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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 3, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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won't jump to stop us from exercising our right to defend ourselves. >> we don't have time for a comeback. >> you're about to put the president on. he's got the comeback. >> right now, the five is next.
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now now now now now now now now force a lot of coaches have the idea if they're tough or mean that everybody will be afraid of
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them. a lost places they are including the players and administration. they are many of them bullies because they bring so much into the school in terms of revenue. a sophomore basketball coach was just like that. a hot head. they wanted him it win. we won. >> you relate to that because we want to win all the time. >> winning is fun. >> i had a terrible baseball coach and a terrible basketball coach. >> what years did you play basketball? >> you know what? this is why i don't like doing sports because you people. >> this brings up hurt feelings. >> i'm going to get fired for being mean to craig. >> okay. dana real quick. is the apology good enough or not. >> i'm so tired of athletes' apologies. they're so pathetic. if he would have used a few f words in his apology. then it would have been authentic. >> should we hear about kevin
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ware? >> lease do. >> coach kind of gave my leg like a look, like he's never seen something like this before, so i'm just thinking like mind y ankle is hurt or something like that. i look down at my leg and my bone is six inches out of my leg. i go into automatic shock. i landed wrong and didn't see where i landed. that's what caused the injury, but i kind of felt like stuff like this just doesn't happen for no reason. >> that's what i love about loathesome injuries. no matter how bad people tell you it is, they have to play it for you over and over again. oh, it's disgusting, you don't want to see this. hold on a second. take a look. you say i'm never looking at it again and you look at it again. i must have seen it 20 times. every time it was you don't want to see this. you don't want to see this. >> i've never seen it. i can't watch it. even listen ting to him, i feel like fainting. >> what an inspiration. i knew nothing about the kid before he did the press
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conference. he's an inspiring young man who said you know he what? i'm going to let this end my career. i'll get back on it. he's someone to watch and listen to. >> his first concern is for his team. go out and win. >> he's an extraordinary kid. i hope he makes it back, but those injuries, he's not finished growing yet, and that makes -- when you have a steel bar in you, it's very tough. i mean, i hope he makes it back, but i'm really doubtful with that injury. >> have you stopped growing, greg? >> you know, why does this have to come back to an insult. >> you've been gone. >> i missed you. >> you can insult me, then. >> he's very charming. >> if that happened to me, i would have just passed out completely. >> i think it's priewfnl t prova leadership moment for the whole time. he's inspirational. he'll have the number on their jerseys. when they play, he'll be on the sidelines and on the bench rooting them on. they have a bit of the power of that going for them. >> you know what kim did? >> what? >> she asked us about the first story about the coach. what's your opinion on that coach. >> on the coach?
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>> uh-huh. >> i don't mind a little tough love. i thought -- i was a coach. >> you talk to the makeup ladies like that. >> look what they do to me. >> you have plenty of time to talk to them, too. >> and she's a winner with. i think the gay slur stuff is completely out of line. i don't mind a little tough talk. >> i wouldn't throw the basketball at them. i coached girls' basketball seventh grade. i wasn't going to beat them with a basketball. i did get tough with them and saput cream on their hands. >> what about you think of those guys showing up to fire that guy. >> our lady of mercy grammar schools. >> there were a lost volunteers -- a lot of volunteers. >> a couple of moms. >> it was san francisco. coming up on the five, you're looking live at the denver police academy where president obama is about to make it another push for gun control. what's with with his obsession with guns. we'll try and figure that one out ahead.
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♪ >> welcome back to the five. does president obama seem just a little bit object setsed with -- obsessed with gun control lately, aka taking our right to bear arms away? in the last four months he and the vice-president have participated in almost 20 anti-gun events. the president himself has given five speeches and he's about to speak again in denver, but as we reported yesterday, it's pretty clear that no major gun legislation is coming any time soon, so what is he up to? is he using guns as a distraction from things like a jobless economy, a north korean nutbag and a self-inflicted p.r. disaster in sequester? greg said it was okay for me to say nutbag. kimberly, what about it? gunnings, guns, guns. it appears there's going to be no major legislative events any time soon. >> i don't get it. who are they using for the
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polling that they think this is a good idea? clinton warned them to get off, quit riding the horse into the sun set. they're not getting anywhere. only 4% of americans think that gun control is the most important issue facing the country. why is he obsessing on it because there's sort of like the popular political goodwill? notice the back off of it with the kerry reed statement that they see they're alienating their constituents. >> the denver, colorado speech where the president is delivering i believe his sixth, his sixth speech on gun laws and gun control since newtown, connecticut. greg, what are your thoughts? >> well, the government hate gun owners because people can say no to the government. that will be the rea reason whye first thing you heard from president obama is about people who cling to their bibles and their guns. he doesn't trust people who have both, and so this will always -- this will always come back.
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i like habitat for human at that i'm for ratat for humanity. they provide gun to poor people and can create economic opportunity in cities like detroit and atlanta and chicago where they can make money because they're armed. i think everybody should be behind that. >> dana, why is it that fox and specifically the five, why are we the only people pointing out that no major gun legislation is probably likely, and he does 20 speeches, he and the vice-president do 20 speeches? >> well, okay. let's just step back for a second and think about perhaps merit and motivation. i believe that he was and has been personally affected, deeply affected by the events, the mass murders that happened during his presidency. he's not the first president to have to go through that, but he even said, remember the quote after newtown. he said that was the worst moment of my presidency. so i think that he -- they had this idea that he could achieve
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something legislatively. he has a problem on the communications. they haven't been persuasive, and instead of being more persuasive or changing their language or changing their events, they had joe biden out front who continued to get attention. you remember the shotgun thing, just get a shotgun, and it took them off message. then president obama got off track with sequestration and some fun things, a couple of the vacations, and people have walked away and said you know, we're so uneasy about the economy. we're not for this. it's slipping away from them even more and more ledge laysively -- legislatively. >> listen to the sound bite of president obama. this is president obama from the second debate, presidential debate. just listen. go ahead. >> weapons that were designed for soldiers in war theaters don't belong on our streets. and so what i'm trying to do is to get a broader conversation about how do we reduce the
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violence generally? part of it is seeing if we can get an assault weapons ban reintroduced. >> bob, it's been on his plan, his agenda, all along. that was from the debate. did newtown just give him the opportunity? >> well, first of all, let me just correct one thing you said in your opening. he's not trying to take your guns away, number one. number two, i think it's fair to say that once in a while, a politician may actually be motivated by something even when the polls show that they're not. in this case, i think dana is exactly right. i think the newtown thing, whether it was his kids or what it was, it affecte affected him. there are certain times when you know you're going to lose but i say it's important to keep the conversation going. two, he's against terrible odds. part of this may be to salvage some pieces of what's left in the bill. i think mostly the guy believes in what he's saying, and i'm proud of him. >> i'm also, however naive i might be, when checking with a
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few people today, they said they actually think it's quite political, that it was -- today we had dan pfeifer sayg that if the republicans oppose this, they'll probably lose the house in 2014. i mean, is a reason to stop in colorado because there is politics on the mind? probably. >> kimberly, he'll be in connecticut on monday. >> he will be. do you know where he'll be tonight? >> you know what? >> he'll be at a fundraiser. >> greg, go ahead. >> no. the one thing -- i agree that he was affected deeply by it, but so was everybody. what always bugged me was that the people that are hard core gun control will throw out this accusation that because you disagree with them on specifics of gun control that you have blood on your hands. >> right. >> remember, i think it was david frum who said that about the nra. you have lot of celebrities that say if you don't agree with him, you have blood on your hands. there are a lot of things that can be done. you can lock up crazy people, do things with sentencing for
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repeat offenders, you've got to balance your approach to gun. you capture talk about rifles and ignore the hand gun violence in chicago 96% of fire arm murders are hand gun murders. you're hypocritical. >> just quickly. obama is a smart politician. he knows what he's up against here. in the face of that, he's not going underground, he's speaking his mind. and i think more power to him. >> we'll leave it there. when this happened on last night's show, check out the picture. what would your caption be for this photo? check out five fnc. get very creative, folks. >> and clean. >> i'll read the best one in one more thing. major announcement for nbc about the future of the tonight show and also robert redford said he was sympathetic to the cause of violent radical activists in the 1960s. he glamorizes them in his new movie. you'll hear from him and mr. gutfeld ... next. [ music ] [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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>> so as a member of the weather underground, kathy budin helped kill three police officers including the first black one on his local polic police forges. her crime left nine kids without dads. she's scum and it's only fitting now like her terror pal she has a job on campus. in america terrorists get tenure and victims get forgotten. that's because in our contaminated culture, those who control it are winning. consider robert redford's new flick, the company you keep. it's about a weather undergrounder on the run from a journalist. yeah, as if journalists would chase a radical.
2:30 pm
maybe for an autograph. now, for a movie like this to work, you focus on fury, not fact, excuses, heinous behavior. could he have done a movie on the three dead cops? not even roy hobs could sugar coat that reality. red ford fabricated his terrorists so he can ditch the truth. fyi. i've not seen the flick. i've vowed not to see any film that induces vomiting. hollywood replaces the gore with lore. when thugs pit themself vi lengthily against society, somehow hollywood always favors the thugs. as redford said to a gushing george stephanopoulos on gma about the violence. >> even when you read about bombing? >> all of it. i knew that it was extreme, and i guess movements have to be extreme to some degree. >> wait. what if they had bombed the theaters showing your movies, robert? i guess the way your films have fared lately, bombing a bomb is
2:31 pm
redundant. you know, k.g., what if a hollywood director decided to do a nuanced take on the kkk? >> yeah. >> they could be construed as violent revolutionaries. why doesn't somebody do that now? >> well, because that wouldn't be p.c., and there's a certain list of things they feel it's okay to be revolutionary or communist or somebody who was for overthrowing, essentially, law and order and government. they think it's okay to do so if they believe in their cause. i mean, in this particular case, i don't understand. i feel like robert redford is confused because he shouldn't be glorifyinglorifying this in any, shape, or form. these were essentially domestic terrorists out to destroy the fabric of law and society that we have. they were murderers, and it's shameful. >> bob, there always tends to be a trend -- i know you get mad when i say the left, but they tend to romanticize protesters to even the extreme of the violent side. why is that?
2:32 pm
>> let me make a mention of kathy for a second. this woman who did a heinous crime, no question about it, but she served her time. in america, when you pay your debt to society, you have a right to go out and be free. >> and get tenure as a professor? >> i'm fine. i have no problem with it whatsoever. i'm sure there are a lot of people who commit heinous crienlcrimeswhen they were youne pretty good jobs. it's not up to us to decide what the legal issue is. if columbia wants to hire her, they paid her debt -- she paid her debt. i was part of the anti-war movement in the '60s and '70s. there was a fringe element of the anti-war movement that gave us the bad name, not the least of which was the weather underground. all people who did that were not that kind of people. i would hope redford's movie would make that clear. >> she should still be in jail. >> why? she paid her price. >> the underground founder is at the university of chicago. his girlfriend is at
2:33 pm
northwestern law, and now kathy is at columbia university. i don't want my kid learning from a radical activist. >> it's a good idea. take those schools off your list. there's a lost schools you've got to take off. >> that's the problem. >> putting these people in high profile positions at major jiewforts thauniversities that g thoughts of our young people. >> is there a shortage of good professors? >> i just find this assumption that you all have that every college -- i shouldn't say you all, you and greg particularly have, that all of these universities and colleges being dominated by radical leftist professors is just not accurate. >> but i think there's something more interesting here about how not working and the revolving door can work when it comes to academia and in particular, liberals. so she's not teachin teaching a political science class. she's teaching a social work
2:34 pm
class about what it's like for families to deal with all the trials and tribulations after a person has a family member coming out of jail. i guess she has a little bit of personal experience on that, but the left found her a job, okay. so if you can find a place in academia to get tenure, that would be -- it doesn't matter if you can teach on the merits of something or not. she's not teaching about political science. the baby boomer revisionist history of what happened in the '60s is coming to full light. robert redford, you could either go to hollywood or go to academia. >> it's not really -- well, when you say revisionist history, again, i repeat a small percentage. >> look at the cbs example. >> but listen. can i just -- never mind. >> why are we acting like this is okay? i don't care if she paid the time or not. she's a criminal, a disgusting human being. >> it's a question of whether it was legit for her to take the
2:35 pm
job, and it was. let me ask you. why if conservatives are so concerned about college campuses, why don't they go into teaching. >> that's a great question or get the students out of there sooner rather than later? >> seriously. i keep listening to radio people talk this up. let them go and get into college. >> have you ever seen a conservative try to speak on a college campus? they're heckled. >> the young republicans had to apologize for inviting ann cowl ter to speak. >> let's get this straight. the captain of business, of industry, of wall street, of finance are -- a lot of them are conservative, yet their hiring and actually -- they're hiring and actually requiring their new hires to come from some of these schools or most of the schools. >> i want to go back to the university i went to. i was asked several years later to go and give a commencement speech. as i was being introduced, i was insulted for being a republican right before my speech in front of the entire school. i was like why would i ever want to go into academia. >> i was asked to give a speech
2:36 pm
in california. from the moment i got out of the cab, until i finished my speech, i was not -- they were nice people. >> bob, what were you doing there? that's really not like a safe place for you to go. >> that story about the dean's s wife was not true. >> you did it again. >> they killed a black guard, a black cop, and also, i just want to let redford know. the manson family, they still need a really good movie and maybe you can do something on the unabomber, too. they were all radical revolutionaries. up next on the five, a massive cheatincheating scandal robs thl system. in a stunning twist, it's not the students in hot water. dana has the latest on the classroom controversy after the break. [ music ] ♪
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>> italian bret baier in washington. north korea has authorized an attack in the war of words on the u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel said earlier today he's taking this situation seriously. so is this more bluster from the north? we'll have live team coverage. president obama is in colorado tonight to push his begugunjebd. one of his top people say there may not be any legislation coming out of congress when it comes to guns. the president wants to come up with ways to help people with bad credit afford a house. critics are asking isn't that what started the housing crisis in the first place? hillary clinton has returned to public life fueling is speculatn
2:42 pm
about a 2016 run. now back to new york and my colleagues on the five. ♪ >> so it's one of the worst cheatincheating scandals in they of american education. 35 atlanta public school teachers and administrators have been indicted on charges of large scale racketeering and corruption, accused of conspiring to cheat by boosting scores on standardized tests. they'll face jail time, heavy fines and falsified students' answers on the test in order to get more money. the cheating reportedly took place in 44 atlanta schools and involved 178 educators. as we mentioned, eric, only 35 were indicted. we were just talking in the break. how do you get a conspiracy
2:43 pm
going and have 178 people involved and nobody said anything? >> well, you don't. eventually you get caught as they did, but the really crazy part, i mean, look. here's a fascinating story and here's the way it breaks down. there's 50 or 60 billion dollars a year that's spent, that is doled out to various school districts, and what they've done, no child left behind, about 30 billion of that money goes through no child left behind and schools do better funding if they do better on the scores. so what they did is they conspired to bring the test scores up so they get more money. the question is, and i'm the one who says these teachers should always be scrutinized under productivity, how well their students are doing. look what they do when you give them an opportunity to do that. they cheat themselves. >> terrible. >> so what do you do? it's almost like an impossible game. they're going to get to the money one way or another. >> before no child left behind, one of president bush's platforms that he ran on in 2000 was education and the problem of
2:44 pm
all these students being passed through without being able to readr write. he said like he did as governor of texas. if you don't measure where a student is, how can you tell whether or not they improved and should there be incentives for teachers? okay. so that moves forward, there was a lot of controversy about that, but the states, kimberly, have layered on additional tests. the more tests you take, the more chances you have as a teacher to get more money. we only have a couple minutes. i'm sorry. i'll get to this. the superintendent made $580,000 in bonus money over 12 years. where is the outrage from the parents about how the kids were cheated in this scandal? >> that's the problem. you're missing the whole point of the story. yeah. this is why people are going to vouchers and charter schools and home schooling and the sense of entitlement comes from the teachers. we don't care about the kids education. who cares if little johnny doesn't know b comes after a? too bad. i'm going to get myself the new car with the special lease
2:45 pm
program down the block. it's disgusting, they should be fired. >> i'm not going to defend the cheaters. i think it was bad. they should go to jail. they represent only a small percentage of teachers, but having said that, so much now is dependent on these standardized tests. first of all, let me also say i think the unions should have never defended these teachers as they did, but so much is dependent on these tests, both in terms of money you get from washington, in terms of money you get from the state. in some cases they're using 30 and 35% of their class time to do standardized tests. it's ridiculous. i'm not dumping on bush alone. you do have to have measurements, but you don't have to have so many of them that that's all people get concerned about. that's how you get the money for your school. >> if you don't test, greg, how do you know kids are doing? >> how they dress. no. >> i mean, you can't argue that this is a fringe believe when the head of the union -- belief when the head of the union is blaming testing. that's basically blaming the road for your drunk driving.
2:46 pm
you need to have measurements. without measurements, you cannot -- measurements basically are a threat to incompetence. whenever i get very suspicious, and i see at least in our educational system the growth of a marxist secretariat, the teachers are building a brock see to benefits themself at the cost of the children. >> th in certain schools they'rp to 15 and 18 standardized tests a year. >> what's wrong wa with that? >> it's a terrible idea. >> tests are good. >> maybe i'm just bad because i got a 400 on my sat. >> you did not. >> 60% of high school students are graduating in some urban schools. >> randy weingarten is blaming the number of tests on why kids don't graduate. i wish teachers spent more time teaching than getting students ready to test. >> that's what she said.
2:47 pm
>> what a great example for students. if you get caught cheating on teachers, you blame the test. did. >> we contacted congressman jack kington. he and he said when they moved forward with the department of education funding, they'll try to make sure that doesn't happen again. some people advocate to cut federal funding all together. directly ahead, a public school in ohio is in a fierce legal fight over this portrait of jesus which has been hanging there since 1947. the school district says that they can't afford a drawn out legal battle with the aclu. bob will tell you the rest of the story when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back to the five. the extensive e block. this portrait of jesus which has hung in the jackson middle school in jackson, ohio since 1947. the aclu and freedom from religion foundation want the portrait taken down. they sued the district and now
2:52 pm
in a preemptive move, the school district has taken down the controversial portrait because they're worried about the financial cost of fighting a federal lawsuit. what do you think, greg? >> bob, we took a vote, the four of us took a vote and unanimously we voted to yield our time to the gentleman from 43rd street, you. >> that's very nice of you. i appreciate that. my block has been cut down to two minutes, so that's reason they're doing that. let me say i happened to talk to the head of the freedom from religion extensively this afternoon, and he told me that the reason that they did this was clearly a separation of church and state. i said to him if you allowed other pictures from other religious in a forum, would that be okay? he said i suppose that would be okay. i then asked him well, it's been 40 some years. why now? i mean, i has nobody up until nw noticed it? it turns out that this was given by a christian group in the school to one of the -- i think
2:53 pm
it was a faculty member who got killed in a car crash. they give it in his memory. i asked him wouldn't that make sense? instead of going after these guys for this one picture, just say everybody hang a picture? in lockers you can hang up whatever you want. i think, frankly, for those of us who are christian, i think we understand the separation of church and state. we really do. we're not trying to force our religion on everybody else, but i think there are certain times, like when you have nativity scenes in public square, as long as other people are given the chance to show their views of things, then i think it ought to be taken into account, and if that school would be willing to allow other people to do what this group has done, then i think it ought to stay up. if not, i suppose he's got a pretty strong argument. the other issue, of course, is why the insurance companies do not insure them, i don't know. i want to thank my friends for doing this for me. my block is over. >> can i make pint? >> yes, please. >> one of the reasons the school district was going to cave is they didn't want to waste
2:54 pm
taxpayer dollars on a long, drawn-out lawsuit with the aclu. maybe somebody in the community can come forward in a pro bono way and defend the school against the aclu. >> how do you celebrity the victory -- celebrate the victory when you win this thing? do you go out for beers. >> i'm being told your block is over, greg. it's been a pleasure to spend some time with you guys. >> i'
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>> it is time. here is quickly the picture. a caption contest on our facebook page. number one. eric why were you not there to catch the shoe? >> and also, i am glad it was not a bowling ball and where is jasper when you need him. >> i don't go to baseball games because of soft balls. >> like a marsha brady. oh, my nose . >> she got the true prom date because charlie liked her with the bad nose, remember. >> i am obsessed with the brady. >> and i want to thank everybody for wishing my mother best wishes. i was out there visiting her. mom, listen to your daughters
2:59 pm
and eat your food and stop not eating. that's the only way to get better. >> we send her hugs and kisses . jimmie fallon in february . after the clouds of the olympics. moving home to the original home of the tonight's show and be the sixth host of the show. >> delta airlines decided in its wisdom to put four more seats in the plane and have to take the - lavaatory smaller. >> i can't get out of the damn thing and now you are making it smaller, are you kidding me. and president obama opening his library in dallas, texas and four living predecessors wi


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