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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 2, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> ellis island and angel island people went in and registered. in angel island people were quarantined. it was a different situation. >> very few were quarantined, just like today would be. >> what is your response to that? enrique says depends on the devil is in the details. what is the problem with enforcement in the people. obama said he is not going for piece meal. >> he wants the whole enchilada. six times congress has passed an entry exit system. we think 40% of illegal aliens are visa overstays. we still don't have it. each time congress has backed off the bureaucracy resisted. congress mandated abortedder fence for most of the border. it is still not completed. anybody who thinks there will be enforcement is dreaming.
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the amnesty comes first and that is it. >> just a quick programming note before we go. i will be on "fox news sunday" this sunday so please check your local listings. and don't forget my new radio show. thank you you very much for watching us tonight. i'm laurie dhue i i'm laura inr bill o'reilly. the spin always stops here because we are always looking out for you! have a good weekend! captioned by closed captioning services, inc. this is a fox news alert. day now of the tense hostage stand off in alabama. i'm eric in for sean tonight. first here is the back story. a gunman boarded a stopped school bus and demanded child hostages. when the bus driver refused he was shot and killed. police responded immediately but the story took a scare
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areyier and by dar turn. listen to the police radio traffic. >> just had a bus driver shot, possibly deceased. >> as you just heard the gunman took a small five-year-old boy hostage in an underground bunker located on his property
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and today we got a first look at the accused gunman, jimmy lee dykes. joining me is fox news own jonathan serri. what is the latest. >> police are talking to the suspect through a pvc pipe leading into the underground bunker but releasing few details. today we did get the first glimpse of the school bus that was involved in the shooting. authorities drove the bus out of the neighborhood first and then at the main highway hitched it to the back of a tow truck which carried the bus away. this is the bus that 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes allegedly boarded tuesday afternoon reportedly demanding two child hostages. the school bus driver charles pollen, jr. refused and tried to block the gunman paying the ultimate price. a funeral service is scheduled sunday. the large venue has been
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reserved to accommodate a crowd of potentially thousands because the bus driver's family received a huge outpouring of support from the comm. >> i believe it will be a place that they will celebrate not the death of mr. pol poland bue life. surely this man died an american hero. >> so an entire community honoring the heroic efforts of this bus driver who lost his life trying to defend the children on his bus and also a community praying for the safe release of this five-year-old boy who tonight is being held in an underground bunker in the neighborhood behind me. eric? >> thank you very much. and joining me now with more on this tense situation former fbi hostage negotiator danny colson and former miami beach s.w.a.t. team member joel matthews. we had reports that possibly
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this man mr. jimmy lee dykes may be watching television and. he may be watching this program right now. if i can get you danny to talk to him as you are speaking to him right now, in the event he is watching. what would you say? >> i would say basically that you are to be commended mr. dykes for allowing the medication to come to the little boy. the diversion of the coloring books is a sympathetic effort on your part. i know you have some grievances that you would like to address and i underand it that. a lot of americans have grievances with the government and many do have that. this little boy is not the government. he a is an innocent victim and basically your words that we all are going to hear and anxious to hear have a great deal more weight if this little boy is released back to his family. i know you served our country in the military. i know you understand duty and
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we all have duty to protect the children of our nation and i would hope that you would consider allowing him to go back to see his family who desperately miss him. one other thing is that if you choose that path you need to understand that you will be streeted with dignity and honor. there will be no embarrassment levied upon you by walking calmly into custody where you will be met with attorneys who will represent you and you will have your day in court. but we are all concerned about human life. your life is important. this little boy's life is important and getting him back to his family is a win-win for you and for us as well. >> sergeant joe, let's assume mr. jimmy lee dykes is watching here now. please take your turn. >> mr. dykes i know you believe that what you have done is justified. but i also know in your heart you realize that this baby belongs back with his parents. and it could be that
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simple. thank you. >> let's talk about the 5-year-old boy. it has been reported that he may have aspergers. what should we be telling jimmy lee dydes about that little boy? >> the response to that of the negotiators and we still have a chance here. i think reremind him he is just a little boy and does have a condition that causes him to be anxious normally and this situation is certainly exacerbated the fact that he is even more anxious and his medication is important and you are now his protector and we want to see him and you come out safely together. >> sergeant joe, i have a 14-year-old son and the thought of my 14-year-old son in this situation really is
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heartbreaking. it is scary. talk to jimmy lee dykes now and tell him that this doesn't have to end badly. >> it doesn't. you know what happened in the past has happened in the past and right now as my friend just said that this boy's life and future, it they are in your hands and you have the ability to bring joy to the family in getting their baby back home and we rely on you that you will do the right thing. >> danny, give us a sense of you have done this before, right? >> yes, a few times. >> give us a sense of what is important. give me the next 24-48 hours what is important? >> to be patient. this is all about patience. it is about convincing everyone that this is not the end of the road here. there is future, it is going to be a tough future but it is a future and both mr. dykes and this young boy do have a future and this is not the end of the
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day. it should go on and i believe that he will do the right thing here. he served his country and now he needs to serve this little boy who is dependent upon him for his very life. >> there is a good chance jimmy lee dykes is scared himself. what will yo say to him to make sure that it is going to be okay if he lets this boy go? >> he has a different mindset each time he closes his eyes and wakes up. say wait a minute, what happened in the past, we have to worry about the future now and we have ways of protecting him. if we can protect the terrorists that have affected our country we have protect someone that made a mistake and someone that is going to do the right thing and bring this baby home. >> all right. we will leave it there. danny colson and sergeant joe matthews. let's hope jimmy lee dykes a watching right now and takes q4 advice. we this week may go down as one
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of the worst weeks of the obama presidency all thanks to three straight days of dismal economic news and guess what the president did smack in the middle of the economic storm? shut down his jobs council. later a top obama advisor slams secretary of defense nominee chuck hagel. find out what colorful language a white house insider is using to dehe scribe the former senator when we come right back. ç@2x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@x@
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we have never ever designated a part of a legitimate government, a state, when i say a legitimate, that mean that we agree with -- it doesn't mean that we agree with iran but it is a member of the united nations. almost all of our allies have embassies in iran so that is why i note an elected legitimate government whether we agree or not. we have never made any part of a legitimate independent government designated them or made part -- made them part of a terrorist organization.
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>> that was defense secretary hagel making aeadachele making profound blunder yesterday. any one watching the proceedings could see that the senate committee was shocked as to how ill prepared hagel was. the white house is already in full damage control mode and now a bomb hell report from the new york times eenergied that said one of obama's own advisor said he was baffling and reprehensible. >> name one person in your opinion who is entim dated by the israeli lobby in the united states senate. >> well, first -- >> name one. >> i don't know. >> when you said that the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blonder i blunds country since vietnam were you correct or incorrect, yes, or no? >> my reference to the surge being dangerous -- >> the question is were you
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right or wrong. that is a pretty straightforward question. i would leak the answer whether you are right or wrong and then you are free to elaborate. >> well, i'm not going to give you a yes or no. >> why do you think that the iranian foreign ministry is strongly supports your nomination to be secretary of defense? >> i have a difficult enough time with american politics and senator i have no idea. >> do you think it is appropriate for the chief civilian leader of the u.s. military forces to agree with the statement that both the perception, quote and the reality is that the united states is, jet the world's bully. >> the didn't hear her say that by the way the united states. and i think my comment was it is irdevelop rant in good observation -- irdevelop rant and good observation. i don't think i said that i
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agree with it. >> as of this afternoon 12 senators publicly saying they will vote against confirming hagel as defense secretary and that number is expected to grow. here with reaction is syndicated co columnist and fox news contributor charles krauthammer. >> it was a shocking performance. without a doubt the worst i have seen in probably 20-25 years for any nominee for high administration position. you have to look at this this way. there were two lines of attack before the hearings on hagel. one on ideology and the second on his value voter veracity. the ideology was of his views said the washington post which s not exactly a right wing rag were outside of the mainstream to the left of obama and on the fringe of the senate.
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that was number one. the content of his beliefs. the second is the veracity. this is a guy who said all kinds of things and hailed by those who support him as a man who speaks truth to power. a man who is fareless, who stakes out his ground. all of a sudden where there is a high position dangled before his eyes he recants on just about everything on the weeks leading up to his nomination and in the hearings. on all kinds of issues, the iranian revolutionary guards he recan'ts and recants on the stuff he said about israel. do you believe him today or do you believe him yesterday? now, the third thing which is the most damaging. he just was completely incompetent. he was incomprehensible at times and come meetly out of his depth and clueless on some issues. one exchange which was utterly devastating. he was asked about the
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administration policy on containment of iran and he answered i support the administration's containment policy. later in the hearing he is handed a note and he says i just have been handed a note that i misspoke and my position -- the position that i hold the one that obviously is that the administration has no position on containment of iran at which point the democratic senator levin had to correct him and say the administration has a position on containment of iran and it is against it. this is -- this s not esotericis issue. this is a tentorial issue of our time. prevent iran's nukes or contain it and he didn't have a clue. >> extremely important point that you make that senator levin gave him a little bit of help trying to bail him out of the question. we have another question. senator jill le brand doing almost the same thing.
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>> the statement earlier today with regard to whether iran is legitimate. i can underand it if you meant it is a legal entity that has international relations and has diplomatic relations and is a member of the u.n. but i do not see iran or the iranian government as a legitimate government. what i meant to say or should say it is recognizable and is recognized at the united nations. most of our allies had embassies there. that is what i should have said and thank you. >> charles, about half a minute or are so but that is the second example. there were other examples as well. was he prepared unprepared? what is going on there? >> he had three practice sessions. i can't believe he got through any of them. before he said a legitimate government he said it was an elected government. the cause of the revolution
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that was it was a rigged election. where has he been? >> got to wonder was this let's put him up there and see what happens when we get a real nominee one we really want coming up next. not sure. leave it there. charles krauthammer. thank you very much. coming up next, a hannity party for outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton and honor america's former top diplomat. the record over past four years and you can rest assured that includes benghazi. and then we found the super bowl ad that will have everyone talking monday morning but tonight a first look at the go daddy commercial right here on hannity. log in to our special cam fanon site to follow the live show and share you thoughts on chuck hagel's confirmation troubles. go to hannity
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well, tonight we bid adu
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bon voyage to secretary of state mostly cloudy skie hillae steps down from her post at the state department. take a look at her accomplishments or lack thereof. first start with the attack on the u.s. embassy in turkey today that left one guard dead and marked the 8th embassy hit under hillary's watch. moving on the consulate attack which resulted in the assassination of a u.s. ambassador for the first time since the carter administration and the chaos in the middle east that brought syria and egypt to the brink of collapse in addition to iran is closer than ever to making a nuclear bomb. the list goes on and on. joining me for hillary's farewell party, kate openshane. let me start with you. i have a list of attacks on u.s. consulates and embassies. da mass caucuses syria, kabul, afghanistan, tunisia, yemen,
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turkey. the one that is most important is benghazi, libya. go ahead. >> right. not and the fact that it was attacked and our ambassador was shuttered and three other americans but the fact that it happened with warning on september 11th. that is like being surprised when christmas falls on christmas day. we were completely flat footed. not expecting it. 8 attacks on american embassies with americans dead. that is an absolute abysmal failure of secretary clinton and you didn't mention in the list that could go on and on the fact that our relationship with our one democratic ally in the middle east israel is deteriorating. opinion about america in every country except japan has deteriorated since 2009. headed in the wrong direction. there was no reset with russia. in fact, it is worse than ever. >> mark, what will secretary clinton's legacy be? >> i think the personal legacy
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will be phenomenal. no national politician of either the republican or democratic party that enjoys over 70% national approval rating that over 70% of americans approve the job performance they have done. i think that is for her a personal thing. we need to think about the country because that is more important. >> right. >> how is the country positioned after she is leaving and i think this is no expert are foreign policy expert that will disagree with the fact that america is stronger in the world, more respected that our relationship with our allies have been refurbished after 8 years of president bush's administration. >> which ones? >> and not just our country is safer but also -- >> hold on. kate is asking the right question. >> which countries do we have a better relationship with? israel is our ally an and we he a deteriorating relation with netanyahu. egypt is now led by the muslim brotherhood guy who says that we should nurture our children
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on hatred of israel? all around the world? >> netanyahu just yesterday said positive things about the obama administration. >> come on, mark. >> the arab spring was in a lot of ways fostered by the 70,000 men and women working for the state department of the united states as well as diplomats working for all sorts of western countrys. >> how has that gone? >> fairly well. we have democratic elebronned governments in a lot of the middle east right now. actual we have fixate on benghazi and people on the right will want to. >> doug: fixate? what does it matter now? >> ambassador chris stevens was a close personal friend of is secretary clinton and she took responsibility -- >> she didn't -- >> i remember this. she said i will take full responsibility and then i didn't really hear that kate in the congressional hearings last week. did you? >> yeah, not only eric has the fact that she didn't take responsibility last week she continually forced it elsewhere. but she lied for days and days
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and weeks she said that it was the result of some spontaneous video and said that to the victims' families as she stood next to the coffins and now says i never said that. that is a scourge to her -- she might have had a great -- >> did we come here to talk about benghazi or four years as secretary of state? >> the question is hillary clinton stood next to the coffins of the four dip mo dips and mentioned the video very well the attack had nothing to do with the video. >> you and i don't know what she knew when she knew it. >> she knew. she absolutely knew. >> we do know because she testifyd that she did know and she had known at that period of time. just two weeks ago she admitd that she had known. >> as you and kate know a lot of the things we do overseas
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are clandestine and not necessarily in the public eye. we are looking at our relationship with the asian pacific world the institutional arrangements with china and support for countries more vulnerable as a result of china's power. >> will hillary clinton's one million miles logged and all of the things that mark points out will that divert attention from the one big thing, the 10,000-pound elephant in the room, benghazi? >> absolutely not, eric. benghazi but a whole host of other issues. there is no where in the world where we are are better strongr and in a better position than we were four years ago. >> that is pessimistic. >> the one thing she has done well. promoted abortion on demand and gay rights internationally which is ironic because it contradicts the goal of apiecement of radical islam around the world. that s an area she has done a great job.
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>> i got to go. thank you very much, guys. coming up, a supermodel, a nerd and nascar driver have come together to create one of the most bizarre super bowl ads ever. this is the commercial the entire country will be talking about on monday. you will see it next when kimberly guilfoyle joins me in studio and legendary quarterback joe sits down with sean to give us his predictions for the big game. for the big game. don't go anywhere.e.e.e.e.
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welcome back to hannity. tonight a super bowl ad that will no doubt be the most talked about commercial around the water cooler on monday morn. a smoking hot model, a nerd and seriously awkward makeout session. take a look. >> there are two sides to go daddy. the sexy side represented by bar and the smart side that creates a killer website for your small business represented by walter. together they are perfect.
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>> get your domain and website at go daddy .com. >> joining me with reaction to and to update us on the other controversial ads that leaked earlier in the week mycohost of "the five." hot model. nerd. movies are made about this but that is hot. >> ha that looked like a nice ending for him. romance music in the background would have made it a little less -- you felt nervous for him and wanted him to do well like playing in the big game. buddy come on but they took like 64-65 takes. >> what was his line anyway? did he even speak? >> he didn't. he just kind of are turned and was like goo gaga. >> danica patrick is in the ad.
2:48 am
>> there is there girl with brown hair beyond you are looking at the two of of them. >> it is working, right? >> they are getting tons of press. paying it for them all day long. they will love it. everybody is talking about it who how many times it was viewed online. i think it was worth how ever many millions they paid her. >> another ad getting a lot of interest, a lot of provocative talk, the coke ad which features different cuts from movies it appears but the one they are talking about the first cut right there, there is islamist groups saying that is racist. >> people get too eye fended these days. you have is to look at it for what it is. they are trying to put something forward for entertainment value. a commercial for the super bowl. supposed to be provocative and humorous. >> coke says here is the ad but bel give the full ad and reveal
2:49 am
itself during the super bowl. >> it is a tease. >> they got so much pushback they revealed it early. >> because people were upset about it. >> they have an obligation to the shareholders to decide what is is the right thing to do. i get the idea of why they wanted to tease a little bit and reveal the rest but now had to come forward with it. people will still write about it. let's see who gets the number one ad, though. >> the vw ad. they are calling this one racest because it is several white guys speaking with a jamaican diia electric. >> i think it is unbelievably funny. who cares. a cute ad and people like it. this will hav -- it is a fun t. >> a fun ad, right? >> and people have to have a sense of humor. again, it's the super bowl. it is not like a library reading contest. supposed to have a good time. hey, man.
2:50 am
>> taco bell. >> give me some rice. >> a plate of vegetables. the about pc police said no, you can't diss the plate of vegetables for tacos. >> what country are we leaving in you you can't diss on some vegetables. give me a break. except for broccoli. i heart you, broccoli. my favorite. carrots, i have no love for carrots. diss the carrots. >> 49ers or ravens? >> are you confused by my outfit? are you kidding me? or by my shoes? this says it all. epic 4 49er, win. put your money on that. pretend money. >> everybody wants to know what is kimberly guilfoyle doing for the super bowl? >> i will wear my 49er cheer leader outfit. they win the game. >> not just like a jersey. >> i got notre dame cheer leader and i got 49ers with the red and gold, the cheer
2:51 am
leader pompons. i mean come on. i start cheering about an hour before the game starts for kickoff. you asked! >> have a great weekend. >> coming up next, not only will i tell you who i think will win sunday's big game but joe theisman sat down with sean and you will find out who he voted for in the last election that would be
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welcome back to hannity. it is the game football fans anticipate all year long and super bowl sunday is nearly upon us. so who is going win it all? the ravens or the 49ers? my prediction, ready for this? san francisco all the way. sean recently sat down with super bowl champion joe theisman and the legendary quarterback gave sean his predictions on the big game
2:56 am
sunday. take a look. >> joe, how are you? >> iate, sean. >> i have been a big fan of yours. i didn't know that you played 163 consecutive games. that is a pretty good record to be proud of without, you know, major injuries at that time. >> of all of the things that you do in our business to be able to show up every day for work was very important to me. a lot of days i played with broken noses, broken thumbs, broken ribs, broken collarbones, torn up knees, the little knicky things that happen. you just don't want to give up the position. i wouldn't let anybody practice because i didn't want the coach to think somebody could actually take my job. >> i'm a jets fan so i saw that all year in new york. sanchez and tebow didn't play and became a big mess as you know. i have never been to a super bowl and this is the first year i'm going to the super bowl. you were there you won it over miami.
2:57 am
what was it, 27-17? >> correct. went back the next year and lost to the raider. it was much more are lopsided. it is an incredible experience not only for us as players. for those that have never been but to be able to come down and have it in the city of new orleans, the comeback that the city has made and the way they rolled out the carpets. some of the players are coming in. you have 47 now, this is the 47th super bowl. a lot of history that has gone past this game. a lot of great players will be here for the game and i happen to think that the matchup brings the two best teams in football together. a lot of times you say people may have backed in or may not dehe serve to be there. both of these teams earned the right to be there and they are is similar teams and coincidentally same family is coaching them. >> one of the great story lines going on behind the scene. a pick? favorite? odds. do you have a bet.
2:58 am
>> you will take the jets so i will feel comfortable about what i will do. >> stick it right in me. see if i care. give it to me. >> i bet you picked obama for the election. >> actually, i didn't on that one. the thing is i -- on monday i lean towards the 49ers. on tuesday i lean towards the ravens but in this football game i think the baltimore ravens. they seem to be riding a high right now. the teams are evenly matched. i'm leaning towards the baltimore ravens. could well well get down to the kicking game. i'm taking the ravens. >> as we discuss the issue of hard hitting and concussions and president obama saying he wouldn't let his son play football. what are your thoughts on the game, the injuries. where do you stand on that? >> first of all, when you accept the responsibility to play and sign a contract to play this game you understand it is a violent contact game. that going in you know.
2:59 am
there is no guise about it or mystery about what the game is about. you will probably be sore. it is probably going to hurt and itle probably affect you the rest of your life. go up to every professional football player today and ask this question, say you understand that this game, you could wind up with things happening to you going down the road and in the future walk away from the game today. >> they are not going to do it. >> why would they? this is their passion. they love it. >> that is why you see guys going out injured and saw robert griffin iii not want to come off the field in the redskins seattle game. a game where we strive to make it as safe as possible. the national football league and the players association are working hard to make it safe but it is difficult when somebody is running at you you are going to lower your head to defend yourself. it is difficult to legislate hitting out of the game of football. if that s going to be the case then you will have a lot of guys making a lot of money


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