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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 9, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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the. you can follow them at the bush center on twitter and bush center. it's going to be great. all the presidents are going to be there everyone is going to be there. that's it for us on the five. thanks for watching. we will see you tomorrow. ♪ welcome to "red eye." it is like that's incredible if you mean bumpy and contagious. now to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight a show? >> former british prime minister margaret thatcher passes away leaving behind a huge legacy in britain and odd confusion on twitter. and what was russian president vladimir few -- putin's reaction to protesters? and what does snoop dogg think of rappers? i got nothing else to say to you, man. >> i'm glad. >> i'm glad you're glad.
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>> nothing about my shirt? >> no, i'm -- i was raised to believe if you can't say nothing nice, say nothing. >> go away, jerk. let's welcome our guest. she is so british she named her kids fish and chips. i am here with -- immogeth lloyd webber. if fierce commentary was a box of crayons he would come in 24 different colors. it is gavin mcguinness. and in peru he is considered a back scrubber, bill schulz. and she is so sharp she can't travel by hot air balloon. next to me, fox news national security analyst, kt mcfarland. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. and now back to america's least favorite host. >> thank you. the star of "moon struck" had run out of luck or so some people on twitter thought when margaret thatcher died. an anti-thatcher website
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started the hash tag, now thatcher's dead, and instead some really dumb people read it as "now that cher is dead. rip, cher, just saw the hash tag. never was a fan myself, but you have to respect her influence. now that cher is dead. rip, cher. at least now we will find out about life after love now that cher is dead. thatcher's death was not all about cher. the associated press obituary of thatcher show a distinct difference in style. for example, critics thought she was, quote, a heart less tyrant who ushered in an era of greed that i can cked the weak out on the streets, end quote. and then refers to chavez as a populous who grew saided
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against u.s. influence and had broad support particularly among the poor, end quote. meanwhile, young brits expressed their hatred for thatcher the only way they know how, by throwing parties, street parties, and rejoicing in her death with as you can tell lots of clever signs and some bull horns and a lot of mulling about . a lot of mulling about in hats. a lot of stupid hats because they are stupid people. kt, you knew lady thatcher. she was a hell of a woman. >> she was a formidable woman. what people forget is not only did she achieve all of the things she did, turned the britain economy down, but she did it at a time when women weren't really expected to do that. if you graduated from college, she graduated from oxford, and most women got secretary --
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secretary jobs. >> from oxford? >> indeed. one of the reasons she majored in chemistry because if you graduated with science you could be guaranteed a professional position. >> was she a -- she was a chemist. she helped invent soft serve ice cream. she figured out a chemical process that put air into ice cream so you could actually save money and hence you have soft serve cones. you can thank her for that aside from the revitalized economy and -- >> winning the cold war. >> you served her drinks. >> i did. >> at the end of the day, you see all of this going on, but she did win three general elections. she never lost a general election. obviously a polarizing force. it is a sad day for britain. and she will have the most impressive funeral of a prime minister since winston churchill.
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she will actually go down in history as the most impressive peace time prime minister. >> what do you make -- i was talking -- >> i am ashamed of that. >> i would imagine you would be. i would be too. >> she turned our country around. yes, of course there is controversy especially over uh par tied in south africa and not with sanctions and so forth. she had a connection with chile, but she rescued my country. she saved britain. >> i don't say you should be ashamed of those people. they should be ashamed of themselves. every young kid hated her, but they never read about her. is it shocking, gavin, that a lot of people were out there on the streets rejoicing? >> not at all. i know a lot of british people and i am from britain and a lot of my people are scottish and i hear vit tree y'all toward her. i go home and we are siting in a giant mansion where people's fathers were newspaper men and fruit stand guys, and there is
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a thriving middle class and all they do is drink wine and cherie and talk about thatcher. you know you go and see statues of mao? they are not mad. i think the brits don't see their innate, disgusting, retarded classism as a particularly bad thing. they see it as a british thing. maggie thatcher was a working class girl. she grew up above a supermarket where her dad was running the food stand. she said, anyone can make it. she changed that. that was so fund mentally british that i think there is resentment there. they don't like freedom. >> i will have to talk about how much i can't stand andrew sullivan for some other reasons, but his piece on thatcher nails this. he talks about the resentment of success in the left wing --
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and the left wing hostility toward achievement. that's what it is about. they don't like seeing somebody do great. when they point out to them, she didn't just free the ussr, she freed england. they said, yes, but she is is still an awful person. >> and what she did for women. i am known as one of thatcher's children. i grew up in the 1980s -- well i have to admit to that. i grew up in the 1980s and i knew i could achieve anything. i could be anything. actually women in america, girls in america haven't had that. we haven't had a leader of the free world be a female. >> she didn't inherit it. she didn't get it because she had a powerful husband or a powerful family or her dad gave it to her. she did it on her own. i think you are right. we haven't seen that. >> i honestly don't like she was the first woman to do that thing. i think class is is a bigger thing. britain is a country where you can be at a fancy party and they say hello, i am the man running this thing and you say obviously.
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i would like to introduce the vice president of this affair. is everyone having a good time? oh my god. and then they would be stunned this guy with his stupid accent is up there. to americans and canadians we don't understand that. >> i just figured out you are the glass we gi an robin williams. >> i can do a lot of accents. but britain defines their self-worth by accents. >> to americans it all sounds classy. >> it should be mary poppins doing a dance in the background. and you say that is the fanciest of ads. >> that's how the infomercials work. you take it and cut the carrot and people say oh my. >> what happens after you cut the carrot? i need to know. >> this guy quit his job at oxford and started selling knives. it must be quite a knife. >> he had to memorize his lines because he is illiterate.
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>> a perfect example is "road to perdition" character, jude law. he was a hitman and walked around like, -- like this, hi, mate. >> are you free for dinner? >> kt, do you have any good stories about hanging out with margaret thatcher you can share? >> there is one time after she was prime minister and left office where i went to a small dinner party and there were 12 people around the table. they were leaders and captains of industry and great household names. and every one of them got up to give her a great toast, a long toast. she and dennis were happy to have a good time. lots of wine was flowing and they had a couple of drinks. she was sitting across from dennis and he fell asleep first. he tipped her head back and they were dozing off and started snoring. all of these great men were getting fantastic,
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unbelievably great testimony to what an incredible leader she had been and none of them knew what to do. she was snoring. at the end of the speech all of the speeches people thought , wake her up. she didn't need it. she sat forward and she stood up and leaned against the table and said you all have said wonderful things about me. i must tell you i never could have achieved that without a few good men. she turned to the former defense man and said without you i wouldn't have won the falklands war. without you i would have had to get part of europe and we would have given up our sovereignty. these men were in tears. >> she finished and sat down and went back to sleep. >> i would like to see cher do that. >> cher is still alive. >> by the way, you should know this. >> that's why i was a little down.
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>> the whole cher thing, unless you have the right people teaching history, nobody will remember the greatness. you will have people who hate her writing the history and you have kids now who don't know who that is. >> most of the american kids don't know where britain s. ask an american what the difference between england and britain is. >> i have no idea. >> when i move to london i didn't mow what it was. >> i do think this will be the last time a british prime minister is is up global news when they die. i don't think we will see it again. >> who is the guy now? >> cameron. >> the gq boys. >> the best part about this entire segment are those tights. >> that was disgusting. >> that was charming. and hugh grant said it would
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have been great. >> no he would not. >> from "the iron lady" to a naked lady. they bear breasts. naked feminists staged protests against europe, across europe against radical islam. this is kt's favorite story. for the first ever international topless jihad day. are you sighing through this. they ripped off their clothes outside mosques in support of the woman seen here who angered extremists. my body belongs to me and is not the source of anyone's honor. she should be stoned and now she is in hiding. said one member of the feminist organization behind the rally, quote, we are free, we are naked and it is our right and it is our body and it is our rules and nobody can use religion to abuse women to oppress them. our boobs will be stronger than their stones. i said the same thing. meanwhile on monday,
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femath greeted president vladimir putin. >> they are like beautiful cockroaches. they are running and it is like, why are you tackling them? we have to see a close up of putin's face. >> he actually does a thumbs up, but it is too quick to see it. he says later, regarding this performance, i liked it. i didn't catch what they were shouting and i didn't see if they were blonde, brunette or chestnut hair. the man doesn't see color. truly a leader of our time. is this the way to tackle radical islam ace violent inwill to wrens -- violent
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intolerance is with your boobs ? >> the best way to expose any culture is to see how they tolerate ridicule. catholics don't like things, but in defense of islam i think a lot of people take this being stoned to death thing as a given and it happens. i have tried this at home and you get really baked and you start huh louse nateing and you fall uh -- huh -- hallucinating. >> way to steal talking points. >> they are actual rocks, gavin. they are thought pot. >> oh. >> boy are your eyes red. >> will there every be a time a woman can challenge islam and not go into hiding? >> where do they do the
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demonstrations? they demonstrated in europe where they can do that thing. had they been demonstrating in their own country they would have been topless. >> putin seemed delighted by their protests. what did you make of his delight? joy that's how you deal with -- >> that's how you deal with that protest. enjoy it and become a creepy old man. that's the what i to upset the girl. putin therefore wins on the protest. >> he is pulling an alec baldwin. >> that is the way to deal with the protest. >> that's how you deal with it. the whole islam thing, the stoning and everything else, the girls win. putin wins there. the girls lose. >> you do think feminists are right to expose muslim influence in europe and how innately sexist it is. >> yes. i wouldn't necessarily take my clothes off and do it.
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>> putin has ridden to fame on being topless himself. >> they blur their boobs and air brush out his. >> people protest to have you stoned. >> thank you. which version? >> do you think these protestors are going to make progress? >> no, but in the interest of great journalism i would like to confirm this story really happened. so i typed in feman into google search for four hours. i can confirm they were indeed naked. >> can i tell you something? two things, a, i love these women. they make occupy wall street and all of the american protesters look like fools. and they are just amazing looking. so they are great protesters. like this is how you do they are risking more. >> and there is such a huge variety of boobs and it shows
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that men don't have these unbelievably high expectations. we like droopers and nonexistent ones. the shear spectrum of boobs demistify the whole myths that man has unrbl -- unreasonable expectation. >> they are both nodding in agreement. >> being too tolerant? >> you are tolerant, aren't you? >> the only ones i don't like are fake ones. >> i'm with you. >> that's weird. my dad could get the same pair. >> i would like to hear your dad about fake breasts. >> you like these? that's quite a pair. these are double d's by the way. i could knock you out with these. these are stronger than stones. >> on that note, coming up, what is a fun out door
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activity for spring? immogen lloyd webber discusses her new book, i throw water balloons at people. that's mean. what is this blurred website? i bet it is a story about a blurred website.
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will a kid with a ponch order a launch. kim jong-un continues to ratchet tension with north korea reportedly going to conduct a flight test of a missal with enough range to meet guan -- guam. guan is my house boy. intel sources say they could conduct another under ground nuke test in the coming days. but are americans concerned about getting nuclear burned?
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the atlantic website reports that bombshelter sales have not gone up recently. meanwhile north korea state television released more military training video. >> i'm scared. so we sit around and make fun of this whole thing, but never make fun of iran this way or -- is this at our own peril to make jokes? >> i don't think it is a laughing matter. the thing about north korea is they do this every year. >> right. >> it is like daylight savings time, cherry blossoms. >> it is their spring
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cleaning. >> it is their management technique. this time of year they are running out of food. they do this and manufacture a crisis. the world comes running and says oh, oh, no war, what can we do to stop this? thisy said negotiations and we give them what they want. >> it is tantrums. >> it is like a child with a tantrum. this kid is so reckless he shouldn't be allowed to play with matches. the problem this year is they have nukes. >> he can't play with matches, but he can play with missiles. let me ask you, immogeh, is this serious enough you may get in a bombshelter you will share with me? >> no, nor bill. the scary thing will be is if the government in north korea collapsed. at that moment then what happens? you have all of these nuclear weapons in this country and america will have to go in. i read the war games they have done, 90,000 american troops would is have to go and take 56 days at least. that's a hideous, hideous saw nor yow and that is scare yes,
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sir -- scenario and that is carrier than what is going on right now. >> gavin, will this be an inevitable apocalyptic disaster? >> no one thinks that, do thisy? do they? you are the nuclear expert. this is my take as la a layman. if north korea launches an attack on us we go -- and the reason iran is a bigger threat is they want to go to israel. so they could make it in time. as far as a threat to american citizens it is like a short korean dude yelling in wutang lyrics about you must protect your neck. i will break you. or with iran and israel it is like a british polite guy that says i couldn't help to notice you were swearing around a lady and you would like to apologize. that is a scary dude. if somebody is being nice and apologizing that is a murderer. >> it is like robert carlisle from train spotting. >> stay away from those guys. or a brooklyn gang called the
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mama's boys or the cry babies. that's bad news. they could get you. they have been fighting their whole lives. north korea? >> i don't really worry about north korea nuking san francisco and deciding let's go for the big one. i do worry what they will do is transfer their technology to iran. when north korea as a nuclear weapon state and the countries around them like japan and south korea, they say we need our own nukes. and then you can see various countries in that part of the world getting nuclear weapons. if iran gets nuclear weapons and then saudi arabia wants nuclear weapons and egypt and turkey and bill. >> why can't i have one? what will happen? >> remember i got you a pony? >> yes. >> what did you do? >> i hate it. i ate it. i was hung dpree. hungry. >> you are not getting nuclear weapons. bill, do you have anything to
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say before we go to a tease? >> yes, everybody doesn't take kim jong baby huey seriously. i do. look at this. what we have here, that is their defense minister in south korea. what do they got? they got trained dogs destroying a scare crow made from an 8 by 10 they used on a printer. what have we learned here? they have trained dogs and a printer. think about it. i am thought messing with them. >> is that a wake up call? >> that is a wake up call. they can make tons of copies. >> that is a black and white printer and a scare crow. use your brain. >> they will have to feed the dogs printouts of food. >> they can't feed them a pony. i ate mine. >> i want to care about all of these other countries, but reminded of your boss, kissinger, and he said can't they both lose? >> the one war you want to go on forever and nobody wins.
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>> on that note, do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us and we will read it. i promise. i am lying. red eye at fox and do you have a video of your animal doing something, not too disgusting? bill just gets excited. fox eye. click on submit a video. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. why can't he nuke himself? >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by rugby. the team sport where teams run with an oval ball and pass it hand to hand and then kick it. thanks, rugby.
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let's go to tv's andy levy. hi, andy. >> why are you shouting? >> am i? >> no, i think my volume is too loud. much better now. i can't hear you at all. all right, margaret thatcher, you said before that thatcher, even women who graduated from oxford had to become secretaries and she went against all that and changed all that. so strike one against her, right? >> you mean women should be pregnant and barefoot? >> i don't care if they wear shoes. >> you are awful. i condemn you. >> this is why you will never get married, andy. >> on the list of reasons why i will never get married you think that even cracks the top hundred? >> you are right.
12:32 am
>> this is just a guy who knows and doesn't care anymore. immogen you said you were ashamed of the people out on the street celebrating thatcher's death. there is a difference between that and something like the associated press' obituary which is not a hate gee jog graw fee -- geography, but it shouldn't be. >> the reaction as you saw in britain today was so polarized , on some levels i can understand the ap piece. i don't think i hated as much as you did. at the end of the day she did win three general elections. she never lost a general election. yes there is stuff going on, but a lot of people did love her. >> i agree. >> kevin williamson wrote a great piece. he said, quote, as the insincere tributes rolled in, remember they hated margaret thatcher, hated her, hated everything she stood for so i
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don't want to hear tributes on the left side of the political aisle. i agree with him. i don't think you should be celebrating her death, but don't pretend you loved her if you hated her. >> that's a fair point, andy. >> is she not a person in history? and david cameron is a big president obama supporter and he is a conservative, the current pram minister of the uk. -- prime minister of the uk. i am considered a conservative in the uk, but it makes mooy a liberal in the us -- makes me a liberal in the u.s. we have different systems. >> it is like driving on the wrong side of the road. >> something like that. >> it is exactly the same thing. >> gavin, you think the brits don't like freedom and we saw that. there were tweets saying she took away my milk. thought that was interesting. you can maybe help me with this. all of the punk bands that came about in no small part because of the ride of
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thatcherrism and opposed thatcherrism talked about freedom and how much they loved freedom. >> dude, it drives me insane. i got an e-mail from a guy today talking about pissing on her grave. there was that song. ♪ no margaret thatcher ♪ no government if she heard that she would say, yes, i agree. she was less government than any other prime minister. she was the most an,ist -- anarchist they have had and her attitude of laughing at people who made fun of her. she was punk rock. >> there is nothing more amusing than an anarchist who complains about taking care of their social services. >> i think the young punks in britain, the 70s and 80s, they were stuck in this view of the union man from their dad's generation. i'm sure the union was helpful back in the world war i era.
12:35 am
thatcher was dealing with the 80s when the unions were bloated and they were trying to help the working man. the union was bad working man in the 80s. >> don't tell billy brag that. >> he is lost and his jeans look terrible. he has mom jeans. >> pretty much. >> and the reason why he has so much money is because of thatcher. >> british middle class hates her and they sit there hating them with the money she made them. >> i am not going to argue with it. putin digs topless protesters. his response blunts what femin femin -- i don't know how to say it. can you imagine if an american politician did that? >> probably roll out political correct stuff here. how are we going to europe anyway. >> it was perfect.
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you don't get russia under your belt. britain is just as bad as berkeley and new york city. come on. >> you can't have putin. >> is that a nearby land mass? >> margaret thatcher was "the iron lady" because of the name the russians gave her. >> it is a balls out attitude. >> i would rather have politically correctness than putin. let's remember what they were protesting. he jailed a bunch of girls. >> the russian protest was over the band whose name i probably can't say. >> cat riot. >> bleep it, madam. >> it is my first bleep. >> you tried to get stoned and yet you couldn't do it. in fact, you are right.
12:37 am
there are no verifiable death from overdosing. >> i say that to heroin addicts. instead of doing something so dangerous, smoke a blunt. it is the exact same buzz and then you just drift off after going that is the most interesting car commercial i have ever -- >> you parentally -- you apparently would have to smoke 800 joints in 10 minutes to overdose. >> not possible. >> no, but you would end up throwing yourself out the window because of the paranoia. >> you would. >> yes. just thinking about it gives me the shakes. >> i don't like it. take a pill and you will be fine. >> pot has become too strong. a lot of people in the pot community are crying out the technology has become too good. >> that's a problem. that's why legalization is important. you could get the strength you want. >> we needless strength. >> that's what i'm saying. >> greg you want it to be properly labeled. i want all drugs properly
12:38 am
labeled. you don't want to see what happened to me last weekend. >> there is nothing worse. >> turn on the light in the bathroom when you are grabbing your pill. that's what i'm saying. >> you kids out there. >> north korea, kt you said this wasn't a joke and it is serious. with that said we are still going to make fun of kim jong-un. you can still understand there is a seriousness there. >> it is crazy but at the end of the day what is going to happen, everybody will make the speeches better and north korea got nukes. he may be crazy, but crazy like a fox. >> you said if they collapsed and they don't actually have nuclear weapons, do they? >> they didn't have the warheads, but they have the
12:39 am
technology. >> they tested three nuclear explosions. what you need for a nuclear weapon is enriched you -- uranium and you need a bomb and then you need the missal to deliver it. that's what they tested missals and they tested bombs, but they haven't put the two together yet. but it is a matter of time. they are a good observation on your part. >> once in awhile. >> i kind of agree with you they have to know if they did launch an attack they would be annihilated or close to it. i guess the only problem is you are assuming they are a rational actor. >> surely there is one person who runs the numbers. even if china attacked us tomorrow it would be embarrassing for them and they would be obliterated. doesn't everyone know that? >> china knows that, yes. but the question is is this guy that crazy that he doesn't know or care. the guy worships dennis
12:40 am
rodman. >> well dennis rodman knows more about him than anybody. jay that's the freaky -- >> that's the freaky part. he has state secrets he should be divulging. and he is on "the uh -- the apprentice." >> like he could remember. >> i am done. >> that you are, andy. go away to wherever you go for the remaining 20 or 25 minutes of this show. i don't want to know what he does, frankly. whatever it is, it is disgusting. coming up, i don't want to close my eyes. i don't want to fall asleep because i'd miss you, baby, and i don't want to miss a thing. just something bill hemer scrawled on my car in lipstick. i need a restraining order. first what does snoop think about gays and rap? i guess i will ask him when i get home.
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does working with beats
12:44 am
mean being discrete. snoop lion, if that is his real name, says don't hold your breath for a rapper who is openly gay. they asked if frank ocean coming out would pave the way for others. to which snoop, a supporter of same-sex marriage commented, quote, it is acceptable in the singing world, but in the rap world i don't know if it will ever be. that's myron nailed reagan -- that's my ronald reagan voice. it is so masculine. you can't be in a locker room with tough dudes and then say i like you, man. you know, that's going to be tough. he then clarifies because you always have to clarify, i don't have a problem with gay people. i have some gay homies. if i had a nickel for every time i said that i would have 5 cents. let's discuss in the -- >> lightning roooooouuuunnndd. lightning round. >> gavin, does snoop dogg or
12:45 am
snoop lion or whoever have a point and say something we don't have to bleep. >> it is a valid point. the fact that it is news talks about gay feelings. he said a rational thing that you can say he said rap was homophobic. >> guy it was a compliment for gays. >> yes. he said for whatever reason it tends not to fly in this particular genre. people say that is homophobic. you can't even say gays are thought popular in this field. that's saying gays are bad. how did we get here? >> what he is saying is hip hop is as pre historic as football. >> it is like a woman on a football team. that would be weird if she was there with the guys. no one is saying she can't do it or it should be banned, but it is unusual. >> i am. bill it. bill is extremely offended. kt, you you -- rut rap expert
12:46 am
on the panel. how does the rest of the rap community feel about this? are they in agreement? >> do you really expect me to talk about somebody called snoopy dog? >> snoopy dog? from peanuts? i hang around with henry kissinger. i don't even know who this snoop guy is. >> you don't know who snoopy dog is? >> i know the dog with the big ears and the eyes. >> he grew up and he has a job now. >> you did not even wikipedia ?op dog or ?op lion. -- snoop dogg or snoop lion? >> i did and i don't believe it. >> you will get a pass. i should have thrown in a nuclear physics topic in and i forgot about it. immogen, will this make gay p rayers more fearful of coming out or do you think there are a lot of gay rappers, period? >> i think it is going to change and i think gays in
12:47 am
team sports. they must admit they exist. a gay rugby player came out in the uk. it is going to be the last area that changes. at the end of the day, millenials, young people, 70% believe in same-sex marriage. the last thing it will reach is rap music and team sports. >> it is homophobic or bigoted to say there are professions where there are less gays than others? is that somehow bad? >> is there one gay golfer? a male gay golfer? is there one? >> it is not that they are less gay. they just haven't felt they can come out yet. >> there are no male gay golfers. >> and no gay football player is that what you are say ?g. >> no, they researched it and there are zero gay golfers. >> how dowry search that? >> maybe they didn't find them attractive. >> bill, you have plenty of gay homies are on gomies and how do they feel about snoop's
12:48 am
comment? >> not happy. why are you speaking as if you are not part of the group. snoop lion is the gayest rap name in the history of rap. snoop lion, you don't think, oh i'm scared of that. >> rar, i like to snoop, i like to gossip. hi, snoop lion and you are -- >> you are intolerable. you should go under a car. what was that? we have to take a break. when we come back we will talk about something, something to death. oh look at that. what could that be? that's a book cod -- called" the joy of hate." look at that face. go to and order it. you should order it if you don't have it. to get an autographed copy go to g i am out of them right now, but i will have some of them soon. i promise, later.
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last topic, gonzaga university is refusing to let students organize a knight of columbus chapter because the group only admits catholics. if the school is in violation of the discrimination policy even though gonzaga is a catholic university. they said to endorse a group
12:53 am
based on faith's exclusive tee is a challenge that cannot be reconciled at this time. gavin, does this make any sense to you? does life make sense to you? >> that's two questions at once. i don't know how to handle that. can i do the first part this. >> the knights of columbus, i think the worst thing they do is cater to this intolerance. and i think there is a tendency in the catholic church to try to be inclusive and adhere to this and that will be the death of them. i am a third-degree knight of columbus. here is my evidence. i feel a lot of pressure within the community to count on all of this stuff. that's not what he was going for when he started this company -- this organization 131 years ago. the catholic church is not in
12:54 am
the business of being in touch with people. the more the catholic church tries to do that, the more they will dilute their culture. >> the worst thing that ever happened in the catholic church was introducing acoustic guitar. got me out of math in the 1970s. people started coming in and president whatted to get the young kids in they started play play -- playing with the guitars. i was an altar boy and it was a disgusting case. >> the knights are not just catholic only. they are men only. >> that's true too. kt, what do you make. >> is there a gay thing? , a gay issue with that? >> it never comes up. >> as far as you know. >> immogen, what are your thoughts on this subject? >> it just seems ridiculous. this is is a catholic university and a catholic group and they were on a catholic campus. you are going to go catholic you might as well let catholics -- >> you said catholics a lot. >> it goes back to sandra and her not understanding what
12:55 am
catholicism what this is all about. >> you were banned from gonzaga and the whole state of washington for that matter in 1997. why do they hate you so much? >> because i am a member -- i don't know if i can get a shot of this. i am a member of the dames of cleavland. you get a card like this and a free lighter. i respect you to want to be a knight. we only admit men who look like lesbians. if that is not part of it -- and now i have to reapply. >> we are not making fun of the knights. >> now i have to reapply. i still have my lighter. >> i am literally getting mad. >> i got my dames. >> we will close things out with andy levy. to see frequent shows fox
12:56 am
news/red eye.
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12:59 am
>> back to andy levy with the post game wrap up. >> thank you want something said ask a man. if you want something done, ask a woman. >> i don't win either way. >> kt, what is this margaret thatcher told you to do something with two dresses? >> she once told me that when i was running for the senate she said always take two dresses to an interview. i said why? she said the first may clash with the background. great advice. i have done it ever since. in fact, you know, andy, do you have another tie you might want to put on? >> i don't. i think this tie matches the background perfectly. >> that's why margaret thatcher was prime minister and you are still here. >> wow. >> gavin, book? >> book is on paperback and audio version coming o


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