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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  April 17, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first". let's begin today with a fox news alert. a nation in mourning. we have details on the terror attack in boston that emerged overnight. both were made with kitchen pressure cookers packed with explosiv explosives, nails and scrap nell to inflict the most damage. the fbi is taking a look at this picture right here. there's bag on the screen. we have highlighted it for you. it may be the one that held the second bomb. now take a look at this. the side by side picture that captured the aftermath of the
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explosion. this is the very same shot that was taken about an hour apart. good morning everyone. i am heather nauert. >> we have more details on where the investigation stands. first remembering the three lives tank during the marathon bombing as we learn more about the victims. hundreds of people packed into boston commons to honor 8-year-old martin richards, 29-year-old kristen campbell and a boston university student a chinese national and her family asked that no other information be released. >> another individual in dorchester, massachusetts. people are holding banners asking for peace. >> they see the candles and the american flag and it was peaceful but it was also a reminder of how united we are as a neighborhood. >> all around the country not just runners but americans standing united with boston. runners going for a jog to honor
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the victims. >> we will also learn much more about the three victims. we have a closer look at each person there who lost lives and how their family and friends are remembering them. good morning, molly. >> good morning patti ann and heather. a difficult day for the city of boston. the loss of the three lives all of them had a connection here a 8-year-old boy his name martin richard. he was at the finish line with his mom, dad and his little sister when the bomb blasted. his life was taken his mother and sister remain very bravely injured and the dorchester neighborhood where he lived is completely stunned. they are remembering this little boy feeling a tremendous amount for this family in the face of this senseless tragedy. >> i can't believe this whole thing has happened. >> i watched him grow up from a
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baby. >> 29-year-old kristen campbell lost her life. she grew up in the suburbs just outside boston she was at the finish line standing with a friend. her family led to believe she survive the horrible attack. crystle was a restaurant manager. her mother gave an emotional statement on the front steps of her home. >> we are heartbroken. cryst -- krystle she was wonderful, everybody that knew her loved her. she was all smiles. >> a chinese national was also lost. that speaks to the international nature of the boston marathon and boston community as a whole. this chinese national was a grad student at boston university. the university passing on their condolences to the family but not releasing any information about her. >> molly line.
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we will check in with you lart this morning. >> we are getting our first look at what's left of one of the bombs that exploded as well as the shredded backpack in which it was apparently hidden. our fox affiliate obtained these photos. dale russell has the details. >> it is the first look at what is left of the first deadly device. 9 bomb that exploded at the finish line of monday's boston marathon sent shock waves across the country. the investigation is already underway as agents sift through the remaining pieces of the bomb hoping to draw a clear picture of how it was built where it was built and ultimately who built it. they reported the device was a pressure cooker bomb common cook wear through out the world. the crime scene pictures obtained exclusively show pieces
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of a stainless steel pressure cooker with an underwriter laboratory number. one picture shows the imprint gas and electric. what appears to be a nap sack or duffle bag. the bomb was carried in a black bag. >> this bomb had small metallic fragments. >> again hospital doctors describe removing pallets and headless nails from the victims. doctors and federal agents believe the shrapnel was there to make the bomb deadly. this crime scene picture shows what appears to be ball bareings or small metal pallets just like the ones described doctors. >> chilling new nophotos of wha possibly could be the second bomb you see a bag up on a barricade along the route. look at the second picture snapped after one of the
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explosions. side by side showing the bag was missing in the aftermath. those pictures were taken about an hour apart. >> the fbi is intensifying the manhunt for the terror suspect. >> some leads have gone nowhere. investigators made headway with some of the forensic evidence. it was a devastatingly effective bomb or bombs in this instance. the biggest problem is really the clock. no clear suspects even the police raid of the apartment of a young saudi national seems to have been a dead end. >> at this time there are no claims of responsibility. the range of the suspects and motives remains wide open. we are asking any one who may have heard someone speak about the marathon or the date of april 15th that indicated in any way that he or she may target
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the event to call us. someone knows who did this. >> but the images of the remnants of the bomb are providing important clues. this was a pressure cooker often made by terrorists to make ied's. it may have been stuffed in a bag with black nylon. one al qaeda affiliate has specifically mentioned pressure cookers. the homeland security warned about the devices after one was used in the attempted times square bombing. the fragments themselves the doctors have been removing from victims. >> that will be the job to find out where the nails came from were they purchased at lowes or home depot or a small town close to the scene. if they were when they were purchased. is it possible to determine who purchased the nails and when they did. >> in that vein nain they are painstakingly to reconstruct the
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bombs not just how they were made but who made have made them. >> doug luzader we just don't know who yet. all mail delivery to the u.s. senate has been stopped this after a letter containing the potentially deadly poison ri ricin was sent to a u.s. senator. peter doocy is outside of the senate mail facility. good morning, peter. >> good morning patti ann. the suspect levtter never made t to roger whittaker's office. the building behind me tested positive for ricin poison. advanced testing is being done to determine if the substance in question is the deadly ricin poison for which there is no antidote. it was not outwardly suspicious.
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it was most parked in memphis, tennessee and had no return address. as for a motive we don't know anything. as for a suspect claire mccastle from missouri says authorities have a person in mind and that it is a person who sent a lot of letters to law americas. but we don't know who that person is. we don't really have any other specific information just that mail service to the u.s. senate has been stopped and some senators are concerned. >> it is not just members concerned but a lot of staff, that's a big concern obviously for all of us. we are very anxious to get the details. >> senator wicker who was the recipient of this letter said this matter is part of an ongoing investigation by the united states capital police and
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fbi. i want to thank our law enforcement officials for their hard work and diligence in keeping those who work at the capitol complex safe. in ricin poison found at that time no one was injured but there was no letter levever fou so no rayses were ever made. the united states postal service says their primary concern is keeping employees safe, customers safe and keeping the u.s. mail safe. >> peter doocy live for us in maryland this morning. thank you. other news to bring you noul. it is a some der day in london where we take a live look at the coffin of margaret thatcher as it arrives in st. pauls kau they had dral. amy kellogg joins us from london with more. >> hi patti ann.
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high hi heather. it is being delivered to the chapel where there will be a short service then it will be carried on to st. paul's cathedral where the funeral is going to take place. vip guests have been arriving over the past hour at st. paul's cathedral. this is going to be the funeral for margaret thatcher who was the first and only female british prime minister and the longest serving prime minister of the 20th century in the united kingdom. she is obviously also the prime minister with the strongest legacy. there are 2,000 guests who have been invited. some of the peers declined to travel because of their age nancy reagan and mikhail gorbachev to name a few but henry kissinger is here as well as james baker and former vice president dick cheney is also here. a congressional delegation from
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the u.s. will be in attendance. queen elizabeth and prince philip will be here as well as who's who of british politics. thatcher's coffin was moved yesterday at the palace of westminster and it will travel along a two-mile route along parliament ultimately to st. paul's cathedral. the hers will be tran-- hearse transported by a horse drawn carriage. this is a military honor funeral. last received winston churchill. fears of demonstration by those who were opposed to margaret thatcher's policy and also after the jitters following the bombings at the marathon in boston. 4,000 police officers are on duty. the funeral at st. pauls will get underway in about an hour. after that funeral there will be
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a couple of gatherings for friends and foreign dignitaries to honor the memory of barrmarg thatcher. she will be cremated at a ceremony today. bells will be silent through out the day and flags are at half mass. >> what a life she led, certainly. you mentioned the issue of security that brings to mind the london marathon is coming up this weekend. what additional precautions are they taking to prepare for that? >> security has been reviewed for that but those in charge yesterday said there will be increased searchs and also there will be a greater police presence on the street. for the funeral there are plain clothes and uniformed officers. there will be a stepping up of security. prince harry will be giving out the medals at the end of the
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marathon which is the biggest sporting charity event. he is continuing on with that plan. that has not changed. the only thing different about this year's marathon is that it will begin with a moment of boston. >> london of course no stranger to terrorism. >> that's right. with the lorndon bombings a few years back. that must be a major concern. i am not sure you know the answer to this question but in the united states we try to move garbage cans and take precautions on the streets, can you tell us anything that is being done there? >> garbage cans have been removed from many public places in the united kingdom as a result of the bombings that took place with the ira campaign when there were the troubles in northern ireland. you stheem on certain streets but they are not in many public places. you won't find them in the under ground in the subway system.
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but in terms of security, physical security measures that are being put in place, those are quite subtle. those are things that the police officers don't talk about. we have seen a very large presence this morning of sniffer dogs out and about. again you have the dual concerns of protests by people who were opposed to margaret thatcher's policy before she was a very divisive prime minister. we could see some of that sparking today. we could also then, of course always appears in london as minuted jitters more now than ever after the bombing there's always concern about terrorism, international terrorism we had bombings in july of 2005 here and there has been numerous, numerous thwarted bomb plots. the counter terrorism agency stepped up their surveillance looking at cells reaching out to communities where there may be
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trouble. all of that has been ongoing and stepped up particularly from september 11th. >> amy kellogg live in london for us. with heavy hearts the boston red sox took the field and secured a win for their city. sweet caroline was played over the pa during warm-ups and traditional winning song dirty water was played after. they posted this picture on-line dedicating their win to their city. the biggest in sports rivalries put on hold. the yankees paying tribute to the city of boston. ♪ >> that's the yankees playing
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sweet carolina for the third inning and displaying the emblem we saw on the score board saying new york stands with boston. they observed a moment of silence before their game with arizona. >> that tragedy in boston leading to heightened security all across the country. philadelphia, chicago, and los angeles, a few places seeing an increase in police presence. wnyw our local fox affiliate is live in grand central station with what is going on in new york and also across the country. what are you seeing there this morning? >> hey, good morning, heather. if you are somebody who uses grand central or penn station all eyes are on you usually. but increased security presence has ramped up even more since the twin bombings in boston. nypd is focusing resources on landmarks, transportation hubs, houses of worship, hotels and the subway system in new york.
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grand central station falls under two of the designations not only a landmark with you a transportation hub. commuters are seeing bags being searched mailboxes being taken away, garbage cans being covered. they are seeing heavy increase of police presence here. the commissioner tells us there has been an increase of reports of suspicious activity in the wake of the bombing. in the last couple days there have been two reports of bomb scares in the city. the bomb squad was called out to two separate jobs. none were prank calls. that doesn't under score the need to be vig gent. they will stay in place until boston determines who was behind the attacks. the big question a lot of them have especially in the city how is this going to impact future events? >> we have our marathon planned and plans for this weekend.
2:19 am
the governor and mayor says those events will go on as planned but big security changes. teresa, thank you so much. new yorkers used to stepped up security but we haven't seen this level for quite sometime. thank you teresa. let's talk about the markets now. markets and investors reacting to the boston marathon bombings. this is an interesting one here. lauren sniment t simonetti has details. people thought they would plummet but they did well. >> we were having a bad day when the bombings happened. we were down 256 points on monday. we gained back more than half of that on tuesday for a whole bunch of reasons much of it a relief rally but we had solid economic data. now we have to wonder what happens today. few are down today. we are going to have this roller-coaster ride.
2:20 am
we have a lot of panic out there. we saw a spike in the index here in the marketplace. investors went back into treasury. >> it is seen as something safe. >> typical place. >> futures are down. we watched it this morning. roller-coaster ride. >> thank you so much lauren simonetti from the fox business news. next on the rundown the damage from the boston bombing is not just physical. there is an emotional toll as well. dr. keith ablow has information on how you can deal with this tragedy. ♪ come on, nowadays lots of people go by themselves. no they don't. hey son. have fun tonight.
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>> good morning. it is now 24 minutes after the hour. here's quick look at the headlines for you. north korea is demanding an apology for these protests in south korea. unless the south apologizes it will retaliate without warnings. they were seen destroying flags and dolls of north korea. the north celebration of the country's founder kim ill sum's birthday. more than a month after the attack on the consulate that left four americans dead we learn the key changes that have been promised will take months if not year brothers they go into effect. in the wake of the 9-11 attacks the more marines the bigger the diplomatic effect it will take
2:25 am
years. patti ann? >> the damage from the boston bombings is not just physical there is also a devastating emotional tole. >> it is a sad day for all of us but even more so for the patients and the relatives. i had the pleasure of interacting with many of the relatives, and obviously they are sat tened by the event. we are suffering emotionally for what happened to the people of boston and many others. >> psychiatrist and fox news contributor dr. keith ablow is live to talk about this. thank you for joining us. there's the emotional impact on those who were directly impacted and then the effect on all of us. start with those directly impacted. what advice for them? >> well, you know, one person can heal another. what i would say is don't try to hold this all inside. feel free to share yurek
2:26 am
election, share your fears with somebody close to you or with the cons -- a counselor. people wait until they are deep into the woods to talk about this. think of it as preventative medicine, if you will. people were injured by being close to the scene may well need a therapist to talk this through. >> caulk it out with a friend or a therapist. don't be afraid of sleeping aids. >> number one when you do talk to people one nice piece of advice i should add, feel free to tell someone who has been affected listen this will take time. don't think it is an meimmediat fix or you will bounce back immediately. in that interim if you need help from a sleep aid or need anti anxiety medicine it's okay you are not going to become addicted and these things can help you in the shorter term.
2:27 am
>> the next piece of advice is difficult. try to come up with a story of how adversity like this could change you for the better. we do see that happen. >> that's right. i do this with patients who are mired in some kind of trauma. i know i am asking a lot of you, but if you thought of this as a foundationece even stronger rather than weaker in life how would that take place? what would it mean for you. if life is a marathon, where would you be down the road with this as a strengthening event for you. people sometimes can do that and it becomes a road map. >> dr. keet ab lo-- keith ablow thank you for joining us. >> patti anne, thanks for having me. >> officials suggest a deadly bo poison was mailed to a u.s. senator. now details are emerging about the ladies and gentlemened r --.
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[ male announcer ] get adt installed for just $99. and ask about adt pulse, advanced home management here today. adt. always there. >> you are watching fox and friends first. >> brand new details are beginning to emerge on the
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terror attack in boston. we are getting a look at one of the bombs used. both of the bombs appear to have been made with kitchen pressure cookers and packed with explosive nails and shrapnel in order to inflict the most amount of damage. >> right now the fbi is closely examining this picture. the bag that is highlighted there might hold the second bomb. let's look at a side by side this one on the right capturing the aftermath of the explosion. it's the same shot about an hour apart. you can't see that bag. >> i am heather nauert. >> i am patti ann browne. >> we have more on where the investigation stands. remembering the three victims the boston community igniting to play tribute to 8-year-old martin richards 29-year-old cristle champ bell and a boston
2:33 am
national whose family asked her name not be released. >> candles lit saying this is a lesson in a devastating act. >> although shocking as you can see it has really rallied a strong community>> i would like to think we are stronger and more resilient and we will learn from this. >> many honored the victims by going for a jog. >> we are learning more about the victims. despite the international nature of the boston marathon people from all over the world come to run it and watch it all three of the people killed by the explosions in boston had boston connections. either from the city or attending school including an 8-year-old boy from a dorchester neighborhood. martin richard was at the finish
2:34 am
line with his mom, sister and father when the blast occurred. his wide eyed face became the first symbol of the tragedy. pictures began circulating all over the world. the dorchester neighborhood is stunned today remembering a little boy who died in a senseless tragedy. >> i just want believe this whole thing has happened. i watched him grow up from a baby. >> 29-year-old krystle campbell grew up in the suburbs of boston. she was with a friend when the bombs hit. originally her family thought she survived the attack but it was her friend hospitalized in surgery. krystle was a restaurant manager. her mother gave an emotional statement in front of her home. >> we are heartbroken. she was a wonderful person. everybody that knew her loved
2:35 am
her. she was always smiles. >> boston university community is grieving the loss of a brad student a chien need national. she was here watching the race with friends when the bombs hit. her family is asking for a lot of privacy. >> heather? >> thank you so much, molly. >> we are getting a look at what's left of one of the bombs that exploded as well as the shredded backpack in which it was hidden. waga in atlanta obtained the exclusive photos. dale russell has details. >> it is a look at what is left of the dpirsd-- deadly device. the bomb sent shock waves across the country. the investigation is already well underway as agents shift
2:36 am
through the remaining pieces of the bomb hoping to draw a picture of how it was built, where it was built and ultimately who built it. ap has reported the device was a pressure cooker bomb, common cook wear through out the world. >> everybody down, down, down, down. >> the crime scene pictures obtained exclusively by the i team show a stainless steel pressure cooker with laboratory numbers. one shows the imprint gas or electric. another a nap sack or duffle bag. various news outings reported it was carried in a black bag. >> these bombs contain small metallic praguements more consistent with pallellets. >> they describe removing pellets and headless nails from the bodies of victims. they believe the shrapnel was there to make the bomb deadly.
2:37 am
this crime scene picture shows what appears to be ball bearings or small metal pellets just like the ones described doctors. >> let's talk about the investigation. they are tins fying the manhunt for the suspect in the terror attack. doug luzader is following this for us. he's live in washington with the details. what do we have to go on that? >> that's a good question. we know more about the victims. we know more about the bombs themselves the next big piece is who did it. investigators are asking the public for help. there were ones of witnesses some of whom had seen the bomber. the problem is we are now on day 3 and the longer this takes the more difficult the manhunt becomes. >> at this time there is no ran claims of responsibility. >> we are asking any one who may have heard someone speak about the marathon or the date of april 15th in any way that
2:38 am
indicated he or she may target the event to call us. someone knows who did this. >> we have talked about the remnants of those pressure cookers themselves. those are very important clues. investigators will also look at the fragment of metal that were scattered, nails and small bibis or ball bareings. >> we have to find out where the nails came from, were they purchased at lowes or home depot or a small town near the scene. when were they purchased is it possible to determine who purchased the nails and when they did. >> that under scores these parts are everyday items. >> pressure cooker and nails and other pieces of metal that could have been purchased at any hardware store. >> the good news is the fbi are experts at tracking these things down. hopefully we will have success. doug luzader thank you so much.
2:39 am
now to another developing story and a fox news alert. this morning the fbi and u.s. capital police investigating a letter containing a potentially deadly poison that was intended for republican senator roger wicker's capitol hill office. it was field tested for ricin twice. those sometimes are unreliable. further tests are underway. it was found off-site at a mailing if as ifacility and nevr reached the hill. the comblier gi mayor giuliani can't distinguish. >> is something being triggered here is something going on? may turnout not to be so but it is worth investigating. >> there was no return address but it had a tennessee postmarp. officials say they have a suspect in the case.
2:40 am
oh to other news. thousands gathering at st. paul's cathedral in london for the funeral of margaret thatcher. the body is on the way to the cathedral and leaders from all over the world are in attendance. queen elizabeth is set to arrive any moment now. security there is extremely tight. more than 4,000 police are patrol that go area. n nearby subway stations have been shut down. margaret thatcher died last week she was 87 years old. >> less than a month after the deadly atrack in benghazi that left four americans dead we learn changes promised will take months possibly even years before they take into effect. more marines and diplomatic staff and reliable guards were
2:41 am
recommended. >> let's talk about extreme weather. snow is piling up in the west. my mom in colorado has been telling me about it. it's happening there and more is expected to fall later today. >> the plains states are already repairing to get it. good morning, maria. >> here we go again. more snow in places like colorado and the rockies and also into the plains. rapid say south dakota you saw 20 inches of snow. today you could be looking at over a foot of snow. a lot of snowfall in the process. warm temperatures in the 80s in texas and also into the southeast feeling more summer like across the area. a shower possible across sections of the northeast. further west across the country where we have the snow coming down already across minnesota and dakotas down into colorado. we have blizzard watches in effect east of denver because gusts could exceed 15 miles per
2:42 am
hour at times. that means white out conditions and severe weather will be possible widespread from chicago down into the city of dallas. the heist risk is that area in red including oklahoma city. >> maria molina. thank you. >> it is 42 minutes after the hour. coming up why one of america's most popular museums is forced to close down dozens of the galleries. >> incredible story, a father passes out behind the wheel on a busy highway. his children are too young to drive but they know exactly what to do. hi i'm terry, and i have diabetic nerve pain. i worked a patrol unit for 17 years in the city of baltimore. when i first started experiencing the pain, it's hard to describe because you have a numbness but yet you have the pain
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peoi go to angie's listt for to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact that i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. join today and find out why over 1 million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. >> the nation is still in shock this morning over the terror attack at the boston marathon that took the lives of three people. police asking for the public's help for any additional
2:46 am
information. wfxt katherine parade dau is live with the latest. good morning, katherine. >> good morning. we are here in the square area where the explosions happened. you can take a look behind me and you can see this area is still very much roped off it has been in lock down ever since the explosions happened. they are continuing to process the crime scene this morning. they are reopening some of the roads around the square. officials are emphasizing they need help and they have been collecting evidence as well. you have seen some of that evidence. they have collected pieces of nylon, bibis and nails. they are asking any one with photos or videos even if they don't think they are relevant to send them into officials so they
2:47 am
can have a look themselves. keep in mind if they have had any conversations with people. if any one mentioned targeting the marathon or having an interest in explosives or if somebody heard an explosive until the time leading up to the marathon. that is crucial information that they are asking for this morning. we are hoping to get more from a briefing this morning. >> katherine parotta, fox news. the voice of the nfl has passed away. pat summerall died of cardiac ray arrest. he called 16 super bowls along side john madden. he was 82 years old. >> the smithsonian institution feeling the effects of sequestration. the museum must shut down some galleries starting may 1s they say necessary security cuts will prevent all exhibits from
2:48 am
being open at the same time. exhibits will be canceled in 2014 and 2015. the movie industry is changing the rating system to help parents see violent content. they will tell why a movie earned a rating. an r movie may say something like includes intense war violence scenes. they have been pushing for this since the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. >> it is 48 minutes after the hour. still ahead investigators recover ago key piece of evidence. it is part of the bomb you can see it right here. the question is how will this help them make a case against the person responsible? arthur aidala is here next. >> let's check in with peter dudos see. >> the coverage of the boston marathon bombing continues. a former police department detective and military
2:49 am
intelligence officer both weigh in on what the photos of the bomb got and what they reveal. then talking to the teacher who was fired forgiving a bible to the student after the student asked about a bible passage. does that make sense? would you rather have a doctor or a roadblock operate on you? it kicks off in over 10 minutes from now right here on your channel for news. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that help l cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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ic oo e >> 8 until the top of the hour. martha stewart products are banned from maisj.c. penney.
2:53 am
maisies is suing to keep the products only in their stores. >> the rocker admitted answered his wife separated after a relapse. for the last year and a half i have been drinking an taking drugs. i am happy to say i am now 44 days sober. >> the saudi man who was considered a person of interest yesterday has been ruled out as a suspect. he was incredibly cooperative we are told. investigators are searching for clues. one of the legal barriers that authorities are face in this. to explain we have arthur aidala. >> they got the search warrant to look at this guys property. they cleared him but nev nevertheless they acted quickly. >> they acted within the realm of the law. that's what's so important. the judges did. there was no delay and no red tape. what terrorists are trying to do
2:54 am
is change our american way of life. trying to take the constitution and rip it up and throw it out the window. we have to make sure they don't succeed in doing that. this is a perfect example they didn't. we did things the right way we had a person of interest. the judge said okay you have probable cause to do that. they did it and he's safe. >> done deal, moving on. >> in other countries that guy would have had hot rods in his eyeballs here he is a victim it turns out after the investigation. he would have been subjected to harsh treatment. >> we have had a lot of changes in our surveillance laws since 9-11. how about this help the investigation? >> under the patriot act which is 11 years old there's a lot that the government can't do. like the eavesdropping, listening devices getting into our lives. we covered that story about the irs being able to read our e-mails without even knowing about it. those types of things.
2:55 am
it's the terrorists forcing us to move the line. i don't want them to have that power or control. so we count on people -- >> that's a struggle we have in america. we want to remain safe but we still want our personal freedoms and liberties. >> a friend of mine is an american citizen she said per two children in the shopping cart going into the supermarket she got the full search the pocket book search. maybe you have a love letter in there you don't want some stranger opening it up and saying what is this? >> where do the american people go from here? >> we have the best and brightest of america. even outside of america working on this, i expect a resolution in short order. >> with all of that surveillance video. >> thanks to technology. look as we speak they are reconstructing the bomb.
2:56 am
they are putting back together. >> you have to think they will find something without a doubt. more coverage of the bombing coming up. :
2:57 am
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>> the nation mourning as they vow to fight evil and recover from this horrific attack. ♪ i can't begin to know ♪ but then i know ♪ it's growing strong >> i was sure and she was sure we would see a white light and that would be it. >> this community will recover and heal if we turn to each other rather than on each other. >> although it is


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