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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 13, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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coming up. can someone buy my book please? back to you. >> thank you. weber and gavin, that does it for me. i'll see you next time. caution. cable. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. >> what do you think about what happened to the 3,000 vietnam mees who died after the cam bodians left vietnam. >> actress jane fonda is back. this time playing nancy regan in an upcoming film. the vietnam vets are outraged. fonda is responding with new incults. did the thoughtless thespian go too far? we'll have the story. freedom of speech being muzzled on campus and in the press. why is the left wing trying to silence those with whom they
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disapee. karl rove will be here to respond. if i let him. ♪ and jay z. defends his recent trip to communist cuba with a new song, if you can call it that ♪ obama said kill you going to get me impeached, you don't need this [ bleep ] anyway, chill with me on the beach ♪ >> greg: did president obama really give them the nod? we will get to the bottom of the controversy if there is one. caution, you are are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> greg: i'm greg gutfeld in for bill o'reilly. jane fonda telling veterans and other critics threatening to boycott the new movie to "get a life." the far left fonda is playing
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nancy regan in the film "the butler" due out in october. many americans are objecting to the casting of who they still call hanoi jane. she was photographed seated on an antiaircraft gun. the factor caught up with fonda few years ago at an antiwar rally in d.c. >> we just wanted to follow up on the question about the people who died -- after people deed in vietnam what do you think might happen to the iraqis? will you concerned about what will happen to the iraqis if we leave. >> i'm concerned about what is happening to the iraqis right now. >> what do you think about what happened to the three million vietnamese and cam bodians. >> it is too bad we caused it to happen by going in there in the first place. >> greg: richard walter ucla filmor.
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first to you, captain, miss fonda claims she will be really fair to mrs. regan and promises no cheap shots. should that ease your concerns? >> no, of course not. suddenly she doesn't want to commit any cheap shots at nancy regan who she is portraying and she better not because america has a great deal of respect for that first lady as we is should. but she is not -- she is willing to take continue -- continue to take cheap shots at vietnam veterans by telling them to get a life. there is no statute of limitations on tree son and that is presizely what jane fonda did when she went to hanoi and sat on the antiaircraft gun and recorded ten propaganda statements. it is justifiable completely justifiable that they are outraged about this. for her to say get a life that means she truly hasn't internalized the apologies she supposedly made. we all make bad decisions. doesn't mean you you have to
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wake up every day having to talk about it. she should have acknowledged i made some hurtful comments. instead she says get a life. to her i say you are the one that clearly needs to get a life and understanding about what you did when you went over there almost 30 years ago. >> greg: she did apologize. don't you think maybe she could have chosen better words than get a life. it kind of raises old concerns about her hating america. >> she said a lot of dumb things over her life and that is one of them. certainly she was wrong to go to vietnam and be photographed on the antiaircraft gun battery and she he does apologize for that. she does renounce that and ask for forgiveness. it is the american way and it is part of the religious tradition in this nation to forgive people who ask to be forgiven. she shouldn't say get a life, no.
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but how can she take cheap shots at nancy regan? she will be reading a script god bless our veterans for their service to the nation. how are they served by having a political test for actors portraying characters who are written in screenplays by writers? >> greg: but that is toolly a good question. remember, you have the weinsteins putting out the movie and john cusack. all that is missing is michael moore playing gerald ford. clearly comes from an i deology. i know you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a liberal actress or actor in hollywood. we know those are the types of folks playing in the roles. our country is always we all understand forgiveness and the need for it. if you are honest about asking forgiveness for something you did wrong we will listen to that. when you later go get a life
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years afterwards as if if the angst still per collates, it feels like down deep she didn't feel like she needed to ask for forgiveness. like it wasn't something that was as bad as she claims she feels bad about it. >> greg: we don't advise swinging dead cats at people. we are a big fan of the animal kingdom. i don't think political roles should have any influence on what roles you take. you have to admit this had to be stunt casting. that the whole reason why she was cast as nancy regan is to create the debate to garner free publicity so shows like this talk about it. don't you think? >> she is a very good actor. if it is true that this was provocative casting i suppose that it is, aren't the veterans playing into the hands of jane fonda and the pro deucers of the movie -- producers of the movie by focusing this kind of
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attention on it? she is a good actor are and does her job as an actor very well and there is something to be said for people who admire mrs. regan that a confident and capable player was asked to portray h her in the movie. >> greg: i want to ask you because she is a good actress. i loved her in barberella. is boycotting the answer? let's say you find the casting weird and offputting are you playing into their hands by making a big deal out of it. anyfonda says she enjoys the hoopla because then more people will see the film. are you taking her too seriously by paying attention instead of saying you know what, she is past her prime and this is a waste of time. >> i honor the veterans and why they are upset about this and i probably won't go see the movie myself. the professor is right this increases the publicity around a film that probably no one
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will see anyways. this is the kind of publicity a film like this wants injuries the outrage from me is the get over it comment or that you know get a life. to me that underscores that she doesn't fully understand what it means with the tre treasonness actions she took. there are veterans in vietnam who gave blood and don't have is a life. and jane fonda was part of the reason their war was so defendant. >> greg: amazing how off the cuff remarks reveal the honesty behind the public persona. we got to go. gentlemen, thanks so much. next on the rundown. new worries about north korea's nuclear capabilities after a colorado congressman reveals key information from a classified report. and then, why is the far left intent on silencing conservatives? >> i have to do -- citizen's
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arrest for treason. >> greg: karl rove will be here to respond.
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>> greg: in the impact segment tonight. frightening new revealations about north korea's nuclear capabilities. listen to this. it tellefense in it tell intelligence agency did a study that was finished last month. while the contents are the classified the conclusions and certain statements are not classified and quoting from the unclassified portion which i believe has not yet been made public, they say "dia assesses with moderate confidence the north currently has nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles, however, the reliability will be low. ". >> greg: with us now, gore
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chang author of the book showdown north korea takes on the world. it seems to happen every three or four years like a herpes virus. is this just bluff fresh a bozo or should we be concerned? >> it is plus terrorist attack coming at a bad time.ster abouu the leader of north korea has been in power for less than 16 months. he hasn't consolidated his position. he has beenburginpunching offis who were loyal to his dad. at no time has a north korean leader had a smaller base of support. and the south koreans sick and fed up of accept ising blow after blow from the north koreans and they are not responding. and china has gained power.
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they are supporting the north koreans. they are moving in the wrong direction. >> greg: short answer yes, we should bell really worried. how should the white house respond to this? seems like we are always on the back foot. we let the spoiled child throw a ta tantrum. should we finally deal with this crazy cat lady in the neighborhood? >> we have to because within three years maybe four they will have a nuclear warhead they will be able to deliver to any u.s. city and it will be reliable. they have aw if shepard smith warhead right now. even if they don't they will have one the next year or the year after that. they identified us as their enemy. the chinese are backing them. of course, we have to be concerned about this. >> greg: what is china thinking? we are looking -- i mean wouldn't they want us to look to them for help so they in fact -- so we owe them? if they get, you a
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favor? >> of course. and we go as supplicants. martin dempsey will be there later in the month. we intend this to be a signal of cooperation. but the chinese say that is a sign of weakness. the chinese have been throwing gasoline on this fire, giving the north koreans mobile missile launchers that directly threaten the u.s. and increase north korea's ability to wage nuclear war. the chinese this past week have all this propaganda really stinging attacks against the u.s. if i was the secretary of state i wouldn't go to beijing after all of this propaganda. >> greg: we should send either jay-z or den miss rodman. the secretary of state rejected the report findings? >> the warhead. >> greg: yeah. >> we don't know but it sounds right. they are making faster progress on missiles and nukes than we
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thought. either it is this year or next year or now. doesn't really matter. the north koreans are racing ahead and we are not stopping them and that is the real problem. no pushback from us. >> greg: was it a good thing that this was leaked? >> absolutely. the american people need to know this. we don't need to know ho they found out or base their assumptions. we are at the risk. >> greg: here is the problem. the american public doesn't seem to care. they look at north korea like lindsay lohan. every time something happens it is like there she goes again and then think this thing is going to go away because prior experience told us it always goes away. how will america start caring about this? they will only care i think until there is a military conflict? >> unfortunately that may very well be right. but at least our leaders need to convey to the american pub live and the chinese and the north koreans the seriousness of of this. if they were to do that i think that the american public would look at this in a different
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light and that is the way this is going to change. the change starts in washington. >> greg: thank you, gordon. scary stuff. directly ahead, far left protesters shout down karl rove during the meddle of a college speech. he will be here to address his hecklers. jay-z addresses his cuban vacation controversy in a new
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>> greg: in the unresolved problems segment tonight the far left running wild. what a surprise. take a look at how they treat one of their favorite targets, gop strategist karl rove. >> why is there no woman up here? we need a california woman up here. i am one. i'm jeannie and i have to do --
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citizen's arrest. a citizen's arrest for treason. >> karl rove is the architect of occupy iraq. >> i did i said you get away. >> look what you did. you outed a cia officer. you lied to take to us war. you ruined the country. >> if you want to keep interrupting me, you can get the heck out of here. >> greg: the zelig of heckling. i would put you under citizen's arrest but i left my handcuffs in a hotel in harrisburg. are you just as evil as they think you are? you are such an easy hecklable target. >> first of all, let me say this. you strung together five years worth of heckling there. the one that happened this week was at the university of mass in am hors. a liberal campus in a liberal community. i hope people don't go away of thinking of the visit to the campus only through the eyes of
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the two lunatics reading their heckle off of a piece of pink paper. how pathetic was that. most of the crowd was respectful. we had a great evening except for the lunatics. i gave a speech for 30 to 35 minutes and took questions for close to an hour. kids stood in line and said i disagree with everything you stand for and what you believe but thanks for coming to campus and here is my question. that is fine. but it is interesting to me. there is a segment of the left very ultraliberal people who liberalism claims to be a tolerant sort of equality oriented group of people. these people are not tolerant. they don't worry about other people's rights. you know, when the police started taking people out of the auditorium at u-mass they began -- the rest of the people began to applaud and i couldn't have been treated nicer. the security people were great. the chancellor of the
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universitied a months of privatuniversitj admonished thd to please stop. they were not students and if they were they were in remedial class because it is pathetic to have is to read the heckle off of a piece of paper and they were trying to do it in unison. >> greg: even while you were talking right now i had the urge to heckle you. so it is really your fault. >> it is my fault. speaking of feeling something. just the idea of you running the factor tonight gives me concern about what is going to happen to the o'reilly factor after you finished with it. how did you get in control? >> greg: i have bill in the basement. he has no idea i'm doing this show right now. by the way, this show is never going to air. i want to ask you, why is it that when you rarely see i would say conservatives do this
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kind of heckling when there is a liberal icon or commentator on campus, generally if you see someone like yourself you have to dodge pies but that never happens when a leftist is up there. is it bosquets are mor becausee more are polite? >> conservatives are more polite and respectful. they tend to have a decent respect for other people's opinions. and a natural curiosity. so do a lot of liberals. but there is an element and intolerant group on the left who if you are from the center right they don't want you playing on their play ground. look, for weeks literally the president of the u-mass republicans wonderful kid named david kaufman told me that the president of the protesters, the organizers the head of the american friend service committee e-mailed him and said respectfully revoke your invitation to mr. rove. that is their mindset. don't let conservative opinion
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come on the campus. what do they have to fear? and you can shut them down. when they are are screaming and yelling i say what are you afraid of. sit down and shut up and when we get to the q&a period you stand behind the microphone and i will take your question. most people want to have things done in the regular order. >> greg: i did a speech in berkeley and anticipated heckling and i brought a supersoaker water gun. nobody has done that before. unfortunately, nobody showed up. anyway, here is the thing. i think it is important that you bring up the fact that they don't want you to come there. if you were confident in your beliefs, isn't this kind of a measure of insecurity that they don't want you there because they are perhaps scared maybe their own feelings about what they believe in are maybe not as strong as they think? >> i'm not going to analyze them with regard to their own feelings but i do know they don't like having conservatives on campus. they don't want us to be making the argument because they know
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the argument will sway some people. i went to the yale po political union. they assign you a topic and you give a speech and you take questions until they are finished asking you questions. the resolution that night was revolved obama care should be repealed. after i left they called me he in the car on the way back to the hotel and said the yale political union voted in the affirmative that resolved obama care should be repealed. if we make the case with passion and logic and facts and ehe motion we can win the case. >> greg: right now there is a brouhaha brewing in harvard where they invited a rapper to perform for the students. which i find interesting because so many campuses would be -- would not welcome members of the military, veterans, or people like you but i think it
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is pronounced tiga though i'm not sure. he is more than welcome. why is that? >> well, don't get me -- don't ask me to explain the weird attitudes of some of the elite eastern universities with the weird -- a friend of mine whose son goes to a school i'm not going to mention the name of the school but his father was horrified to get this e-mail with his son recounting all of the sexually eck policit sexuas con doaned on the campus. having a rapper at harvard just strikes me as really weird. >> greg: i have another theory on why conservatives don't heckle. they are usually working. thank you so much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves on this evening. was president obama behind jay-z and beyonce's trip to communist cuba. the rapper says, yes. jay carney says no.
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we will sort it out. and later, why is accused murderer jodi arias following geraldo on twitter? must be the mustache. the g man will be here to tell us. we hope you stay tuned for we hope you stay tuned for th free credit score's redesigned site has this new score planner tool with these cool sliders. this one lets us know what happens if someone checks our credit. oh. this one lets us know what happens if we pay off our loans. yeah. what's this one do? i dunno. ♪every rose has it's thorn ♪just like every night ♪has it's dawn score planner is free to everyone. free score applies with enrollment in bret michaels slider still in beta.
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>> greg: in the follow-up segment tornado the fallout continues over power are couple jay-z and beyonce's recent vacation that havana. the u.s. treasury department
1:32 am
cleared up the matter saying the trip was preapproved under an embargo exemption. still, jay-z chose a delightful new song ♪ white house, never [ bleep ] don't distort history. want to give me, let me commit a real crime ♪ ♪ >> greg: i think that song is now on lou dobbs ipod. joining me is mark sawyer who studied in cuba and from irvine, california, news max entertainment reporter james, author of the book "hollywood nation." did the song move you the way it moved me. in.
1:33 am
>> i almost teared up. >> me, too. as a matter of fact, i need to wipe the tears from my eyes. he talked about loving cubans. and the problem is that if beyonce and jay-z had grown up in cuba they would not be free to create the kind of artistic expressions that have made them successful. moreover, as senator marco rubio has pointed out, a very famous cuban rap is riding in a cuban pry son. would have been nice if they had visited them. they wouldn't be free to have these lyrics. what we have is a rap credibility gap because as you pointed out the lyrics explicitly talk about conversations with obama that the president is the one the white house gave him clearance and now the white house is saying no that isn't true. it is -- if the white house is
1:34 am
taking great pains to back away from this, does that mean that maybe there is something wrong with it? >> greg: i don't think this would be a first time a hip-hop song exaggerated something. i seem to remember all of them do in one way or another. professor sawyer you have an interesting theory. you say when ultrarich celebrities visit cuba it undermines the regime. explain? >> just the success in all of the other things that go with that. first of all, i just want to point out that i'm an expert on cuba and i wrote a book about cuba. i spent almost a year there and people who don't know about it, interacting with cubans is about changing hearts and minds and having rich american celebrities hanging out in havana showing how reach and wonderful and beautiful they are doesn't sort of, you know, amplify the message of communism. it undermines it. our embargo policy is insanity. it hasn't changed for 50 years and hasn't undermined the regime. marco rubio is an idiot and is completely emotio al about the.
1:35 am
tressi issued my license. you know how i got it? it was taking a long time. treasury is slow. i called my senator and asked them to have someone call treasury and they did and my license was there the next day and i was able to travel and do my research and write my book some of which is critical of the regime and some of which talks about things they did like the literacy campaigns. the point is that we need to engage more are with cube ba and jay-z and beyonce being there is the right way to go. i don't know what the controversy is about. i think on some hand people want to say something negative about jay-z and beyonce because they are two beautiful good looking, rich, and having too good of a time. the other part is just, you know, the sort of right wing imaginary machine about obama. it doesn't make any sense.
1:36 am
>> greg: do you think calling marco rubio an idiot helps your argument. it actually makes you look stupid. >> no, it doesn't. >> greg: why would he be critical of celebrities going there and being pawn yous -- one my argue you that you you have an obsession with celebrities and you think it is awesome they can go there and get free breaks from treasury because they are best friends with people in the administration. i'm not calling you an idiot for that. i'm just disagreeing with you because i'm a nice person. at least that is what i have been told? >> let me respond. did i get a special break? did ucla when they got a license to take students there? this is routinely done. one, you are wrong about that. two, marco rubio doesn't know -- talk this is nothing more than americans visiting cuba. there is no communist propaganda machine.
1:37 am
jay-z makes millions of dollars a year. how does that jive with cuban communism. >> greg: i'm talking about jay-z. i want to bring james is into this. what i find interesting and i'm sure this is also in the professor's book the fact that jay-z wears a chair guevera shirt. i don't remember him being very nice to black, do you? >> not at all. he was the trigger man. there were thousands of people
1:38 am
who were murdered based on guevara working for the previous castro administration. look, the repex from cuba. >> wait a second, guevara to liberate. >> greg: please be quiet. >> and look. >> he fought to liberate the -- >> and when you talk about engagement, and you are talking about the embargo that is a separate conversation. the engagement has to be conditioned upon something. a change in human rights. >> greg: i actually -- i'm all for changing the embargo. what i'm saying is couldn't celebrities do a little bit of homework before they go? i have a feeling beyonce thinks raul castro is a member of santana. i don't think they actually take any effort to know the history. if they did, if jay-z knew about the history of cuba he
1:39 am
wouldn't be wearing a che shirt, would he? >> he would have made it a point to visit the rapper in prison for being part of the same profession that jay-z is part of. >> he just doesn't know what he is talking about. he doesn't know about black august where black rappers have been going down and working with cuban rappers for over a with cuban rappers for over a decade. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcera. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on tnkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪
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>> greg: thanks for staying
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with us. i'm greg gutfeld if for bill o'reilly. in the fridays with geraldo segment tonight, day 46 of testimony in the jodi arias murder trial. arias is 32 and faces the death penalty if convicted of killing her boyfriend travis alexander. she admits she killed him but you claims it wasself defense. joining me with the latest geraldo rivera the anchor of "geraldo at large" which airs saturday at 10:00 p.m. you recently tweeted the following. just heard jodi follows me on twitter. maybe because i think it is barbaric for her to avenge travis' death by -- for the state to avenge travis' death by killing h her. >> it should be reserved for those that have multiple victims and slash them and torture them. if we apply the death penalty to every woman who kills her boyfriend or husband or vice
1:44 am
versa the dea chambers will be basieier than they have been. i think the state overcharged her as they did with casey anthony. and i think itle rebound in the case. >> greg: you agree there should be a death penalty. >> for james holmes in aurora, colorado. timothy mikve in oklahoma city. >> greg: you are arguing over numbers. >> geraldo: domestic violence is horrible but you that is what this is. you can't start killing women who feel that they are are filled with fear over a boyfriend twice their size and they use deadly force. >> greg: you don't know that. that is the issue with domestic violence. it creates a different atmosphere over what might have been a brutal murder and she changed her story so many times now he could have been murdered by aliens for all we know because that will be the next excuse. i have to move on to the exciting part. you are one of the the 15
1:45 am
people that she follows. >> geraldo: that is the exciting part. >> greg: do you consider that a dubious achievement? >> i remember it was esquire's dubious achievement list for 15 years in a row. i'm relatively new to the twitter universe. if she does follow it is because i'm an experienced courtroom observer. i tend to predict the outcomes of the case with uncanny accuracy. >> greg: and you are very humble. from my perspective i would not take this relationship any further. she has a habit of killing people. >> geraldo: i wouldn't kill my back on her that is for sure. >> greg: she also follows donald trump and oprah. >> geraldo: all about the hair. >> greg: she follows people on media and part of me things she is enamored by the attention she is seeking, correct? >> geraldo: it would be impossible not to. you said 46 days.
1:46 am
i thought it felt longer than that. we have seen her every day and every bit of home video of her. every still shot of her or of the doomed lover travis alex analexander. we know the aspect of this crime and argued it amongst ourselves. i think that you would be justified in believeing that she was the center of attention. >> greg: i love how before murderers are arrested they look incredibly sexy and the moment they are in court they buy the librarian outfit. does the lawyer come and say we will put glasses on your head and dress like little house on the prairie. >> geraldo: just imagine what it must be like for this jury to be as close to jodi arias as i am to you. >> greg: that is frightening. >> geraldo: for 46 days. are you going to put that woman to death. you have seen her outfits and
1:47 am
seener up, down, crying, laughing. are you now going take her life? i think it is absolutely -- going i think i could. i'm a different person. >> geraldo: could you really? >> greg: i'm a bad, bad person, geraldo. >> geraldo: i read the book, i know. >> greg: she directly tweets a prosecutor. i don't think it has been done. is is stupid? she is mocking the prosecutor on twitter. >> geraldo: i don't think it goes one way or the other. i think that the prosecutor has done plenty to be criticized for. i think he has been way over the top. made it much too personal. >> greg: it is -- >> geraldo: as if juan martinez is going to take her out in the backyard and kill her. >> greg: she accused this guy of horrible things. i don't have is much time. she is auctioning or selling her own artwork on a website during this case. she got three grand for a painting of grace kelly. basically building on the note ryety of being a criminal.
1:48 am
is that right? >> geraldo: when i interviewed charles manson i was the most popular talk show host in the prison. people want to buy this stuff. i remember mentioning manson when his t-shirt was the hottest selling t-shirt in the the country. he was responsible for the death of over a dozen people. some people find value in things that are macabe go the money should go to the victim's family or to victims in general. reminds me of celebrities who buy paintings of john wayne guycy. i think it takes you into a tool because you are building up the reputation of couple scum? >> geraldo: you have firm judgments. i watch you on "the five" and i know that now you will never by buy a murderer's artwork. i was worried you were going to
1:49 am
run out and take your bonus check from fox and get it the charles manson socks. >> greg: now, i know why jodi follows you on twitter. such a jerk. up next, a horrific situation in fail famous music. why is the mainstream media ignoring this story? "the'd it go? well, dad, i spent my childhood living with monks learning the art of dealmaking. you've mastered monkey-style kung fu? no. priceline is different now. you don't even have to bid. master hahn taught you all that? oh, and he says to say (translated from cantonese) "you still owe him five bucks." your accent needs a little work.
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>> greg: in the pack of the book segment tonight, an abortion doctor in philadelphia is on trial for the murders of seven babies and one woman. in one of the most sickening cases our country has seen. fox news has covered the story but much of the mainstream media hasn't and some prolife members of congress are
1:53 am
addressing the media blackout. >> kermit goznell was running a slaughterhouse. >> the place that he ran was a gruesome factory and disturbing. >> the lack of coverage suggests a coverup. >> greg: so let's break down the coverage. as of last night the trial which started in march had zero mentions on nbc, abc, cbs and msnbc. cnn mentioned it once. it is worth noting cbs and cnn covered the case when was arrested in 2011. joining me, pro fesser jeff mccall is there a blackout and if so is it because the top sick to grisly or something else going on there, something that unnerves the media? >> i think there is a freezeout. and i know this is an interesting and challenging and divisive issue but this topic does need discussion and it does need news coverage. now, one thing i think to keep in mind here is that this is a
1:54 am
conscious decision by the news executives to not cover this. not an accident. not like they don't know that this story is out there. one thing we know from the agenda setting and gate keeping research in the media that has gone back 50 and 60 years is that news decisions are made in part on the womens an whims ofe producers and editors. if there is a freezeout, people can make their own inferences as to why this is. >> greg: they might say it is grotesque. you can't lead with this. if most people in the media are prochoice this makes them uncomfortable, right? >> well, it does show a darker side of the whole abortion controversy and you have is got some grisly inhumane details from the case coming out and confronting directly this notion of freedom of choice
1:55 am
because, you know, living human beings are being killed by this doctor or at least allegedly and that does show darker side and a side that people won't want to confront. i don't think the fact that there are grisly details should excuse the news producers from covering the story. there are a lot of grisly details in stories about casey anthony and jodi arias and a number of cases but they still go on and cover them and there are ways to tactfully describe what what is going on without getting gorery about it. >> greg: this doctor makes casey anthony look like a candy striper. you can't even read the court documents without turning your stomach. do you think the reason iting being avoided is maybe it is unreported? maybe the fact that it happens elsewhere and maybe that makes people uncomfortable?
1:56 am
>> it is hard to know how many other places this happens but we do know it has happened in philadelphia or at least the allegations are there and the trial is underway to prove the innocence or guilt, are all right. i think the one thing to keep in mind here is that grisly details should not exempt coverage. >> greg: right. >> we need to cover the story as fairly as possible and i think you you can do that without having to get into all of the gorery details. but let's face it, this is news. this is not just a local crime story. this is a story with broader implications for the whole nation. you could make a better case that jodi arias is a local crime story. >> greg: right. >> and i heard that justification from some producers who said this is a local story we don't need to cover what happened in fail famouphiladelphia. >> greg: it is a world story. professor, thank you so much. straight ahead, dana channels her inner rapper. we are not kidding and we will
1:57 am
show you the video, moments away.
1:58 am
1:59 am
>> greg: the most entertaining segment of the evening inspired by jay-z and his aforementioned rap song. may i present dana perino's measured response. >> my name is tiny d and i'm here to say i bust funky fresh rhymes in a major whey. white like casper and have a dog live jasper if you don't think beyonce fears me go ahead and ask you. if you love your free he dom pick day p. that's me ♪ [ laughter ] >> greg: that may be the most adorable or most frightening thing i have heard. either way, jay-z should not be worried. that it for us tonight. i'm greg gutfeld if for bill o'reilly who will be he back here on monday. remember the spin stops her


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