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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 9, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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this show. can somebody buy my book, please? >> back to you, greg. >> thank you. immogen, gavin, kt, i'm greg gutfeld. see you next time. caution. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> we have that confidence. confidence in freedom and confidence in enterprise. and that is what divides conservatives from socialists. >> bill: with the passing of former prime minister margaret thatcher. question arises. did she approve of president obama? brit hume and i will analyze. two gay students want the catholic chaplin at gorge washington university thrown off campus. wait until you hear this story. also tonight, bernie goldberg on how the press covered margaret thatcher and adam carolla on angry airline passengers.
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caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. margaret thatcher and president obama. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the 87-year-old former prime minister of great britain died last night from a stroke. as you may know, she along with president ronald reagan defined conservative politics in the 1980s. lady thatcher is a legend in conservative circles. her accomplishments are many, but she was always very controversial figure in her own country and here in america. because the british press and the american media are liberal and always have been. for younger viewers, margaret thatcher was a plain spoken woman who did not suffer fools. >> what the honorable member is saying is that he would rather the poor were
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poorer provided the rich were less rich. that way you will never create the wealth for better social justices as we have. and what a policy. yes, he would rather have the poor poorer provided the rich were less richer. that is is a liberal policy. >> bill: by the way, had lady thatcher delivered that sound bite today the media would have said she shouted down her opposition or some other nonsense. margaret thatcher believed that a robust private economy would provide the most opportunity for working people. her opposition the labor party was like the democratic party in america today. labor wanted government to largely control private industry. >> no amount of distance lends enchantment to the lean years of labor which gave us the lowest growth rate in europe. the highest strike record, and for the average family, virtually no increase in take home pay. labor's policies are a vote of no confidence in the
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ability of british people to manage their own affairs. [cheers] >> we have that confidence. confidence in free come and confidence in enterprise. that is what divides conservatives from socialism. >> bill: did margaret thatcher approve of president obama which echos many labor policies. the answer is. no it is quite clear that thatcher, reagan and other free marketeers would disagree with barack obama on economic policy. the bad jobs report in america last week once again points out that the president's attempt to stimulate the u.s. economy by pouring trillions of taxpayer dollars into it has failed dismally. yet, mr. obama is not changing course. the u.s. debt continues to rise. the economy continues to be largely stagnant and take home pay going down. ironically, the only good economic news in america is the stock market, which
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mostly benefits the wealthy. as corporations cut salaries because of job competition, fewer jobs, they, the corporations, make more money. thus the stock goes up. policies helping working americans, actually hurting them. government regulations and obama care also inhibiting hiring. again, fewer jobs means lower wages. in a robust economy there are plenty of jobs. therefore, workers are paid more because companies need them. and so the successful economic policies of margaret thatcher are very much relevant today. you won't hear the press say that bernie goldberg will analyze the press and margaret thatcher later on. let's bring in brit hume who met margaret thatcher in 1990. i have one stat i want to give you and everybody else because this is a startling stat. margaret thatcher became
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prime minister in 1979 and took over in downing street. in 1982, about two and a half years into her term, unemployment in great britain was 13%. it was absolute chaos there. when she left office in 1990, she was the longest serving prime minister in british history. it was the 5.8%. so, while she was hammered by the liberal press and the liberal labor party, it looks like she knew what she was doing economically or am i wrong? >> you are not wrong about that. her policies are antidote and an at this antithesis. bret's remember that great britain was far farther down the road from full blown socialism when she took over than the united states has ever gone or may ever go. her attitude was this has got to change and change radically and it did under her. i mean, she privatized
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agencies that the government had controlled or owned. she was for lower taxes and deregulation. robust free market economy. she revived that spirit in britain and the economy recovered smartly. but it didn't recover immediately as you pointed out. she came to power in 1979. >> bill: just like reagan. >> correct. things were very dire because the united states and much of the rest of the world was in a very severe recession during all of that time and her party's fortunes fortunes were down. she managed eventually to be reelected of course as was her party. she had to brave it out and gut it out in when some in her party were saying let's turn back. let's not do this. >> bill: still today and we are going to get into this with bernie goldberg. still today the left is hammering margaret thatcher as this fascist woman who was cold and hated the poor. that's still going on. i want to know from your perspective, you met her, what 1990? >> right. >> bill: what was that occasion and how did you --
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>> -- it t. was a summit between her and president bush 41 that was held in bermuda. and at that point, of course, the gulf war was not in the cards. no one expected saddam hussein to invade kuwait. that came later. she had had a famously strong relationship, had margaret thatcher with president reagan. they were ideological soul mates and close friends and known each other for a long time. what is less well remembered is she had a pretty strong relationship with president bush as well who often sought her council on world matters as he did at that time. all of us out there cowferg that because we were covering the white house had a chance to see the two of them together. it was a sign of that relationship. which the british press, by the way, not to get too far into bernie's territory here. the british press was saying as early as 1989 that the special relationship that she had enjoyed with president reagan was over. that bush and kohl the german chancellor were going to be -- that's going to be the new relationship in europe. it didn't really turn out
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that wait a minute bush and thatcher were quite close. >> bill: let's get up to where we are now in u.s.a. lady thatcher didn't say too much. she gave some speeches but in the last few years she was in ill health. do you believe she would barackproved of barack obama's economic policies? >> well, i doubt it, bill. i think it's pretty clear. i mean, she was a free market person. she was a low tax person. she was a deregulator president obama is basically the opposite of those things. i'm not saying he a socialist but i think his policies are in line with some of the social democrats who have been so prominent in europe mean politics in recent times. and i think she stood to thwart that she resisted that. so i doubt very seriously she would have approved of president obama's economic policies at least. >> bill: what about overseas the foreign affairs situation? >> well, she was another person who believed in being firm and strong and, you know, she famously told president bush during the run up to the gulf war the first gulf war when they
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there was some doubt about which way the u.s. was going to go, she said famously now, george, the president, this is no time to go wobbly. and of course she didn't go wobbly herself when it came to the question of who's property the faulk -- which nation owned the falkland islands and she fought a war there britain hadn't been involved in a war of any consequence in quite some time went to war with argentina and won that battle and her view was we're not a shrinking empire any longer. that was all new. now, look at a situation it's hard to know you don't have -- we don't know what she would have said about iran and the threat of nuclear weapons from iran and north korea and such places. one would imagine she would have been for stiffer efforts than have been made so far. one could only imagine what shield think of the cancellation of the nuclear test that the u.s. was expected to take part in which can has been cancelled now in the face of north korea's efforts. i think she would have disapproved of that. >> bill: just define that in 30 seconds for us so
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everybody knows what you are talking about. >> well, there is a nuclear test that the u.s. is expected to carry out, been long planned. we have now postponed it. >> bill: underground test? >> well, yeah. and what is notable about it is that the administration is saying that it's a little worried now that the show of strength that it mounted in the face of north korea's movement on nuclear weapons and all the saber rattling coming out of pyongyang what it is now saying is that well we didn't want to take this too far, we were afraid it was going to escalate things. one could only imagine what margaret thatcher would have thought of that. >> bill: brit hume, everybody. we were supposed to do a segment on rand paul but because of margaret thatcher's death we will postpone that to later this week. two gay students demand the catholic chaplain be thrown off campus. wait until you hear this. goldberg on margaret thatcher and the media carolla on airline chaos.
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we are coming right back.
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight, major controversy at george washington university in d.c. two homosexual students are demanding that the catholic chaplain at the school be thrown off campus. priest in question father greg shaffer who has upheld catholic church teaching by saying that homosexual acts are sinful. apparently that statement disqualifies the priest in the eyes of those students. university's office of diversity and inclusion apparently reviewing the case. with us now fox news analyst sally cohen. and you say? >> and i and george washington university alone if you would like can i do the fight song for you later. >> you went to this school. >> did i. >> bill: is that a secular
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liberal campus. >> private university. nonreligious university. jewish student groups and catholic. look, here is what i think. i support the right of the preach tore say what he said and i support the right of the students to say what they're saying. it's really difficult time in general for the church right now. most of the catholic lady and a lot of the leaders are evolving on issues of gay rights in the same way that the rest of the country is. >> bill: that doesn't matter is the church teaching is the church teaching and father shaffer who i don't know i invited on the program he didn't want to come in. i hope he changes his mind as jesus would. what this is about is the priest upholding the church's teaching. this is teaching that homosexual acts as heterosexual acts outside of marriage, same thing, all right, are not approved by the church. period. >> if you listen to what these students are saying. they are not saying that
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the church should change these teachings. >> bill: no. they want to throw the guy off the campus. >> no. >> bill: yes they are. >> one is a faithful catholic that wants to become a priest. there are two different ways. >> no, sally, we don't have time for b.s. these two kids want this priest off the campus. that's what they want. all right. that would violate the priest's freedom of speech, wouldn't it not. >> i don't think they are mandating that the police come in and take him off. >> bill: they are asking the university to boot him. >> bill, the other day archbishop dollan of new york said that the church has not done a good job in making sure that its defense of marriage comes off as attacking gay people. dill. >> bill: they don't want to boot cardinal dollan off they want to boot this priest off. >> i. >> not pooght boo him off. >> why would a catholic church that's having so much trouble it's losing 54% of catholic. >> bill: you are dodging the question. >> 54% of catholic adults support gay marriage. they are sp losing support.
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>> bill: if you are not going to ain't question, just tell me because i don't want to bore the audience. do you support the university kicking this priest off campus? yes or no? >> when you invited me on i said i wasn't sure what i thought. all i said was. >> bill: so you don't know what you think? >> i support his right to say what he said and i support the students to protest. >> bill: and that's fine. but if you support the priest's right to say what he said, then you can't support him booted off campus. >> i don't think he is the right person. >> bill: you are not in charge. >> you are right i'm not in charge. >> i'm not in charge. what does it matter what i think. >> bill: you are a commentator on this network. if you are the president of george washington university, do you boot this priest off the campus yes or no. >> i probably do not. what i do do, especially if i'm a good catholic i go to the archbishop of the diocese of d.c. we are having enough ministering to the young people at informative age and they have every right to protest. >> bill: nobody saying that these two students don't
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have a right to protest. >> not going to call them unnatural and immoral. that's partial horrible. >> bill: fascist act to demand that a college remove a chaplain because you don't like what the chaplain says. that's it. >> i think it's pretty disruptive to call these kids unnatural and immoral in formative years. >> bill: that is your opinion. directly ahead, can anything be done about liberal pressure groups like these who are now running wild in the country. more on the death of margaret thatcher. bernie goldberg has some thoughts about how she was treated by the u.s. press. those re
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>> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight. as we just heard this is a movement in america to shut down free speech. that pressure is coming primarily from the left which is framing any criticism of liberal policies as civil rights
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violations. joining us now from washington juan williams and mary katharineham. both fox news analysts. what do you think about this george washington deal, juan? >> well, i just think it's outrageous. you can't tell somebody who is catholic not to be catholic is what i think. the guy is a priest. it's not even that he is simply a member of the congregation and has a different point of view than the rest of the student body. it's that he is a priest. so he is going to represent catholic orthodoxy on campus. now, if it's the case, bill, that the university has an antidiscrimination policy and that they have something to say about the fact that he is condemning homosexual behavior, can i see that there might be a problem there. as i understand it, this center is actually owned by the catholic church. >> bill: it's the newman center and they receive a stipend of $10,000 from the university. but this isn't about anything other than this chaplain upholding what the
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church teaches. now, here's the rub, mary katharine. >> right. >> bill: nobody is forced to be a catholic. nobody is forced to go to the newman center or to do anything with the catholic church. i agree with sally kohn who waffled around but i agree with her on one thing, these kids have a right to protest if they don't like what father shaffer says in his blog and that's basically what he is doing, just blogging. this is what i believe and why i believe it. they have a right and by the way you are looking at that kid in the collar, he joined some kind of, i don't know, crazy new thing or whatever. that's why he is wearing a collar there. but, the kid, both of these guys have a right to protest but they don't have a right to demand the university punish the priest and the newman center. and that's what they want. they want to punish him. >> protest is fine. but it turns out that the protest is to silence this other opinion. this is supposed to allegedly be a place of intellectual and spiritual diversity and inquiry
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college campuses end up being exactly the opposite. father greg as he is called by many of the students has had a positive impact on many people's lives. many of them are gathering in support of him and i do think that the students involved have an issue with catholic doctrine and it is not -- if that is not welcome on george washington's campus then that's something they need to talk about but that seems rather closed minded to me. >> bill: they have an issue with everyone who criticizes homosexuality. that's across the board. there just are a lot of gay people and i certainly understand that who want to be respected and they feel that this is disrespectful. now you want to protest that that's good but you can't say shut down that speech. >> right. >> bill: here is the rub. in sweden and norway they have shut down that kind of speech. they have done it. >> you know, i'm sick of it i have got to tell you on a personal level i know what it is to be told, you know what? you are not in keeping with what the liberals believe and if you don't, we're kicking you out, we are firing your butt.
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i got fired for this kind of thing. so i know exactly what you are talking about. i just think people don't want an honest discussion and i think they want to exercise power to shut people up and i just disagree. >> bill: it's horrible. >> even in boston right now the church is saying to the kids you can't hand out condoms. well, you know he what? why are you saying that to kids at your school? i understand your catholic philosophy but i just don't like anybody being told shut up, you can't protest. that's wrong and i think that george washington the students have to come together and say this priest is simply catholic. there is nothing wrong with that. >> george washington. >> bill: but this is the big picture, right here. what many far left individuals in america want is what norway and sweden have. laws, laws that say if you criticize any minority, sexual orientation, color, whatever, you say anything about them, whether it's scripture or anything else, you are committing a crime. that's what they want here.
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mary katharine. >> i think that's dangerous. i think the universities unfortunately are often on the vanguard in putting in speech codes which punish people for basically having opinions which are not illegal if we're to believe the constitution in america. and the other thing i would say, the university is conducting an investigation of sorts of this. >> inclusion and diversity department. >> let me add one more thing. george washington university you know who was a than palestinian anwar al-awlaki. maybe now this guy is the problem? seriously? >> i didn't know. al awlaki was a muslim chaplain at george washington university? >> yes, he was. >> look, this is where we are going now, juan, i will give you the last word. this is is where we are going. the left, this is primarily on the left. i don't see it on the right. okay. they want laws that shut you up if you criticize any so-called minority. go ahead, juan. >> well, to me what happens here is if you challenge their ideology because you talk about self-righteous. you think the catholic
1:27 am
church is self-righteous, bill, try liberal orthodoxy in this country and i'm someone who you up in that orthodoxy. shocked at my age you know what? they will punish you more than the right wing will if you vary from what is the official line, the official message of the day. one quick point. i think if you engage in hate speech. if you start using the "n" word and all of that i'm not going to protect your right. >> bill: if you are basically doing that kind of add homonym to the man attack that's a different story. >> thank you, bill. >> it's clearly not what's happening here. >> bill: mary katharine, juan, thank you. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. adam carolla fed up. bernie goldberg on whether the liberal media has changed its mind about margaret thatcher. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. used a contractor before and didn't know where to start. at angie's list, you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. the death of a young american patriot. 25-year-old anne smedinghoff killed by a suicide bomber in afghanistan over the weekend. she was working for the u.s. state department trying to improve things for the afghan people. anne was on her way to deliver textbooks to children in southern afghanistan when a suicide bomber killed her and four other americans. the taliban gleefully admitting this committed the murders. anne graduated from johns hopkins university and is the first american diplomat
1:32 am
killed since benghazi in september of last year. joining us now from washington pamela lockman, co-chair with anne of the 2008 john hopkins foreign affairs sim pos yum. i understand you were emailing her as she worked in afghanistan. why did she want, a young woman like that, why did she want to go to a war zone when she knew it was ultra dangerous? >> well, for as long as i have known anne, she has just been incredibly committed to public service. i mean, she was just a wonderful girl and someone ohio just had tremendous respect for when i worked with her on the foreign affairs symposium on johns hopkins. this is how she wanted to spend her career. she was so interested in international relations and interested with working with people in other countries. exactly the kind of person you would want to work for the foreign service. >> bill: did she understand the danger that is inherent in afghanistan at any time you can can be attacked by people who are in civilian clothing and blown to pieces?
1:33 am
did she understand the danger? >> i think that's not just what drove her. what drove his or her -- her is her commitment to working with children and women. what she wanted to do in afghanistan and the foreign service. >> bill: when you were emailing her and talking to her about her experience did she ever say this was a tough place and did she ever say anything like that? >> no. she was always really excited to get out and seat country. you know, she was always posting photos of the trips she went on. she was just so excited to be there. and she didn't talk about the danger that is not what she focused on. she focused on all the fun she was having. >> bill: now in your experience because you at johns hopkins came in with a lot of young students is this the prevailing wisdom we want to go out. it's almost like the peace corps mentality we want to go and help people. is that what we are seeing here? >> well, i think anne was someone who was exceptionally committed to foreign service. i think there is a lot of people who went to johns
1:34 am
hopkins who were interested in international relations and international policy. but anne was someone who really stood out for her commitment. i think she was someone who from the starlight wanted to spend her career doing. this as soon as she graduated from hopkins she joined the foreign service and was extremely excited to be doing that. >> bill: she must have been quite an impressive person to get such a posting at such a young age 25 years old. >> absolutely. >> they usually don't send you into those kinds of places you warm up in less intense situations. well, pamla, we appreciate it and our condolences go out to anne's family. they picked up her body today in dover, delaware. it's a horrible thing anne smedinghoff a patriot. our prayers are with the family. bernie goldberg on the press and margaret thatcher. do they still despise her? bernie is next.
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will will thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie seeing want tonight. the death of margaret thatcher has prompted much discussion about her policies and overall demeanor. if you were around in the 1980s, you know lady thatcher got hammered by both the british and american press. joining us now from miami to put it into perspective. the purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg. i want to read one thing into the audience in the "boston globe," you know, obviously a left wing newspaper. worse back then than it is now. this is what they said about margaret thatcher, quote: she is an obstructive example to the americans what happens when the mechanics of parliamentary democracy unite a right wing extremist with a overwhelming majority of constitutionally docile legislatures. margaret thatcher is a political freak, unquote. you know, very vitriolic "new york times," "the washington post" didn't like her one bit. has anything changed? >> right.
1:38 am
well, no. there is a rule of thumb that exists through the decades and that is if a conservative politician like merchandise thatcher or ronald reagan try to shake things up as they did in the 1980s, they are offensive seen in the media as cold-hearted or mean spirited or something like that. but when a liberal politician like barack obama, for instance, tries to shake things up by turning around the healthcare system they are often seen by the media as progressive. now, what you read in the "boston globe" is not all that different from a lot of other stuff the media was reporting back then. i went through a ton of articles today for that segment. let me give you three very quick examples. in 1981, the "new york times" said in britain under margaret thatcher class warfare is endemic.
1:39 am
okay, fair enough. but, barack obama has been waging class warfare ever since he took office and the same "new york times" doesn't seem all that concerned about that when it involved somebody that they support. the nbc news said thatcher has ruthlessly applied her conservative solutions. again, fair enough. but nbc news didn't describe barack obama's tactics as ruthless when he virtually bribed democratic politicians to support obama care. margaret thatcher divided britain between haves and have notes, winners and losers, that's also arguably true. but barack obama, according to very respectable polls is the most polarizing president or one of them anyway in recent american history.
1:40 am
so, if it happens to a conservative, if they do something that the media doesn't like. the liberals in the media will jump all over them. but when a liberal does the exact same thing. they look the other way for the most part. >> bill: isn't it interesting that nothing has changed in 33 years? that nothing has changed. it's the same mantra today, 2013, liberal socialistic policies are best. if you oppose them, you are a fascist. rich guy who hates the poor. this is the key stat for margaret thatcher for everybody to understand. i read this to brit hume. when thatcher took office and ronald reagan and thatcher came in about the same time. all right. there was a worldwide recession. and tremendous inflation, jimmy carter was a disaster as a president. the economics were crazy. gas lines. anybody old enough to remember that horror knows what a mess it was. all right.
1:41 am
things peeked for the worse in 1982 two years after they were in power. 13% unemployment in britain. when she leaves office 8 years later. 5.8% unemployment. is it about performance or what? it is just insane. now, if barack obama in the next three years were to turn the economy around and unemployment is at 5.5% and wages are going up and everybody is is, you know, i will give him credit. but this is insane here to continue to call this woman a fascist rich, this that, and the other thing when the performance is right on the paper. >> look, can i go through a long song and dance about trying to explain it but it's really simple. liberals in the media don't like conservatives. >> bill: and they don't
1:42 am
care about the folks. they masquerade about caring for them. if the unemployment rate drops 7%, which means all those millions of people are working under this woman, give her some credit. >> right. can i share with your viewers something that i'm sure they wouldn't know about because it's happening in britain right now. if we think the left in this country can be a little nuts. get this: this is all happening in the last few hours. they are planning a street party in london to celebrate more get thatcher's death. the national union of students, which is holding a convention today. when they heard the news that thatcher died, they cheered. a coal miner's union said that this is a great day for coal miners, i will give you one more. there is a facebook campaign going on right now in great britain to make the song dingdong the witch is dead the number one song on whatever itunes or whatever else.
1:43 am
this is how much the left in britain hated margaret thatcher. as i say, liberals didn't -- don't conservatives who shake things up and people in the media don't like conservatives who do that. but when liberals shake things up, they are seen as saints. and that's how they see barack obama and that's how they saw in the opposite way they saw margaret thatcher and ronald reagan. >> bill: all right, bernie, thank you. carolla on deck. he is furious about how the airlines are treating passengers. the a man has thoughts on gay marriage. carolla moments away.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. rolling with carolla. get to our pal adam carolla
1:47 am
from los angeles. all right, carolla, you are cruising -- i'm sure you are cruising as well. you are causing gay marriage again. here is what you said about gay marriage own your pod cast two weeks ago. here is what will happen. it will be legal, hopefully, and you think we will be done with it and then we will want to get married at the crystal cathedral and the guy at the crystal cathedral will say no, we don't agree with it and according to our faith a man doesn't lie down with mother man and then there is going to be a march and a thing and then it's going to the supreme court again. that much i know. ill about bill carolla based on our report earlier about george washington university you are a prophet. >> thank you. >> bill: not going to stop with the legitimacy if it comes of gay marriage. >> well, look. people want to argue and that's society that we have created. i will ask you this. 10 years ago if i were to ask you we are going to elect our first black president, do you think you would have said well then arguingill be more arguing
1:48 am
about race? we have done 10 times more arguing about race since we have had a black president so obviously that didn't change that topic and i don't think giving gay people the right to be married is going to ratchet down the arguing. that being said, i love gay people. there should be more gay people. our society would be better if we had a bunch of gay people. >> bill: wait, wait, wait. there should be more gay people? okay. >> yes, we can subsidize them. >> bill: why should there be more gay people? live in los angeles, gay part of town. santa monica boulevard. speaking of cruising i will be there tonight. santa monica boulevard and western boulevard is western -- looks like beirut. when you go a couple miles
1:49 am
to the south and you get to the gay part of santa monica boulevard it looks like channingrala meets seattle. no more gum on the ground, it's beautiful. >> bill: in a predominantly gay neighborhoods there is order and law abiding people and they have a minimum of chaos. that's where you are coming from. okay. i get it? >> how many -- how many gay guys are in prison? i mean or enter gay? i know once you get there. >> bill: i don't know if we have any reliable statistics on it. >> bill: i assume most people are heterosexuals. >> they don't have a bunch of kids crapping up the system. >> bill: you can't blame the youth of america although the adoption you can: the bottom line is homosexual americans want respect and that's what it is all about. that's why you are right the debate is never going toened. >> bottom line, bill, that was funny. go ahead. [ laughter ]
1:50 am
>> bill: airlines not getting any respect because, it's a cut rate operation. you pay 100 bucks to fly to florida. you are not going to get anything. you want a pillow it's going to be 5 pucks. so what's the beef? -- 5 bucks? what's the beef? >> i know the complaining has gone through the roof. it's not the complaining that's gone up. it's the entitlement that we all have. iu know how many flights have been on recently where people have brought their dogs on the plane? >> bill: comfort dogs. >> people are flying with their dogs. >> bill: comfort dogs. >> there with one right there a comfort dog. >> they have anxiety. there is a chili's that you can have a shot and that's how you get rid of flying anxiety. >> bill: that's your form of comfort. others want canine comfort. >> that's how this reporter takes care of his comfort on an airplane. but, listen i fly first class half the time usually someone else pays for it
1:51 am
half the time the storage bin above my seat is filled. other half of the time everyone is barging in from coach and up my first class lab and all i'm saying is. this it's a little microcosm of what our world has become. why should you get to sit up there in first class? why? because i paid more. pitch. pay more. >> bill: everybody should be subsidized to sit in first class. that's what should happen. if you can't afford the first class ticket the government gives you money. sits next to you and have a shot of whatever you are drinking. that's only fair. >> mangaria. thank you. it's not that the airlines are getting worse it's that people are getting worse. >> bill: all right. adam carolla, everybody. very pithy as usual. factor tip of the day. is new orleans too corrupt to visit? the tip moments away.
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>> bill: factor tip of the day. on april 22nd i will hold a town hall meeting on the net just for premium members. we will talk about my upcoming book "killing jesus" which is going to be very controversial. we will answer questions about killing kennedy and killing lincoln. again, only bill o' premium members get this town hall meeting. if you become a p.m. get any one of these books get killing jesus free of charge when it comes out. bill, thanks for the memo about the government hiring navigators people on obama care as a health insurance guy that's what i do and have years of experience doing it. the feds don't want you, william, because they can't control you. also this is another spending program for the government. they want to control the entire healthcare industry and you are collateral damage. coal gay hart, crooked river oregon.
1:55 am
bill, i found the navigator story fascinating. where do i apply? at the department department oh and human service kohl, i think you have a chance being from crooked river and all. [ laughter ] jennifer from albuquerque, new mexico my medicare payments will go from $97 a month to $200 a month. like william you are collateral damage in the obama care universe, jennifer and i'm sorry. pittsburgh, pennsylvania bill, you are a smarted guy at least i give you a credit for giving one the president's salary give back is grandstanding. if you don't think so you better give back that harvard degree. you can hold that opinion, dean know but i can't. because my opinions are all based on facts. grandstanding can't be proven either way. catherine maxwell, loved the bolder fresher dvd, good thing, catherine, this is the last week to get that free dvd, book on bill
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o' yet another reason to like you. your tip about the producers is excellent. hilarious from start to finish. no, brooks, a genius, gina. great tip for factor viewers. the web site any informs americans about the needs of our military serving overseas. any good tip, finally tonight. the factor tip of the day for this monday. is the city of new orleans too corrupt to visit in on friday we showed you this shocking video from the new orleans jail showing prisoners using hard drugs and even one having a loaded gun inside the cell. video was shot in 2009 but the city remains under a cloud of corruption charges. now, over the weekend i received a letter from ryan bernie, the communications guy for new orleans mayor mitch land drew. quote: mr. o'reilly we were surprised to see your remarks about the city of
1:57 am
new orleans. especially given that in early february you said new orleans has come back big time from katrina. yes, the jail is out of control. that's why the mayor has called for a federal receiver to come in corrections expert to run the jail in a safe, secure and fiscally responsible way. again, i would like to invite you to come back to new orleans to see what is really going on here. well, i appreciate the invitation. i think i know what's going on in the big easy. there is too much crime and corruption. what i don't know is why the situation has been going on for so long. detroit and new orleans have persistent problems that never seem to end. that being said, i would go to new orleans for funny time. the tourist districts are relatively safe and the attractions unique. it's a great place. i would even take my kids there. and that says it all. but corruption is
1:58 am
corruption. new orleans needs to get better. factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor web site which is different from bill o' also, we would like you to spout off about the factor anywhere in the world o'reilly at name and town, name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day don't be a naughty. i love that word. i'm going to bring that word back. don't be with a noddy. i will call people a noddy this week on the program. look it up so you know what i'm saying. i'm bill o'reilly, please remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you.
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