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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 3, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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let not your heart be troubled. greta's next to go "on the record." we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> the reason all these fine-looking people are here, just in over a week, the interest rates on student loans are about to double. >> we want to give the president his props. >> and who could forget this? >> i start getting a lot of letters from kids. four of them are here today. >> it's always quite a dramatic show when the president wants to put on a choriographed moment. >> then there was this one. >> emergency responders, like the one who is are here today, their ability to help
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communities respond to and recover from disasters will be degraded. >> the president today is resorting to what has become one of his favorite messaging devices. thru see him and his supporters and props. >> and then again, today >> i want to say thank you to the denver police for having me here. >> many of the officers were stating that as police officers, we should be neutral on these very hotly contested issues. we shouldn't be seen or perceived as taking sides. we are being unfairly portrayed -- what i would even say is exploited for one political party's agenda over another. >> president obama using denver police officers as a backdrop for his gun control speech. copsas probs? a lot of police officers were not happy, including this sheriff justin smith. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> nice to see you. and, sheriff, presidents from both sides of the aisle have
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been doing it for decades, using people as propose. today, it's cops as props. what do you think about it? >> you know, i agree with the denver police officers that i spoke with, that it was completely inappropriate. these officers have a job to do. they should be on the sfreet protecting their community, not used as political props. the officers i talked to were disgusted that they had been coerced and cajoled into getting them on stage. >> you know, some of the police officers didn't show up today -- or didn't stand by the president. is that in part because of the very controversial new gun troll law in colorado? is that what is distressing some police officers or members of law enforcement? >> absolutely, greta. that's what really went on over the edge. i personally spoke with officer who is came out to the rally that the colorado sheriffs held. they tolds that you they were adamantly opposed to these gun-grabbing measures that the president's pushed on colorado.
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and they were really disgusted of the idea of being pushed up there. they weren't allowed to stand with the sheriffs, standing up for their community. but were told it was in their best interest to be at the denver police academy in uniform, trying to represent his views. >> so did police officers actually feel pressured to be there -- law enforcement who didn't want to be there? >> absolutely, gret a. i talked to two officers that didn't wish to be identified. in addition to the story you have already heard, they told me personally, one of them said he told his superior he would call in sick before he would come in and represent views that he thought were very wrong views out there. i also heard the aurora police department got messages from their chief, wanting them to show up in uniform as well. >> i suppose also, there is law enforcement who were happy to be there, who support the president and support gun control? >> you know, i certainly hold
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out law enforcement is like the rest of society. there are divided views. not everyone is of the same mind-set. and the chiefs, let's face tdon't come from colorado oftentimes, they come from other areas. they are appointed by mayors to represent their views. they have a right to. but they really should respect the rights and the beliefs of line-level peace officers. >> do you ado is being used as a political backdrop? they could have gone to any other state. but does it bother you that he chose colorado -- or are you proud? >> what bothers us is that we have been a pawn in a political play. certainly following the tragedies that occurred here in aurora, as well as the one in newtown that there was a nationwide political agenda. and between billionaire mayor bloomberg and the president, they're trying to impose the chicago and washington d.c.
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policies on colorado. they didn't work there and they will not work in ft. colindz, colorado, either. >> what do you think should be done, if anything, about the issue surrounding guns and violence? >> you know, i think what you really hit on, greta, is violence. violence is the key here. however, we know that's -- there is a challenge. it's really going to take america looking -- looking in the mirror to deal with these issues. these things can't be legislated. however, as sheriffs, we certainly have ideas on measures that could be taken to allow us -- nobody more than peace officers wants to get guns out of the hands of felons. but our governor and our legislature has proven they have no interest in that. they really completely set aside any of the values or pleefs that sheriffs have brought to this debate. >> what i always think is unusual is that a state can create laws, like have you new laws in your state, if i couldn't get a gun in your
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state, i would go next door to another state, buy what i need and come back home to colorado. that's the irony, you know, there are ways to get them by driving a couple of miles? >> absolutely, greta. that's one of the challenges that we raised. my community, we border wyoming, it's what i refer to as the cheyenne, they can buy guns and they are legal. these are based on assumptions that the criminals will follow the laws. they really burden law-abiding citizens. vicitizens an hour and-a-half away from my headquarters, waiting for a sheriffs deputy to arrive am they are told they are limited to 10 or 15 rounds to defend themselves. i find that reprehensible. >> sheriff, thank you. nice to talk to you, sir. >> i appreciate the opportunity, grettasm thank you. >> tonight, the economy is in a
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stall. we have no budget fwrt president. that's already two months late and then there is the sequester. so where's president obama tonight? is he working? well, not exactly. he is fund-raising. he is attending two ritzy events in san francisco to represent house democrats. brit hume is here. we have a lot of problems at home. i mean, every president does it, but he is the president and he is supposed to be in charge now? >> well, every president, no matter his standing with the public at large is a super star at raising money within his own party t. seems early in the cycle to be out fund-raising for 2014, but maybe i am not remembering things well. that's what he is good at. it strikes me that this is what tends to happen. this president tends to return to the things he's done well at -- campaign and fund-raising are high on the list. >> think of what it would do for him if he is raising a lot of
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money and they regain 17 seats in the house so the democrats take back the house, a democratic house and a democrat senate come 2014. and he has 2 years left on his term. >> that's obviously what he is hoping for. given the way things have gone for him so far in the early phases of his second term, you can see why he would yearn for the days when he had control of both houses because he's had a rocky start here. the whole sequester ploy -- which is what it was -- the way it was handled turned out to be a fiasco. that's not going very well. immigration is proving to be a tough slog and his gun control, he was trying to promote that issue, but that looks like it could go absolutely nowhere with nothing passing. my guess is something that will pass, but nothing like hahe hope ed for. >> both sides of the aisle use cops as props. but at some point, if you watch it long enough, you think that the people are used. we saw the people in the white
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coats for the health care, during the health care. you know, at some point, it seems insulting to the american people that they put the props up behind them. you know, i think it demeans whatever they are trying to do. >> it doesn't help when a number of police officers who were there have let it be known they didn't want to be there. that undercuts the whole image of the things, that's what it is about, the image of the sea of blue uniforms as he speaks on an issue. people are sympathet toikt police, the first responders, they are high on the esteem and sympathy. if you can associate with them and their cause, it helps to you undermine it when they say they didn't want to be there. >> i would rather see him in a room with harry reid and speaker boehner, hammering out the problems and trying to sell the american people with the serious problems here in washington with the people who can really change things. >> well... that's true. but i think the president feels that his efforts to do business with them haven't come to much so far i. yeah, but try harder.
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i am not saying it's an easy jobful but everybody who is there, the majority or the house speaker or the president, you asked for the job. you told us you could do it. well, to say, well, it's hard, i don't want to talk to those people, i give up. that's pretty lame. >> it's lame unless you can pull it off. in other words, if you can marshal support within the country to light a fire under the politician who is may be resisting you in washington, even your own party, that's one way of doing t. i don't think he's so far succeeded in doing that. i noticed today, particularly striking i thought today, his announcement from the white house that the president would be foregoing a portion of his salary for the balance of the year. this is the first sign that we have seen from this president that he realizes that the sequester ploy did not go well, and that the way he's kind of lived -- this lifestyle that he has lived as president with, you know, sequester hitting and he's off, you know, flying off on air force one at great expense to
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play golf with tiger woods and that that didn't work and it's not gone down very well. a small amount of money, it doesn't mean anything in terps of the finances of the government, but it shows that he's beginning to get it. >> i like the fact that he's foregoing -- >> it's important. >> but you mention the trip to tiger woods and florida. i don't begrudge presidents vacations. but the thing that i thought was troubling, he went on a separate vacation from his wife. a lot of families can't take vacations, but they have to get together and pick one. they don't have this luxury, you go that way, i will go this way -- that's an attitude. >> i agree with that. look, i don't think the president ought to be the way jimmy carter was, you know, turning down the thermostat in the white house and sitting around in a sweater because of the energy crisis. i don't think americans want the image of the presidents as someone down at the heels. on the other hand, think of what president george w. bush who,
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loves gulf as much as president obama does did when he had men and women fighting in iraq and afghanistan. he stopped playing golf altogether. he might have hit balls at camp david. but we never saw that. he was never seen to do that. this president has not felt politically constrained to may behave in the same way -- >> why hasn't he? >> well, look... this president has been... let me put it this way -- he does not suffer from self-esteem problems or a lack of confidence in his own political abilities. and look at the evidence! the way it must look to him and to many of those around him, he is politically butt froof. he comes along with the worst economy anybody's tried to get re-elected with in a long time and he pull its off. there is a sense in washington right after the election that -- that the republicans were utterly in disarray and that he was ascendant and he was going to have his way with congress
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and so the first crack out of the box, he uses the newtown experience to advance a gun control agenda he thought would have a lot of impetus and it seemed to and it has run out of gas. so what we are seeing is that the -- this president is not bullet proof. >> i guess that, you know, if i were signing continuing resolutions, i would not feel like i was doing my job. i mean, all of those postponements that he signs, that the house does, the senate does. you know, i would have some sense of you know, guilt, i shouldn't be off doing the things i am doing. maybe i ought to do my job. a lot of american people would like to have a national budget and know where we stand and not worry about their children's future. so, you know, i don't have quite that -- >> there has been a sense about this president at times -- he didn't think the normal political rule applied to him. and you saw that with his refusal to submit a budget at the time that the law requires. there are no criminal penalties for that. >> other presidents failed as
10:14 pm
well. >> other presidents have failed. but i think this is the latest -- not in my memory covering this town has it happened that congress has -- both houses have advanced their own budgets before the president submitted one. >> so it's a better image, at the desk in the oval office with his advisers, rather than fund-raising for an election 2 years off. it's a better visual. >> i think visuals matter. and you are probably right about that being a better visual. >> brit, thank you. >> does the white house have amnesia isn't obama administration urging banks to make more home loans available to people with -- weak credit. wait a minute. isn't that what caused the housing crash in the first place? we have a washington post economics columnist and author of the new book, the at chemist, three central bankers and a world on fire. nieces to see you. >> thanks, greta. >> is the obama administration -- i read the front page of the washington post, above the fold, are they
10:15 pm
seeking to relax the lending requirement, urging banks to once again lend to people with weak credit? >> weak might not be the right word. they are encouraging people to people with good credit, 600, 650 scores. what's been happening, that lending hasn't happened. if you have fantastic credit, you can get a loan and the housing market is coming back. but the people in the middle range are having a harder time. if you don't have 20%, they are having a harder time. they are trying to get the housing market going stronger. >> do they want have fear in when i read the article, i thought -- we are not doing this again isn't problem is that when you bury people with debt, who can't carry it, they are doing at this time debt services, spending their mon oat debt service, they are not going to rev up the economy because they don't have the money to buy the toaster. and if they get over their heads and their houseses are underwater, they can't move to get a job if they lose a job because nobody's going to buy
10:16 pm
their home because they are underwater. >> we have seen in the last few years of crisis, when you get the government involved, that's more likely to have tohappen. when have you federal guarantees through fha and fanny may and freddie mac. suddenly, it's not the bank's problem and the buyer's problem, it's the taxpayer's problem. as long as this sense of risk in the housing market is socialized and something we all pay, that's a very dangerous thing for the government to be doing. >> how do you distinguish okay credit from weak credit? >> it's in the eye of the beholder. there is a line. we do want people who save up and have a decent down payment and have decent credit to -- to be able to buy a house and get started with homeownership. it's the american dream. it's something everybody wants to support. the problem is that if it goes too far, you have what we have in 2005, people buying a half-million dollar house without much income, putting 1% down, taking out loans they shouldn't be taking, banks
10:17 pm
shouldn't be giving them and the government shouldn't be guaranteeing them. >> decent down payment, the chance is that they will have stronger credit because they have a chunk of money. so what is the obama administration seeking to do? what's the down payment they think it should be relaxd? should the banks lend the money? if they fail, we are on the hook. what is the line of demarcation for down payments? >> there is no bright line. there are a lot of types of lending. part is fha with very low down payment requirements of 3 to 5%, which seems dangerous. more president private banking and a 10% down payment is enough. there is no magic line. there is no magib number to say that this makes sense, this doesn't. that's why we have a private banking system. that's why most lending markets, you rely on the banks to make the decisions and the wise credit decisions. >> we didn't have the housing bust. we had to have down payments and when we went to zero, we did
10:18 pm
have it and it sunk the economy. it's buried everybody from top to bottom. and so the idea that we would consider relaxing it right now is very terrifying. if the obama administration wants to risk for the point of having people have ownership. some people make more money by renting. it's stunning to me that this is being pushd? >> yeah, i would add one more thing, the housing market's coming back on its own with healing, clearly what the administration's trying to do is give it an extra push and a boom. but you want to see the government do the reverse. when the private sector's starting to work, get out of the way and let the market evolve. >> the worst thing we can do is bury people in debt they can't handle. that's a death penalty -- for anybody. neil, thank and you good luck on your book. >> thank you. >> the hot-button issue on, should president obama urge banks to give home loans to people with okay or bad credit.
10:19 pm
is that nuts? or is that a good idea to kick-start the economy? go to a gruesome murder of a texas district attorney leads to the arrest of this man. what information was left on the hotline that grabbed the attention of the police? and governor chris christie leading the charge to fire the rutgers basketball coach, caught on camera abusing his players. why wasn't the coach fired when the video first surfaced several months ago? weird, right isn't latest, coming up. if you thought lance armstrong was done with competition, boy, were you wrong. he will be competing at the university of texas. will he get bustd? stay tuned to find out. hey.
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>> this is a fox news alert. tonight, police are seeking two members of a white supremacist prison gang in connection with the murder of colorado prison chief. tom clements was shot to death at his home and police are on the alert to track down members of the crew. they may be head today nevada or texas. the two men are part of the same gang that evan ebel
10:24 pm
belonged to. he was killed in a shootout with texas police. stay with fox news channel for the latest on this breaking news. it almost never happens and now it's happened twice, in less than two months, two texas prosecutors gunned down, murdered, one in broad daylight walking to his car and the other in his home and his wife murdered as well. and tonight, several new developments for the search killer or killers. and molly has the latest. le teapparently there's a man arrested, but not in connection with the murders? >> that's right, greta. there was a press conference where authorities came out publicly and said that this gentleman had been arrested, but that he was not a suspect in connection with the shooti shooti shooting. he had been charged with making terroristic threats. >> were these threats on the
10:25 pm
tip line for one of the murders of one of the d.a.'s? >> that's what the authorities said. they released a search warrant affidavit and according to that, investigators had received these threats on a tip line, a crime stoppers tip line that had been set up where an individual left a message saying that someone else was going to be the next victim. it's the affidavit didn't say who the next victim would be, that portion was crossed out or redacted from it. but that the-- and the call was also, the caller also blocked their call, but the investigators were able to trace it. >> all right, and they're confident or pretty sure that he's not connected with the murder of either one of these, the d.a. or assistant d.a., is that right? >> that's it at the press conference and we also asked whether there were other persons of interest. there have been other persons of interest who were mentioned, individuals who came forward and said that they've cooperated with the investigation, but the investigator said that they have no official persons of
10:26 pm
interest at this point. and they're willing to identify. >> are they-- do they know whether or not these two murders, the murder of the assistant d.a. and the d.a. and his wife, is there anything to suggest that they're connected rather than just a coincidence? >> well, it depends on who you ask. there are some officials who have said the county judge came out and spoke with us earlier this weekend said he believes it's more than coincidence that the two shootings happened within such short period of time, such an unusual occurrence for this to happen in such a brazen way, but the investigators won't say definitively whether they're connected and there is he been some talk about outside groups being involved. there was talk at the time of the first shooting of prosecutor mark hasse, that there might have been some involvement with the aryan brotherhood of texas, but that's not been confirmed by investigators either. >> greta: all right, i assume that they've done ballistic studies on the two crime scenes and i suspect that they
10:27 pm
haven't given you that information whether it was the same weapon or similar weapons used in both murder scenes? >> they haven't been willing to talk about it. some information has been available through the search warrant application for the district attorney's house. and there was some information shell casings found there and sources tilt sources told us an assault weapon may have been used, b but-- i know they had talked about it being a different type of weapon in the mark hasse case, but we haven't been able to get them to address that. >> greta: it's unusual that a prosecutor is murdered and it would have two murdered in a short time in the same office is very bizarre. thank you, molly. >> thank you. coming up, the video that is turning the sports world
10:28 pm
upside down. the mystery tonight, why did they wait? is there more to rutgers firing story? and lance armstrong was banned from cycling over a doping scandal, but he's returning to competition this weekend. competition this weekend. how is that possible? what's droid-recognition ? understanding you clearly... what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful.
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>> greta: yes, rutgers basketball coach, now former coach mike rice on video, shoving, grabbing, throwing balls at his players and used anti-gay slurs and now he's apologizing. >> i've let so many people do down. my players, my administration, rutgers university, the fans. my family who is sitting in their house just huddled around because of the fact that their father was an embarrassment and it's-- it's troubling, but i will at some time, maybe i'll try to explain it, but right now, there's no explanation fors what's on those films because there's no excuse for it.
10:33 pm
i was wrong and i want to tell everybody who's believed in me that i'm -- that i'm deeply sorry for the pain and the hardship that i've caused. >> greta: but here is what is odd. the video surfaced in november and that's when the rutgers athletic director first saw it and coach rice was suspended and fined, but he wasn't fired. now fast forward to today. and now the coach does get fired. what happened? the video has gone viral and everyone has seen it. sports caster jim gray joins us. nice to see you, and why did he get suspended in december, fired today? >> well, that's a mystery. the athletic director felt he should be able to rehab. it's astonishing he thought he should be able to rehab under his wing. you send people away to rehab
10:34 pm
and don't do it there. why on the kids' time. why should they have to continue to suffer abuse and how does it work? it makes no sense to me, greta. >> greta: here is what i don't understand. and he gets suspended in december and they say rehab, it's not an alcoholic drinki drinking, but it's yelling, screaming maybe something else. and after suspended for three days and $50,000, i think, and until today is he still doing it or does he continue to be obnoxious and yelling and saying these slurs? >> well we don't know all of that. eric murdoch, one of the coaches, he was the head of player development for the team. his contract was not renewed. he was let go and he became the whistleblower. so he blows the whistle and takes it to the a-d and a-d-takes it to the president and this is the course of
10:35 pm
action they decide on. what a horrible course of action, i would suggest it's a physical abuse problem, the problem the guy had. this can't be tolerated by coaches. it's unbelievable the administration let it go on. i'm surprised one of the kids didn't snap, push him back or at least go to the authorities. >> greta: i have two different minds. you know, if it's behavior continuing to be obnoxious and horrible since december when he got suspended for the three games and the money, i have a different view than if his behavior is dramatically changed and shows improvement and did get it with something that wasn't advancing the team and doing good things for the school. that's the big blank. what happened? was it the school got outed and we saw the video and they freaked and fired him? what's the behavior been in this window? >> again, this took place from 2010-2012. a two year period. to say it's an abberation, no, it's not.
10:36 pm
this is his normal behavior. this is how he acts. it can't be a one-time incident. if it was, we wouldn't see these issues on videotape over the course of time. you wonder why it hasn't been. she is are all fireable offenses. >> greta: i wonder if the team were the final four and the team were doing well. what the reaction would be. that's curious. >> 44-51 in three years, not exactly like he's setting the world on fire and 16-38 in the big east. his coaching record alone would indicate he has difficulty obviously winning games and being on track with that. but just so far as a human being. we're putting these people in leadership roles and what the young people look up to. this is supposed to be a position to be mentoring and admired and when-- >> when they're letting the kids down when they're--
10:37 pm
letting kids down, cannot be tolerated. >> greta: and vince lombardi-- >> he's also in football and if you're showing a guy to be physical when he it's football than throwing a ball at a guy's head feet away. >> greta: thank you. and an interview with kevin ware, he broke his leg and after the freak on-court accident he said he was more in shock than pain. he said he didn't realize what happened until he saw his coach's face. >> at this time the coach gave a look at my leg, look, i have he' never seen something like this before, i was thinking my ankle is hurt or something like that. and i looked down at my leg, and the bone is six inches out of my leg. and luke, jumped on the scene,
10:38 pm
the captain that he is and said a prayer for me and he was saying that prayer, going through my head, i'm going to cry and my team is going to be devastated and probably don't win this game. or i'm trying to say some words that could get us through, man. and they beat duke by 22 and i think my words got through good enough. i really just appreciate everybody and the support that i have right now. you know. but we've still got a job to do. and i'll recover and i'll be fine, but we've still got to win the championship. >> shortly after that news conference, kevin ware spoke to our shep smith. >> i saw my leg, it wasn't something you see every day kind of like a movie scene in texas ch"texas chainsaw massacr how injured i was. i didn't know my leg was
10:39 pm
broke. the only reason i glimpsed down at my leg, the coach's eyes like he seen a ghost or something he's never seen before and i understand why, because when he saw my leg, it was six inches out-- my bone was six inches out of it so it was hard to see, hard to deal with, but all the support and everybody has been by my side helping me. i'm fine and like i tell my teammates at the game, it's bigger than me. i'm-- my leg is not going to get fixed because i snap my continui fingers, you know. >> greta: there's fantastic news, doctors have cleared ware to head to atlanta. and he plans to help them get ready for the game against wichita state. and coming up north korea has threatened the united states warning of a merciless nuclear attack. and wait until you hear this one, something goes wrong. what did the deejays do to
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it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. >> well, it's supposed to be an april fool's joke and no one is laughing. now two florida deejays are in hot water after pranking listeners will local drinking water. the morning show hosts told listeners that dihydro gen dioxide were coming out of the taps. and people were panicking and calling with-- it's another way for water. >> and they were using a word, that's another way to say water and that's why some folks were concerned about what was in the water fly this morning. >> and even though they didn't say anything untrue and the deejays were suspended. what do you think, did they deserve to the get yanked from
10:43 pm
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help protect your eye health. >> well, tonight. north korea going wild and poe depositionly very dangerous. the north korean army says it now has approval to launch a merciless attack against the u.s., possibly using cutting edge he nuclear weapons and warning that war could break out today or tomorrow. and former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. how can we tell when they're rattling sabers or about to do something? >> i think in terms of reaching the united states that that's unlikely, to say the least, impossible probably. but it's not to underestimate north korea's capability to do something to south korea or japan and i think that the risk of this increasingly belligerent rhetoric, they're well past prior north korean play books on this. and some of the steps they've taken, cutting off hot lines, barring south korean workers
10:46 pm
from the caisson facility have ratcheted this up to a point where i think the risk of miscalculation on the peninsula is very, very high. >> greta: let's not forget that 27,000 americans are still on the dmz. and our people-- not not to say we shouldn't care about other people, but why do we wait rely on satellite imagery to see if they're moving things? what do we do? >> one indication that the pentagon does take this more seriously than what you call the usual irrational rhetoric from north korea, that they have decided to install a missile defense facility on guam, a ground based missile defense facility, which it's reported and i think makes sense, will free up two aegis class destroyers with a similar kind of theater missile defense system to go closer to north korea, to
10:47 pm
provide additional protection for our groups, as you mentioned, and for south korea and japan. in the short-term, i think that the pentagon is acknowledging implicitly by this move that they are concerned and i think secretary of defense hagel said as much today. >> greta: if they shoot off something, we use our missile defense and act defensively. is that an invitation of provocation for us to take it one step further in our reply? >> well, i think the north koreans, that's why this risk of miscalculating is so high. a couple of years ago they sank a corvette and killed sailors and shelled a village on the island off the coast, and the government of south korea did not retaliate. the people there and the new president are primed to do something if north korea takes the step. all of this indicates why the
10:48 pm
policy we've pursued i have to say over the last three presidents in 20 years, of trying to negotiate north korea out of its nuclear weapons program was always a bad idea. and it hasn't gotten better with age. the threat here is the irrationality of this regime, coupled with this potential to use a weapon of mass destruction against innocent civilians. we're not going to talk them out of it. the solution lies in eliminating the regime which we could try and do unifying the peninsula. >> and we've on three occasions 100% of the time they're preparing for war against us and they think that we're sitting here every night thinking about war against them. this is indeed a grim situation we're in ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, lance armstrong is back. and he was banned from
10:49 pm
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>> all right. everyone, it time to hash it out and don't count lance armstrong out. at least not yet. his cycling career crashed and burned after admitted doping during the the tour seven times. and he returns as a swimmer. that's right, he's diving back into sports, this time as a swimmer and he will compete at the masters swimming championship this weekend and some good news for armstrong, u.s. masters swimming doesn't do drug tests. and here is a helpful hint for dumb criminals. if you blow up an atm pick one that's not at a gas station. and u.k., watch the thieves emptied a cash machine at a petrol station by blowing it up. the thieves getting a big bang for their buck. they got away with the cash, but it's a miracle no one was killed. if you thought bieber mania was bad. it got a lot worse. yahoo! tweets they rescheduled
10:54 pm
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[ sighs ] [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> greta: president obama hasn't had time to finish his budget yet what. is keeping him busy? >> president obama said yesterday, he said woe not leave the court until he made a shot. that is what he was -- believe me he's a man of his word. take a look. here we go. he's got to hit one shot before he goes. no. no. try again. no. doesn't make that one. no. didn't give up. no. no. didn't make that one. no. no. still going. still trying. he's going to get there. let's see. still trying. okay. okay. here is the rooster crowing there


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