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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 13, 2013 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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government keeping track of your guns? and shella writes, mental health reform is needed and many are not saying to themselves and certainly not to the public. a lot more responses aen we can't get to them all. thank you for joining us today. make it a great day everybody. >> kelly: a fox news alert on the growing effort to calm the crisis on the korean peninsula. amid troubling reports that pyongyang is approaching a deadline to a possible missile launch and could see them test firing a median range missile, estimated to have a range up to 2500 miles and not only puts our troops within south korea in range, but also bases in okinawa and guam. i'm kelly wright. >> jamie: we're keeping a close eye on that. lots of other news, i'm jamie colby, this is a brand new hour of america's news
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headquarters. great to have you here. secretary of state john kerry remains in the region and meeting with leaders there, warning any kind of launch would be a big mistake. listen. >> if kim jong-un decides to launch a missile, whether it's across the sea of japan or some other direction, he will be choosing willfully to ignore the entire international community, his own obligations that he has accepted and it will be a provocative and unwanted act that will raise people's temperature. >> jamie: will he listen? greg palkot is following all the developments, screaming live from seoul, south korea, 30 miles from the north korean border. greg, what's the latest? >> jamie, your h're right.
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there are high stakes diplomacy, he's wrapping up meetings with china and others and are now calling on north korea, quote, to refrain from provocative acts, including that planned missile test. china is north korea's number one ally. and here is more of what kerry had to say in beijing. >> china and the united states must together take steps in order to achieve the goal of korean peninsula and agreed to have further discussions to bear down very quickly with very great specificity on exactly how we will accomplish this goal. >> reporter: this, amid a new report that that north korean missile threat might not be so imminent. south korean officials on saturday saying they are not seeing any new movement of those mid range missiles in
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the north and we've heard exactly the same thing from a u.s. source here. still, preparations do continue. pyongyang for the monday celebration of the birthday of the grandfather of the current leader kim jong-un and that day has been seen as a possible launch window. kerry is next off to japan. that country definitely in the line of fire of any possible rockets coming from the north. jamie. >> jamie: true, it is. greg palkot on the border there where anything can happen. stay safe, greg. thank you. and coming up later this hour we will talk to ambassador, former ambassador john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations of course, about the crisis and what the u.s. needs to do next besides secretary kerry's trip to diffuse this situation that's volatile. >> kelly: and for the first time in president obama's administration, neither he nor vice-president joe biden delivered the radio address,
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their replacement, the mother of a boy killed in the newtown shooting, making a plea to take action to end gun violence before her tragedy becomes ours. >> sometimes i close my eyes and all i can remember is that awful day waiting at the sandy hook volunteer firehouse for the boy who would never come home. the same firehouse that was home to ben's tiger scouts den 6. but other times i feel ben's presence filling me with courage for what i have to do, for him, and all the others taken from us so violently and too soon. >> kelly: and exactly what we're going through in terms of our empathy and condolences for the people of newtown. elizabeth prann joins us live from washington with the
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story. >> reporter: very emotional. the president asked francine willer to give the speech in light of the debate. her 6-year-old son was murdered at sandy hook elementary, you could see how and hear how visibly shaken she was during her powerful address. >> we have to convince the senate to come together and pass common sense gun responsibility reforms that will make our communities safer and prevent more tragedies like the one we never thought would happen to us. >> reporter: now, wheeler is among what are many faces in washington this week, victims' families have been lobbying and attending the senate debate to allow a vote on the proposed gun law. some lawmakers such as mitch mcconnell and utah senator mike lee feel that this is not getting to the heart of the problem. that government should not punish law abiding citizens who exercise their second amendment right and this legislation is like a bandaid.
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it doesn't address issues such as mental health regulations. >> my concern with it, it restricts the rights of law abiding citizens and does nothing to deter the gun violence that occurred at sandy hook, which all of us would like to eliminate, but this is a kind of law that's confusing and vague for the law abiding, but very easy for criminals to get around. >> reporter: now, that senate debate is scheduled to begin on tuesday even though they did vote 68-31 to allow the debate to take place. there are ways the members could stall the amendment or final passage of the bill so it's certainly something we'll keep it eye on, kelly, back to you. >> kelly: all right. elizabeth. thank you. >> thanks. >> jamie: as the obama administration is focusing on trying to pass gun control legislation, republican lawmakerser addressing the latest budget proposal calling it a quote, blank check for
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more spending and debt. listen. >> even when the president's budget offered signs of common ground like modest entitlement reforms, he says he won't follow through unless he can impose more tax increases. worst of all, the white house says the president's budget never balances, ever. failing to meet the most basic principles, budgeting for every family and small business. the president's budget isn't a compromise. it's a blank check for more spending and more debt. >> a fox news contributor and sally kohn, a fox news contributor. they have been disagreeing since their days at gw. the school has never been the same. >> never. >> never. >> jamie: great to see you both. sally you're up first. the white house say it's a compromise this budget presented. is it? >> it is. if the republicans don't think so they need to look up the definition the word
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compromise. they complain and complain, he won't do enough to cut spending, do something about entitlements. he's done so much that the rest of his party, you know, left of his party myself included, furious with him and all of a sudden, republicans say it's not enough. and meanwhile, they won't compromise on anything. it's infuriating. >> jamie: tony? >> look, i mean, i think it's a compromise with maybe the progressive base of his party. this entire budget proposal contradicts two stated goals of the president. look, we know he told george stephanopoulos he doesn't care about balancing the budget, but he did care about economic growth. and this budget is half a century of best practices of economic growth practiced by both parties. john kennedy was the first to massively address reducing toks rates and ronald reagan did it and cut the size of government. bill clinton did it and cut capital gains taxes and even though the democrats like to derail george w. bush's term. he had tax cuts the president
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found suitable to put into his own law. 99% of the bush tax cuts based on the fiscal cliff deal have been codified into law so obviously tease policies work and raised revenue for the government and help economic growth which we all agree he is the only way to solve the economic problem. >> jamie: tony, hold on, let me ask you this and then sally respond. where the republicans are concerned and where you're speaking for them. is anything short of a balanced budget going to be acceptable? >> i think obviously, it's a fair point to suggest that the balanced budget is a goal of both of these budgets. so we have an apples to apples comparison. look, larry kudlow, i respect very much, a former white house budget officer, said in an op i agree with him and my old boss jack kemp would. and the best way to balance the budget and focus on that. >> jamie: sally, weigh in. what does it take for a balanced budget. is that what we need for economic growth. >> that's not what he we need and i want to note that the goal posts for republicans keep moving. they weren't worried about a balanced budget or a deficit
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under republican presidents and incidentally, when we had good economic times. you know, there's a sort of one size fits all thing we all hear from republicans, which is in good economic times you should cut taxes and in bad economic times you should cut taxes. it can't always be the solution, we already cut taxes and it didn't work, and here is the other thing, not only does it not work, but there was a thing we called an election in november. in which the majority of the american public endorseded ideas of the president and not the party that wanted to cut taxes, give more money to the rich, and cut entitlements in social spending. and it's pretty clear it's a good idea. >> sally, let me propose to you. we raised taxes on quote unquote, wealthy americans and i'm curious, what's the position on the fact if you're all about fairness and we know that seniors will be hurt in this proposal because they'll have higher premiums based on money they were smart enough to put away, as i read it, in
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my research. that the point is, why wouldn't it be fair to raise taxes proportionately on everybody? we all live in this country. >> you know, i don't know if i have time. >> jamie: you do, we're waiting. >> in this country, one of the assumptions we've made, one of the reasons we have a country, because we know to those who get a lot from america, more is expected, more is given. so someone who has a successful business in this country, they built that business on their own, but the roads that shipped those goods, the workers that they relied on trained in public schools, all of those things are part of the public contribution to helping them succeed. >> and they paid those taxes, sally. >> that's why they pay more, no one is saying 90%, 70%, but right now the wealthy pay and corporations pay the lowest actual tax rate in the last century. the lowest tax-- >>. >> that's manipulated statistic, the size of our
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economy has grown disproportionately because of pro growth policies in the last century and that's what she's using to measure it. number two, we have the highest corporate taxes 35% in the industrial world. we have among the most progressive tax system in the western world. our problem is not that people don't pay enough taxes. our government doesn't spend that revenue responsibly and that's implemented in this budget where you have a trillion in new spending. the president said he wants deficit reduction, at the same time he's not applying revenue increasing the deficit he's applying it to spending. >> what about that blank check comment? you know, and the spending that will be increased? >> here is the thing, president obama doesn't know how to negotiate, but republicans don't know how to govern. governing is about compromise. he has moved to the middle. he has moved to compromise. in a way that, frankly, i'm infuriated with. i think that the changes to social security are unnecessary and self-destructive.
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republicans want to beat him over the head for not doing more. the american people support more tax increases and revenue increases and don't want to see entitlement cuts. >> jamie: got to leave it there. tony, i'm sorry, sally gets the last word. i said she did on the campus of gw. surprising to learn about you guys. out to the schoolyard, both of you, work it out. >> thanks, jamie. >> jamie: take care. >> kelly: that was fun. another hot button issue in washington, immigration reform, congress is right now developing a bill that's expected to create a path of citizenship where thousands of undocumented immigrants. tomorrow on fox news sunday, chris wallace sits down with florida senator marco rubio, one of the eight senators currently working on the deal. again, that's tomorrow only on the fox news channel. be sure to check your local listing for times. >> well, authorities are investigating the death of a texas district attorney and charged a former justice of
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the peace with making a terrorist threat. eric williams, seen here of north texas, is in police custody and his home was searched yesterday as part of the investigation. williams age 46, has not been named a suspect though in the march 30th death of mike mclelland or his wife cynthia or mike hasse as he was leaving work. and the reason why, he says he lost his job. keep you posted. >> kelly: cleanup efforts underway in kentucky after a series of powerful storms ripped through the area. brand new video showing trees uprooted from ground. several homes and farms reporting serious damage and the national weather service says there were straight line winds up to 95 miles per hour. listen to residents describe the impact of that. >> it's probably half mile
10:15 am
long here. >> and watching it all, watch this stuff go away. it's amazing what it can do. >> and they see the damage going on and meteorologist janice dean is live in the weather center. straight line winds are no joke, janice. >> no, we saw over a dozen tornados last week and one of the deadly tornados, an ef 3, so, we are plan for the potential of more severe weather, unfortunately this coming week, almost the same scenario that we saw last week. let's break it down for you, very he quiet right now, a new system developing across the rockies that's going to bring not only potential for strong storms, but more snow. if you can believe it. 12 to 18 inches, also, for parts of the northern plains and the upper midwest, so let's take a look first at the severe weather threat that's going to start really tomorrow, sunday, this time tomorrow, we're going to talk about the potential for hail, damaging winds and even tornados, then into monday, again for portions of
10:16 am
oklahoma, missouri, illinois and the tuesday, kind of stretching from texas to oklahoma and up to missouri so the central plains you need to be on alert again this week for severe weather. meanwhile, across the northern plains, upper midwest, snow. 6 to 12, even 18 inches of snow for the rockies up towards the plains states and the midwest area again. so, as you can see, there's our forecast, snow totals in some cases, yes, over a foot of snow on top of the snow that they saw last week. one of the main ingredients we needs for snow is cold air from canada and one of the main ingredients we need for severe weather is the cold and clash of warm air. there is tomorrow's highs and you've got warm temperatures across texas and kansas city as that cold air collides with that warm, moist air and the potential for severe weather. if we could end on a nice note, we've got a very special event that happens every year, kelly and jamie, in d.c. look at these perfect temperatures, perfect
10:17 am
conditions for the cherry blossom festival. there's a nice way to end the forecast. back to you. >> kelly: indeed, i'll check that out when i get into d.c. again today. thanks, janice. >> you bet. >> kelly: all right. >> jamie: we're getting new video of what is left of a house explosion in wisconsin. take a look at it. the home exploding without warning. it was under construction. and thankfully, nobody was inside. well, a shot of before and after, neighbors described the blast like a bomb going off. >> i was screaming for my wife woke me up. and explosions caused those to fall off and your wife says they're bleeding and after i turned the light on, her face and hair everything full of blood. not a good way to wake up in the morning, that's for sure. >> no, there are definitely better ways to wake up and the fire department is trying to determine what triggered the explosion. >> need to take a look at this. incredible new video out of int
10:18 am
indonesia. off the island of bali, nearly two dozen people are hurt. fortunately all 108 people on board this flight actually survived. officials say the aircraft missed the runway and crashed into the sea. the impact cracking the rear of the plane. the cause is still under investigation, wow!. >> jamie: well, more americans are tapping into their nest eggs. what's behind the growing trend of tapping into your retirement money and what it means for the economy as a whole. >> kelly: the number of people filing for solar panel tax credits is at an all-time high, is it causing some state governments to go bust? >> i don't know, i wore yellow because the sun is still shining anyway and new details of a multi-million dollar jewelry heist. that's what's left. police say the robbers got away. we've got the chilling 911 calls next. >> 911, where is your emergency? >> and just got robbed.
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>> welcome back, time now with a quick check of the headlines a 18-year-old
10:23 am
student opening fire and injuring two women at a mall in virginia. the gunman now held without bond in a county jail and no word on the possible motive. a massive fire on a shrimp boat. three people rescued by another fishing boat nearby. you can see the flames roaring through. after escaping from the burning vessel the cause remains unclear at this time and tiger woods allowed to stay in the masters after receiving a two shot penalty after woods took a penalty drop two yards behind where he hit the original shot which was a violation. officials say a new rule keeps players from being disqualified based on television evidence. >> well, the aloha state, they are booming with solar products and making it one of the top ten in the nation to
10:24 am
do so. lawmakers are scrambling how to fund the project without going bust. dominic di-natale. >> and in the past five years, and 2012 installed more panels than the last six years combined that comes at a cost. the average power rate $25,000 to stall and gave them a generous 35% tax break. well, not many people were on board yet that didn't cost the state treasury so much. but last year it took 174 million dollar chunk out of hawaii's budget. causing the lawmakers to have a serious rethink. >> and for the residential, for the private sector industry business guys, we're going to look at whether or not we can scale it down and those are in place right now and want to honor the
10:25 am
contracts. the notion is, we cannot sustain this rate of expenditure for one particular sector. it's about time they get off the training wheels and run on their own. >> and it it may cost more. and it's not that they're short of help in hawaii, they get a 30% federal write-off as part of efforts to get suppo support, going specifically into hawaii there. hawaii has set itself a target for 40% of power by renewable by 2030. and the high demand of use is expected to slow down in 2013 and back to you. >> jamie: certainly have a lot of sun there, i would think. he anyway, have a great day, dominic, thank you. interesting stuff. >> kelly: interesting indeed. something else is interesting. a major health risk to a popular surgical procedure. what you need to know
10:26 am
considering certain weight loss options. and the u.s. and china vowing they will work together to persuade north korea to give up its nuclear program. it's quite a task. can china be trusted to follow through, considering it does have a close relationship with north korea and ambassador bolten answers that one. ♪ 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge!
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>> welcome back, everybody. it's the bottom of the hour. here is your top of the news. a former justice of the peace charged with making a terrorist threat following an investigation into the murders of a texas district attorney, his wife and his assistant. police say eric williams hasn't been named a suspect in the case, but they do know that he lost his job after the d.a.'s office convicted him of theft last year. >> kelly: the mother of a
10:31 am
newtown shooting victim pleading for-- or at least against gun violence. francine wheeler delivering the address today urging the senators to move forward on gun control legislation. >> jamie: more than a hundred passengers and crew members surviving a terrifying crash in indonesia. the back of the plane literally fell apart as it fell into the sea in bali. everybody survived, no one was seriously hurt. >> all right. back to our top story. the u.s. embarking on a series of high stakes meetings to help calm the crisis on the korean peninsula. secretary of state john kerry remains in the region right now as he tries to urge leaders there to help put pressure on the north korean government. listen. >> china and the united states must together take steps in order to aof chief the goal of
10:32 am
denuclearizing the korean peninsula and today we have agreed to have further discussions bearing down with great specificity exactly how we'll accomplish this goal. >> kelly: trying to accomplish the goal. ambassador john bolten, a form ambassador to the u.n. and weighing in right now. we were talking about this topic last week and here we are again. so, north korea at least seems to be dominating the news which is something that appears to be an effort of kim jong-un to actually make his presence known. >> right. well, that's part of it. but let's not forget that this missile they've got set up on a missile platform needs to be tested. we talk about the intimidating rhetoric and steps that the north koreans are taking and worth worrying about. what they're up to here is
10:33 am
trying to get an effective means to deliver their fukushima weapons which they're making progress on. so at the bottom of this at some point they've got to test. whether in the next few days as many expect or test it later they've got to put it into the air and see what happens to it. >> right, you are, sir, and the united states not seeing any signs of that testing being imminent. however, secretary of state john kerry says the goal of the united states as well as china is to make good on a joint effort to denuclearize north korea. this goal as you know comes from the 2005 party statement. as you know, china plays a big role in all of this because they're kind of like the big brother to north korea, if you will. so what action do you anticipate china taking to-- will they be tough enough and can the u.s. trust them to do it? >> well, i think we're at a fork in the road here about north korea and i must say, based on what secretary kerry has said so far in his trip to south korea and china, i'm
10:34 am
very worried that what he has in mind is simply restarting the six-party talks, talks that have failed for over ten years now, to get north korea to give up its nuclear weapons program. that's never going to happen. they're not going to do it voluntarily. the north koreans have pledged four times in the last 20 years to give up their nuclear weapons effort and four times they violated that pledge, they're just not going to be negotiated out of it. the real issue, i think, the long-term goal should be for the united states and china to come to agreement on the peaceful reunification of the peninsula. it's a hard objective, but ultimately the only thing that should satisfy both the united states and china and others and south korea and japan as well that this threat from north korea can only be elimb nat elimb-- eliminated that way. >> kelly: how do you undertake that type of mission of unifying these two peninsulas, north and south korea, when you've got a kim jong-un who
10:35 am
continues to make bellicose threats and in fact, president obama making his first public statement on the issue thursday saying now is the time for north korea to end the belligerent approach. so how do you overcome that belligerent approach in order to get them to ten into a joint agreement? >> this is where china is key. they supplies over 90% of north korea's energy needs and large amounts of fuel, of food, rather, and other hum humantarian aid and making china feel with a united korea, democratic korea, but china is a large trading partner for south korean. younger chinese leaders are increasingly recognizing including in public that north korea is a pretty ugly piece of baggage for china to carry around with it, and ultimately if china means what it says, it doesn't want a nuclear north korea which would destabilize northeast asia, there's a way to get to that
10:36 am
point if they work together with the united states. >> kelly: precisely, as you mentioned a hard objective, but apparently it can be done. there's wiggle room if they can get both sides along with china's help to get to the table. and this missile, as you know, secretary kerry visited seoul on friday and he had to downplay the disclosure of a classified portion of a pentagon report assessing that north korea could arm a ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead. why was that so disturbing to us and how does it impact efforts to curb north korea's nuclear buildup? >> different u.s. intelligence agencies come to a different conclusion, that's not a bad thing, it's a good thing. they should debate that we should arrive at an area. what's bad about it it shows that north korea may be farther along than we feared and therefore, the incentive for north korea simply to continue this belligerence is
10:37 am
much higher. and let's also be clear that the ayatollahs of tehran are watching closely. >> kelly: i'm glad you brought that up. and that's what secretary kerry brought up with the chinese officials talking about iran and i think it has to be discussed. when you look at the north korean peninsula and trying to develop the nuclear program. one of their allies in all of this might be iran. >> well, we've known that for at least 15 years north korea and iran have cooperated on ballistic missile development. they're going to a moratorium on launch testing from the korean peninsula, to pyongyang instituted in 1998 and what happened after that started they worked much more closely with iran and this ballistic missile program is for the delivery of nuclear weapons, it's not to launch communications or weather satellites. we think there's a good chance that they're working together on the nuclear side as well. which means that although people like to talk about how
10:38 am
kongs we are on whe-- conscious we are on the nuclear program. there's a lot we don't know about north korea. >> kelly: ambassador john bolton always great to have your perspective and hopefully something can be done about the nexxis of the nuclear buildup. good day to you, sir. >> thank you, kelly. >> jamie: 20 or more chilling 911 calls has been released of a multi-million dollar jewelry heist that happened in connecticut. here it is: >> and the robbers first kidnapped the store manager and another employee from their apartment and forced them to open their stores when
10:39 am
they grabbed the jewels and listen to that manager. >> and it's disturbing, we're all shaken a little bit, but you know, at the end of the day, everybody is safe and everybody is secure and you know, we're all going home to our families tonight and tomorrow is another day. >> jamie: a lucky thing they're all okay, but the search is still on for the suspect who took off in that manager's car. kelly? >> jamie, more americans are tapping into their nest eggs these days that's how tough times are. >> jamie: i read about it. >> kelly: what's behind the growing trend and what it means for our economy as a whole. >> jamie: we're going to have alternatives and maybe people won't need to do that and remember this, the cruiseline that cost nearly $800,000 for the coast guard to rescue the stranded "triumph", the company now says they don't have to pay that money back. why? alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is...
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>> well, you've got to hear this story. carnival cruise is refusing to reimburse the u.s. coast guard for money it spent rescuing one of its disabled ships earlier this year. you may recall thousands of passengers reported having to endure some pretty disgusting and unsanitary conditions award the carnival cruise ship "triumph", you remember that, after engine trouble stranded in the middle of the gulf of mexico for five days. the coast guard says it cost them nearly $800,000 to tow it back to port. carnival says that members of the maritime community are obligated to render assistance to anyone in need. >> jamie: i agree with you, kelly, on that one. how about in? it's a sad statistic to report, but more and more americans are tapping into their retirement savings and actually wells fargo did a study on this and report that
10:45 am
the number of people, americans, taking loans from their 401(k) retirement accounts has increased nearly 30%. that was just in the fourth quarter of last year. and imagine that, most of the buyers appear to be older workers, too. and joining me now founder and ceo of the financial group, patricia powell and i said during the break there must be instance when it makes sense to take money out of the retirement account. how extreme does it have to be. >> well, if you need a kidney and can't get your medical to pay for it and no other sources then it's okay to take it out of the 401(k), but you have to be that desperate, otherwise, it's a terrible idea. >> jamie: chances are, if some 30% in just the fourth quarter, it's not people who need kidneys, people who need cost of living and the fact that they're draining their portfolios they were going to rely on later. what does it mean for the overall economy? >> it not good in the long run, in the short run it's
10:46 am
good. just like when you overspend, it's good, but in the long run, it's for retire and same people probably don't have pension, less than 20% of us in the private sector have pensions where we know that something is going to happen with social security, we just don't know when and how draconian it's going to be, we know they can't fulfill all of their promises and this is the worst thing you can do is raid your retirement fund. >> first of all, you have to be lucky enough to have a 401(k) or established your own ira that you can fund because you're working. are there other alternatives though? because i guess home equity lines are they a good rate. >> yes, fabulous rates, but the old-fashioned way, you save for what you want. if you want to buy a car, you save for the car. if you want to buy a boat, you save for the boat, save for your college education. i know most people don't want to do that, but that's the number one way to get anything in this country to keep yourself financial sound.
10:47 am
you try to tie it to the borrowing event. if you're borrowing for college you should be looking at loans, plus loan, never private loans. if you're putting an addition on your house, a home equity line of credit. i like matching the car loan to the car not the home equity, even though you get the tax deduction because you're going to pay 15 years on a car that's going to be long gone. >> and the deduction could go away, careful to buy on those right now. >> on anything right now. >> the question i have, pat, mostly older folks are going in. >> that's scary. >> what does it tell us where we are and where our economy is. >> i think it may tell us one of two things, one thing may be telling us about people who maybe defaulted on their mortgages, or defaulted on student loans or credit cards. they may not have any access to credit right now. and this may be the only place that they can go. that's scary. all right? so, you know, and if that's the only place they can go. those people are going to have
10:48 am
a hard time finding other, others. >> and other people will have a hard time, too, will everybody else have to take care of those folks? >> those folks maybe, but those folks probably are going to work a lot longer than they think they're going to work, or they're going to have to be on very good terms with their children because that's where they'll be living. >> you hear that, sonny? >> sorry for the bad news? >> thanks, pat, very much, really interesting, kelly. >> kelly: i'm not talking about kidneys given up in order to get a fund out of your retirement plan, but something very serious, cancer prevention and hidden risk from obesity surgery. dr. somati is going to weigh in and you'll want to stick around and see what he's talking about. if you think running a restaurant is hard, try running four. fortunately we've got ink.
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>> a new unseen health risk is now being tied to a popular surgical procedure. a study suggests patients undergoing weight loss surgery are at a higher level of developing colon cancer. and it's very alarming. let's bring in dr. david somati of the medical a-team and chief of division of
10:53 am
robotics mount sinai hospital. we have a surgery where we can lose weight and find out it could have disastrous results. >> the tie is very strong and careful about the information out there. let me tell you it is a fact obesity can increase the risk of colon cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer and those a known fact. if obesity causes cancer, then reducing the weight. it would make sense it would lower the risk of colon cancer. now from a study that's coming out of the swedish and the british, they looked at 77,000 patients and for about 29 years, it's an observational study and it's a good observational study. and if you've gone through some of the gastric bypass, it increases your risk of colon cancer twice, and doubles the risk of your risk. and the theory is bypassing and rerouting your stomach and bypassing the food from the small intestines, you may
10:54 am
change the bacteria in the gut and the change of the bacteria in the gut is one of the increases in colon cancer. perhaps there are hormones and enzymes that can increase the risk of colon cancer. what i tell people, we know that this bypass and weight loss surgeries helps with type ii diabetes, that's given and helps with high blood pressure, we have studies that proves that. as far as the colon cancer we need more studies to confirm that we have here and that's important. >> for the viewer sitting at home watching right now and startled out of their minds because they've gone through gastric bypass surgery, do i have colon cancer, should they increase their checkup? >> when it comes to surgery, balance the risk and benefit. if the benefit outweighs the risk that's a good operation and you have to see exactly how many medical issues that you have and what is the risk of surgery. you have to try the nutrition,
10:55 am
exercise, balanced diet and everything else and surgery is always the last resort. you don't want to start with surgery. so i think this whole quick fix and let me get the operation and i'll be fine which is exactly what a lot of patients look for is not the best way to go. and you really have to exhaust the other modalities before you jump on this. if you have a family history of colon cancer, symptoms, blood in your stool, get your colonoscopy and check. if you've done this surgery and you want to make sure you're on closer with your doctors. >> jamie: doctor, if it's due to the bacteria in the gut can cause things like cancer and other diseases why not put those patients on antibiotics routinely? >> you know, we've talked about the side effects of antibiotics, over time they'll become immune. the genetics behind this, that scientists are working, how about if we put in and give
10:56 am
them good bacterias that's going to protect us and that's the upcoming research. >> antibiotics? >> similar to it and they're going to fight this. this is the ongoing research and make sure, stick to good exercise and healthy diet, number one. if you're exhausted, then go for surgery. >> kelly: doctor, thank you. >> jamie: see you tomorrow morning. >> we'll look forward to it. >> kelly: for more on this and all the stories from dr. david somati that he's covering, watch him and dr. marc siegel as jamie said tomorrow. and every sunday house call at 10:30 eastern time. >> jamie: kelly, thank you. and thanks to all of you, i'm jamie colby, for kelly wright, stay with fox. journal editorial report next.
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