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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  April 6, 2013 8:30am-9:00am PDT

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down draft it and then buy. >> that's it for forbes on fox. thank you for watching. keep it right here. the number one business block continues with eric bowl cashin. >> firing back at gun control. some democrats trying to force owners to buy gun insurance and fine them if they don't. allen west is fired up and here's here. >> it is only cheating if you get caught. and oh, boy did they get caught. teachers turning themselves in after getting charged with inflating test scores to get bonuses and some are blaming the test. but are only teachers to blame here? cashin in here right now.
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>> hello, everybody. this week tracey burns and kimberley joining us. mr. julian epistein and colonelalen west . what has him fired up. he will sit here and be with us in a minute. teachers and administrators in atlanta accused of inflating test scores and some throwing pizza parties and changing incorrect answers . now teacher's unions are saying it is the test crazed policies that pressure educators to change the scores. >> blame the teachers and they are failing forward and fast and increasing and retiring with pension and we are graduating kids that can't read but at a fourth or fifth grade level that are a burden to the economy because they
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can't get a job and i am giving the teachers a big f and they want to blame it on the test and that's the way the union rolls. >> what about the cry babies? randy wein garten said we are over testing our kids . what are teachers supposed to do. >> they have to cheat? >> i blame the teachers and the test. they are products of the government. cheating is more widespread in government schools and public schools than private schools. not only in the students but the teachers. there is incidents in philadelphia, for example. a centrally planned economy and of course teachers are going to cheat and parents are forced to support them and no real recourse to cut them off. >> there is a lot of money at
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stake. department of ed spends 110 billion a year. no child left behind . a lot of stuff is based on performance but should teachers be cheating? >> no. it is not just teacher salaries but resources that are at stake. there is no excuse for this. it is a scandal and it has occurred not only in lant lent but six other cities as well. you have to give the obama administration and bush administration for sticking on the importance of standard and merthe pay for teachers, that said, there is i think a worth while debate on whether we are speppeding too much emphasis and time on testing. some are spending 60 days on test preparation and other measures was education than
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testing . no excuse for the teachers and no excuse for cheating anywhere. >> i want to get tracey in there. is it disingenous to blame the test? >> because she doesn't have an answer. who else will you blame? you can't take blame in this day and age for something. my kids will be the first to tell you, all they do is prepare for tests lately. at the same time, teachers have come to the profession for a reason. do your job. there are so many great teachers out there and it kills the entire profession. we need a standardized test and other ways to measure the kid and teachers. >> also whyy do you think the kids and parents are running out of the public schools that are failing children and going to private schools and charter schools and voucher system that is proven track record
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and educating children versus the teachers interested in making sure they look good and meet the numbers. >> kimberley hits the number on the head. private schools are focused not on meeting tests from dc but educating students and when it comes to with standing things like cheating. most private have zerro tolerance for cheating on teachers and students. >> they do, and that is unfair statement. there are great public schools out there. beef the systemum any time we find a crappy district that cheats on the kids. even in the private system you will find children that cheat. you will find them. >> it is freeing the public school. >> i know you have a 18th century view of getting rid of public schools. that's not going to happen. we need to reform public schools. >> not?
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>> a case in recent months where universities were experiencing major cheating with the s.a.t.. >> not private. >> it is not true it just happens in the private. >> it is pel grants and it doesn't? government doesn't dominate. (talking all at once.) >> it is not dominating the university system. >> you are going to cheat if you are a cheater in a private or public or catholic school it is human nature. >> i am not defending cheaters. it happens more in public schools. >> we don't know that. >> look, i just think -- the private is -- topic is about the test and you need to measure the kid and see how they are doing. >> julian -- what about it? isn't kimberley right shouldn't more funding go to
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the vouchher system and let people have school choice? >> i am all for a system that gives school choice. i like charter schools a lot. the problem with the voucher system, it was never enough money to fund a competitive local private school. the government was not going to provide that money. i am all for compitition. but we do need reform in the public school system. for a lot of the students, that is the only option. i think obama and bush should get applauds for doing that. >> hang on, johnathon. >> i want to go once around. kimberley. fire them and pull their teacher license. >> yes, fire them and how are they example to students if they are cheater liars.
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>> tracey? >> fire them. >> julian? >> fire them and prosecuted as well. >> how about you, johnathon. >> fire the teeper and sell the schools and put it into a education that is not dominated by the government. >> tracey will call john than and they can take that conversation. >> lawmakers unloading to gun owners with a plan forcing them to buy liabilityy insurance or get fined. now a former congressman alhen west is a friendd of mine and firing back next. all in one p. tdd: 1-800-345-2550 introducing schwab etf onesource.. tdd: 1-800-345-2550 it's one source with the most commission-free etfs. tdd: 1-800-345-2550 one source with etfs from leading providers tdd: 1-800-345-2550 and extensive coverage of major asset classes.
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>>good morning, i am john robberson. new video out of north korea shows the young leadership inspect being troops and comes as the dictatorship moves missile launches to the east coast and informs foreign
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diplomats they could not insure their safety. wheeltalk to peter king on whether the u.s. should take out the threat. >> and john kerry is on the way to the middle east . hopes to restart the peace talks . it is the final four, later on today. number one louisville will take on witchita state. coming up at the top of the hour, we'll have more on the match ups . we'll see you then. >> gun owners taking flack from dc, some democrats pushing a bill to make mandatory to push liberty insurance for the gups you own and if you don't you can face a $10,000 fine . former congressman allen west
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is not fine at the shot at our pocket books and constitution. tell us about it. democrat from new york said if you don't have electricity insurance and the cop checks your card and you don't have it, a $10,000 fine? >> it is a pleasure to be with you. it is absolutely asinine. the business block on saturday morning is cost of the freedom. that's what it is. it will cost you to exercise yourr second amendment. you are right. miss maloney said gun victims and society at large have born the brunt of the cost of the gun violence. my bill would shift that costs back on that to those who own the weapons. what maloney who say a gun owner in florida have a shared responsibility for the gun violence occurring in chicago and detroit or any other place
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in america. that is a horrible way to look at people who are exercising the second amendment freedoms an think of the single mother who lifes in a rough neighborhood and wants to protect her children in the home or young woman or lady who works the night shift elderly couple who live in a rough neighborhood and want to protect themselves against intruders. she is saying to them. you don't have a right to own that weapon. you are part of responsibility of gun violence in this country. that is a horrible thought process. >> colonel. debby washerman-shultz will smee mobilize the democrats on this? >> i don't think you will mobilize the democrats on this. this is a circular means to go after the gun ownership . what is even worse, eric, this is part of the precedent and fall out from the supreme
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court decision of affordable care and man delet - mandate. they man date that you have to enter into a private sector commodity agreement or you will be fined and we know that that means a tax. this is a danger of what chief justice roberts decide we have to stand against this. where does it go next? government tells you to do this or we will fine you and if you don't -- >> colonel we dubbed it obama care for guns . who knows it is obama care for internet? obama care for everything you do that man date you buy insurance for something or you get fined? >> and think about this. if you are in the insurance industry you are jumping lees and bounds, again you are going to create a commodity that has to be purchased and
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if they don't purchase it you fine them $3000 and that is the more than the cost of the fire arms. i own five handguns myself and what she is saying, i have to have insurance on each one of those hand guns and if i don't there is a $10,000 fine on each one? they are trying to make it so onerous to own a weapon and possibly taxing ammunition and going after magazines . so this is a way by which they can't take away your second amendment right but make it too expensive to have your second amendment right. >> i am holding the constitution . my right to own and bear arms and this is important. infringed upon. aren't all of the things. mag wreens and insurance and background checks, aren't they infringing on my second amendment rights? >> of course, they are. but they will look at some
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type of legal definition to say that that is not the case. it is an impediment to own a weapon and to most importantly for so many people in the united states of america, to be able to protect themselves . this sick philosophy or understanding that i have a shared responsibility for gun violence. we can create more laws, but the law-abiding continue to abide by the laws it is the criminal that don't abide by the laws and what car lin malonny is coming up with something that only punish those who are law-abiding and the economic situation median family incomes are down and unemployment situation and poor economy we are in. why would we want to tell law-abiding gun owners that we want to take $10,000 away from you. >> thank you for joining us. >> coming up. where is the beef?
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you are about to find out and then some. regulators want to know where the beef in the burger you're biting was raised slaughter and barn? do you really need to know that, that's next. you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands? silence. new griddle-melts to youre usual breakfast sandwich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4. it's like a sexy sandwich. it's an epic breakfast sandwich. and his new boss told him two things --
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the government wants to make food labels on meat showing where it was born, raise slaughtered. beside being repulsive it will hike food prices, johnathon? >> regulation is a cost. it is a cost not levied on criminals but innocent producers and consumers. there is regulatory costs of two trillion and more than the total amount of income taxes and it doesn't do anything to keep food safe or stock brokers moral . all it does is make problems on the areas more difficult to detect. i am bearish on commodity and increase costs. >> muscle cut meat. do you want to weigh in? >> where i come from, we find
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it in the local gym otherwise that is it. i don't want to see it in the food store. i don't want anybody to tell me it is good and on sale. i get restaurants may want to know . american people don't need to know. >> stay out of the my bedroom and get out of my burger. i don't want the regules. i don't want to know where they spend it. they are turning me off and i will go back to chick yen bacon and it is bad. it costs the industry and consumers. >> julian get out of kimberley's bedroom and get away from her berger. >> i will stay away from the comments on both of those. >> cattle rangers are giving their live stock hormones and fish arms are giving fish hormones and as a result, they
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awn have to give them antibotics because of infection. i want to know if the meat or fish i am eating is coming from a country that gives live stock excessive amounts of hormones. >> don't we have food inspectors to do that. i really want to see the picture on the side. >> we have food inspectors but they don'tulate the levels of hormones in our food. why not. >> and i want to know that. >> because it is compelling. in a free market producers compete to provide the information and goods and services that they want . when the government regulates that. is that low level of standard. they think it is approved by the government. >> i as a consumer want to know if the meet from mexico
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is begin hormones. did is my right to know. >> tracey why stop at beef. is it going to be chicken and corn. likes. the label is going to be a mile longg. you will not buy anything. you will eat grass because that is only thing safe. look. you don't need to know all of the details. >> sometimes we don't need to see how the sausage made. >> i know it is not good. i don't want to see how it is made. it is bad. how much information do you need and what costs does it put down for a family trying to provide food for the family. beef costso so much we can't buy shoes? >> coming up forget the er, just go to where you pick up your rx. is this where health care is
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>> walgreens announced they will put nurses assistants in the clinics and they could diagnose disease. is this crazy us is this where we are going bus of obama care. >> pick up your prescription at the gas station. >> i am beating against stimulus. but in japan theyeashed the big stimulus 1.4 trillion. jsbx goes up. they have invested bonds for four years. i don't think that continues. >> you have the hot hand and we'll keep a watch. thank you for joining us and be sure


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