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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 11, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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and apparently, neither democrats nor republicans are happy with this. and obama said yes. that is how you know it's good. >> see you tonight. >> hello, everyone. i'm greg gutfeld along with kimberly guilfoyle and dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city and we're the third prime number. >> california republicans i just showed you 30% of registration in the state because they are really stupid and racist. >> 82% white. the republican party as i say in california all the time on the record in print and on radio and on tv is the last vestige of any
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angry old white people and that's what it is. >> the radical professor pinko for short. only come out when it's safe. meek students on comfy campuses dissent intimidation and threat of bad grades. do you think this guy is unique at columbia or berkeley he would be considered a right winger. i credit the young student who caught the progressive parrot on tape at its poly polywhs class. take another look at what passes for incident logical rigor. >> a person is less likely to change his mind about anything is an old white guy. old white guys are stubborn son of a [bleep], they just are. >> i don't think many swing voters ann romney. she looks like she is from 1955. happening on to the country club in mad men. >> what is it open mike night? that's not a professor because warden incarcerating mind in a place open debate. how is that not a hostile
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work environment? how can his attacks not count as sexist, racist, agest? the guy is like most liquor stores on sunday, closed. yesterday we asked you how do you hold the left wing accountable for misdeeds? this is how. like the student you shine a flashlight on a roach. more students must hold instructures like professor shrago accountable because their bosses won't. when you have campuses cradling violent themes like weather underground bombers bill ayers, the only resource parents and kids have is to take them out yourself. dana, do you know how much it costs to go to usc? >> more than i have. >> $12, actually. >> i went to usc but it southern colorado. i used to impress people by saying that. >> no one is impressed by that 62 grand tuition room and board. >> gifnt unemployment rate of 20-year-olds that are
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just graduating from college i would say yeah, they probably are. the thing about this guy. his classes are so riveting. can you imagine all week long you cannot wait to go to that professor's class. he also reminded me of, do you remember the guys that graduated from college but they still hung out with the high school seniors? because they want to be that guy. they want to buy the beer. they want to be so cool. i'm so funny and i'm so great. >> it's wooderson from dazed and confused but not as cool. he is he trying to be an amateur comedian and not a professor and awful his jokes fell flat. bob, you know, i know what you are going to say. this is not reflective of all the left. however, every day we are building this database. >> it's a lot. >> of horrible, horrible, ideologues masquerading of teachers. >> you have 8 or 9 out of 89,000. this guy clearly does not belong in the classroom. the things he said were off the wall, outrageous and a political science professor. i never took a political
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science major in my life. >> isn't that your degree though. >> no, it's not political science. look, here is the thing about -- there was certain grains of truth to what he was saying. which the republican party is a much more white party than it was in the past. the rest of this ann romney stuff was outrageous. this is not reflective of professors of most universities in america because you want to make it everybody. >> i do. because it's true. eric, i saw you grim miss. >> i grim miss bob said were true. the republican -- republican party are a lot. >> heavily. >> that's not what he said. the g.o.p. are old stupid white racists is what he said and several times he said old white guys, by the way, isn't he an old white guy aren't there any mirrors in your house professor? >> he trashes republicans. he accuses republicans of voter fraud with no examples. he trashes am romney said she is like out of 1955.
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trashes the tea party accuses them of voter fraud. so you have a liberal professor. spewing democrat propaganda in the classroom. the question is, what's usc going to do? >> nothing. >> let's wait and find out what they will do. that will be telling where usc just like msnbc has their liberal robots saying what they are going to say, well, if it's on their airwaves then they are responsible. >> we are leaving it on our airwaves the impression this is representative of most college professors. >> bob, there are studies that say this is representative. liberal professors say yeah, we are liberal. it's our turf. it's like that's their version of their corporation. you know. >> you wouldn't find very many calling republicans white racist old men. it's nice for the show to have it. beat up go to kimberly. >> about time. >> you are a parent or so you claim. we really don't have proof of that. >> we have proof of her marriages, we do. >> what if you were watching that and your
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student is at usc. >> you mean my child is a student at usc? >> yes, exactly. you are not old enough for that? >> yeah, i'm really not. >> let's say you are dating an younger man undergrad at usc. >> it stands for university of spoiled children. by the way, go trojans, love usc. >> trojans, usc? >> yes. >> i thought it was ucla bruins. >> the guy is not apologizing. this wasn't a rant. he doesn't even care that he was caught. he told fox news exactly that's what i meant to say. i stand by it. if anybody is a bad guy, student that he thinks is bad because he taped this sara rupp ticiouszly. this is what you get in college campuses. thank god i graduated a long time ago because my professors at uc davis. no relationship to usc were great. my political science professor did not behave in this fashion. professor moore wonderful, professor gates, handsome and wonderful. so, you know, what can i say? this guy, i would have
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dropped him like that. i would have dropped that guy. >> he is just wonderful. >> weeping right now going is f. she only knew. >> just like those old professors you had these are not greg's stereotypes. >> is he trying to build the ideal professor. >> i don't have to. it's built for me. open up the paper every day. >> how is, this bob. why don't you take the video that you found of a conservative professor spewing conservative ideals to all the students and we'll watch it on the five. >> you can't find it. >> give me three days. >> you can't go there you are like an endangered species there. >> what eric was saying talking about republican suppressed voting and he advocated voter suppression. i'm just raising the question. >> i guess it's not fireable. if usc is comfortable with this professor.
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romney tends to make f word up. sort of like senator harry reid saying that romney never paid any income taxes. that's he went on to say that bain capital never released his taxes. none of that ends up being true. this was taken a few months ago and it was released by campus reform there are people out there who want reform, they want better schools. i also remember political science class being this place where you could have great debates. like being here on the five you could say well, that's a crazy idea. why do you think that? and the professor just guided the conversation. >> right. between here and the five. balanced and no problem. >> there is the guy. >> that's the hypocritic method that's used in law school. >> this professor dairy -- darry spragow. >> forget he was trashing those are bad.
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he said every campaign, this is obviously leading up to the presidential election, every campaign has a message. president obama's message was vote for obama, is he going to create jobs. he is going to create peace and protect social security. mitt romney's campaign he says was vote for romney because obama is all fd. up answered used the real world. can you be more biased than that. >> can we get on to rand paul? >> parents are paying a lot of money to educate their children and this guy is spewing this kind of ignorance and hated. parents that have kids at usc call the university and do something about it pull your kid out of this class or ask them to. >> pull your kid out of this professor. >> the united states of america has the best universities and colleges of any place in the world? >> you know what -- >> -- bar none. >> this isn't part of the -- >> year ending june 30th, 2012 the revenues 2.3 billion. of that 324 million roughly 10% came from government contracts and grants which is taxpayer money.
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>> which is where some of the great discoveries have been found in universities. >> true. >> what are you doing this now? helicopter or what? >> here is why i'm doing this. tell somebody else because my ear piece went out we did call the school. they are going to get back to us? tell kimberly or someone, please? >> talk about rand paul? had enough of this guy. >> too we have time? let's go to rand paul he spoke at howard university, predominantly black college. and it was kind of interesting. here is a clip of him talking now. >> i want a government that is going to help me. i want a government that will help me fund my college education. i want a government that won't define me by my fafsa nor my family's income. do you senator rand paul have a formulated solution to come up with new american values so that the citizens of this nation have a worth of more than dead presidents and ben franklin. >> you and i may not completely agree i think leave me alone is a good mantra for government.
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because government has to be involved in certain things but there are many things we can leave government out of it. >> kids, everybody's ear pieces are broken. the point of that exchange was howard student saying to rand paul i want a government that is going to help me, which is kind of -- always kind of scary because you want a government as rand paul is trying to say to get out of your way so you can help yourself. >> can i say one thing about rand paul. i jumped on him when he got elected and i really missed the boat here with him. i think what he did to go there and to give the speech he did and i read every word of it. i thought it was quite good. i thought he made a pretty compelling argument about the his strif the republican party. and minorities in this country. if more republicans would have to the courage to go to schools like that and be willing to put their neck out, i give him a lot of credit for this. >> is it courage, bob or fear because they get heckled or treated poorly. >> i don't think he really cares. i think running for president. but at least he had the courage to take a message to a college campus that is
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historically black college. >> i guess my point is a lot of republicans and conservatives don't go because they are treated really badly. >> it happened this week to karl rove. he was at the university of massachusetts. the code pink people went crazy, heckled -- they just gave the university a bad name. i think howard, what a great thing to be able to have people. you want universities to attract lots of different people to have great events for your students. i would have gone if i was there. i was impressed how many students did go. >> they did. and it was great. it was respectful on both ends and then today what happens on msnbc they had people coming out trashing rand paul for going to howard university. >> it's so ridiculous. you can't make them happy. they are so inconsistent and hypocritical about history. >> i can't believe somebody would be critical of that. >> smart man. >> i do not understand how anybody could find that critical. i think that's crazy. >> are the. will we have got to take a break. >> we need ear piece. >> by the way at any
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moment, dana perino is going to rap. >> get out. >> i'm not joking. >> wrap a package? >> very funny. it's going to be disturbing. all right, coming up on the 5:00. a vicious attack over condi rice becoming a member over the prestigious national gulf club as the augusta masters. filibuster today clearing way for the fight on some of president obama's proposals. what this could mean for gun owners across america next.
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>> today, the senate decided to open debate on the first major gun legislation in 20 years and if you watch the mainstream media you would think that overhauling gun laws was a, popular and b might fix the probable of crazy people killing the other with guns. neither are true. who real -- who is really pushing gun control? is it joe six pack from peoria, illinois or the suits at cnn? pam from kansas or ae. obama's propaganda team at msnbc. i will tell how isn't pushing gun control is law enforcement. check out this survey of law enforcement professionals 15,000 of them were asked would banning sales of magazines holding more than 10 rounds reduce violent crimes? guess what? 95 percent said no. and what effect would banning semiautomatic or assault weapons, as some people know them, have on violent crimes? 71 percent said none. so who do you trust? do you trust the left wing
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talking heads or do you trust law enforcement professionals? now, bob, you are humming, huffing, puffing, i'm going to hold you for a second. kimberly, when the pros -- >> -- you're going to hold him? >> i'm going to hold your commentary for just a second. when the pros tell you it's not going to matter who do you trust them or pierce morgan over. >> there forget about p.m. i'm going with the law enforcement professionals. why wouldn't you? they have the experience. they have the history. they have the documents, the statistics to tell you what's going on. of course you should be relying on that. why wouldn't you trust people that this is their specialty in life versus politicians who might be trying to misshape the figures and misrepresent it to the american public. >> robert, 15,000 pros tell you it will have little or no effect. these new laws. >> the bill that's got 68/ 31 to close cloture on this bill in the senate included some of the most conservative republican senators you have got. this is not a bill about
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weapons bans. >> please, please which one would be some of the most conservatives? >> toomey is probably the most conservative i know you get very emotional about this stuff. >> only one that jumped shipped and force cloture i wouldn't call them the most conservative. >> i could read through the list. >> read them to me. >> all right. there is -- that doesn't mean that they are going to vote for all these amendments. but i do think that when you talk about, if you ask these policemen do you think it makes sense to do background checks on people buying guns at gun shows or on the internet, they would overwhelmingly say yes. is this not about gun control? it's about who is buying the guns. and if this thing is going to help save one or two incidents in the country it's worth doing it it's not going to build a big data base for the feds. all this other stuff whoever said black helicopters exactly right joe biden. this is the nra spin that's all it is.
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>> you raised the point. it's about who is buying the guns. if you look at that poor girl that was killed. pendleton, she was killed by an 18-year-old with a revolver. i don't think the person that gave that guy that revolver did a background check, was interested in a background check. these are illegal firearms. a background check would not have prevented that poor tragic death. >> somebody buys it originally legally. >> how it got to him. >> a 4-year-old kid shot a 7-year-old kid yesterday. >> let me finish. >> go ahead. >> what would have stopped this guy, this guy was on probation for a weapons violation. it's all about sentencing. until the democrats grow some can a honeys over sentencing, this is all b.s. >> that's a great point. >> we have got to put people away, bob. >> keep them there. >> why do you think 17 senators may have decided to go to cloture instead of letting the group of senators that wanted to filibuster this filibuster? >> because i think that even though 95% of the law
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enforcement officers say that it wouldn't make a difference, if you are a politician and you are in washington, d.c. and the president is going to get something done, that this is something that they think sounds fairly reasonable to people. and that they think, you know, if this is the worst thing that we are going to have to vote on we should do it. what's bewildering to me what a squandered opportunity on the democrats' side. i think they completely fumbled their opportunity here. the background check bill. you had a and b in your opening? i say there is c. they are trying to make it sound like this is a down deal as well after cloture. this bill has a long way to go through the senate. >> to be clear there, could be another week or two of debate within the senate. >> are you for filibustering this thing? are you afraid to let people vote? >> not at all. i actually welcome the vote. i look forward to the vote. i want to see who has the kahonas as greg points out to raise their right hand and say yea. i'm gessing not a lot of
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votes. certainly not the 16 that jumped ship. >> i have a solution that would help change the way people look at this whole debate so it is not political. some organization has to create something called the vulnerability index in which you grade public safety based on the potential for incurring harm by people coming. in how quickly would society adopt different principles and change the way people are protected if they were judged by how dangerous that area is? people don't go into parts of inner cities because they are afraid to get shot. why doesn't that apply everywhere. >> something worthwhile for this bill. you said you wanted open debate on guns this is about doing background checks and money in the hands of. >> i agree, bob. >> give me two seconds here. nothing that's proposed would prevent another newtown. another aurora, california. >> now do you -- how do you knw that? >> another pendleton in chicago. >> how do you know that? >> none of them. because all of those were purchased legally or stolen, one or the other. >> you can guess what's going to happen down the
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road. >> simply enforcing the current laws on the books may have. i think last whoever is true conservative senate house or whatever watching the show stand by the second amendment. it has. >> it has nothing to do with the second amendment. there is nothing about background checks or letting crazy people buy guns. if you want to go down that route and go that way then you are crazy. >> ahead on the five. jay-z defends jaunt to cuba with a rap beat. dana is going to respond with a rap of her own. you can't miss this. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> messing with me about the music. jay-z got rapped by lawmakers by going to communist cuba last week with his bride beyonce and now responding with a rap of his own called open letter. took a shot at the people who questioned his holiday in havana. >> a boy for the hood forget white house glamour. said y'all i don't agree with y'all cameras. the politician never did [bleep] for me ♪ except lie to me to distort history ♪ you want to give me. fine, let me commit a real crime ♪ obama said you go get me impeached. you don't need this [bleep] anyway chill with me on the beach. >> i guess i can say that that might be better than the brad paisley l.l. cool j. song. >> wait. >> when you get into the content of it what do you think, eric?
11:30 pm
>> i think he is going to make a lot of money. if you -- 13 or 14-year-old son who listens to rap. this is tame in comparison to some the stuff you hear in some of these rap songs now. all right. so he is having some fun. i'm going to stand by. this i think we are making a lot of jay-z and beyonce going there. they shouldn't have probably done things that no one else can do. but it's time to open the lines. it's time to allow free travel back and forth and free transactions. it's just time. >> what about the explanation here, greg, from the administration saying that the treasury department told politico on wednesday while the department approved the trip's organizers to travel to cuba as part of this cultural learning experience, they didn't know they were going to be there. that jay-z and beyonce was going to go. >> yeah. another really transparent answer. you would get straighter answers from lombard street. you are not from san francisco. [ laughter ] >> i lost that one completely. >> couldn't celebrities please -- it's not about
11:31 pm
going on the trip. i think going on the trip is okay. it's what you do when you get there. do a little bit of homework about where you are going. i mean, i think beyonce probably thinks the merrill boat lift is a cosmetic procedure. they go there and follow the propaganda path and visit all the right places. for a savvy rapper you come off as kind of gullable. i have a conspiracy that all those shirts that were sold 10 years ago were dipped in a substance that makes your iq drop 40 points so all these edgy hipsters when they wear it become complete idiots. >> if i can make a point the best thing that could happen in cuba have more exposure to americans with money. i know they put money in the system and they are worried about that this thing -- what the treasury department did was to okay for a group asked them to go. i don't know the more -- i think eric is right. the more open travel we have the more cubans see that. >> get the celebrities to do a little bit of homework. >> the communist regime used their trip, just like
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when dennis rodman went to north korea, all of us said that was outrageous because dennis rodman. the regime used it against the americans to say, look, dennis rodman loves me. okay? so that's exactly what the cuban regime did with this. beyonce and jay-z cuba. they use it against people who make less than $20 a month. if the system is going to change then i'm for opening. but not until then. >> there is pervasive racism there against blacks. >> you can point something out? when fidel castro is running the place and his brother raoul, whatever he was, one of his chiefs in the government, he was more market -- he was a free market kind of guy. he was pushing cuba towards better trade with countries that didn't want to do -- >> jay-z says in this rap that is basically saying whatever he is saying to republicans and he talks about the administration and i'm going to commit a crime that's more important than that. you would never be able to say that in cuba. and the political
11:33 pm
dissidents in cuba deserve somebody better than jay-z and beyonce who go there on a glark if you are going to auto go to a communist country and get a special visa with a country of brutal oppression and racism and anti-americanism. have the guts -- >> china. much worse than cuba. >> it looks like china is making progress. >> not only china, venezuela. you can go to venezuela. it's the same thing. anyone think that venezuelan is not leftist or communist. >> don't we have a really cool wrap up here? >> dana you did some undercover work. >> i was inspired earlier it today when i was reading. this rap is such a complicated form of music. >> you are so good at it thonchts i gave it a shot if you want to take a look. >> well my name is tiny d and i'm here to say i bought funky sphresh rinds so i'm white like jasper got a dog like jasper if you don't at a dog fears me go ahead and ask her.
11:34 pm
if you love castro stick with jay-z if you love your freedom pick j.p. that's me. >> that was very good. >> that is the funniest thing i have ever seen in my life. oh my god. >> i can be an international rap star? >> that is incredible. [ laughter ] >> don't push it too far. >> those lyrics are actually very good. i like that. >> for a white girl from colorado, this was damn good. >> you know, it is is the worst happening in the history of the world. but that was the point. >> no, it's not. >> exactly. >> casper i like that. >> directly ahead, does the cookie monster need a time-out? probably. >> that's elmo. >> one lookalike is accused of shoving and swearing at a little boy in new york city. is he not the only children's character in trouble in real life. dana on the monster meltdown. >> she is here to say. [ laughter ]
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♪ all i want is a photo in my wallet ♪ a small remembrance of something more solid ♪ all i want is a picture of you ♪ >> get it, greg? >> i get it. >> some kids get scared. >> oh my god. [ laughter ] >> characters when they are on tv and come to life kids get scared. one child in new york city had really good reason to be afraid a cookie monster impersonator accused of shoving and 2-year-old. the mom says suspect lopez demanded money for posing with the little boy. when she didn't have cash on her, the hairy monster went wild. listen. >> when is he screaming and yelling at me, all i was
11:40 pm
saying was why are you doing this? i said i'm giving you money. >> why be so rude to somebody for a dollar or two. >> you like cookie monster? >> no. >> not anymore? >> he gave me a boo boo. >> lopez has been arraigned on reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child. that was not bill schultz in the cookie monster cartoon. i do need to give him credit for writing the app. i feel bad for the cookie monster guys. do you think that anyone really want to dress up as cookie monster and stand out there and get their picture with kids? >> absolutely. first of all they get to go through anonymously and be jerks. when i first saw these people i thought they worked for the place down here. they are all independent -- they are all out there ripping people off. reminds me of disney land. i decked goofy at disney land. >> you were kicked out. >> that's all right. because the guy goofy put
11:41 pm
his arms around me. these guys to go after a kid like that demand money. i didn't feel sorry for them at all. >> going through times square and picture with one of those. you throw them a couple of dollars. >> this happened to me. right there. remember we had the five party. it was christmas or something? >> yeah. >> i wasn't invited. >> sorry. we went bowling. and so when we went over there and i brought and i took pictures with cookie monster or dora or somebody. i don't remember. i have the pictures i right away put the cash out okay i'm going to pay you. because that's our job. >> how much do you pay to get a picture taken with you. >> reverse fee. >> we're working on it. eric, it is a free market. if they weren't making any money they wouldn't be there. >> >> you don't like them. >> i don't. i had bad experience with elmo. >> how old were you? >> about two years ago. >> anyway,. >> you woke up and he left without saying goodbye. >> remember when that last
11:42 pm
sesame street movie and they made tex richman the oil guy. he was the bad guy. whatever. anyway, i also saw elmo take his head off in the subway over here. it was disturbing. >> you realized it wasn't really elmo. >> smoking or something. taking his hat off and cookie monster is sitting there half cookie monster and half guy. it was horrible. disturbing. threw there are so many of them now. >> that's why i think supply and demand. >> remember naked cowboy and now there is naked cow girl which is a sight to see. you don't want to see naked cow girl. >> when you were trying to make extra money and you dressed up as door rat explorer. you would take offense if somebody didn't give you any money but you wouldn't push a child? >> no. i think they should have paid him don't touch a kid. that was a cute kid. street performers this is legal if you are a street performer you can dress as anybody you want. i can go to american girl tomorrow.
11:43 pm
buy some clothes and go down to times square and dress as dana perino and take pictures. >> you would make a bundle. >> i would make a bundle. >> the law says you can't force people to give you money, that's the thing. kimberly this is the question. he got busted for the endangerment of a child but also aggressive begging. who defines aggressive begging? >> they didn't like what he did to the kids so they padded up the charges. file multiple charges. we get him on one of them. that's what happens. this guy is a bad guy. is he a bad cookie. better than the mini mouse that pinched my butt one time. >> dana perino, that rap of yours was an all-time legendary. you ought to take that to times square. that was very good. it took guts to do that. >> i could pack the rebel down in atlantic city with just some rap. >> absolutely. mad skills you have mad skills. >> let's don't take it too far. >> i think gailly picked that up. word. >> next up on the five.
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condi rice appears at first master tournament first womano be allowed in augusta gulf club. she getting grief from a liberal professor. that she should be ashamed of herself. you are going to hear why ahead. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work.
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♪ you and me baby, stuck like glue ♪ stuck like glue ♪ you and me, baby stuck like glue. >> got to love sugarman. [ laughter ] >> isn't that what you said it was? >> no. sugarland. >> sugarland, sorry. the masters kicked off today in agution that georgia. former secretary of state condoleezza rice was spotted in her green jacket yesterday. she was admitted to the theme club last august. believe it or not, some critics don't like it. here is professor marc lamont hill tearing into condi for joining the club. >> i think this is actually really disturbing. even shameful they had condoleezza rice allowed herself to join this all-white, basically, all men basically, club with absolutely no set of
11:49 pm
demands, no requirements, no set of interests being presented on behalf of the people who have been exincluded. if you are the only black person in the room. if you are the only woman in the room, condi, you are probably in the wrong room. you should be ashamed of yourself dana, are you going to rap about this. >> what does he think when she was secretary of state she was probably often the only woman in the room as well. she was one of the most able secretaries of state we have ever had. what's shameful is that he would criticize her. who is he wearing a t-shirt on tv making fun of condi rice? >> and augusta didn't allow condoleezza rice to be a member, he would be the one front and center saying what's wrong with them? >> double standard. why don't you celebrate the fact that she has been admitted there. that she played, that she is an amazing golfer, she is just a winner in life, an awesome person, like you said, dana, many times probably the only woman in the room like yourself when you are at the white house. >> greg, you are a big
11:50 pm
golfer. >> that i am. >> what do you think. >> i'm often the only woman in the room. i always like it when two stories kind of like come together. it's like you have people that are perfectly okay with obama's bff's going to cuba but not okay with a great woman getting into a previously, i guess a boy's club because there was some kind of racial history with augusta. but what about cuba? i mean, come on. >> can i raise a couple points here. some of these great golf courses in the south had not allowed anybody but white men in. somebody has got to start. they had -- was it southern creek, was going to play the masters there. going to play a tournament there. i guess the open. and they had a lot of protests and they finally let somebody. in in augusta which had been a bassian of white guys for years. they let johnson the head of black entertainment
11:51 pm
network. you shouldn't look at this as something that's bad it's good. if that's what it takes to break into the masters, augusta, then that's what it ought to be. >> should they change the name don't call it the masters? >> oh, greg, it's the oldest most prestigious -- >> -- i don't know anything about golf. by the way, i'm going to get a lot of hate mail for. this what is it with golf? seriously? >> what do you mean. >> what is it about golf? why is golf so important? it takes up so much space? think of all the cool arcades you could have and by the way, peewee golf courses are much more fun. >> and easier. >> you will get a lot of mail on this one because there are a lot of us who love to play golf. we call it a nature walk interrupted. >> bob wears golf shoes to the set. what else do you know? >> i want my golf course to have little wind mills on it. >> do we think marc lamont hill, great guy, know him a long time. does he actually believe this or just looking for a little bit more. >> mark, come on,
11:52 pm
professor, really? you don't really believe that do you? >> no way he can possibly believe that. >> i'm glad you admire -- >> -- i admire him, too. >> t-shirt, greg? >> why would the world complain when something like this happens and you break the racial lines. >> i would love it i think greg had the best point. what does he think about bon sail and jay-z going to cuba and what does he think about my rap? [ laughter ] >> not that i really want to know. >> he said you probably should have made a list of demands. >> one more thing is up next.
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♪ haters best get to bloggin' in it ♪ ♪ so hot right now that our designer ♪ ♪ sunglasses be foggin' ♪ this crowd is classic ♪ so we play 'em like rachmaninoff ♪ ♪ just hooked 'em up with score alerts ♪ ♪now we're about to set it off ♪set it off like a score alert ♪ beep beep what? ♪if you set your phone to vibrate ♪ ♪ then it might alert your button flies all the ♪ ♪ girls and the guys wanna keep that credit score ♪ ♪ high like a private jet free-credit-score-dot-com ♪ ♪ don't forget narrator: offer applies with enrollment in >> one more thing. this is nice. one more thing. amazing story about that we learned about today. president obama gave a medal of honor to a post humously
11:57 pm
kansas-born priest he was a priest in the korean war and taken prisonor of war and he did a number of heroic acts. he died at the age of 35 and was honored today at the white house. kg? >> an interesting study of mine dramatically changed your life. this comes out of france and the professor has been studying women for 20 some-odd years and should wear wear bras and is it good to deny gravity. turns out you don't need one. that's what he's saying. can you believe it. >> i am all for it >> getting government money to pay for it . it could make you worse. >> i think they should burn
11:58 pm
them. >> are you sure about that, bob. yobe if that is the best look. >> remember when president obama said this yesterday, go. >> my budget will reduce our deficits by another two trillion dollars that all told we will have surpassed four trillion in dev tit deduction to stable. >> senator sessions found the smoking mirrors and look at his office. the american family according to president obama's budget owes $33,000 and in 20 years $189,000 . so it did not reduce the deficit. >> yesterday we talked about david letterman and the interview with lindsay lohan. the more i thought about it
11:59 pm
the angrier i got. letterman it is not funny and the people who got her on the show deserve a lot of negative, too. >> david letterman that is not funny. there are millions of people suffering from addiction and you ought to keep your mouth about it. >> and apologize. >> he will not apologize, the smuck. >> lindsay lohan is single by the way. >> two days ago, it was jasper's birthday and reminded me i have a birthday. it turned six mongs. that's right. six months. >> you made us wait for this. >> you can now vote and drink. go to >> can i be afraid. >> the joy of hate. how long did you promote t


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