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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 5, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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the shep page, your world is next. eric sitting in for neil today. goodbye. >> the job market taking a major hit. now is the media helping democrats make some major excuses for it? welcome everyone. i'm in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." 88,000, 88,000 -- how many jobs were created last month. well below the 200,000 expected. the jobless rate dipping to 7.6 % as more than americans simply stop looking for work. the labor force participation rate hitting it lowest level since jimmy carter was president. and now this from the "associated press." saying the weakness may signal some companies are worried about deep government spending, sequestration cuts, even though
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the bulk of the cuts have yet to kick in. harry reid also citing the cuts saying, quote, only congress can undo the serious effects of republicans harsh austerity. but no mention of the hike in the payroll tax which is blamed for consumers clamping down on spending, or a chamber of commerce study survey fining the healthcare law is now the biggest concern of and for employers. to market watcher craig smith on separating the fact from fiction. is it government spending slowing down because of sequestration? or is it consumers not spending? >> well, you and i both know what it is, eric. this is what is funny. i watched you talk about it on "the five" in december. i've watched the fox business anchors, talk about it, that when you go to raise taxes on the top 2% of american people, you are going to lose jobs, and
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guess what? we're seeing that slowdown right now eric. >> right. let me just jump in here -- >> the middle class americans with the social security tax that went up. that means less money for people to go out and eat out. i'm talking about the average wayne-earner help has $10,000 more in taxes this year there goes the gardeners, the maid, and now when less -- in my own situation in my own company, we lost a person this year attrition. we're not replacing that person because i don't know what have to deal with, with obamacare. i have to make sure i protect my other employees because they get private insurance so we know what it is, and if it was sequestration, sequestration was mr. obama's idea. so one way or another why doesn't the president take credit for what is happening and give us some leadership to turn it around? >> craig you hit on it earlier in the answer.
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it wasn't 2% -- may have something to do with the 2% earners getting their taxes raised. it was the payroll tax. the payroll tax increase hit every american. i wasn't just the top 2%. >> you bet. absolutely. and always said, that means that thousand dollars average person, now all of a sudden they can't have the night out where they go down to grab a pizza or a movie show. that means that the restaurant owner can't hire more people or maybe even have to lay somebody off. but you know, when i saw the statistic today that i'm sure you saw, 663,000 people left the work force in march. that now puts it 90 million people have left the work force. 9.4 million people have left the work force since mr. obama took over the white house. if you were to adjust that for population i could argue that we have the lowest historic rate of
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working age people working in america. we can't continue on this path, eric. we have .6% gdp -- >> craig, let me jump in here -- >> we're not going to get -- this thing turned around. >> if you add the people that keep leaving the work force, you're talking about 12, 13, 14% unemployment rate. but here's the question. all those people that leave the work force, they're living on the government dole. they're relying on the government. where is the incentive to get them back to work? >> amen. they get unemployment. chronic unemployment. now 4.6% of our work force. 40% of our work force. 4.6 million people. but you're right: first you get up employment for x amount of weeks and if it's more than 27 weeks it's croppic unemployment. then you go on to disability. last month we had 82,000 people join the disable ranks. now nine million people getting disability. then you get some welfare if the
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disability runs out. then you get food stamps. eric, we both know, and neil knows, these numbers don't work, and what is amazing the administration can say that nobody challenges it. last night he said automatic weapons killed the children back east. no. they didn't. it's not the truth. >> keep your doctor. >> we're going to lose the doctor. your premiums won't go up. my premiums have gone up? when will somebody hold this man accountable you can't keep telling -- i don't want to say -- you can't keep avoiding the truth and not have it catch up with you sooner or later. >> craig, we're going live it there. thank you very much. >> good seeing you, eric. >> 24,000 retail jobs lost postlast month alone as a hike in the payroll tax takes a chunk out of everyone's paycheck, and in the president calling for
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more texas revenues. indiana health care and town hall's katy pavlik says, watch out. wow. wow. more taxes. we just got a $700 billion tax hike. now another one? >> you know, eric, we're seeing this argument play out that, look, the mow you're tax job creators, the less jobs, and we saw that as a dribble pact with the awful jobs report. and the labor par tis rate is lower because -- is higher because of obamacare. employers are, a., cutting hours back for employees, or cutting employees altogether, and we have less people working and less people spending money because they're not employed and their taxes are going up. >> katy, the labor participation rate at its lowest level since jimmy carter. a lot of people say president obama is the new jimmy carter. >> we have been saying that for a long time, right? even the white house today is
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saying the economy is still healing. this economy has an infection called gangrene, called obama karr. obamacare is killing the economy. you talked witch your previous guest about the labor par tis rate. if the lab you're participant rate was the same as it was in 2001, the unemployment rate would be 10.9%. the view the economy is recovering is false. it's not true. people are not spending money, people cutting jobs as a result of obamacare, and the unemployment rate doesn't show the whole story. >> a lot of white house watch the markets, we watch retail very, very closely. this is a consumer driven economy. 65% of the economy is based on consumers pull ought the cash or credit card. when retail lays off that doesn't bode well for the economy, jobs, anyone going
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forward. right? >> right. as you mentioned, the payroll tax hike that took place during the fiscal cliff, obama promised not to raise taxes. raised taxes on everyone through the expiration of the pay troll tax cut. of you don't have extra moye in your pay check to spend on shoes or retail, you're not going spend it, and we're seeing retailers cut back on jobs because people aren't spending money in your stores. >> you know where that extra money is? that goes for the benefit -- to the government to go to people that are -- >> for benefits they're not paying for. >> costing jobs now costing democrats votes? new poll numbers are out and they're not looking good. and north korea turning up the rhetoric, now demanding embassies in the rogue state to clear out. a sign are they ready for war or just a head fake? we went out and asked people a simple question:
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>> get out by the tent or stay at your own risk. the latest warning from a nuclear north korea to four embassies on the peninsula. kim jong-un is not backing down. is it time for china to step up? gordon chang joins us right now. china is the big questionmark. why is china not leaning on north korea and specifically kim jong-un? >> because china is going through a troubled leadership transition of its own, and in the transition the chinese military has become perhaps the most powerful faction in the communist party and the chinese military has had pro pyongyang views. they have close connection e connections with their north korean counterparts.
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>> they've actually supply north korea with missile launchers, rite? >> this is important. the missile that chuck hagel talked about in his march 15th 15th press conference when he said we're going ahead with the intercept you'res. we're not concerned about the long-range missile. we can destroy those on the launch pad. we're concerned about the mobile missiles and china has been supplying those mobile launchers to north korea,. >> do they want a communist presence on the peninsula? >> they certainly do. everytime that the north koreans, a up, we go to beijing and we plead with the chinese to ring in their north korean allies. the chinese distract concessions so on a short-term basis this is good for beijing. long-term it's beside because of what north korea can do in the region. >> can do what in the region?
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they can reach japan. >> they can. it's driving the region much closer to the united states, which beijing really hates. the south koreans wont nukes, the japanese would have vary large arsenal if they went nuclear. taiwan if it had nukes would reduce china's presence. so this is bad for beijing. but when you got a really bad policy and you can't change it, there's something really wrong in your political system, and there's something wrong in china. >> can you confirm that pyongyang warned foreign embassies to move out? >> what's going on here is a little kim-style kabuki. they want to ramp up the pressure but the important date is same. the 101st after versus over the kim il-sung, the founder of north korea, and all of these event, from dennis rodman to the missile, has been stage-managed. i if we hear rhetoric on the day
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after, we know we're in dangerous territory. >> when you say dangerous territory you don't mean they're going to aim a missile at -- first, they can't reach us. let's make our viewersthey can'd states or any of our territories, can they? >> they can reach alaska, they can reach guam, and certainly u.s. troops in japan but only with conventional warheads. in three years they can hit any american? i because they're making fast progress. we're not worried about them air mailing a nuke because we would just obliterate them. we're worried about a small provocation that spirals out. the south koreans are just sick and fed up of not responding to blow after blow from the north korean so they're on hair trigger. >> ing kim jong-un doing this because he senses a weak president obama administration and response to various forms of spitefulness in the world? >> i think that's part of it but what is going on in pyongyang, he doesn't have much support. he has only been in power 16
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months. has not been able to consolidate his position. since 1949 no north korea yap lead leader has had a smaller base of support so he's trying to drum up help from the admirals and generals. >> it's really fascinating story. let's -- theirs probably more for positioning within north korea than anything else. >> right. but it can be vary dangerous because you have new leaders in asia, they can't back down. this yale dangerous. >> north korea, south korea, and chinese -- >> and japan for that matter and we have a new national security team. >> thank you very much. >> caught on tape. check this out. a tsa agent attacked. keep an eye on the left part of the screen. police say a homeless woman knocked down a sign and started swinging at the security guard. what happens next might surprise you. adam housely is in l.a. with the whole story. this video is amazing. >> it's fantastic.
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justin rogers is a police officer from pinole, not far from san francisco, and he was in line at honolulu airport, going home with his family like many people have done, visiting hawai'i, you don't want to leave. he had taken his shoes off. he heard a commotion. he actually jumps over kind of a small wall when he sees the tsa agent being attacked. no shoes on. takes the woman to the ground and puts up his arms to let them know he was a employment they didn't come over and obviously try to get him. they gave them the hulk handcuffed the woman. >> i was standing in front of the body stan machine and security, with my shoes off, getting ready to go through. i turned back around and she was punching her. >> we had that video again. he was with his family. comes over the side. holds her down. he did board his plane and made
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his flight home and is back on duty. but tsa thanked him for his efforts, and it goes to show there's a lot of good people out there, and he quickly got the woman under control and helped tsa out. this woman just basically took iran at the tsa agent and no one had any idea this would happen, but quick thinking by him for sure. >> right player, right time, folks. thank you, adam. >> all right. >> democrats about to pay for it? and another doc shock, forget the er, just head to the drug story. get ready for the new norm. coming up next. new car!
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>> why go to the -- wall greens clinics expanding their care to include chronic illnesses like diabetes asthma. dr. manny alvarez says with the healthcare law kicking in, this could become the new norm but it could backfire. >> it could indeed. >> explain what this is all about. >> this is all about -- look, care mark has clinics for several years, basically the idea was that it would give you easy access to health care. you can go there, you have a sore throat, sprain your ankle, somebody somebody will see you, a p.a. or physician assistant. so this is good. and care mark did the right thing. they have partnered with medical centers across the country. so patients don't fall through the cracks. however now everybody is getting into the business. walgreens is late to the game and they're going to not only open more clinics but treat chronic medical conditions like
1:23 pm
high blood pressure, diabetes, things that a primary care doctor would do and that's my fear. >> you mentioned a doctor shortage? >> there is. >> why? >> well, that's a complicated issue. a lot of doctors have retired. they don't want to practice anymore. their reimbursement they cannot keep up with having private offices. the model in five years from now is going to be, a lot of these clinics, hopefully will do the right thing. they will partner with medical centers, and people have to get used to not seeing the doctor they want to see. >> let's point this out. you don't go to walgreens to get diagnosed. you go for treatment. >> well, listen. they want -- there's money to be made by walgreens in this. they're not doing that's because they're al ash altruistic. they can get people in the healthcare field for less dollars than physicians. they can treat medical conditions and patients will be satisfied. my comment, however, is, is the
1:24 pm
quality going to be the same? are people going to fall through the cracks? are hospitals going to have access to the information? will if you come and they say your sugar is not very high, we just tested you and we're going to send you to an endocrinology. >> if they don't have the he records they have to repeat the tests. that's not go save is any doctors. >> is that or because the good doctors are saying i don't want to deal with obamacare, the payback. i want to go off on my own and practice you want that? go to walgreens. >> well, don't think so. look, the american academy of family practitioners is very concerned about this because this is really going to hit primary care disaster -- doctors right in the face and we don't have a lot of primary care doctors. and they can't afford to be in practice. so economic pressure? yes. but it's going destroy the way that medicine has been practiced. hopefully it will be for the
1:25 pm
better. i'm going to be an optimistic on this one. optimistic on this one. >> i'll be optimistic, too. i'll good to walgreens for my diabetes and pick up some toothpaste. >> good business. >> a new poll, most democrats aren't even sold on the health care themselves. 66% saying it will either hurt or have no effect on their daily lives. only 27% think it will actually help them. larry, health care will have an effect on mid-term elections in '14, will it or will it not? >> absolutely. look, this is a semi permanent issue, eric, for the republicans. they're going to run on obamacare until the day comes -- and it ill will come when the republicans have the white house and both houses of congress -- and then, frankly, they going to do away with most of it, and then that will be the end of the issue. but it's a perfect issue for republicans because it unifies they're base. it brings in lots of
1:26 pm
independents, and also you just noted, many democrats aren't contracts about it either. >> i'm not surprised they're already -- what's they date --' april -- >> we're in april, eric. >> right. here we are already and the democrats are starting to distance themselves from obamacare. now, the senate has about five or six that it could sway over to the right and that would be a republican senate and 32, i believe in the house that would make the difference in the house. so they're starting to move away from it. >> yes. even though the elections in november 2014, the campaigns are starting. some states and districts you actually already have advertising a year and a half or more ahead of the election. you can be certain that health care is going to be a major issue, along with the state of the economy, whatever it is at the time, and president presides popularity or unpopularity.
1:27 pm
again, for runs, -- republicans, it's a perfect issue. they need to unify the base. they still have obamacare. >> i'm getting for -- what are the democrats going to do? the at-risk seats in the democratic party? are they going to embrace the obamacare issue and say we weren't for this, we kind of voted for it but weren't really for it? >> they're going to talk about other things to the extent they can. they'll be attacking republicans on other issues. but, yes, look, what i've noticed over the years, the only time this thing ever edges into any kind of minimal popularity is when president obama and the democrats actually go out there and sell it day after day for several weeks, and then briefly it will become popular. when it's left alone, it sinks back into either a deadlock or on popularity. >> we showed the 20,000 pains of obamacare regulation.
1:28 pm
i have to think there are going to be more and more democrats that say no mas to that. >> because there will be more stories about things that aren't work, things the government does. this is a shocking headline. thinks that are complicate that the government does generally don't work out well. >> larry, we'll leave it right there. thank you so much. i knew it was april. he is the one who screamed at and berated his players. now others are losing their jobs along with him. is this coach controversy getting out of control?
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>> after the fallout the rutgers coach controversy is growing and growing, now the athletic director tim pernetti stepping down after his handling of coach rice's abusive behavior. other calls from the president to get the school the axe next. is this getting out of control? jimmy gray, you have seen a lot of sports. you have seen a lot of coaches. tell me, coach rice should have been fired, throw itic director should have been let go. what do you say? >> yes and yes, absolutely. >> why? you've been on the football field and seen coaches yell at kids and players.
1:33 pm
are we saying a coach can't get in someone's face? >> well, there's a difference between yelling and slurring. no, i've never seen a coach kick a kid. no, i've never seen a coach from point blank range through a basketball as hard as he can. i've seen coaches demonstrate. i've seen coaches get physical. usually they have a helmet on or pads. i've never seen what has gone on here, and when we have s there is action that is taken. >> jimmy, i have. i've spend a lot of time only baseball fields and football fields and soccer fields. i've been hit, thrown stuff at. i've been pushed. and you know what? you shake it off and get back up and make sure you don't do whatever you're doing. what about -- should the athletic director now also be fired or are they allowing hip to step down? what did he have to do with this? >> well, he was aware of what had gone on, and he consulted with the university officials and lawyers, and he determined that coach rice should be rehabbing. well, he shouldn't be rehabbing on the kids' time.
1:34 pm
this is way above the line. just because it happened to you, eric, i can't think how coach john shula, coach wooden, chuck daly, phil jackson, dean smith, any of the idols or icon, every once laid a handon any kid. >> bobby knight. >> and he paid the price for it. he was found out about it. and he suffered the consequences. >> all right. you don't -- >> we're in a different age. a different age. >> please go there. this is important. >> it used to be okay to spank your children or take a slash. you know. take a belt to the behind. well, that all changed. that changed in the last -- >> are we better off -- i mean, i'm just -- i'm looking at american men and they're just becoming, is a said woosfied. i'm not fewer slur organize abusive behavior. i'm simply saying you can disagree with someone. you can say, hey, block that guy
1:35 pm
out. hey, take that shot. can't you? >> absolutely. that's not what has gone on here. mike rice and the other assistants, who had to resign, jimmy bertelli, they're way over the line. this isn't what goes on and there are lot of kids kids kidse abused and it happens every day and they feel it's their fault. and a lot of kids who are abused by their parents still loved their parents. nobody loved mike rice. the players despited him and they're afraid. at it wrong. >> we're rolling video of stuff he did and it's not pretty but it's also -- doesn't look like abuse know. throwing a basketball at their feet. grabbing him by the shirt and saying, block that guy out. take that spot. maybe i'm completely wrong. i'm certainly taking a lot of heat from a lot of people around the world, saying, you don't know what you're talk about. i'm against touching, don't put
1:36 pm
your hand orifice on anyone, don't throw a racial slur. >> is it okay to kick these guys? your entitled to your opinion. are you allowed to kick a guy. >> kicked them in the butt. >> that is inaccurate you have not watched the whole tape. >> maybe i haven't. i just want to make sure. >> is it okay to stand there and throw a ball as hard as you can at a guy who is defenseless? is that right? is that really what you think motivation is? >> i think you have to motivate people sometimes. and on the sports court the met vacation is different than it is on the street and we shouldn't be so pc we apply what goes on -- >> it's not politically correct. let me ask you a question. if this is motivating why is he 44 and 51. >> exactly. le and. >> if it doesn't work, if you're saying you have to motivate some killeds to make it work, which i totally disagree with, even that wasn't working. >> if he was 95-0, i'm getting
1:37 pm
he would have got an slap on the wrist and say don't do it again. >> i don't think so. >> we have to leave it there. quick thought. the president of rutgers is coming under scrutiny. should he step down, too. >> in i heard his explanation today, and the flaw in the process is what he called it, and he said if he had to do it again he would look at the tape. he should have looked at the tape. there's a failure of leadership here and he said the university policy would not justify dismiss. if that doesn't justify dismissal, i don't know -- >> you know what its -- >> perhaps we should go to work for rutgers. >> i'm way over time but i got to tell you right no there are probably tens of thousands of coaches around the country right now going, uh-oh, am i next? >> then they better change in a hurry. >> jimmy gray, thank you very much. >> thanks, eric. >> from a rutgers showdown to a throwdown, wrestle maina, is it just what new jersey needs to boost its economy?
1:38 pm
one of its biggest stars is stopping by fox business network tonight at 8:00'm. >> janet napolitano says our borders may never have been more secure but startling new numbers painting a different story. >> a force in the democratic party. now a new report claims jon corzine sowed the seeds to global destruction when client money moye when missing. so what's happening to corzine now? that story is coming up. worst cleaning lady. i'm here in your home, having a pretty spectacular tuesday. ♪ but i don't notice the loose rug at the top of your stairs. and that's about to become an issue for me. ♪ and if you got the wrong home insurance coverage, my medical bills coulget expensive.
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(announcer) at scottrade, our cexactly how they want.t with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everi'm with scottrade. me. (announcer) scottrade. awarded five-stars from smartmoney magazine. new bored stats showing a double digit surge in apprehensions along the southwest border. to william with the border story you're not hearing. >> yeah. well, eric, what we have been hearing for years this border is secure, and that is because
1:42 pm
whether arrest numbers are up or down we hear the same thing. in the last six months according to the administration's open met riecks, the border is less secure. looking the first six months, apprehensions included 20 -- 26,000 from 2011. in as and arizona the numbers are down but look at texas, where arrests are surging, up 53's in rio grand, and yesterday secretary janet napolitano did not acknowledge the increases. >> i can tell you that having worked that border for 20 years, it is more secure now than it has ever been. illegal apprehensions are at 40-year lows. if apprehensions are going up does that mean the border is more secure or if apprehensions are going down does that mean
1:43 pm
the border is more secure? you can't have it both ways. >> the surge is not coming from mexico but central america. that's because mexicans are entitled to a deportation hearing. which takes time. so when the u.s. runs out of detention space these people are being released and the word is south of the border, you've want to get into the united states, do it now before a cutoff date and more security in the new immigration bill. the dhs -- the secretaryes not being inaccurate. she says it's technology, money, but critics say it's about how many are stopped and how many get in. that's the debate. >> thank you, williams. have a good weekend. >> a scathe gun report says the new jersey governor, jon corzine, one of the president's top fundraisers, blew off warning signs of the firm making bad debts.
1:44 pm
a bankruptcy judge including mf global's liquidation plans, yet after three reports pounding the finger out corzine he has yet to fate -- face criminal charges. a spokesman says it's monday morning quarterbacking. >> we will not face charges because they cannot find he purposely blew up the fund, purposely stole money and took money and moved it around the world. they just found out there was a lot of confusion. i'm not saying he didn't. okay? just -- least be clear here. i've been very critical of jon corzine how he ran the company. but the evidence they have at hand is that he didn't do it purposely and intentionally. >> stop. stop. world traders. blow up banks all over the world. >> is he a trade.
1:45 pm
>> yes. >> because he made the calls on european debt -- >> no. you don't go to jail for making a bad bet. you go to jail for stealing. nick gleason did other stuff, misleading -- >> the same thing. they're not stealing -- the -- >> you're were a trader. ever make a bad bet. >> of course. >> god to jail? >> with my own money i paid. >> did you go -- if you worked for goldman sachs -- you're your trying to tell me a rogue trade sheer not spend time at all. >> you're eve acquitting a bad trader to a rogue trader. >> same thing. >> no. >> what it this difference between jon corzine and gleeson. >> job corps sine made a lad bet. >> so disgleeson,. no he stole. he hid. >> what did he steal? he didn't tell anyone he had the customer accounts at recollection for the bad bets. i'm not saying he didn't. >> the evidence shows that
1:46 pm
people were -- did not know what they were doing and started moving around money to different accounts. >> charlie, charlie, i love you like a brother, but -- >> when you give me the evidence he committed fraud, i will rite that -- all you have given me is high person my and compare him to nick gleeson. give me the evidence. >> investigators and prosecutors, look at the e-mail e-mails. >> they did. i. >> they didn't get them all. >> you're wrong. >> so you're going to tell me every other board member knew they had a billion six ton the line of customer funds on a proprietary bet. >> he made a bad bet. when people were asking their money back, money was moving around. >> we got to go. we're going to speak about another bad bet. another green car company fizzling after getting government funding. fiskar is laying off three-quarters of its workers in
1:47 pm
california can has been struggling to find itch vestors or a buyer to rescue it. u.s. taxpayers are on the hook for nearly 200 billion bucks. when are we going to learn our lesson? >> great question. tell us about fiskar. >> the problem is this is what happens when you give a company a couple hundred million dollars of taxpayer money and they produce a car that nobody wants. and the other problem is the company had really bad business sense: their battery supplier was a123 corporation. that's another government funded company that went belly up. another one of obama's favorite green technologies that just ain't working out. >> let's talk about how this goes down. these companies apply to the department of energy for grants and lions should we be looking at whether or not steven schu is a -- come tent sect.
1:48 pm
>> he won a nobel prize in physics which doesn't mean he knows anything about economy. so the funding of solyndra or fisker is abysmal. i don't never why throw good money after bad. >> tens of huges of billions of dollars thrown at the green energy market and doesn't seem to be making energy any cheap are for me. my power bill at home -- they're going up every month. >> listen to this about fisker. the battery will go 32-miles and then the internal combustion kicks in and gets 20 miles to the gallon. this is a gas hog. it's not green car. >> let me tell you something. i test-drove a volt one. gm came to the building and said will you test-drive it. i literally ran out of charge 23-miles a. from home in the lynn len funnel had to switch over to gasoline. said, i can't say that it's time
1:49 pm
for hybrid or a fully electric car. how far off are we on this stuff? >> well, before the electrics are obviously having adoption problems -- i was given a volt to test drive and it wouldn't start. the fact of the matter is we're just not really selling a lot of these. that's as opposed to the mixed more conventional hybrid. toyota sells a lot of those. honda sells a fair number, mainfully japan. >> i drove a hybrid toyota, and when it makes its own switch back and forth, you love it. it's great technology. we have to leave it there thank you very much. can a color make you feel fat? find out why target was forced to apologize for this item on its site. >> a woman gets an std after sleeping with someone she mat on now she is suing. does she have a case?
1:50 pm
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>> target is fixing the problem. >> well, wind, dined, and left with an unexpected parting gift.
1:54 pm
one woman suing a man she met on after claiming she contracted herpes during an intimate moment the two shared on their second date. so does she have a case? two legal eagles. michelle, you say she might have a case here. >> sure. of course she has a case. >> why? >> you can't run around like a busy sexual bee poisoning all the flowers. you have to have some responsibility for your behavior. he knew he had herpes. he -- she asked him if he had a sexually transmitted disease and then he infected her. >> if he said i'm pretty sure i'm okay, does that clear him? >> not really. what we're dealing with here is, yes, probably has a case that she can sue but there's a good chance she is going to lose because she has a strong defense, and the defense may be
1:55 pm
a contributor to enemy. >> -- negligence. >> the concept of the defense is saying you took the risk. you knew this was a risk. you did it anyway, because what we have is two people being careless. >> michelle, isn't every date a risk? >> of course. of course. this woman went out -- first of all, agree 100% with the laugh thissing two people acting like idiots. we have been hearing for decades to be careful. the most these people were careless. the only difference is he went a little beyond careless to intentionally harming her. >> i have no idea you guys were never been on it. i don't know anything. is there some sort of disclaimer on are they free and clear of anything? >> whether they have a disclaimer or not, i doubt
1:56 pm could ever be held responsible for what guess on, particularly something like this, because even if did something careless, the activities of the two participant would supersede any liability. won't face anything. >> these two have never been more suited to date. nothing to worry about now. >> wow. i'm flabbergasted. here's what the problem is to me. you're saying there might be a case here. >> everyone has a case and we're clogging up -- >> take care of this really well. marry have a case and may have a defense, and the laws is written in a way to account for a situation when both people are at fault. so it will straighten out based on what each one can prove. >> the question is whether or not she'll win. she assumed the risk but can that assumption of her risk overcome his knowledge? >> all right. listen, i have to leave it there. thank you very much. and i want to say thank you to
1:57 pm
everyone. tomorrow morning you have to watch cashing in, 11:30:00 a.m. we have colonel allen west, weighing in on the gun debate with you. tomorrow morning, don't miss it. see you later. ... ... ♪ [ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy.
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