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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 28, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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going. before that, high school. what if michael jordan quit when he hadn't made td team? what do you think would make the world awesome? that is why i'm talking to you today this, is your time, it's my time. it's our time. we can make every day better for each other. we've got work to do. we can cry bit or we can dance bit. we were made to be awesome. let's get out there. i don't know everything, i'm just a kid. but i do know this. get to it. >> folks in washington should take a look at that. you can watch the entire video
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on that is your last call. be sthour join us tomorrow night when secretary of state hillary clinton goes on the record. let us know what you thoulgt about toni night from washington, d.c.. you can tell us what you thought about tonight's show so
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also a new move to shame americans that are overweight. they say it's health krif driven but sit, real? caution, you're about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. ing thanks for watching tonight. barack obama and hillary clinton, friends forever that, is the subject of this evening's talk points memo. disappointing interview last nicht i didn't learn very much. i didn't learn anything.
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the theme seemed to be the world is a dangerous, complicated place. >> we live in a dangerous world, people i'm proud to serve and work within our diplomatic and development personnel ranks, they know what the danger is. >> it's a dangerous world that. is part of the reason why we have to continue to get better. >> we live not only in a dangerous but a complicated world right now with many different forces at work. >> coming up we live in a world that is incredibly complicated and dangerous. now, i respect the interviewer. i don't know why he didn't ask hard questions. if you know, please tell me. you don't have to be disrespectful. all have you to say is hey, mr. president why did your secretary of state hitting -- sitting next to you not go on sunday shows to
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explain what happened in benghazi, libya? why did you send the un ambassador to do that when susan rice didn't know anything about it? it's a respectful question is, it not? here is another one plrx clinton when did you learn about the assassination of christopher stevens? why didn't you told a press conference when the intelligence community told you it was a terrorist attack? not a complicated question, is it? it could have entightened the american people about the disaster. but do you know what? national media don't care, so the bottom line is we the people are not going going to be told what happened over tlchl the president and mrs. clinton are not going to be forth coming and we can't make them. it's partially our fault because we, the people do not
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much care. if we did care, would it have been a big campaign issue, but it wasn't. truth is assassination of the ambassador and three other americans is not engaged the american people. president clint z.hillary clinton know that and know that the national media adores them. that is a fact. and now, another top story there is no question the interview was a big win for president obama and secretary clinton. they got very good pr out of it. joining sus brit human. yesterday, you told chris wallace you think hillary clinton should not be described as a great secretary of state. why? >> well, first it's not easy to be a great secretary of state. foreign policy is a provence of the president. the secretary of state is his emmisary and directed to direct diplomats to carry it out. that is point one.
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point two, she worked hard, traveled all over the place but the list after chiefment that's can be attributed to her is not long and it's not major. i mean, how well has it reset with russia worked down that she was involved in start something how are things before arabs and israelies? how about iran, north korea. have they been halted? no. i don't think so. you look around for a clinton doctrine has she articulated a new way of think something i would say not. what about major treaties? has she engaged in negotiations that led to the signing of major treaties or any major treaty? the answer to those questions appears to be no. these are the things that might put you in the category
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that might put you in the category of great secretary of state. she's worked hard zrk her home work, but great? i don't think great. >> bill: you left out the arab spring developing into a debacle, seara, another debacle. why didn't steve kroft ask those questions? they were right there. he could have done a laundry list of look at this, that. afghanistan not going our way now. but he didn't ask any that have. >> no. he didn't. and i'm trying to put my snefl his position. i've done interviews and i remember doing one with president bush 41 and 34 together, and it was a novelty factor about seeing them together loik that when ch led me to focus to some extent on their relationship and what role the first president bush played to iz son, there was some golf ti to this interview,
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too. and the whole interview seemed devoted to their relationship, guess what? they have a, according to them a great relationship. wow. >> bill: why is that news worthy? >> not saying it is. it's one thing to devote part of an interview to that. another to turn the interview over to that. >> both. both of us know kroft. he's good, right? do you think he's good? >> i think, no, i think -- i've admired steve kroft. if you look back through history of the interviews he's landed with barack obama. >> bill: he's never bun tough on oba yauma. we called obama people. they still take our calls and said we didn't put restrictions on kroft. he could have asked anything. we said he had 30 minutes we didn't say don't talk about libya or arab spring. so i don't know why, maybe
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i'll run to it steve. but it was a soft interview. we didn't learn anything other than the world is a complicated and dangerous place. did you know that before, hume? >> i thought that. >> bill: so we knew all that. we learned it again. it might have been instructed. we got nothing out of that. you have hillary clinton sitting there. i think greta will work -- . >> greta has her, she's a tough situation. she's got 12 minutes. to. >> i'll take 12 minute was the secretary. we have 15 minute was colin powell. wait until you see this. >> it's a matter of budgeting your time. your mom taught to you budget. can't be it frommering it away with questions like are you guys mad at each other or what?
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who cares? >> do you want to take the last word? >> boy just say it's a little difficult to do an interview with the president. >> it is. >> he is owd a level of respect and courtesy other officials are not usually accorded. >> bill: hillary couldn't have said i'll get to you in just a moment? it was a soft interview no. way around it. he's in good company. there have been a lot of soft interviewview was this president. >> bill: why is the american president so infatuated with barack obama and hillary clinton? and later, will republicans spearhead reform? we're coming right back.
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>> he said he could concentrate on the relationship between formal rivals now partners or could concentrate on substance, foreign policy. she'd just testified on the hill spent hours testifying and he didn't think he was going to be able to advance that strism he chose to concentrate on another... >> bill: do you think that was a wise decision? >> well, i'm not terribly interested in their relationship. >> bill: did you know the world was a complicated and dangerous place? >> i suspected it was, yes. >> bill: how about you, miss quinn?
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did you know how complicated and dangerous it was? >> that is not what i came away with. i came away with the question why would he want to do this and why would he want to do it with hillary. i think probably the worst keep secret in washington is that hillary clinton and the state department do not make policy. tom donnell and national security advisor and his team make the policy. that hillary for four years has gone around the world being the face of the united states and representing the president. >> bill: so sthees their pr person. >> well, yes. yes. it's been a frustrating role for her. because she's smart and has good ideas. >> bill: she's a good soldier, this is a way to reward her? >> i think that, well, i think that is one reason. i think it's partly because they wanted to reward her for doing this, partly it was a thank you to bill clinton. who really worked hard for the president, though it wa was -- bill.
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>> bill: that is good inside stuff that may well be the motivation for him doing it. but steve kroft could have zeroed in on hillary clinton and said what brit human just said or what i have been saying about libya. >> you're not going learn anything. >> bill: you don't have to learn if they ask the right question and they dodge the question, all right? it's simple as i said in talking points memo, miss quinn. what was preventing you from going on a sunday show. he's your guy. why weren't you out there. i'm a simple man. you know that better than anyone. it's a question, answer it. right? am i wrong here? what? >> no. i think you're very complicated and dangerous man. >> bill: okay. >> very dangerous. >> i'm sure hillary would agree with that. see if you ask a question she doesn't answer it, you have gotten your answer. she's not going to engage.
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>> bill: that is a problem, so far, so many republicans, bill have been grandstanding by asking... >> they're a bunch of pinheads we know that. but four of the 30 minutes? >> he just didn't think with two of them there and getting to speak he was going to be able to get an answer out of them. >> bill: are you kidding? you try. won't have you tried? you have within a journalist for what? decades? >> i would have tried but he had to make a judgment call about what his audience wanted to hear. >> bill: i bet most americans wanted substance rather than, rather than the jimmy kimmel show. do you know what i'm talking about sal gee? do you know who jimmy is? how are you doing man? hey hey! come on. we've got a dead ambassador over there and we don't know what the hell happened. >> a agree with judy. i think steve kroft did
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exactly td right thing. i think it was 30 minutes of fascinating television to watch the two of them together we know there has been so much tension. >> bill: they can go on dancing with the stars then, you know? this is important stuff. >> bill, it's been report sod many times, that obamas have never invited clintons to the white house. i tried to check this out z i got stone walled by state department and white house. so, what does that mean about their friendship? they talk about being warm, and close and friendly. and that. this was limited. >> bill: i know no one cares. the folks don't care. judith, last word go.. >> bill, you said american people don't care about benghazi. >> they don't. not enough. >> if they cared we'd be getting answers. >> bill: wrom knee had a big chance, too. he didn't take it. >> ladies thank you. very fascinatedding. directly head, will republicans support immigration reform that will be favorable to illegal
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>> bill: joining us now from washington, both fox news analysts. juan, i know you want immigration reform but what about the 37% of immigrants families and for illegal
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immigrants, number is 47%, that are on some kinds of means-tested welfare? what i'm getting at here is i understand that it's a political strategy. i think everybody does. but if you legalize everybody that is here, and they get more on the welfare entitlement train which they are now, i don't know if that is good for the nation, juan. >> well, you know, look. a agree with you about welfare and fraud. if it seems to me any -- we have an issue with fraud we need to eliminate it. i think you're framing this question wrong. i think immigrants generate economic activity. they hike gdp, they hike consumer spending. immigrants create jobs. 18% american small business owners are immigrants. when you get to 60% of the population, but you dough noe what? a third of engineers and
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sciences, doctors. >> bill: that is old. immigrants drive achievement in america. and always vchl you know? nobody, i don't think any sane people disagree with that. but you're overlooking this enormous, enormous and it is, 47% of illegal immigrants receive means-tested. >> there is eligibility -- tough eligibility requirements. >> bill: juan, juan, it's fact. >> let me just think in addition to which immigrants pay taxes and often times are not eligible for child -- services and all the rest. >> bill: do you see what you're adding sneer mary catherine how do you see it? >> you can argue in this case if those immigrants who are el illegal and on welfare became legal and had legal status perhaps they'd be paid higher
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wages and that would be a problem working on its self. as far as political situation i don't think this is a magic pill for republicans i don't think lit of them are fooling them selfs into thinking that. as far as obama wanting to pass it i'm curious bit. for four years he didn't raise a finger on this and in 2007 he help that had fragile bill at the time. >> bill: right. >> the preacher of the polls he didn't have to run again. fox news poll, 66% of americans, two-thirds support a pathway to citizenship. 66%. 17% say send illegals back home. 13% want to guest worker program for them. any president, sitting president, particularly a liberal guy is going to say i'm going to drive the train. >> all right. >> here is what -- . >> there is no john mccain is no liberal. >> wait a minute. wait a minute.
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stop this train. don't forget this was blocked under president bush, a republican this is blocked by a vote, by the far right. >> and far left. >> demonize every immigrant as some kind of threat to america. >> attacks came from both lines and will come from both again. >> bill: let me the source of light herein stead of heat for once. we had very big border security problems now, border security better so the debate in the story can progress. i think we need immigration reform. but i do think that they have to deal with the welfare situation because if you're going to add another six million people, when welfare gets -- when immigration reform gets pass that had means people in other countries are going to be able to come here, you're going to
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have a flood of new immigrants into the united states. not just 12 million here but probably another 12-50 that will join them. you've got to deal with this problem. i don't think either party will do it. >> i think your conservative friends goring to make sure people who overstay their visas which is about 40% of the illegal population now, that that stops they're going to have tough exit requirements. >> bill: go ahead. >> i think the fact that rubio and lake and mccain are at the top of this and pushing it forward, in fact, the president is with a set detailed set of principles is a sign you can get parts of the right on board. do you have to worry about part of the left deflecting. but, but there is
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reason -- there is reason for concern... and there is very reasonable reason. >> bill: you continue on your own. we'll watch the commercial. and then, there is plenty more ahead as the factor move as head. carl rove will weigh in on the immigration deal and interview last night. then, adam corolla on shaming overweight people and his experience on "dancing with the stars". there he swoah! hope you stay tuned for those reports.
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>> bill: what? conservative teddy turner sne joins us now from charleston. are you kidding me? how did you get to be a conservative? >> well, my dad asks me that all the time. i tell you four years in military college two, years in soviet union. if that doesn't make you a conservative, and watching fox doesn't the hurt either.
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>> bill: when you were raised your father, ted turner wasn't as liberal as he is now, i understand. correct? >> no. my dad was pretty tough. he did eight years in military school, he was in the coast guard there is no sleeping in on the weekend. we did white glove inspections. dad made us work hard. learn the value of a dollar. all of the things that our dads should be doing today. >> did he discuss politic was you when you're growing up? >> absolutely. our conversations were incredible. he was involved with all kinds of things and never, you know, we didn't get into baseball or little league and that kind of stuff. we're talking about pretty heavy issues. >> was he then a liberal man? was he -- did he support the liberal side when you were a kid? >> no. he didn't. he met my mother at a young republicans convention. sow was very -- a small
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business guy before he became a big business guy. this change in life has been later on mainly started with environmental dwrism. >> bill: new, you talk to him, i assume, you're running for congress. would he vote for you? if he lived in your south carolina district? >> well. >> bill: would he vote for you? you're billing your serve as a conservative, small government guy. would you vote for you?. >> well, i'm not billing myself as conservative. i'm extremely conservative. i think he would. i spent a lot of time with him talking about issue skpdz everything we discussed he agreed with me. so we're not that far and it wasn't because he he's agreeing because he's my son -- i'm his son, it's common sense. he wants a better world like most of us, but we don't agree on plt of politics. >> bill: so you are when you talk man to man, you zront a
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big difference. but i'm sure he voted for barack obama so global warming is his big deal. the environmental stuff. do you believe in global warming? do you think it's being caused by carbons and we're the responsibility for this? >> well, when he drives the prius to the challenger you've got to question a little bit. but you know, what i believe in is clean air and clean water. and a few tour for our kids. i don't believe my ford f 250 is causing global warming. i might get a lot of flak for that. we can't tax ourselves so no. i'm not a believer but i want to make sure we're still doing the right thing going forward. i just don't like scaring kids telling them we're cooking our self autos. >> bill: so you're not buying into the fact the human population has depleted the ease yon. but you said something
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interesting. you said your father drives a prius to the challenger which is a private jet. >> bill: his take that he owns a lot of trees so his carbon foot print is minimal. >> bill: sounds like a ratio rationation to me. >> whit comes down to it we need to have clean air, clean water but can't restrict our business because that is the only way we're going to get out of this did he have at this time mess. >> bill: is your father helping you finance your campaign? >> well, he's written me a $2500 checks like other people have and i think that is probably all i'm going get. >> bill: good luck and we appreciate you coming on the show. >> when we come back, carl rove and the 60 minutes interview. rove is next.
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marco rubio said most of them have been embodied in this bipartisan eight-member senate panel, republicans ought to give it a clear strong look as you saw from your interview with marco rubio, it emphasizes strong border security, guest worker program and a fair, but tough, resolution of the issue of the people here already. >> bill: but generally speaking very no beef with senator rubio's plan z i hope they get them together but they aren't as a dressed with carey catherine ham and juan williams you're going to have a lot of new americans here, you're going to have 12 million here, they're going bring in another 12-15. we're talking 20, 25 million invested in this country. half of the illegal aliens now
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as i said sh receiving means entitlements. how are they going to deal with that? >> we're not bringing in 12 then another 12. as marco explained to you and panel has endorsed today that concept is that if you're here illegally, you can surface, get a card awill youing to you stay in the country, and work. if you want citizenship have you to go to the back of the line. you don't get your green card until. >> bill: people say they're coming to visit their mom and dad and all that have? >> you cannot get citizenship for between 12-15 years then, only then, can you use this principal of family yun fiction to try to bring people in. you'll notice rubio talked about and panel talked about putting greater emphasis on allowing foam come here because they have skills not just because of family. >> there is another
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interesting thing. rubio talked about, it and looks like, tentatively the panel emgraced -- embraced i had idea you can continue to work but you do not get access to government benefits like obama care. >> that would be interesting. >> how many benefits are denied you? if you say we'll allow your kitd get a free lunch if you're poor, this might expand the amount of people willing to support reform. >> it will lead to the crux of the matter. bobby jendal, the governor of weez we, roll tape. >> we've got to stop being the stupid party. i'm serious, it's time for a
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new republican party that talks like adults for us to articulate our plans and visions for america in real terms, it's no secret a number of republicans damaged the brand with offensive comments i'm here to say we've had enough of that. >> stop being stupid party. you say? >> i think he's right. talking about todd akin of missouri and richard murdock and terrible comments on abortion. i think he's right. this is reported by daniel patrick monahan. talking about understanding that. so do people like paul ryan and skolt walker have been emphasized in the same thing in recent weeks.
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it's attractive and compelling. >> i think that that you're saying is come to the center a little bit more and not on the far right. >> it says explain what you're for. we believe in limited government ask cutting deficit, restraining spending we know that increases opportunities for, to spread prosperity more broadly for thaefsh wants to work hard and set a dream to achieve their dream. we need to talk about what sit that we want to do for america not what we want to stop the president are doing. >> do you watch 60 minutes last night? >> i read the transcript. talk about powder puff journalism that. is it. >> what would have you done had you been steve kroft? >> well, boy have had tough questions or would have, look,
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most was just sort of, do you like each other? how long is that going to last? he should have picked up on things that president obama said at one point, he said whit comes to egypt, had it not been for leadership you might have seen i different outcome there. he said what we've got because of your leadership is a government led by muslim brotherhood. is that what your leadership -- that the best outcome we can expect? he let comments like that go by. and i thought it was -- a tough interrogateor, clearly odd you know, sort of high school you know, puff journalism. >> you know, i don't know if it's high school. they made a decision to do, a
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dating game. kind of thing. rather than. >> yes. and. >> bill: you might get mike wallace doing that. >> why couldn't chris wallace do it? this this is to look happy that is all they had to do. >> bill: i want to you wacht interview i do with capitol. it's about the republican party, you, your guy. then, we'll have you back. you can discuss that interview. okay? >> you bet. >> on deck, adam corolla and chubby americans, some feel we should scorn them, moments away.
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tonight rolling with core rolea. we have lots to talk about. here is our pal, adam. a guy named daniel talahan wants to put social pressure on chubby americans. he wants to shame them so they'll be healthier. are you buying it? you say what? >> i say g we have as a society there are not enough counselors or cops we have to shame. i'd like to expand shaming to welfare moms and deadbeat dads and people who think it's a good idea to fly in flip flops. i want shaming. >> you want shame. but... let's take it one by one. i think deadbeat dads, absolutely. dads, their pictures should be put in the paper. mothers who are irresponsible,
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maybe a little bit different but, i get your point. but an american who is overweight could have a health issue. and is there is the a lot of her yesterday ti involved with that. it a personal choice, it's exercising, pard yont pun, freedom. should they be scorned for that? >> i think they're going to get beat up by society no matter what. prom season is not great when you're fat. and dating is tough. and job interviews. i mean, they, society gets this pound of flesh out of the people and in this case it's pound of blubber, eventually they'll crush us. it's this way, it's if you
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think about it, no, i'm not buying it. >> bill: they're going to take over the world? >> with their enormity. >> bill: it's like the twilight zone episode where the people that don't look so good are running the show. i got it are you part of this super bowl mania thing? >> i love football. i always played football. as a matter of fact when i played pop warner football they'd line everybody up on defense and yell don't go until you see the ball move, then, they'd yell hut f one guy went forward we all ran a lap because of higenstaller. he wasn't watching the ball. he was shamed and did he not do it again. >> bill: so finally after all of these years? >> the point is -- four years. i love football. i don't like the super bowl
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parties because people who don't like football attend. >> bill: right. >> they block the tv set and ask stupid questions and i want to say to you people is i don't go to your tonys party ask screw it up for you. like which is miss saigon? i'm confused. >> bill: very few people know this, i didn't know it. but that adam corolla did at year on "dancing with the stars ". lindsay lohan turned down a half million bucks to be on that show. you did it for what? 7.50s sndz $8 an hour? >> bill: what did you get? >> whatever minimum wage is in california. about $7.50 at the time. >> bill: let's take a look at corolla on the dancing program. >> i used to do amateur boxing and used to teach boxing back in the day. i have the foot work part down but a little bit of the rhythm?
8:55 pm
this is my muse, it's christmas, santa and easter bunny rolled into one. i am dance. >> bill: sit true your partner renounced her american citizenship after that? is that true? >> yes. she moved with what's his name out of france. >> right. the other fat guy. >> right. go see if we can drop a few pounds. >> bill: was that worth while for you?. >> no. no this, is for the five kids that watch this show. it wasn't fun. it was scary. and it was a great experience only reason i did it is because it was scary. i ahave a policy f it's scary, it must be a growth experience. unlets it invfl solves a bear in which case i'm not going do
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it. if it sounds scary, do it. >> i never saw zorro on a uni cycle. and next factor tip of the day. how to interview president obama should you run into him.
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>> bill: factor tip of the day but first, we're giving away copies of the constitution and the declaration of the independence suitable for framing. you get those two documents if you buy one of my books and the kids book makes a terrific gift. kem, the movie killing lincoln coming up in february. now to, mail.
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>> the truth can be painful
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but will protect you in the long run. >> we'll see all of you and details on the shows on >> and sheri writes >>


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