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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 1, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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and now you know the news for this monday, the 1st of april, 2012. i'm shepard smith live tonight in seaside heights, new jersey where much of the power is still out. if you would like to help out the victims of super storm sandy, head over to >> the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> president obama is the biggest spending president and has spent more money than any other president combined. >> more shocking examples of government waste, now we are spending taxpayer money on puppet research and snail sex. can washington get things under control? we will debate it. >> you were quoted as basically saying the deal is near, the deal is at hand and all of that coverage got senator rubio to say who, who, who no deal yet. >> deal or no deal? senator schumer says a bipartisan immigration bill is ready to go. but senator rubio says not so fast. where does the legislation
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stand? we'll have a report. >> i'm angry, i feel very disappointed and i feel like we don't even matter. >> the department of defense refuses to award the soldier who survived the fort hood massacre purple hearts. but why? >> who was the victim? major hasan or the 32 survivors and the 14 deceased? >> we will take a look at this disturbing situation. scott scott caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hello, i'm scott brown in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the joke is on us. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you know, i was the united states senator from massachusetts for about three years. i speak with many of my former staff and colleagues on a regular basis and remain plugged in.
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so what if i told you that the leaders in both the house and the senate along with the vice president are actually close to solving our country's most vexing financial problems? things likes a astro no, ma'am mick cal gas prices, long lines at the airport and out-of-control national debt? that's not all. medicare, social security, and obama care will all be fixed and made self-sufficient for generations to come. if you are saying to yourselves wow, that seems too good to be true, you would be right. it's april fool's day and the april fool's joke is, guess what? it's on all of us. i find it ridiculous that we are grateful when gas prices come down just a few pennies, we shouldn't feel lucky to pay $3.63 a gallon for gas. and while we are talking about april fool's jokes, here is another one. our energy policy or lack thereof. it's also a joke that there is no effort to address the long lines and other cuts at our airports being brought on by sequester. the joke is also on us that there is no effort to reel in our out-of-control debt. when i was in d.c.
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the national debt was just under $12 trillion. today, it's almost $17 trillion and counting. sadly, the joke son us that after four years of not having a budget, the senate passes a sham budget that does not balance and actually increases the debt. and medicare, social security, and obama care, are going to bankrupt the country if we don't have an immediate, mature, and bipartisan conversation on how to save and strengthen them. individuals and businesses are coming to realize finally that they were sold a bad bill of goods. premiums are going up. people are losing the doctors that they grew up. the one size fits all approach being implemented across the board, you know what? it's not working. >> the new taxes to pay for it, listen, they are hurting businesses, growth and expansion. every day in d.c. is april fool's day. once again, the joke is is on us and on you. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. more out-of-control government spending. the national republican
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congressional committee recently compiled a list detailing more than $42 billion worth of wasteful spending and costly regulations. some highlights? how about taxpayer money funding the development of a dancing iphone with robots. snail sex research. and puppet shows for kids. what great idea. you can't make this stuff up, folks. that waste is enough to fund 45,000 years worth of white house tours. one of the first government functions that shut down during the sequester debate as you remember it joining me now to react from atlanta, republican stat gist loretta la poor and from los angeles, democrat and fox news contributor leslie marshall. welcome, ladies. i want to start with you, leslie. >> good evening. >> good evening to both of you. the president and leaders on both sides the senate and the house going to get the wasteful spending under control and not provide items like this to us as most americans kind of shake their heads because if you take that $42 million -- billion, i'm sorry, that they are
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talking about, that's one half of the sequester amount that they are arguing now. so what do we do? what's your feeling on that? >> well, one thing that, you know, senator is the voters spoke very loud and clear in november and the polls show prior to the collection election they go want both the left and the rights to work together. we see snails having sex research. a lot of snails in my house last night wasn't looking if they were having sex. in the past we had $700 toilet seats. bridges to nowhere and just a couple of months ago your party with all due respect, senator, wants to have a national park where george w. bush's birthplace was which maybe is a good thing to do at some time but not with unemployment and the economy the way it is. as you know, the problem is not reducing spending. that's agreed on both sides it's where, how, and how much. one of the problems consistently is if we don't agree, left and right, and i as a democrat do believe that we need to and can save so much money by closing tax loopholes on the rich and on
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corporations, rather than picking on medicare when we have, as of last year, 10,000 people a day becoming seniors for the next 19 years because of the baby boom. we don't go after grandma before going after exxon. >> know, the thing i hear about closing loopholes and raising taxes. they just raised taxes. i voted for that compromise that was actually done in the wee hours of the night. so we did that but we look at things like this and, loretta, i'm going to come to you and see what you think. we look at things like this and shake our heads and say why don't we get in place first the 42 billion of our tax dollars that you are wasting, get that done first, do a top-to-bottom review of every program. federal reform all the things we shake our head at. then come to me and others like me who say hey we need more money. what do you think? >> well, good evening, first of all. >> good evening to you. >> yes, first, i agree with you. we need to go back and look at the fundamentals of government. what is government's fund montle role in our society
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and what services should government be funding? we have gotten so out of whack with what our needs are i mean, i think, you know, as a conservative, i believe in limited government. and i think, you know, we have to look at national security, making sure the economy is stable. providing for those in our society who can't provide for themselves right now. and looking at those major infrastructure programs that transcend jurisdictional boundaries. beyond that everything is up for discussion. i mean, everything is in question as to whether the government, the federal government in particular has a role to play there we need to start thinking about reducing those programs. i mean the sequester went into effect but let's be real. those weren't cuts, necessarily. those were reductions in growth. and while it wasn't the best way. it wasn't the operative way to go about balancing or fixing the budget or fix the deficit, it certainly was a start because politically we know, given the political rancor in washington right now, there was no other way we were going to achieve even that
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modicum of balance. >> listen, thank you, ladies for that. i just want to turn to another controversial story right now. yesterday as we all know easter sunday was celebrated and the president attended service saint john's episcopal church and the pastor said quote: today white house spokesman jay carney was asked about those comments and said this: >> he is not a politician. this is not a senator or member of congress or the president. this is a sermon that -- at a church here that's been visited by presidents of both parties for many, many years. and i think, you know, i don't have anything more on it for you. i haven't talked to the president about it. >> leslie, i'm going to
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start with you since we are all i find that rhetoric not at all helpful. we have immigration debate where people are working good faith. i know for a fact they are. we have a black president. massachusetts i have a black governor. we have a supreme court justice. we have -- race is always an issue in our country i think quite frankly we are handling it and moving forward in a thoughtful, judicious manner. how do these type of comments help the conversation? >> with all due respect i think it's easy for those of us who are not here tonight who aren't friend to make statements like that. this is a church both parties have been to. this is pastor that has done invocations for the current president and the former president. i personally can't stand any kind of politics being preached from any pulpit in any religious institution. having said that, this man does have a first amendment right to say it whether you like it from the pulpit or not. let's look at what he said.
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although i do think the back of the best bus statement could be offensive and i'm a white woman saying that when we look at voting rights african-americans are feeling oppressed. i hear that on my radio show and can you hear and see that through the our country. let's look at gay rights. we are fighting the supreme court is right now deciding and coming up in june with a decision that for two days we found had to do with procreation and moral conduct when it was tied back to what was the real issue regarding gay men and lesbian women getting married. that is pushing them back in the closet. women turning around and trying to change legislation regarding reproductive rights. >> i love it you are on fire: >> i actually think that the pastor's comments were unfortunate. i don't think that any type of incendiary commentary like that really does much to advance the public discourse. i do think that there are still issues that we have with regard to race relations. certainly we are seeing a big open public debate
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about gay rights and marriage rights and whatever decision the court comes to on that. we are going to see a lot of change and a lot more discussion along those lines. when we look at women's rights, there is a lot of room to grow in terms of equality in the workplace and so forth and so on. it's the temperature at which we have this discussion i think when we are doing it from the pulpit i agree with leslie on easter sunday, the holiest of all, you know, christian holidays. it was just not appropriate and obviously the president didn't probably walk in there anticipating that that was going to be, you know, the sermon of the day. so i can't really hold him at fault for that but i think we need to move forward and advance the dialogue in a new day and a new life. >> thank you both very very much. it was great to have you on. see you again soon. >> great. >> next on the run down is a bipartisan immigration bill ready to go. senator chuck schumer says yes. senator marco rubio says hey not so fast. why is refusing purple
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we help you shine every day of the week. >> scott: in the impact tellingment tonight. as you may knowed bipartisan group of senators known as the gang of 8 are working to iron out a piece of immigration legislation that both political parties will support. over the weekend one of those senators democrat chuck schumer said an immigration reform bill is close. let's hear what he said. >> with the agreement between business and labor every major policy issue has been resolved on the gang of eight. now everyone -- we have all agreed that we're not going to come to a final agreement until we see draft legislative language and we agree on that. we drafted some of it already. the rest of it will be drafted this week. so i am very, very optimistic that we will have an agreement among the eight of us next week.
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>> scott: i'm shocked. but yesterday republican marco rubio released a statement saying that reports of a comprehensive deal were, quote, premature. what's going on. jennifer corn the executive director of the hispanic leadership network and brent wilks the executive director of the league of the latin american citizens. both are in washington, d.c. i want to welcome you both very, very much. let me just, before i ask you -- thank you. i want to ask you a question. i know these two senators very well and the members of the so-called gang of eight as well. i served with them. in the senate members on both sides have a trust but verify policy when dealing with senator schumer as we all know he tries to get ahead on issues and get out and do his pr thing. as you know in order to get an immigration bill done we need to secure the border. have an everification thing. take care of over the 4 million people who have actually been following the law and then have a workable, thoughtful, pathway to work and citizenship that both sides can support. jennifer, do you see it all shaking out?
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>> good evening, senator. thank you for having me. >> scott: good evening. >> the way i see it senator rubio says hold on, we need to take a step back and we're working on this. but it's only 8 senators who are going to come forward with draft legislation. and we still have 90 senators who need to look at this and the american public who needs to weigh in. and on the whole pathway to citizenship, that's a misnomer. what we support is earned legal status. and i think that defining it that way is much better for the american people. we are talking about 11 people who did break the law. who do need to come forward, pay a fine. learn english and passion a background check -- pass a background check and first get a provisional visa before they could ever get in line for legal residency. really what it is is earned legal status. >> scott: what do you say? >> i think senator schumer was trying to be. >> senator schumer, you are right. he was trying to be senator schumer. >> certainly an agreement between the aflio and
5:18 pm
chamber of commerce significant agreement that is a big hurdle. they appear to have overcome it. that is a good sign. obviously it takes two sides to have a deal. senator rubio doesn't believe there is a deal yet. i think that's his right and certainly a lot of details that we haven't seen that we hope to be able to see when the legislation actually comes out. i have to say i do think it's important to have a pathway to citizenship. obviously if you become a legal permanent resident, well then you are on the pathway to citizenship. as long as we continue to follow the immigration law like we have in the past. once we put folks on that permanent legal status, they will have that opportunity to become citizens. we think that should be part of the law. the good news is i think there is a lot of momentum behind this bill. i think we are going to have comprehensive immigration reform this year and that's a big change from previous years. >> scott: brenda, i agree with you, i saw lindsey graham in the studios. talked to him about his thoughts. here is the problem in the united states senate. you have the extremes on the left and right and in the middle the block of moderates which i was one is now smaller. very few people to bridge
5:19 pm
the gap between the extremes. on the left basically very few parameters or qualifications to get that citizenship and on the right, they want to have you go through hoopsz to basically get to that final goal. and i believe, as i think you both agree on, we need to compromise. we need to find that balance between the two. they need to get the information out and have you heard anything else that we are missing and not discussing today? >> well, i just think that we need to recognize an environment is different than we have ever seen it even though there are republicans who think one way and democrats who think another, that you have a lot more of that bipartisan effort coming forward on immigration reform because the thing is -- the fact is that our immigration system is broken and we need to fix it and having senator rubio and senator flake and conservatives at the table to make sure that it's actually conservative solution. because, to us, immigration reform is a conservative issue is very important. we have to remember not just to talk about earned legal status but we have to talk about securing the border, making sure our
5:20 pm
legal system is actually fixed. a temporary worker program is in place and everify are all in place. so, there is really five components to -- >> scott: let me jump over to brent. brent, what are your thoughts on that? i agree, everything she is saying makes a lot of good sense. and the key is obviously to bring it to the membership. bring it to the people. make sure you can get it through the house. no a democrat bill or republican bill. it needs it to be by farther san. by -- how do we do that? >> we need to keep the momentum going. put a lot of support behind this bill. hopefully there would be a substantial, well beyond the 60-vote threshold in the senate. this cuckoo be that one piece of legislation that does get a lot of bipartisan support. if that moves with that type of momentum into the house i think we have a good chance of getting this bill passed. i do believe that citizenship is important and there is is no real conservative reason not to grant that most conservatives want to see people make a commitment to the united states and become citizens eventually.
5:21 pm
>> scott: let's see that conversation continue to move forward. i want to take you both for taking the time and bringing the conversation to the forefront. thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> scott: directly ahead. welfare out of control. how a single mom with two kids in pennsylvania might be able to get more than 80,000 of your tax dollar in benefits. why bother working at all? we will break it down for you in just a few moments. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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>> scott: in the fact for flashback segment tonight, the nanny state on steroids? a recent investigative report by the cbs station in harrisburg, pennsylvania revealed that a single mother with two kids making $19,000 a year could get close to $82,000 in free government assistance from the feds and the commonwealth. bill sat down with the reporter who put the story
5:25 pm
together a few weeks ago talk about what he found out. >> bill: let's start with the $15,000 in free day care. who pays for that? >> well, that particular program, bill, that comes from the federal government. they send the money to the states and then here in pennsylvania the state matches about 100% of that. so that $15,000, the single mother of two making $19,000 is entitled to, that money comes from 50% federal and 50% state moneys. >> bill: okay. and then if the mom chooses to put her tykes into the head start program, it's another 13,400 so if has one tyke in head start and one tyke in day care, the total is $18,000, correct? >> it's a massive amount of money. now, if you talk to the people that are administering these programs. you talk to the politicians that set the programs up and advocate for them, they have good reasons for why these programs should exist
5:26 pm
and why people need them. the child care, for example, the argument is that if a mother cannot afford child care, therefore, she can't work. if the taxpayer subsidizes that child care, the mother can get a job. eventually make enough money to no longer have to have that child care. >> bill: look, none of this theory is bad. it's just a matter of bankrupting the nation. $6,500 for weatherization projects. what's that? >> so if somebody has a home, they can apply to the state to have the state come in and make their home more efficient for energy. they can get insulation. they can get a new roof and things of that nature. >> bill: free? >> up to $6,500 yes, absolutely free. that is a grant. >> bill: the roof doesn't work well. the windows need to be caulked, whatever, the state will come in and do it up to the tune of 6500. which is a lot of money. also pay for the phones. they will pay for your cell phone up to $480 a year. 230 for a land line.
5:27 pm
so, if you are under a certain income. >> those programs are. >> bill: who pays for that state or feds? >> i'm sorry? >> >> bill: who pays for that state or feds, the phones? >> the phone one? >> bill: yeah. >> the phone one i believe comes from the pennsylvania you title commission. that i believe starts in the federal government, again, comes down to the state government and then they disperse it to the people who need it most. >> bill: all right. now, you met up with a woman, christina kogan who fits the profile, all right? and here's some tape on her. go. >> if you are going to get something for free, are you going to work for it? it kind of sucks you in. they feel like they're hopeless. they feel like they have no alternative. >> the welfare system sucks you in? >> yeah. >> it's hard to get out of it. >> yeah. >> bill: even though christina is taking money she knows the motivation to go up with 80,000 staring you in the face isn't that much, right? >> she was a very enlightening person to talk to. it took us a long time to
5:28 pm
find her. we foundner a church. we couldn't get anybody from the system, from the state or the county system to talk to us. we found her. she has been collecting for five years. she was a mother. she was married and while she was married she had never worked. so when she got divorced, she got custody of her two children, she had no work experience. she couldn't get a job. there was nothing that she could do to make money so she went to the welfare system. she does hope to be off of it some day. she is in nursing school. she says if you are getting these programs, it's very difficult to encourage yourself to work. why would you want to deal with traffic? why would you want to be away from your family or deal with a boss? >> bill: absolutely. we would point out the nursing school is paid for by the taxpayers as well. chris, good job. thank you very much. >> scott: plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. the department of defense refusing to give purple hearts to the survivors of the fort hood massacre. what is going on? later, a first-hand account of what life is like in an iranian prison where an american pastor is being held for being christian.
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>> with hotwire's low prices, i can afford to visit chicago for my first big race and l.a. for my best friend's wedding. because when hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire so i got my hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ ask the scott in the unresolved problem segment tonight, denying our country's heros. as you may know former army psychiatrist nidal hasan is charged with murder for shooting at -- at fort hood the shooting spree we remember back in 2009. 13 people were killed. more than 30 others wounded. now the department of defense has decided it will not give purple hearts to
5:33 pm
the victims of the fort hood massacre. saying that it could interfere with hasan receiving a fair trial. that decision is not sitting well with the survivors. >> who was the victim? major hasan or the 32 survivors and the 14 deceased? and it's already obvious information has come out where he got his orders from to perform his jihad. i'm angry. i feel very disappointed, and i feel like we don't even matter. >> powerful words. and joining me now from washington with reaction is lt. colonel tony shaffer, who works at the senator for advanced defense studies. now, as we talked about earlier, you know, i'm still serving. i'm in the pentagon working. >> right. >> scott: i know there is congressional action being taken as a result of this potential ruling by the department of defense. but is this a case where there is posturing between the defense counsel and prosecution counsel and the
5:34 pm
people getting hurt are the actual victims of the attack? what do you think? >> absolutely, scott. this is undue deference to the defense counsel. you are actually in the memo that the pentagon puts out gives a pathway to the defense. hey, just follow this path and your client will be almost assured to get a fairer trial. the issue here needs to be focused on doing the right thing. you and i served in the army, you continue to serve. i was taught do the next right thing. the next right thing here is to call out the truth. the victims of this attack were attacked by a member of al qaeda. it was self-criewted. he was in touch with anwar al-awlaki and john brennan said during his hearings and frankly in previous statements that one of the reasons they assistanted anwar al-awlaki was because he was influencing and directing. directing be the key word people like major hasan to actually conduct acts of terror. to me, scott, that clearly puts it in the category of international terror and these members should receive the awards they are due and benefits. >> scott: listen, that is what it is about.
5:35 pm
recognizing people that have not only given their lives. >> that's right. >> scott: taken a bullet or worse for their country. i'm wondering because of the changing battlefield and the battle, you have prisoners of war, enemy combatants, terrorists, there is a gray area there. and quite frankly you have the 9/11 attacks. we awarded the purple heart. >> right. >> scott: you had pearl harbor as we referenced earlier. now all of the sudden we have to work out for the guy who perpetrated the crime and we're not going to look out for the victims when all they want is that small purple ribbon acknowledging that they, in fact, did something for their country and did what they felt was appropriate. what do you think on that? >> very clear. there is a change in environment. the air force wants to award between major medals for flying drones which i do not agree with they did not put their lives in jeopardy. we have to be clear on this. scott, this case was political from day one. this administration has always wanted to call it quote unquote work place violence. i was on this network talking the very next day
5:36 pm
in 2009 after the attack as a think tank guy and the army called me saying we don't agree with your assessment calling it terrorism. scott, if this happened in any other place of the world this would be called an act of terror. with the links to the international terrorists anwar al-awlaki there is no doubt in anyone's mind. so, to me, it is appalling that this administration is more worried about a political narrative and frankly trying to give aid and comfort to a terrorist here, my goodness sake his own words will indict him and assure his presence in jail for the rest of his life. there is nothing here in the congressional legislation that will actually help the defendant in any way, any plausible way that i know. you are the lawyer. i'm not. i have studied law quite a bit. i can't see how this would give any -- congressional action to this any aid to the defense of major hasan. >> scott: what do you think is next? how do you think this all will play out? >> i'm going to encourage my members that i consider friends on the hill to push this forward. the right thing to do is take care of the families. they suffered.
5:37 pm
they continue to suffer. and they need to be taken care of first and foremost. i hope congress passes this and they force defense secretary hagel to do the right thing. >> scott: the way to get that involvement is the people affected by this their friends and family. >> that's right. >> scott: as a former senate and municipal state and federal official, i know for a fact you know, you pick up that phone, you send that email, you write that letter, you show up at the office. >> absolutely. >> scott: if people are truly moved by this, i would encourage them to reach out to their senator and congressman and let them know enough, this is ridiculous, because you are talking about a recognition that does carry financial benefits that differ greatly between the work place environment claim, workforce violence claim that they are trying to throw around now. >> that's right. they have got to do the right thing here. >> scott: i want to thank you for your services. what types of things are you working on that we can keep an eye open for? >> scott, you know, i just came from the cyber exercise up at the war college last week. >> scott: cyber security is
5:38 pm
huge. that's the next frontier. >> working on afghanistan issues regarding how we get our forces out of there and create regional stability. hopefully i will be on more talking about that over the next year or so. >> scott: colonel, thank you so much for your service. when we come back, we will go inside an iranian prison to find out what life is like for american pastor is a e.d. abedino who is currently serving an 8 year prison sentence in tehran for get, this practicing his faith. that story ahead. with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please.
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>> scott: thanks for staying with us. i'm scott brown in for bill o'reilly. and in the personal story segment tonight, a disturbing situation in iran. easter sunday has come and gone with american pastor saeed abedino locked up in tehran for serving an 8-year year sentence for endangering. his family says he is in prison simply because is he a christian and he has been subjected to daily beatings and torture. secretary of state john kerry is demanding his release and the factor is closely tracking the situation now. with me now, mary ann -- please forgive me if i mispronounced the name. the two iranian born christian women who know what pastor saeed is going through. they spent nine months in the prison after being accused of antigovernment activity. they were released in 2008. the result of an intense international campaign calling for their freedom.
5:43 pm
they have a new book out which you see right now "captive in iran." which hits stores tomorrow. i wish you both good luck. i'm excited to read your book and i want to praise you for your perseverance during a difficult time. i have a couple questions. was it your faith, both of you, that actually brought you through this -- i can't even imagine incredible time in the prison? >> of course, most important reason that we could bear that difficult situation was our personal faith and our personal relationship with jesus christ. and sometimes we couldn't even pray and find good words. we didn't know how we should pray. we didn't know how we can ask god to help us in that situation. we were praying in tongues it was really helping us. whenever we had interrogation and they, too, for example interrogation. and i was praying for her
5:44 pm
and she did the same thing for me. >> scott: visa versa. was it your faith that got you through those difficult times? >> yeah. as maryam explained our faith really strengthened us during that time. we are human beings and with all our weaknesses and sometimes we couldn't even pray. and it was very difficult for us and we just pray in tongues and holy strength during that time. >> i understand during your captivity that had you a roommate that was actually killed and one minute you are there talking and conversing and praying and then, you know, she is taken away and executed. and i found that fascinating to think that, as you said, you are human beings and you are trying to find a way to cope with, obviously a very strenuous and difficult time. did you know that there was an intense international effort outside trying to
5:45 pm
free both of you? >> for the first few months, we didn't know what was going on outside. and we were feeling so lonely because maggie said we are human beings with all our weaknesses. >> scott: were you both separated? >> during the time we were in public prison we were together. but there were times that they took us for interrogation in another building they is a separate building in the prison. it's famous for mental and physical torture. and at that time we were not together. >> scott: you obviously both were tortured i'm presuming? >> yes. >> actually, we were not tortured physically but we were tortured mentally. but there were sometimes that we considered we were tortured physically, too. for example, for 15 days we were in detention and they usually from the morning they lock the door until the 8:00 morning. and we couldn't use
5:46 pm
restroom. and it was like a torture for us. and there was also another time that we were both sick and they didn't let us go to see a doctor to treat ourselves. both of them are like torture. >> scott: i understand the prison became almost like your own church. you were actually preaching and explaining your faith to people that were muslim and they were maybe not accustomed to christianity and the beliefs of christianity. how did that all work out? were you successful? did you get any converts or did that allow you to duane the respect -- gain the respect of some of the other prisoners? what were the interactions between you and the other prisoners? >> they couldn't do anything to us because we were in prison. they put us in the prison. and we were more free in prison to talk to people about jesus and share the message of christianity. scott scott do you think you were making a dent at all? >> yeah.
5:47 pm
>> scott: converting any people? >> made it easier for us to talk to people about jesus. >> scott: were they conversing back to you about their beliefs? did you find any common ground two faiths that you could build upon or maybe the world could actually build upon? >> there was, you know, there were times that they took us and asked us about what we were doing in prison talking to women about jesus. they were trying to stop us, but all the time we were telling them that you put us in the prison and people ask us about our crime and why we are in the prison and we have to explain why we are in the prison. and when we tell them we are here because we are christian and they became more curious and they ask more questions about christianity is a crime. and they ask more question and we have to explain for. that's why we share the message. scott cot i will point out the book again "it's captive in iran." the book comes out
5:48 pm
tomorrow. good luck with sales. >> thank you. >> scott: what were your family and friends doing during this time? >> our family? >> scott: family and friends how were they dealing with your loss of being in captivity? >> we have many friends from prison. some of them are released now and we have connection with them. one of our goals here is to be a voice for them. >> scott: i have to stop you as i said i had to in the beginning. i want to say thank you both. just ahead a factor flashback, you don't want to miss adam carolla takes on california lt. governor gavin newsome why minorities in california aren't doing that well. also on deck jon stewart rips president obama over his handling of returning veterans. those reports upcoming. textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds
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>> scott: in the second
5:52 pm
factor flashback segment tonight, last month adam carolla had former san francisco mayor and current lt. governor of california gavin newsom on his pod cast and the discussion turned to why minorities are in trouble. >> half of african-americans in the state of california, roughly half of latino families have no access to a checking account or atm. things we take for granted. >> what's wrong with. >> they they don't have the resources to sock those things away. >> i want to know why those two groups. >> they happen to be that. >> flawed? >> hardly flawed struggling. >> genetics. >> no absolutely not. >> do asians have this problem? >> a lot of communities have problems. a lot of whites have these problems. >> so it's not just black and hispanic. >> no. >> why did you bring up black and hispanic. >> because the magnitude is ominous. >> why so many of them? >> it just happens to be. >> that's the way god planned it? >> not at all. >> what happened to them? >> there are a lot of issues that the communities are struggling. >> why are they struggling? >> a lot of different reasons. >> blacks have been here
5:53 pm
longer than we have been here. >> bill recently spoke to adam about his shootout with lt. governor newsom. roll the tape. >> bill: newsome never really answered the question about the root causes of the problem that he brought up. what do you think they are? >> the soft bigotry of low expectations and if i'm sweaty it's because i have a fever and the lights are hot. i have got this please of kleenex. yeah. look. these guys need to be coaches, not cheerleaders. they are just cheering on their constituency right into the ground and they need to be coached up. you he know, politicians need to be part parent, part coach, part boss, part school teacher, and if somebody is not doing well in a specific topic or subject, they need to be coached up. he doesn't want to coach them up because he is going to lose their vote. >> bill: it is true that disproportionately african-americans, hispanic
5:54 pm
americans are on welfare and don't have the structure, the financial structure that asians, you pointed that out and white americans have. what is the reason for that? you're opinion? >> well, i don't know when asians got it, but at a certain point, they stopped looking outside the family, they started looking inside the family. they started realizing that assimilation and education were important and the family stayed together. they put a priority on education. and it turned around. i mean, in my first book, in 50 years we will all be chics i chronicle. this i went to north hollywood high. i went there with jews and asians and blacks and hispanics and white folk from the valley. and at the end, all the jewish kids and the asian kids headed off to ucla and cal berkeley and the black kids went back to the hood and me and the mexican kids dug ditches and cleaned up
5:55 pm
garbage on construction sites because we had broken families and nobody put an emphasis on education. >> bill: that's what it was. you and your broken family, bowers i know your parents divorced early, nobody said hey, look, adam, you have got to do this, that, and the other thing. you didn't have any guidance? >> we didn't do homework. i never did homework a day in my life. neither did any of my white trash buddies from the valley. and we all got jobs cleaning carpets and picking up trash. >> bill: all right. education and newsom wouldn't say the disintegration of the family leads to poverty and that was your point? >> no. by the way, you heard a minute of that. that went on for 20 minutes. but what's in it for him to answer the question? he is not interested in helping people. is he interested in getting reelected or getting his party reelected. he doesn't care about the people. he would stop calling people like me a racist and start helping his constituency. >> scott: a quick reminder to check out bill o' if you buy one of bill's best-selling books on the
5:56 pm
web site. you get a free copy of the bolder fresher book for free. i just took one -- -- i just took a book for free. the guys may be coming to town or city near you. don't miss out for tickets. bill is back no spin zone tomorrow night. jon stewart takes president obama to task. we will show it to you just 60 seconds away. so stay with us. using supercomputing and mobile technology over our secure network, verizon innovators are building a world of medical treatment data in the cloud. so doctors can make a more informed diagnosis from anywhere, in seconds rather than months. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. nehey!r! [squeals]
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♪ [ewh!] [baby crying] the great thing about a subaru is you don't have to put up with that new car smell for long. introducing the versatile, all-new subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> in the back of the book segment tonight. america's shame. during my time in the senate i sat on the veterans affairs committee and heard horror stories, one after another from young vets unable to get the help they needed from the va. i remember one soldier who lost most of his limbs. now after fighting one war, he was waging another one just to get the medical attention he deserved. today nearly 900,000 veterans are waiting for disability claims to be processed. the average wait is 262 days
5:58 pm
and that's unacceptable. this is not a partisan issue, folks. that's your (bleep) the va has a backlog of 900,000 people. mcdonald's handles ten times that many customers in an hour. and may i he remind you, they're run by a clown. so what happened? why haven't they modernized the opportunity. >> the capabilities have been limited by longstanding project management and planning weaknesses, inadequate accountability and poor oversight. >> bureaucratic, i get it. probably caused by the republicans with the obstruction and the underfunding. come on next sound bite support my notion who the bad guy and the good guy is. >> do you need more people? more processors, what do you
5:59 pm
need. >> in the past four years in you look at budgets for va, increased budgets at a time when other departments have gone through belt tightening. >> republicans. (laughter) >> they made it it impossible for the va to find the medical records under all of that money they dumped on the agency. the point is if you're making the case, the government has a meaningful role to play in improving people's lives and when you're not obstructed from doing what you want you better (bleep) bring it. >> you know, a humorous clip, but spot on. about a million soldiers are expect today return home over the next four to five years and come into the va system and they shouldn't be forced to fight for benefits after fighti fighting for their country. mr. president, if he can't handle the job give it to somebody i can. the soldiers are hurting and they deserve our help and your help right now. that's it for us tonight, thanks for watchi


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