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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 1, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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how about going to get a husband? that is the message one princeton graduate. tomorrow morning at 9:20 eastern on the fox business network, and the five is next. hello, everyone. i'm andrea with kimberly, bob becker, and air boling and jesse waters. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> well, we hope that all of you had a happy easter. millions of americans went to church yesterday including president obama. most of you probably didn't hear your priest or your pastor imply that half of the country were racist, massage nistic bigots. that was the easter sunday sermon for the president. the 63-year-old master at st. john's episcopal church in washington, d.c. used his pulpit to deliver a scathing
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attack on conservative christians. as reported by several muse outlets, he said, quote, it drives me crazy when the captains of the religion right are always calling us back, for blacks to be back in the bus, for women back in the kitchen, for immigrants to be back on their side of the border. and so i'm guessing, eric, this was a very different message than you heard yesterday in church and a lot of us out there. it does seem to mow on a day of inspiration and arguably the holiest day this was not the right message. >> probably not. my priest actually went through john 20 which is the verse that talks about when mary magdalene and found the tomb open and jesus' body gone and john also said he was one of the disciples who ran fast to the tomb and basically calling himself from the third person a faster runner than st. peter. that was the message at my church. the mess seeming that
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president obama and family heard -- the message that president obama and family heard was the religion right, the cap tens of the religion rights are trying to keep blacks in the back of the bus and women in the kitchen and immigrants over the border. who are the captains he references? i am not sure who he is referencing, buts i am not sure i like the message on easter. i think he offended two million christians worldwide when he went there. >> bob, you are religious. you are a christian. this is not your typical message of hate. who is he talking about? who? >> first of all let's step back a little bit. you said in your opening that it insulted half of the americans out there. he was talking about the captains of the religious right. >> who? >> pat robertson, there is one for you. >> you think he is a bigot? >> i certainly do. >> why? >> i think he -- excuse me, excuse me. he doesn't have different beliefs.
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the treens is the tolerance that christ showed is pat robertson hasn't got that message. he attacked gays and accused them of being responsible for all kinds of natural disasters. this is a guy who as a leader of the christian coalition which now fortunately is by gone days uses that position to say the most ridiculous political things. i don't think this guy could have done this. >> have you heard pat robertson be a racist? a masogonist? >> have i heard nothing -- i have heard nothing about women in the kitchen. >> he didn't say anything about gays. he said blacks and women -- >> he also said keep gays in the closet. >> first of all, everyone said he did. that was tweeted by someone. i haven't heard confirmation of that. >> do i think it was a good message on easter sunday? no. do i think the only reason we are running the story is because obama was the in the church?
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sure. it is so you can all beat up on it. >> i want you to listen to what jay carney had to say about what the white house is saying about this very inflammatory sermon. >> was he surprised, were you surprised the reverend decided to get so political attack members of the religious right saying they want, pope, blacks to be in the back of the bus. it seemed odd for easter. were you surprised by that? >> i wasn't there, and i have not spoken with the president. this is a sermon. it is at a church here that has been visited by presidents of both parties for many, many years. i just don't have anything hour on it for you. >> it is probably a tough predicament for him, kimberly. this is a liberal church c openly gay sell -- celibat priests.
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this same reverend urged president bush in a political way to put an end to xenaphobia. >> i don't think this was appropriate. bob, you were the first one to say it was inappropriate for dr. ben carson to talk about the national prayer record. >> i think it was inappropriate, yes, i do. >> it could be worse because it is easter sunday, and to make these inflammatory re, mas especially in a house of worship that is known to be the place of worship of presiden and to call out these specific groups is not the christian message and not what jesus would want said in a church. >> the president seems to attract these radicals. he must have felt right at home. this is right off reverend wright's playbook. he did this before. in 2010 he went to the shilo church and the sermon there compared fox news to the kkk and rush limbaugh to the kkk and talked about jim crowe.
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should the president have left and walked out? it would have made a big impression. >> do you think he was trying to impress president obama or become more political than in the past? >> i think frankly if we didn't have that footage of obama walking out of the church would we lead with this story? >> we have reporters talking about what the sermon was, so, yes. >> that's the only reason we are talking about it. >> it is not manufactured. he walked out. >> he goes to an anti-christian church sermon during easter -- listen, love thy neighbor like you love thyself. he is slamming the religious right as bigots. >> captains of the religious right. >> is the message decisive or not? >> yes, and i thought it was inappropriate. it does not excuse a number of people who paw paw lit size on the right like -- politicize from the pulpit.
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>> the point is the president attended the service. >> you shouldn't use the pulpit of any church to get into politics. >> why didn't carney condemn him then? >> wishy washy. >> i wish carney would have said, listen, we don't agree with the comments. what he said was inappropriate. the president didn't know he was going to say that and it is easter. half on. >> why do you keep saying easter? do you go to church on other days? >> he has a history of sitting in controversial churches and disassociated himself, even though you really can't, with a church and pastor, jeremiah wright after 20 years of siting in the pews. you would think jay carney would say we don't gre with this rhetoric. however, this is the same rhetoric we heard during the presidential election about the war on women and the bigoted comments. >> perhaps that's why people weren't surprised because we heard this before. if i was the president i would be careful to distance myself from this kind of inflammatory , bigoted sermon that he
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shouldn't be listening to. if he knows who this reverend is and the message that he gives, i wouldn't be caught in there no way. >> he has been here for about eight or nine or ten years. he has not had a history of inflammatory comments. if everybody would preach the word and forget politics -- you know when paul said -- paul said give up to the romans -- what was it in the bible? render to -- there is no place for this here. >> why are you defending it? one place says there is no place. >> the reason i am saying this is i think this gives us -- gives those of you who don't like obama a perfect launch pad to attack him. >> it has nothing to do with liking him or not. the problem we take issue is with the sermon and the message. it was inappropriate. you say the reverend doesn't have a history of this, but he chooses the most holy days to
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unload with this evil spewing forward against a party with no proof to say that? >> and we have heard over the last couple of woax a number of republicans come out in favor of gay marriage, in favor of comprehensive immigration reform. when is it enough? when is it going to be enough to stop painting us as bigots? >> good points. sara pay lynn number two, she is not a woman in the kitchen. tim scott,. >> nicky hayley. >> and thenned it cruise and marco rubio. twoth leaders of the senate right now and they are hispanics. >> i am not going to sit and defend what he said. if you want to defend what pat robertson has said over the years? >> hold on. >> wait, wait. hold on. >> hold on, jesse. >> you forget your history. >> that is the then 90s. >> i see. >> there are other leader and i am not here to defend pat robertson, but this guy is out of line. >> then say pat robertson was out of line.
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>> some of the things he said was out of line. i don't agree with everything he said. >> it has nothing to do with this guy. it is the people at "the five" who wanted to run this tape because of obama. >> let's throw some sanity into the discussion. >> try. >> you were complaining about mr. carson, ben carson, at the prayer breakfast and using that venue to -- >> which is a political venue. >> to have some sort of an opinion on politics. this is the contact same thing, but on a much more holy day, easter sunday. >> i think i have been consistent. carson should not have used it and this guy should not have used it for politicalization. >> stop defending the guy. >> i am thought defending him. >> if it was john boehner who heard this sermon would we do this bach? >> of course not. >> of course we would. >> if boehner was in a church service and they were ripping on women and ripping on gays and he sat there, you don't think the mainstream media
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would cover that? >> grow up. >> you don't think the mainstream media would cover that? >> grow up. >> very quickly, this was thought the only controversy yesterday. if you went to google's home page to do a search yesterday you may have seen an odd picture on one of the o's. it was the image of communist labor leader chavez, caesar chavez. kimberly, i went on there and saw this picture and i thought, what is that doing there on easter? they cooperate have made -- they couldn't have made one of the o egg? it seemed deliberate for google. and they can do what they they want. they are a private company, but why on easter would they? >> they tried to sidestep the issue saying sometimes we place historical figures -- really? who dropped the ball. you do this on easter sunday? i am not surprised because i know in san francisco too there was army street and they changed it to caesar chavez. there was uproar about it.
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google, their politics are liberal. you get that? >> can we point out their answer as you mentioned, occasionally we feature an historical event or influential figure that we have. who can be more influential than jesus christ? >> what do you think, bob? >> seizure chavez who is i think one of the great labor leaders of all time. he was not a communist. asked that question a number of times and he said no. this is a man who organized -- let me finish. let me finish. he organized the agricultural workers being exploited and making kids work in the fields when they were 12 years old. he did a boycott and good for him. >> more important than jesus christ, bob? >> how do you get to that? >> there are zero examples -- >> of course he is not. neither is anybody else. >> it is one thing to honor a scientist, but -- and i
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disagree with bob on this one. he was a communist leader, and even though he was a devout catholic, don't you think chavez would have said don't honor me on easter. honor jesus. >> he is dead and it would have been nice for google to do it. you are the ones saying they are a corporation, they can do what they want. to use this to den gnaw grate caesar chavez, jesus christ does not need his picture on a google ad. >> how about an easter egg. bing had an easter egg. >> who? >> the other search engine. >> i was at church yesterday listening to the word and that's all i care about. i don't care about what google does. >> poor jesus. >> the ironic thing -- >> i'm sure jesus is so upset. >> chavez would have wanted to unionize google. ahead on "the five" a big announcement from barbara walters on the retirement rumors. we'll have that. and a princeton alum tells female students to put a ring
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on it before they graduate. so should she put a sock in it? we'll debate it next.
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if you give your life fighting for your country in most cases you qualify for the purple heart. the defense department used a technicality to disqualify the fort hood victims for that high honor. the survivors are upset with the administration. listen. >> i'm angry. i feel very disappointed, and i feel like we don't even matter. for this man not to have served one day in a combat zone or in a threat area, and for him to get the treatment that he is getting opposed to the treatment that we are getting, it is an embarassment. >> after thousands of e-mails back and forthwith the known terrorist, major nadal asan, a terrorist stood up in fort
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hood in a processing center and proclaimed allah and opened fire on our military men and women. he killed 13 and injured 32. sounds like an obvious case of a terrorist jihad, right? so why is the obama administration classifying fort hood as workplace violence? let's bring it around the table. why workplace violence? >> this is such a copout. i feel strongly about this situation. this is clearly an act of terrorism against americans. the fact of what he yelled out right before, god is great, right? this is specifically something he had planned and was working in concert with a known documented terrorist. this is not a disgruntled person upset because they are not getting enough coffee breaks. that's what is so offensive to me. and then to deny them purple hearts and hide behind the law, it would have no impact on the trial. they are more concerned that they would have to classify it as an act of terrorism instead of calling it workplace violence. it is shameful. >> bob, is that the reason so they don't have to classify it
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as terrorism, and therefore a terrorist act on american soil under the obama administration? >> i don't know what they rational is, but it is a bad decision. first of all, these medals are awarded and come down from the joint chiefs on down, but he is the commander-in-chief. i suppose if he knew about this he could have said no. overall it is a bad decision. even though this may have happened, they didn't know about the connection with terrorists and we do now. i think these people deserve to get a medal. >> what do you mean they didn't know about the connection with terrorists? this is a man -- they did. when he was alive he sat in front of a panel of army psychologists and in very specific detail explained exactly how he would go about killing. it involved jihad terms. he is praised by al-qaeda today as a trailblazer. they have his e-mails. they knew there was something off about him. again, it is not inotec where the guy is upset at his
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stapler and plows up the d.a -- blows up the building. this is jihad, a holy war and an act of terrorism. the political correctness of this institution is really a big problem. >> let's just remember something. this administration wouldn't use the word "war on terror." they called it overseas contingency operations. they wanted to try khalid shake mohamed. how is it not prejudicial to call him the mastermind of 9/11 and this is not a terrorist at fort hood? remember the fort hood victim said obama betrayed her. prommed -- promised hershey would get benefits. remember the iconic photograph arm around the woman. and now she is not getting what she deserved after she lost her home. this is is a track record. >> broken promises. >> i hate to do it because are you a guest, but have i to correct you all the time. that woman was a civilian
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employee at fort hood. she had been let go of her job. she has had some very questionable allegations and to suggest that obama made this decision -- >> that is absolutely off topic. >> this is completely off topic. the topic is why -- hold on, jesse. the topic is why did the obama administration and the defense department classify this as workplace violence instead of what it really is a terrorist act? >> have i no idea. what i was trying to say before is they didn't know about the direct connection until several days later with the e-mails of the guy you mentioned. >> so it is classified as terror. on friday an ad said all mass murderers are white males. not so fast. look what jesse found. minority mass furtherers and here they are. this is the last 20 years or so and we have a list. do we have that screen? >> we looked at a time line, mass murders since 1988, something like that. colin ferguson, murdered six
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people garden city, thork, black guy, omar thorton, eight people in manchester, connecticut, black guy. we have asian shooters too. we also have white shooters. this is not a racial play here. >> do you have the white shooters up there? just curious. >> we know who the white shooters are, bob, let's be honest. you can't paint with such a broad brush. the woman who wrote this article is injecting race here. >> you know, if i were you i would get a picture with a bigger frame. >> i don't think anybody should be singled out based on their race or gender on this issue. it is a national problem. if you could sit down instead of jamming gun control bills down the throats of americans and have an honest debate we will find we have more in common. the break down of the family whether you are white, black, asian, greek, i don't care. >> this was bias, obviously. it is not accurate. it is not good reporting, good analysis.
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she has discredited herself. >> last thought this. >> it was a column and it is sensible to say that there are a lot of people from mass murders from a lot of races except when we portray them, the fact is the biggest and the most dramatic ones have involved white men. >> 100% correct. the vast majority are white men, no question. >> but why divide? >> that's not what they said. they pointed out white men and failed to necks that there were a lot who weren't. >> inaccurate. >> apparently it is raining men at college campuses. one princeton co-eds mom tells her to hook a hub be before she graduates. oh yeah, that will happen. you will hear from mommy dearest when we come back.
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should girls be looking for a husband when they go to college? one mom thinks so. she sent a letter urging kids to get their mrs degree along with their bachelor's. this was in the daily princtonian. she said, quote, find a husband before you graduate. smart women should marry that are their intellectual equal. there is a limited population of men who are as smart or smarter than we r. you will never again be surrounded byon n worthy of you. she says to megan kelly about her advice earlier. >> women want to be married, and they want to have children. many of them do. not all of them do. very distinctly my advice and that's all it was, nature of
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advice, take it, don't take it, all okay, was just start thinking about this sooner. if the women's movement has truly empowered us to make the choices that are best for us this is one of those choices. >> see, i like articles like this. it stirs it up, the controversy. bob, you have some interesting thoughts on this. >> the first thing is who married her? >> so mean. >> let me just put it this way, the idea of suggesting the only only -- first of all there are a limited number of smart men and there are a lot more than a limited number. to suggest that in princeton they are smarter than -- men are smarter than other people, there are smarter men who don't go to college and get out of high school and there are plenty smart men everywhere. this woman to say this is just -- you know this is the height of elitism right here. if i had to be around this woman i would need a shotgun. >> how do i say this? it appears to be -- let me generalize. men marry because they are
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really attracted to women. women marry because they really want to fall in love. mom's heart was in the right place. successful men, smart men, challenging men at princeton, but what mom may not have realized was if you are under 18 you have a 48% chance of getting divorced within 10 years. if you are 18 or 19 it goes to 40%. as you get older, 20 to 24 and drops to 29% and above 25 it drops even further. as you marry older your marriage is more likely to last. >> have you more life experience. >> it is a bad idea to encourage your 22-year-old to hurry up and get married before she leaves princeton. >> andrea? >> i don't know where to begin. smart women shouldn't marry men who aren't as smart as them. smart women don't marry stupid men. men marry dumb women all the time. that's the truth. i think back to the men i knew in college and i wouldn't call them men. they were boys. they were funneling beers and having belching contests so good luck, ladies. if you can find a mature man
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ready for marriage at that age and supportive partner, go for it. i agree with bob. there is a lot more smarter men out there than we think. i agree with eric. young love, if you can find it, but it is probably not that realistic. i did have a different way of looking at what she said. what shairld sandburg said with her lean in column was find the importance of a good partner. that's very, very important. i tackled this on the radio show and even megan kelly came on and a number of women, the governor of oklahoma and marry fallen they all said ladies, find the right partner. take the time to find a supportive partner and that's how -- >> don't close the door if he is at princeton. >> if you are in college and a girl starts talking to you about marriage, you are out the door. run for the hills. that's bad advice i think. >> maybe now a days. >> now a days it is. i knew a kid that went to princeton and aced the sat's and he is probably the dumb ease kid i met. -- the dumbest kid i met.
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he smokes pot every day and doesn't have a job. not all of the smartest men are at princeton. >> she went to princeton though. i don't think it is a bad place. if i am going to go fishing i want to fish in a lake that has some fish in it. >> some big fish. >> yes, some big fish. if you are into smart guys, then you go there. if you are into hot guys, i don't know. but let me tell you something my father-in-law or whatever you want to call him. he went to princeton and married his wife while at princeton and asked permission of the dean and they have been married 50 plus years. >> that's sweet. if you are going fishing in a pond i would would not go to princeton. i would go to the east river. >> you also said they should go to your apartment. >> 48% is the whole universe and it is getting worse and worse. >> that's because there is a peter pan syndrome with guys. they are raised to stay children as long as humanly possible, and women can't find really strong men. >> we are mature guys. bowling is mature. >> are you a total anomaly by
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the way. >> thank you. >> i think marying later is a much smarter and more mature and you know what will keep you together. >> or keep trying. keep trying until you get it right. have to be positive. >> how many times did you try? >> mama is coming to princeton next. >> hang out at princeton this fall? >> totally i am getting another degree. >> all right, next, we know how planned planned parenthood feels about the rights of the unborn, but what about the rights of the born? shocking comments from one of their reps when we come back.
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i'm brett bay you are in washington and the -- brett bier and the talk is the talk
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of war. the u.s. has sent two f-22 fighter jets to south korea and the navy is sending a destroyer. this comes after the north said the construction of nuclear bombs is a priority. one republican senator says the hard part is done. so where exactly are the negotiations on the details of an immigration reform package? south carolina is said to be ground zero for the fight over immigration reform. we will tell you why. and what president obama is not saying about easter sunday. the president sat through an easter sermon where the pastor criticized the conservatives. the president's aids refused to condemn the eyebrow raising message. special report from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. dana perino joins the panel. back to "the five."
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a lot of people are in disbelief over the barbaric comments made last week from planned parenthood. dishee is a lobbyist -- shooy is a lobbyist and asked point blank what should happen to a baby that survives an abortion outside the womb. >> if a baby is born on the table as a result of a botched abortion, what would planned parenthood want to have happen to that child that is struggling for life? >> we believe that any decision made should be left up to the woman or family and the physician. >> you stated that a baby born on a table as a result of a botched abortion that decision should be left to the doctor and the family? is that what you are saying? >> that decision should be between the patient and the health care provider. >> i think that at that point the patient would be the child struggling on the table, would
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you agree? >> that's a good question. i don't know how to answer that. >> that's amazing. it is a tender topic. people have mixed emotions about this issue so we want to treat it respectfully. kimberly is this what we are talking about here? >> it absolutely is. if the fetus is viable, how can you deny it medical coverage and then say -- medical care and murder. this is flat out murder. that's what it is. it is despicable and against the law in 50 states. i don't understand where this woman is coming from. it is reprehensible. >> we called planned parenthood in florida, nationally and we called this lobbyist and we have not heard back. we heard no explanation defending or defining exactly what she is talking about here. can you think of an explanation, bob, for what she was defending? >> i was for a number of years pro choice. i have become anti-abortion in the year since i have gotten faith and i can only
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imagine -- even when i was pro choice i couldn't imagine her not saying that they ought to take care of this child on the table. i'm amazed planned parenthood hasn't called you back. if i were them since they get a bad wrap from people all the time anyway, this is one you don't want to leave sitting out there too long. >> i can't imagine ms. la port snow is along with the lobbyist lobbyist -- has a long lobbyist planned parenthood career. she was either deer in the headlights afraid and didn't know what she was talking about or didn't know what she was talking about and a deer in the headlights. >> or she did know. >> she is basically condoning murder. >> by the way, these are botched abortions where the baby is living and has a heartbeat after the attempted abortion. if i am understanding correctly she is recommending that if the mom wants to abort it at that point she and the physician could kill the baby on the table jie. she refused to come -- >> she refused to come out in favor of infanticide.
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she should have said our physician is to require doctors and patients to comply with the laws of each state which it is not legal. that would have made her safe. but here is what i want to know, besides where is planned parenthood, but where is the media? you have one dummy like todd aiken who makes a comment about legitimate rape and they brand him the spokesperson for the gop. i don't hear anything from the media on this. is she now are we to assume the spokesperson for planett parent hood and the pro choice movement? >> she is the left wing todd aiken in this case. she looks like sandra flux's cousin, but i can't tell. where is the media on this in this is a lobbyist for planned parenthood, one of the president's biggest donors and organizers supporting infanticide. the president himself has a lot to answer for. he was voted president for partial birth abortion and bob is laughing over there. that's a fact.
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i would like to know what jay carney thinks about this. >> and she then went on to say, oh, this doesn't happen very often. people don't get killed by suicide serial killers very often, but it doesn't mean that should be legal either. >> jesse, have i to give you your bias credit. you owe bough ma -- obama in that link as best as you could. it is about babies. >> i will get everyone in that link. we pay our taxes and they take $542 million per year in taxpayer monies. >> stop funding them federally is the point. take the baby to the hospital. there is plenty of homes for children like that that would just do anything to get a child and be able to love them and give them a life. still to come, barbara walters with an announcement about the rumors of her retirement. and it was a basketball game people will not forget. louisville makes it to the final four after a player suffers a devastating injury on the court. an update on kevin ware and how he is doing next on "the
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five." ♪
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i don't remember that song either. we now know the final four match ups, michigan versus syracuse and wichita state veer sis louisville. i had louisville in my bracket. what an emotional game for the cardinals. they defeat duke after kevin ware broke his leg on the court earlier in the game. we won't show you the gruesome injury, but here is a look at what happened. >> last six points to the cardinals. oh and there is the shot right there. for three. >> and his teammates had an extremely tough time watching that. you can see howie motional they were. the sophomore from new york is okay and he even held his team's trophy in the hospital. one thing i would say is cbs
2:50 pm
showed the discretion after we have become cbs and to not do replay after replay after replay. i remember watching joe thighs man and i was in the stadium. the nfl played it over and over and it was played for years. do you think cbs did the right thing? >> i think it went back and i think they said something like 32 times they replayed that the heisman when he broke his leg. i was watching that live in a restaurant. i saw it and the first thing you saw was the duke player going like this and patting his chest. cbs took that shot and i was like, is this guy having a heart attack on the court? and then you realize one of the other louisville players was on the ground and then they replayed it twice and it was so graphic. if you look at the bench the team freaked out and they were smart though and never replayed it again knowing very well if you want to see it, go to the internet. it is that bad. they did a good job. >> it is one of the situations where where were you when this happened? i missed it because i was at
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dinner and my that i bores came back and they have an eight-year-old kid and he saw it. he was tearing up when it happened. he almost got physically sick. i hadn't seen it until today. i cued it up and researched the segment and i got nauseous. i was so sad for the guy. and now it looks like the surgery went well. he was so inspirational. he was on the ground and apparently rick pitino was saying he said, "win this game, guys, just win this game." the players rallied around him and they got a little juice out of it and now they are in the final four. >> andrea, did cbs do the right thing? >> they did. it is amazing, they know when to do the right thing when it comes to athlete injuries. just not communist pop began do. >> maybe you got them to start being, i don't know, more moral and sensitive to people out there. the first thing i thought was ow! and now there are reports that his scholarship may be in jeopardy over this. i hope not. >> what do you think? did you see it?
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>> i did see it, and i thought it was very graphic. i was glad they didn't repeat it. i was watching the game with my dad when it happened to joe theismann and that was one of the worst i have seen in sports. this is tied. >> i think it is a good lesson for all professional sports, particularly football, to not keep playing these things over and over and over again. it doesn't do anybody any good. one more thing is up next. >> oh thank god. >> ♪ wild thing ♪ you make my heart sing
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it is time now for one more thing. imagine this. imagine this, yesterday you may have been coming home from church and you are on the highway and look to the side of the road and there is the cops. they pulled somebody over, and it is the easter bunny. they are writing him a ticket for riding his motorcycle without a helmet which is required law in california. this easter bunny was wizzing down interstate 8 when a member of the california highway patrol pulled him over. >> wizzing? >> he was wizzing down the road. >> you have been listening to your 5-year-old too much. did you get the potty connotation. >> i was thinking he got a
2:57 pm
dui. >> wizzing? >> speeding down the freeway. >> poor bunny. >> leave the bunny alone. i mean, jeez. wouldn't fit under a helmet. kimberly. >> i thought he was cute. i love the easter bunny. i sat on his lap. >> a picture later this week. okay. how about barbara walters. a lot of speculation because she had mentioned about potentially retiring and some people thought there was going to be a big morning. she says, here i am. no plans to announce. if she decides to in the future she said she would do it on her show "the view." let's listen to what she had to say. >> there were many reports last week saying that i was retiring from abc and there was an assumption that i would be making an announcement today. however, here i am. i have no announcements to make. >> no comment to me.
2:58 pm
>> eric? that's all have i to say. maybe they would say something about whoopi. >> it is all for pr. >> can i play hash tag proud dad for a second? look at this picture here. this is my son in his first high school at bat. he is a freshman in high school. he got a single. look at the next picture. that is a single over the short stop's head. he is one for two and we are playing -- and they are playing as we speak. if i was any place but here i would be at that ballpark. >> this is a serious thing i will say. for the last two months i have held this back from my come patriots here on "the five." you know how you make fun of my love life. two months ago quietly i met a woman who was the woman of my dreams. i didn't say anything. oh, april fool's. >> we got your number. >> are you not going to say it is me, are you?
2:59 pm
>> there is no doubt. >> first of all, you could have just stepped on a very emotional thing. >> come on, bob, we know you pretty well. >> i am just saying she proposed to me over the weekend and i didn't accept. but april fool's you are right. >> oh you got us good, bob. >> that is like potluck over there. >> i met the woman of my life. >> they are telling me i need to wiz by and get it going. >> president obama loves basketball. he thinks he is a pretty good shooter. he went ice cold the other day at the easter egg roll at the white house. brick city. he was 2 for 22. i think there is an air ball here soon. >> poor guy. >> you can watch the entire video raw on fox >> are you saying he needs to practice? >> we don't want him spending time on the court practicing. >> maybe we do.


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