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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 26, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PST

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p.m. eastern. you have to watch it. if you do it may stay there. 8:00 p.m. pacific and a new "red eye" on monday. >> right, andy this if they watch it tomorrow at 11:00 p.m., it may stay at 11:00 p.m. >> it may. >> nick, where are you going to be this weekend? >> in long island. it is tonight actually. >> you are playing tonight? okay. this is tonight. >> shut up. lauren pod cast. quick. >> i have a pod cast y'all. it is on fox news >> that hurts.
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>> quickly how do you describe the nhl lockout. >> by trying to inned foo people talking about hockey and i found them. illegal in win that you peg, check them out. >> as always love your bruins jersey. >> i find my hockey fans in grinder. >> i love what you know what grinder is. >> i do my research. >> in the past few weeks alone, she has fault illness and injury including hospitalization. >> we turn to the fiery appearance for secretary of state hillary clinton. >> it was a valid victory that showed her emotion and indignation ♪ loving you. >> bill: the national media very generous to hillary clinton in their coverage of her libya testimony. is mrs. clinton the new barack obama in the media's eyes? bernie goldberg and i will analyze. >> let's not talk about gun
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violence. let's talk specifically about assault weapons. >> bill: cnn taking a bullish ban on controlling guns and ammo. they want that. big time. >> there are too many guns in this country. >> bill: we will tell you what is going on at cnn. >> joy for me. because i'm [inaudible] >> gutfeld, mcguirk on prince harry comparing combat in afghanistan to video games. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is hillary clinton the new barack obama in the eyes of the national media? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know, i spend a lot of time analyzing media coverage of the political scene in this country. i do that because what the
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media reports shapes public opinion. and gives president obama, for example, a strong advantage in the national debate. not since john kennedy has the president received such soft coverage by the national press. and now they're even admitting it. >> the presence of obama even on the press corps. even on the people start behaving in ways juvenile and am murrish. >> of course you don't. >> i do. totally. >> oh man, indeed. it is widely believed that hillary clinton will run for president after mr. obama leaves office in 2016. it is also believed in conservative circles that mrs. clinton will receive very favorable press coverage. this week, she testified in front of congress about the massive screwup in libya that led to the assassination of ambassador christopher stephens and three other americans. now, you would think complete
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coverage of the testimony would have been tough. you would think. >> after four years in office. roughly a million miles flown. 100 nations visited. in the past few weeks alone she has fought illness and injury including hospitalization. she leaves her post as the most admired woman in the world and the gallup poll for the 11th year in a row, well today hillary clinton was under fire and at times fired back. >> last stand, secretary hillary clinton filled with fiery emotion in her last appearance before congress. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> the indignation and then the tears in her eyes. >> i put my arms around the mothers and fathers and the wives left alone to raise their children. >> it was a valid victory that showed her indignation and emotion. >> america's top diplomat came to the hill ready for a fight. >> >> bill: all we need is a theme from rocky, right?
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da'da da, da'da da. ready for a fight. yo adrian. there will come a point when the american people will walk away from the national media if that stuff continues. already surveys show that most younger americans think what they get on the net is as credible as what they get in the press. and you know what? those young people are not far off o. the national media absolutely in the tank for liberal causes. we, the people, american people not getting the straight people. let's wring in bernie goldberg who joins us from miami this evening. am i overwrought here? am i overdoing this, bernie? >> i wish you were. but i'm afraid you are not. let's put this into perspective. because this isn't happening in a vacuum with hillary clinton. four years ago. they have been slobbering over
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him ever since. it was because he was a historic figure. he wasn't mondale. he wasn't do you cast caucus. he wasn't gore. he wasn't kerry. he was a politician on the verge of becoming the first black president of the united states. and a lot of journalists who were too young to cover the civil rights stories of the 60's, they weren't going to miss out on helping to shape history twice. so, they covered him the way they covered him. you know, by slobbering all over him. other historic figure. she could be the first woman president of the united states. this week, after those hearings, the media began slobbering in urgent. it will continue ratchet up when she announces she is running as president of the united states. you know what, bill? you it doesn't matter what you think about this. it doesn't matter what i think about. this it doesn't matter what krauthammer thinks about it. it doesn't matter what brit
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hume thinks about it. it doesn't matter what anybody thinks about it. because these people, these journalists were born without the embarrassment. nothing embarrasses them about how they behave. >> do you think that brian williams and and the rest of them, diane sawyer, martha raddatz, do you think that they know how they sounded while introducing a very important story, secretary of state's testimony in front of congress. do you think that they realize how it was coming across? >> that's a great question. no. and it's because when you live in a bubble, and everybody is sort of alike, you don't notice stuff that guys -- guys like us notice. no i will give you example with martha raddatz. the most meaningless term in
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the english language is i take full responsibility. when a politician utters those words it means absolutely nothing. so, when hillary clinton said she takes full responsibility, march raddatz praised her. she said she is taking all the blame on her shoulders. a more skeptical reporter would say what does that mean? what does taking full responsibility mean? in most countries, in most governments outside of the united states there is a price you pay. i'm not advocating hairy carrie or anything like that, but when she says she takes responsibility, martha raddatz thinks that's a good thing without pursuing it, no, i don't think they understand what they sound like. i'm sure they don't understand what they sound like. >> okay. so this is a huge advantage for the democratic party. over the republican party. that's number one. that's the big picture. >> now, sicket mince and i'm going to do this tip of the
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day. "60 minutes" is the last line of defense for me with the national television media. i think it's an honest broadcast. i think there is still stuff guys over there i admire croft. is he a temporary of mine. is he going to interview barack obama and hillary clinton together. he is the last hope to get this libya thing where it should be so the folks understand what happened and who screwed up. and i'm going to watch the interview. i'm going to do the lead story on it monday and talking points on it monday. so, let's handicap it. do you think croft is going to get it? >> well, i know steve very well. we were colleagues for a very long time. and we have socialized and all of that. and i like him and he is good. and it's a big opportunity for
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him. >> bill: big. >> it's a big opportunity. it's not up to me to sit here on your program and tell him what to ask but i will do it anyway. right? [ laughter ] >> one question should be -- one question should be why are those survivors of benghazi still under wraps? i mean, why haven't they been allowed to say anything? that's one question. another question, another good one would be, you any, it looks to many objective observers that the two of you, mr. president, and madam secretary of state, were totally unprepared for what happened at benghazi, even though it happened on the anniversary of 9/11. you were still unprepared. how do you defend yourself against that? and just a personal question which has nothing to do with benghazi. but something i would want to ask is, mr. president, i'm just curious. i've been curious about this for a long time. are you embarrassed by the slobbering that the media, you know, does for you?
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are you embarrassed by their slobbering? "newsweek" put you on the cover with a halo and then a few months later and says you are a second coming? does that embarrass you at all? >> >> bill: can you frame that question in the reportage of the hillary clinton testimony because it certainly they weren't tough on hillary. all right. again, i'm going to have that as the tip of the day. back ever the show and tell you stuff about the 60 minutes interview. bernie as always. thank you. next on the run down. cnn taking a big stan against guns but why are they doing that? later, prince harry compares killing taliban to playing video games or something like
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, i have said it a number of times that it's worth repeating, i respect cnn. they have a good worldwide news organization. many excellent reporters. the problem is very few americans watch the network. their ratings are very low. but now it seems there is
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shift going on at cnn into opinion. the network has taken a very bullish stand on gun control. >> massacres where people are shot multiple times in newtown, connecticut is an excellent example of that right? the average was, what christina 11 shots per child. those are the kinds of weapons they are talking about. so, i guess there syndications in the reporting that -- let's not talk about gun violence. let's talk specifically about assault weapons. it does work when they're banned. >> growing backlash between some members of the law enforcement community. they say they will not uphold any gun control laws they find unconstitutional. law enforcement, you, sir, are responsible for enforcing laws not determining whether the laws are constitutional. >> it seemed to me and being there in newtown that something had changed in this country, that something had changed in every single one of us to see what happened there happen. yet, after newtown, 41% of americans view the organization favorably.
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that is unchanged from two years ago. that is unchanged. how has the nra not taken a hit. >> we do get guns and bullets and automatic weapons off the streets. they should only be available to police officers and to hunt al qaeda and the taliban and not hunt elementary school children. >> bill: i could have used an hour of that. i could have gone an hour just on cnn people. we did exhaustive research there has not been one, not one paid contributor or anchor person or reporter on cnn, by the way you are looking at jeff dr jeff mccall communications professor at depaul university joins us from minneapolis. doctor, there hasn't been one cnn person giving the other side of the story. they have had gusts but nobody on their staff, bill bennett did an op. editor, and then they used a clip of his on crowley or something. he didn't appear, dr. bennett, to challenge any of the others. so, my question is, this is a departure, cnn is always left
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leaning, this is an advocacy that they are doing on the network. you have seen that, number one? and, number two, why do you think they are doing it? >> well, cnn has a new leader and jeff zucker is the new president of cnn. before i get into that let me just say. this cnn does have some serious rating problems. they lost ratings even during 2012, which is an election year and you just don't see news organizations losing ratings on tv during election year. so they have got some problems to deal with. also, cnn has some credibility problems. the pugh research center shows that their credibility ratings are down 18 percentage points in just the last 10 years. so they have got a lot of work to do. with that in mind, cnn has brought in jeff zucker as new president of cnn news. and surely his label is going to be put on this network. now, he worked at nbc for a long time. executive producer of "the today show" when they were very elf successful. but having been at nbc for a long time can you make of that what you will, but is he going
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to come in with his own ideas, zucker has in memos to his y n staff and cnn staff and these have been published. he wants the definition of news to be evolved. he wants to define news more broadly. that's what we are seeing here. news is being defined more broadly as opinion. i think also ultimately as entertainment at cnn. they might go to a softer news. >> bill: can you make the same fox news does infotainment. it strikes me rather than opinion rather than on analysis programs on cable you have to have it or not survive. they have to move into that area. during the day and in the morning, okay, with their hard news people they are all in the same got to get rid of the gunsz. got to get rid of the guns. got to get rid of the guns. all of them. it looks like a theme. you have a telethon and they
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say send money for this cause. that's what it looked like, antigun telethon. for a long time you figured that they would squeeze bennett in there for one segment. no. and so to me, it looks like okay, we're going to do this campaign. and i think that's what it is. antigun campaign. last word. >> well, i think there is some crusaderrism going on there. cnn might be trying to exploit the newtown problem and it just could come down into tunism they think they can hug this issue and develop some progressive viewership and generate some excitement and emotion. push promotion and hype ratings. >> bill: directly ahead, what's going on with apple? why is that corporation losing steam in the marketplace? lou dobbs will weigh in. big scandal in cincinnati. former bengals cheerleader and high school will teacher suing a web site for calling her all kinds of salacious names. we'll be right back with those reports.
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>> bill: apple stock down 37% since it hit a record high last september. billion dollars has been lost. with us is fox business anchor lou dobbs. a lot of people watching who really don't have stock and don't care in the stock market. a lot of people do have apple products. i have them. we are watching the stock go for 730 what's going on? >> aside from the fact that he would talking about a market that's trillions of dollars here. we are really talking about trillions of dollars. let me put in context what's happened to apple. and as you say we are all connected to it through its products. its brand. we have watched it lose sufficient value it amounts to
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having lost google over the course of the last four months that's how much it's lost dropping from 702 todd's $400 today. that's incredible. what we are watch something a company now that suddenly everyone in the world. both respects, uses, understands, it's part of their consciousness, certainly there is every question in the world about its viability. will it be worth $400 come next tuesday? that's a high price to pay for a stock. >> high price to pay for a stock. the multiple on it. >> bill: now you are losing me i don't want to get into it why are they losing confidence? why are people selling it short and bailing out. >> two words, tim cook, the man who is running it is not steve jobs. >> bill: they have new leadership because mr. jobs died and he has got the same hair cut as jobs but he doesn't do the job as well as jobs that's what you are telling me. >> i'm telling you it's like television if everyone wanted
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to have a success in division they could have a hair cut like yours. it's not the hair cut. the style, the ability to give a message. >> bill: is he not cutting it or at least that's the perception in the marketplace. >> by the way i am going to try the hair cut. >> bill: don't mess around with the hair. you have got the good hair. look at dobbs hair. looks like troy donahue with hair like that. >> who is the heck is troy? >> bill: if you don't know who troy donahue is it's not my problem. you gave good advice to the factor viewers six months ago when you said hold on to your stocks. i actually took that advice. first time i. i held on to them and the market is going great. people making money. the apple stock, would you buy it? are their products still good? products come back. >> their products are brilliant. the problem is so are samsung's products. >> bill: there is more competition in that arena. >> exactly. >> bill: you are not paying 400 bucks a share for this? >> right now, i'm not. i would urge caution here because the leadership of this company is now in question.
1:26 am
when it can lose. >> bill: have to be bold and fresh, dobbs. bold and fresh. >> tim cook, are you listening to the man? because is he right. >> bill: they have another machine come out. you know that it's going to be as big as your pinky and call putin on it or something. >> you can argue that's the problem they have got. they have extended their product line instead of staying with those very specific treasures. >> now you are getting too pinheady for me. let's recap. don't buy the stock at this level. that guy has got to get bolder and fresher if he wants to get back in the game. expwron kerry. >> speaking of bold and fresh. >> good hair, too. carrie is is going to be new secretary of state. is he worth about $200 million. so my friend howie carr tells me in boston. he has got to get rid of a lot of that stock that he has, kerry, right? >> well, he didn't have to, necessarily. but is he doing. so he is divesting about 100 different stocks because his secretary
1:27 am
of state. >> he might have conflicts of interest? >> exactly. if he has to talk to japan, he can't have sony. that kind of stuff? >> well, this is actually a reaction to an old view. that if you own an american company, then you won't have a conflict internationally. nearly every american company, major value company, has foreign interests. therefore,. >> bill: so you don't think kerry should sell his stocks? >> i personally think he should have it in a blind trust and be done with it he has got so much money and his wife has got so much more money. >> bill: theresa hines. >> theresa. and they are interrelated. >> bill: if he is secretary of state. this means that kerry can't eat hamburgers and put ketchup on it. >> especially that heinz. >> bill: that's it. no more catch enfor ketchup for you. remember romney said that i have a blind trust and then he got accused of buying switzerland and the caymans. >> that's what great about this. you go through this list of companies. he has got interest.
1:28 am
>> kerry. >> all over the world. >> nobody mentioned the fact that, you know, senator kerry had even more foreign investments than romney. >> they forget a lot these days. >> lou dobbs, everybody. i'm sure i called you troy donahue. >> that's okay. we will find out who that was. >> plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. former cincinnati bengals cheerleader. convicted of having sex with a 17-year-old boy now suing a web site that reported on her. and then prince harry causes some controversy comparing combat in afghanistan. a video games. gutfeld and mcguirk on the case. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor...
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>> bill: fridays with geraldo segment tonight. cincinnati bengals teacher suing a site for reporting on her activities. escapes prostitution which she marries a 17-year-old boy she apparently had sex with when she was 15. you have this cheerleader. she is going to be on your program on saturday night. >> she will. she is 27 years old. and when she sued the web site, a really sleazy web site called the it seemed like a good idea because the defamatory posts about her. cheerleader she slept with every one of the players on the team and her husband slept with 50 other girls and gave her two different std's.
1:33 am
>> bill: this is what they put on the web site. tell the folks why they even cared about her the is a low market virgs of tmz. >> bill: she was involved in a criminal case, right? >> that came later. so here she has been slandered by the you know, so she definitely has the elements. it's false. she did not sleep with all the vandals. it was published she had a good case going but guess. what she also works part-time as a school teacher. at least she did. in 2011. after the defamatory posts were made. she had an affair with a 17-year-old student. now comes the third element. it's false, it's published, it has to cause harm. what harm is caused the defense in the case alleged when here -- you are sleeping with a 17-year-old student, my god you are a shut. maybe you didn't sleep with all the bengals but you are --
1:34 am
>> bill: the jury didn't come to a verdict? >> the jury today was hung mistrial declared by a federal judge today. i believe the jury scheduled with that last element. i believe the jury wanted to find the web site guilty of defamation but the fact that the -- they had 27-year-old teacher and student. >> are they going to go? >> she has exhausted a lot of money. it's up to the attorneys. i can't imagine she can afford to prosecute. >> i don't know how much money the web site has. even if she wins. >> so i'm not sure. >> how much money could you get out of these low lives. >> i ask her on the show. she allegedly sleeps with 15-year-old student. >> correct. >> the 15-year-old student so testifies to the police. she is charged. then she marries the kid so he
1:35 am
can't testify against her? >> here is the way -- she is married at the time the. the 42-year-old teacher is married at the time she has the affair with the 15-year-old. all right. now she is arrested. the husband divorces her. five or six days later she marries the child who is now 17 years old. the kid's parents, at least his mom custodial parent gives permission for the 17-year-old to marry the teacher. now there is something called spousal privilege. what is spousal privilege? >> bill: can't testify. >> can't testify against the patient a preach against a penitent except certain examples. husband and wife cannot be compelled to give testimony against spouse. now she has married the child. >> bill: she is 42 and she is 17. >> the child cannot be compelled to give testimony. so there is no case. she pled guilty to resisting arrest. and that's over also. >> unbelievable. you know, you think american society is falling apart. it might be. all right, in norfolk as we broke last night we did get
1:36 am
the 911 call. set it up real quick because i want to get herald's opinion on it two reporters for the virginia pilot driving in a neighborhood. they stop at a light. guy throws a rock at the car. guy gets out. forced her to confront the rock thorough. jumped by five people. about 30 people surrounded. they're watching. they both are injured. they go to the hospital. police dog do absolutely nothing. they file a complaint against the norfolk police. the two victims. and adjudication one 17-year-old gets probation. nothing really happens. here is a little bit of the 911 call by ms. rostami. >> what's going on. [shouting] >> okay. they are beating him up? >>
1:37 am
>> bill: okay. so even today the media in norfolk, the virginia pilot didn't report on it. reported on the fact that the 911. what do you think is going on? >> i think you are absolutely right. as hard as it is for me to cop to that i think you are absolutely right. if this were two black young people out on a date and a mob of angry whites or whites who were bent -- hell bent on stealing their property or vandalizing their vehicle had attacked them. every newspaper in the country would have gone for it i am perplexed why the virginian pilot, a long established, locally owned newspaper has chosen when two of its own reporters were attacked to ignore the story. now, i understand they may be in a kind of a -- i don't want to say kind of match with you now they don't want to admit that you are right, and now it's a big standoff with you. >> bill: if you can do it, they can do it. >> why initially they ignored the story. how could they not do the
1:38 am
story? i can only surmise that they did not report the story because they did not want to exacerbate racial tension within the community. >> bill: that's not their job. >> it's obviously not their job. i'm trying to give best take. i'm baffled otherwise. i'm similarly baffled by the fact that the two reporters have not chosen to press the case. >> bill: they are pressing it against the cops. that's still in play. they say the cops didn't investigate. so you have got a press coverup here and you have got a police coverup. i have got run. >> bill: catch herald with the geraldo with. women in combat controversy. the
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>> bill: thank you for staying with us. harry, a combat helicopter guy in afghanistan recently said this to the british press association. >> there is a couple of us that got pushed from the front seat to the backseat. joy for me. playstation and x box. with my friends quite useful. >> bill: harry machine gunning real people down according to the thumb game. and that comment obviously causing controversy did this capture your attention,
1:43 am
gutfeld? as much as the harry being naked in vegas did? >> absolutely us ba i had no idea what he said. i thought he was reading brunch menu. i couldn't tell. got to tell you, normally i make fun of royalty. we fought a war to get away from talking about royalty. i like this guy. i commend him because he is fighting a war with us with america, and i wish our royalty would do the same thing in the united states but the kardashians are too busy making sex tapes. i like this guy. this is the kind of royalty that matters. is he paying back his country by killing the taliban. the taliban are apparently upset about this. >> no, but not as upset as nbc. because they, i guess on "the today show," were discussing this and they said they is going to get that taliban mad. >> going to pro-vehicle the taliban. >> i think they may be provoked enough at this point. >> right. >> and you say? >> i say, look, this kid, is he is a nice kid and, again,
1:44 am
the same thing with royalty son of irish immigrants. akron chauvinistic. they don't make a pretense of total parasites. giving back. >> up in the chopper shooting at the taliban. get knocked out of the scincht absolutely to his credit. this kid here. not going to be teaching physics at oxford any time soon. >> he may be teaching dancing here at oxford. oxford loosen up a little bit and he might be able -- all all right. so both of you admire his pluck? >> nice word. >> a lot of british sun subjects are watching us over there we admire his pluck. he might be more articulate in defining more real life death. >> if it were left overturning cars. >> new castle times. i know i'm going to get mail
1:45 am
for that women in combat, now, it's as an evolution now. we have gays okay, no more don't ask, don't tell, it's now you can tell whatever you want and we'll ask you nothing. this has been taken care of under the obama administration. now we are evolve toggle women from combat. they can go on the front lines, mcguirk and you say? >> listen, i don't know why the military has to be at the forefront of these social experiments. i just don't understand why women deserve. my daughter has been nominated to a military academy. i'm all for it. more to the point and less politically correct to talk about is human sexuality. can you imagine if we got into a protracted war. they brought back the draft and these units are out in the field and you have captain bill clinton in charge of pfc kate upton or kimberly guilfoyle. >> bill: i'm not even going to
1:46 am
it imagine that. >> looking out for his unit or looking out for his unit. >> bill: these are all hypotheticals, ladies and gentlemen, gutfeld, you, women and combat? >> you can't sacrifice lives at the altar of quality. what quinns war is not feelings. war wins war. >> bill: you are against women in combat. >> no. actually i think women every bit as tough as men. i go by the short guy in the nba theory. there is is not a lot of short guys in the nba there is a spud web. he is out there. that doesn't mean i'm going to be playing in the nba. the supply and demand are not there. but the feeling for it is. >> bill: let me try to paraphrase what you just said. it's a little confusing. >> i'm a confusing person. >> you are. you watched xenia the warrior princess, you concede she could fight on the front lines but you don't feel there are too many lucy lawlessness in play. do i have it right? >> exactly. you actually actively have to go look at them usually in the back of the village boys and it costs a lot.
1:47 am
be. [ laughter ] >> bill: i have no idea what that meant. >> we will hold the boys over to talk about a black organization, ladies and gentlemen, scolding young african-american men for the way some of them wear their pants a trouser alert. for the new mattress models
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at this back of the book segment tonight. we continue now with what the heck just happened. the back mental health health alliance of mass ad. >> you think you look pretty good wearing your pants like that, don't you? underwear exposed. hip hop style. there is something you may not know you can be fined up to
1:51 am
$300. placed in a straight prison up to three years. plated in a it's the law. pull up your pants, respect yourself. >> once again greg gutfeld and mcguirk there is a law in you can't have your pants down. >> about lewdness. not as much lewd as stupid. it looks ridiculous. you can't legislate poor taste like that. we live on long island. you and i, bill. i have seen you on the weekends. the wife beater, cargo shorts and knee high black socks that weament my. it's not illegal look gutfeld. you have to give props to this black organization. which is and the keke thing in that ad was respect yourself don't be looking like that. not going to get you anywhere in life. trying to get the attention of, i think black children to say, you know look, let's have
1:52 am
a little class walking down the street. misreading the ad? >> yes, you are. this is pant. >> i have a right to walk around without pants. >> bill: in san francisco you actually do. >> that's why i'm moving there. >> i agree with this group. great group. we are living in a period of fascia. worse thick since harem pants. how adults have lost the will to tell kids to act like adults. parents are terrified to tell them to change their clothes for fear of getting beaten up or maybe because they're broken families or just fear in general. this is a symbol of a decaying society and the moment we attack this problem. the better it's going to be for anybody. >> if a white organization had done that cries for racism all over the place and everybody knows that. since a black organization did it, it gets some traction and we're glad. >> women should take charge. all right, the boys and i are in the break were discussing
1:53 am
this manti te'o. we all agree that we heard the interview on katie couric and even reading the transcript. none of us had any clue what this guy is talking about. roll the tape. >> can you see why people would view this as, at worst, as a complete lie and, at best, as incredibly misleading? >> um-huh, i can see that. and for that, you know, for people feeling that they are mislead, that, i'm sorry for. but i wasn't as forth coming about it. but i didn't lie. i never was asked did you see her in person. and so through the embarrassment and the fear of what people may think that i was committed to this person who i didn't have the chance to meet and she all of a sudden died. >> bill: this is beyond bizarre. you are committed to a person you have never spoken with on the telephone and you never
1:54 am
seen and she dies and you don't go to the funeral and you say? >> this is just a naive -- he is a naive young religious kid who got pranked who would believe anything. i think he was fooled and now he try -- he is embarrassed and tried to cover up. >> bill: okay. but the key is, mcguirk, is he doing this disenginously. he was in on it for his own financial gain. because he becomes famous. defame in america is money. it's currency. first round draft choice in the nfl. endorsements, whatever. now everybody knows him. he might not be as stupid as he looks that is your opinion i don't think is he smart enough to be that calculated
1:55 am
he looked at this girl on a blank screen for three years. every time she told him that the web cam was broken for three years. and he bought this. is he not exactly breaking the stereotype of a dumb jock. >> bill: i wondered if he majored in communications. >> she did ask him are you gay? she should have asked him are you gay or just stupid? that would have been the question. >> bill: last word, gutfeld? >> we all had a friend who was gullable i is the gullable friend at least he made a sports story greg gutfeld, everybody. factor tip of the day. 60 minutes interviewing the president and hillary clinton together. i have some advice moments away.
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