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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 28, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> bret: finally tonight, trust is an important component, of course, in life, in business, it's the foundation of relationships. but here is an example of when you should maybe rethink relying completely on others
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or at least try explaining things fully first. >> close your eyes and just slow down, okay? >> lauren is going to catch you. >> okay. it's called the trust fall. okay. trust fall, ready, set, go. [ laughter ] >> thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. [ laughter ] >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, a search right now, an american pilot missing after the air force lost contact with a fighter jet. plus, a trench collapse leaves a worker trapped. and a young american mother disappears overseas. >> she was on a trip to turkey. but she did not come back home. >> she was never aboard the flight. she never even arrived at the airport. >> shepard: now, her husband is headed there to find her. >> i really don't know what to expect.
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>> shepard: tonight, one man's mission to save his wife. senators say they have reached a deal on immigration reform. on border security. on a path to citizenship. >> i think today is an important first step in what's going to be a significant complicated journey. >> this bipartisan blueprint is a major break through. >> shepard: but the president has a plan of his own. tonight, the deal and the details. plus, did iran really send this morningy into space? and, couch surfing on skis. this will not end well. a fox you are jest leads the news tonight and search teams are right now trying to find a missing american fired pilot. the u.s. air force now confirms aviano airspace in italy lost contact with one of its f-16 training jets somewhere over the sea. the pilot then on a training mission. right now we don't know
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whether he or she is alive or dead. jennifer griffin with the breaking news from the pentagon. what else can you tell us about this missing jet? >> well, shepard. u.s. air force officials tell fox news that they lost contact with the pilot of this f-16 fighter jet at about 8:00 p.m. local time in italy. that is when the sos call went out. at that point they lost contact with the pilot who was flying on a one seater plane. the plane was flying in formation with four other fighter jets from aviano air base and went off the town of revienna. the f-16 fighter jet has crashed 13 times a year between 1982 and 2000 according to air force statistics. in fact, in july of 2005, f-16's crashed in one month alone. coast guard rescue teams are searching a 10-mile radius tonight. we will update you on the status of that pilot as soon as we know more, shepard. >> shepard: jennifer, breaking news coming in and word that the yemen any coast guard has
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intercepted a ship loaded with weapons. what do we know about that? >> in fact, the u.s. navy helped the yemen i didn't coast guard intercept a dow packed with weapons in yemen's territorial waters in recent days. on board were a surface-to-air missiles known as man pads that can be used civilian and military aircraft. c-4 military grade explosives, 122 military shells. rpg's and bomb-making equipment including electronic circuits, triggers for roadside bombs and vehicle born ied's. the uss ferragut helped fly for the mission. the vessel flew multiple flags and had 8 yemeni crew members on board but it is not clear tonight what the point of gin gin -- origin was. >> construction accident in texas has apparently turned deadly. this is the scene frisco, texas, just to the north of dallas. according to our local station there. crews were installing a new
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pipeline and the trench collapsed. a man trapped inside. officials tell local media he died. more on this as it comes in. this will be the year congress finally gets it done. that's what one senator is saying about a new bipartisan push for immigration reform. 8 republicans, 8 democrats, say they have agreed on a plan that includes, actually four and four. agreed on a plan of the controversial so-called path to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants. only after the feds improved border security. and the tracking of people here on visas. president obama set to talk about immigration reform tomorrow in las vegas. and the white house says this senate plan is a big deal. >> the president believes it's very important that we move forward on comprehensive immigration reform. it's the right thing to do for the country, for our economy. it's the right thing to do out of fairness to the middle class. to make sure that everyone plays by the same set of rules. >> but republican senator ted
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cruise of texas says he has deep concerns with proposed path to citizenship. and another texas republican, congress lamar smith says by granting amnesty the senate proposal actually compounds the problem by encouraging more illegal immigration. our latest fox news poll shows 66% of americans say they do, indeed, support a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. but only if they take steps like paying back taxes, learning english and passing bad ground checks. cac is -- carl cameron is is on it on capitol hill this evening. calling it amnesty. >> the last time congress took um immigration reform twice during president bush's republican administration it was derailed out of complaints about amnesty. the idea being that illegal immigrants in this country would be allowed to stay and not have to be held accountable for the law that they have broken. that is the debate that's unfolding right now. and today the lead democrat of this measure, new york senator chuck schumer talked about it
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in terms that will have some concern for amnesty. opponents because, in effect. amp the hurtles are cleared. they would be allowed to stay. watch. >> immediately, when the bill passes. people who are here living in the shadows, would get a legal right to stay here and work. they would no longer be deported provided they don't have a criminal record. >> well, supporters say that that provision that they don't have a criminal record in addition to a background check, in addition to paying fines, paying taxes and going to the back of a whole series of lines, be it for work or residency or ultimately a green card and citizenship means that it's not amnesty. that's going to be debated once again aprogressively and it all starts tomorrow when the president lays down his marker, shep? >> shepard: on his plan, karl, something similar to this of that on the house or exactly the same thing or, what? >> well, we don't actually know. the president and the administration has signaled
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its general approval of what the senate bipartisan group of eight, gang of eight as they call it put forth today. but it's a broad framework. there aren't details. lawmakers in the house have yet to weigh in. they are waiting to hear what the president says tomorrow. and ultimately all these guys up here in love to say the devil is in the detassments sings they are talking about a broad framework there is concerns as they get into the nuts and bolts it could get messy. the president has signaled he wants a bath to citizenship but he wants it this year. he ignored it for the first term of his administration. a lot of republicans republicans worried this is going to sneak up and did i involve into another debate over amnesty. >> carl, thank you. an american mom suddenly missing overseas. her relatives or flying to turkey to try to find her. her name is sari she went to its tan bull last month and was supposed to return last week but she wasn't on her flight. her husband says he didn't hear a word from her.
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>> you have so many thoughts going through your mind. you don't know what to think or believe or expect. you don't know what's going to come out of this. >> police in istanbul say they are checking surveillance video to figure out what did happen to her. her husband and brother landed there to join in the search. the state department is on it, too. >> our consulate general in its istanbul they are working on the case they are in contact with the family and turkish authorities. >> shepard: relatives of the missing mom say they haven't told her children about that yet. they are desperately hoping that she turns up safe soon. of course, at this hour, there is just no way to know what really did happen to the mom. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is tracking developments in new york tonight. and there, it appears there is much more to, this jonathan, unscheduled movement along the way and, well, a lot of questions. >> yes. as far as we can tell, her family, we're told by and
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believed this was purely a trip to turkey, purely to take photographs, which was a ohio state -- hobby of hers. we now understand from local police in turkey that she took some unscheduled travel a few days after traveling to istanbul she traveled from amsterdam to moon issue in to germany and back to istanbul, turkey arriving turkey two days before she was to fly back to the united states. the man who owns the home in which she rented a room in istanbul says he hasn't seen her since january the 20th. he also tells local reporters there he is not in any way a suspect. he is helping the police with the inquiry they tremendous desperately try to find this woman. >> her relatives are there to try to find her. >> her husband and her brother both arrived in istanbul today and the husband immediately upon landing spoke to local
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reporters issuing in effect an appeal for anyone to help in finding her. listen. january 21st is the last time we heard from her last monday. she was supposed to come back to america on january 22nd, we haven't heard from her, she is somewhere in turkey she is missing in istanbul. we have to find her. >> now, the brother and husband were due to meet with u.s. officials within the last few hours in istanbul, shep. but we just got a statement from the woman who has become a spokeswoman for the family she tells us right now there are no new developments but the turkish police are working day and night to find her. a real mystery here, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, i will say in the newsroom tonight, jonathan, thank you. we have new information now on the devastating fire that swept through a nightclub and killed hundreds of people. word that police have made some arrests.
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and further new reports from first responders of what they saw had when arriving at that scene. the dramatic rescue ahead. and what in the world is happening here. miles and piles of foam covering entire towns. what caused this? and how do you clean it up? that's ahead from the journalists of fox news on this monday fox report.
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>> shepard: they died trying to get fresh air. some victims of the brazil nightclub fire died in terror. some of them posting messages inside begging for he help. at 231 people died in the fire early sunday morning. it happened at the kiss nightclub in the club of santa maria in southern brazil.
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many of the victims said to be but teenagers. amateur video shows the panic outside the club. police say the fire began when a band pyrotechnic display ignited insulation in the ceiling and the flames spread quickly. people inside ran for their lives. investigators say they found dozens of bodies in the club's bathrooms after some ran through the doors apparently believing they were exits. newspapers report report at least one woman posted a message on facebook reporting the fire and pleading for help. she did not make it out o. firefighters who responded tell a local paper they had trouble just getting into the club because there was a barrier of bodies blocking the entrance police say it took six hours to cart all the bodies away from trucks. it has similarities to the fire in rhode island a decade ago that one a hundred people died when pyrotechnics set fire to the soundproofing foam. those who escaped know well the pain of those in brazil, of the parents who are now
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burying their children and of the survivors who are mourning their friends. steve harrigan monitoring the developments tonight from our newsroom in south florida. steve, word of some people in custody tonight. >> that's right. shepard. this nightclub where the tragedy took place has now become a crime scene. police have gee tand so far at least four people, two band members and two club owners for five days of questioning. they want to know why there was no fire escape, why there was no sprinkler system. why there was only one exit to get out of a nightclub packed with more than 1200 people. there was a fire extinguisher but when a band member tried to use that. it failed. shepard. >> record floods have destroyed thousands of home in eastern australia. given rise to countless heros. today we saw video of another remarkable rescue effort from the perspective of a helicopter crew. can you see how the floods overtook that pickup truck trapping two women and a small
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child in the back. the adults put the toddler in a bag. and lifted the screaming child to safety. everybody there survived but the disaster so far has killed at least 4 people. and the storm that produced the floods also produced this. several feet of sea foam covering a number of roads along the australian coast. meteorologists stay came ashore along with the tropical cyclone that dropped all that rain. folks had a bit of fun with the stuff. police say they are worried about the potential for accidents. they closed off a number of streets to prevent people from trying to drive through the stuff. the guy who is squatting in a mansion in south florida, he does not own. is he now trying to keep other people off whoever it is' property that he doesn't own. the cops say they can't kick him out thanks to a legal loophole in state law. the city of boca raton is making life a little less luxurious for loco boy. that's next and look at this.
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a truck heading right for a guy on a motorcycle. we will show you the rest of the video coming up as fox reports live tonight.
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>> shepard: so that guy who has been quawght since july in a $200 million water front mansion in boca raton is attempt to convict him. he has done so by posting no trespassing and private property signs in front of the house it is but just not his private property. the house the guy did not pay one single penny to occupy. the guy is taking advantage of a loophole in good old florida's foreclosure laws. this this law was originally intended to keep farmland to come to west. if the tenant left somebody could come in and take care of
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it. no. this is no farm. the neighbors have yachts and pools. some of them are none too pleased with the situation. cops can't do a thing. the city reportedly shut off the guy's water now to try to get him to move. but the people who live around there say they have been seeing something filling up buckets in a nearby canal. presumably so loci boy can flush his toilets. rick leventhal is more w. here with more on this. i wish the squatter boy would talk to us. >> maybe he will. we tried talking to him. so far no response. maybe because is he has so much fun enjoying this 575 square foot home that he has been living in now for many many months. claiming ownership as you mentioned. citing an antiquated legal covenant that allows vacant property to be acquired by anyone openly occupying and maining the site. he also has to pay taxes for seven years. as many as nine people may be
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inside. they posted no trespassing and also legal documents in the window. >> this guy is trying to pull something and that's great. if he can do it. my opinion, quite honestly if bank of america let's him get away with this, it's going to cause a rash of the same thing happening. it's going to continue to happen all over florida and california and everywhere else that has that law on the books. >> well, he has power but no plumbing so maybe he will literally get flushed out of there soon. >> this isn't the first guy to try to use this what do they call did adverse possession rule? >> there have been 38 similar claims in palm beach county. the judges don't always look kindly on it. another case in texas where a man was found guilty of burglary and theft after he grabbed a $400,000 house outside of dallas trying to use the same law. in this loco case. the bank of america saying: we are in communication with the boca row row tan police department and appreciate their assistance. we are taking this seriously. we have filed appropriate and
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legal action to have this trespasser removed from the property. as far as we know, shep, it hasn't happened yet. he is still there. >> shepard: loco boy come visit please. thank you. >> you are welcome. >> shepard: i'm just getting word of this. live look from our local affiliates at the scene in newport beach, california, where the cops say somebody has opened fire at a medical office building. word came in just moments ago that one man is confirmed dead. police say they have a suspected shooter in custody. all i know at this point is it's an office building or a medical office building in the 500 block of superior avenue in newport beach. again, this is just developing. new information through the this newscast. some parents from newtown gun shooting are weighing in on the debate. their opinions are decidedly mixed. plus, look at this. a giant flock of birds making all kinds of formations in the
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air. we will show you where it's it happening. wow. we'll explain how they figure out how do -- to do that first a fox news weather alert. warning of a storm system that could pack tornadoes in several states. this thing stretches from the top of the country to the bottom. janice dean is with us. janice. >> shepard, we have one storm exiting and another one that's going to develop starting tonight into tomorrow. lasting until wednesday. hale, damaging winds and tornadoes. we could have a severe weather outbreak that goes across at least a dozen states as we head into wednesday and a rare moderate outlook for tomorrow across the mississippi river valley. including these cities and states. and then, of course, we have that slight risk that extends from the gulf coast all the way up to the ohio river valley. we could see a severe weather outbreak in january this time tomorrow evening. stay with us, more fox report just ahead.
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>> shepard: couple of wild crashes caught on video. first an 18-wheeler nearly crush as guy on a motorbike. look at this. it happened in eastern china. can you see the guy sitting in the crosswalk there the truck tries to make that left turn but didn't quite do it. the bike rider hopped off before the big rig crashed into his motorcycle. meanwhile nobody hurt. crazy scene on the slopes when a snowmobile crashed right into a crowd it happened at espn's x games in colorado. the rider is fine. can you see the snowmobile or snow machine took off towards
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the specs tators and eventually plow right into the fence. the rider reportedly only had four hours experience on a snowmobile. great on something else but not on this. he apparently wasn't wearing a safety cord which would have shut down the snow machine -- well, he fell off it folks tried run away. one fan did get slightly hurt. doctors have since released him from the hospital. and another surprising site. though not as scary, heading down hill in utah. more stupid than scary. couch ising, skiing on a couch. some friends in salt lake city invented with new winter sport complete with facebook page. if you think it's for folk to as lazy to get off the couch. remember somebody has to push the whole thing off the hill. >> don't worry, i totally recorded that. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. this is the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. parents who lost children in the newtown massacre are speaking out both for and
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against new gun laws. they testified today at a hearing of the connecticut legislature's task force on gun violence. it is debating how to respond to the shooting spree that killed 26 people, including 20 first graders at sandy hook elementary. the mother of 6-year-old noah positer says she supports a new assault weapons ban. >> weapons designed to inflict as much lethal damage as possible have no place in the hands of civilians. and ought to be restricted to law enforcement and the military. the equation is terrifyingly simple. faster weapons equal more fatalities. >> shepard: that's one opinion. but the father of 6-year-old james matoli or i should say matioli. instead of new laws we need to do a better job of enforcing the ones we already have. >> is one more law, i don't care if you named it james' law, i don't want it i believe in simple, few gun laws. i think we have more than enough on the books.
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we should hold people individually accountable for their actions and we should enforce laws appropriately. and i would say we are not currently enforcing them appropriately. >> shepard: he got a standing ovation from the audience at the hearing which also includes gun rights supporters and weapons manufacturers. today the newtown police chief went to the white house for a meeting with president obama. shannon bream is in d.c. for us tonight. the president spoke with police chiefs and sheriffs from all parts of the country. >> he did, shep. police chiefs from other towns and cities that have been devastated by from mass shootings like aurora, colorado. i talked to john edwards of oak creek, wisconsin where a gunman killed six people at a sikh temple. he he felt the president and vice president were truly listening to what he and his colleagues had to say. one thing he specifically asked for help with is the issue of data bases that contain names of those who cannot legally own guns. those who the court has adjudicated as mentally ill. his officers on the street need that info and they can't
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get it. we are forbidden. if you have a dishonorable discharge you can't carry a firearm. we can't have that information. illegal immigrants are not allowed to carry a firearm. we can't have that information. there is nowhere for us to call. >> also today as part of that meeting, the president publicly called on congress to get busy on the action items he has proposed. shep? >> shepard: there is further talk of what officials can do without congress, right? >> yeah. this latest strategy is a financial one. officials from california to new york and many points in between say they want their public employee pension funds to pull any holdings that they may have with gun companies. in addition to that chicago mayor and former white house chief of staff rahm immanuel has gone a step further sending letters to two prominent banks that multilines of credit for smith and wes son and krueger company. quote of the i ask to you use your input to push this company. collectively we can send a
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clear and unambiguous message to the gun that i have investors will no longer financially support companies that profit from gun violence. the gun industry is responding. >> classic rahm immanuel chicago politics to try to bully and pressure our industry into somehow agreeing with the proposals advanced by antigun mayors like chicago. >> gun industry reps say they do better when they're under pressure because americans no ho have been indecisive about purchasing firearms usually decide to move ahead when they think their options could become more limited. shep? >> shepard: shannon bream on capitol hill. shannon, thank you. the senate this evening approved a 50 billion-dollar aid package for victims of super storm sandy. now it goes on to the president to get a signature. it's been three months since sandy slammed into the east coast and caused devastation from delaware to connecticut. the storm hit the jersey shore and parts of new york city especially hard. tens of thousands of people still essentially homeless.
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living in hotels or trailers. even tents the senate voted 62-36 in favor of the measure tonight. most of the no votes from lawmakers who offered for offsetting the price with spending cuts. the boy scouts say they thinking of reversing dropping ban on gay members and gay troop leaders. they say the national board could announce the decision as soon as next week that does not mean local boy scout groups or troops would have to do the same jim angle is live in washington. if it happens, jim, the decisions would be up to each individual unit? >> that's right, shep. if the national board votes for the change, it would simply remove the ban on what their rules call opened or avowed homosexuals from participating as scouts or scout leaders. every local group that sponsors the groups, churches, synagogues would have the right to make their own decisions about their scout
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troops. one texas scout leader told us whenever entity sponsors and controls that troop is going to decide whether or not they are going to allow gay scouts and gay leaders. and the national boy scouts organization says in a state, quote: the boy scouts would not under any circumstances dictate a position to units, members, or parents, shep? >> shepard: jim, what about reaction? >> well, there was reaction pretty quick toted from the conservative family research council which accused the boy scouts of bowing to what it called the strong armed tactics of activists saying, quote: if the board capitulates to the bullying activists the boy scout legacy of becoming great leaders will become a another casualty of moral compromise. protection against abuse including national background checks and rules that require at least two scout leaders or two scouts to be present at all times. so, shep, all in all it, looks like a big change is coming in
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dropping the national restriction but no one will be forced to go along. shep? >> shepard: jim angle live in washington. at least 21 people are dead astor religion rains triggered two separate landslides. that's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. iindonesia. the first one swept through a drilling field saturday night on an island in the west. state media reports several workers died but about 60 of them escaped. the other landslide hit a neighboring province a few hours later. officials say heavy mud and rocks have buried more than a dozen homes and trapped villagers. hundreds of people evacuated as rescuers dug through the debris for survivors. russia. rivers of hot lava pouring from a volcano in the far east. scientists wore special heat resistant clothes to get a closer look. the volcano started erupting back in november for the first time in four decades. the nearest town is 37 miles away. authorities say the smoke and
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poisonous gases pose no immediate threat but they warn locals carry protective masks. israel. giant flocks of migratory birds flying in striking formations across the southern skies. experts say the animals synchronized their movements to help find food and protect against predatory hawks. united kingdom. the annual tough guy race in western england, competitors reportedly break bones on the 10-mile obstacle course which features mud, icy water and barb wire. a german doctor won for the third year in a row. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. some stunning news on unsolved crimes in recent memory. the murder of jonbenet ramsey. there was never an indictment in her case or that's what we thought.
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today we learned a grand jury did, in fact, indict jonbenet ramsey's parents. so why didn't prosecutors act? plus, it seems the iconic television personality barbara walters is under the weather. reportedly with a disease that effects -- that usually effects kids. and can be especially dangerous to adults. barbara walters next.
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>> shepard: an american pastor could be headed to one of the toughest prisons in iran after a judge there sentenced him to 8 years behind bars. the pastor locked up on charges he undermined the government by creating a network of christian churches. and trying to convert iranians from islam to christianity. he is he reportedly headed to a prison in the northwest of tehran, where brutal interrogations and mock executions are said to be regular occurrences. the u.s. state department calling for his release but no signs of iran backing down.
4:44 pm
in an interview with fox news, the pastor's wife said she is very worried about her husband and said: every day in that prison is in itself a death sentence. also word of a potentially dangerous step forward in iran's space program with reports that that country has launched a monkey aboard a rocket. iranian state television now reports that scientists sent the monkey up 72 miles before returning said monkey back it to earth. countries including the united states and the former soviet union have been sending monkeys into space since the 1940s. this is is a shot of ham the chimpanzee cape canaveral since 61. the folks woman for the state department cannot confirm the launch actually happened. the reports are a concern because of iran weapons program and the fear that this could help iranian scientists develop missiles capable of hitting any target in the world. the director of iran's space agency also reportedly
4:45 pm
predicts his country will send a real live human into space within the next 5 to 8 years. today though monkey, maybe. shocking new developments in more than -- after more than 16 years. the unsolved murder of the child beauty between jonbenet ramsy gets a new twist. according to multiple reports, the grand jury in the case actually voted to indict the little girl's patience, john and patsy ramsey in her death. the prosecutor ted did not charge them saying there was not enough evidence. of course jonbenet's murder became a media sensation in 1996 after her father reportedly found her body in the basement on christmas day. john and patsy ramsey came under heavy suspicion. but years later prosecutors cleared them of any involvement. patsy ramsey died in 2006. the case is officially still on the books. still open. trace gallagher with more from our west coast news hub. the former d.a. in this case who said we are not going to charge anybody saying nothing now. >> yeah, he says he can't say
4:46 pm
anything, shep because under colorado law grand jury proceedings are secret but almost 14 years later alex hunter still stands very much behind his decision not to prosecute the ramseys. but other colorado prosecutors say even if the case was weak. the d d.a. is still obligated to sign the indictment and then in open court for all to see push to get the case dismissed. today on "studio b," judge andrew napolitano said he has never seen anything like it. listen. normally the prosecutor would not present evidence to the grand jury unless the prosecutor believed that the people committed the crime and the prosecutor had enough evidence of which to obtain a conviction. >> the assistant d.a. under alex hunter said today that he also thought the case was weak but that two other prosecutors in the d.a.'s office at the time they wanted the ramseys tried in court. shep? >> shepard: if the evidence was weak, isn't the normal
4:47 pm
course of events that they put it before a jury and let the jury decide? >> it is, in fact, exactly what you said, shep. and the jury really said they wanted to indict because they thought the parents were involved. you have got to remember, i mean, the grand jury looked at this thing. they met for almost a year and a half. they went over 30,000 pages of reports. hundreds of pieces of evidence. and today a grand jury member said, and i'm quoting here. we didn't know who did what, but we felt the adults in the house may have done something that they certainly could have prevented and they could have helped her and they didn't. the d.a. who replaced hunter said she found d.n.a. evidence that exonerated the ramseys but many experts have said that evidence is highly questionable. police say if they get new evidence, they will look at it shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher in los angeles. thank you. barbara walters managed to avoid getting chicken pox for 83 years.
4:48 pm
no more. barbara walters went to the hospital more than a week ago after she fell and hit her head. doctors say they kept her in the hospital because she also had a fever. one of the symptoms of chicken pox. experts say the disease can be very serious for somebody of her age. the folks at abc said they expect her to come home soon. the convicted woman beater, pop star chris brown is now under investigation than assault on another singer. according to the los angeles county sheriff's department that other singer is multiple grammy nominee frank ocean and the assault took place in a recording studio parking lot. tmz reports that somebody in frank ocean's entourage started the fight but ocean tweeted got jumped by chris and a couple of guys, lol. i only wish every rest was there every rest is frank ocean's dog. of course, chris brown is no stranger to trouble. he is still on probation for assaulting rihanna. he also reportedly took a bottle to the chin during a scuffle with rapper drake's
4:49 pm
entourage at a new york city club. he reportedly broke a window after throwing a fit over good morning america. wall street's has been soaring lately doesn't seem to be doing enough for main street. we will break down the big gains and how soon before the experts say they may get folks back to work. plus, hostess might have found a new home for some of its iconic treats. we'll tell you which ones and when you and cavuto could pick up some of your favorites.
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>> shepard: well, stocks are on a roll this month. but some of the analysts say they are concerned that wall street's performance is not helping the nation's slumping jobs numbers. here is a look at the dow
4:53 pm
since january of '09. you can see that steady rise in the past few years. up, up, up. in fact the dow and the s&p are close to all-time highs. but kill joy joy economists say there is a disconnects. they point to the nation's high unemployment rate which has essentially been stuck at 7.8% since september. gerri willis is here from the fox business network. all the ceos are getting big money. why do you expect these two markets to trade together? they don't. >> shepard: not the way things run these days i don't. >> it's crazy. let meet show you something. i have a screen to show that you will help describe. this here is jobless claims. we turned it inside out. rise in claims that line means fewer claims because it's a positive. the s&p is the blue line. it's going up and tnd handily beating the jobless claims numbers as you say and described at the top. the s&p is the red line? >> the s&p know-no the jobless claims is the red line. >> shepard: all right. >> they are close but they are not copasetic.
4:54 pm
>> shepard: i feel ya. >> stocks have been on fire. they are a leading indicator. they lead coming out of a recession. they are doing far far better. what are traders trading on. they are trading on expectations what they hope is going to happen. what they might see tomorrow. and jobs continues to lag. a number that i know you will be interested in. we are producing more goods and services today than we were at the beginning of receipt session with 4 million fewer workers. so, remember, that the s&p, the stock market doesn't necessarily reward better numbers in the jobs market it could be the inverse. >> and companies don't always reward employees in some of those cases as well there is a big reading coming out on the job market soon, right? >> friday we will have the big market jobs numbers. you will want to watch for that it's expected that the top line will stay at 7.8%. we have created 163,000 jobs in the month. which is okay but not fabulous. >> shepard: not enough. we're a 16 trillion-dollar economy, i have got to tell you it's a rounding error. we have to do better than this. >> all right. gerri.
4:55 pm
make it happen, please. >> i will do what i can. >> shepard: thank you. new study who show half of measures who do have jobs are overqualified for them. that for the nonprofit center for productivity. whatever that is the group's founder says it based the study on census data and more are entering the workforce with college degrees. millions fewer jobs actually require college we degrees. while the stats show a better degree generally means a higher salary. he says many folks with degrees still have to settle for lower paying jobs. welcome to the new normal. hostess has reportedly picked the maker of little debbie. little debbie, little debbie and a glass of ice cold milk. little debbie products for the lead bidder for the drake's cakes. the former competitor offered hostess some $27 million in cash for the line that includes devil dogs and yodels. neil's favorites. the fate of twinkie's still up
4:56 pm
in the air as hostess incontinue to negotiate with other bidders. now we know the sports team most valuable in all the world. not the yankees. not a baseball team at all. coming up, which franchise has taken the title. and exactly how much it's worth, that's next as fox reports live tonight.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
shep shep the first sports franchise on the plant to be worth more than a billion dollars a a soccer team across the pond. manchester uniteside now valued at $3.3 billion. the large sexual offense stake holder in man u is an american who also owns the tampa bay bucks. the national football league's dallas cowboys is the world's second most valuable franchise now at 2.1 billion. last year forbes magazine valued the new york yankees


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