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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 4, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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just catch a break. i'm chris wallace here in washington. keep it right here on fox where more news is always on the way. >> this is the fox report. tonight, rescue crews and a race against time to try to save two teenage hikers stranded in california. now, the dramatic ending. plus, word north korea is moving its missiles. preparations for war. >> they claim they are ready to attack the united states. hit us with nuclear weapons. now, the pentagon is moving defense systems into place to counter any threats. >> it's incumbent upon us to take prudent steps to defending the united states. >> how far is kim jong un willing to go in this global game of chicken. >> scientists uncover a new
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strain of bird flu. it's already killing people. and doctors warn we are only beginning to learn what this virus can do. plus, an elderly student pilot plummets from his plane and falls to his death. >> at that points to be just an unfortunate accident to where he thought he was secure and in fact he wasn't. >> trace: tonight what we now know what happened and why his son said dad died doing what he loved. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith tonight. north korea may be planning another missile launch. that's what u.s. officials are telling fox news. they say intelligence shows the north is moving around some mid range missile launchers and the pentagon is keeping a close eye on them. military approved a nuclear attack on the united states. the pentagon moved a missile defense system to guam, a u.s. territory that could be in the crosshairs. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt live at the united nations.
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jonathan, what do we know about these missile movements? >> well, john, south korean officials say and many experts agree with their assessment that the missile most likely being moved is called a mosadan. it's ballistic missile maximum range carrying a war head about 2.5000 miles that would put guam into reach. that is one of the reasons why that missile defense system is being moved there by the pentagon the pentagon has musadun missiles. one of the concerns about the musudan is that it can be launched from a mobile truck. that would give the u.s. and others much less time to react than if they had to mount it on a launch tower. that is one of the major concerns tonight, jon. >> jon: and there is a date coming up that could be significant in all of this?
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>> very significant date. april 15th. a week monday that will be the 101st anniversary of the birth of the founder of north korea, kim ilsun. kim jong un might decide that is a good date to translate his bellicose words into some sort of offensive action. here is the former defense secretary william cohen, listen. >> this is a young leader. we don't know whether he is in charge of the military or the military is in charge of him. and so we have to be be concerned on what our actions signal not only to the north but to our allies the south koreans, the japanese and also the chinese. everyone in the region has to be concerned about what this young leader untested, certainly unworldly might do. >> and as the world wonders exactly what kim jong un might do next. secretary of state john kerry is due to travel to the region next week to reinforce the message
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personally to the neighbors of kim jong un that the united states has their back. jon? >> jon: on this than hunt at the u.n. thanks. law enforcement now hunting two members be on the look out for two men considered armed and dangerous. killing of tom clements. someone shot clements when he opened the front door of his house last month. blamed it on a former white supremacist on a guy who died shootout. that guy evan ebil had ties to the two white supremacist police now are trying to track down. alicia acuna with the news live in denver. what more do we know about these two guys. >> one may have been ready to turn himself in. something changed. thomas goalie's mother
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tells "the denver post" she wants her son to turn herself. in she says more than a week ago he planned to surrender on a parole violation but then disappeared. he is with james lore, another member of the 2-11 prison gang. the sheriff sent out this warning. >> corrections. requesting all law enforcement agencies to be on the lookout for the following parties. both of them are associated the 2-11 shown violent should be considered armed and dangerous. >> authorities are also looking in texas and nevada. john? >> jon: alicia acuna in denver. thank you. the former inmate though that was connected to the case, the clements case he also just started another investigation, right? >> that's right. today the governor ordered a review of all inmate prison sentences to make sure that they were appropriate. this after evan ebil was released four years early by a clerical error.
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the review will be extensive. >> the estimate for those number of orders is in the thousands. so, we are prior advertising to the known consecutive sentences first and we are working backwards from there. >> parole operations are also being looked at, jon? >> jon: all right. alicia acuna, thanks. i am not going away. those words from the legendary movie critic roger ebert in what would be the final column he would ever write. ebert died today end ago year's long struggle with cancer according to the "chicago sun times." the newspaper for which he worked for 46 years just this week ebert announced his cancer had returned and he was taking a leave of absence. he vowed he would return. no doubt ebert became the most influential film critic of our time the first to ever win a pulitzer prize the first to ever have a television show the first to utter the
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iconic phrase two thumbs up. he and his partner gene siskel own battle of cancer. during the peek he hundreds of movies he was forced to slow down in 2006 he came down with cancer of call. he couldn't couldn't eat or drink. reviewing movies. he cancer treatments around film screenings, he kept writing up to the very end. he closed final post with this line thank you for going on this journey with me. i will see you at the movies. mike tobin with the news live in ebert's hometown of chicago. mike, folks in chicago must feel a very special connection to ebert. >> well, you know, jon, for starters is he a chicago film critic who got a star on hollywood's walk of fame. right now that is becoming a makeshift memorial. we can tell you he once took a young host of am chicago out to dinner at
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hamburger hamlet near rush street. he told that young television host she should syndicate her show. enfrom a winfrey took his ad vice. he used to drink with studs turkel at the billy goat tavern under michigan avenue. that's back when he used to drink. he was very tech savvy and aggressive with the internet. because of that he was an early investor in google. he made millions. >> a lot of people are going to remember him for thumbs up or thumbs down. that's really reduckive considering what he brought to the industry. evidence gave a vice to people who loved movies. i remember an interview where he did where someone asked how do you become a film critic he said you call yourself up you stand up and call yourself a film critic and make yourself one. isn't that a model of any business in life we would like to follow. >> remarkable upon his passing he received public condolences from the mayor of chicago and the president. the white house releasing a statement that read in part even amidst his own battles with cancer he was
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productive as resilient. continuing to share his passion and progressive with the world. the movies won't be the same without roger. he was asked one time what film was shown in heaven and what snack could you get for free? and he responded citizen cane and hag hagendaze. >> death caught everyone by surprise. >> everyone knew he was sick. he posted on his own blog he was taking an leave of presence because his cancer had returned. people had gotten used to his resilience. despite cancer surgery rendering him unable to speak. he reinvented himself largely on social media he continued to write books. he wrote a book about cooking despite the fact that he could no longer eat. and look at neil steinberg's column in today's sun times. a paraphrase of his final blog, roger ebert is not going away. that rab this -- ran this
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morning, jon. >> jon: jon a pair of teenage hikers lost in the wilderness and running out of time. ahead how rescuers found them both and brought them home. plus, she is in charge of protecting the president. who is guarding her stuff? ahead, has somebody hacked the new head of the secret service? what thegency has to say coming up. on "the fox report."
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>> jon: emergency crews in california this afternoon rescued an 18-year-old woman clinging to a cliff after he had been lost in the california wilderness five days. happened one day after rescuers found her 19-year-old friend dazed disor yented wearing nothing but a t-shirt and bathing suit. rescuers had to use a helicopter to pluck the woman. the orange county sheriff's department says somebody
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heard her screaming and that a rescuer suffered a severe head injury after he fell off othe 60-foot cliff. what is still unclear is how the pair got lost in the first first place. >> i thought it was april fool's joke. after i saw it on the news i thought oh my god i can't believe this is happening. >> friends showed up to help with the search and to tow away the car kendall jack here along with 19-year-old friend nic also. >> they are really outgoing. they can get along with anyone. they are very fitness oriented. it's not really a shocker that they would be hiking. >> they started hiking on sunday in cleveland national forest. and called for help later in the day from one of their dying cell phones. it sparked an intense search effort. >> we have some cave rescue dwellers. geo technical rescues. trackers. >> jon: it was another hiker who discovered her last night. even then a member of of the helicopter rescue crew described over the phone how difficult it was to find him. >> i literally was 10 yards
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away from him and they couldn't hear me. voices weren't going through the woods. >> the crew air lifted him to the hospital. described him as disoriented after several days without food or water. >> he didn't know where his friend was. he said he last saw her two days ago. he says she wasn't injured but he had no idea how he even got separated from her. so he was pretty weak. >> jon: we got update on his condition from the hospital today where he conveyed a message to the public through a spokesman. >> nic said that the thing that kept him going through all of this is praying and putting his hands to the lord. he said he would pray every day and every night to give him the strength to get out of there. >> jon: and as always seems to be the case rescuers found the guy less than a mile from his car. kttv fox 11 los angeles reporter olga outside the hospital now. what's the latest on their
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condition. i'm from front of the hospital where he is being treated. he is doing much better than when he was rescued last night. yesterday he was found extremely dehydrated and confused. and he also had a lot of cuts on his body because of the branches that he was using to keep warm at night. we are told they are both in serious but stable condition. kendall found this afternoon and she was also extremely dehydrated. she is being treated at uci medical center. >> jon: and this area is extremely rugged. it is very rugged. this brush is extremely high as well. that is actually why it was so difficult to spot these two hikers by ground or even by air. it was difficult to find them. this brush in some areas is more than 7 feet high. so these two hikers extremely lucky to be -- to have been found alive. jon? >> jon: very good news. olga ospina, thank you. the secret service confirms
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it's investigating reports that hackers have targeted the agency's new chief. julia pearson was sworn in just last week becoming the secret service's first woman director a web site posted information it claimed it belonged to her social security number, phone numbers and a credit report. it's not clear if the information is accurate or who is behind the postings. it follows a string of recent hacking incidents involving public officials including michelle obama and cia director john brennan. officials have charged somebody with murder for killing at fort knox. news of the shooting broke yesterday at this time. investigators say somebody killed an army civilian worker in a parking lot at the post in kentucky. the gunfire put fort knox on lockdown for about an hour. investigators say this appears to be part of a domestic dispute and not a random attack. no word on a motive. federal health officials say they are monitoring a new strain of bird flu. a strain that's already turned deadly. next, what we're learning about this new virus.
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>> shepard: a new strain of bird flu has reportedly killed five people in china. but health officials here say not to worry. according to the centers for disease control and prevention, the strain appears to be limited to china. 14 reported cases there so far. but officials also say there is no evidence yet that it spreads from person-to-person. but they say they will monitor the situation closely. jonathan serrie with the news live in atlanta, which is home to the cbc. jonathan, what else do we know? >> hi, jon. well, the cdc isn't sounding any alarm bells
4:22 pm
for the american public because there is no immediate threat. however, it is looking at the long term. public health officials have already taken initial steps towards developing a vaccine just in case it is needed. listen. >> there is an international partnership that takes novel viruses of influenza that emerge internationally assess them for their risk and then go down a pathway towards vaccine development in increments and so we started that process now. nor now just a precaution because it takes a while to develop any flue vaccine, jon. >> jon: how does this compare to past cases of bird flu. >> it's a different subtype from the h 5 viruses that we herd about in the late 90's and over the past decade during previous bird flu infections and some of these earlier outbreaks the virus lingered if paltry populations sometimes for years occasionally spreading to humans, causing severe illness in some cases. while human-to-human transmission was rare then,
4:23 pm
officials were concerned as they are now because flue viruses are constantly evolving. they are so keeping a close eye on this one, jon. >> jon: jonathan serrie in atlanta. thanks. more health news now and diabetes treatment at the drugstore. not the doctor. that's what wall reasons is offering at most of its nearly 400 in-store clinics across the country. the drugstore treat chronic diseases that doctors typically handle such as diabetes and high blood pressure. spokes people say it's been improving access to healthcare. not relacing doctors, walgreen's competitor cvs already handles at most of its in-store clinics. thieves in maine are nowl now illegally tapping other people's maple trees and stealing the sap to make maple syrup. good stuff goes for up to 50 bucks a gallon. 13 times more than gasoline. and police say there is
4:24 pm
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>> jon: the college hoops coach who got canned for physically and verbally abusing his players has a 6-figure check coming his way according to the rutgers athletic spokesperson the school will still pay the bonus for completing this past season. he is in the video pushing and shoving his video. if officials had first fired him when they first saw the video. they would not owe the money. they suspended him and ordered him to undergo anger management counseling. a man in tennessee taking a flying lesson when the canopy of his plane opened and he fell 2500 feet to his death. now federal officials are reportedly set to launch an
4:29 pm
investigation. the victim? a 77-year-old man. he was training with an instructor in an experimental build it yourself plane when it happened last week. he reportedly was not wearing a seat belt at the time. the instructor managed to land the plane afterwards but it's still not clear why the canopy just popped open. the victim's son says his dad was always careful. >> it appears to be just an unfortunate accident to where he thought he was secure and in fact he wasn't. as far as him being careless or anything. i don't think there was anything like that going on. >> the son added his dad had a real love of flying and died in pursuit of his passion. >> i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. this is the fox report. $100,000 for the capture of whomever is going around killing prosecutors. the governor of texas rick perry announced that reward today. that's on top of another $100,000 reward from the county. >> these are heinous crimes
4:30 pm
and they have effected not just texans but people across the country who respect the rule of law. because these are truly direct attacks on the core our civil society. >> jon: this comes days after somebody shot and killed the kaufman county district attorney and his wife. several months ago, somebody murdered that d.a.'s deputy. that happened the same day the feds announced his office was working on a case against a violent prison gang. that gang is called the aryan brotherhood. they are white supremacist and investigators reportedly are looking into whether they may have had anything to do with the murders. dan springer with the news live in coffman, texas. dan, have the reward offers brought any results? there are no solid leads that the police are willing to talk about. clearly hoping for more help and more tips from the public. maybe that higher reward will help. it's been five days now and they have not revealed
4:31 pm
anything about the investigation and kept a lid on. i did speak with the fbi in colorado today. they say there is nothing at this time that links evan ebil the white supremacist suspected of killing a prison official there and the aryan brotherhood of texas which, of course, is still being looked at in the d.a. murders. packed church with around 1,000 people saying their good byes to mike and cynthia mcclelland, many of those who attended are in law enforcement and security was extra tight. they even had snipers on the roof of the church. before the service, the interim da in kaufman county spoke about a special couple that was making a difference. >> he was always full of sun and life. when he came into the office, sim and cynthia, i think were like the mom and the dad of the office. i still keep halfway expecting him to walk through with a plate of cookies that she cooked for husband. also john cornyn sent a letter to holder critical of the policy that bars
4:32 pm
federal prosecutors from carrying guns in courthouses. prosecutor's safety should start with quote enabling them to defend themselves from violent attack. the doj had no comment but said they were reviewing the cornyn letter. jon? >> jon: dan springer in texas, thanks. jodi arias even lied to her own diary. the woman accused of shooting her ex-boyfriend, stabbing him 27 times with a kitchen knife and slitting his throat wrote in her journal that she had nothing to do with the gruesome killing. it has hundreds of pages of secret diary which covers several years. reveals shortly after she killed her lover she wrote, quote: i know in my own heart that i had nothing to do with such a horrific tragedy and while it does bother me that i'm the subject of rumors and speculation i take comfort in knowing the truth will soon be made known. of course, jodi arias also initially lied to investigators about the killing and then admitted to it claiming it was self-defense. adam housley with the news live from our west coast newsroom. adam, and the prosecutor is
4:33 pm
now cross-examining the defense witness i guess the fireworks are back. >> you can't make this stuff stuff up. today the prosecution surprisingly had a chance to cross-examinen before the day was over. because no court on fry does. keep it until the end of the day the jury would have to go home for the weekend and contemplate what they heard the last four days that travis alexander was a mental abuser according to this witness. the defense ended their questioning allowed the prosecutor to cross-examine and it got heated he talks about everything from snow white and the seven dwarfs to an aggressive cross-examination which led to this. take a prison. >> you interviewed them. you have questions. do you an assessment. >> so when you are interviewing you are not talking then, right? >> mr. martinez. >> my question is. >> mr. martinez, are you angry at me? [ laughter ] >> ma'am, is that relevant to you is that angry to you. >> ladies and gentlemen, please refrain from
4:34 pm
laughing in the courtroom. >> that just one of the interactions so far. they just begun, jon. is he starting to question her about snow white and the seven dwarfs apparently she has given a number of seminars domestic abuse expert submitting that snow white was abused. jon? >> jon: unexpected visitor back in the courtroom today, adam? >> yeah, snow white issue in this cross-examination courtroom laughed about him being angry juror number 540 was dismissed earlier this week because last week the defense alleged that the prosecutor was outside taking pictures and signing autographs with fans so the judge interviewed all the jurors. juror number 5 apparently said something the defense opposed. they asked for a mistrial or the juror be dismissed. that juror was dismissed today she showed up in the public area in the courtroom and sat there the whole time. so, jon, it's like every single day there are at least a number of twists and turns in this trial. today was probably the oddest we have seen in any trial that we have ever
4:35 pm
covered. snow white and the seven dwarfs on trial. a juror dismissed back in there the courtroom laughing and everyone kind of forgetting that the victim in this trial was stabbed 27 times, shot in the head and solicit his throat from ear to ear. jon? >> jon: what aster. adam housley, thank you. a judge in ohio sentencing the craig's list kill tore death. in 2011 a jury convicted this man, a a 3-year-old self-styled street preacher named richard beazley. he teamed one a teenager to post bogus job offers on the popular craigslist. shot to death three men who showed up. fourth man survived ran for his life and called police. beazley's co-defendant, a minor at the time, still too young for the death penalty. the judge gave him life without parole stocks getting another four month high. is our economy recovering
4:36 pm
or not? usually cold temperatugripping. rick reichmuth live in the fox weather center. rick? >> have been saying that for weeks now. severe weather season, a little bit today but it's all done really. this is where the threat for severe weather was today. you see the last of the storms exiting off of just to the north of miami. so i think the severe weather is done in florida. and that's good news. this same storm though bringing snow. so we're still talking about cold enough air that we're talking about snow across central appalachians. we might see a few inches there and rain, also, this will exit the seaboard and not effect areas of the northeast. i will tell you what, you talk about these temperatures. cold in the west, in the east. warm out west. and take a look at this. 41 degrees. we're well into april here. and we're at 41 degrees right now in atlanta. that is very, very cold. these temps are around 15 degrees below where you should be. all the warm air has been out across the west. the good news is we are going to see a flip flop in this pattern over the next few days.
4:37 pm
so where you see all of this warm air out across the west we l. start to cool things down and these temps out here across much of the east by the time we get to sunday and monday will be warming by 10 to 15 degrees. finally start to see some spring by the early time we get to the early part of this next week. that's the latest from the fox weather center. fox report will be right back. it's not what you think. it's a phoenix with 4 wheels. it's a hawk with night vision goggles. it's marching to the beat of a different drum.
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>> jon: the united nations is sending investigators to syria to try figure out if the government used in deadly attack last month. president obama has said that would be a red line for the united states. but experts tell fox news we may never know for sure whether either side crossed that line. james rosen is live in our d.c. newsroom. james? >> jon, good evening. this afternoon, more than two weeks after the events in question the state department confirmed that this team of u.n. investigators still hasn't touched down in syria. that's bad news for their probe because the village in northwestern syria remains active war zones
4:41 pm
and soil samples from their there could already be hopelessly contaminated. unclear whether the team's access to witnesses, pigs, autopsy and toxicology reports will be hampered by the syrian government, rebels or both. best hope from smoking gun remnants from the missile that some witnesses reported having seen just before 26 people were reported killed, another 86 injured. >> if there is a delivery system, and there are markings on the delivery system. is it something that has been characteristically used by one side or othe other in this conflict, then it may be easier to describe evidence that is consistent with one party's use as opposed to the other. these teams don't usually come out with a report that says hey, country x did it. >> leading the inspection team are swedish scientist and professor and gabriel watson a german microbiologist and army veteran. both are veterans of the u.n.'s iraq inspections of
4:42 pm
decades past. moscow has complained that the team can't possibly be fair to the syrian government if no russians are appointed to it technically. this investigation is being conducted under the authority of u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon. it is only the 13th of its kind, jon. >> jon: james rosen in washington. thanks. mixed messages on the economy today. the labor department reports the number of americans filing for jobless benefits went up last week. to a four month high. it's the third straight increase and it comes ahead of tomorrow's big monthly employment report for march. meantime, stocks all finished in the green after japan announced a plan to jump start its economy. the dow up 56 points. the nasdaq and s&p each adding 6. but as wall street improves on its prerecession records, analysts point out that fewer americans are working now than in 2008. millions fewer, in fact. fox business network peter barnes live in our washington newsroom. so, peter, we should get a better idea of the jobs market tomorrow? >> yeah. that's right.
4:43 pm
jon. economists are first alert forecasting that the economy created about 200,000 new jobs in march but that is still not enough to push the unemployment rate down quickly. so, as a result, they see the unemployment rate unchanged at 7.7% from february. now, this is in line with a moderate economic recovery there are still 3 million fewer people employed now than before the start of the recession. a lot of people have dropped out of the job market as you know. and a lot are still working part time when they want full-time work 8 million people, jon. >> jon: but it's not just jobs. >> yeah. that's right. now, we are making progress on the economy. but we are not all the way back yet. now, the stock market has been strong. more than doubling since stocks hit bottom in 2009. that's likely helped retail sales which hit about 420 billion in february. adjusted for inflation. that's about 18% off the bottom. housing is recovering but
4:44 pm
sales are still not back to normal levels. in february, existing home sales clocked in at about a pace of annual pace of about 5 million units. 5.5 million annually is considered a healthy housing market. prices have come up for homes but remain 29% below their prerecession peek. auto sales are almost back to their prerecession levels, jon. >> jon: so how many jobs do we have to create to get the unemployment rate down in this country? >> well, economists look for a rate of about 250,000 to 350,000 or so new jobs a month to really really start pushing the unemployment rate down quickly, jon. >> jon: peter barnes in washington. thanks. a homeless man who won $50,000 on a scratchoff lottery ticket says he plans to use some of the money to help others having a tough time. the winner spent $3 on the ticket in bloomington, illinois. a lottery spokesman tells abc news he will get around
4:45 pm
35 grand after taxes. one local news outlet reports the winner plans to hand out hundreds to friends who are also homeless. no word whether he plans to move out of the tent that he has reportedly called home for decades. facebook chief mark zuckerberg today unveiled what he calls a new experience for android phones. he says facebook home is not a new phone or a new operating system. but an experience that is much deeper than an app. but it is essentially an app. that better integrates some old and new facebook features for android mobile phones. you can check it out yourself on april 12th. meanwhile, two electronic giants are joining forces. starting next week samsung will open mini stores inside of hundreds of best buy locations. they will sell laptops, cell phones and cameras. the move comes a few weeks ahead of samsung's release of the next model in its popular galaxy phone line. unlike its rival apple
4:46 pm
samsung does not have its own stores. tensions rise as floodwaters recede revealing dozens of bodies near one capital city. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. argentina. protesters started fires to block streets outside of buenas air was. they say the government failed to respond to the flooding which followed record rains and killed at least 50 people. some drowned in their homes or cars. others electrocuted. hundreds of thousands still have no power. schools and other buildings now serving as makeshift shelters. china. a sandstorm swept through the northwest forcing drivers to turn on fog lights or head back home. people say the air is suffocating and it's keeping them from coming out to enjoy the first day of a spring festival. italy. cops grab nearly $6 million worth of gold bars during a check at the swiss border. they found the loot wrapped in newspapers, hidden
4:47 pm
beneath the carpet in the backseat of a car. they say an initial search found nothing. the family in the car started looking anxious. the driver, a lawyer with his wife and three young kids, reportedly unable to explain all of that gold. police charged him with money laundering. japan. a zoo near tokyo welcoming its first white tiger cubs. the little ones just learning how to walk. mom is keeping them warm. white tigers are all that rare. just a couple hundred worldwide. zoo officials are helping the public to help name the cubs. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> a california sea lion that loves to get down to disco. ♪ ♪ >> researchers say the first mammal, other than humans of course that is
4:48 pm
able to find and keep the beat to music. all kinds of music, they say. birds that mimic human speech like parrots can do it too. researchers say ronan has better rhythm than most birds. you go. the sandy hook massacre may have done more than any other shooting to change the national debate on gun violence. today parents of some of the first grade victims joined connecticut's governor as he signed some of the strictest gun control measures in the nation. a live report next. plus, any terrorist would tell you it's not easy to hide from a drone. well, now one designer claims to have invented clothing that makes you invisible to the eye in the sky. that's coming up. shoot. now with the share everything plan from verizon, connect your camera, along with your smartphone and tablet. all your devices connected by one simple plan on the powerful network.
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joe bastardi jon children were on hand from the sandy hook elementary massacre. gun control bill. lawmakers call it the strongest in the country. some sandy hook parents say the law doesn't go far enough. some gun rights groups say it goes too far and parts of it kick in right away. like background checks for all gun sales. and expansion of the state's assault weapons ban to outlaw more than additional weapons ban of magazines 10 rounds of ammo. if you already own higher capacity imagines you have to register them with the state. president obama is plans to visit on monday. call on congress to pass a national gun control bill. just yesterday he made his case in colorado. another state that recently approved new gun restrictions. wendell goler at the white house. today the president admitted is he facing a tough night on capitol hill. reinstating the federal assault weapons ban though they want to force senators victims of the massacre
4:53 pm
aurora colorado and newtown, connecticut deserve at least that part of the reason for stop in colorado is to show even a gun friendly state like that can live with when mr. what mr. obama sees as common sense gun requirements university ban on high capacity magazines. fundraiser today outside of san francisco, the president said, quote: it's going to be tougher to get the kind of gun legislation to reduce gun violence through the senate and the house that so many of us, i think, want to see. that fundraiser one of four the president scheduled on this trip, jon. >> the fundraising drew criticism really from both the left and the right, right? >> you are right. republicans called it hitting up billionaires at taxpayers expense to try to retake control of the house instead of working with the republicans now in charge there mr. obama's aides feel house republicans especially the tea party wing are largely responsible for the gridlock in washington. the president says he can best move the country forward by helping make nancy pelosi speaker again.
4:54 pm
open government advocates say he should lead the effort to reduce the role of money in elections like he has called for. >> we're not, you know, at least common cause is not saying he should disarm and not doing that as i said, that is the game right now how it's played. we would like to see the rules of the game changed. and for president obama as the president to stand up and start pushing for some of these reforms to change the way we pay for politics. >> president is committed to 14 fundraisers for house and senate democrats this year and probably more next year. jon? >> wendell goler, thanks. >> the feds predict their could soon be thousands of surveillance drones patrolling the u.s. now a designer claims his clothing can protect you from those eyes in the sky. he calls it stealth wear. this is the full body burqa. he also makes a head scarf if you need a little less coverage. and a hoody. he claims the metallic fibers reflect heat
4:55 pm
throwing off 00 drone's thermal imaging technology. not everybody likes working on their yards. it can be exhausting and expensive. one lawmaker says he has the solution. lose the mower and get some hungry sheep. details next. ♪ ♪ can you hear it? ♪ fueling the american spirit ♪ no matter when, no matter where ♪ ♪ marathon will take you there how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing.
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jon jon forget lawn mowers, one man is using sheep to help the grass and take care of the environment. putting four black sheep to work growing field between two city billings. the ecoproject replaces gas guzzling lawn mowerrers. if it goes well they will use the sheep more often in the future. updating some of our top stories tonight. the colorado governors governos the state's correction department will audit the records of all inmates. comes after the news that the suspect in the killing of colorado's corrections chief was accidently released from prison four years early. cops recaptured a capital murder suspect and
4:59 pm
convicted drug offender who escaped an east texas jail on tuesday. they either scaled a fence or slipped through a gap in the fence. legendary film critic roger ebert died today after a long battle with cancer. two thumbs up and won a pulitzer prize. on this day in 1968, an assassin in memphis fired a single shot and killed a civil rights icon dr. martin luther king jr. king was born in atlanta and rose to national fame in 1955 as a leader of the landmark bus boycott in montgomery, alabama. 8 years later he delivered one of the most important speeches in american history when he told the nation "i have a dream." in those turbulent times the civil rights leader also had enemies. while he was on his way to dinner that fateful night a fugitive james earl ray shot dr. king as he stood on the balcony of the lorain motel. his message still lives on because dark day in memphis changed our nation 45 years ago today. and now


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