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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 1, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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brown in for bill o'reilly, who will be back tomorrow. don't forget to check out my website, scott and follow me on twitter: @scott brown ma. and please remember, the spin s looking out for you. >> . >> and welcome to "hannity." tonight the hypocrisy of the left is in full effects as students at johns hopkins tried to stop the world renowned brain surgeon dr. ben carson from the commencement address because of comments he made on this program. and i'll read a statement we received from dr. carson. first the back-story. dr. carson was vilified by the left after he sought to speak truth to power at the prayer breakfast and now coming under fire about comments he made about gay marriage on this program. >> we have the issue of the
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supreme court dealing with two issues involving gay marriage. i've asked you a lot of questions and never asked you that. what are your thoughts? >> well, my thoughts are that marriage is between a man and a woman. it's a well-established, fundamental pillar of society and no group, be they gays, be they nambla, be they people who believe in bestiality, it doesn't matter what they are, they don't get to change the definition. so it's not something against gays, it's against anybody who wants to come along and change the fundamental definitions of pillars of society. it has significant r ramificatio ramifications. >> sean: dr. carson gave the statement, it's not my intention to equate those groups, those who know me well, i have no hate, the
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issue here is whether marriage should be be redefined and what the ramifications of doing they are. i've been struck by how frightened people are to express their few feelings on the issue. and joining me now with reaction are the chief strategist for the tea and civil rights attorney, kvc 97 radio. leo. great to see you. >> good to be back. >> sean: long before. you listen closely to he said. and doesn't come out the way he wanted to. he said again and again that nobody should have the ability to change the historical definition of marriage. that to me, this issue is only a side issue. the big issue, even before this is, if you're african-american and you're a conservative, you are vilified. you are demonized, you are called names, you are
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attacked. that is the ongoing epidemic that goes on. there's no freedom of speech for african-american conservatives in america. >> no, that's not true. >> yes, it is. >> sean hannity you created a monster. ben carson, you're a doctor, you're not a poll significance. >> sean: and you're a lawyer, you're not a talk show host. >> and think your children are social deviants. >> sean: that's not what he said. >> you created him. >> sean: i'm not the creator in lives of people. >> and dr. ben carson put his size 12 foot in his mouth because ever since then-- >> take a breath. leo, i've known you for a long time and you you put your foot in your mouth all the time. >> oh, no, this guy has equated hemo sexuality to bestiality. >> sean: oh, those the-- he apologized. is it a death sentence, he can't speak out because he's a surgeon. >> it's not good enough, not
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good enough. >> sean: the bigger issue here. >> you have elevated this guy to 15 minutes of fame. >> sean: i like him. i think he is a' friend, articulate and smart. and common sense. and african-american conservatives, this is what happens, it happened before the issue came up. they were attacking him on the left. >> no question about it, and i disagree with leo taurel. i think that ben carson is a hero, a wonderful role model, he's a credit to the race, the human race. he's an outstanding individual. >> sean: well-said. >> and we need more individuals like dr. ben carson in politics, not less. and you know, for students and for an intellectual institution that is supposed to be about welcoming different points of view, different-- >> and only eight, eight students. >> and this guy is a--
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>> i'm sure-- sean hannity created this guy. >>. >> sean: i created him? >> he put his foot in his mouth. >> he's an outstanding individual. and we gave him an award over ten years ago, he's an outstanding model for our country. >> he's talking about taxes and-- >> leo turrell you should be ashamed of promoting censorship. you're talking about censorship and that's the-- >> guys, hold on. >> leo you should be ashamed of yourself. >> sean: leo, you put your foot in your mouth a lot over the years? you never apologized for things you said. >> i know what i'm talking about. >> sean: and you said things you regret. >> he put his foot in his mouth. >> sean: and have you said things you regret? >> absolutely not. i know what i'm talking about, i'm a community activist, i'm a lawyer. i have some credentials. >> sean: now, compare the treatment of dr. carson over
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the top, even before that statement. and go to the president, and nice to see him outside of jeremiah wright's church and seeing le seeing to church and calling back for blacks to be back in the back of the bus, for women to be back in the christian and immigrants to be back on their side of the border. leo, can you name one person that's calling for those things? that's a question. >> oh, okay. >> leo-- >> i want to talk about ben carson. i'm talking about ben carson. >> sean: we're talking about the double standard. can you name one person that supports the views of obama's new pastor? ♪ da, da, da ♪ >> while leo is thinking about it. let me mention the litany of horrors, of left wing speakers
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that had the opportunity from bill ayers who is a trustee at northwestern university to victimed cop killer, abu-jamal who was a keynote speaker at an institution. come on, the hypocrisy is outrageous and leo, for you, an attorney, to be-- >> why do you calls take sean's view, why are you apologies for sean sean hannity and fox news. >> air not on any other program. >> leo. >> sean: all right. wait a minute. . >> why aren't you on any other program. >> sean: wait a minute, hang on. now let me go to the next-- >> you are only on one network and fox news and sean hannity's program. >> sean: cut the mics for a second. now i'm going to another point. let's go to the race baiting dog whistles over at nbc news and look at a segment about
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wal-mart. wal-mart is one of the biggest providers of jobs and opportunity for people around the country and now listen to how that's portrayed on nbc news in this case without brian williams. >> it's sort of like all i could think about when you're seeing this, this looks like share cropping, extra and feeding itself and the people and government-- and you have the system going in a constant circle of share cropping, they're robbing both sides and the taxes they're supposed to pay. >> sean: we've seen the treatment of ben carson. and we've seen the treatment of obama's pastor from this weekend, nothing in the mainstream media and see this on nbc, this comment that's made hardly an uproar anywhere. >> uproar. >> sean: and i want to ask leo. >> yes. >> sean: do those things outrage you as much as dr. carson spent most of his life helping children and saving
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people's lives? >> let me think about that. no, ben carson is a doctor, stay in the hospital. >> sean: you're a lawyer, stay in the courtroom. >> ben carson stay in the hospital. hey, i've been in the community and i know what's going on. >> sean: so does dr. carson. >> dr. carson, you created dr. carson since february 15th. and-- >> i created him? he created himself. >> you created a monster. you created a guy with-- >> i wouldn't want to call him a monster. >> leo. >> he has no more fame and-- and calling dr. carson a monster and you're friends with oj? >> leo, is a little bit of an intellectual tyrant, an arbiter of who should be on tv, who should not be on tv. leo, i agree with you, there are other programs who should have me on. and i used to be a commentator for nbc and cnn so my breadth of experience for working with racial equality.
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you're right and there should be voices like mine and other black conservatives on networks, but there's a censorship throughout the media and academia. >> sean: if you're a conservative african-american. >> that's right. >> sean: all right. guys, good to see you, thank you, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> sean: and coming up, the rogue regime in north korea ramps up its rhetoric and says there's quote, a state of war in the peninsula. did this crisis sneak up on the administration? patrick j buchanan is here and plus, today marks the 24th straight day that the house remains closed to the children and public and crazy uncle joe biden didn't new car!
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. >> ichl >> welcome back to "hannity." new tensions tonight over the weekend. kim jong-un said that the korean peninsula entered a quote, state of war and said that nuclear weapons are quote, the nation's life. this ramped up rhetoric did not go unnoticed and in a response, the united states began flexing, well, its military muscle and fox news confirmed that the u.s. navy is moving a ballistic missile defense destroyer off the peninsula and dispatched two fighter jets to join in south korea's training exercises. now, earlier today, white house press secretary jay
9:15 pm
carney explained despite the aggressive north korean rhetoric, washington has not seen any real mobilization. watch this. >> i would reiterate that we haven't seen action to back up the rhetoric in the sense that we haven't seen a significant change, as i said, in terms of mobilizations or repositioning of forces. and that is important to know. and what that, what that disconnect between the rhetoric and action means i'll leave to the analysts to judge. we simply evaluated and take necessary precautionary measures. >> now, there was also a report tonight that the chinese had stepped up their military mobilization in the face of north korea's threats. joining me with reaction is author patrick j buchanan, sir, welcome back. >> how are you doing? >> let's start. we see more saber rattling by
9:16 pm
the day and he they actually put out a new, i guess, propaganda piece, this one targeting american soldiers. the last video that they had put out was actually targeting the capitol and the white house and this goes directly at a soldier. how should the u.s. and the president be reacting? >> i think we should speak softly and carry a big stick, sean. kim jong-un has painted himself into a corner and it's hard to see how he gets out of it without some kind of military action, which this time it's going to bring a real military response or climbing down in which case he's going to have a very hard time because he's so far out with his declarations of war and i think we're in a dicey situation and hard to see how kim jong-un backs down because i don't think that the south koreans and the united states are going to. >> sean: he's threatened to
9:17 pm
nuke the united states, and a destroyer off at peninsula and two f-22's going there and no doubt the north koreans have the massive advantage if he wants a military strike to begin? >> well, let me tell you this, the united states flew those two b-2 bombers all the way from missouri and did a fly by of the hermit kingdom and went home after dropping dummy bombs. that's a message, this war can escalate and the higher it goes you could be dealing with nuclear attack by the united states of america. no doubt about it, they've got 11,000 artillery pieces on the demilitarized zone which could turn that entire northern part of south korea into a sea of fire. a thousand missiles or more targeted there. the good news what the press secretary said, they've not shown any indication that they're preparing for a major invasion ala 1950. and thank the lord, quite frankly, because that would
9:18 pm
mean-- the united states would win that war with the south koreans over a period of time, but the whole korean peninsula would be devastated. so, hopefully the chinese can deal with him and they're the ones who really ought to be responsible for pulling him back off this limb. >> sean: what about china hacking into our computers, the russians flying nuclear weapons over american air space, egypt, we now see what is the result of the arab spring has been and headed for bankruptcy and god only knows what's going to happen there. syria, iran. do you think that this president is capable of dealing with foreign policy issues in a way that makes you sleep at night, patrick buchanan. >> things are going to hell in a hand basket in the middle east. >> sean: and north africa and-- >> and bali. look, i'll say this, what the chinese are doing in this open, naked cyber warfare, cyber theft and cyber
9:19 pm
invasion, they've been doing this a long time and for the first time mr. obama, in the form of mr. donlan named them as the main perpetrator of cyber warfare against the united states. we're going to have to review and have a dramatic reappraisal of our entire policy engaging with the china. >> sean: pat. >> and the trade-- >> they carry an awful lot of american debt. >> they carry a trillion dollars worth of american debt and we're giving them 300 billion in trade every year and ask our questions, is it a wise policy basically to let them cart off part of the american market for all the stuff that-- >> that's what we've done a slap on the wrist and call them out, we yiidentify them and don't do anything with the russians. i think the world has decided with all of these actions between russia, china, north korea, tell me that i'm wrong. i think they've decided they see a weak president that
9:20 pm
doesn't have the -- that's all rhetoric and would never back up anything. i think they see it. >> i think these are different situations you've described. the russians, for example, i think that putin's done a lot of good things with the united states. he wants us to stay in afghanistan, he's helped in that area and he's been a problem in other area. the chinese are much more the great super power, the rival of the united states in the coming century, sean and the idea of china and russia getting together i think that's a diplomatic failure on the part of the administration they let that happen. these are separate issues and the egyptian situation we've talked about. i think we ought to stay in the game, and see one more card rather than cut off aid. as we read on sunday that place is about to go down economically and we don't know what comes up when it does. >> sean: thank you for being with us. >> delight. >> sean: add two more vacations for the the obamas in the last three months,
9:21 pm
we'll tell you about them and crazy uncle joe goes on a third vacation of the year. so what would the administration-- why are they so tone deaf and when are they going to get off this rich and famous life style of theirs. and end the jetsetting. kirsten powers is year. and a lobbyist implies the woman has a right to decide whether an infant who survived abortion this day calls you.
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>> oh, they're the administration that loves vacation and crazy uncle joe wrapped up a long weekend of r and r in south carolina. now, this is the vice-president's third vacation in just three months and after a tropical new year's in the virgin island, the ski trip to colorado in february and scheduled to head back down to the luxurious south carolina island this month as well. while the administration can't find the money to open the people's house with tours and the deficit continues to mount, we, you, the taxpayers, you continue to fund the life styles of the rich and famous, their luxurious excurbses and
9:26 pm
much more. t -- and the obamas add the spring break vacation and the girls got to go to the bahamas and all the way out to idaho skiing and this is after the tiger woods golfing trip for him and girls ski trip to colorado and joe biden's, three months into the year, pretty good life style. >> so i'm understanding you, you're upset that the girls went on vacation. >> sean: we have to pay for the security, right thing to do. not one vacation. >> no, i'm sorry. >> sean: they went on two spring break vacations. >> that's insane. >> sean: that's the-- >> no, these girls, you know, i think you should leave the daughters out of it. they should be allowed to go on vacation.
9:27 pm
>> sean: if we're paying for it at a time when 50 million americans are on food stamps and 14 million on disability, one in five. i think the optics are wrong when we're talking nine vacations for three months. >> do your children go on spring break. >> sean: no, my 11-year-old didn't go on spring break. >> i think these girls are allowed to go on spring break. >> sean: one spring break, do they have to take two and can't vacation-- >> i can't believe you're making an issue. >> sean: when they fly to martha's vineyard, go at separate time. >> they're little girls and-- >> when he goes to vacation in florida, she goes skiing in colorado. so now it's not just one spring vacation, it's two. and most-- 50 million americans are on food stamps, katie. help me out here, i think this is over the top. >> yeah, well, let's talk about the optics of this, sean and what you talked about. this isn't about the girls going on spring break, this is about a man, president obama, and his vice-president, joe
9:28 pm
biden, claiming to be leaders of the middle class and representatives of the middle class and they're jetting off to lavish vacation and joe biden spending $5,000 a night in paris and president obama 8 million dollars on a hawaii vacation while secret service agents can't stay in washington d.c. with their families at christmas time. we're seeing that people who plan their spring break around coming to washington d.c. to see the white house can't do it because they're closed because the president has decided we need to save money. >> sean: since the beginning of the year, if you include the whole obama family, that's two vacations a month, we have to help pay for, hang on a second. >> i'm sorry. >> sean: and if you include the bidens, that's one vacation every month and another one for next month. how many vacations do you take a year, powers? 'cause i don't get that many i. >> you know, i go to alaska to see my family, but-- >> once a year, maybe twice. >> no, i get to alaska a lot.
9:29 pm
i have two little nieces i have to see. but, my point is, i just, the idea that you're getting upset about the girls, i have a real problem with. and-- >> i'm giving you the same picture, i'm giving you biden's trips and hotels bills. and obamas, they can't go to the same location and don't fly at the same time. >> the complaining now, katie just complained about the secret service agents, now, couldn't be with their families at christmas. look, the bushes went away and the reagan's went away. >> no, they didn't, kirsten. >> george bush never went to the ranch. >> he went after christmas so they could stay in washington d.c. >> when everybody was complaining about george bush going to the ranch. i never complained. i think that people should be allowed to go on vacation. i think the the most
9:30 pm
mean-spirited thing you've done. >> sean: you know what's mean-spirited 50 million americans are on food stamps, he said he'll solve the problem and he didn't solve it. and mean-spiritedness when 50 million americans are suffering under his economic policies, 14 million more americans are on disability, kirsten. >> sean, it's mean he when middle class families promise their kids they're going to the white house in washington d.c. and save for a year to pay for a vacation once in a lifetime to come to the white house and president obama can't scrape together enough money or offer like you have to pay out of his pocket to keep the white house open, but he's more than happy to pay for secret service vacations to go on the vacations, go on the vacations of his daughters and vacation of joe biden. it's not about girls going on spring break, it's limiting the capacity of middle class families to come to the white house. >> sean: how about his patriot duty and fair share, seems like he lectures everybody
9:31 pm
except himself. you as an honest liberal has to say this is over the top. nine vacations in three months between the obamas and biden. >> and on the tours-- but i find it's outrageous. >> sean: get over it. >> and feel sorry for the people who can't go on vacations. >> for you to pay for the daughters, is-- they're little kids. >> sean: we're paying for it. you know, the kids can go visit the white house. do you visit the white house. >> they're little kids. >> sean: how about the money-- i offered to pay for a week to keep the place open. i'm offering my fair share. >> we disagree on this. >> sean: and by the way, we didn't include golf, the concerts, we're going to show you this great basketball shooting. 2 for 22. >> for as much the obamas hate rich people they like living like them. >> sean: and kirsten, for whatever reason they think they're royalty, and imperial
9:32 pm
presidency and. >> because they go on vacations, really. >> sean: nine vacations on the obamas and the bidens. >> they're he not the same family. >> sean: but we're paying for all of it. and lobbyists raising eyebrows after questioning florida legislation that would provide medical attention to an infant who was living outside the mother's womb who survived an abortion. wait until you hear these outrageous sad comments coming up next and actor jim carrey is at it again and this time calling out little ole fox news channel and explain the latest rant. and log on, special companion site. hannity live, and follow-- or maybe leo. an
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other serious stomhh conditions may exist. don't take nexium if you take clopidogrel. ask your doctor if nexium is right for you. find out how you may be able to get nexium for just $18 a month at >> welcome back to "hannity." there is major outrage after planned parenthood lobbyist testified to the florida legislature last week and questioned a bill that would
9:37 pm
require abortion doctors to provide medical attention to an infant who survives a botched abortion. shocking. watch this. >> it's just really hard for me to even ask you this question because i'm almost in disbelief. if a baby is born on a table as a result of a botched abortion, what would planned parenthood want to have happen to that child that's struggling for life? >> we believe any decision that's made should be left up to the woman, her family and physician. >> what happens in a situation where a baby is alive breathing on a table, moving? what do your physicians do at that point? >> i do not have that information. i'm not a physician, i'm not an abortion provider, so, i do not have that information. >> i think that at that point the patient would be the child struggling on the table, wouldn't you agree? >> you're recognized. >> that's a very good question. i really don't know how to answer that. >> now, earlier today we
9:38 pm
reached out to planned parenthood and they responded with a statement that read, in the extremely unlikely event that the scenario presented by the panel of legislators should happen, of course planned parenthood would provide care to the woman and infant. join me with reaction, penny nance and meg strikler, it does happen, where a child is living outside the womb. it does happen. >> that's exactly right. >> sean: does that child in your view have the right to medical care? >> yes, in my view it does, because that child now becomes the patient, this has nothing to do with women and choice and abortion or anything because this is the patient and there's already law, federal and state, this particular bill was fixing a loophole. >> sean: here is my question for you. do you, as a person who is
9:39 pm
pro-abortion, pro choice, however you want to describe yourself. is it your position that the government has no right to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body? is that pretty much your position. >> i'm pro choice, what the planned parenthood lady said with respect to abortion, we should have the ability to make those choices ourselves. >> sean: you didn't answer the question. you're saying the government doesn't have a right to say anything about this? >> well, the government does have a right to say something, they are right now, there are laws with respect to abortion as we speak. >> sean: and are you comfortable with that? the in other words, having a role, telling a woman you can't have abortion after six months or three months? >> i'm pro choice with respect to abortion and i have my views and the government has limited certain ways, what we're talking with respect to planned parenthood lobbyists, she did not have herself prepared to what she was arguing. >> sean: he she didn't have the talking points to lie like other people.
9:40 pm
>> i agree with the bill. i actually almost glad the bill passed because it's allowing the botched abortion-- >> and president obama voted against born-- >> how much do they give them. >> 400 million a year, that's about over a million dollars a day and mine and your tax dollars go to planned parenthood. this lobbyists becausically was on it, that is planned parenthood's position that it's the logical conclusion to moral relativism. it's only a baby when he they say it's a baby or when the mother wants it and furthermore, you're 100% right. this president voted four times in the senate in illinois against a bill just like the one they were talking about in florida today. this president is to the left of your guest and to the left of barbara boxer and it's the planned parenthood's position and she was frank and honest and it's sad we're seeing--
9:41 pm
>> you think that planned parenthood is doing a cya and doing what they're doing. >> absolutely. >> sean: i read 484 million that they get. you're saying 480. >> it's over 400 million, a lot of money from different places and they won't come clean with the numbers. but the bottom line, they are radical pro-abortion leftists. it's to the left of the american people and this president agrees with them and he's propped up his entire administration and it's time that we cut the funds for planned parenthood. every one of your viewers today need to call their congressman tomorrow and tell them, cut the funds. we can't afford it. >> sean: if we do, we could probably finance all the obama vacations and maybe financing opening up the white house for little children who'd like to see it. i see you're laughing, but
9:42 pm
it's true. do you think that planned parenthood deserves 484 million-- >> and whenever. >> from their report. >> sean: we can't open the white house. because we don't have the money. and we keep hearing we're going to close down airports and don't have enough air traffic contollers and drug trafficking is going to increase and people released from prisons. do you think that we should give them any taxpayer dollars? >> well, i think what i'm going to go back to what they were doing and they have an issue-- >> answer the question. >> and you have to answer. >> other lobbyists. >> sean: answer the question, do you think that taxpayers should give planned parenthood any money? >> do you think that taxpayers should give other things that-- >> i asked you a question and-- >> and the answer is, do you think planned parenthood deserves taxpayer money at a time we can't open the white house for tours? i'm asking, answer. >> i absolutely do.
9:43 pm
>> sean: you do? >> yeah. >> they provide one in four abortions in in country. sean. it's time that we cut them loose and lets them raise their money like i do. i advocate for private citizens to write us checks and let them do the same and we need to-- >> don't we make money and abortions. >> absolutely. 2% of pregnant women that walk in their doors actually walk out with a baby. they make the vast majority of their funds on abortion and they will try to object talk about things that they don't do like mammograms. we've got to get busy and call our congressmen. >> sean: appreciate it. >> thank you. >> sean: and next, president obama might want to put down the golf club and pick up the basketball. his famed basketball skills were put to the test.
9:44 pm
i think i could do better blind folded. he is now attacking fox news and where does it go from here, details on actor
9:45 pm
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9:47 pm
>> welcome back to "hannity." now, last week we told you
9:48 pm
about left wing actor jim carrey's "cold dead hand", he insulted gun owners and mocked the death of charleston heston. the dumb, dumber, star writes i've watched fox news rant, rave shall bare its fangs, and would i take them to task legally if i thought they were worthy of my time or anyone with a brain in their head could actually fall for irresponsible buffoonery and give them far too much attention all they care about. no, mr. c an rrey i care about exposing phony hipocrits like you, and america's rights to bear arms, but you grew up in canada. charles johnson and tamara hoe holder, you know, i love a
9:49 pm
guy, hollywood. wonder how many times he's hired a bodyguard, armed. and private jets he flies around in, the cocoon of actors he hangs out with. that's what drives me crazy and he's mocking a good portion of the country in this video. why are you laughing? >> okay, first of all. >> sean: yeah. >> he is actually a comedian and that's what comedians do is mock. >> sean: no, no this is different. >> he said at the end, he has a guy named clearly stan elliott, budding social satire goes down soon because you republicans-- strike that, conservatives. >> sean: conservative. >> i know, get so worked up because of satire, because of comedy, you can't deal with it. >> sean: stop reading and-- . do you have to read your prepared text. >> you're jealous. >> sean: why. >> you're a big, big, man with a little gland. (laughter) >> wow. >> and that's -- i'm he not
9:50 pm
making up this language. >> sean: oh, so you're quoting j jim carrey. i watched it, he's making a political point and doing it in an angry way and making fun of southerners, gun owners conservative, christians. it's the elitist, new york, d.c., hollywood triangle. >> basically making half the country into hicks and there are a lot of obama voters who actually own guns, right, they pushed the anti-second moment stuff after the election nor a reason, so, i mean, it's just-- what it is if you're going to be a comedian you should be funny and not mean-spirited. >> sean: you watched it? >> it was funny. he had john lennon-- of course you were insulted about your-- >> i'm he tired of liberal hipocrits. wait a minute. >> tamara, tamara, listen. the liberal hipocrits fly around in private jets and lecture us on suv's and tell us we can't have guns and they
9:51 pm
have bodyguard. you see a consistent body guards, it's called hypocrisy and a double standard. >> if you listen to the end, the psychos are going to get the guns anyway, which is true, something you agree with, sean, don't you. >> sean: he's mocking-- bad for business because he's mocking half of america. >> when was the last good jim carrey movie you saw. >> sean: dumb, dumber, dumbest. >> and about-- >> when was your last movie. >> sean: fair enough, but i'm not-- >> and three whole seconds. the an award winning tamara holder. >> got you in the movie. >> sean, why do you take everything so seriously. it's a satire and a disher issue that the psychos are going to get the guns regardless. >> sean: what good are any of these laws? >> well, certain laws make sense. >> sean: stop, think. stop. if they're going to get them anyway and he's saying that in the video and you're saying
9:52 pm
that, why have a gun control debate. >> because people buying guns, straw purchasers and should be prosecuted. >> sean: like fast and furious gave guns to criminals and drug dealers and-- >> that one under president obama and called something like quarterback or half back, full back or something like that, and that's the-- >> there's a difference between a quarterback and a half back. >> i've dated a few. >> sean: of each? >> i'm a liberal, i get around. >> sean: this show is just so over, it's so-- this has been one heck of a night. >> look, jim carrey, he's canadian, right, canadian born guy. piers morgan british born guy and come into america and tell us how to run our affairs. >> sean: nobody cares what piers morgan thinks, nobody knows who he is. watching jim carrey, i look at rich elite phony hipocrits that have body guards. >> he should swear off his body guards and give them up. >> sean: and people in poor neighborhoods, look at chicago
9:53 pm
your old hometown, an incident of wilding going on all weekend and what about law abiding citizens, should they have rights to have guns with kids wilding in the streets. >> what about the people armed still killed in their home, like the man, the prosecutor mr. mclelland in texas. >> do you support the right for everyone to carry a gun. >> yes. >> sean: and everyone who has-- and you disagree with obama. >> i voted for him in 2008. >> sean: 2008. >> yes. >> sean: who did you vote for in 2012. >> not president obama. >> sean: really? >> i know, it's shocking. >> sean: why? >> because he's disappointing me in many ways. >> sean: you were influenced me me? >> influenced by you, a hollywood academy-- >> i was in a movie and bigger part than you atlas shrugs. i think i had five second and
9:54 pm
you had three. >> sean: and when they give up the private jets and ride bicycles like ed begley and darryl hannah i'll listen to them. and when they give up body guards and give up gun rights. until then, shut up and stop being condescending to the american people. is that fair. >> self-government means self-support and self--- and call the cops. >> and old white men charleston heston from the grave. >> sean: oh, this is great tape. tamara will watch. obama as basketball game didn't do too good today. ♪
9:55 pm
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9:59 pm
apparently didn't bring his a-game, he brought a bad case of the bricks. watch this. o o oh! there you go. oh. oh! there we go. oh. oh. >> . >> greta: two for 22 must be


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