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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  April 14, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> it's one of the most beautiful, pristine and commercially unaffected places in the world. a land caught in time. and they did what any couple lucky enough to vacation does, they celebrated their anniversary. they ate at a local restaurant, danced to the music and even posed for pictures with the locals. the uproar heard around the world. hello and welcome to "justice" i am judge jeanine pirro. thank you for being here tonight. jay-z and beyonce one of the most financially successful
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power couples choose to vacation in a communist country, cuba. many including the cuban american lobby were infuriated and demanded an investigation. the reason? in 1963 president john f. kennedy trade travel restrictions on cuba. today 50 years later americans are still not permitted to travel there from tourism. they were not permitted to trade with this enemy. why then did almost 800 thousand americans, you heard me right, 800,000 americans travel to cuba between 2009 and 2011. if it's illegal why did the smithsonian national geographic and 200 other churches, synagogues and museums arrange for group travel to cuba. if it's illegal to trade, how
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come so many men and some women walk around smoking cuban cohebas and monte kris toes. the truth? it's all a charade. you can go to cuba if you are on an educational, cultural religious or people to people tour. did the couple go there on one of those tours? it seems that they did. even then the outrage continued. >> if everything went honky dori in cuba nobody would get upset. i am things are not fine and these exchanges are helping the cuban people be independent of the regime, i don't know how that trip helped the cuban people at all. >> now the white house went after the president's dear friend and one of his biggest financial supporters got special white house permission to travel to the communist controlled country. they denied, denied, denied.
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>> are you saying the president did not have a conversation? >> i am saying the white house from the president on down had nothing to do with anybody's travel to cuba. >> of course they had nothing to do with it. they never do anything wrong, let alone admit to it. but jay-z himself laid it right on the president. ♪ flush >> the cuban american lobby is furious. cubans have been denied basic freedom. they argued according to the united states law cuba just meet certain conditions before the embargo is listed -- lifted. if they transition to democracy and approve cuban rights travel and trade will open up. now the anger of so many cuban
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americans is not unjustified. properties were taken from their families. many of them died trying to flee to the united states. there is no question the cubans do suffer under this communist regime. what i can't help but think this is another example of our saying one thing and doing another not just in terms of the future travel but the shaw raid becomes even more exposed when we look at other countries that we do business with. china is a communist regime not only did there no trade or travel ban, many americans make their livelihood from doing business with communist china. we trade with communist venezuela and vietnam. we allow travel to north korea and iran. so why is the standard different for cuba? if we want everyone to be a democracy why do we stand biaz
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president assad butchers more than 60,000 of its own people. why do we give hundreds of millions of dollars to countries that burn us in he have geffage do we exit teams to the muslim brotherhood in egypt, meanwhile north korea threatens to nuke us off the face of the earth. cuba is not threatening us. last week cuban officials showed respect for u.s. law when they returned two little boys who were illegally abducted and taken to cuba. they returned them to officials to be returned to the lawful custodians. the united states chamber of commerce says it cost sales of more than $4 billion of agriculture. it would create jobs here in the united states. according to the law we can only resume relations when cuba is no longer a communist regime.
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what should we do go in there and bomb them and make them a democracy? 50 years later this embargo has accomplished nothing. wouldn't american influence and american dollars put us in a more positive light as opposed to the image that castro has created of americans. in the end it really isn't so much about that celebrity couple who choose to vacation on that pristine island as it is about trying to make new friends in a world where we certainly could use a few more. joining me is a deputy executive director of a cuban study group ricardo her raw of miami and frank cal zone also from miami. all right gentlemen, thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having us. >> talk to me. in the 50 years this embargo has been in place has anything changed in cuba? has it been effective? >> not at all.
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not at all. this embargo has failed to reach any of its objectives for years particularly helping if facilit regime change. the only thing this embargo has achieved is to isolate the united states from cuba limiting our ability to really influence conditions on the ground as well as to provide the cuban government with a convenient scapegoat for all of the economic blunders as well as pretax abuses of human rights. >> frank, am i to assume you disagree with richard? >> not only i disagree with richard but i think most cubans disagree with richard. here is something to think about. the cuban world has a world finance campaign. the cuban government not only for the cuban embargo to be lifted but american presence to
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begin in cuba to have access to the world. now venezuela might be reduced cuba wants the american taxpayers to provide its subsidy once the russian gave them. furthermore the idea that nothing has changed in cuba, something is changing in cuba right now. amnesty international says there's a refreshing in cuba. a human rights team was murdered. i am interested that they are making a prophet afit and going cuba to make a profit. >> isn't it true if there is the ability on the part of cuban who engage in trade that there will be jobs here in america created that we can export agricultural in cuba. aren't the people the ones who are suffering ultimately?
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>> whith all due respect a lot f americans don't realize a cuban gets paid $20 a month. there's not a lot of purchasing power in cuba. what they want is the tourist dollar. it is controlled the military. >> what you are saying is the money is not going to trickle down. richard, do you agree with that? >> no. >> i would like to disagree with his report that most of americans support the embargo. the majority believe it has been a colossal failure. we have seen poll after poll say that. we have seen allowing americans to travel to cuba. also seeing support engaging in the island. it is because they want to see a policy that on the one hand continues to put pressure on
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human rights violators but on the other hand opens up to the people and really allows us to help empower them to become the authors of their own future by increasing the flow of information, resources technology and capital into the cuban people and bringing them to the 21st century. >> you say look i have a fundamental right to travel. and i have the right to leave this country and come home again. if it's not a threat to national security why should americans not be allowed to travel, china, iran, north korea it's the same. what about the american's rights to travel? >> most americans would not want to see the policy of chinaen or places like that apply elsewhere. >> that's not the question, frank. i don't have a lot of time. the question is why should americans be denied the right to
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travel? >> i will answer your question. cuba is in the list of terrorist nations. there is a hostage, a man named allen cross sentenced to 50 years in cuba. >> you are talking about frank, i don't have a lot of time. you are talking about an individual case. you are saying americans shnt guy there as to voluntarily choosing to not go there. >> frank, go ahead. >> when there is a difference on something like this you go to the supreme court as you well know. >> i have to wrap it up. the supreme court has said that it is a right to travel, americans have that right unless it is a national security problem. and their internal problems are not necessarily national security. >> judge on the cuban side the supreme court with advancement of travel. >> what do you think?
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>> i am compelled to participate in this debate. i am not hearing a voice really agreeing with me. i believe there are tens of millions out there that believe gun control isn't necessarily the solution. >> that was mark mattioli whose son 6-year-old james was one of 20 children gunned down in his own classroom. is he right?
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joining me now is fox political analyst juan williams from dc and columnist kwr hawkins from phoenix. juan, fox is the only news channel to have even mentioned a parent who stated he doesn't see this gun control as having any impact or effect on what happened to his son. why do you think that is? >> well, i don't think that's right, judge. i think i have heard about it not only on media in terms of tv but i have heard it on the radio. i have heard it -- i read about him in the newspapers when he has come to washington. >> we are talking about more conservative radio. but right now what we do know is abc, cbs, nbc, slant 8-1 for obama's gun control crusade. i will go to you awr, as you feel there is a plan by the media to try to control the gun control proposal that the obama administration is supporting?
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>> almost certainly. if you look at john corey at abc, chuck cod at nbc, they are talking in terms, chuck cod for instance said this may be the last best chance to pass more gun control. they are in this with obama to push this gun control. you saw it on msnbc with joe scarborough this last week. so there's no doubt that the media is in this with obama. >> now that you bring that up, let's talk about this morning joe show, juan, where diane fine stein and joe biden come on and i am not sure if we have a full screen of this guys if we can put it up. so this idea according to joe biden there's a national registry, there's no plate in the federal government you can go and find out everybody owns a
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gun. >> joe biden really believes having a national -- having all of these background checks will not creation a registry of information, of gun owners in this country. >> it doesn't do it so far. we are giving become ground checkser they are done lek tranic chi. the record the she can was made and taken apay in a few more days. the actual gun was made with a gun dealer not the evidence. that's a bogus issue. will of you are. do you agree with that? >> no. i don't agree you have to keep the records for up to 20-year cans. live regular siz v i see visits and figure out who hasn't or
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wasn't purchased the gun over the was 20-years. bide ten is wrong it another account there has ab to be a you need to know i am telling the gun to a neighbor another at the running toward me. a prime is committed. protecting, i am not sure how this doesn't come into the conversation. if they went to protect our children the federal government hasdy go to the people who manufactured is fun. go to the fun storr. >> for those involved in actual gun trafficking mef the
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information can only be opposed if we know who is violating the registries or background checks or is not being if you feelful son them. but the end of the say to say there no not be a a regular ski. lans sglau toll his son a back gro. >> intelligence inside north korea reveals the shooking reason why jim junk un. the twists turn your honorses t. four justices open them.
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>> we will defend our allies. we will stand with south korea, japan and others against these threats, and we will defend ourselves. and kim junofrng unneeds to understand as i think he probably does what the outcome of the conflict would be. >> strong words from secretary of state john kerry on north korea. the nation continues to repair potential bissell guests. he forced his neighbor to stand down. take a look at this. >> china and the united states must together take steps to
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chive the goal and today we agree tho further discussion an kay can he came down on exactly how you will accomplish this groel. >> with me now is the former uss commander. >> thank you for being with us. thank you for having me on, judge. >> on thursday an intel report pretty much rocked washington. jake arnie and james clapper director of national intelligence pulled back from that there is kind af split from. should we be worried. >> just because it is a minority important from the analyst in the defense intelligence agency
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chooses to dismiss. i will to live through the consequences of an anl rist at dia claiming china had capable to do a woeter bourn born sed. especially when we are talking about that, too. you have the capability to detonate them they have ball lass tick mice ills this are here -- ballistic missile as it can in the united states. >> one of the spies in north korea says kim jong-il is serious about all of this. the truth is he's trying tro protect his own raheem with the destruction in north korea it's a stouf by. do you believe that?
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>> i think where e need to make threat more material. his grandfather and father threatened browning them to south sri yaw or gret more kodz for their country. this time's a little different. they are increasing their capability of nuclear weapons and ballistic women. they clearly have a control in this they need to take a more aggressive moss tour. i think china needs to prove that they can chep on on the world stage if they cannot do it united states will fill in that means south korea and japan. kind gnaw has the leverage probably one of the few people that have the leverage to get e
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north korea to stand oun do this. they don't want the north koreans fleeing into shine gnaw. kim ju kim jong-un live up to his rhetoric? at the ends of thedy wouldn't china supported north korea? >> i am not sure welds. if they did a un earl lat una lateral who ta tacked this tin the united states and paw january. they would probably there's a lot of support. for north korea. they fought a war died next to them. they still have a lot of interest trillionly they koobt oo mu man aryan if the a north korean regime were to collapse. iening anybody is more honorable than this especially betting
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fear experience>> co. >> coming up tweet from the sail bird. she is usie stwil e. i will seed your responses to our insta pole come tsh glshg. she is one w facebook or 20. noo
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"justice with judge jeanine. >> we live in a social media age. so many of us are on facebook and twitter, i am always telling
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you follow me on facebook and twitter. judge jeanine. i just through that in. does twitter sit in the hands of a woman jody arias has been sending out her thoughts 140 characters at a time through her friends. take a look at this. >> she will call and say i have a quote or we will talk about it. she will say let's tweet it. sometimes she will say tweet we won't. no, don't do it. we think it's her way to get out her frustrations because she doesn't really have a chance to say much. >> she doesn't really have a chance to say much? she was on the stand for, what, a year and a half. with me is attorney jeff gold who joins us from denver. fox news legal analyst peter justin jr. and linda ken me boss. can these twit ermis sandalin--
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messages be used against her in trial or on appeal if convicted? >> there have been some cases where out of court statements have been used against a defendant especially in sentencing. we just saw that here in new york with regard to the woman who was giving secrets to the terrorists. a absolutely can be used. >> during the trial now? >> we don't know if she is actually saying that. is this the new thing america your ryes brojuris prudence? >> jeff gold the first amendment can the judge stop it? >> no. she has every right to blog. she is doing it to her friend. number one amendment now nothing the judge can do about it. >> nothing the judge can do
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about it. i don't know if they are convinced they are capitalizing from it. you have to be more than mad and evil to do something like this. >> you have to be more than i have heard. >> when you have anchors kicking your brains in every day and every night and you are a criminal defendant, maybe she is innocent, i don't i believe she is innocent. >> she is going back and forth. >> it is really not that matny tweets on it. there was one about nancy grace one about jane mitchell. it is really very, very minor stuff. nothing in hear to worry about. >> let's move on then. the jury continues to ask questions. take a listen to this one. think about what it tells you.
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>> on the one side we have demeaning multiple verbal slurs a slap, a shove, a choke hold and a lung perpetrated on jody. on the other we have a gun shot to the head a short deep throat and stab wounds delivered by jody to travis. is not the perpetrator of the greatest domestic violence, jody? >> no. >> linda? >> i have no words. i am a dpeens attorney with no words. >> you want to believe that. >> i don't necessarily want to believe that. that should have been the question sit down go home we don't need ten-days to hear of you. >> it's an interesting question but it shouldn't have been asked in any courtroom in america. what they are doing is taking
1:38 am
the ladies and gentlemened criminal act and posing it next to prior acts. what they are saying is she is using it as a victim of domestic lie rens. you said you were pushed and shoved. what's about which is the grart act of the message. >> what does this tell you the jury is thinking? >> they ask more questions about that. in fact they ask the question who was the bigger victim was jody the bigger victim or travis a bigger victim. he's shnot even oo sigh doll li and none of them were for a man in a criminal case. she says black-and-white it is 100 percent ever rye time she started travis, 2
1:39 am
decapitated shot in the head she says because ant oim a defense attorney. they have no place. at the same time arizona allows it. >> it's bad. am>> they are going in the dumper in this case. what is the expert talking about? this expert talks about a snow white effect. this iks pert wrote an article that snow white, snow white the mystical fingers was a battered woman. who beat someone? >> i don't know, anything but wlu so white is doing it. >> there is no light. >> with the jury giving away their body image snow white
1:40 am
wasn't a bad rich, dale about it. she gets to ask these written quos bow the answer can give him questions asked during the direct. if you go into cross by the time you got to question it must have been written during the cross examination. >> panel, stick around we are going to have more on arias after the break. including what jody's own father has to say about his daughter's honesty. jay-z and beyonce being to cuba. tell us what you think later in the stow. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids. wish i saw mine more often, but they live so far away. i've been thinking about moving in with my daughter and her family.
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>> once again joezdy arias' own family blasting her. this time her father calling her a liar. we are back with our justice panel. peter and linda and jeff. now the judge didn't allow the father's statement that you just heard before the jury but the domestic violence expert was
1:45 am
asked to view it. to what end would the expert have been asked to look at that? >> the prosecutor wanted to see if they would shanichange her on call jodi a liar through out her testimony. she said no. >> even though he was stabbed and shot and everything else she is the victim not him. >> absolutely. it would depend on the lie it would depend on the isolated incident. she only interviewed jody -- jodi arias. she p didn't interview anybody else. she didn't think jodi arias was man t manipulated and he had wonderful qualities as well. on one hand he's an abuser but then he has wonderful qualities.
1:46 am
>> the jury will say anything to earn a buck. >> when you have an expert witness you want them to give you a little bit. something for the other side so they found like they are credible. this isn't about dna. you give a little bit. there was nothing that alice would give up. nothing. in terms of manipulation has there ever been a case in the history of the world that a woman manipulated with somebody with sex than this case? she denied it doesn't make any sense. >> what you have an expert like this. can you see her ever testifying again? see has been does troyed-- dest. >> she has looked physically shanin shaken. she looks shaken by the end.
1:47 am
>> these cross examinations go on for days after day after day. >> got the point early, early on. >> in order for that private case tall of us. in line with this we have been saying by road de wes life. all of these lies she told, do they define her for you? did they help your problems with believe ability? >> no, they don't. >> why is that? >> because if jodi >> because if jodi arias was a really good liar she would have planned a really good lie. >> she planned one lie it didn't work she planned another one it
1:48 am
didn't work and a third one didn't wo wor. is she serious. >> i don't see how think competent testimony. it's a person giving their opinion in a faulty investigation. there's no sign tiefic method it's a joke. both sought they were fine. she is sick in the med, she has been sick to the hand. he said i am picking michigan a mimi not you. this comes down to pre-meditation gron. you have nanned prayer rents for a lo-- i have said on this show early otheren i think she would. she was on that stand for 18
1:49 am
days 5 or 10 feet from the jury. still no matter what happens it would be gift tore fem this kill her having been intimate. if she brought the sun to shot him why is she stabbing it first. maybe the death penalty with the truth telling casey i am crazy for you. ue think the your she has been with him so long we are going to wrap, peter owe porn. >> the longer the trial the better you can talk about it another shoerm nef.
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>> any one with a fear of the dentist piet not wouldn't to watch. you wouldn't believe what happened to the unpus pekting plan. oh they wunt to cuba. we will hear your responses next. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new ss told him two ings -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find se good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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>> now our treat for the week. >> this is terrifying. his actions more consistent with a horror movie than real life. for christopherm tris of indian
1:54 am
his reality is a horror movie. christopher who is autistic went to amazing family dental with specific instructions from his family to have three trouble some teeth pulled. when he walked out he had no teeth. they were all pulled. not just the problem teeth, every single tooth in christopher's mouth was gone. now the young man doesn't know what to do. watch this. >> i am going to look like a freak now. they took the first three that i asked them to and theym tept going. this is what they do to people. >> it breaks your heart. after the story airs a local fox station got more than a dozen calls all reporting a story similar to what happened to cootistopher. apparently the dentist of amazing family dental has a long history of pulling too many
1:55 am
teeth. the dentist hasn't been named !legal action has been taken against him. christopher's family plan ton filing a lawsuit soon. in the meantime the dental office is hiding behind hippa laws and refusing to comment. my take is there is this book that is called the bible, an eye for an eye and a tooth for the tooth. sounds like just punishment to me. until then amazing family dental in indianapolis, indiana you are our creep of the week. should jay-z and beyonce have gone to cuba? the vast majority adding they should have stayed there. it says the question should be should they have been allowed back? marilyn says no. how the cubans are starting how
1:56 am
the blacks are treated. s aria says they wi in places they can't even go in. j an'ayon i am naeg nant. rim cargo says i would rather them stay at the prison so they can demonstrate what they are doing in the u.s. i would go buy cigars from there. >> 't eckie, can you image the uproar if it had been the romneys instead of the rich liberals? ali and says we send food and medical supplies to cuba. why shouldn't you? the embargo hasn't done a thing in years. i don't see where it is the u.s. business unless they are not
1:57 am
giving away secrets we don't tear. if somebody else can go thanks for joining us tonight.
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