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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 18, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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briefs the media here in boston. until then, your world with neil cavuto, neil is on deck. catch you in an hour. >> neil: thank you very much. we're going to be back live in boston soon. the fbi moments a. from holding its first briefing in two days. the same fbi that was going back and forth on a presser that never materialized. now apparently they have some news they want to pass along. when they do we are there. the news conference begins at a time when questions are mounting. was it one person? a lot of people? how involved? to what degree? who saw what? and when? we have mike tobin tracking the investigation from boston, and our own katherine harris what they're saying in washington about the investigation. we begin with mike.
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mike? >> there are tremendous number of images floating around, particularly on the internet. the fer investigators say the images that matter we haven't seen them yet and there's a discussion among federal investigators of about whether or when they will row lease those images. quite possibly that could be some of the content of the press conference we're waiting for right now. we know of the images. there is one at least that shows an individual placing an object at the scene of one of the bombs. it's a very clear image according to an fbi source, clear enough he described the individual in the image as very young and white. now, there are a number of other people who were caught on camera. secretary napolitano is reluctant to call them suspects, just saying they're individuals with whom investigators want to speak. the physical crime scene out here is still very active. boylston street is blocked off on two sides surrounding where
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the blast took place. you can see the investigators in white suits shifting through the debris. looking former clues about who was behind this. and sadly, at either wend, the makeshift memorials with flowers, toys, notes about people's resolve to return to boston and run again. >> neil: we are waiting for two press conferences, including one about the explosion in tax that killed 16 people and 160 injured. an explosion that governor rick perry described as a nightmare scenario. we'll hear from doctors on the scene, and legal experts on the scene. one behind the investigation, the other behind just how much damage it has caused, and how those injured are faring.
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to catherine to what people in washington are staying about what's going on in boston or what we might or might not hear out of fbi officials shortly. catherine? >> today we heard from both the secretary of homeland security, janet napolitano, and attorney general eric holder. neither provided details on the case except to say every federal resource available is being given to boston as it is requested. we have new information on the kind of evidence being analyzed. have two tracks of the video and the still images but fox news is told there's a third track having to do with social media. basically a one-mile radius was put of the attack site 24 hours before and 24 hours afterward, and all the social media, facebook, twitter, instagram, is sucked up and analyzed. fox news said there were some
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messages that seemed coded and were subject to further analysis and they are providing new investigative leads for the fbi as well: >> neil: catherine do they feel the pressure -- that is, the authorities -- in this day and age where everybody's attention span can be short and the media, ourselves included, jump all over each other to try to get word out -- they've got to come up witha name or the appearance of making very quick progress. even some cases when they're not. >> right. i can't get inside the minds that are walking the streets of the senior officials here in washington, but what i would tell you from my own experience covering the topic is one of the best case scenarios for all involvedes when you have an attempt, and the device is not successful. of you think back to assad and the attempted bombing on times square. that device failed. that allowed the fbi to find the serial number or vin number in the vehicle, leading to a woman
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would recently sold the vehicle to assad. described him as skittish, wanting to pay cash, and from there they were able to make the positive identification. when you have a situation that they bomb is affected that has to be pieced together, and just speaking with former fbi agents about the scene in boston, they've highlighted the fact you had such a crowd scene, that even with all of the cameras it's almost impossible to make out what was happening in essentially that high recollection area -- high risk area, the finish line. >> thank you very much, catherine. when the press conference comes we're there. after the bombing we're getting a clearer picture of the immediate response, and exactly what the police were dealing with. >> radio: help from medical.
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>> can you imagine at the moment they were quickly surmising and fearing they might have another 9/11 on their hands in boston. joining us now a former secret service agent, his job to protect the president of the united states. the president back in boston today for a memorial service. you know, i was thinking of you, dan, and in the middle of all
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this and everyone has to keep their cool. we have had 72 hour plus passing since all of this happened. and at least in the immediate aftermath we had a total confusion, but it didn't escalate beyond what some authorities feared. that's hardly to say reassuring but what do you take away from the immediate response. >> after 9/11 i remember being an agent in the long island, new york, and we called it, turn in your neighbor week. everybody called in tips and it takes up a lot of time, but there were stories as well about attacks on the state department and -- it was any significant landmark there, was some threat called in, and it was really -- it's chaotic but that's natural in the fog of war. military is quite familiar with the phenomenon. >> neil: when investigators are going through what they're going through now, sorting through everything piece-by-piece, fragment-by-fragment, past the
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immediate hysteria, they obviously go back and forth, share a lot of information, a lot of insight. from the secret service perspective, where do guys like you come in? >> right now they're consuming a lot of intelligence to -- we're not producers of intelligence, we just consume them to -- not just the president but the dhs secretary, she president and their families -- are safe as well, and the contribute to the investigations put forth by the joint terrorist task force as most of the other federal agencies are as well. the fbi is not big enough to run out every single investigative tip they get in on the line. it's not possible. so they take anyone with a gun and a badge. you're going out and helping out. neil: when the president and other dignitaries descend on boston today, there's an argument that can complicate things or has enough time passed and it's calmed down enough
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because this has not escalate beyond monday, that it's okay, won't be too disruptive. did not appear to be. >> yeah. lisp, -- listen, there's no question, it cosmic indicate things. it takes a lot of police officers, motorcade routes, airports are difficult to secure. but viewed from 30,000 feet it's important he show leadership. i think boston needed it. the nation needed it. i thought it was good speech there is some sharp-term pain, traffic and security situations that could come up but it's well worth it in the long run. >> neil: dan, thank you very much. we are looking at the other developing news in texas. ed dead after a fertilizer plant blows up. witnesses describing it as the earth shaking. a full report is coming up.
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♪ >> neil: we are waiting for two press conferences on that deadly explosion in texas that has claimed at least 15 lives. and quite a few injuries, better than -- last time we checked, 161 by local legal authorities, the police and what have you we're also going to be hearing from medical personnel. this is new video we have just gotten moments after the blast occurred. the very latest from casey stiegel, who is in west texas. casey, what can you tell us? >> good to see you. officials on theground are telling us they basically
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completed the preliminary sweep of the homes and businesses in what is being referred to as the blast zone. there are at this point no reports of any additional survivors but we should point out on the flip side no reports of additional fatilities either. so they're going back through the five-block area around the fertilizer plant. they're going through with k-9 units to sift through the mountains of rubble. atf investigators are also on their way to the small farming community to lead the charge and work to figure out what caused the initial fire and then what caused the blast itself. the concussion, this concussion you see of this amateur video, could be felt 80 miles away. 80 miles away in southern parts of dallas. listen to one man's account what it was like when the fire ball erupted. >> i was actually pick up and
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thrown about ten feet. i was standing at the end of my bed, and then where iland was by the bathroom, about ten feet into the house. >> what what did you think hit you? >> i thought lightning at first because there was a bright flash and thunder and they said there would be thunderstorms. and when i realized the roof caved in, i thought that couldn't be happening. >> obviously in the wake of an accident like this, people are pouring through this fertilizer plant's safety recordser and it was cited in 2006 by a state environmental investigate for failing to obtain or qualify for a proper permit. now, as of this hour, four volunteer firefighters till remain uncan'ted for. when we started today it was five but one turn up at a local hospital and was alive. so, now four remain unaccounted for, and, neil, shockingly enough, also some reports
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surfacing of looting going on near the blast site. so a very heavy police presence out there to, a., make sure that is not happening, and b. to preserve what is being called a crime scene, although they say that is standard procedure. nothing indicates there was a crime here. in fact all accounts, according to officials on the ground here, looking and leaning more toward this was just one terrible unfortunate accident, neil. >> neil: thank you very much. and for your nonstop reporting. we are monitoring this sort of medical update on those injured and presumed dead, and neither count has gone up. relieved to say -- the numbers are horrific but the report of dead has not gone up beyond what they reported previously. i want to take a peek at what happened at the corner of wall and broad today. if you don't think this is adding to some anxious -- angst
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on the street and this sort of thing is just outside noise, added to fears the economy is slowing, do you weak numbers today and concerns about earnings that wasn't up to snuff, united health group and ebay, they were selling so much going on. so fast. more after this. [ male announcer ] straight from red lobster's chefs
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>> neil: one of the unwritten roles of the president of the united states, you're also consoler in chief, and this president has been put in that position probably more often than he would like. to rick leventhal in boston, with reaction to that visit and to a lot of different types coming together.
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>> the president talked tough inside the cathedral, telling the packed enter faith -- interfaith audience, theypied the wrong city, boston. he said boston will rise and will run again. a lotf folks lining up here before dawn but didn't all make it inside. the line was simply too long and there wasn't room even though e cathedral holds up to 2,00 people. the fortunate who made it inside heard from bon's mayor, heard from the governor of massachusetts, also from cardinal sean o'malley, and the president who says this is not only person for him but for millions of americans. >> we may be momentarily knocked off our feet, but we'll pick ourselves up. we'll keep going. we will finish the race. [applause]
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>> the president said boston has opened its heard to the world and the world opened its heart to boon vowing the perpetrators will be caughtnd face justice. >> i'm here today on behalf of the american people with a simple message. every one of us has been touched by this attack on your beloved city. every one ofs stands with you. because after all, it's our belove, too. >> before the service the president met with family member office krystle campbell, who died in the bombing. then he met with first responders, and then went to boston mass general where 11 people are still being treated for injuries they sustained in those twin explosions. >> neil: rick, thank you very meche.
1:23 pm
obviously at moments like this, an multidenominational services like todaynoston, the same question comes up, whether you're catholic or buddhis or jewish or whatever, how does god let stuff like this happen? we're going to turn to a man of the cloth to help us with that, father matt malone. maybe he can help sort this out. you get this question a lot, i'm sure. >> oh, yeah. >> what do you tell people? >> a perfectly reasonable question and the right question, and it seems to me that people ask two questions at a time like this. one is why does god permit things like this to happen? and that's part of the mystery of being human. i don't have an answer to that question. it's a question as old as humanity itself. i thinkhe second question is, where is god in all of this? and i think we can begin to approach an answer to that question, and god is where love
1:24 pm
and compassion are to be found. god is in the response of the men and women who went running toward the scene. god is in the hand of the surgeons and doctors and nurses who were healing. god is in the hand of the ministers and the priests and the rabbis who were praying, and witnessing to this event in solidarity with those who have lost, and those who have been hurt. it's a -- when i was wahi the event today at the cathedral, i was struck by the line from scripture, we will run and not grow weary for our god will be our strength and we will rise again, and that i think is what is at the -- the heart of that is the knowledge that, whatever -- for whatever reason this happened, god is with us, and walking with us, and seeing and accompanying us through this experience.
1:25 pm
>> neil: there are lot of cynical people who look at this, father, and say, if god is with us, he turns his head a lot. either in the face of a shooting at a grade school or in a theater in colorado, or although host of inciden i between, and if you argue it's always a battle between good and evil going on, it would appear to many evil has had the upper hand of late. what do you say to those of your faith and beyond your faith who are questioning their faith? >> that it's okay to question. and it's okay to be angry, and it's okay to be afraid. and to be sad. these are perfectly understandable reactions, and i'd wonder about the person would wasn't. -- about the person who wasn't. the problem of evil in the world isn't so much a problem as much as it's a mystery, and it's a mystery that we enter into, and
1:26 pm
every generation enters into. and unfortunately, in the times in which we live, we seem to have gotten more than our share of it. but the important thing to remember -- and this is true throughout the religions -- the great religions, not just christianity -- the thing to remember is that god gives us life, and with off of its inadequacies and traumas and injustice but also with all of its hope and triumph and with all of its life. >> neil: we all pray for miracles, and we see miracles in life. a lot of people attach michigan religious to it or something else, and that little eight-year-old boy was in need of a miracle and he didn't find one. >> that's right. >> neil: why? >> good question to ask god. it's not a question that i have an answer to. and any human being that would claim to have an answer to that
1:27 pm
question is misguided. the only person who has that answer is god, and so we -- whatever our faith is, we turn to him in a moment like this and ask him in our anger and tears and sadness, why? why now? where are you? what we know, we may not like the answer but we hill come to us in our hearts with an answer. >> neil: we pray. we hope, father, thank you very much. we'll have more after this, including how sometimes god or whatever you want to argue, comes out in the strangest ways. >> oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we -- at the twilight's last grooming. ♪ bright --
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1:32 pm
reluctant to use the word "suspects" but the information we have is the video will identify the suspects in the boston bombing. we don't know whether the video comes from surveillance cameras along boylston avenue or department stores or joe public. we're told to expect is that the fbi has video that will be played out to the public showing the suspects in the boston attacks, neil. >> neil: they are using the -- those terms, suspects. >> the information i have here is suspects, and until now they have been reluctant to use the term, reluctant use the term even "person of . ." >> neil: thank you very much. that's coming up at the top of the hour. it can be sort of a moving timeline here but at the time of the hour we'll be hearing from the fbi on all of this. aaron, what too you make of this? >> i think the fib is stepping
1:33 pm
forward -- the fbi is stepping forward and manning up and saying, we have suspects. that leads me to believe they looked at footage and saw specific behavior that relays to the incident that occurred, which is the attacks, which could include surveillance that they were performing prior to the attacks, of just a minute before it. they could also mean surveillance from a day before. we don't know what the footage is because we haven't seen it. it could also literally show the suspects placing the explosives -- they could have been looking at behavior of the individuals s and look for red flags. we don't know specifically. >> neil: obviously aaron, something triggered their interest to say they could be suspects. what do you think that would be? >> well, i think that they're looking for young males in their mid-to -- mid-20's to mid-30s. i think they're going to be
1:34 pm
looking for the clutching of the bag, that white knuckle grip. looking for clothing that was mismatched for that time of year. they'll look for body language that supports them trying not to be stared at, which in essence creates a red flag, because they're trying not to be noticed. they're obviously going to be look for them take an explosive out of a bag or jacket or off their person and placing it within the area of the detonation or blast zone. they'll be looking for other people who may have been assisting in the operation, which would include surveillance to keep attention or to keep them from been able to impede the attacks, and just everything leading up to it. and so i think those are the main things i would be looking for. >> neil: wasn't too long -- talked to an expert on this, so obviously you're looking at video that includes examining
1:35 pm
thousands of different people, and yet experts like you can pinpoint the more unusual folks. you talked about how they're dressing, where they're looking, what they're clutching. what else do they look for? i don't want to give away secrets, but obviously it's got a to be more than just something that looks a tad out of place. because with that many people, that many crowds, you have to go for something more. what is it? >> well, neil, it's an excellent question. doing security in a crowd is a night marry. that's one thing that israel folks a heavy amount of their training on. my unit in particular, we spent thousands of hours training to not only be able to spot threats in crowds but to be able to subdue and neutralize threats in crowds because that's where terrorist go. so another indicator why they're
1:36 pm
calling them suspects as it relates to terrorism as far as how to do it, it's learnable. you just have to have realistic, reality, based training, to get you to be able to look at footage and look fog -- looking for things out of play and including people not trying to be seen. the behavior of the murder is the same before the act of terror as afterwards and it's just suspicious. detectives -- we have seen on tv and movies -- there's a hunch, a feeling you get when somebody is guilty, and we take those same red flag indicators or that body language, wite at el al when we are checking passengers into a flight, and in conjunction with a whole bunch of classified layers. but in that case, out there would have been undercover guys looking so they can't be spotted. four people doing surveillance of potential terrorists.
1:37 pm
with the fbi, because it's after the fact -- they probably didn't have that in player, otherwise we wouldn't be talking about this. now it's about going to the video evidence and they have to look for something they can say is absolutely conclusive and it's tough. it's a lot of people that they're scanning in this little box. >> neil: i learned something from you. a murder would act the same before and after an event. >> same thing, neil, the same thing. >> neil: aaron, thank you very much. getting ready for the presser coming up at the top of the hour. and apparently they're going to be showing a tape, and the world will see for the first time maybe the folks behind this. bill hammer from boston next. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain
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the scene in boston right now where we're less than 20 minutes away from the fbi releasing a video, we're told, that will supposedly identify the suspects. and they want the public's health in tracking those suspects down. bill hammer in boston as he has been all week, bill, what can we expect? >> neil, i think this will be must-see, tv, and if this plays out the way we expect it, you wonder what the quality level of this video is and how good the image is. that's something we all wait here in boston -- i think
1:42 pm
everybody hat home will be watching and i expect it to explode across the internet because people will be passing this image around much as they have for the past 48 hours or so images that appear to be dubious at times. but the rope why you put this out in part is to draft more interest on behalf of the public, to get identity of an individual or individuals, and i thought it was especially telling two days ago on tuesday, they were really leaning on the public for help and assistance and any kind of testimony the public could aufner terms of video evidence or pictures taken on an iphone or camera, at the boston marathon and today in the house homeland security committee meeting we were watching, during the hearing, janet napolitano brought up the public again, saying we need the public's help, and i expect this is part of it once the press conference begins.
1:43 pm
haven't seen these guys in two days now, which somewhat unusual for a story of this high profile. when you have a terrorist attack in a major american city, and you go bat 48 hours before anyone connected directly with law enforcement has not gone public, it can be a little unusual. that tells me they're walking with caution and they're also not trying to tip their hand, but perhaps at 5:00 they'll open the window a little bit for us. >> neil: i don't want to prejudge what they're going to say or do or -- but obviously when they're at the point of saying they're talking about suspects, there's something in each or self of these guys behavior, zooming they're malees, that caught their attention and they want the public's help tracking down. otherwise they wouldn't hold a press conference at all. they tend to be fairly guarded. >> yeah. i think you're right about that, too. i think then the question goes to, who are these people and where are they?
1:44 pm
are they from boston? from the commonwealth of massachusetts? from some other part of the country? are they from out of the country? we were told today that logan was shut down on monday afternoon bought they were trying to prevent anyone from leaving the state or the country, if they were responsible for what happened here, and maybe that was effective and maybe not. i think that will be the next question after 5:00 comes around. >> neil: bill, a lot of bostonians i'm sure they're eager for some sort of closure, not that identifying someone grants you closure, but then it becomes an issue of the city getting back to normal. the president kind of tried to touch on that today in his remarks at the cathedral. i imagine just watching a lot of interviews they're a long way from that. >> they could be. but i thought the president's visit sort of healed the wound.
1:45 pm
but there are vigils that pop up all over this city of boston. throughout the day and throughout the night, and have for several days, remembering the victims, and we were listening to doctors again at one of the hospitals earlier today, talking about those still listed in critical condition. they will have issues for weeks or months or possibly for the rest of their lives, after they did survive and were helped immediately with their bleeding wounds, and excellent medical care. some of the finest facilities in in the world has to offer in this city, but those victims are the people that we remember here again tonight, and for them you wonder the amount of anxiety they have to try to solve this great terrorist mystery, and how either close we are to getting that point or maybe how far away we are still on this thursday afternoon, neil. >> neil: all right. bill, maybe some answers coming up in the next few minutes. thank you very much.
1:46 pm
bill will be there at the top of the hour to take you to that. in the meantime, after the attacks, america reacts. not worry. try fury. i'll explain. for a final go. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers.
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>> neil: the week we saw this in ston. a widow of flight attendant killed on 9/11 wants to make sure we do not see this again shep is fighting to keep knives off airplanes after the tsa said it would ease restrictions on what passengers can take on flights, including knives. rebecca lost her husband on that tragic september day. rebecca, very good to have you i was surprised as you were when all of saud knives were allowed. we remember the famous shot of
1:50 pm
at at that atta on security video, his bag was screened just like everyone else's at the time. box cutter clearly visible but no one made a big deal about it. and here we are back to the future. it's crucial that somehow we stopped it so that's why i'm here in washington. >> neil: one of the arguments you hear for doing this is that they went too far. they started, you know, between the liquids and everything else they overdid it. maybe i could see some of that but the nice thing, like you, i agree that
1:51 pm
seems odd to bring back. but they are bringing it back. have any of the explanations they have given satisfied you. could satisfactory me to bring a knife back on an airplane. after all, that's what brought down the airplane that my husband was on. one of the things that has said that it takes too long to screen for knives. airport security, although is it will only take longer to screen for six centimeters, specific or smaller knives. which as i understand, the screeners will actually only be eyeballing them through the screens. and if they believe that it's too large, then that's when a knife will be taken out of the carry on luggage. opened up and then there you are in the airport with an open weapon. after all a knife was used as a weapon. >> neil: we are going to hear from authorities who
1:52 pm
they suspect might have been behind the attacks in boston. could be several people. they are going to show a video. and i'm wondering for the loved ones of victims in this attack, what advice you might have. oh, i don't know. it's just -- it's a long process. it's deficit stating. with the attacks in boston, we don't know where the next attack will be. also, with the letters coming to washington this week and senator's office in phoenix where i live now. they are trying to find holes in our security. for the administrator to suddenly decide that one week from today is a good idea to allow knives on every airplane in the united states is a terrible idea. it's a slap in the face to 9/11 victims and also to just america in general. we were all affected that day. this is not just about me and not just about 9/11
1:53 pm
families. yes, it brings back horrific memories for us and the long process it's taken to get over it it's about all of us, the general public. >> neil: rebecca, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> neil: we'll have more. [ tires screech ]
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1:57 pm
america as a whole right now? dr. daniel bubber is a psychologist. dr., good to have you. that's a lot of anger, doctor. >> yes, i agree. i think it says a lot about us as americans. especially when you consider where we were at after 9/11. i think we have got a sense of empowerment that we're going to fight back and we're not going to surrender to this. >> neil: i was thinking that in a couple of minutes when the authorities, the fbi releases this video showing what it believes to be a suspect or suspects behind the attacks, that that anger is going to foment all over again and, i mean, you could get really, you know, mass sort of revolt going on here or just track these guys down. how do we keep that kind of thing in check? should we keep it in check? >> i think by turning it into something positive, you know, we haven't seen an attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. but if you look at what happened after 9/11, you know, we came together
1:58 pm
neighbors, communities, and we decided that we weren't going to back down from this challenge. we were going to turn this into something positive. and take what we could learn from it and come together as one american family. >> neil: do you think we we can do that? >> i think we are already seeing evidence of that if you look at boston and look at the tragedy and what happened, how people were helping each other immediately. people were selflessly run into the blast trying to help their neighbors. it's really something that is uniquely american. >> neil: it is, indeed. doctor i apologize for tight time constraints ahead of this presser. minutes away. i want to go to mike tobin right now in boston on a conference that could for the first time i guess, mike, put at least some faces behind these attacks. what do you think? that is the information we are getting from the fbi will release video. what we have heard from federal sources thus far that of all the images that have been floating around to the internet many and
1:59 pm
images floating from time to time we haven't seen the important ones yet. we just learned from federal sources through fox news catherine herridge that the fbi does indeed plan to release some video at this news conference. what we have heard through another fbi source is there is at least one individual on this video or on some of these images that is clear enough that the fbi can identify him as very young he also said he was a caucasian and the description of this individual on the scene placing an object at the site of at least one of those explosions. a lot of discussion about two individuals. we just know from a federal source a pretty good description at least an alarmingly clear image of at least one individual, neil. >> neil: mike tobin, thank you, very very much. high tech age, my friend. we have the opportunity through all these cameras and all these vantage points. due to a lot of folks invade your


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