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tv   Housecall  FOX News  April 7, 2013 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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because of the fact that they have some communication skills, deficiency, they have social skills that are fairly poor. they have the behavioral problems. it's combination of many factors so we is v a spectrum of the disease. that's why they call it autism spectrum disorder. so that is really important to understand. so, we have come a long way, because early diagnosis and high quality intervention is absolutely, many studies show it would help. we have seen this in mris, et cetera. so they are genetic tests we find out now. there are chromosomeal changes and duplication of the chromosome. there are genetic tests we have called the c.g.h. test. array of tests they look at the je it inics to distinguish between mental retardation, development delay and autism. we have come a long way. why is this important? because once we diagnose them early on in the first six
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months, the outcome will be great. the mri studies coming from the netherlands has helped us find different activities on the brain. so i think we have come a long way. we still need more research and more clinical studies. >> but let me ask you, dr. siegel, at six months old what kind of testing can you really do? >> most of the time, jamie, the diagnosis is made at 18 months. but recently they have been able to use a fine mri to start to see changes at six months. we don't want to start giving a diagnose know ses out too early. but -- diseas diagnosis out too early. but if you intervene early you can get 20 to 50% of kids back in regular kindergarten by the time they're five or six years old. other studies say when you intervene -- this is exciting. when you intervene and you teach kids how to play with other kids, how to role model and pick up on the social cues, bring in parents and therapists, it actually changes the way the brain
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looks. e. e.g.s a way to tell the brain function improves so the kids literally start to recognize the visual cues and they respond to people instead of objects. they get more in the game. later on, there is some question whether they could be cured that way? i actually don't think that that is the case. i think you probably have this diagnose know analysis going forward -- diagnosis going but you get better with it to behave normally. >> jamie: i give shout out to the parents of autistic children. it's a spectrum. but they are closely involved and engaged with the children. sometimes an autistic child won't even give you a hug back. there is a stigma to it as well. as treatments improve do you think we will become more understanding? >> we want that stignama to go away. as parents who are not involved with autistic children we want the children to interact better with the children. these are very smart kids. that have some social skills that we need to work on that.
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interact is tremendous. your point is well taken. when the diagnosis of autism hits family it involves the brother and sister and entire family. from then on, their life has changed. i think clinical trials we have now, one that is coming from the university of washington, it's called "charge." childhood autism risk for genetic and environment. there are a lot of exciting things going on. but this disease, we will overcome in the future. >> a simple thing to add. another big study this year. pay attention, all pregnant women out there. if you take a prenatal vitamin including folic awecid the risk of having autistic child goes down by 40%. we want the pregnant women to take prenatal vitamin with folic acid. it involves brain function and autism is neurological disease. >> there are questions if the father is married at an older sage a there a mutation in sperm to lead to autism? there are theories about the genetic and environment.
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we're getting there. there is more ininvestment. with this awareness we will get there. good news. >> jamie: very. we hope people support it. >> eric: that's for sure. now there is another study, talk about studies, this one links -- ready for this, folks -- baldness in men with heart disease. dr. siegel, you lose your hair and now you have a heart attack? >> now look, i am wondering -- >> jamie: how are you feeling, doc? >> i want you to know this is out of tokyo, and it looks at male pattern baldness. >> out of breath already. >> i have both of these. vertex, increase of the thinking and up to 69% of heart disease. they look at a lot of patients, almost 40,000. i want to point out here something we mentioned before. what is an observationm study? what does it mean to look at population to say they have a higher risk of heart disease? what is the reason? we don't know. we don't have proof. two hormones i want to
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discuss, both of which david will find interesting. one, dihydorxy testosterone. we know there is a lot of that in balding men. is that involved with the heart disease? second, protoglandid d, 2 another thing we find on the head of balding men. both of those could play a role. but the study hasn't been done yet. it wonder if it should be because balding men are more attractive to women, then women start to give us a hard time. we get a hard time all the time, you know, we're getting criticized and then with all the stress we get heart disease. >> oh, yeah. you mention testosterone. >> jamie: two preventative measures, you have a gorgeous wife and you married a doctor. you're safe. >> eric: you mentioned, you brought up the two things. what are they and can you go to doctor to get tested for them? >> dihydroxy testosterone is active form of testosterone and it slinks -- it shrinks
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the follicle. that gives us the voice of the macho male. you check the testosterone. but this is a theory that maybe too much cholesterol can increase your dihydra testosterone and it can increase your bad chest are and lower the good cholesterol >> eric: what if your numbers are through the roof. what do you do? >> there are things to take. proscar or propecia that people take for the hair that can reduce dht propecia. >> potential side effects. >> that is true. what the author >> eric: could we still do the show? >> what the authors want you to think is just cholesterol and high blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease, think of baldness as a risk factor just like high cholesterol. that is the message of this. if you are in your 20s and 30s and starting to lose your hair don't think about the cosmetic and high to great rogain think there should be
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cardiac disease and turn can lead and get checked. that is the big message here. >> one thing to add the treatments are not reversing. unfortunately, don't think the prosepropecia takes away the het disease. >> jamie: women, get past it. something else you can't look aside from, because it can cool things down in the bedroom. our doctors are going to weigh in on that next. ♪ using supercomputing and mobile technology over our secure network, verizon innovators are building a world of medical treatment data in the cloud. so doctors can make a more informed diagnosis from anywhere, in seconds rather than months. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon.
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the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jamie: hey, mom, i need you to leave the room and i have to talk about something grown-up. many medical treatments contribute to sexual problems and relationships. and research is showing that folks who do develop sexual
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misfunction or dysfunction, as a result of taking a medication, are more likely to stop taking the medication. all right, dr. samadi, you don't want to be with someone not taking care of themselveses so how do we get folks to take their medicine and still be able to enjoy their relationship? i think i stated that very innocently. don't you? >> you did well. jamie, in my practice, i see very young people come to the practice. or either older guys. medication is not always the way to go. we see someone in their 25, 30-year-old that has sexual dysfunction, nothing mechanically wrong with them. it's mostly emotional, psychological. maybe they are going through a job change, aing xity, stress. you have to deal with it. >> jamie: depression. >> you don't want to write a prescription and get them out of your office. you have to get to the underlying problem. in older men, has time goes on there is a vascular blockage of the blood flow. that is when we treat women medication. the question comes up which do
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i take and what is the difference? viagra and levitra stays in the system for four hours. take it with an empy stomach an hour before activity. cialis takes longer. mom is not listening. >> jamie: i had a flashback to dr. rosenfeld talk about it goes overboard you need to town the hospital. go ahead. >> that has never happened. that is a reason we start with a low dose before we go to a higher doze there. supposetory and injections we can give for tough cases. there is a lot of help. it's important not to suffer from that. when i see a young person also that is not one of those psychological stuff, it goes back to what marc will talk about. first sign of heart disease in men is actually sexual dysfunction. remember that. so the same kind of cholesterol that goes to the coronary artery and the heart goes in the same artery of genital area. you want to use that as a flag to test. of course, there are a lot of
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medications. >> jamie: that is fascinating. i never heard that. you talk about the medications, can you tell the geis and the women out there whether or not there are risks associated with the medications? >> absolutely, jamie. i see a lot more erectile dysfunction in my practice than i would like because the condition cause it and the treatment cause it. high blood pressure causes it. beets causes it. when i go to treat the high blood pressure, beta blockers can cause it. diuretics. to answer the question directly, the two are big ones. beta blockers and diuretic. antidepressant cause it because the serotonin in the brain can lead to erectile dysfunction. it treat depression and the patient says i'm not depressed anymore but now my sex life is ruined so i'm depressed from that. but we don't want them to stop the medication because they develop impotence as a result. we want them to come back and talk to us. have the conversation with the physician. >> jamie: it's tough. tough thing to talk about. >> i find as a doctor i got to be direct with the patient.
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it say it before they do. i bring it up to them and try to get them to talk about it. it's such an important part of health. >> the doctors feel comfortable. but you are right. you have to create an environment that they are not embarrassed. sometimes you need to split the couples, sometimes you need to talk privately. all the information comes out. that is what it is. before we also jump in to all the medications, i talk about this before. if you are borderline healthy and you say around 45, 50, 55, things start to slow down you can take things like elargenin. 2-milligram a day and it will put it op -- >> jamie: natural supplement. >> -- facebook. it's increasing the blood flow and similar to viagra. things to do before jump to medication to help you. big deal. >> jamie: we have to go but i can about niacin? that is another one that increases the blood flow no? >> absolutely. but another one improving. i want to take off on david's point. exercise, sleeping right, decreasing stress, all of which helps your blood pressure, you may not actually
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need the medication. we can say out of the anti-depress sabts for that matter. stay out of the vicious style by healthier lifestyle. >> jamie: maybe re-evaluating whether you're in a healthy relationship. thank you. i want to remind folks that you are a urlogical surgeon and you deal with this frequently. >> thank you. >> eric: good doctors. last week, you saw this, when the injury to a louisville basketball player. it was absolutely stunning. kevin ware went down with that leg. now experts say that injury could have been caused by some smaller, undetected injuries that he could have suffered in the past. if you play basketball, or shoot the hoops, what you should look out for to keep yourself safe. next. >> also we have to talk about the budget battle. and our nation's capital, affecting our nation's ability. is it? to defend ourselves? well, the army chief of staff, general ray odierno was kind enough to put time aside just for fox in exclusive interview we have coming up. here is a bit.
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>> we don't know where we have to go ultimately if we have another war. how much pressure is there on you? you don't control the budget personally. are you being hurt? >> the one thing i need is predictbility in the budget. would we be able to respond to two major contingencies at the same time? i think that will be very difficult under sequestions ration. maybe we could do one moderate one. so those are the kind of things we have to help identify. the only thing we'd ever grown together
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♪ ♪ >> eric: back now with sunday housecall. we are learning more about the horrible injury that the basketball player kevin ware suffered in game last week. some experts say it's a leg fracture that could have been exacerbateed by previously undetected stress fractures in his leg. dr. siegel, what does it tell us when we play sports? little fractures can lead to horrible thing? >> first, we don't know that. this could also happen with nothing predisposing it, no stress fractures, no vitamin t d deficiencies or callum deficiencies. he may just have landed the wrong way with 2,500 pounds of force on it, according to computer measurements. but it doesn't usually happen in basketball. it usually happens in a car
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accident or in parachute jumping, this kind of a fracture where the bones literally separate and one comes out of the skin. you get so much potential for debris there, the biggest thing i worry about is infection. right after the fact, what they did to get him in to surgery right away and get this fixed, everything had to go right. but there is a very high risk of infection. they have to put him on antibiotics right away. >> eric: take a look. we have an animation that shows what happened. how do you prevent it happening? is there any way you know when you land on your feet if you're out there? >> it's very rare. again, you so rarely happens this kind of a thing you don't say be on the look-out for this. playing basketball it's more common with football. joe theismann had it. football has all kind of broken bones like this. with basketball it's rare. the way it was handled, we expect him to get fully better and he will get back on the court. i don't know if he will have the same career he would have had but i expect him to be back within a year. >> eric: dr. samadi, look, skiing, people break legs all
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the time. >> it's true. the question is what did we learn from this? even though this happens so rare, the stress fracture that you mention in the introduction is it's hairline fracture. it's hard to detect it. a lot of times they may complain of pain in area. key is not to ignore it. i happens, by keep overdoing it and overusing it, you can turn a simple stress fracture that can get healed with rest. you can turn it in to a real compound fracture like this. which obviously opens up the skin. the bone, you can see. it's a nightmare. you saw the players watching it. it can affect the nerves, it can affect the muscle and cause an infection. be careful. he is lucky he had a successful two-hour operation. he is doing well and he has a rod in his tibia that will take time with rehab to get back to the court. >> eric: bottom line -- >> don't ignore symptoms. >> eric: great advice. >> jamie: how about quitting smoking? i can't believe people still smoke and do ignore the process. it can take a toll on your
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body. i can be a lot easier to quit if you handle it the right way. doctors have great advice to help you kick that habit. [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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>> listen, i'm not going to work my way around this -- we want to you stop smoking.
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it's going to make you sick. you both have tips for our viewers who are going to take our advice. >> yeah, i mean, i think people don't need to hear from me that smoking is not good for you. everyone thinks about lung cancer, but have you throat, bladder cancer, heart disease. everyone knows this. the question is, how do you get rid of this? what we know that is that the fda is going easy with the nicotine patch. they let you use it beyond the 12 weeks of regulation, hoping to reduce the risk of smoking. one thing i found out is something called lobelia tea t. blocks the receptors of dopamine and it can take away the cravings. that's important. don't use too much. it causes vomiting. two cups a day. that's one trick that i have to prevent smoking. >> one out of five americans are still smoking. we have to get people to stop. people stop in different ways.
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you can't predict what will help someone. 70% do it cold turkey. 30%, it's chantics. wellbutrin sm. find lozenges and some find the gums works. if you are using the patch ov the corn, take it off at night tcan cause nightmares of i am glad the fda is saying you can smoke a cigarette with the patch because that stopped a lot of people. some patients keep smoke approximating but less and less. check in with your physician on that. i agree with the fda, beyond 12 week, as david mentioned, can be very, very helpful, sometime up to six months. a today is in 2010 proved that it can work up to six months. it's very, very good weapon to have. >> you also talked about second-hand smoking, which increases by 20%, risk of lung cancer in your family.


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