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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 11, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." tonight the democrat-controlled senate took the first step today in their brazen attempt to limit your second amendment rights. in a moment i'll be joined by the always outspoken ann coulter. first here's what happened on capitol hill. the senate took up a procedural vote to start debating the controversial gun control legislation. now we move on to the amendment and see which lawmakers who say they oppose the second amendment all theassault, are they willino stand up by law-abiding citizens in the country? it's a so-called bipartisan compromise from senators joe manchin and pat toomey that expands universals background checks to gun shows and internet sales, but this amendment
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already is being met with stark opposition, because earlier, prior to the vote, senators mike paul and ted cruz released a joint statement including that the "it is expected that the toomey/manchin provision will replace the current language regarding background check, yet as of this morning not a single senator has been provided the legislative language of this provision, because the background check measure is a centerpiece of this legislation, it is critical that we know what is in to vote on it. that makes sense to me. how are you? >> i'm fine. how are you? i was on line trying to find the language. i thought this was so strange. this is a bill everyone is talking about, and we can't find the toomey/manchin compromise. >> sean: what bothers me most you, you look at aurora, newtown, there's nothing
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proposed here, not a single thing that would have prevented the tragedy. >> right. >> sean: i have a solution. i would put retired military, retired police, in every school in the country, just like we protect presidents, politicians, hollywood liberals, sports stars and our money. why not do that? >> right. i'm not a huge fan of that but your proposal isn't counterproductive as the democrats' proposals are. you need extensive conceal carry laws. that's what the studies show. not related to guns, but related to mass shootings going back to virginia tech, we have to roll back the deconstitutionallization movement. i'm getting to be like a broken record, but that's the only thing that will make a difference. it's been talked about it for years. we knew about it before newtown. every one of these killers, it's not a problem of killers, but crazy people, especially
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schizophrenics, certain brands of psychosis. >> sean: and kids on psychotropic drugs, no one wants to talk about. >> schizophrenics, people with similar disorders, are three times more likely to commit violence. apart from the fact, just look at downtown l.a., giuliani cleaned up much of new york, so i can't point to new york anywhere, but there was the billy boggs incident. they are more likely to commit violence. that's what happened in aurora, in tucson, in virginia tech. it looks like this is what happened in newtown. democrats know that's the answer, but they will exploit and play with these victims and say their gun laws are going to do something. no. their gun laws are going to hurt the defense of the innocent. >> sean: it's more than that. it's naked exploitation of dead children and grieving families.
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it's play-acting. it's feel good-ism. i got to tell you something. the whole thing is grotesque because one of their proposals would have prevented what happened. so this is all an effort to -- >> worse than that. it willo more parents weeping over their children. you've interviewed susannah huff, in the cafeteria in texas, when she had to watch when, again, some crazy man drives his truck into the cafeteria and starts shooting people. he's able to stop and reload. susannah had her car, a license to a gun, but she had left it in the trunk of her car because she wasn't allowed to carry it into the cafeteria. she watched her parents be gunned down. conceal carry protects the innocent. we should be subsidizing it, not taxing them.
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when intruders and burglars on the loose, to ask a woman wait three days, to wait through the weekend, perhaps a week, if there's a false positive on the background check, which happens a lot, more than 95% of the cases, are false backgrounds -- or false negatives, you're allowing women to be utterly defenseless there. sometimes you need a gun quickly, is my point. >> sean: obama didn't do anything the first term if she was sthiswas so important. chicago has been going through incredible gun violence. he's only doing what he thinks is politically viable, just like gay marriage, he's for it, against it, neutral, now he's for it. >> right. well, they're cocky these liberals right now, which is why i was so heartened by liberals secretly taping senator mitch
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mcconnell. maybe they're worried. he's going to get re-elected. >> sean: and ashley judd. >> this compromise bill, where they tell us what it's going to do, but won't let us read the bill, this fake poll about 90% supporting these idiotic counterproductive gun proposals of the democrats that will make it more difficult for the law-abiding protecting the innocent to get guns. i mean, where is that poll? can we see that poll? they lie to people in polls. a universal background checks, 40% of guns aren't subject to a background check. that is a lie, said to be a lie by "the washington post." all guns sold by a licensed gun dealer, including guns at gun shows, more than 90% of guns at gun shows, are sold by licensed gun dealers. all subject to background checks. >> sean: you know who's been the biggest advocate, helped the gun industry sell more guns, more than any other person? that would be barack obama. >> salesman of the year at every gun show.
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>> sean: in new york, for example, under mayor gallon, violent crime dropped 56%, murders down by 2/3, robberies fell 67%, aggravated assault. everything went down. >> not only that, but there's straight gun crimes, you need somebody like giuliani. what we're talking about now, the urgency, we have to do something, the children, the children. that's because of mass shootings by crazy people. democrats refuse to do anything with crazy people because their friends in the aclu get upset. the toomey/manchin compromise has a completely insane provision that can't be constitutional where a shrink could call in the name of one of his clients and put him on the no buy list. can you imagine that? i keep quoting the insanity
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defense for crazy people who harm themselves and others. have a family member, roommate, law enforcement officer and a shrink testify before a judge this person shouldn't be on street. >> sean: by the way, ann coulter got in trouble again. these are comments that you made. you talk about republican senators need to have a member of their families killed -- >> no, no. i didn't say that. martin bashir said republicans need to have a family of their killed to support the democrats. >> sean: and then you wrote, let's start with mega meghan mc. >> sean: people are saying why would anne coulter say that? >> got more press than that that heinous thing that martin brashear said, before i added a
6:09 pm
joke, known as hyper bole. you have to come up with a child of republican. martin brashear was not joking when he asked re territoryically are we going to have to a child of a republican senator killed to have them support this gun bill as if the republican position is, no, we don't mind dead kids. our position is more proposals are going to lead more dead kids. our proposals will stop dead kids. i'm fed with this idea that, oh, if we only listened to the families. well, i'm quite sure some of the families are not -- >> sean: wait a second. there was one father of one of these children, got killed at newtown, he didn't get to fly in air force one because he doesn't take the position of the president. >> i'm sure there's more than one. this is the jersey girls all over again. find the victims who agree with, and send out weeping victims to argue with the republicans to
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push dangerous policies. >> sean: i'm glad you hear you don't want to see children killed. you were being sarcastic. >> i think the exclamation point made it clear, and the fact that everyone laughed when they read it. >> sean: coming up, who's responsible for recording mitch mcconnell? our panel will weigh in on this attempt to smear one of the country's most powerful republicans. also coming up tonight on "hannity" -- >> 30% of registration in the state is really stupid, and racist. >> sean: caught on tape, engaging in hateful, racially-charged rants against the gop, but now the left wing college professor is actually defending his remarks. more coming up tonight here on "hannity." ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card
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>> sean: there are breaking development in the mitch mcconnell audio recording scandal. according to the jefferson county democratic party members of the liberal super pac progress kentucky bragged about recording a february strategy session. >> i don't know why they were at the grand opening of his campaign office, but they were there after the event had ended, and were in the hallway, and, you know, they overheard the conversation going on, which,
6:15 pm
you know -- i mean, you know, it doesn't -- to me it was an extremely tacky conversation, said tasteless things that the mcconnell campaign did, yet it was a private conversation nonetheless. i guess they heard all the tasteless, offensive, and tacky things that the mcconnell campaign was discussing, they decided to record it. >> sean: he went on to advise viewers to, quote, draw their own conclusions that these were the same recordingings released by mother jones. the fbi is investigating whether laws were broken. joining us jordan secculo and fox news contributor tamara holder. thanks for being with us. >> thanks, sean. >> sean: first of all, i don't see anything on this that was tasteless, tamara. anything that was said in the meeting? it's just typical op research that every campaign goes through. anything there that you heard that they said that crossed a
6:16 pm
line in your mind? >> oh, you know, of course not. it's typical mcconnell speech, you know. just that how dare ashley judd actually support president obama, which i think the majority of americans actually supported him in 2012 as well. >> sean: that's not what we're talking about. >> are you kidding me? minutes?listen to the 12 they said how dare she be a democrat, how dare she like president obama. >> it's called messaging. it's part of campaigns, you come up with a theme, this is a pro-obama stuff who writes stuff about herself in a book and we're going to put it out there. this is what democrats do as well. they want to win, they want to win sometimes. they read her book. nothing secret or private. >> sean: jordan, clinton had a war room. i didn't think democrats were upset about it. obama, he just lies.3 he says -- and democrats lie. republicans want to kill grandma, poison the air and
6:17 pm
water, and they hate children. so there's a difference. let's go to the tape itself. let's play part of it, because some people seem to be upset that the things that were in ashley judd's book, and known history about her, somehow crossed this imaginary line. i didn't know democrats had standards, but apparently they do, only for republicans. listen to this.
6:18 pm
>> sean: tamara, she's got mental issues. she thinks it's unconscionable to breed, critical of fathers giving away their daughters at marriage ceremonies because it's a common vestige of male dominion over a woman's reproductive status when a father gives away a daughter at a wedding. she sounds like a hollywood left wing nut case! >> of course she is, sean. that's what you think of everyone in hollywood. really this is a moot point. she's not running anymore.
6:19 pm
so what do we care? you're not going to put me into a box -- >> it's liberals who put this out about other liberals. so nice, right? she didn't run. >> sean: let's go to the legality. legal, not legal. tamara? >> i don't think there's anything wrong with these guys standing outside the door after the opening. there's no expectation of privacy here. >> not true. >> back in 1974 -- almost finish, expert lawyer. in 1974 -- >> you want to quote from law. there's a law, five years in jail. state law for eavesdropping that's a felony. a lot of issues are at issue, and everybody is blaming each other. the democrat official, the attorney saying it wasn't me. you can't watch crime, you know, and say you didn't do it. >> sean: jordan, hold on.
6:20 pm
>> you can't intentionally knowing listen to people and transmit that. it's been the federal law since the 1980s. it's been used before. there's also three kentucky laws. the first one on eavesdropping, the second one on transmitting the eavesdropping, which these individuals did to mother jones, and the third is possible trespassing. why? because the event was over. we know the event was over. >> sean: isn't kentucky a one-party consent state? >> it is a one-party consent state. >> sure, but that's if there's eavesdropping. there was no eavesdropping. if they had an expectation of privacy they would have taken the measures appropriate that -- >> sean: wait a minute. it's the same thing as bugging. they locked their door, they had an expectation of privacy or they would have kept it open and invited people in, tamara. >> they were standing in the hallway. >> sean: where did you get your law degree, from the acme school of law? >> it's not wrong.
6:21 pm
>> sometimes wrong is illegal. >> not in this case. >> sean: tamara, where did you go to law school? >> i didn't go to law school. >> sean: all right. thank you both for being with us. and next on "hannity" -- >> the republicans are trying to impose voter id requirements on the people they don't want to vote. those are people who are democrats. it could be young people, old people, african americans. >> sean: more shocking proof of indoctrination taking place across america. believe it or not, this liberal professor is defending his racially charged rant. then a breaking news edition of media mash you can't afford to miss. we'll expose two so-called news networks joining forces with the president, with the democrats, to take away your second amendment rights. we'll name names, lay out the evidence. tonight a "hannity" investigation. prel
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." a left wing professor at the university of southern california is caught on tape calling republicans, quote, stupid and racist. listen what to this political science professor told a class room of students at the height of the 2012 campaign. watch this. >> i mean, california
6:26 pm
republicans are 30% of registration in this state because they're really stupid and racist, but -- republicans are 82% white. the republican party of california, as i say all the time, on the record, in print, on the radio, in tv, is the last vestige of any real white people. that's what this is. the obvious is that the republicans are trying to impose voter id requirements on the people they don't want to vote. those are people who are democrats. they can be young people, they can be old people, significantly they're african americans. they are doing everything they can to make sure these people are absolutely not going to get to vote. >> sean: unbelievable. now the liberal college professor is defending his actions. i told fox news, quote, if this student was offended he knows perfectly well that i encourage an active debate and active
6:27 pm
student participation in my classes. he could have challenged me. now he's trying to blame the student, it's his fault? joining with me reaction, monica crowley, democrats strategist penny lee. first of all, there's garbage, that the student is free to challenge. right. >> sean: this is a captive audience of kids. they have goals. they want to get into graduate school, law school, medical school, they want a good gpa. they don't know if they're going to be punished if they challenge the high and mighty professor. so they're not free in that classroom, are they? >> no, they really aren't. it's unfortunate. i wish that more people would have been able to challenge him, because that's not the place of the professor. the professor isn't to espouse his own political views, to stretch, to guide, to stretch a person's own philosophy, but do it in a way that's not partisan. what he said was completely uncalled for. >> sean: the worst part, the guy is a big bore. i'd be sleeping in the back of this guy's classroom.
6:28 pm
that was on top of everything. the other thing is -- i'll get back to penny in a minute. this whole thing republicans are racist, republicans don't want black americans to vote, republicans want dirty air, this is being run out of the obama white house, coming out of his mouth, and a lot of others. this false narrative, now -- now they're using it to indoctrinate kids in school. >> he's an aging hippie, and this is going on every day in our universities, high schools, junior high, all the way down. the left has infiltrated the educational system in this country. they have for decades. now it's more blatant than it's ever been. i've had marxist professor in, professors in graduate school, who have come out, yes, i'm a marxist. >> sean: i had one, too. and he's friends with allen combs. >> exactly right.
6:29 pm
they're not teaching the students. this is about intimidation, so they'll have to write for their grades, please the professor, and not press conservative views. it's silencing them. it's also a campaign of propaganda, which they're waging every day in classrooms across america. >> sean: let me tell you something, penny, this comes from the top of the democratic party itself, the democratic party that puts paul ryan look-a-like throwing poor grandma -- first he stabs her, beats her, slices her throat and throws her over the cliff. >> this is not coming out of the obama administration. >> sean: i'm saying your party does this all the time. all the time. >> engaging in political tack sixth the republicans don't? >> sean: you think paul ryan wants to throw granny off the cliff? answer me. tell me which ad was over the top. >> both ads were over the top. >> sean: give me an example.
6:30 pm
>> i think both sides do this. >> sean: you say both sides, but democrats have mastered the art of lining. >> karl rove was the master of dirty tactics. >> sean: give me an example. >> running against ann richards, there were dirty tactics. >> sean: giving me specifics. >> ins people outside of polling places to make sure hispanics wouldn't vote. >> sean: and you think karl rove put them there? really? really? >> they're the republican party of texas. >> speaking of karl rove, over the last week, he went to the university of massachusetts to give a speech. he was heckled, he was shouted down. this is what's going on in academia. it's not just in the universities, it's through our educational system, because the left knows if you want to control tomorrow, you control today's children. >> i went to baylor university, which is a baptist university -- >> sean: what happened? >> i went as a conservative, and
6:31 pm
came out a liberal. it was conservative, too. i mean, there was a certain philosophy -- >> sean: explain to me why it's such a bad thing to -- for everybody who goes into a voting booth, we want integrity in our system, tell me why voter id is such an awful thing, a racist thing, as many on the left accuse those that want -- >> i would encourage to have the voting open for all. i would like to have it on saturday. >> sean: what about ids? why not everybody have an id? >> because that does discriminate. >> sean: what's wrong with an id so we know that the person that's voting is the person they say are? >> i would say there's nothing wrong with an id, and i don't think there's anything wrong with a background check if you have a gun. >> this professor was accusing republicans of suppressing minority voting, which is a complete lie. a student asked him, what can we do to suppress republican kids? he encouraged these kids to
6:32 pm
divert people's mail so they don't know when the election is. send the black panthers in, intimidate conservatives and republicans. this is going on in your classroom. if you're a parent paying for this education, you better watch out, know what your kids are learning. >> sean: that's a good point. good to see you. what's the worst at this, obama. i blame him. he's the biggest demagogue this country has. good to see you. when we come back, a "hannity" investigation. a media mash alert. >> they just like the feel of that ar-15 range. they like the way it feels. they just -- you know, it's like driving a ferrari. >> sean: when we come back, we'll expose how two major news channels are now joining forces with the left to push a radical antigun agenda. state-run media. we'll prove it next. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule.
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>> welcome back to "hannity." tonight we have a media mash alert. two mainstream liberal news networks have joined forces to work with the president and democrats to help them push through their radical agenda to limit your second amendment rights. nbc news gave vice president joe biden three full hours of airtime this morning to spew his antigun rhetoric while cnn, they're blocking off two full nights of programming to advocate for, what? gun control. joining me now to explain this president of the media research center, brent bowzell. the most important and obvious point, they've pretty much become an extension of the obama white house and the democratic party. they're the press outlets, the propaganda outlets. >> yeah. sean, for anyone to suggest that sean hannity is exaggerating, or brent bowzell is using hyperbole to say that is exactly wrong. that's exactly what the, quote,
6:38 pm
unquote, have become on the left. cnn and msnbc, as we can see with the gun control debate, are openly promoting not just gun control but the president's gun control agenda, and calling it news. it is beyond shocking. it is such an outrage that somebody really at the corporate level needs to have a conversation with these networks because they're abusing -- >> sean: i said it a long time ago, journalism in america is dead. it just is. they're act like they're unbiased. they're not. they have an agenda. let's go to democratic senator joe manchin and the vice president joe biden thanking -- thanking -- cnn and nbc for their support. >> i want to know people with expertise that understands guns, understands mental illness, understands school safety, understands video violence, and see if we can start culturally changing. >> senator joe manchin from west
6:39 pm
virginia you've been walking around the clock on this compromise deal. you have a busy few weeks ahead of you still. >> we appreciate your support, too. this is very, very important. >> mr. vice president, thank you so much. >> thank you. it was a great discussion. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> no, no, no. joe, you have changed the debate in america. you have. >> thank you so much. >> the two guys that deserve a award here are you and michael bloomberg. >> sean: oh, thank you, thank you. thank you for my free coverage. they ought to be pairin paying s airtime. >> thank you. no, thank you. thank you. what should have been the response by casino scarborough or cnn? hold on a second, mr. vice president, hold on, senator, that's not our role. that's not what we do. don't thank us. we're not advocates for your position. that's what a news reporter, a real journalist, would do. both networks should have taken offense to that -- to the
6:40 pm
statements being made. the fact they would respond by saying "oh, no, thank you," shows -- >> sean: no, thank you. >> thank you. >> sean: you have an nbc liberal joe scarborough, i wante i wante invited to all the parties, the establishment in d.c. to love me. let's take another clip of him. >> any republican, any democrat, that runs against responsible rational solutions to take care of our long-term debt is selling out our children, stealing from the next generation. it's generational theft. for republicans do this is beyond shameless. they did it in 2010. >> right, with the medicare thing. >> to fel to tell the president- we've been busting his chops for
6:41 pm
months. put it out there, be responsible. >> sean: he wants to be loved by all these guys. >> listen to those words, closing your eyes, it's joe biden. he's indistinguishable from joe biden, or for that matter barack obama. for good old buddy joe second amendment rightscarboroughto sat msnbc, if he is conservative what's does that say about anybody else? unfortunately the water cooler is such at msnbc that joe scarborough has -- >> sean: he wants to keep his job. let's be honest about it. chris matthews, can't do a segment without him. he says he has no problem with the issue of nbc taking sides here. >> i think msnbc, you and i, have been keeping up the fight for gun safety for the two or three months of this fight for newtown, not just a few times, but consistently every night. absolute consistent fighting on this network to push for this kind action. i don't think there's any problem with taking sides here.
6:42 pm
>> sean: who needs jay carney when you've got chris matthews? >> exactly right. exactly. on another segment, he actually gave the phone number out for members of congress and told people to call their congressmen. there comes a point, isn't this corporate lobbying by the comcast corporation? it's not just to advocate gun control. he's pushing a certain piece of legislation and using a national network to push national legislation. to me is corporate lobbying. >> sean: this is like state-run media. let me give you an example of what i mean by that. listen to joe biden's comments. we do have a second amendment to our constitution. 99.9% of americans that own guns are law-abiding. they don't commit crimes. nothing there's being passed, as i mentioned earlier, nothing they're discussing would have prevented aurora, newtown. it's all feel good legislation. but here it is, state-run media,
6:43 pm
joe biden on nbc. >> it used to be we were dealing almost exclusively, joe, with hunters. when i did this the first time in '94, it was the one group i had to go speak to, make sure they were satisfied with what we were doing, were hunters. there's a whole new sort of group of individuals now who -- i don't know what the numbers are -- that never hunt talks but they own guns for one of two reasons, self-protection, or just like the feel of the ar-15 at the range. they like the way it feels. they just -- you know, it's like driving a ferrari. >> sean: maybe they like freedom. ever think of that? is that a potential option? >> i got to say, i wish the answer to him had been, mr. vice president, it's none of your damn business. it's none of government's damn business to tell me how i should feel when i'm holding my gun. they've really crossed the line
6:44 pm
here. >> sean: all right. let's go back to cnn. let's look at them. they're devoting all this time to being state-run media themselves. let's roll the tape. >> a 360 exclusive that might change the way you think about existing gun laws. you're supposed to show ids at gun shows and fill out a form when you're getting a weapon. instead you're going to see what our undercover cameras saw w no id, no paperwork, no questions asked. our undercover cameras caught it all. >> michael moore introduced a bill, let republicans vote against it. my question, are democrats weenies for not bringing an assault weapons ban to the floor? >> you see the way most americans, by the way, there's an under current of almost obama-like clinging to their gods, gun, bible, religion, this underlying sentiment? it's like we're driving a ferrari, you feel big and important. did you catch that? >> a news network, cnn, put out
6:45 pm
a corporate press release on tuesday saying they were going to advocate for the next two days. a news division putting out a corporate statement announcing they were lobbying. what does that tell you? >> sean: brent bozell, great report tonight. thank you for being with us tonight. still ahead tonight, evidence uncovered that the fbi may be reading your emails without obtaining a warrant. but first -- >> hear me out, that you'll see me not as a caricature sometimes presented by political opponents. >> sean: a major political public figure addressed students at howard university, but did senator rand paul's message resonate with the predominant leafrican american audience? follow our live show. share your thoughts. we want to what you're thinking.
6:46 pm
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6:50 pm
here are the highlights. >> no republican questions or disputes civil rights. i've never wavered in my support for civil rights or the civil rights act. what gets lost is that the republican party has always been the party of civil rights and voting rights, because republicans believe that the federal government is limited though and that its function is limited by the constitution some have concluded that republicans are somehow inherently insensitive to minority rights. nothing could be further from the truth. the tragedy of segregation and jim crow in the south is compounded when you realize that integration began in new england in the 1840s and 1850s. the story of emancipation, of voting rights, of citizens from >> sean: party of lincoln.
6:51 pm
republicans for the '64 civil rights act, '65 voting rights. what's your problem? >> rand paul. >> sean: so what? >> this is not a conversion paul on the road to damascus. this is rand paul wading in the political waters and almost drowning in idiocy because he doesn't know about civil rights or race history. >> sean: instead of the hyperbole, what do you disagree with? >> you're going talk about civil rights legislation, and the republicans are responsible for that? what about democrats? >> the myth about jfk just astounds me. >> there's no myth about j.f.k. >> there is. he voted against the civil rights act of 1957. the only reason he voted -- >> he introduced the civil
6:52 pm
rights act in 1963. >> he did not. >> yeah, he did not. >> there were two civil rights acts already passed by eisenhower, '57 and '60. the civil rights act of '57 created the civil rights act commission. in '58, it was suppressed. >> sean: you just made my point, that the filibuster came from southern democrats, al gore's father didn't vote for it. >> that's right. nor did kennedy. >> republicans joined forces to pass federal civil rights legislation. >> sean: that's right. and republicans don't get the credit. >> rand paul's father started talking about the rights of -- >> sean: wait a minute. >> sean, sean -- >> and then ron paul says i didn't write my own newsletter. >> sean: he's not responsible for his father. >> rand paul in 2010 made some
6:53 pm
remarks that -- >> let me say. >> sean: are black americans better off under obama's policies? >> no. >> you're change the subject. you know i'm going to say no. but that's not because obama is a democrat and that george bush is a republican. that's not the issue. >> the bottom line here is what rand did was to reach out, unlike other people, obama -- all obama is doing is campaigning. he continues to campaign. rand reached out and -- let me say this. >> who's side are you on? >> sean: you're giving me a headache. charles first. then michael. charles go, finish your thought. >> thank you, thank you. the bottom line is what rand paul did was a courageous thing. i saw the whole interview. i watched it twice. the students asked great
6:54 pm
questions. he had great responses. it was a great exchange. >> it was not courageous. it was idiotic. he talks about viced marched with martin luther king jr. that's not the issue. who's side are you on? the question is law, and which side is the constitution going to be on? at the time when people like southern democrats and others, they were arguing that the law could not be placed on the side of blacks -- >> sean: there's one bigger point. the black community -- hang on, charles. the black community votes 90% democrat, but they're not better off with the democratic policies. >> i came here to talk about rand paul, who started talk being private clubs. they were exempted from civil rights law. he doesn't know what he's talking about. >> sean: coming up next, tapping without a warrant. to fight chronic osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, y will know you did something for your pain.
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6:59 pm
their family, their colleagues, because, believe it or not, according to attorneys inside the internal revenue service it seems the federal government believes they have the right to snoop through your private correspondence without a warrant. their search warrant hand bobbing electronic messages are not protected by the fourth amendment, which as you know prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. the agency's justification is the most frightening. the handbook argues that, quote, internet users do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in such communication. obviously that comes as a lot of news and big surprise to a lot of americans that believe their private emails and texts are just that -- private. these alarming internal documents were uncovered thanks to a freedom of information request filed by the aclu. if you ask me, i think it's time for the irs to update their 2009 search warrant handbook. after all, this is not the america that i thought i


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