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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 22, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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and here's the best part -- you still own your home. take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ >> shepard: continuing coverage of breaking news, lone star college, harris county, outside houston. where local reports inicate the
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active search for a second person of interest in this shooting is over. the second person of interest has turned himself in. three in hospitals, one of them a suspect. a complete update on the fox report, 7:00 eastern, 6:00 texas time and now here's "your world with neil cavuto" with more on the israeli election. >> neil: thank you very much. we don't have anything to add on what is going on in houston. it appears the worst is behind us and stability has returned there. if there is anything new on that, i will bring it to you. for now, there does not appear be to be. but we have two fast-moving developments, concurrently with that. the cold weather in the united states, the cold shoulder to benjamin netanyahu, who survives to fight another day, but barely. but first, fox on top of some bone-chilling cold. caribou, maine, the temperature is expected to hit 20 below
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zero. minus 15 in duluth, minnesota -- that's the actual temperature. add in the wind and it was as low as minus 60 degrees in mount washington, new hampshire. new york city, the windchill, making it feel like a balm i 6 degrees, not just the freezing tnchs parts of pennsylvania and western new york, socked with upwards of two feet of snow, snow squalls and thunder-snow as they are calling it, wreaking havoc throughout the midwest. >> this is some of the worst viseen. >> it's been quite a day. >> driving was more of a problem than anything else. >> kind of slippery. >> neil: getting more so. middleton, ohio, pockets of heavy snow blamed for a massive 86-car pileup. a 12-year-old girl killed. 20 others injured. and the dangerous storm is sticking around, maybe for a while. what can you tell us. >> shepard.
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>> it's dangerously cold, neil. and tell remain that way the next several days, people are urged to stay indoors when the windchill is below below 30 degrees. that's the air temperature combined with the wind, so the feels-like tnchs minus 18 in international falls, minus 13 in green bay, minus 5 in chicago. some of the temperatures they haven't felt for three or four years. this is an event that is going to last not only today but through the rest of the workweek. 7 in new york, 3 in harrisburg, mine 4 in syracuse. you get the picture. windchill advisories are up, in the warning areas, it will feel 35 to 50 below in alm of these states, shaded in the blues and the purple, where you see the advisedries, 10 to 20 below
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zero. temperatures that could caused frostby the or hypothermia. tell remain cold, not as cold as today, but in some cases, 20 to 30 degrees below what they typically see this time of year. minneapolis, wednesday, daytime high of 11 with a windchill of minus 7. chicago, 26, feels like 8. new york, 23, heading into wednesday with a real-feel temperature of then you talk about the snow. the snow piling up on downwind of the great lakes. we are seeing 1 tow 3 feet of snow. because these lakes are relatively warm, they haven't frozen over, the arctic air is pouring across them, over 2 feet of snow, already, we could see an additional 1 to 2 feet on top of that. we have another storm that is going to move nheading into friday. and that could bring snow to the
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megalopolis. >> >> neil: pushing heating costs higher. the price of natural gas hitting a seven-week high in a very frigid chicago. what it means for everybody. phil, from the looks of you, i a lot. >> heating oil has hit the highest level for the year today. but really the concern, neil, is the northeast. unlike the rest of the country that has been able to benefit from the fracking and the production of natural gas, the pipelines haven't gotten to new england yet. take a look at this. if you look at the price discrepancy because what you are paying in new york city, where you pay 22 million metric btus versus chicago of 370. that shows the impact of this. but around the north east, the department of energy has warned because of declining production in canada of natural gas and the inability to get the cheap fracking gas to the northeast,
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northeast bills are absolutely going to soar, hitting the highest level since 2008. >> neil: driven by the weather or more than that? >> no, i think it's really the weather, right now. if you look at the volatility of the natural gas prices in the northeast, and the inability to get natural gas where it needs to be, you are seeing extreme volatility, not only in the prices of natural gas, but for electricity and other uses right now. you know, and this is the way the rest of the country would have looked, neil, if it weren't for the fact that fracking has really changed the world as we know it. right now, you are paying $22 per million metric btu. the rest of the country, henry hub, you are 360. it shows what a major impact that has had. bottom line here, when you heat with heating oil, a new high for the year and to be honest with
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you, that fuel is being phased out. natural gas is the future. we need to get more pipelines to the northeast. otherwise, you are going to be paying a lot higher price than the rest of the country. >> neil: all right, thank you, i think, bill. from the cold weather to the cold shoulder in israel. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu returned to office, but ever so barely. so a day after we inaugurate a u.s. president, with whom mr. netanyahu has had chilly relations, he survives to fight another day n. tel aviv, we have the implications of all of this. >> reporter: neil, right now, if the exit polls hold, we will see israeli prime minister netanyahu with a third term, but a very weak prime minister. it is not winner take all here. we will break down how it works here. their 120 members in the kines
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kines -- knesset. and they break down how many votes each party gets. mr. netanyahu got 31 seats, you need 60-plus one, meaning 61 to form a government. mr. netanyahu in his usual groups of friends got many less than they were expected to. the exit polls put them at 61 seats, which makes you a very weak prime minister. now begins the horse trading, over the next coming week, we will see mr. netanyahu make a lot of tough choices. he promised the nationalistic party he won't make a peace deal with the palestinians, that loses the center left. does he promise the religious parties that he won't make members of the ultrareligious go to the military? that will hurt him with the center left who, want tax cuts and the help to the religious go down. when you have a narrow margin as a prime minister, historically, here, it means you are wake and not able to do anything
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significant in the knesset and we will be back to early elections, mr. netanyahu had had a very stable government. but like the united states, neil, israel is rocked by some severe economic problems here. there was a $10 billion budget deficit that was much more than expected. that has become a big issue. the rising cost of living here has become a big issue and that's the thought that this precipitous drop, it was that he and his right-wing coalition hash 70 seats projected 2 months ago. they have fallen in the polls and there is now talk of them bringing on board a center party, run by a charismatic television anchor, turped politician. this person is demanding tax cuts for the middle scplases demand that the religious go to war, something that won't sit well with mr. netanyahu's base. going forward, he may have won, but it will be a very uncomfortable and probably tense
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couple of weeks to figure out which one of his friends he will put together to get to the crucial 61 number. >> neil: completing our trifecta of big stories today, i want to bring your attention to the stock market, up despite an ominous warning from bill gross, pacific income management, owns more treasuries, notes and bonds, save the u.s. government than anyone and warn that this government coming in with these rescues to buy up a lot of notes and treasuries, that could be self-defeating and could cause problems down the road. his worry that ultimately, rates could boomerang and go higher. that was not a real concern right now because in this environment, right now, stocks look good. but it could boomerang on the fed and the only adult in the world that is when it comes to washington getting stuff done -- whether you agree or disagree with what the federal reserve is doing, a premiere bond owner on
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the planet is saying, there is an end to this party and according to bill gross, that might be coming right now. we will keep a very, very close eye on all the above developments. in the meantime, from a guy named nicholson here to nicholas there, taxes going up and the money makers just taking off. [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. make it worth watcng. introducing the 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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>> neil: all right. we are just getting word that as expected the house will vote on the debt ceiling limit for another few months, pushing it back to may 19. the report on this possibility yesterday in washington for the inauguration, this this might be a face-saving gesture on the part of republicans to gather their duffs and buy some time with a president who at least for the time being is more popular than they.
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what do you make of the timing of this vote? -- and what they will gain? >> i think the republicans were concerned about public perception of them not doing anything and i think it's a bad idea. i mean, i think this kicks the can down the road. move people say, we want a solution today. we don't want to keep having this conversation. every couple of months, we talk about the debt ceiling, what good is a ceiling if you keep raising it and you don't make spending cuts to keep yourself under that number? it has no purpose. >> neil: i want to take a look at the corner of wall and broad. many argue the reason why it was up 62 points is the fact that, whew -- it's a relief they won't bring this to the brink. i would think cooler heads, wruns they prevail, they may not like -- democrats and republicans -- essentially, punted on this. and they just delayed making the tough choices. >> for some reason, obama and the senate democrats have gotten
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away with an extraordinary amount of nonsense. they haven't put forth a budget -- >> neil: they say they will and include tax hikes. >> will it make significant cuts or will it be the baseline budgeting? -- [overlapping dialogue] jierks do you think -- >> neil: do you think they are going to see through this -- that is the markets? >> yeah, i think they are going to kick the can down the road. i don't know, i mean, republicans seem to think they need to cave to get the fireworks on the left -- >> neil: what would be the alternative. >> to say, we are not hiking the debt ceiling unless you make these cuts now. we have over $16 trillion in debt. we can't afford it. i don't want to have this conversation every couple of months. do your job and barack obama, hold them accountable. >> neil: there is this thing about double treatment that is not quite the same when it comes to blaming republicans for being obstructionists by not wanting to increase the debt ceiling
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when the media didn't do that when every major democrat, including a then senator barack obama did the same thing seven years ago. >> you can't expect the media to do the job they are supposed to do. they won't hold the republicans and democrats equally accountable. so the g.o.p. needs their own marketing and p.r. team -- >> neil: i think they are running from their own shadow. they need more time to get this set and the prerogatives. but to the president, i'm sure, it sends a message, weak, weak, weak. >> they are under the impression, if they give an inch, the president will say, they are doing their best. this is not how it works. this president compromises when it's in his best interest. he won't bend to what you want. you may as well stand for something. >> neil: that vote will go through tomorrow. it is expected to pass tomorrow, an effort to push off this debt ceiling to date. something that would have really
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expired in a matter of weeks for another couple of months. i think we will be doing this in may, so your kid is graduating from school into a nightmare. same time, same place. same bat channel. to the flight amid the tax threat. you hear about this -- those in power don't like being taxed. so former french president out of power, nicholas sarcozey and his wife are considering fleeing frarch. phil mickelson saying the same thing. the democratic leaders here better take note, if they have the money, they will run. there are reasons for both of these guys to bring back their remarks, as you know. but they do follow a trend of folk who is have means who are saying the government -- and governments are going too far. do they have a point? >> well, i think they definitely
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a point, neil. economics is a very dynamic social science. there is a latin phrase that means, all things being the same. the democratic policy approach is everything's the same. we can increase tax rateses or in france, we can increase them to 75% and everything else will be the same. but that's not how it works. it's a very dynamic world, where incentives mean something and punishments mean something. so when someone says, we are going to take in california, as mickelson said, we are going to be taking 60-odd percent of your income, or in france, the state's taking 75% of your income, people with the means to move will say, there has to be a place that would be happier to have me and would not -- >> neil: that has been nevada for a lot of californians. there has been a money flight from california for sometime now. mickelson put a face to it.
1:20 pm
he has dialed that back, checking in with sponsors who didn't share that view. or maybe he wasn't supposed to. but he dialed it back. and sarkozy has his own tax issues and there may be more to the story than it would appear. but he follows the french actor who wants to go to russia and others of means, in the case of maryland, saying they were going to see a surtax on millionaires that was more than millionaire, the government didn't see the revenue its anticipated and all but rescind t.d what are we to glean from all of this isn't lesson from all of this? >> it is separated from the personalities. anybody with that high of a public profile has to be very careful about what they say. i live in a world of fellow entrepreneurs, i can tell you. i hear from those guys in california all the time. what are they doing to us? and another aspect to this that i think is missing. i don't think that entrepreneurs
1:21 pm
or successful people would be at all hesitant to pay more or pay their fair share if there was a comprehens -- if they believed there was a comprehensive set of solutions on the table, if they thought, okay, we have a problem, i need to you pitch in. and here's how we are going to -- from all angles -- spending, revenues -- inefficiency, reform, we are going to knock this thing together and get it. that's not what is being said in france. it's not what is being said in california or in washington, which is, you pay us more. we are not fixing anything. and i don't think the entrepreneurial class buys that. >> neil: clearly not. three americans were killed in the attack in algeria. some of the weapons came from -- where? in america tay we're running out of a vital resource we need
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>> neil: all right. in the middle of earnings season, we don't give you every one, but we try to give you the ones that are cons quential or meaningful, google is considered such a barometer for the rest of us in a way of speaking with earnings better than expected. the revenue sales, i don't to get too into the weeds here. but with search company engines, internet players in general, i try to focus on the component of the report that talks about the advertising, in other words, how many people are inclined to click on the ads and pursue them. this is called pay clicks in the jargon of the industry. they rose 24% in the latest period for google. that's a pretty good enough number and a reflection for goog they'll advertising could be conditionalling back, not only on its site, but if you buy the
1:26 pm
fact that it could be a barometer for the advertising community and the economy, potentially good for the economy that advertisers are coming back and furthermore that folks are looking at those ads, all the more. we shall see. meantime, three americans killed in the attack in algeria, report that weapons from libya were used in that raid. libya's described as an munitions supermarket for terrorists. and terror expert aaron cohen says they shouldn't get u.s. aid. but it does, even now, why? >> well, i mean, neil... problem is we are sending millions if not billions of dollars into libya. the aid needs to be cut off. the reason why is because the attack that we saw -- this natural gas factory or refinery, which happens to sit on the libyan border, the weapons that were recovered by the algerian
1:27 pm
security forces were the exact same collection of kalashnikov rifles and the belgian-made land mieps and the c-5 rocket launchers, made famous by the libyan militias, these exact models were recovered by the algerian security forces, which means they came from the stockpiles amassed by momar cadoffy and looted by arms traffickers and are freely moving back and forth on this north african border, which is completely wide open for traffickers and militias,. >> neil: leaving aside our pouring good money after bad, in which we have committed tens of billions of dollars and in the case of egypt, then give mon tote new government that hates us even more, i am wondering, in light of today's developments from benjamin netanyahu has to form a coalition government, not nearly as popular as it was before the latest parliamentary
1:28 pm
election, lay out to you the middle-east looks right now? >> you know, it's tricky now, as it's always been. the netanyahu government is struggling, due to the trickyness of the situation, having said that, though, you know, i think b.b.'s a very clever politician with a lot of experience in the region. he is a highly decorated soldier and a strong leader for the israelis. i think he will be okay, given the cloyment of the security situation, that's why israel likes to have b.b. in power, that's why he continues to get re-elected because he represents that security, which they know is going to be no nonsense. >> neil: i take nothing away from the victory. it's a "w" or an "l" and he will have a "w" when it's all said and done. and dealing with a president-- the argument goes, has not been supportive or for that matter, ch with whom each leader used the other with some cynicism. i guess what i am asking going
1:29 pm
forward, what do you think our extended policy will be? whether we pour good money in libya and egypt? or re-assess it entirely? >> i think that there is going to be an entire reassessment, neil, about putting money into places that will continue to be a threat to our national security n. regards to israel, though, israel is america's strongest ally, if they are operating a base in the region. in the middle-east, we share information, we share intelligence, we share technology, we share training, we have a joint terrorism military center. at the end of the day, the entire policy needs to be focused on the countries and we will continue to focus on the true ally or the asset to america, which is israel. i think that countries like libya and other countries that just don't have a grip on their security -- it's a problem and they need to be looked at very
1:30 pm
closely and the aid and the funding needs to be retracked. >> neil: thank you very much. a quick follow-up to the google -- as i suspected in that report, a better read of it on that advertising thing is propelling google stock, after hours, up 4 bucks. it's a pricey stock, over $700 a share. the news is being received favorably, the advertising compoabt, which could be a harbinger of things to come and we hope by extension, cable news and tv and advertising, as it goes... so we go. so the world goes. so humanity goes. forget the plane. are tempers about to soar on your next southwest flight?
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1:35 pm
according to ibm, they sell a lot of things in that neck of the woods. we will keep you posted. get ready to get... speed up. southwest is offering a $40 fee to board early. if you blow the -- have flown the airline before, you know you don't have to worry about assigned seating, so insuring you bang first would be bang for a loyalty program, not anymore. to sandra smith, why flyers might be more than a little furious. >> >> reporter: certainly, you become an elite flyer by flying often and spending a lot of money to become a priority member. now you see that at the gate, before boarding this guy can pay $40 and get ahead of me? there will be angry flyers. but at the end of the day, you can't blame the airlines. they have skyrocketing regulations, they have taxes up the wazoo, it's hard to be
1:36 pm
profitable as an airline. >> neil: they they had they would never do it. >> reporter: if you are flying south wist, you are a budget flyer, it's a cattle call -- >> neil: for now. >> reporter: for now. but the airlines is saying, $36 billion in anszulary fees by global airlines last year, we have to get a piece of that pie. 10 to 30% of all revenues are coming in from charging you for the pillow and the bag. this is working out for the airlines. so southwest is caving in here a little bit. >> neil: i know this is a dumb question -- why can't -- if they are nickel and diming, why can't they have a standard ticket -- increase the ticket? just increase the ticket price. >> reporter: there are those who say, i don't need to board first. i don't need to check a bag. people want to see the stripped-down, raw price of a ticket and know -- >> neil: that's never the case. that's never the final ticket.
1:37 pm
>> reporter: on occasion, it is. however people do decide, if i am going to fly budget airlines, i want to be the king on the budget airlines. they are learning that people are willing to pay up. if i can get the baseline price, a better plies than on american or united or whatever it is, they know what they are paying for. but if you go and pay above that price for united, you figure you are going to get thrown in with all the rest. this might be a good strategy for southwest airlines -- >> neil: not if it chases its elite flyers away. >> reporter: you know what is funning? of all the testing the airlines do, the fees that most flyers are willing to pay more for is a warm meal. >> neil: really? >> reporter: people want air warm meal. that's the thing they miss. they miss getting served on their flights. >> neil: i know you are a health nut and you jog a thousand miles a day. but hello, sinna bon, they near
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every airport. free advice. the nightmare not over for dream line erz. investigators are testing the jet's battery charger, nearly a week after regulators grounded the embattled 787. dan springer with the latest. >> reporter: neil, the focus of the boeing dreamliner investigation shifts to arizona. a team from the national transportation board is outside of tucson, where we have a live picture, at the headquarters of the secure a plane. we are told by the ntsb, they will be doing tests on the battery chargeert and apu controller, the engine near the back of the plane that power its when the engines are off. it was a lithium ion battery that turns on that engine that overheated and caught fire on the 787 at boston's logan airport. investigators said the battery had not been overcharged. but something led to it overheating. the japanese transportation
1:39 pm
officials are kuking their own investigation, focusing on the company that makes the batteries. a boeing source tells me the two batteries that overheat head serial numbers close together, but it appears unlikely that they were part of a bad batch. the planes were assembled a year apart. the boeing ceo sent employees a letter to employees saying he had complete confidence in the plane and the company would do everything possible to fix the electrical problems quickly and get the plane back in the air. they are confident this won't last long. boeing won't deliver any more 787s until the grounding is lifted and a norwegian air shuttle has been told to expect delivery on schedule in april. a former boeing official say that this faa was heavy handed, draconian and way beyond what needs to be done to protect the public and said that the current boeing executives feel exactly the same way.
1:40 pm
boeing through a former executive, firing back. >> all right. thank you very much. well, in the middle of this deep freeze, the push to spend $14 trillion -- to warm up. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everi'm with scottrade. me. (announcer) scottrade. awarded five-stars from smartmoney magazine. [ male announcer ] the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the 2013 ram 1500
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>> neil: well, you might be freezing as temperatures hit subzero levels, advisories issued for a big chunk of the country today. but some folks are hell bent on spending -- try $14 trillion to combat global warming while greening the global economy. it comes as the president is making his own green push, beginning his second term. climate depot dot-com call its absurd. it has the presidential blessing. what do you think of it? >> normally a report like this,
1:44 pm
we could laugh off, but with president obama invoking god, of all things to fight global warming, this is a serious threat. headed by phillipi calderon, it call its a crisis and imply fist we spend $14 trillion, we can prevent a storm like sandy. it is implying we control the weather. at the same time twants to control the economy. it is as if the world economic forms looked at the stimulus and seeing, instead of a fiasco, it said, wow, how can we expand this globally, $700 billion to do internationally, what president obama did domestically. >> neil: this is not equally distributed. rich countries going to poorer countries and caldron and the impeccable record of losing trillions. that would be the same guy advocating on behalf of these
1:45 pm
countries that have a tough time getting money allotted. >> yeah. this is all under sort of the rubric of environmental justice. the idea is that the wealthy nations will redistribute to the >> >> neil: the money is diceet and money that is lost is pretty convincing. >> if you are worried about 1.5 billion that don't have running water, living in huts made of dung, the greatest threat they
1:46 pm
have is fossile fuel. so the idea of putting solar panels instead of real infrastructure and running water and electricity and modern sewage and modern hospitals is insane. it is completely taking reality on its head -- >> neil: isn't that -- aren't they trying to take a look -- the cold blast is the latest reminder, it is 800 degrees below zero -- that this is the way to stop this. what do you think of that? >> they think -- they say in there they can stop future storms. they say they can stop the devastatingesques of global warming. the lower 48 -- they excluded alaska because they had a record cold year, very cold year in a 10-year decline of temperatures, but they claim the continental u.s. was the hottest on record. we are finding the 1930s is hotter with the unadjusted data. but globally, we haven't had a temperature rise, we are flat lining, 15, 16 years.
1:47 pm
2012 will be one of the coldest years of the century. so the idea that they are focusing on a heat wave in australia, wob.5% of the earth and ignoring the global and trying to bring in every storm as a joiivegdz for spending literally trillions of dollars and turning over large portions of the economy to the international bureaucrats and calderon would love to be in charge of tens of trillions of dollars to do absolutely nothing to impact the weather or the climate because governments can't control the weather and the climate. >> neil: all right. we will watch closely. thank you very much. you know what the prevailing media says about this, but the overwhelming science supports this. but you should know, it is not all science. you should know that -- that record on global governments doing anything is not perfect. so even if you were to support such an initiative, look what you are putting your faith in. just out there.
1:48 pm
fair and balanced. it is the signature that is causing a huge stir. but could the guy behind the loop-do-loops, we may have a very looping secretary of treasury, to come. using cloud computing and mobile technology, verizon innovators have developed a projective display for firefighters. allowing them to see through anything. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon.
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>> neil: forget his signature, that's his signature on the left there. if lawmakers sign off for treasury secretary, charlie says they don't know jack. >> ugly signature -- my view -- that's not a normal signature. >> neil: that looks like, you know, happy faces. >> it being loose like a needle -- looks -- >> neil: that's going to be on our currency. >> it's defacing our currency,
1:52 pm
debasing it, whatever. >> neil: you go beyond the signature. >> he's not a very good choice. if you want someone who will confront the president -- which i think the best treasury secretaries do that. bob gruden says if you are raising tax, let's do it to address the deficit ask they did a good job. >> neil: show a game plan, how to get out of this. >> right. he wasn't perfect. but they had a pretty good economic agenda in the clinton years and the economy sppded. even hank polson, say what you want about the bailout, he went to bush and said, listen, this is what you have to do or else the banking system is going to collapse. i think, you know, when you talk about tim geithner and what i think i know about jack lew, you have a drone who will carry out the president's wishes without much context or pushing back.
1:53 pm
you have to remember, what tim geithner did the last four years, he presided over a stimulus package that was bizarrely handed out for boone dogles like solyndra and tries to say that obamacare won't be a drag on the economy and even liberals know it will. he hasn't done a very good job, deficit -- ballooning out of control. >> neil: how down -- >> what? lew? everything i know about lew, this is what he has done as chief of staff. why did bill bailey least job of chief of staff? he couldn't stand the fact that valerie jarrett was calling the shots. lew couldn't wait to get in. everyone will tell you we need a handle on entitlements. what happened? no handle on entitlement, a tax increase on everybody, which they are trying to masquerade as
1:54 pm
a tax cut for 99% of the people. payroll taxes went up on everybody. i just don't think this is a guy who should be in that job. listen -- >> neil: well, he is notice. he will likely get it. >> four more years, the last four weren't so great. 2% economic growth -- >> neil: more of the same. you don't see us reversing that? >> anything is possible. you know, i know, when you start raising taxes, the obamacare taxes evaporate kicked in yet. the economy is marge neal improving. who knows. >> neil: charlie gasparino, they talk about him everywhere. what's he like -- you want to know why the president didn't mention the debt once yesterday. because he figured he didn't have to. hey, our salads.
1:55 pm
[ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. . i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands?
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♪ >> neil: all right. i'm going to pick somebodyism
1:58 pm
i'll probably tick everybody off but the blame game has got to stop. got, got, got to stop. president who wants to get republican angry and uses inaugural address to do it and republicans who feign shock, though finger pointing encourages it. just stop. allow me to say the whole tit-for-tat is beyond pale. the time for blame is over and time for mixing the mess is now. when i talk about the feisty tone of the president's speech they say george bush gave worse. when i talk to republicans about what democrats just said, they say obama is much worse. i have $4 billion bucks that says you, both parties are the worst. that is how much your finger pointing and do fog costs american taxpayers each day, each day. that is how much we add to the debt each day, every day. each day. one party points at the obcity innocence of the other party
1:59 pm
and it costs us dearly. very, very dearly. it's too tired and old hat for me to say there is enough blame tobe i should remind both parties again you are both to blame for what is going on all around. democrats for thinking spending isn't a problem when it is. republicans for lecturing like they have been great fiscal stewards when they have not. as much as republicans fault democrats for spending on programs we can't afford, didn't they do the same thing hoisting a bush prescription drug plan for which they didn't pay? before democrats get haute on wars we couldn't afford, my day acknowledged double down spending on things they want that doesn't make them act friendlier. might they acknowledge while they were in power i don't remember a lot of fiscal sanity? smaller debt, but the same dubious math definitely. zaim


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