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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 18, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> good evening, i'm a special agent in charge of the boston division. since monday's bombings our partners are fully committed to investigating the matter this, mat twror bring those responsible to justice. our collective team has pursued thousands of leads and tips. as i said we're working with a sense of urge yens jensy to identify those responsible for the bombings. within the last day through that careful process we developed a single person of interest. not knowing that the individual is acting alone or in concert with others we worked with purpose to make that determination. the force of the federal government, fbi in boston, around the world as well as our partners in boston police, atf, massachusetts state police and 30 agencies with the boston joint terrorism task force set about to make sure all responsible will be
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brought to justice. important lit was done to ensure future safety of the city of boston, common wealth of massachusetts and the country. indeed through that process the fbi developed a second suspect. today we're listing the public's help to identify the two suspects. after analysis of photo, video and other evidence we're releasing photos of the two suspects identified as suspect one and suspect two. they appear to be associated. suspect one is wearing a dark hat, suspect two wearing a white hat. suspect two set down a backpack at the site of the second explosion just in front of the forum restaurant. we strongly encourage those at the forum restaurant who have not contacted us yet to do so. as you can see from one of the images suspects one and two appear to be walking together
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through the crowd in the direction of the finish line that. image captured in the intersection of glofter street. you can see the quality of the photos is good but we'll continue to work on developing images to improve their identification value. further on we have photos of the suspects. photos and videos are posted for public and media to use, review and publicize for clarity, these images should be the only ones that the public should assistance. other photos should not be deemed credible and unnecessarily divert the attention of the public's attention. for more than 100 years the fbi relied upon the public to be its eyes and ears. with the media's help these images will be delivered into the hands of millions around the world.
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we know the public will play a critical role in identifying and locating these individuals. someone out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, co-workers or family members of the suspects. it may be difficult the nation is counting on those with information to come forward and provide it to us. a little bit of information is -- no bit of information is too small for to us see. each piece moves us forward towards justice, it's important to contact us with information regarding identities of suspect one, suspect two and their location, we consider them armed and extremely dangerous, no one should approach them no, one should attempt to apprehend them except law enforcement. do not take any action on your own. if you see these men contact law enforcement. if you know anything about the
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bombings or men pictured here please call the telephone listed on the photo arrays. 1-800-call fbi again, 1-800-call fbi. all calls will be confidential we have established a web site for tips relating to the bombing. please contact us at bosto the photos can be viewed on our web site fbigov. it's important to emphasize images are indelible and the horror of that day will remain with us forever this, under scores our obligation to investigate this crime in order to bring those responsible to justice. victim asks survivors deserve nothing more. nothing less, excuse me, as to monday's victims the fbi is
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committed to ensuring victims receive rights they're entitled to and assistance they need to cope with the crime. treating victim was respect and providing them with benefits will better our cases, resources include a office of victim assistance at fbi headquarters. these pro figsals can assist victim asks coordinate to provide victims with support, information and resourcesness troy meet their needs. our victim suspectist team continues to work to bring assistance to victims of the heinous act. identifying and locating those responsible is now our highest priority. no other details of the investigation will be released at this time because this is our focus now. it continues to be an ongoing, active investigation. review photographs and contact us at 1-800-call-fbi or
8:06 pm immediately. >> i won't want to comment p on that now. i wail lou the u.s. attorney to comment on that aspect. >> next question, please, please. yes. yes. >> are both subjects carrying the devices at the finish line. >> the only one observed planting we believe to be the device is suspect two with a white cap. >> what time. >> i don't have a precise time in front of me. shortly before the bomb blast went off. within wins. -- minute autos at this time these are the people of interest to the fbi.
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>> do you have information on what they did after the explosions? any indication they were walking away? >> suspect number two with the white cap on proceeded west on boylston street that. is all we know now. >> all over the country including new york post identifying two men as potential suspects i'm wondering what it does to your investigation when things like this get out and. >> i think i address that had question in my statement by saying only photos should be officially relied upon in this investigation are those that you see before you, today. >> i do stand by the statement right now. there is no danger we're aware of right now. >> greta: fox news is live in
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boston with latest on this investigation. mike? >> well, you heard the special agent in charge there saying that they're looking for the public to be their eyes and ears. federal investigators exhausted promising leads and took this step of turning to the public to get new leads and images and they got them. after this press conference was held and new images release they had got even more someone turning images over to our affiliate showing this individual now identified as suspect two in the white ball cap someone described it with a polio cap with a number on the side. standing in that section of the crowd. when you look, you can make out what appears to be a backpack down by his feet that. is concities tent to what the fbi told us is that one individual they described as that we see him going up in front of the forum
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restaurant before the explosions at 2:50 taking off that backpack containing explosives and setting it down there in the crowd filled with men, women and children. he also said that that individual then left west down boylston street west against the traffic flow for that road z against traffic of the runners coming in. he was accompanied by suspect one in that dark ball cap now identified by at least our local affiliate as a bridgestone golf cap what. they're looking for from the public two things really. they're looking for anyone who was out there taking pictures and videotape. take a look at pictures and videotapes and see if they've got the white ball cap or dark balance cap in that shot and turn that over to authorities. second thing they're looking for is anyone who knows them who thinks they've seen them whether in boston or if they have taken off together or
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individually around the country. greta? >> you know mike boy find this bizarre if right now, at 11:09 eastern if they don't already have a good idea who twhees two are this f.they've taken off for other countries, is that i bet they're searching apartments right now or searching rooming houses. you know, with the massive amount of flooding of the pictures, someone knows -- someone knows them. someone has seen them. i would be surprised if something weren't going on right now. would you? >> not at all. the fbi we have to assume they're being flooded at least with interest we do know crashed shortly after the press conference. have you to presume that it was just because of the flood of people logging in to the web site. twitter is on fire with this information. so, there is a lot to go
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through. at the same time if you're producing good leads you're producing bad leads. there is a lot investigators have to sift through there. is a lot of work to do. they know when pulling the trigger they're going to get this volume of information. i do anticipate running around tomorrow and them goose chases and we'll see if someone can produce a good lead incoming hours. >> if anyone is watching this now thinks he or she remembers seeing the person if you can't get through to fbi call 911, you can call local news organizations and give information because you know fbi really wants this information so get it to the authorities if you know anything, mike, thank you. >> got it. >> greta: now it's been 80 hours since the bombing how far could suspects have gotten? what else does the fbi need to do to track them down? mark furman joins us, it's been almost 80 hours, you can drive according to calculations
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you can drive from boston to l.a. in 43 hours, these two could have a jump on the fbi. couldn't they? >> absolutely. i think they can be any place in the world to be honest we don't know exactly how they left the city. where they left the city. what method and as you can see when bombs go off, everybody rushes to help victims, law enforcement, medical personnel, military personnel. sou have confusion and assistance going on for the first few hours. there is no tactical investigative process yet to seal a perimeter around the city or area so they slipped out before they got that set up. once they do that, you need to identify them that. is the first 48 hours they were trying to identify them
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through cell phones, dna or anything else, it failed. >> well, fbi is calling them suspects. i guess it's possible the fbi is wrong that they're not suspects and if that is true it would be nice, good if those two came forward but there could be a third person, a fourth person, fifth person we don't know that. we're at early stages in terms of trying to identify exactly what we're dealing with. who is causing this. i'm curious whether or not you think that the fbi could be shaking down some apartments tonight if these two -- tips come flowing in. boy think that they're way ahead of the game tonight. >> i think as you said the press conference is at 5:00. if someone knows these two individuals or one of the individuals, the information should be coming in early. if we don't hear anything by tomorrow, i think it would make me nervous that nobody
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knows these individuals. nobody knew them, yd. they're not american citizens they're nationals from another country. you know that, is a -- that would be a bad turn of events. i think if they do identify the individuals by name that is one step. second step try to move to loks where relatives and other opportunities to try to nail them down that. might take a little bit. >> i wish we'd had this video earlier. number of hours passed you know does make it more difficult for law enforcement to catch up with them, someone served them coffee in a restaurant. someone saw them get gas at the gas station or they live in an apartment or rooming house or someone dated one one of them. someone has seen, it's hard so sort of commit a crime and have this amount of visibility
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and not be identified. >> a agree with you. as we have videos on tv right now they committed this crime. i suspect one person was driving a vehicle they're not going to leave a vehicle for dogs to scent. they had a bomb in tlchl the chance of it being towed close to the marathon is very good. so you need a third person to drive them at least. so when you look at this, we don't know their names, people might recognize i've seen that guy but they still probably won't know their name, they're looking for possibility they have a fellow student or co-worker relative. and things are looking fairly certain these are probably
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international suspects not national, home grown. >> or the other alternative to suppose the fbi that these two had nothing to do with it? and these two come in and talk to the fbi this is the best the fbi has. then, i think that it's a different situation. i think there is that enld. the fbi seems to -- they're calling them suspects. fbi believes these are the two. fit turns out these are not the interest two i think that is very, a grim situation. >> knowing the fbi and how they do things they usually give no statement unless they're absolutely sure, they're calling them suspects they're the suspects. they're the two bombers. i think they probably have additional photographs and imaging that might be not as good. i think there is other evidence. >> greta: you and i are old enough to remember richard
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jewel. mistakes can be made that. is the problem. >> agreed but i thought of richard jewel. i knew you're going to bring it up. now they have two individuals. richard jewel was a single person. there is no way to couple video now they couldn't couple concerts, they're working in concert with another individual we don't have technology then that we have now. i that i is why they're affirmative in this area. >> greta: i hope this is, i think the caps are helpful, too. a lot of things like that are helpful to piece this together. mark, as always, thank you. >> you know, you're -- thank you, greta. >> greta: this is a fox news alert there are reports of gunshots on the campus of m.i.t.. police responding to the scene.
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mike tobin is live with the latest. mike? >> information is coming off the m.i.t.web site now this, is building number 32. the building is surrounded by responding agencies. the situation is considered active and dangerous, we know that the cambridge police are responding to augment the campus police there. not a lot is as far as information goes nothing to indicate there is a connection between what happened here on boliston street and what is going on on campus but chronology is owl all tlchl the fact this release happened you had individuals considered armed and dangerous or labeled armed and dangerous by the fbi. now we have nfrgs coming out of the massachusetts institution of technology there has been gunfire there. building 32 right now is surrounded. the situation considered active. and dangerous.
8:19 pm
greta? >> greta: building 32. do you have any idea? is that a dormitory? academic build something any information? >> it's come sog fast i zront that greta. >> greta: and you've reported campus police and cambridge police have responded. we don't know whether this is part of the bombing or unique to its self and another situation going on. >> they just say responding agencies so have you to assume campus police are involved and we have information cambridge police are augmenting their forces. >> gunshots at m.i.t.a university in boston. we'll be back to you as soon as you get more information and we'll report this breaking news to viewers as well. straight ahead fbi waiting for that tip that, tip could could
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crack the case. there is more on the bombing investigation ahead and what is going on at m.i.t.and the latest on the daetdly and massive fertilizer plant explosion. tonight, 26 hours later several firefighters trying to put out the giant blaze are missing. a live report from texas is next. you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence.
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unbelievable, sheer devastation in texas and an explosion leveling almost a entire town. 15 people feared dead right now including tonight there are missing firefighters. more than 200 people are injured. frantic moments captured on recordings. >> we've got a lot of firemen
8:24 pm
down. >> firefighters down. again >> greta: we go to fox news live in west texas. dominic, latest please. >> grichen since we last spoke we learned from emergency services official that's the operation will soon be reclassified as a recovery operation that means an urge to find anyone is effectively over now. the protest -- process of pulling the body from the wreckage and buildings destroyed by the blast is what they're focusing on now. the search dogs going to continue throughout the night. it's very difficult they're using heavy equipment to lift up the building that have collapsed and trying to find
8:25 pm
bodies inside between eight and so 10 bodies have been recovered so far. they expect that perhaps a six other bodies will be found in the next day or so as they sift throughout area. it's a large area that is decimated. problem is that the structures aren't safe. it's hard for workers to get to try to recover those on the inside. officials have not released a list of those who are missing. we know there are three, four, maybe five firefighters amongst those. we know the chief from dallas is one of those who died and he was a 62-year-old man had been in the service 30 years leaving behind a wife and three daughters and two paramedics perished so hopefully a day like tomorrow,
8:26 pm
for now, the recovery continues overnight. back to you. >> the extent -- we look at the pictures and we can see the blast and explosion but there is so much around in the area and what about the air now? what is been spewed into the air? >> epa has been here looking at whether it's a danger to the public, it could burn lungs and blind you. it can kill you quickly. there wasn't any evidence that there was a large cloud being dispersed as a result of the explosion so authorities feel pretty confident there is no right after this frk that. it could be due to the sheer size of the explosion most amoan why was destroyed because it may have been whatever residue is leaks into the water table, no one is talking about this so far.
8:27 pm
>> greta: i understand they're calling an industrial accident. no one suggesting terrorism in this. it's been a while before we find out but was this an oldfac? or old plant? is this a new one? are there any problem was it? >> it has been around about 20 years. in fact it's been there longer than buildings around it were which a lot of people are asking why would you build schools and residences near something like this, but it's been around. and it zrnt a flawless track record. it's had problem was permits. and it was burning trash and palette was out notifying authorities and that got people concerned and they he vk waited schools as a result of that. so there have been problems there in the past but most people are saying that it looks like it was an industrial accident what. caused the original fire no one knows yet but they'll be looking back to that event
8:28 pm
back in that case in january where there was a fire. that the factory operated. >> greta: dominic, thank you. >> coming up latest on the suspect for suspects in the boston mayor wrathon bombings. the fbi releasing new photos so could facial recognition help track the case? or will it be a phone tip? a live report from boston is next. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time.
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this is a fox plus naus lert. ples on the scene at the massachusetts institute of technology in boston. gunshots reported at 10:48 p.m. >> according to the standard traffic or radio traffic boston ems is responding picking up what radio traffic said is an officer shot after his gun was taken from stolen from him. and location now, building two according to what we have from the internet is called stodda center. the m.i.t.web site saying there was a shooting that that location and responding agencies and authorities have surrounded that building and know they're being augmented
8:33 pm
by police. that is the situation considered volatile at the moment. they're advising people to stay away what i cannot do is link the bombing here or the release of the pictures of the suspects to what happened on campus, only thing that can link the two is timing. it's just about 10 minutes by car from the campus and this building number two, or stodda center. again arks cording to the radio traffic or scanner traffic there is a police officer shot his gun taken from him. the situation is volatile, greta. >> greta: other than the fact it's close proximity in terms of days from monday to today doesn't seem like there is any -- it doesn't seem to have a connection with the boston bombing. we don't know much about the shooting at m.i.t.but not
8:34 pm
something spiked my radar into thinking it might be related. seems like, regrettably a routine shooting unfortunately it could be anything. i think someone approaching me now i may get new information. you have something new, jim? reports this is a suspect fleeing from a robbery. it might not be connected with the bombing. >> greta: boston seeing a lot of unwanted news this week. anyway, mike, thank you. and of course if there is more information from m.i.t.or if it is linked to the marathon we'll be right back here so just let us know, thank you, mike. >> got it. >> greta: we're going to go back to mike to bein but right now police and fbi want your help someone knows the identities of the two suspects in that surveillance video.
8:35 pm
one suspect seen wearing a dark baseball cap the other a white one. the man in the white cap seen setting down a backpack at the second bombing site. anyone with information is asked to call the fbi at 1-800-call fbi. the fbi is also using high tech facial recognition technology to track down suspect. the coe ofan met tricks spoke about how facial recognition work wez want to point out photos you're about to see are not related to the bombing investigation. >> i have an example here i can show you of a surveillance picture. this is a guy coming out of a door. it's a surveillance camera picture that. picture as is when you take it and run it through face recognition system is not going to work. you're not going to get results. you can't see the top of the face too well. it's a small resolution wise.
8:36 pm
it's going to be difficult. just running this picture into the data base, again, might turn up some kind of result or no result at all because of the ang you'llation of the face. we have a suspect we think this is the guy. that face turn up in the data base? just using that one? the answer is probably not. but we can do something with this face to make that face appear in data base so let me take you to a tool that we call forensica. it is this tool taking images and creates a 3 d. >> remind our viewers this photo is not related to the investigation. >> not at all. >> it finds features on the photos. here is the mug shot. you can see on the features so it tries to get these features
8:37 pm
correct. that is the first step. looking for a face then eye. then it tries to figure out other features of the face. if i, this is a manual mode program. if the features are wrong i can move that right back on to the eye center. and bet a better result. the result i'm looking for is going to be a 3 d. this is just a guide and a map of the face. there you can see the front of the guide. make sure the nose is on the tip and it's there. now i'm going to fro these photos create a 3 d taking about five seconds. there you have it. it's showing first upper photo. and if i turn the face you can see now that this program actually made a dedimensional model that have face. you know it added symetry.
8:38 pm
>> can you run it through a data base to try to identify who this person is? >> absolutely. i'm not going do that now because i'm not hooked up into the data base but now we'd take this photograph here and submit the original and we'd get back that result in a very large data base. >> and straight head the fbi trying to determine if at tack was foreign terror or domestic terror, tonight news the information is seeking information from pakistan chbl the latest part that have part of the investigation is next. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit.
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>> greta: tonight fox news learned the united states is
8:43 pm
seeking information from pakistan, information possibly related to boston terrorist attacks. walleed ferris joins us. what do you make of the request? >> the only thing that basically i can see is that based on pictures and information that they got around pictures and videos shows the syrian government there could be a trail leading to pakistan. but there is also a background in pakistan there is an organization that has a long history in sending or working with home grown cells both in india, and britain and america. >> and of course they're responsible for mum buy that is about 166 killed in india a number of years ago. what we don't know is that whether or not this list was requested before the bombing and whether other countries were likewise asked the same question. >> it would make the difference. my aassumption was when we're
8:44 pm
talking about the saudies the united states is going ask the saudies there is no doubt bit. every time there is a citizen of a country we're going to ask them does he belong to one of your lists i'm assuming now other options have been looked at and assuming our european allies have been asked but why is that trail hot it? only was declared hot after the pictures were declared. >> greta: there is no indication in the press conference the fbi has names, maybe they do have names. there -- they just showed us videos and picture autos well, they may have pick zpurz what they do is compare those pictures that we have from the attacks that we have from the mum buy attacks. the backpacks, jeans the way they conduct that had is similar so to compare they may have to ask pakistani autos
8:45 pm
why aren't anyone taking credit for it? >> well, usually they wait. members claimed benghazi a couple months later they'd wait because they're still in the country or that makes a big difference. >> so, the fact that may bereasy is there any other sort of tack can i -- tactical? >> yes. the command takes credit not the operational person. it's a their command would have to make. >> we're not acontribute yulting any mat chather. >> the only chatter we see is chat rooms for jihadies being happy that this happened but
8:46 pm
this happens every time. it's post action. >> greta: straight head the fbi pleading for the public's help to find two suspects v they learned anything is in the latest next. ♪
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>> greta: today the fbi
8:50 pm
released videos of two suspects in the boston bombing and tonight they're waiting for one tip to that solve the case. you know looking at the pictures, i'm looking at them on the internet. you would think the fbi could enhance them ask enlarge them a little bit better but this is the best they can do? >> apparently it's the best they can do. they're hoping people will enhance their ability to get a good look at the subjects. particularly the people near the finnin line at or before 2:50 in the afternoon. the two individuals now that you can see them particularly with head ware, white ball cap on suspect two turned backwards some said it was a polo ball cap with a number on the side fchl anyone saw him'
8:51 pm
approached the scene there, left going west against the traffic of the race. anyone who took pictures or video police are hoping to go through the video and if you do have what seems to be an insignificant shot get it over to them. see if they can do something witness. suspect two with a black cap. people are saying bridgestone golf cap. both of these individuals otherwise unremarkable. they could have hidden in plain sight in the crowd. no one could have paid attention to them. suspect the fact they're carrying backpacks. they can look at their pictures one more time. >> suspect two has a hat turned around. number one wearing dark glasses they look, they're dressed like the crowd. >> yes. they look like very average
8:52 pm
guys. a ball cap turned backwards isn't something that would catch your attention. suspect two is the guy the fbi says they have on videotape walking up in front of the forum restaurant there and placing that bag right in the crowd filled with men, women and children. the bag he knew was filled with explosives augmented with ball bearings and possibly nails. >> greta: mike, thank you. >> you got it. >> greta: this week doctor skpdz nurses have seen unthinkable, children and adult was injuries found usually on the battlefield. >> what is the latest status of what you're dealing with? >> patients are doing pretty well. 10 patients still in the hospital, four in critical condition. but everyone has been and is
8:53 pm
improving. >> the investigation continue wez know waits a pressure cooker bomb tell whaus you're seeing firsthand. >> most patients did not have nails or ball bearings in them. we had three or four two did. we had about 10 patients total with shrapnel in them that was me at that timic debris. it looked like street debris that fell in the blast. three or four patients with ball small bearings about the size of bebes and some carpenter sized nails, small fine nails about half an inch in length with small heads on them. and obviously those did not come from the street. >> we received 10 patients, three critical patients at the beginning of our time with
8:54 pm
seven then able to be discharged at some point in time. three criticals took all of our attention and resources so we focused at try tg save skplifs then get the children off to the operating room where they needed their care. >> based on critical kids what can you tell us as the investigation looks into the damage caused? and children are lower to the ground. are you tibl see anything from the blast from the way that they were impacted with the shrapnel? the nails? that would tell us something about this? >> i can't speak to that but i can tell you there are odd things about how the kids got hurt. there were babies with nails sticking out of their bodies. we removed several nails and
8:55 pm
bebes. one of the kids had a stripe area of damage with a protected stripe across both legs almost as if the blast came sideways through bleachers or through something that protected the strike of their bodies as just explosives were sideways. very little injuries above the waist. >> greta: our coverage of the investigation continues stay with us. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. governor of getting it done. you know how to dance... with a deadline. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. this is awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is, business pro. yes, it is. go national. go like a pro.
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