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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  April 14, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> i am geraldo rivera reporting. beyon and and 't ey-z's recent to cuba has marco rubio spilting s ad. >> it is not a tour you go for admission and watch people living in cages to see their suffering. creca is not a field trip. i don't take that likely. you in to fulfill your curiosity. you left thousands of dolla f in the hands of the government that uses that money to control peas people that you feel sorry for. >> in response to the critics he
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pushed be bk with a brand new song. ♪>> is jayhou claiming he got white house clearance? >> i guethe u nothing rhymes wi treasury. it gives licenses for tral and the white house had nothing to do with it. >> are you saying the white house has nothing to do with anybody's problems. >> i am shower ben gfilre bee j. beyonce and jay-z had no idea ho armuch they would ignite. many crecan americans spee.
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congressman paste twhat's the b when so many beat the travel band they attach themselves to this economic group or that professional group? what's the big deal with beyonce and jay-z. this can test mott a good idea of rodman meeting with the dick state tore. there's lou and we have to follow you are we are a country. the reason why that law exists it is a regime that murderings his own people. harbo f terrorists huge tives from american law. and there's a reason why we do not want to do things in that me. did they follow the law? did they get a license? if they did did they fol and
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requirements of a law of that license. and if they didn't why not? we wrote a letter asking for information. we got a letter back that explained what the lplan is. remember my brother lincoln was the one wasn't wrote the law. it is very strange you that you now from the white house spokesman they are dancing all over the place without giving us ! -- straight answer. that leads me to believe something was not kosher. >> the safety of america may be in peril. >> we have a regime that jayrdered hostages. they hide terrorists living the high life in cuba. we have policy to stop u.s. dollars from y. wha grs that the dow is, if that's what the law is, the
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administration hadzm tnotted evl eel this was a 5th anniversary tourism trip. that would not be legal and could we will be this administration allowed them to go anyways. nobody, nobody i don't care how famous you are should be above the law. this was an issue of u.s. national security. >> congresnitan we are pals now we allowed tourists with 50,000 gi's. we were allowing tourinit to russia, china. that's others you have to get. 6 months to a terrorist. this is more like syrillow if wem tnew that one of the figu figurest sowss is with iran and
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le grs funding state sponsored terrorism. this is a rmachine we were talking to your house. he had to me put the letter on the counter. this was different as we nam is. it is more linae tehran, do you want to compare something xier it to north korea or iran obviously no one wants to travel to iran but a lot of folks think it's cool they can layout in cuba and not be too westee about the humane rights violations. there are people in prison rigru now. >> he derled.
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ston monster was taken back to cuba. in the last two-days they repeat s inimum with a d a home up sent them all back to the parents owssin prison now ad they reunited with their brand parents. is that a thing that people want to loosen that k t. the suiaw ases are not that familiar. what is happening in cuba is th pre freshing is k t. the now.ber of reports is doubl from what they they would a peer i want you to connect in the internet. there was a officer killed in the michigan michigan, go ahead. oop oo should we be funding the same sons soared wenter state.
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>> gee yonce and jay-z. wasn't i am r aming is that e bcording to what the reseem shade and what the res said there was a tour hichl case. if stlrp give ena license to do that then those who gich so ee remembedm >> i don't thi wh anybody who should ever be scared i refeet appreciate you coming on, mate. >> good to see yovel e re>> when wem toom be bk but and bee the pan on travel why !industrying el's phrasing journey we will it
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>> neither the white house another the treasury department is aware or was aware that jay-z and beyonce was part of a grok the ak dem can aeekangement involved approved the group by saying it was a cultural exchange program. does that satisfy constitutional attorney ann coulter on the left andm telly athe l conway on the rigrou. are you satisfied it was a cultural exchange? >> geraldo. had my husband taken me to crec fowssaat'th wedding anniversarye would be divorced.
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i thougrou it was funny the whie house had to disavail any knowledge or special favors for jay-z and beyon and aanyer she g at his inaugetrals. these are intimates of obama and michelle. who cares? i they're so jaych american friends who's families came over here to get a better life. i thi wh we should care. it is usual, though, whether you are beyonce in cuba thwarting in comjaynist countries. his wrap song p ir him in a bin you name dropped the president we had to go with to abo in gwi treafilry did. >> do you think they were lying? did you thi wh they weeew?
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>> not the andlebrities. e re> not the celebrities, the white house. >> iveng it was probably down the line. i don't think it went all of the way up to the press secretary. we could have berned abo ir it. i grs odd and it's odd for jay- to invoke the white house in the taresident -- you walked be bk y the siem president in high skoolt. 90,000 americans this year or this last year a and cuba or tull sturl changes or ou i grs linae rich people just enh watching the poor. they are always on the side of s fomjayninit. they are always on the side of these heinous regimes and
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doesndon't le being imprisoned for being gay, for being murdered at random. our instiithet is to sk tport or friends and not the enemies. a failure of george bush and his s foorp wgn policy we would be hearing all about it if it were iraq which is a functioning t emocracy. but when they are an enemy of america they are always being rushed. i do thi wh f and strange abo ir liberals e skoying the door. >> wasn't years we allowed traffic to vietnarok 9 and 11 million people this in puerto rico. isn't this end wargo a relic of
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the cold ar. >> from you -- i am not sure i am in flavor of vietnarok b ir in those cases at least wih s fhina we are getting stuff fr them. we need, you weeow, to have relations radio cuba. that is the point except to go kind lake a sick. >> when freedom gak s to a rculreesive cul rure they see beyonce. how bland because of my communist life. oo doink- in othewsswords, i ju don't see fwhig revolution in cuba in the last week they were
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famireading andleim ity. legally they have to right to be there. if we were there onm tay nation they are there to spread predom and democracy don't you want to do it no progress whatsoever. le linae anwhiteniv dan graz thrs aafrom that. there are millions of stories like that. i am not thi whing day ji and beyonce. >> they have a favor normal liedzing repaths i. y ou to b they wanted to know. >> we are playing sduling nivthority write a fak p i wanto
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go be bk to the claim it's ofte made when dn >> it was not jak n jet. e re> it was geraldo cugrouure. it was my sauk show. roone nald regular can in the goep when we come be bk ladies and gentlemen we have a lot a lot of show for you. today you know, we have bsh bsh you wpb l hear tell me athe l t return of the wiener. definitel
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>> when it happened two years
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amo the sexting scandalm tnomes wiener gate he was forced to resign after sending suggestive methe u ames to a sea wale woman he had ne. but like bill clinton david vitter was on a list of men using a im otheoba former south carolina governor mark sanford who went on a hike ended up in argentina. won his congressional seat. anthony weiner is trying to become one of the come be bk kids. s fan he front himself back int center stage in the new york s ayor. there's a mpb lion of them. i gak the u s ann coulter and k ann, what do you think? t ak s anthoavi wp wnewssstand chan and of coming be bk or sho he come back? should he come back? >> he spent 1 la,0 la dollawssw taolling. he has one question do you think
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he's a d for showing this? there's one question. s fan you over come that? but the question is short. le believe in second chan ands. and come bam i. the fact is for what purpose? what are you lacking in congress abo ir athe lon gthony weiner. what are we lacking? it is not the apology and rehang rehabpb itation tour. what is the rationale for your candidacy. what do you add? all we are missing is another pewsswon giving us trophy on cae tv. e re> on the other hand one of candidates for may year so far this november 30th o 2013 none of the candi hetes cnivght on right no sp the leading candidate is speaker of the if i sound spb l who has
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some of her ome t isakees. >> deputy to giuliani. >> ray load dau. >> he rrmsed a shom iing amount of money in a month and a half. he was a deputy to giuliani. people have fond memories of that. i grs oit we way oit we for a ms atres. i wou ted de den gdym tennes nm tpb l and he was re-elected. i am nott in favor of this. he had alreas n gotten women wee caught but he's a very good senator not that prominent. e re> should you give up on sea wored.
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because new york to run take away from the hue mrm-yags of p>ecrec conditions grouuthe lin. sue these guys they get caught in scandals and no one with wr then g adir 3e them. they have nothing to do. >> the other thing weird abo ir wiener it was linae a sex scandl b ir not sex. i don't know how that will help with the male tete. in the words of his pheiffer rate koom nate, he said, i just don't understand it. >> im tnow the idolatry in ego, to tthat e pictures and answere them. he had security with rrit30 p>ie30s alftrie30 >> it is much creepyer.
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to catch a pre hetor and on top of that agrouhoquestioh i am nog any predictions because it's ted de kennedy. adie was really nasr in a way it is -- i suppose if yoplaywere a liberal b ir then you srit ding deplpwhed. the whole thing is creepy and em parising. i gel linae new york a irhoriti ban. you can't stop? united kids at this thinkings on and on. i grs historical tear cal. that would be their preor relationship they are on the front p ame of the new york sometimes magazine. they want to be a public couple again. dn gy to the drethe u
2:26 am
and ate ate greened andrew. i wrant you to hold a slip of anthony weiner in july of t0 eadis onical he goes on for a me or 40 seconds congress mep on f. >> i thi wh tha grs redim i hou we were having time magazine before one of the they posed for "people" magag. di da'ted picture of chair chil to come out. they werer jumpi
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ng >> it wasn't as graphic or as horrible as what happened to louisville'sm te. in a de. make he is their star kobe brie ishgrou is out for the season i a game they within against someone. he posed why the hell did this adismpehavi s that es no dam se. now supposed to come whack and plays better or as the same se
2:32 am
brotherh d in the murdewssw of thilee texas prose cote tak ver every whe -- prileec irors. adiepos a former justi and of t taeace who lost his job and his law witness after stealing the cof irers a's a iles the countr. adie has been charged with taki terroristic threat but has not get. tonbefrou on prime time. two flam ploy ant the occur ap prehintedive. why don't you justtyse that. e re> they are call the lcatsti bounty hunters california girls dress in tha whs b ir it is no
2:33 am
reason complete with ther 3 own thaem song teresa and lisa both former lile angelesm tthe art h toe to do it a convicted felon to the bounty hunters. he's we are with dan deli. >> i barely srit little colors and shapes out of my right eye. i got pepper sprad o got shot i. e re> tersreaming) >> they are bounty hunters they claim they were doing ther 3 ul. when they came in w- comply with them.
2:34 am
i with me what happened. t id hem tnow that yoplaywante bring him in. >> he knew we were trying to arrest him. adie was hiding, he was oent gri e re> h the bomb company he agr to meet in an arm bees and d t iego. if he confirmed i was inside with his garage of unlethal weapohavi fbefrouing to srecdue him they t sot un >> when rod bee ting was get enbeaten by cops those gelos we
2:35 am
to scale. for the lipstick girl to come in and say shooting in the wnot w shra whly abakerd. they rye vated hi >> they blinded nim in the >come wess. i-94 wh ient was aremembers th he is being charged>> is there a s founsel prit punter fra whly t s rml houn tee>> ak absolutely. that's where. they have got a real counsel prt tunter>> b ir couldn'that e3 >> is he still up? what backup did he bring?
2:36 am
e re> thrrit vehi wh es. >> w- with three different vehicles teaprit dy huveryrent frienuntye brmls bonuntyman as they were trying to do their job? >> everything jeentyou just srm cofletely and we are not a part of this. that's how absurd these women are. le in those vehicles? >> i am no -- wasn't that bmw yoplaywere there register to do your sister? >> no, it's de stated to self. >> while daniel ithe artially escaped and got ther 3 man several days later. >> what? >> i walked in there i grabbed his a as w i srmd snornd n't m . >> why did you dtry it? why did you try it? why did you try it? >> we were hr 3ed t brme. to revoke the bond.
2:37 am
>> they were hire aby a bonuse i grs that d iry to bring that was he is -- >> that is not the law, craig. that is not the lailet h, mahavi homewo eircate yourself. know the bill. need back back bag be bk to lakyles. i amgressive. they were calling them the c word threatening to pet had you had them in the fa and. gou didn't hear what they said to me before that and. they have hide to me they shot in the nas on. were these women who arrested you? >> there's no problem with them being womehavi when they tell bing they are trying to attract attention to themselves.
2:38 am
watching you you snorrec side y it look. >> is that the -- >> we 100 per andnt d do ye brou mant is it won is hen tha wh yo lot for coming. geraldo, back to you. e re> thanks, mr. irvall dorrin e re> thanks, mr. irvall dorrin nest writk mek to answerso frees
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that's the idea. before you have any work done, check angie's list. from roofers to plumbers to dentists and more, angie's list -- reviews you can trust. i love you, angie. sorry, honey. e re> called and said hey, let' tweet. then we will tthat e it b ir i h i grs her wnot of getting o ir frustration because she doesn't really have a chance to snot s uch. e re> we do talk abo ir the fac that jodi seems to be able to reach o ir into the commuthe ar note viei notoriety. we don't like it b ir there's nothing we can do about it. >> they follow people coincidentally gplyriel -9 t onald trump are some of the
2:43 am
people to follow. >> adam housley reported that i was one ofow u5 people that jod arbms fol and she does through friends they showtyp in that litusle pie andr s er hrmwssthoentma. mark geragos is the a irhor mil re andntly of the brand new mistrial which we almost had in the jodi arias's tsme. is it her idea to be tweeting norunts to the prosecutor? good to see you. you look all cleaned k t. >> i got rid of the geraldo husband tash. th -- mustache. >> i grs l. >> ie the old dnot time lahoilet >> if i had a share here. >> here life is on the line is she treating? >> has a lot of athe aruse ssit
2:44 am
this prosecutor. she is tweeting, she. >> i pronent is broken alto sof the rules for any rule become from the spin on the stand forow unow hes on toiendnn st ti wenti wae cuffs. my -- the injure knee gets to know they are they won't want to mhey l heam andiendven in those notes that e sur ors were sending in in you noti andd that they referred tos s s. mitt area, jod. it wasn't ch berp that ch-- e re> i thi wh you are ag,ol ir p>igrou. it is impossible for them to saturday as close to her as i am laitting to you r frou now. in my opinion at least.
2:45 am
then send her to the dank. i don't thi wh capinorl, b ir t length of time this marathon trial has ghong on a gone on an intimacy of the questions. in some ways i have always been opposed to jurors asking yes sir t tthat es them o ir of the r he to an advocate's position. she is answering these indiviiralfe on thstion aauilet. >> ie she is hhe you ares inned colling colling bogsz mentd you you and i this think another one is hooping. i should always get a murder 2 victim also. >> tell you what, let meel - le me be even before the tailing,
2:46 am
the stumbling echl . i thohe crou there was a chahes e bquitnorl based on the abused woman. i don't think that isfe uite tailesible. i thi wh that it whey l be. let me guess rather than answer you myself here. i thi wh that casey hasn't been no any was over charged. it will take her life, sid's an hornt of thent re >> you and i on your show >edicted we thohe crou they wotg le-m le le le le le le le le!she would be predict. i don't know if you start in ake taileing the death penalr violent homicide.
2:47 am
t eath chaz ers bb more th roselves than they are, they will see you do a show or a and then snot itynderstand w- mace fee we get chafrged the death answer ality. it was routinely pled or fhey e into t into the degree. when you do this yoher are over charginuto i thi wh it forces the jury we are not going to th le!. e re> your client as petehe is . the death penalty wasn't surprising him because the vi --im was present with mtttipe mand sod tdies show that toward the inposition of the death penalty a lot of it has to do
2:48 am
with what the re be of theot icm is, what the end nerses the defendant. lot of to hims it isl .s. diis throportionately imposed y have a child -- or a young pehe is aon you arerel - e re> mraolens le-m le le le le!explain the state change any don't think anybody is she didn't do it. lahe is admitted it she has to n terms of the evidence. what they are trying to is a i cottnt h't don't believe an e bquitnorl help me end. likely pocked not necessarily betwritn not r hey r lesser. in thurr they are cases it's
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>> since 2002 the web site asrpey madiwere sg ocom g c1e m cok tles who want to cheat on their spouses click their way to an lietra marital afpatthe w.
2:53 am
the s and an affair. an affair. joining me is the cs. saw the dmisense of the web sit. it is defending marriages? >> i don't know if we are deng?nding marri ames. iveng they are helping people stay in their marriage. raising gedunty, economics. lao what they are l gedng for is something to supplement and desire it helps them snory withn thethe w mao thbmge. >> if i am a housewife in break neck long island do i do i cheat on my iasbanuse e re> you wouy. i am this is what brought me to a potential a se susn af us then you start communicating? >> i am entirely supportive of mim. if theiendarly dnot s i wanted make sure he wasn't going through some mid life crisis.
2:54 am
b ir there's a sound business objective, so i was with him 100 percent. >> earlier this writk the women of "the view" probed amanda about her own views on cheating. >> it's a destructive thing and i have traditional lailues. i live in a traditional situation with no -- i would be delaistated if he did it to me but i would not blame a web site. it is not creating cheatehe is . >> you were feaod tred in some the advertising. why would you make yourself the public fe be of your iar web site? >> i support my husband. i support the business. iyohs ridicttous to thi wh that pehe is aon who is covering a s on incred dellit -- credibhey i. they did not create those le.
2:55 am
>> you certainly facilitate it. you have 18 million users. are they all mao thied? e re> teap sipping will person g the service. i thi wh frmsal patte. the wroshg pla and is still my biggest competitor, rightsome guys with majority of the not eagedngtyp that you claim e lak tportive. i think if you did that would you blaim blas abeo thy or wout you flame the hotel room. >> if you wanted to take the risk of having a are they fritling a r hey r conscience. you seem kind of -- you know what i mean? >> iyohs a serious topic. yes i am an enter sheen newer
2:56 am
and so forth. i think the topic of infidelity istynder g d in america. cle this structure didn't workinuto this structure didn't workinuto we are not ss sh anduaful at bs. s arried. >> granted. i am living proof of that although i hhe were sber for the last 23 years. what you talk to your kids about eathat your ot bg o e re> in my mind we have to be honest with our kids. honesty is the pest boll tee. ent -f ybest policy. >> what do you think she went up to the kun of the customers. there's no wnot i wout k blamee lamart !mones, the weeb site. the hotel.
2:57 am
my wife is in a resh ams. they ghe allowed it? >> i cannot sure. >> i wout k be de. sed h. i pron't bly wouldn't stay in t relationship give enthe cthe wfaedinorot bges. y hu you hhe about that as well. >> i would be in wig trouble. e re> thayohs it for us. enjoy the rest of your weekend. see you next time, ♪
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using telemedical and mobile technologies, verizon innovators are connecting trauma surgeons to patients in the field. helping them get the attention they need, before they even reach the hospital. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. ♪ ♪
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