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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 7, 2013 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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>> i could do it. >> alisyn: we could do it in your office. let's do that. and in the after the show show. >> heading to doz. >> alisyn: i'm getting the 10 been 35 in 36 minutes. >> fock& i& -- fox&fs where the cool kids go. >> eric: we start with a fox news alert. alarming details and developments out of north korea. more bluster and warnings from king jung un. there is predictions that the dictator could be planning a blunt surprise for the world in 72 hours from now. good morning, everyone. on sunday morning. i'm eric shawn. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> jamie: hi, everybody. i'm jamie colby. great to have you with us. a lot of breaking news this hour, including south korea. now bracing for north to conduct a missile test. expected by wednesday. it may just be a scare tactic, but after a barrage of threats in the last week, it may be hard to separate bluff from
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reality. and then there is this. state tv releasing provocative new pictures. north korea's leader inspecting military equipment, including small aircraft, launch in the sky by rockets. then they drop bombs. also driving the tensions at this hour are reports that the north placed two missiles on mobile launchers. that may be the medium range musedon, a ballistic missile with a range of 2,500 miles. capable of striking not only the troops waiting in south korea for the worst, but also the u.s. military bases in okinawa and guam. they are waiting for next move. david piper. what are you seeing? >> tensions are high here. the u.s. trying not to make it
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worse. pentagon announced they are postponing a test launch of missile. but they were concerned that it would be misinterpreted by pyongyang. but north korea could view it as a victory for them and use it in the propaganda to show the people that the u.s. is backing down. this looks likely that the north korea will conduct a controversial missile test. south korean government says it believes that the test could take place around april 10. the assessment is based on a warning by north korea that foreign government should evacuate, start from the embassy in pyongyang by the date. the 20 or so country with diplomats there, they haven't made a decision on that yet. the u.s. doesn't have an embassy in pyongyang. in the past few days, north korea has repeatedly warned they with planning a nuclear attack on the u.s. and the south. experts don't believe pyongyang has yet the expertise to put a nuke on a
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missile. but south korea has said it has monitoring the movement of two intermediate range missile to the east coast and believed they have range of 1800 miles and could reach guam that north korea has threatped to attack. now, the obama administration is currently downplaying fears of war now. but white house spokesman has said they wouldn't be surprised if there is another missile test and they are deploying missile defense system to guam to protect it in the event of any kind of attack. back to you, jamie. >> jamie: all right. at least the embassies getting warning they can't be protected by the north koreans. that is what they say. david, thank you. we'll check back with you soon. eric? >> eric: for more on this, bring in former united states ambassador john ballton. ambassador to the united states and the fox news contributor. ambassador, good morning. you know, they put the missiles apparently in place. what do you think they could be planning for wednesday? >> well, it certainly looks like they are preparing for a
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missile test. they are on mobile missile launchers. that is a significant progress for the north koreans. if they are able to do it successfully. they may be trying to stage a demonstration to show that this intermediate range missile, the musudan can in fact reach the lengths that we project that it can. and that the guidance system works and so on. but you know, i wouldn't vouch for any guidance system on a north korean ballistic missile. so anytime they put a projectile in the air it's potentially very dangerous. i think why it's prudent of the united states, south korea to beef up the missile defenses. >> eric: what are the chances do you think of it hittinhittinggame or south kore- hitting guam and south korea? >> you can have a failure in launch. the guidance system what they are, they can tell us they are aiming for a spot 50 miles north of guam and it could hit guam. it's not likely that they actually want to attack anything.
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but the danger here of a miscalculation of something going wrong, of untested leadership doing something we can't predict in advance, all underlines why our message should be a very firm, very steady, very clear message of deterrence. i'm afraid the wigs and wags that the administration has been following, the cancellation of the missile test, and leaks to the press about trying to dial back our position, tell the north koreans exactly the wrong thing. >> that seems to be opposite of what we had the last couple of weeks. they spent b-52s also. they also had f-22s. and deployed the missile system to guam. now they are ratcheting it back. has that had the opposite effect? >> i think it's entirely possible. you know, this is us now conforming to the behavior that north korea wants us to confirm to. that is not what we should be doing here. we should be getting them to confirm to the behavior we
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want. instead we are doing the opposite. i think this is important. not only for north korea, but for iran and other would-be proliferators as well. i think what is really going on here is that north korea is trying to get itself accepted as a nuclear weapons state. that get us and everyone else to acknowledge they have tested three devices. they are a nuclear weapon state. we need to lift sanctions. allow them to return to the international community. that's obviously something that would have a major impact for iran as well. that is why our erratic behavior showing inconsistency and hesitancy a concern simply fuels those in north korea and iran and elsewhere that say if you push ahead hard enough, if you have the determination, you, too, can have nuclear weapons. that is a terrible lesson for proliferators around the world to learn. >> eric: well, nuclear talks on iran just ended without any success again. apparently what lesson is there for iran in what is
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happening with north korea >> well, i think it shows that ten years of talking to the west brought them ten years of time. and that the personal 5 members of the -- perm 5 members of the security council in germany came away with them saying they are looking forward to another sit-down with iranians and another round of negotiation. north korea real lesson is we tested the nuclear weapons. the cat is out of the bag here. we do have the capability to build nuclear devices that work. and nobody is going to attack us. i'm afraid if i were an ayatollah iner the ran i'd be saying you -- ine tehran we'd sy we need to speed this up. >> eric: opposite of what the world wants. john bolton, thank you. we'll watch it over the next 72 hours to see what the north koreans do. thank you. >> jamie: it's good to know that the u.s. already had some serious fire power at the ready in south korea. but there seems to be no end to kim jung unprovocation.
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it had a chance to discuss the readiness in region in the exclusive interview with the army chief of staff general ray odierno at the pentagon this week. listen. you're sending assets in. we already have. raptors, bomber, there's ships. what do you expect? >> many people miscalculate the will and the capability of the united states. and i believe that we will do this in a way that we sustain the capability and capacity and i would suggest that i would be careful about miscalculating and misjudging what our capability is. >> jamie: do you have intelligence that kim junng un, can back up what he says he has? >> being a new leader there is an unknown there, about why he is doing this. what does it really mean? so it's incumbent on us to watch very carefully. and to see what mitigating actions we can take. >> jamie: one question is whether or not kim jung unhas to take action to preserve any credibility he has in the
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region. that an many more points in a fox news exclusive with four-star general ray odierno in less than an hour from now, including the impact of the sequestions ration cut on u.s. military preparedness. stick around for that. >> eric: look forward to that. but now a fox news alert. another tragedy of american diplomat killed in the line of duty. state department confirms this woman app smetihoff died in afghanistan. she gave her life delivering textbooks to afghan school children. ann was only 25 years old and she joined the foreign service three years ago out of john hopkins university. she volunteered to go to afghanistan and the first diplomat killed on the job since the attack on benghazi and the second since 1979.. sers were also killed in an afghan doctor died in that attack.
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u.s. secretary of state john kerry paying tribute while traveling in turkey. >> we lost a very bright and brave young woman. a young diplomat. we lost her to an horrific attack in afghanistan. today, our hearts are broken. >> eric: ann grew up in river forest, illinois, near chicago. her family says the world has lost a beautiful soul. that she died doing what she loved to do. and, of course, they are understandably devastated. ♪ ♪ >> jamie: well, it's been years of gridlock on capitol hill. lawmakers, though, poised to tack a host of key issues including immigration and gun control when they return from recess that they have been on for the holidays this week. is it possible that a broken dysfunctional congress cowell finally be on the mend? joining us now, shane deapril, editor of campaign and
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elections magazine. good to see you this sunday morning. >> good morning, jamie. >> jamie: we know approval ratings for congress are not favorable. in terms of what they have accomplished so far. so, should we believe that anything more will get done now? >> well, i don't think there is any doubt there is a bigger chance right now at that moment for a bipartisan compromise. at least on immigration reform. than we have seen in quite a while. that doesn't mean that congress is all of a sud listen more inform the productive governing body. you know it's like expecting an 0-16 football team to come back and win the bowles the next year. is it probably not going to happen. that being said, i think there is room for some compromise. i just don't think you can expect it on a whole host of major sort of big ticket legislative items. >> jamie: they have big ticket ones before them. gun control and immigration to name two. which has the best chance of bipartisan support for some resolution to move legislation
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forward? >> yeah, it's immigration, no doubt. i say that because we have seen the movement on the issue. you have a gang of eight senators i think frankly is quite different than some of the other so-called senate gaps we have seen trying to get involved in major bipartisan legislation over the past couple of years. craft big compromises on the budget and tax reform that didn't go anywhere. i do any we have seen some movement from the senators on immigration. they have got sort of a broad agreement on a framework. in washington, that is actually a pretty big development. that being said, i think that you still have a number of hurdles. they are very far from actually getting a bill that can, you know, pass the full congress. so you have got kind of a number of big bench marks that they have to get past over the next couple of months and we'll see if they get there. i think immigration absolutely has the best chance at this moment. >> both immigration, shane, and gun control are highly
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emotional issues for americans. many of them weighing in to their representatives. in terms of working with the president, he is also going to present a budget this week. he is invited congressial leaders to come back to the white house and meet with him. what can we reasonable expect to be accomplished behind closed doors? >> yeah, i think this is one thing you have to watch as well. because if you look at the past couple of years on the budget fights, we have sort of gone from fiscal crisis to fiscal crisis. and congress is more or less useded it as an excuse to not tackle some of the other major legislative items that they have been talking about for a good number of years. so i think to see how this budgetary process plays out, to see whether it's sort of overtakes an pushes aside some of the other items that members of congress, leaders in both houses are actually trying to deal with and trying to craft some sort of compromise on, we will see how quickly the budget and the
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economy and those other issues might sort of push aside some of the other items which is something to watch, too. >> jamie: quickly for many members of congress it's re-election year for them. but is there more at stake now for them to show progress? >> that is an interesting question, because you will hear folks on the left suggest that republicans would want to be in the way of that. and not allow democrats who are in control of the senate to show some sort of big progress on major legislative items. on the right, you've got folks who have their own considerations in their open state and their district. even though, yes, we are not in re-election year for folks in congress, those up in the house and senate in 2014, they are very much in re-election mode already. and you've got a lot of political concerns and campaign calculations going on. with issues like immigration and particularly, fun control. and that gets in the way very often. whether we like it or not.
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>> jamie: a lot of lying going on, too. shane, keep us posted. thank you. great to see you. >> thanks. >> jamie: eric? >> eric: jamie, fox news voter fraud unit now and more fraud in a presidential race. one week after a guilty plea from the 2008 democratic presidential primary in indiana, there has been another guilty plea. this one from last year's republican presidential primary in virginia. another one that newt gingrich failed to get on the ballot. now we know why. faked signatures. reports say 31-year-old campaign worker jennifer duberary pled guilty to felony election fraud and perjury for faking a slew of name on the gingrich presidential primary petition. last week, we reported a similar guilty plea from former board of elections wor worker beverly shelton in south bend, indiana. prosecutors there say the signatures were faked to get the president and hillary clinton on the ballot in 2008. gingrich's fakes were caught in the election but the president's and mrs. clinton allegedly phony ones were not.
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it took three years before whistle blower went to authorities. long after that primary election was decided. it turns out that three former democratic party and election board officials will go on trial next month in indiana. this is while another gingrich worker involved apparently, allegedly in those petitions still faces trial in virginia. you can follow all of this on twitter. there's my twitter handle. @ -- there it is. @ericshawn on fox, on twitter. give you gy update. >> the debate over gun restrictions is heating up as well. is white house ready to strike a deal? we'll talk to chris wallace about the interview with a senior white house advisor. that is coming up. >> eric: there is new information on what caused that devastating leg injury. we all saw that and were horrified. what every athlete needs to know when you get on the court. the doctors will give us advice in the sunday housecall. >> i saw my leg and it was like this can't be real. this isn't something you see every day.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: it's been more than three-and-a-half months since the newtown school shootings
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and it looks like the political push to strengthen the gun control laws may be flagging on capitol hill. when asked if it represents a failure in leadership, president obama's advisor dan pfeiffer responded on "fox news sunday." >> he has marshaled people to cite 90% of american support the expanded background check. if you can't get 890% of miles per hours to -- 90% of americans to agree on the weather. the question is congress and republican congress in particular going to listen to the american people and do the right thing? >> eric: former congressman asa hutchinson says if you want to keep children safe in schools he thinks they need armed guards. >> they are already having off-duty police officer protecting shopping malls. should we not provide and have a greatest responsibility for protecting our children as they go to school for education? so, to me it's a common sense approach that is happening whether if federal government is engaged or not. >> eric: joining us now as every time at this abby
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sunderland ancho -- is chris wallace, "fox news sunday." this is not happening on the hill behind me. >> no, this look like it's in control, the assault weapons ban is dead. the limits on the high capacity clips, 30 rounds, 100 rounds. i think it has almost no chance of passage. even the background check which was the most popular measure the president was proposing and still is popular, 80-90% support is in trouble. interesting enough, dan pfeiffer, the president's senior advisor blamed it on republicans. the fact is harry reid, the democratic leader in the senate says the reason he is in the going to bring up the assault weapons ban as part of the legislation, there will be a vote on it as an amendment is he says it wouldn't not only get 60 votes to break a filibuster, it wouldn't get 40 votes. so that means there are a lot, at least 15 democrats who
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support it. this has been a failure bipartisan failure by the president to get people on board for the gun control ideas. >> eric: with the anguish and heartache and concern from both sides on this issue, what do you think will happen? >> well, there certainly will be something passed. i suspect something on gun trafficking, something on the school safety. won't be as much as asa hutchinson talks nant terms of federal support but the president agrees any way to bolster security in scams i in s a good idea. the key is background check. they're negotiating. but interestingly, although hutchinson was appointed by the n.r.a. to head this school task force, he breaks with the n.r.a. and says there could be expansion for commercial sales. nonregistered dealers at gun shows. maybe even on the internet. but he doesn't go so far to say a private sale if you are selling it, you know, member of a family to another member
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or a friend to a friend that that should be subject to a background check. even within gun right activist there is support, even from asa hutchinson for expanded background check, but not as much as the president wants. >> eric: it's interesting and we look forward to the program. thank you for joining us. >> you bet. thank you, eric. >> eric: of course. chris wallace interview with the senator white house advisor dan pfeiffer and the national school shield task force director asa hutchinson on this controversial issue. it's op "fox news sunday" on the fox news channel later today. at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. tonight. >> jamie: we'll check that out. also, did you know that april is autism awareness month? a condition that affects one in 88 children. well, coming up next, the doctors will tell us about the latest research and treatments every parent should know.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: now it's time for sunday housecall. joining us is dr. david samadi, vice chairman of the department of urology and chief of robotics at mount sinai medical center. >> good morning. >> jamie: and dr. marc siegel is here as well. from nyu medical center and author of "inner pulse, unlocking the secret code of sickness and health." we are starting with an important topic. autism. it affects so many kids. one in 88. that is an amazing statistic, compared to a new years ago. people now have a much better understanding of it. the centers for disease control estimate a staggering the number i gave you one in 88 have it so including one in 54 boys. apparently boys more at risk. so dr. samadi, what have we learned in the last couple of years? >> we have come a long way. we are doing this topic because april is autumn awareness month. we are starting to think that this autism is


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