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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  April 15, 2013 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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file on-line. >> if your return is rejected by the irs, keep in mind, you have five days in which to correct that error. so don't panic. >> brian: steve, you guys are friends because he promised to too your taxes for free. >> steve: see you tomorrow. gregg: north korea, poised to launch and the nation could use one of its biggest holidays to do it. this is protesters rally against kim jong-un's rogue regime, burning pictures of the dictator and past dear leaders. good morning everyone. i'm glad you're with us. i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer here in "america's newsroom.". >> i'm heather childers in for martha maccallum. experts say it may be delaying over fears that the missile will be blown out of the sky. gregg: greg palkot is streaming live from seoul, south korea. greg, what's the latest? >> reporter: hey, gregg,
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heather. that crucial date has come and almost gone. that threatened missile test might in fact be a dud. we did see festivities up in north korea and pongyang and the marking the anniversary of the birth date of the founder of north korea, kim il-sung. wreath-laying, gatherings, that kind of thing. we didn't see a big military parade. we didn't hear new threats. we saw one alleged glimpse of the current leader, kim jong-il, a overnight visit to the mausoleum, where his grandfather lace to rest. south korean officials say it remains ready and poised for action along the north korean coast but there is no sign of movement, no sign of prep. it could be tomorrow. this is a two-day holiday around this birthday or later this month. there are other key dates or maybe not at all. at least one expert we spoke to said in fact north korea might have gotten what it wanted out of all this, the
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world's attention. gregg. gregg: greg, what is the mood in south korea right about now? >> reporter: actually, we have been seeing more action down here in seoul than we have in pongyang in some extent. that angry protests that you both mentioned, effigies burned of current and past leaders in north korea. for the most part in seoul people have been taking all of this in stride. they have heard the threats before. just a little bit louder this time. even if they do come from a more inexperienced leader we're watching the government take a more softer approach to north korea. they are offering fresh talks, fresh aide, a little more from the u.s. too which we've been hearing in the last couple days which according to analysts is a bit of what the north korean regime wanted out of all this to begin with, which is more recognition.
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but i told, gregg, north korea will not come up exactly what the united states wants, that is for pongyang to give up its nukes some we're back to square one. gregg: greg palkot live in seoul, south korea. greg, thanks. heather: meanwhile secretary of state john kerry just leaving the region saying that the u.s. remains committed to ending north korea's nuclear missile program, even signaling that the u.s. could reopen talks but north korea needs to disarm first. >> one thing is certain, we are united. there can be no confusion on this point. the north's dangerous nuclear missile program threatens not only north korea's neighbors but it threatens its own people and it threatens the concept of the pacific dream. the united states remains open to authentic and credible negotiations on denuclearization but the burden is on pongyang.
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north korea must take meaningful steps to show that it will honor commitments it has already made and it has to observe laws and the norms of international behavior. heather: secretary kerry is heading to chicago to visit the parents of the young diplomat killed last weekend in afghanistan. gregg: not much is known about north korea's secretive regime but do we know most of the country is kept in poverty? 26% of the north korea's population have electricity. only 3% of roads in the country are paved. as far as the economy is concerned, south korea's gdp is 18 times larger than the north's. a bipartisan group of senators getting set to unveil a sweeping proposal perhaps as early as tomorrow that would fundamentally alter the nation's immigration laws for the first time in a generation. the so-called "gang of 8"
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senators working to craft the bill taking to the airwaves over the weekend and among other things the bill allows those in the country already without any documentation to apply for citizenship. heather: meanwhile, florida senator marco rubio quickly becoming the face of immigration reform making the round this sunday on the talk shows, refuting critics claims that the law amounts to amnesty. >> this is not amnesty. amnesty is the forgiveness of something. am necessary says do it illegally, it will be cheaper and easier. here is what people need to understand, under existing law today in you're illegally in the united states you're not prohibited from getting a green card and ultimately getting citizenship. only thing you go back to your home country and wait 10 years and apply for that. all we're saying we'll get an alternative to that. heather: criticking of rubio's plan says he has not followed through on his commitment.
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union representing immigration employees is calling the senator to leave the "gang of 8". new trouble for president obama's nominee for labor secretary. a blistering report finds thomas perez may have misused in his pow in a deal to settle a case that was destined for the supreme court, potentially costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. peter doocy is live for us in washington with more on this. peter, how did this quid pro quo develop? >> reporter: heather, the short version he of the story is based on a new 67-page long joint congressional report titled how assistant attorney general thomas perez manipulated justice and ignored the rule of law. president obama's labor secretary are i nominee, told the mayor of st. paul, minnesota, christopher coleman, back in 2012, that the justice department would stay out of whistle-blower cases brought against the city if the city of st. paul would drop a supreme court appeal that was pending at the time.
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this report was put together by republican senator chuck grassley and republican congressman bob goodlatte and part of it says, quote, the agreement struck between assistant attorney general perez and mayor coleman at that closed-door meeting resulted not only in the withdrawal of the appeal but also the fatal weakening of a whistle-blower lawsuit potentially worth $200 million to the federal treasury. so, this report paints a picture that the only winners in this deal were the justice department and the city of st. paul, minnesota and the biggest losers were whistle-blowers and taxpayers. heather: speaking of the justice department, have they responded to this report at all yet? >> reporter: the report hasn't been officially publicly released yet but a justice department spokeswoman told us everything was aboveboard and they, quote, the litigation decisions made by the department were in the best interests of the united states and were consistent with the department, ethical and professional responsibility obligation. the doj also says that they
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held three staff briefings, 24 hours of additional testimony and reviewed 1400 pages of documents before deciding not to intervene in those whistle-blower lawsuits. heather? heather: peter doocy live for us in washington. thank you, peter. gregg: and of course it's april 15th. sorry to remind you of that but if you haven't done your taxes you have a scant few hours to get them in or file an extension you this year marks a dubious highly stone. the 100th anniversary of the federal income tax. americans spend over $168 billion and 6 billion hours just to get their taxes done. the irs expects more than 140 million personal tax filings alone and nearly 3 million of us will be making some mistakes. heather: some companies giving away from freebies today because it is tax day. gregg: oh really? heather: arby's curly fries, free at that. gregg: love curly fries.
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love arby's. >> we're just getting started this morning in "america's newsroom.". coming up a frantic search for a hiker lost in a surprise avalanche. why his family is holding out hope for a safe return. gregg: republicans coming down pretty hard on the budget proposal calling it, a blank check. why one congresswoman says it will do more harm than good. heather: a very rare weekly white house address. >> as you probably noticed i'm not the president. i'm just a citizen and as a citizen i'm here at the white house today because i want to make a difference and i hope you will join me. heather: a newtown mom making an impassioned plea for more gun laws. critics calling it a low blow? was it?
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♪ fueling the american spirit ♪ no matter when, no matter where ♪ ♪ marathon will take you there [ male announcer ] with the new marathon visa credit card, you earn up to 25 cents per gallon off marathon purchases. heather: welcome back. rescue teams are waiting for safer conditions before resuming looking for a hiker that's missing near seattle. the 60-year-old and two friends, they were swept more than 1200 feet down
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this mountain over the weekend. the friends were able to walk away but one man is still missing. >> someone cried like snow, then you hear it. i slumped down and like a 10 or 15 feet. >> is a mountain climber. he has climbed major peaks all over the world. we hoped somehow would break free and find his way off the mountain. we didn't want him to come down to an empty parking lot. >> i kept thinking that he would walk out last night. it would be something he would do. he is the strongest man i think i have ever known. >> hiker's wife says her husband would be relieved to know that his friends made it home safely. he was hiking on granite mountain. gregg? gregg: well the mother of a
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6-year-old boy murdered in the newtown shooting making a very emotional plea for new gun control laws during president obama's weekly address. francine wheeler filling in for the president. here's part of her message. >> i have heard people say that the tidal wave of anguish our country felt on 12/14 has receded but not for us. to us, it feels as if it happened just yesterday and in the four months since we lost our loved ones, thousands of other americans have died at the end of a gun. thousands of other families across the united states are also drowning in our grief. please help us do something before our tragedy many billions your tragedy. gregg: former new york senator al d'amato is a fox news contributor. he joins us here on the set. pleasure to see you. >> good to be with you. gregg: the president is utilizing the newtown
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families to make his case for gun control but in some ways is he exploiting this tragedy and the grieving families for political purposes? >> well the answer is yes but it is very effective. gregg: is it unseemly? >> no. gregg: why not? >> i don't believe so. gregg: really? >> yeah. you know, i've got 3-year-old and 5-year-old. it is heart-wrenching when someone is lost like this woman her 6-year-old child comes on, says, look you've got to do something. notwithstanding i believe in the second amendment. there are things and legislation pending now that can and will make it tougher for people who shouldn't get guns to get them. it will not correct all of the problems and so, it is a very effective political tool. gregg: but what is striking is, there is no connection between the legislation that is pending and the newtown tragedies. nothing in that legislation would have prevent what happened at sandy hook.
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>> remember, what i said. it won't prevent everything but it will keep lots of guns getting into hands of people who shouldn't as easily as they now can. you will be able to keep criminals from going to a gun sale, buying them. they won't be able to get them. mentally disturbed people, and it is a step in the right direction. does it ensure that you will not never have another tragedy like this? of course not. gregg: well, in the social media, and the bloggers are very critical of the president for what he is doing. let me quote syndicated columnist. we'll put it up on the screen here. obama's idea of rational debate involves trotting out grieving parents and presenting their pain as if it were an argument. i think the point he is trying to make and others are making, these families are still very, very emotionally vulnerable. does it feel too soon to sort of be engineering them
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for political purposes or outright manipulating them into taking a stand on a vital constitutional right? >> well, constitution, first of all, i disagree with him entirely the constitution doesn't say that the government doesn't have a right to check and keep guns from being in the hands of certain individuals. it says you have a right to them but it doesn't say the criminals have a right to them, insane people have a right to them. so there are certain provisions in the law that they're talking about i think just make absolute sense. my colleagues who vote against those provisions i think are making a terrible tragic mistake and are end abouting to the pressure of the nra. i'm a conservative. i believe a person should have a right to own a weapon but i also think there can and should be background checks. gregg: all right. the newtown killer was mentally ill. >> yes. gregg: so too in tucson, in aurora, colorado, the other mass killings and many, many others and yet most of the legislation out there doesn't deal with mental
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i'llness. >> well, again, if you go to a gun show now there is no check and, if you are mentally ill and there is a check that demonstrates you are, it will stop that sale. it won't stop, or stop a mentally ill person from getting a gun that their parents have in their home and using that weapon. gregg: i guess the point i'm getting, is there any evidence that background checks toward mass killings? >> maybe not mass killings but they certainly have prevented killings that otherwise would have taken place. there is absolutely no doubt about it. the harder you make it for criminals and mentally you know stable people to get guns you know we will be reducing, we know that, you will be reducing the number of incidents that take place. gregg: president calls mass shootings, routine, that is his word, routine. statistically we know they're quite rare. >> they are quite rare but
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so sensational. gregg: isn't the president guynning up a false argument and false evidence for his own political purposes? >> oh certainly. his purpose is to get legislation passed and claim we have done something. gregg: even if it means uttering falsities? >> even if it means exaggerations --. gregg: lies? there is fine line between lies and exaggerations. >> it is part of the political process. it is part of free speech. you know you can say just about anything except yell fire in a crowded movie theater. everything short of that, is fair play. it's a tough business. gregg: what do you think of new york's new gun laws? >> i think new york's laws have gone further than the courts will permit. gregg: really? >> yes. i think certain aspects, question of the whether or not the federal government has a right and whether the state is infringing as it relates to this, particularly as it relates
6:20 am
to the number of bullets, et cetera. but i think in terms of registration it is the right thing. i think it may be well-intentioned but i think they will have trouble in the federal courts. gregg: since the famous supreme court heller case there have been more than 80 challenging to state laws on gun control measures. not a single one of them has succeeded. >> i think in this case i think the law may have gone further than the court will permit. gregg: senator al d'amato. good to see you as always. >> pleasure to be with you. gregg: heather? heather: many coming up an elementary school teacher, spaing outrage giving her kids a homework assignment about giving up their rights. gregg: the murder of two prosecutors. the latest details in a live report. >> we will miss her and her hugs. i loved mike and cynthia. i don't like to golf.
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gregg: well it was history at the masters. an australian golfer winning the tournament for the first time n a sudden death playoff, adam scott sinking his putt, now first on the 18th and celebrating thinking hey, i just won. >> unreal!. [cheers and applause] gregg: so he thought he won, only to have angel cabrera make that same sort of shot after a beautiful approach, the ball landing just three feet from the cup. look at this thing. [cheers and applause] oh my, what a clutch, clutch shot. and then the putt. they both made par on the
6:25 am
first extra hole this sudden death. then scott sank a 12-foot putt to win the green jacket. here it is. he becomes the first aussie in history to do it at masters. what a great, great moment. >> that was amazing. glad he won after what happened at british open last year. gregg: that's right. good for him. heather: a florida teacher sparking outrage after having her fourth grade class write a statement about giving up their constitutional rights. waws, fox affiliate reporter has this report for us from jacksonville. >> reporter: written innocently in elementary school crayon words one-fourth grader barely understands. i'm willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer, or more secure. mom, amy harvey found the shocking scribble crumbled in her son's backpack. >> shocked. he doesn't know what it is. he doesn't even know what he is writing. >> my blood pressure was high for a couple days.
6:26 am
>> reporter: father aaron questioned his son told him the teacher at cedar hills elementary asked him and other students to write this statement. >> i actually usualed brain wash as a term. >> reporter: i got my hands on a lesson plan the day the note was believed to be written. it talks about a note about the constitution but doesn't include anything about this writing as assignment. we reached out to the duval county school board on the comment on her lesson. the lesson builds awareness first amendment rights through a partnership with a local association of attorneys. our possible concerns rests with follow-up activity that may have been conducted after the lesson. a review and investigation will occur to determine the facts that assignment. this mom and dad hope that is the last opinion 8:00ed lesson their son gets this year. >> as an american you have freedom and rights. he doesn't know what they are yet. that is what he learns as he gets older.
6:27 am
what she had him write goes against am of that. heather: our thanks to nicole. the father, air ron harvey, scheduled an in-person meeting this coming friday with the principal of cedar hills elementary school. he invited a number of the parents in his son's class to attend that meeting. gregg: well, a full-on media blitz on immigration. who is becoming the face of the new bill and whether it will pass. heather: chaos erupting at guantanamo bay over the weekend. we'll tell you exactly what happened when the detainees went wild.
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gregg: new developments today in the investigation into the murders of two texas prosecutors. detectives searching a storage unit this weekend belonging to a former justice of the peace by the name of eric williams, now considered the prime suspect in the killings. casey stiegel joins us live this morning from kaufman county, texas. casey, what evidence has been found so far? >> reporter: well, gregg, over the weekend multiple search warrants were executed. one at the suspect's home. one at his in-laws and then the other you just mentioned, at a storage facility which is just about 10 miles or so from the crime scene. local news outlets are reporting that roughly 20 weapons were recovered. ballistics testing currently underway to see if they match the murder weapon. also a crown victoria sedan was found in that storage
6:32 am
unit. witnesses report seeing a vehicle matching that very description in the neighborhood the morning of these murders. 46-year-old eric williams was a justice of the peace here in kaufman county, texas, which is an elected, law enforcement position but he was fired last year for stealing county computer equipment. the victim, district attorney mike mcclellan, prosecuted that case. remember he and his wife cynthia were found shot to death inside their kaufman county home over easter weekend. assistant d.a. mark hasse was gunned down in a separate shooting outside the courthouse here. he also help the prosecute that case but so far gregg williams has not been charged with any of the murders. sources close to the investigation say that could come within the next couple of days. gregg: casey, is it true that this suspect has actually talked to the media since the murders? >> reporter: yeah, a little bizarre. right after the crime he was interviewed by members of
6:33 am
the press here. a local station where he said he turned his cell phone over to police and that he had been tested for gunpowder residue. williams also told the reporter that he felt the investigators were doing a very thorough job and he also had this message for the victims and his former colleagues. >> my heart goes out to all the families that have been affected by this tragedy and especially to the people that work at the courthouse. >> reporter: now the suspect's attorney over the weekend relesing a statement to fox news that his client denies any and all allegations against him. a pretty interesting twist, gregg. gregg: casey stiegel live in texas. thanks very much. heather: well, chaos at gitmo. violence erupting between inmates and guards after rising tensions hit the boiling point. this more than four years after president obama pledged to close the facility. kt macfarland is a fox news
6:34 am
national security analyst and she joins us now to provide a little more insight on this situation. so let's talk first about what president obama said. it was in his very first state of the union address, february 24, 2009. president obama said, quote, there is no force in the world more powerful than the example of america. that is why i have ordered the closing of the he detention center at guantanamo bay. he vowed to close it within a year. obviously it remained open. now 11 years after it was initially opened, we have this going on. so what needs to happen at gitmo? >> well here's the problem. it turns out it wasn't easy to close gitmo because what do you do with the guys in gitmo? do you release them? do you want to release them? they go join jihad. do you want to repatriate to country of origin? we did that. in fact a number joined the fight again. one of the masterminds of the benghazi attack was a gitmo grad.
6:35 am
he had been released he repatriated and joined the fight. the administration insisted on closing guantanamo but taken no action to do so. they want to take the 166 remaining there to put them in the civilian court system in the united states and ignoring military try baunals set up to deal with that since congress says you're not going to bring them here, we don't want them in the united states, don't want them in the u.s. court system, everybody is at loggerheads. the administration offered no policy what to do about gitmo. heather: of these 166 or so inmates remaining there, three have been convicted. 30 will face trial. 50 or so who are said just to be simply too dangerous to release. >> right. heather: we have those to deal with. there are 86 apparently who have been cleared for release. i'm wondering why that hasn't happened and how much this is costing us? >> the other thing, it costs $800,000 a year for each prisoner. that is lot of money. heather: for each prisoner? >> for each prisoner.
6:36 am
that is enormous amount of money. that is just for maintenance. doesn't count the how much it cost to build the prison, computer systems and tv that they enjoy the real problem the administration didn't have a full understanding what this kind of war was. historically every war you fight you have prisoners. each side takes prisoners. they keep them humanely or not humanely. at the end. war we exchange the prisoners. we did that in the civil war, world war i, world war ii. the problem with this war there is no end. the guys we're fighting they're not taking prisoners. they are killing them. they see this as a lifelong struggle between civilizations. they're not about to say, we surrender. so the problem with any of this is, that these guys, these gitmo guys are caught in the middle. we have not put new people into gitmo in several, five or six years. heather: just remaining ones. >> these are the remaining ones. as you point out they're the hardcore intractable one. heather: this particular
6:37 am
area, the confrontation that happened, the latest follows that hunger strike that was begun back on february 9th, i believe. it comes a day after a team from the international committee of the red cross actually finished a three-week stay to assess the conditions there at guantanamo. what did they find? >> well they found the conditions were just fine. they knew there was a hunger strike. they would come back and monitor the hunger strike if necessary. all this is monitored by doctors. the gitmo guys, nobody wants to be in jail for life but these guys have done some very bad things and the question that i have is, how are we from the united states perspective what is best for my country? if we return these people to the fight, release them like some have suggested what are they going to do? they are going to plan benghazis. they will attack americans throughout the world. so we can't release them. but on the other hand if the administration doesn't let us try them in military try baun nals there is nothing to be done. they will stay there and
6:38 am
rot --. heather: or stay in the communal area where this broke out where they're allowed to have classes. they have satellite tv. where they're allowed to commune together and pray together. >> medical attention. they're getting dentures put in, the whole thing. not like they're in a dark hole. heather: that's why they were able to make makeshift weapons and attack people keeping them there. kt macfarland. thanks for joining us. we need to come up with some answers. gregg. gregg: new developments on the crash of a jet that just ran off the runway. what investigators are saying about the miraculous outcome. heather: plus republicans blasting the president's budget proposal. why she is calling it a blank check.
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>> call me when you're on board. get going. they're already close. how many dead are they? i don't know, one i'm eyewear of. one i heard of. but you're aware it is dark and we can not see anything.
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what do you want, to go back home. it is dark and you want to go back home? get on the bow of the ship, tell me what can be done, how many people they are and what do they need. now!. heather: unforgetable audiotapes from the italian cruise ship disaster last year, remember that? that claimed the lives of 32 people. an italian court opening a hearing deciding whether to hand down indictments in the case. prosecutors want the ship's captain to stand trial for manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and abandoning ship. gregg: republican congresswoman taking direct aim at president obama's new budget plan. the freshman out of indiana says, the president's blueprint will only add to the nearly $17 trillion in debt. here's congresswoman delivering the weekly republican address. >> even when the president's budget offers signs of
6:43 am
common ground like modest entitlement reforms, he says he won't follow through unless he can impose more tax increases. the president's budget isn't a compromise. it is a blank check for more spending and more debt. if that were the answer, millions of americans wouldn't be leaving the workforce and asking, where are all the jobs? gregg: congresswoman, jack can i walorski joins us an. she is on the house budget committee. is there any legitimate reason why entitlement reform has to be tied to more taxes as the president insists? >> well, good morning, gregg, thanks. there really is. i am on the budget committee and we have a spending problem in washington. a few weeks ago i had the opportunity when the president was in the republican conference to ask him a question and the question i asked him was, you know, hard-working americans are balancing their budgets every day. they're sitting around the kitchen tables siding what they can buy and what they can't because of what is happening with these taxes
6:44 am
and my question was, why can't the federal government balance our budget like the households do in this country? his answer was, because america is not a family. if we balance too soon we get less revenues. gregg: my question why do they have to be tied together, entilement reform and taxes? dough end to do they. >> they absolutely do. we have a spending problem. it is not an issue of producing more revenue. we're at record amounts of revenue in this nation. we have got to cut the spending and debt in this nation or we will not get the economy going. the balanced budget is a foundation to turning this economy around and it is a spending issue. gregg: here is what the president's budget does. this is according to the republican side of the senate budget committee. we'll put it up on the screen. 1.1 trillion in new taxes. 8.2 trillion in new debt. almost a trillion in new spending. and $59 billion in actual deficit reduction. just a scant $59 billion. it never balances the
6:45 am
budget. congresswoman, if passed would this alleviate or aggravate the nation's spending problem and the debt and deficit? >> this just puts us further down the road. that is why it is a blank check. there is no way we're going to be able to create jobs in this nation unless we get this spending under control. what we're doing, gregg, we're sending this debt onto the backs of little kids today. and of young people that are graduating from college today. there is no way out of this mess unless we stop spending at the federal level. but we have a president that is bent on increasing taxes and making sure we continue to bring revenue into this nation for them to spend. gregg: all right. >> today is tax day and we're doing that day. we're writing checks to help the government pay their bills today. gregg: i gotcha. you argue under the republican plan, the deficit would be balanced in 10 years, but, that assumes under that plan that obamacare is repealed, with all due respect,
6:46 am
congresswoman, the chances of that, are they not, are very, very slim and therefore your plan is unreal listic? >> well i would tell you this, that what we've been able to offer the american people this year is we've been able to flush the senate out to produce a budget for the first time in four years. the president has produced a budget and the house passed a budget. this is the first time, gregg, in four years the american people have transparent plans in front of them and america has an opportunity to decide for the first time which way they want this country to go. gregg: you're not getting obamacare repealed, are you? and therefore your plan isn't really realistic? >> well i think if we have a president that keeps his word and says he is about compromise and he is about fighting for the middle class i think we'll have to see those kinds of things and repeal these taxes and we're not adding additional revenue to the backs of hard-working americans. if he is serious about leadership, gregg, if he is serious about compromise, this is moment to shine. gregg: you keep turning to him. i'm asking you about your plan. you're not getting obamacare
6:47 am
repealed, are you? >> we're going to keep at it and you know what? we have tax reform in there as well as a way to pay for this which is what americans are clamoring for. this is a moment, gregg, for americans to stand up and decide what they want. their senators and congressman in this nation need to hear from people in this country they want obamacare repealed and, you know as it is right now, there is not an infrastructure in this country that can hold obamacare. there is nothing in this nation that can pay for it. gregg: he wants $50 billion to fund infrastructure projects essentially to repair badly-damaged and deteriorating highways and bridges, transit systems. what's wrong with that? >> well he said that two years ago before i was here by his bailout, that it was going to be infrastructure. that it was going to create jobs and what we've seen is just more debt. we've seen less jobs, and we haven't seen a balanced budget. the way to turn this economy around to produce jobs americans are clamoring for
6:48 am
is to balance this un jet and bring certainty to the private sector in those infrastructure areas, to create jobs. it is not by just spending more money. spending our way out of this mess is not working. gregg: congresswoman jackie walorski, thanks for being with us. >> thanks, gregg. heather: coming up senator marco rubio going all-in. all the rising star of republican party, some say, is becoming the face of the new immigration bill but will it pass? gregg: plus, justin bieber facing a global backlash causing controversy at a sacred holocaust site. ♪ new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain. here we go.
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6:52 am
gregg: investigators are now looking into the crash of a jet near bally and they say that they hope to conclude their work, in a month. the country's transportation minister saying that the plane will be removed from the water once they retrieve the cockpit voice recorder. the one-month plane had logged just 146 hours of flight time when it suddenly went down on saturday carrying 101 passengers and seven crewmembers, all of whom survived. heather: justin bieber at the center of controversy, shocker, over a comment that he wrote in the guest book of the anne frank house. julie banderas has that story along with other stories that are budsing today. >> reporter: yeah, this was a no-no. anne frank's diary becoming
6:53 am
most widely read document to emerge from the holocaust. anything written at the anne frank house in amsterdam is not taken lightly especially if you are justin bieber and in the museum's guest book you hope that the jewish teenage they're died in a nazi concentration camp would be quote, a belieber if history was different. the message offending criticizing the 19-year-old pop star being insensitive. many voiced their opinions on the museum's facebook page. however the museum shockingly, surprisingly dipped not seem to mind a spokeswoman confirmed bieber was there. that the museum was happy to have him. and she didn't consider his remarks offensive. interesting. moving to the box-office, coming in at number one, the jackie robinson buy topic, coming in $42 million. in the just in time for jackie robinson day, april 15th. it stars chadwick bozeman at
6:54 am
robinson and hollywood a-lister, harrison ford as the brooklyn dodgers boss, branch ricky. it beat out the franchise for making horror movies funny, "scary movie 5". it came in second place. you can't call him a one-hit wonder. psy catchy beats helped maintain status as a internet sensation. the tune is gentleman. getting 58 million hits and counting. he hopes north koreans will enjoy his new single if as tensions remain high. "gangnam style". that was the song. that song was a huge hit. a lot of people thought "gangnam style". that will be in today, gone tomorrow. but apparently -- he has more talent. heather: he said some anti-statements against american troops and things like that. so i'm not sure how i feel about him. >> doing well in south korea. i don't know how highly they think of u.s. troops. we'll see what happens in the states. heather: bieber that is a case of not being smart.
6:55 am
>> he is 19. just give it at that. a really dumb move, first of all, his publicist and somebody to be on the trip had to say, not a good idea. heather: you know who is a fan of bieber? gregg: i can't stand the beebs. i'm not a belieber. this kid is so self-absorbed. everything is all about him, right? >> reporter: yeah. or his comments. i don't understand. what do you think of the whole --. gregg: outrageous. >> reporter: but i'm surprised museum didn't have a problem with that. heather: they are getting a lot of coverage. >> reporter: they probably don't mind with that. heather: for more entertainment headlines, go to the our website, at the entertainment tab and put in your e-mail to get the latest headlines. gregg: will hugo chavez's anti-american legacy live on? heather: and a difficult and emotional debate begins in the senate today on gun control legislation. why critics say a key component of this debate is
6:56 am
being largely ignored. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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heather: senator marco rubio launching an all out media blitz east gets ready to unveil a bipartisan immigration plan. i'm heather childress in for martha maccallum. gregg: i'm jair in for bill hemmer. -- i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. they say this will reward people who come here illegally. >> bottom line is we don't reward anything.
7:00 am
you have to qualify and apply for it. that is the key distinction. i agree. if somehow being in this country illegally is cheaper, easier or quicker than doing it the right way i wouldn't support that. that's why i haven't supported certain efforts in the past because i thought they did that. gregg: fox news senior political analyst hume alread brit hume joins us. i wonder if its time has finally arrived here. do you think this proposal. i know we don't know all the details yet this, proeu postal or something similar -- proposal or something similar to it, do you think it could pass. >> i think it could. there are more republicans now who are willing to vote for something like this. they've built in a lot of things to try to reduce the opposition among conservatives and republicans into this measure. the second reason of course is that i think that democrats, particularly senate democrats see an opportunity here now to pass something. i remember chuck schumer saying,
7:01 am
you know, the democratic senator from new york, saying some time ago with some force, that this was an effort to pass a bill it's not an effort to create an issue. i think he meant that. and i think that's why marco rubio has climbed as far out on this limb as he has, as wilted by the number of tv appearances he made yesterday to make the case for the bill. so between those two things, remember, they probably got enough democrats to pass it the question is whether republicans will block it. if they don't block it the passes the senate, and the house if there are enough republicans they can pass it with mostly democratic votes as well. a lot of republicans would resist that if it gets the reputation of being an amnesty bill. but it's in the clear to me that will happen knee insists it's not amnesty, he says first of all have you to qualify for it and you've got to jump through a lot of hoops and meet a lot of conditions over a long period of time in order to qualify for it. is it amnesty, or maybe a better way of putting it, is it sort of
7:02 am
a conditional amnesty? >> well, amnesty is a word that has many meanings to many people in the context of this debate. if you mean ol hreurbgs e-ollie in free that isn't this. everybody gets off the hook and you immediately get in line for citizenship. there are hoops that have to be jumped through. i think amnesty arises with the temporary worker status, i don't know if that is the correct term but that's what it amounts to. you're not 0 on a path to citizenship, you can stay here and work if you're already here. some may argue that is amnesty. there are a lot of things in this bill that a lot of smart people and a lot of businesses think we need. we need more of certain kinds of workers. we need to have a better working temporary worker program to service certain industries and so on. there is a lot about our immigration system apart from this question of too many illegals crossing the border that is broken that this bill
7:03 am
would address. there is a lot in it for different interests that may give it impetus. gregg: rubio told us he hasn't even thought about running tore president which stretches credulity a little bit. he plays a key role in this in the gang of eight. how might this impact a run in 2016? >> if it succeeds and passes, and is deemed by the time we get around to 2016 as having turned out to be a reasonable effort and that it's not amnesty, and obviously it will be noticed in the hispanic community that this hispanic republican senator was behind it that will be real street c remember, d for him. if it fails on the other hand or passes and turns out to look to everybody like it was amnesty then it's a different matter all together. you cannot alienate conserve sieves in any number expect the nomination of the republican party. rubio is out on a limb here and
7:04 am
he's giving it his best. he's a very talented guy as you can tell. if he watches any of his appearances, easies dazzling articulate. youthful, attractive, he has a lot going for him. this would be a real feather in his cap fit succeeded. but it must success. gregg: always good to talk to you. heather: i think it was seven sunday talk shows. gregg: set a record i believe. heather: we believe. a lot of talking going on yesterday. senate minority whip john cornyn weighing in on immigration reform saying he is encouraged by the progress of the bayh partisan bill and is open to voting for it but only if it includes significant measures to protect the u.s.-mexico border. here he is on "fox news sunday." >> i believe border security is absolutely critical to this picture, and so much of it is regaining the public's confidence that the federal government is actually doing its job. until that confidence is restored by -- on the basis of
7:05 am
what the legislation provides i would have difficulty supporting it. gregg: america's border security is no small matter. there are currently an estimated 11.1 million illegal immigrants in the united states, and while nearly two-thirds of adult aged illegals have spent at least ten years in the united states, another 35% of them have been here 15 years or more. heather: it looks like hugo chavez's legacy will live on. the late president's hand-picked successor nicholas maduro narrowly winning the election sunday prompting his challenger to demand a full recount. steve harrigan is live for us us in miami. steve, is this election over. >> reporter: it depends on what side you ask. maduro says it's all over it's a clean election. he squeaked by with a majority of 200,000 votes out of
7:06 am
15 million cast, that is a victory margin of just over 1%. the challenger says there were irregularities, he wants a full recount. if you look at the election board it's main here composed of government loyalists, so a recount is not likely. one thing is important to note, capra legs, s while saying the election is a fraud is not calling for his supporters to go out into the street. while it was a bitter fight so far it remains peaceful. heather: could the narrow win make it hard for madeuro to actually govern? it shows several things, first that he's no hugo chavez. he would routinely win the le digits. it means that maduero may fac problems not only with the opposition but with the people. for the 50-year-old former bus driver he's in power now but holding onto that power could prove very difficult in the year to come, heather.
7:07 am
heather: see what happens. steve harrigan live for us from miami, thank you. gregg: who is nicholas maduro anyway? he was a long-serving member of hugo chavez's cabinet and described as a key figure within the president's inner circle. he became the foreign minister of venezuela in 2006 and he got his start as a bus driver and a trade union negotiator before being elected to the national assembly in 2000. heather: at least 27 people killed and more than one hundred injured in a series of attacks across iraq. many of those casualties occurring in the northern sit of kirkuk, where six car bombs exploded simultaneously. so far no one is claiming responsibility. the attacks taking place less than a week before iraqis in much of the country are scheduled to vote in the nation's first elections since the u.s. troop withdrawal in 2011. the upcoming vote will be a test of security forces, and their ability to keep voters safe.
7:08 am
gregg: secretary of state john kerry making a detour on his way back from japan today is stopping in chicago to visit the parents of the young u.s. diplomat killed in southern afghanistan earlier this month. she and four other americans were killed by a suicide bomber while delivering textbooks to a nor by school. kerry had met the 25-year-old just two weeks earlier while on a visit to afghanistan. heather: still to come, new fears that north korea's nuclear rhetoric is masking another major threat. general jack keane is here to talk about and has some suggestions that the secretive dictatorship is just providing cover for another rogue regime. gregg: the senate is set to begin debate on a new gun control measure. we'll be talking to republican senator roy blunt as to whether it really addresses the important issues. heather: find out what happened to this bus driver after dragging a man after his bus and leaving him in the street.
7:09 am
>> when fisher notified his supervisor on-duty that he was having trouble with a passenger the supervisor instructed fisher to inform the passenger that he could get off the bus voluntarily. otherwise the police would be called to assist. mr. fisher disregarded that directive. people join angie's list for all kinds of reasons.
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heather: take a look at this video, a brutal attack all caught on surveillance camera it has landed one nebraska bus driver out of a job. a passenger apparently angered the driver, he says by asking him one too many questions, and despite orders from a supervisor to notify police, the driver took matters into his own hand, throwing more than a dozen punches. and then he left the man in the middle of the road. police say that they found no evidence that the passenger was today lidge ran belligerent or confrontational. gregg: just getting word from
7:13 am
the nation's highest court, they are declining to hear a new york gun rights carrying concealed weapons case. essentially the high court is saying that it will not weigh in on whether gun owners have a constitutional right to carry handguns outside the home. we'll get more details on this as we get them. in the meantime, senators are set to begin historic debate on a controversial new gun control bill, a potential bipartisan deal on background checks seems to be gaining steam. west virginia democrat joe manchin says his meeting with newtown families helped him hoping that washington acts courageously. >> they being acknowledged the piece of legislation we are working on which is the background checks for criminal or mental illness would not have saved their little babies, their children. they said if we can spare another family from the tragedy we've gone through by keeping the guns out of the hands of a criminal or someone mentally reranged then our child maybe
7:14 am
maybe would not have died in vein. if we had one ounce of the courage of these families, and their reasonability, sensibility if you will, common-sense, god what a better place it would be in washington. gregg: missouri republican senator roy blunt joins us. he is on the senate armed services committee. senator, good to see you. >> good to see you, gregg. gregg: are there enough votes to pass this bipartisan deal on expanded background checks, and will you vote in favor of it? >> you know i don't know if there are enough votes or not. i will be not be voting for this. i think it potentially could lead to a gun registry which i'm not for. we are not currently enforcing the background checks we have on the books now. there was a heated exchange recently between senator graham and applies chief about, do you follow-up if you find out that people aren't able to buy a weapon on the background check system? now, i just -- i think what senator manchion. i want to encourage he and seven
7:15 am
too many me to have the kind of -- toomey to have the kind of work together that they are doing. but this wouldn't have prevented sandy hook or aurora, colorado or tucson. i'd rather see us focus our efforts on mental health and areas where we actually might have the potential to prevent the things that just happened. gregg: you said one of your objections, or your main objection is really that you're fearful that this will lead to a federal gun registry. well, senator toomey, your republican colleague who negotiated this bipartisan deal with senator mansion insists it will not in anyway lead to a gun registry. >> and that's his point of view, and it's one that may have validity. just last week it was determined that the state of missouri, my state had given 167,000 concealed carry permit information on a hundred and
7:16 am
60,000 people to of all federal agencies, the social security administration. once you get these lists out there, once you have a gun dealer keeping lists for lots of other people, the only way that works, frankly, i think is if you keep the paper, and if you keep the paper eventually somebody is going to ask for it. gregg: the toomey, manchion proceed poet proposal would cover internet and gun show purposes but would still exempt sales between family members. what are the objections to that? >> well i think exempting sales between family members and two neighbors who want to trade shotguns is a good thing. i'm just not going to be voting for this. i think we should take this moment to try to solve the problem, that's why senator stabaneaux want want to offer
7:17 am
our bill. other senators are involved with me on mental health, first aid and how you make it more certain that people who have had a mental health problem that led to criminal behavior get help. we have had a number of veterans come in last week and support the mental health bill that we are for. we haven't heard from senator reid yet about whether those things are going to even be offered as amendments to this bill that would actually have had impact, potentially, on what happened at sandy hook and other places. gregg: i'm well aware that you have cosponsored several bills or amendments on the issue of mental health, which is a serious, serious issue in almost all of these mass shootings. but the toomey manchion bill would clarify that doctors can enter mental health record into
7:18 am
national background checks systems without a violation of privacy laws. what do you think of that, is that good enough for you? >> well, actually what that says is it would allow you to do that in spite of what the current privacy laws say. i think you'll find there is going to be some significant concern about that. i do think that we need to be sure that we are linking up law enforcement officials when they have a problem that involves mental health. you know, in a couple of the cases i just mentioned, those individual had been banned from the local campus, from the local whatever, but nobody else was told. you know, the guy at the tucson supermarket couldn't go to the community college campus, but that information wasn't shared. frankly, i think it would be more appropriate to share that information than it would for mental health professionals to be told they should call in to some registry, mental health information that they have. gregg: senator roy blunt, a
7:19 am
pleasure to speak with you. thanks for being with us. >> nice to talk to you, gregg. heather: still to come the supreme court set to take up a controversial case that could reshape medical research. should companies be able to patent human genes? gregg: the tragic suicide of this high school sophomore. the shocking story of what was put out on social media to drove her to take her own life. >> i have a real problem when you actually either video or photograph a crime and then share it. kids need to get smarter about first of all what is right and wrong. ♪ [ female announcer ] from more efficient payments. ♪ to more efficient pick-ups. ♪ wireless is limitless. ♪ from tracking the bus. ♪ to tracking field conditions.
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gregg: it's a girl for former first daughter jenna bush hager. former president pw- george w. bush announcing the birth.
7:23 am
it's margaret laura, hager. she was born in new york city. both mother and daughter are doing quite well. heather: congratulations. here ace question for you, can a company patent human genes? that is the question that the supreme court is trying to answer today. a gene patenting is a multi-million dollar industry and the court's decision could reshape medical research and the fight against certain types much cancer. joining is now is doug burns a former federal prosecutor. he'll provide some more insight for us. i was amazed to learn that the u.s. pat want and trademark office has been awarding patents on human genes for more than 30 years now. >> yes. heather: as we said it's a multi-million dollar business. >> yes, they've been awarding thousands of them. it's really amazing. some of the commentary i read said it was kind of a bad idea that has now been embedded in
7:24 am
cement. you know what i mean? to break this down real simple the southern district of new york trial court actually invalidated the patenting of the gene in this case but it was reversed by the u.s. court of appeals, the second circuit. now it's before the supreme court, they would have to reverse the second circuit to invalidate the patent. i think they will. heather: what is the potential fallout. >> the fallout is big. there is a lot of people with a stake in this race. many of the major medical organizations have put in briefs, what we call amicus, friend of the court briefs, amigo, spanish, amicus, latin. they have said that basically genes are not inventions, genes are natural phenomena in the body. i agree with that. and i do not think that should give economic and legal power over something that is lasik lea natural phenomenon. by the way, last point, these institutions are saying that it
7:25 am
hinders scientific research. heather: the way the companies are getting around it they are saying that it's not actually human dna think more, that's not what they are talking about, they are actually eyes hraeugt the dna -- isolating the dna. it's a synthetic chemical is the way they are getting around it. >> putting my lawyer hat on if i was arguing the other side, this isn't raw natural dna or a gene it's basically tweaked, modified or reconstructed and that human propers kes, like an artist, okay is something that should be protected. when you look at awful it a to z i think they have the weaker argument. heather: i want to take a look at this statement from the lawyer -- the aclu lawyer. he said under this theory a kidney removed from the body or gold extracted from a stream would be patentable subject matter. >> right they are using. heather: just because you take it out of the body.
7:26 am
>> they are using extreme somewhat metaphorical examples. the reality is if you believe as in this john hopkins commentary, it's a very well respected institution, where again not to be a broken record, they say no serious scientist could contest the idea that a gene is not an invention. again the question is what about the gene that's been reconfigured or isolated. heather: become a synthetic chemical. >> then is the scientist doing something that is protectable? it's a tough question and a question more for scientists. i do think the supreme court is going to agree with judge roberts a very well respected federal judge. heather: hopefully this would not mean potentially less research and thus potentially less--saving discoveries. gregg. gregg: new questions about north korea's recent threats and whether it's all bluster. is it a diversion from something else? we'll explain. heather: and one driver pointing to what he says is a nascar
7:27 am
conspiracy. why the defending champion says that he is being targeted by the association. >> i have one good thing to say and that was my team and effort they put in today and fighting back with the absolute. [bleep] that's been the last seven days in this garage area. when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever.
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7:30 am
gregg: as the showdown with north korea takes center stage now new concerns that all the bluster and proceed srad doe from the rogue regime could
7:31 am
actually be a cover to take the u.s. focus off iran. general jack keane is our retired four-star general and former vice chief of staff of the army. also a fox news military analyst. general, always good to talk to you. >> good to see you, gregg. gregg: is all of this attention to north korea distract from a more important problem for the unite h united states and the world or does it help us refocus on that problem? >> i think it's much the latter. anyone involved in national security, whether in the administration or out of it as a result of north korea's recent behavior this last month reminds us how dangerous this situation is. two rogue states, north korea and iran, both trying to acquire nuclear weapons. both with the intense of intimidating their neighbors and both will endanger the security of the united states. there is not a more dangerous national security issue in front of the united states than what we are talking about right now. so, it's an absolutely mind der
7:32 am
of how serious this issue is. gregg: all of this has been going on in north korea. on april 7th the iranians walked away from the international talks, they failed, and at the same time the top iranian lawmaker declared iran will never halt its nuclear development program. three days later they announce they are building more nuclear plants. are they taking advantage of the situation, or were they going to do that anyway? they were going to do that anyway. but, listen, they have taken a page out of north korea's book. they have watched three presidents negotiate with north korea and north korea went all the way to a nuclear capability, and now pursuing a nuclear weapon. and they see that as the success story for north korea, and they are certainly echoing that as they talk to the united states, not talk to the united states, welcome inspectors, deny inspectors, delay, delay, delay,
7:33 am
and eventually acquire the same capability that the north koreans have, that is the road we are. gregg: lest we forget north korea and iran have been sharing not only missile technology but nuclear technology. >> absolutely. indeed. iran's chief scientist was at the february nuclear testing that took place in north korea. this is their chief nuclear scientist, and that is not something to take lightly. some analysts believe that iran is entertaining the thought of outsourcing to north korea the further development of a nuclear werpbgs the miniature ryization of it so you can put it on a missile and actually the testing of it in north korea. we don't have evidence of that but certainly people are suggesting it. gregg: there seems to be just this sort of endless cycle, the provocative acts, belligerent rhetoric by north korea, and then they come to the table and we offer concessions. how do we get out of that
7:34 am
endless cycle? >> you're implying it in the question. the fact of the matter is, three presidents have done the same thing. gregg: right. >> there's belligerence, rhetoric, acts of provocation and then we offer diplomatic talks and yield and concede. the obama administration i think began this crisis with steadfast necessary and resolve was the way to begin this crisis. they have conceded, soak kerry has now said this he's willing to sit down and talk one-on-one with the north koreans given some conditions that he's going to put on the table. north koreans will look at that as victory for them, they'll get some concessions. what it guarantees, gregg is another chapter of this kind of behavior because they get something out of this deal. gregg: the north koreans not only share their technology with the iranians but they tried to do so with the syrians, you'll
7:35 am
recall the israelis took out that syrian not completed nuclear plant. is your worry that if they are willing to do that, and proliferate nuclear weapons, that they might even peddle it to terrorists? >> there is no doubt about that. i mean -- there is not much fear, but we have concern that north korea would use a weapon on its neighbors or on the united states, because that would mean the extinction of the regime. but taking a page out of what they have already done, and that is they are a significant supplier of missile technology, that they would clearly want to supply nuclear technology to whoever is willing to pay for it, and certainly a terrorist with money would certainly be willing to do that. gregg: general jack keane as always, pleasure to speak with you. thank you. >> yeah, gregg, good talking to you. heather: the logging communities
7:36 am
in the west are preparing for life after the dole as part of the federal forest policy the government has been paying counties not to log. but now those payments are being slashed leaving leaders in states like oregon scrambling to craft new legislation to address that lack of revenue. dan springer is live for us from seattle today. so, dan, how are lawmakers in oregon, specifically, preparing for the day when rural counties are kicked off the federal dole? >> reporter: heather they are talking about shifting the burden of keeping these small counties going from the federal government to the state government. there are places like kuz county, oerg tkpapb wher oregon where the federal government owns two-thirds of the land. logging on federal land has plunged 90%. timber payments have been keeping the counties on life support but the payments have been twinned lipping and with them city services. again there is a threat congress will finally kill the program
7:37 am
this year. among the legislative solutions being discussed in salem, having the state take over functions like elections, building inspections and taxation, and letting the governor impose attacks to pay for public safety. >> there are real people in these counties, that if the state does need to step in and perform some services for a certain period ever time then we need to be there to do that. >> reporter: the state has not yet figured out how it would pay for those services, heather. heather: are there other options? >> reporter: well, yeah, people in these timber counties say it's pretty simple, allow for more logging on federal forest land. the problem is that would take concessions from environmentalists who have been able to stop timber sales by suing them to death. state and federal lawmakers in both parties have talked about come bro myself for years but nothing ever gets done. >> it's less expensive to file a federal injunction and stop a timber sale in oregon than it is to get a water permit from the state.
7:38 am
those are the kind of things that have you to have the common-sense and courage to go out and solve. >> reporter: there is also an effort to get the timber payments extended for one more year. that's been going on for years and they've been extended. congress is saying we're out of money, this year we're really cutting you off. heather: dan springer live from seattle, thank you. gregg: paying the price for his patriotic display. why a u.s. vet is being forced to pay hefty finest for flying flags outside his business that helps veterans. heather: police say she was sexually assaulted, and pictures of the incident were shared through social media. the tragic story of this teenage girl who hung herself after finding out and what they are parents are trying to do now. >> the dangerous affects of kid and what they can do with their phone and their laptops is immensely damaging. and in the case of audrey she was terrorized. whavet
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
gregg: a florida veteran is
7:42 am
facing major fines for flying military flags outside his business. the former marine owns a nonprofit restaurant that benefits veterans. for two years he has flown flags for the navy, the air force and marine. the city of holly hill, florida recently passed a new law requiring a permit for all signs and banners, except u.s. state or prisoner of war flags. eddie calossomo is being slapped with a $300 fine every day. >> you're going to tell me i can't honor them and show respect for them? i'm sorry, you know, you bring your handcuffs i don't care, i'll go to jail, i don't care. gregg: the city is planning a special hearing later this month to talk about the matter. heather: police say she was assaulted by her classmates. pictures were taken, and then spread on the internet, and when audrey pots found out everyone
7:43 am
knew her secret she took her own life. now h planning a wrongful death lawsuit. fred tecce is a form prosecutor and joins us to provide a little more insight on this really, really horrible case here. we have a 15-year-old girl, you know, allegedly assaulted at this school party, allegedly raped by three 16-year-old football players at the school. her family claims the pictures were then posted online. there is now some dispute as to whether in fact that happened. eight days later this young, beautiful girl posted on her facebook page, worst day ever. and then hangs herself. fred, who should be held accountable for this child's death? >> well, it's interesting. i mean i could talk about a lot of different things. you know i have four sons under the age of 17, two in high school, and i can tell you that it is such a very, very difficult time for young children, young adults. and there is a lot of people.
7:44 am
first of all what these three boys did to this woman was quite frankly unconscionable and criminal and they will be charged with that. now there is conflicting stories about whether or not the pictures that they took of her were circulating on telephones or cellphones, were posted on social media. interestingly in california there is actually a statute that allows you to hold parents criminally, actually criminally responsible if -- for injury, for the delinquency of a minor if they did not exercise reasonable care. obviously from what i understand they were not home when this party took bliss an place and this was an unsupervised event. heather: i want to talk more about the influence of social media on her death. teenagers all across this country and the world really have to deal with this these days, something that we didn't real i have to deal with when we were growing up. i can't imagine how they do. this rises above cyberbullying this. was a crime that took place, an assault, if in fact it did and
7:45 am
if these pictures were posted online, by not just the perpetrators themselves, but by others, could they be held accountable? >> the answer is yes. it's interesting we had this debate about a year ago about charging min mionor with the use of cellphones and social media to text pictureses of themselves also without their clothes on. i don't know what these pictures are like, and getting charged with transporting and trafficking in pornography. people are yelling and screaming about how that is kind of a big sledgehammer to use from what usually is a kind of innocent or stupid thing by a teenager. in this instance it was evidence of a crime and you're absolutely right and i see this kind of firsthand, social media is a tremendous, tremendous problem with our kid. i mean -- i don't want to go off about who whose access to whose facebook page as parent. as a parent every parent should know what their child does on social media and have their password.
7:46 am
don't want to hear it, but unfortunately this is what could happen. this is reasonably foreseeable. heather: knowing what your kids are doing could be the lesson. i want to talk about the wrongful death lawsuit specifically that her parents decided go for against these three young men. why the wrongful death lawsuit. we have a statement from one of the attorneys, or the attorneys representing these young men and i want to get this in there to be fair & balanced. the attorneys saying for the suspects, much of what has been reported over the last several days is inaccurate, most disturbing is the attempt to link audrey's suicide to the specific actions of these three boys. and in fact it was statements like that made over the weekend that made these parents, audrey's parents decide to file this wrongful death lawsuit. >> you know, i try to teach my kid, discretion is the better part of valor. this defend lawyer should not have passed up the opportunity to keep his mouth shut. if he wants to come out and say his clients are inventory sent that's his business. you're making the statement that
7:47 am
the parents who have lost a child which is about the most unspeakable horror i can ever imagine, to make a statement like that i can understand why the parents reacted the way they did. as far as the wrongful death case is concerned, what it is is it's a civil action, it's a lawsuit ain't basically says that what you did was the approximate cause or caused the death of my child. if the jury believes it then money damages will flow. that's what happens. heather: fred tecce thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. heather: an awful situation for that family. coming up later on america live definitely stay tuned for this megyn kelly will speak to the pots family in their first and only media interview at 2:00pm eastern. make sure to catch this exclusive segment on america live with megyn kelly at 1:30pm eastern today. gregg: let's check in with jenna lee. what is happening coming up on "happening now"? jenna: big news today, gregg. the faa is ordering an inspection of all 737's. it's disturbing news considering a boeing plane just crashed this
7:48 am
weekend. another 737. officials say the inspections are unrelated. it to the our attention. we will talk toe an expert on that. gun control legislation is continuing to dominate national headlines. are we really focusing on the right things when it comes to the mentally ill are we asking the right questions? we will speak to a father who has a personal story to share on our show today, gregg, you don't want to miss it. gregg: jenna lee, thanks very much. the defending nascar champ lashing out at race officials. we'll be talking to nascar's chairman and ceo about the controversial penalty against one of the league's top drivers. ♪ go speed racer, go. ♪
7:49 am
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gregg: what happens when you apply 214-pound of dine night to a building. take a look. dino might tdine it never gets old, does it? the old city hall in el paso, texas a thing of the past after years of debate led to the demolition of the 34-year-old building. it's set to be replaced by a aaa baseball park, that sound better. the inaugural season set to begin in 2014. heather: some shocking allegations from the defending nascar champion brad keslowski claiming that nascar officials have it out for his team. both he and his teammates could you say they flunked the pre raisin specs at the nra500 saturday night. the defending sprint company
7:53 am
champion was hit with a pitt road penalty in the race and he is not taking it quietly. >> i feel like we've been targetinged over the last seven days more than i've ever seen a team targeted every nice. my guys keep their head on straight and they showcased why they are a winning team and a championship team and we are not going to take it. >> the nascar chairman and veo joins me now to respond to brad's allegations and talk about some other things as well. you know, he's not too happy with you. he says your targeting him, targeting his team. he races for penske racing. are you out to get him? stpwhr-f course not. i understand his frustrations, and he certainly has had a tough couple of weeks, but that is not totally surprising when they are competing at such a high level and they want everything to go right and when it doesn't there is going to be some frustrations that happen. heather: what went down exactly? this race it was in texas, it involved him and also his team nature joey logano.
7:54 am
you actually pulled the cars off and took some elements off the cars as well. so you're currently investigating. >> it is, it's not entirely uncommon. we do lofts inspections through the weekend pre-post raisin specses so not very surprising that once in a while we'll find something that we think may not look proper, that's what we are doing now, we are looking into that, making sure that it is within the rules. heather: meaning the team may have altered the cars in some way that they were not supposed to, or allowed to? >> yeah, sometimes intentional, sometimes not intentional. but either way we have to make sure that all the rules are met, and everybody is racing with the same package. heather: did any other cars have problems or any other teams? >> not to the level that they did. again it's not uncommon, week in week out we'll have some questions that we'll pose. it's a car, it's mechanical, and naturally there is going to be a little bit of this. heather: two things could happen now, either you do find that they were altered illegally in a way that they should not have been or you find they didn't do
7:55 am
anything wrong. so what happens under both of those scenarios? do you apologize to him and the team if you're wrong. >> yowe will never apologize for looking into something that we think may not be proper. we'll do the range of tests to make sure that it is and we have lots of options if for some reason it's out of compliance. we'll get to that here this week. heather: they still both finished in the top ten and kyle pw*ub run the race in texas. we want to congratulate him. we want to move onto an initiative that nascar is doing, you started it in twaeutd. 2008. nascar going green. when you think about that it's kind of an oxymoron, how are you doing that. >> you're right when we started our program that was -- we did get a few skeptics but the reality is it's now the most comprehensive green initiative in all sports. it starts with our bio fuel, and
7:56 am
goes to recycling. we are going to plant a quarter of a million trees this month alone. so ups, number of companies are joining with us. we are the largest recycler in sports as well. it's a big comprehensive industry program. heather: it coincide with earth day which is april 22nd. next race april 21st at kansas. thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. heather: thank you. gregg: new developments in the murders of three people, including a texas district attorney, investigators now name ago primary suspect in the killings of mike mclelland, his wife and his assistant d.a. we are live in kaufman county, texas with the latest. [ alarm clock ringing ] [ female announcer ] if you have rheumatoid arthritis,
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