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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 3, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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i got to be there in the room with robert gibbs and it will be a great event. >> thank you for watching and we'll see you tomorrow. >> this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier. north korea authorized what it terms merciless military strikes on the united states involving the possible use of what the north is calling cutting edge nuclear-edged weapons. we have breaking news. ed henry traveling with the president in denver and has reaction from the obama administration . we begin with mike emanuel on the latest north korea threat. >> good evening, north korea ratified attack plans with the united states and involving a diversified nuclear strike and latest example of heated rhetoric that could easily
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escalate. defense secretary chug hagel is taking pyongyang seriously. >> as they have ratcheted up the beliicose dangerous rhetoric and the actions they have taken over the last few weeks present a real and clear danger and threat to the interest certainly of our allice starting with south korea. >> hagel told the military audience that the u.s. is trying to defuse thuation with china and others . the pentagon is dealing with spending cuts starting this year. >> the sequester cut because it falls heavily on operations. it is already having a disruptive and potentially damaging impact on the force. >> it could affect moral and impact productivity and the defense is addressing the cuts, hagel said it is just the beginning. >> fiscal realities demand
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another hard look at personnel . how many people we have military and civilian . how many do we need. what do these people do. >> today pyongyang barred south korea workers to cross the border . so the south koreans had no choice but to return home. the worst thing the u.s. could do to regimes like north korea is project weakness. >> this tells us that more of the traditional scenaro and state on state, it is very important to have the armed forces to be ready and strong and have all of the tools in the tool kit. >> the pentagon announced today it is sending to guam an army system capable of shutting down missiles and a precautionary move after the north korean regime
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increasinging the threats. >> we go to denver and we are chasing down the reaction. what did we learn? >> good evening, bret. they are saying this is largely bluster, but they are noting that beyond what they say is beliicose rhetoric there is provocative action in the recent days from north korea. officials note they are shifting u.s. military might to the region and note that president obama is sending secretary of state kerry to soeul next week. they believe it is bellicose rhetoric but not taking any chance. >> you have any change by what they are saying and signaling? >> definitely they are taking a tougher stance. the white house realizes this rhetoric was out there but over many administrations and you heard rhetoric like this from north korea. it is ratcheted up slightly
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and they believe beyond the rhetoric there is enough action for them to send u.s. military power in the region to send a signal back. >> on the issue of sequester, the white house said president obama is taking a pay cut? >> he makes $400,000 and taking a five percent pay cut that translates to $20,000 . he will spend more money flying air force one to california to do fund raising it is a symbolic gesture and a chance to shift attention away from the claims they made about sequester and shifting border patrol agents and the like. the reason they are not furloughing they have more money to deal with it and move the money around and beef things up. as you know, republicans have said since february that the administration had flexibility to move the money around and think that there was a lot of
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rhetoric in yen and february that is not panning out. >> and now the real reason out there in denver, ed. president obama trying to regain the lost momentum on gun control. judging by what we hear on capitol hill, is it toofor the ? >> it could be. they are still optmistic inside of the white house that they can get gun control through congress and they admit they have lost momentum and the president is out here trying to get it back. >> as president obama continued the campaign for gun control colorado today. the they ocknowledged they may not get a watered down version. >> they decide they are going to block it they are going to do that. there are conses . if they make that decision.
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>> the political reality for the president. the stop in the denver academy for the speech on guns and yet his push for dramatic gun control is fading faste. >> there is no reason we can't do this, unless politics gets in the way. >> the problem is unnamed lawmakers back on capitol hill are getting cared and may not pass background checks let alone a ban on assault weapons. >> people in washington may be getting cold feet. >> republicans are largely opposing the measures. lawmakers with cold feet are largely democrats facing the voters in 2014 and they are reacting negatively by the ads bankrolled by bloomburg. i don't take advice from
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bloomburg but i listen to arkansas. >> it could help the president to take back the house. he's holding fundraisers with nancy pelosi in san francisco which happens to be the scene of that 2008 fundraiser when candidate obama first riled gun supporters. so it is not surprising they get bitter and cling to guns and religion. or antipathy toward people who aren't like them. >> he later apologized. the national rifle association once supported background checks and now sees a golden opportunity to stop the president cold and vastly expand armed personnel in schools. >> background checks, we want to make sure that criminals and those who are declared with mental issues, that they not have acess.
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the debate on . we are trying to do something about school safety. >> the president's push on gun control will continue in connecticut. trying to hit the states where they faced tragedies like in colorado with aurora and columbine . a chance to regain the momentum. they know inside the white house they have an uphill battle on capitol hill. >> ed, thank you. >> companies hired at the slowest pace in five month in march. pay roll processer said confirms did not add any jobs in the month of march . it is the largest gain in sevenyears. the dow gave back yesterday's gains and dropping 112 today . the s&p 500 lost 17 and the nasdaq fell 36 it is said that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. it may seem strange that it is obama administration is trying to find the same things to do
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what triggered the housing crisis. >> peter barnes takes a look. >> the obama administration is planning a new push to get banks to provide mortgages to people with weaker credit scores. it would do that by providing banks with new and stronger government guarantees and they are not paid back if home buyers did not pay them. >> this is a bad mistake. we would not have had a financial crisis if we had not followed policies that were intended to increase homeownership by making financing available to people who otherwise would not be able to get mortgages. >> banks have kept lending standards tight since the crisis and approvingly homeowners with high credit scores and helps them qualify for existing government
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guarantees from fannie mae and freddie mac. but housing advocates said banks are too cautious . like someone who lost a job in the recession doesn't have the best credit score and got a new job and make monthly payments. with modest changes in the rules, banks could relax their standard and help hundred of thousands of families buy homes at little risk for taxpayers. >> it is very important for lenders to underwrite carefully and make sure a person can afford to loan in the entire term of the loan. this effort does nothing to change that. all does is to loosen up the credit a little bit to get it to more people who can afford a loan. >> one banking official said banks will be reluctant to after because chose closers
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are costly to them even with the government guarantees. >> thank you, peter. >> talk approximate bad karma. scalping ticket to see a holy man? and could this woman be our next president? the return of hillary clinton, next.
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former san francisco knov gov mark sanford will face the sister of stevy cobear. he resigned as head of the republican governor's association after an extra marit alaffair and he did not step down as governor as was suggested last night.
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>> the opening of the george w. bush library. it is the first time since 2009 they will all get together . one person who may be joining that club this day has resurfaced. carl cameron on the return of hillary clinton. >> in her first public appearance since retiring as secretary of state. hillary clinton shared the stage with president biden honoring women leaders. >> all of those years i only missed one time last year and to be back again is a great privilege and honor. >> she brushed off campaign talk as premature. she is not discouraging the supporters . first paid speech is in texas . in june in michigan.
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supporters and organizers are ready for hillary clinton.comcheered . the super pac boasted 100,000 and thousand joiningidate daily and david fluff -- plough said she would be the strongest and most interesting candidate. >> she dominates the field. if he doesn't run vice-president biden is a clear front runner. >> biden showered clinton with phrase. -- praise. >> there is no woman like - hillary clinton. [applause] hillary clinton, that is a fact. >> biden would be 74 years old three weeks after the election. he's been hinting about running himself since the campaign. he invited activist to private
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thank you parties. he headlines the michigan democrats later this month and in may he will key note the jj. dinner. home of the primary in 2016. if clinton runs biden may not. clinton has run once before and if they hope to run and win, they need to get started right now, bret. >> we'll follow it, carl, thank you. if clinton does run who she faces is anyone's guess. no clear favorite among the republicans. senator marco rubio gets 19 percent and cram cralm ryan 17 . rand paul 15 percent . chris christie 14 . jeb bush 10 percent. who do you like in the gop race this early. let me know on twitter . still ahead, a very public self destruction of one man's
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>> tonight talking about energy, business and economy and the man in the middle of it for decades. tboon pickens is joining us. welcome. >you have spent, what? $100 million trying to promote natural gas? you had the pickens' plan. what has come of this and where is it going? >> if i had it to over again.
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did i get my money for it, yes. i got my money for it . so that seems to be a contradiction and so let's not debate that point. but if i saw it was going to happen anyway, i would not have spent the money. >> do you think that the country is aware of the energy that is here? >> when i started my campaign, i didn't realize we had as much as we do. i wasn't that good so i didn't see how much we had in this country. but now you've changed the energy world. you will see opec diminish in importance and you will see we have more natural gas than any other place in the world and we have a lot of oil, too. our industry has done a tremendous job in this country. they have hired more people and paid more taxings than
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all. i am not up here stumping for the industry but the facts. look at the 10 states that hired the most people in the last 10 years. they are energy producing states . so i can tell you. that president obama may not be where he is today if not for the oil and gas industry. he's not been for the energy. the energy did it in spite of the administration. and are they doing enough for what could washington do differently to tap into all of this? >> the interesting part of it is, that the industry is doing very well. most of the drilling rigs in the united states are work providing more oil and more depas for the country- and more gas for the country. you could give a tax credit with a pay for and that's what
3:24 pm
i tried to get done . i don't know. it is going to happen anyway. it is happening. but what the administration could do is come out for a north american energy plan and where you bring together candidate in united states and mexico . i think they would participate, mexico and canada would. they have the markets and we are have resources and they could put you in a position. you don't have to get to that to get to where you want to go. give us an option to get out of the mideast. president obama said in his nominating speech of 2008, that was the first one. yeah, 2008, that he said i was there when he said it. in 10 years, we'll not import any oil from the middle east. he's never said it again. if he has i have missed it. we are in a spot now we don't have to have oil from the
3:25 pm
middle east. there is 17 million barrels a day that comes through the straits of her mos in the persian gulf. of that 17 million, about 10 percent of it comes to the united states. that's all. we don't have to have our fifth fleet. we don't have to our people there. we have an option now to leave. the one million and seven hundred barrels that we get out of the 17 million can be replaced by other places. >> critics say you are in for yourself and get washington to act. >> give me details. where is it that i will make money? >> that's what they say. >> that's what they say and they don't give details. i am a patriotic more than and i know how to fix it. am i in energy? of course i am.
3:26 pm
that's all i have known. i got out of school in '51 and a geoologist. been in the industry almost a hundred years. >> you haven't had any movement on a energy bill. now is there motivation to do this and getting to the tipping point that maybe now is the time? >> you never have had an energy plan in america ever. we never have had a plan. we are the largest user of energy in the world and we have no plan . we have had president after president and democrats and republicans all say elect me and we'll be energy independent. they elected them and they never had a energy plan and they never saw the plan it is kind of getting like the budget. i can't imagine going five years without a budget. that is incredible to me. i can't imagine going 45 years without an energy plan. >> so you are frustrated and
3:27 pm
you are still plugging. >> we are going to get there, this country will get there and we have the resources and it is going to happen and it will happen. >> we appreciate your time. >> good, thank you. >> the story behind the men and women who stood behind the men and women in colol and the scalping of ticket to see the dala llama. the grapevine is next .
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>> president obama is in denver today pushing for stricter gun laws. uniformed denver police officers provided a back drop for the president's speech in the police academy today but not all of the were happy about it. news reports said the department asked officers to volunteer to stand behind the president . now a detective asked the city's ethic's board to investigate. >> the use of our police academy can be portrayed nationally on our position of the gun control debate and officers were very concerned that we were being used and exploited by some. >> the police chief tells the denver post anticipation was completely volunitary. >> when headliners is one of
3:32 pm
the top religious lead ares some suggest it is out of line. the dala llama will speak in the university of the oregon next month. one of the conditions of his contract is that the event be noncommercial. not a money making event. the university agreed selling ticket prices for the cap much two tickets at $20. ticket liquid ator is selling them for $329 a piece. oregon stator said that goes everything that the buddhist stands for. it is one carmic is negative. illustration of the power of social media.
3:33 pm
head basketball coach was fired less than 24 hours after video was released. >> you can't say anything but i am sorry and there will never be a time when i am going to use that as an excuse or any excuse. >> mike rice soft spoke yen humble and different than the basketball practice . high hit and kick throwing balls at their head and calling them names can't repeat on television . and last december after the school learned of the video and behavior it suspended him and penalized him fines and lost salary and ordered anger management . after the video aired it went viral and generated tidal
3:34 pm
waves and the aftersuggesting that he was punished. it is university terminated his contract. in a statement the school president said coach rice's abusive language are offensive and violate the university's values. i personally reviewed the evidence and showed the disturbing behavior. i have reached a conclusion that coach rice can't serve. in a position that demands the highest level ofership. i let so many players down. my players and fans and family who is sitting in their house just huddled around because of the fact that their father was an embarrassment to them. >> rice still has supporters. one former player said no one
3:35 pm
was scared of the coach. we didn't fear him. we just understood him, bret? >> rick, thank you. >> the president pushes gun control while his people say nothing may change. we'll discuss when we come back. years ago, my doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? then i heard this news about a multivitamin study looking at long-term health benefits for men over 50. the one they used in that study... centrum silver.
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>> if we tackle the problem seriously we have to get congress to take the next step. >> you have overwhelming next of democrats that are supporting this . underwomening numbers of republicans who are. they can block it. there is serious consequences. >> the senior advisor talking about gun laws and votes on capitol hill and he doesn't
3:39 pm
mention the democrats that are getting cold feet. senator harry reid spoke about that and also about feinstein amendment on assault weapons. >> i want people to have the ability to vote on assault weapons and mental health and safety in schools and federal trafficking, clips and everything. knui can't do that until there is a bill on the floor. right now the amendment using optmistic numbers are less than 40 votes and that's not 60. >> so we'll bring in tucker carlson host of fox and friends weekend and charles lane opinion writer for the washington post . charles krauthammer. >> and so the president is out in denver and pushing this and
3:40 pm
the votes here on capitol hill don't seem to be lining up. >> not surprisingly. there are no evidence or serious person think it will do anything about gun violence. the colorado lawmaker congresswoman who is a lead sponsor to curtail high capacity magazine didn't know they could be reload thought it was the same as a bullet and there is growing opposition not only on the right but the left. an aclu outlined the problems with a background and private sales and records of the sales would be kept indefinitely. it is a huge problem . what does it mean for a transfer a weapon. it would be a felony to hold someone's gun. your roommate holds a gun and there is no background check you could be charged with a felony. this is hasty legislation that
3:41 pm
is not distinned to go anywhere because it is adult. >> you have them saying no at all possibility. >> what is silly sort of hypotheticals like they conjured about the terrible thing that is go wrong with serious background checks and you do something serious about magazines. they are like the two most justified and relevant and most politically feasible measures that are done in response to the newtragedy. i have no idea in they in isolation might sursurvive. we knew the assault were not are trying to rally their bases and we'll see out of all of that if legislation can yet emerge. >> charles? >> the president is out there and tilting at windmills and he will lose.
3:42 pm
the windmill will win. it is not going to get anything. he might eck out a weak compromise on background checks. but you have to ask yourself why is he doing this? we will blame the republics if this doesn't pass as if that will be political success for them. yes, the national polls show a shift, a temporary shift after newtown. that's not where they are won or lost . the fact that there are so many senate and democrats that are scared to vote on this . don't want to see it. that's why harry reid is so insistant. the swing states and red states where they prevailed, they are afraid they are going to lose. i don't understand nothing to credit obama for rare
3:43 pm
sincerity that he believes in after newtown. there is only one other theory it is the same folly that ynger bush did in trying to push reform on social security. reelect feel like you are king of the hill and a man date and decide to do something with social security and gun control you will get it done . that is a huge miscalculation. >> you suggested on immigration that the administration . s to use that as a political tool to try to get seats in the house and it would seem if he's pushing hard on guns, that would go exactly opposite of that strategy. >> that's why for an hour i am putting aside my cynicism and crediting him either with sincerity or if you like the grandiosity of a president who
3:44 pm
thinks he is omnipotent. >> booth could be contrued in a win in 2014. the immigration for votes and gun for money it is it a huge draw in sort of where he's going in san francisco and that sort of thing. >> every dollar he drawos that. $2 -- $1062-- 10 dollars will be on the other side. >> how you implement things matter. for all of the talk on the left we care about science, there is a lot of social science committed in the country and none of it suggest that the solutions will tackle the violence problem. no serious person comes away saying that will lessen the number of killings. no one thinks that. it is a joke. >> the president in fund raising in san francisco where he did in 2008, he did the
3:45 pm
people cling to the guns and religion and got so much play in the political race in 2008. every week we put a twitter question. this is from joe. @realjoe. >> how will the un arms trade treaty specifically affect u.s. gun makers and gun owners? is it a big deal in >> in that respect i think no . a, number one i would never support a treaty out of the rabble of dictators that is the general assembly on principle . on this one, the country is not allowed to ship weapons that could be used for the commission of war crimes. rabble of dictators define israel's existence as a war crime . we sign it we notoriety hague
3:46 pm
defending the rogue regime in israel and attack all of our armed seams that go to israel or tawin. >> there is no possibility that the treaty gets through congress and ratified, but the u.s. signed on it it in the un and it is in the whole context. >> one question how it would affect us specifically, a lot of handguns come from europe. austria makes the glokement of and german swiss product. what will happen to all of those guns? which have they thought through the implication. weapons that are used in a massacre. >> they could be. >> mr. smith and mr. wesson and we'll do just fine. >> that could be one way. >> neither one of them are
3:47 pm
making the guns in congo with the horrific war there. they are all romanian knock offs made in crummy little count reaps that will ignore anything. >> i am totally for romania. but i am saying in real life. we are not the ones adding to the atrocity that take place in africa. >> thank you for the remaining clarification. the president puts his two cents in to fight the sequester.
3:48 pm
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>> white house tours are still suspended . now they are saying that the sequester and the there is
3:51 pm
flexibility and we got this released from today in the white house. president obama decided to return part of his salary each month for the rest of the year to share in the sacrifice that the government employees are making. the president makes a $400,000 and a five percent amounts to $1700 per month. >> it is insulting. people really relate to this. he lives in the lux ourous circumstances . he lives better than everybody . 1700 a month f. he wanted to make a sacrifice. how about the personality fewer trips and photoops and fewer parties. that might make a difference. hard to believe that anybody is swayed by this? >> chuck in >> if he didn't do that peoplize. i don't think he lives more
3:52 pm
luxurous . i think there are sult ans and prises in saudi arabia who live higher than barack obama. i don't know. i am throwing it out. it is symbolic and they cooked tup in a meet ran a focus group maybe. it would have been better if he did it two months ago when the sequester again. i don't fault him for making a gesture. >> you talk about small -- we have a lot of big issues to talk about on the panel all of the time. entitlements and get the budget supposedly next wednesday . there is it a lot of big things and yet here we are. >> and it is not a lot of money. it is $10,000 for half a year or something . the first speech he gives after he leaves office will be for a quarter of a million
3:53 pm
dollars. it gives you a scale. but it is a smart move and symbolism and the amount of money is ridiculous. but he's losing altitude on the sequester. he thought he could hit the republicans and he's getting hit on the border patrol and white house tours. it is a little bit to stem the dissent and it is symbolism. i don't give him credit but it is a pr move that can't hurt him. he will hurt him with scream cynics like tucker. but me a moderate cynic. >> you are characterizing yourself moderate. >> i am mellow in my old age and can swallow it. >> he had 50 of his other administration officials who did the same thing, you could restart the white house tours.
3:54 pm
>> exactly. >> oh, i calculated the gulf trips, that is a million dollars a shot for the airplane by the inflated by secret service expenses is a month and a half. >> today defense secretary hagel said the sequester cuts and growth and spending are having significant affects on the military. codo you think this is going to be a lasting and will we feel it over time. >> they were design to do that and that's why they were designed to be odious and not just the republicans and punishing them. i don't know the worry and i don't know if anybody knows the answer. many things you could cut that will not hurt our readiness. are they cut? i don't think that is clear. >> flexibility has come back,
3:55 pm
chuck. >> yes. >> we heard from jay carny that there is flexibility. >> i am willing to take secretary panetta at his words when he said they threatened serious harm to national security. he has an incentive to state them and not over state them but make them sound serious as they are. but there are limitation to how much training they can engage and maintenance of the weapon's systems and it is not trivial. >> and as we said in the big picture, it is it a teaspoon. >> in the of debt. with all of the entitlements, that begins with tax reform. in principle could be a deal but the obstacles obama has not showed interest in entitlement reform and until he does nothing happens. if you think most hybrids are a bit under sized
3:56 pm
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>> bret: finally tonight, wisdom teeth removal, a typical right of passage in many young lives. 18-year-old abbey no different. having the procedure over spring break. however, her ride home from the dentist's office was anything but typical. drugged up, holding a cup containing said wisdom teeth. [sobbing] >> i just want my mouth. [ laughter ] against my own will i love you from the moment on. >> your teeth are okay. >> but they are dead. [ laughter ] [sobbing] >> it's okay. close it up. they will be all right. >> they were just trying to help me. >> that video will come back. thanks for inviting


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