rein in the future growth of entitlement spending and he rejected that today in the speech explicitly. >> sean: let me go back, this is personal for you, obviously, serving with president bush as long as you did. one thing he said in 2009 shutting down gitmo and it remains open today. and bothered me he'd never apologize to america, get your response to these things he said just four short years ago. >> we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals. our founding fathers -- our founding fathers faced with perils that we can scarily imagine, drafted a charter to assure the rule of law and the rights of man. a charter expanded by the blood of generations.
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those ideals still light the world and we will not give them up for expedience sake. we will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waiver in its defense and for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents, we say to you our spirit is longer and cannot be broken. you cannot outlast us and we will defeat you. >> sean: and thereafter, america has become arrogant, he said. >> yeah, look, first of all, i want to compliment the president. i think it was wise for him to reject the goal that he laid out during the campaign of closing gitmo and find it open four years later. and wise to seek the patriot act and wise to go on the drone program built by president bush and expand it what his predecessor put into development to expand the range of these important tools. he was wise to look at what happened in iraq with the
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surge and apply it to afghanistan. now, he was -- he made big mistakes, he's ceded support and position in iraq to the advantage of iran and he is in my opinion going to prematurely withdraw our forces from afghanistan, but president obama did what candidate obama said he would not do and that's largely keep in tact the anti-terrorism policies of his predecessor. he can't bring himself to admit it or compliment his predecessor for given him these important tools, but he did it and i for one am going to compliment him for following george bush's lead. >> sean: karl rove, thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> sean: house republicans may have found the right strategy for dealing with democrats and their he refusal to address spending. are they going to hit them in their wallets? really? deets coming up. and the find out why the sessionment from the friday show set the blogosphere on
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fire. an inauguration edition of "hannity" continues.
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>> and there you have it, the president and first lady, their second dance of the evening, this time at the inaugural ball and you can put that up. that's jennifer hudson singing in the background and you can see all the people in attendance and taking videos and pictures, big smiles, a lot of comments have been made about the first lady's hair cut and dress and design. i'll save that for other shows
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and they look very nice together and having a good time and obviously, on this inauguration day. and we'll continue to follow news, we expect the vice-president joe biden will be addressing the troops later on this hour and when that happens we'll bring that to you live and for anyone who thought the republicans were down and out. think again, the house will vote for a three-month ceiling on the debt seen and comes with a price. g.o.p. leaders said they would vote for the extension, but that the measure would also require the democratic controlled senate to pass a budget and if ne do ththey fail that, pay for lawmakers will be withheld. and we've got to look at the house and spending problem. no budget, no pay. joining me now with reaction. congressman david schweiker and walldon. i was skeptical when i heard the republicans are giving in
12:26 am
already. i had a couple of discussions this weekend, and some of your colleagues, explain the rational. number within, they say sequestration that's cuts are going into effect and force the president and senate to come one a budget and the senate didn't pass a budget in three and a half years. i liked it more when it was explained to me. is that about right. >> i think it is, sean and about time the senate did the legal responsibility of passing the budget we passed one each the last two years we'ven been in the majority. the ryan plan laid out how to deal with our biggest problems, debt and deficit and ongoing spending, if we don't reform, we'll end up bankrupting this country and it's unfair to the generation not to stop this. it's time for the senate to step up and i've done my town meetings, sean, people say, well you who did they get away with that, what's the penalty? if it were me in my job i'd get fire. do they get their pay docked? i think the notion of no budget, no pay makes a lot of sense and people want to weigh
12:27 am
in go to website and make their views heard. >> sean: and by the way, we're watching, the first lady and president obama and the second ball of the evening and a few less balls than in 2009 and give the president a lot of credit. i did not dance at my own wedding i can't dance, i don't like to dance and they look nice together. all right. why are you laughing at that, congressman? no reason to mock-- >> i'm sorry, i'm just picturing you dancing to jennifer hudson. >> sean: i love jennifer hudson. i would love to be at the party. everybody is taping, it looks like a lot of fun. >> i'm not-- and to the christmas party. >> did you notice the cool kids didn't get invited? >> yeah, we could rationalize it and spin it anyway we want, i don't get invited to the white house media christmas party. i'm the only one off the list. >> and nobody's making fun of my hair cut, okay? i want to put that on the record. >> sean: no, i mean, look, it's a reason to celebrate.
12:28 am
the peaceful, transition of power. we celebrate the election of presidents, i'm just counting down the days to 2016 politically speaking. what do you think, congressman schweiker, is this going to help motivate the senate to get to a budget? >> i sure hope so. in many ways what you've seen the last two years, those of us in the republican house have been negotiating with ourselves. you know, you keep having folks say why can't you make this work, why can't you at least explain to the public what's really going on with the budget? how do you get there when you have a senate that refuses to do its job? >> that's a good point. how did they ever get away with this, congressman waldon, congressman schweiker, go ahead. >> they have a-- they said he we don't need to do a budget. harry reid and patty she said i'm the chairman of the
12:29 am
committee and the jimmy buffet song, if the phone doesn't ring, it must be me. waiting-- >> one of the observations i had today and i thought my colleague charles krauthammer had a good point. obama laid down the gauntlet gave the most liberal partisan speech i can think of in our lifetime. now, and almost he wants to destroy or wipe out the reagan legacy or reaganism with massive big government, social engineering. do you think he'll be successful in this term accomplishing that? >> well, that's our job in the house, to stop this. and think about sort of the outrageous language in the president's speech today. when he wants it talk about social justice, well, darn it, a job is the ultimate social justice. and yet, the policies of this administration have crushed the ability to expand this, this economy. so, how do we now in the house start to use what leverage points we have to force the
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senate to finally engage in the process of doing what's right? and mr. waldon and i talked about it in the past i think the senate avoided doing a budget because they're terrified of letting the american people understand how bad the numbers are. >> sean: by the way, what you're watching on your screen. this is not dancing with the stars or dancing with the politicians are joe biden and wife jill. they will be tracing the troop coming up and when it happens we'll bring it live. and a vote on, who is the better dancer, the president or vice-president. i'm kidding. >> sean. >> sean: yeah, go ahead. >> david hit a good point. where was the discussion a healthy economy in this country so people don't have to work two jobs or three part-time jobs and moms don't have control of their schedule and their life and the climate change discussion and what's the price of the ghasen an electricity going forward? we have of to have a focus on
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creating a good strong american economy where people can get a job and it pays the bills and they don't have to work two or three or scramble around. and we can get there. and that's what we need to focus on, it's coming together to grow our economy and grow jobs and then you won't have quite the bloated government because it's the die manndemand government. >> sean: and this is a night of celebration, thank you both congressmen for being with us, watching on the screen there's vice-president joe biden and wife jill at the inaugural ball. and on the piano i believe it's jamie foxx and we'll have more. he'll be addressing the troops coming up later tonight and when he does that we'll carry it live. a vote on, dancing with the politicians, who was dancing better, the president or joe biden. go to hannity and you can put down your vote as we continue this inauguration edition of "hannity."
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no♪ they say that time heals a broken heart ♪
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>> and welcome back to this inauguration edition of "hannity." a segment that everybody is talking about. last friday night we introduced to you the world champion shooter jessie duff and she demonstrated on this program the difference between various guns. now jessie first shot an ar-15
12:36 am
followed by three other firearms. watch this. >> the thing i want to show you, the big, bad scary rifle, ar-15, this is the impact that the projectile made out of it. you can see over here, the 30 ought 6. bigger than the ar-15 and this slug is a lot better, than the r-15 and last are the pattern, you can see the difference. so, what i wanted to show you was that this is the least of your worries out of everything that i've fired today and this is what-- what they're trying to ban. >> sean: that demonstration quickly became the talk of the blogosphere. and joining me, leslie marshal and former virginia chairwoman, kate, welcome you both on this inauguration right. i'm glad i'm not the president, not that anybody would ever vote for me. i wouldn't want to dance like that in public-- >> i can't believe you didn't dance at your wedding that's
12:37 am
wrong. >> sean: i can't dance, humiliating and now my wife is going to be rolling her eyes at home. leslie, look at this, we've got the bullets, show it again ar-15. 30-0-6 and a slug with pellets, you see the difference in terms of the dam there's a difference. bigger holes by the shotgun and 30-0-6, and this is the evil rifle they want to ban. does that make sense. >> it does make sense to me, actually we should thank jessie or the other guns we liberal democrats need to put on the list, we thank you for that. >> sean: so you're going to ban everything. >> and all joking aside. no, all joking aside, you know, when you look at the aftermath of newtown, when we look at what happened in aurora and over the weekend in albuquerque, that's the rifle used. it's not just the gun, but the gun in the wrong hands. remember, the nra doesn't want
12:38 am
the gun banned, but don't want the gun checks at gun shows. how do you keep them out of the people that are violent-- >> there's nothing in the new laws, kate, that's going to prevent, which we all want, another tragedy. but a lot of movement, a lot of hysterihysteria, a lot of-- and andrew cuomo, lives are going to be saved. that's just not true. >> you never hear reasonable explanation, how it's going to have a positive impact. the segment with jessie showed the complete emptiness in this legislation. the most dangerous are the popular ones, handguns and the rifles. they're not on the list, it's easier for the second amendment opponents to go after the big scary looking guns with the cosmetics features that do nothing to enhance the shooting capacity, but it really showed that this is just an intent it to liable guns as scary and dangerous,
12:39 am
but they're not, these ridiculous restrictions are not actually going to have an impact in terms of making us any safer and in fact make it it-- >> let me throw it back to leslie. for example, they showed in the new york post, two guns the exact same guns, exact same caliber, one has a cosmetic pistol grip and that's banned. the same gun is not banned on the screen. i'm worried most about incrementalism, new york started with a magazine clip and went down to 7 and that renders 95% of handguns to the point where you can't purchase them. so, that's handgun control as well. do you support that? >> i support keeping with the constitution. i do not see anywhere-- >> the right of the people to bear arms shall nod be infringed. >> seven or ten clips with a magazine and once again, what you're missing, this is not
12:40 am
just about guns. this has got to be a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to a violent problem we have in our nation. and not just because of the guns, it's not just about the guns, that's what the nra wants to highlight and that's what we're talking about the guns, but there's a lot more to it, guys. i mean, the parents-- >> and standing, law abiding citizens-- i'll throw to kate. in the case of new york now, they're banning law-abiding citizens in a very dangerous city for having the ability to buy a semi automatic pistol is protect themselves and their family and that's why seven bullets and i assume that's what the federal government will eventually get to. >> right u'hearing story after story, particularly of women having to defend themselves and their children against violent predators that come into their homes and they need the magazines that need more than seven rounds in them. why is it wrong for somebody trying to defend themselves to have multiple rounds? what is the magic number with seven and i think one of the great things about the segment
12:41 am
the other night showing how effective women are, sean, in really getting this message out there and conveying to people that it's an issue that affects all americans, not just hunters, but people that are concerned about self-defense. >> sean: all right, guys, thanks very much. we're awaiting the vice-president, joe biden, he'll be addressing our troops on this inauguration day and also the vp and barack obama have all said al-qaeda is is pretty much, dead. well, no, it's very much alive. three americans are dead after an al-qaeda-linked group takes workers at a national gas plant hostage in algeria. when is the president going to address terrorism and al-qaeda are still very much a threat to america and tune in this friday night, a special edition of handy when we look at where your hard earned money is going. it's to the new boomtown. where is the boomtown? washington d.c. you don't want to miss it, friday night. . >> washington d.c., they're tearing up this whole area. >> a place that is awash with
12:42 am
money. >> people afford to-- >> influence and access. >> political power. >> private corporate jets. >> they like the higher end stuff. >> you either hahahahaha
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>> and welcome back to "hannity." president obama's second term begins with news that three americans have been killed at
12:46 am
the hands of al-qaeda during a four-day siege in algeria. so is our commander-in-chief finally going to address the threat posed by the terrorists or continue to brush this one like this one and the benghazi attack under the rug as he did during his first term. joining me now with insight on all of this, former prosecutor andy mccarthy and judith miller. guys, momentarily, we expect vice-president joe biden will address our troops and we'll carry that life. this was particularly gruesome, benghazi, algeria, but bin laden is dead. i thought it was on retreat. >> a decade of war was ending, but apparently the people occupying northern mali, a country twice the size of france did not get the memo. the people who killed our american ambassador in benghazi and the three others did not get the memo and now algeria.
12:47 am
with 800 people taken in a facility and hostages, and we have three americans dead and they're annoyed algeria did not coordinate closely enough with us. >> sean: a little odd, i guess, shift in world power structure that the french are taking on mali and the united states is sitting on the sidelines, andy. well, the french think they have a better idea what their national interest is. that's for certain. but i think what's really interesting, sean, if you remember -- you'll remember this, judy, you will, too, 2004, 2005, 2006 we were arguing whether george bush had brought al-qaeda to iraq. now we have a situation where al-qaeda has been basically given the northern portion of a continent and they've been armed, because this ridiculous thing we did in libya where we took out someone who was at the time was deemed to be an american ally, didn't worry about who was going to come behind him and what ended up
12:48 am
happening? his arsenal is now in the hands of terrorists. >> sean: i think it's even worse, too, andy, but when you factor in the muslim brotherhood and referring to the israelis as the descendents of pigs and apes and that was just know 20 so and we're giving him what, fighters jets, military equip and 1.5 billion in tax dollars. >> that's for the peace with israel as the pragmatic branch of the muslim brotherhood. >> sean: it sounds like terrorism to me. >> as long as he upholds the peace with israel, supposedly that's worth the price. >> sean: but look what happened. we get told in washington that the muslim brotherhood, they're great. now, they're against al-qaeda and all that stuff, right? the muslim brotherhood wants the blind sheik back. al-qaeda wants the blind sheik back. >> the muslim brotherhood-- >> prosecute him. the muslim brotherhood wants to impose sharia where it
12:49 am
operates. and al-qaeda wants sharia. >> sean: i know the president has every right to celebrate tonight. and wish he and his family well, but these are real, present dangers to our country and the world. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> sean: next, i have a new hero, it seems that paying your fair share is not everyone's dream. and phil mickleson, and taxes may be out of control. and we'll tell you about the one of the world's greatest golfers and we're awaiting vice-president biden addressing the troops, we'll bring it to you as it happens as a special inauguration
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>> welcome back to "hannity." we're awaiting any moment now vice-president joe biden and he'll make remarks at the channeder in chief ball. when that happens we'll have those. interesting, one of the most popular golfers is t'd off. phil mickleson hinted he may retire or move due to the massive tax increases, he said there are going to be drastic
12:54 am
changes for me, i happen to be in the zone that's started federally and by the state and now what, it doesn't work for me right now so i'm going to have to make some changes and mickleson plans to elaborate what the changes might be sometime in the next week, and in the meantime, join me for reaction. and joining me jedediah bila and michael, good to see you i always think of faulty towers, my favorite show. he made the comment. 13 1/2% state income tax they adopted in california, 46% income tax and new obamacare tax and 57, payroll tax, property tax, hidden taxes, 62 to 63 cent out of every dollar he makes taken by the government. is that too much? >> my heart bleeds for him. he doesn't. >> sean: you don't care, do you >> i do. >> sean: and you don't. >> listen, i care-- there are a lot of hard
12:55 am
working people out there that don't have any options. >> sean: you know what? >> but and the reality-- >> you don't care you want to take more. >> that doesn't mean that he's not entitled to keep some of his hard earned cash, just because someone might make less than him, it's still his money and because he hands the money over to the government doesn't mean they're going to spend it wisely or they're entitled. >> so his options. >> go to a state like texas go to a state that's not going to take-- >> the day h texas he saves 14%. 14 cents of every dollar, a lot of money. >> florida, alaska. >> sean: i don't blame him. >> listen, if california -- if california is really that bad i don't have a problem with somebody moving across state lines if they want to live in a state where the money stretches a little farther, but if he starts talking about leaving the country and changing his citizenship, i have a problem. >> that's their choice, but
12:56 am
it's sad that a government would become so oppressive-- you know who is greedy? the government is greedy, selfish. here is the it go part to me. if the government is going to take that much out of somebody's salary. denise rich, bill clinton's friend, gave up hers. and then you have eric schmidt of google, obama's buddy, he's got a shell corporation in bermuda. interesting the liberal hypocrisy on this, isn't it? >> it is and what's going to happen is states like new york and california are not going to be able to compete with other states like texas, like alaska, like-- >> florida. >> louisiana now, bobby jindal is talking about eliminating the state income tax and nebraska is talking about that and these states are going to draw people in and want to live this and businesses know they can grow and have opportunities that they can't have in places like california and just regular people, just because you're a millionaire, i hate to break it to people, that doesn't mean those people aren't entitled to keep their money, they've earned that money. >> sean: i find that
12:57 am
interesting, oh, my heart bleeds. he's paying 63 cents out of every dollar. and keeping 37 cents of every dollar and it sounds to me like you don't care. at some point do you not see that takes away the drive, the initiative, the liberty, the freedoms of individuals to risk and reward. >> is he going to stop playing golf, no. >> sean: actually he said he might. >> that's ridiculous, because he doesn't want to pay tax he's going to stop doing the thing he loves the most. >> do you know how hard athletes work to become professional? very few people can hit the ball as well as him and he probably works, eight, ten hours, 12 hours a day to get that way. >> the fact that we're missing, the republicans, mitt romney, may have had an effective 13% tax rate and-- >> that's a bite of the apple. >> he put his money in different countries to avoid some of the tax-- the point that i'm making is the people who have this kind of money have options. the people who don't make that
12:58 am
kind of money don't have the options i don't have a problem with they're being tax. >> sean: the left has done a good job demonizing the rich, class warfare and i'm thinking how are politicians successfully advanced that narrative considering they're building their power by redistributing other people's money. aren't they greedy. >> exactly right. >> borrowing of 46 cents of every kid's dollar and selfish. >> and these rich people hire people like me, hire people making 50,000 $60,000 $and-- apparently president barack obama on his third dance of the evening with michelle obama at the inaugural ball and our panel of judges here standing by ready to throw up our scores. so far, i think the president gets two tens, we'll see how he does in this one. ♪ ♪ oh, baby, let's, let's stay
12:59 am
together ♪ ♪ loving you weather... >> i love that song. >> i do. and he's a good dancer. >> sean: i've got to be honest, right there. i call it dancing with the politicians, a 10. >> a 10 as well? what do you think. >> i give it an 8. >> a critic. >> i want to see him dance to something fast, that's what i want to see, michelle, i think she can dance. >> sean: it's more romantic when you slow dance. >> i don't know if that was jennifer hudson this time. >> sean: it was again? >> she did great, beyonce did great. that element was great to watch today and wife looks wonderful, they do. >> sean: and they were making fun of me because i admitted at my own wedding i didn't dance. >> that's terrible. you have to dance. >> sean: i didn't want to dance. some of the wedding traditions get out of hand and shoving


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