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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  April 21, 2013 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning, everyone. it's sunday. thank you for joining us bright and early. it's a fox news alert. sedated and under heavy guard, update on the boston terror suspect condition. live from the hospital. moments away. >> then this teen was boarding a flight heading out of the country to join al-qaeda. that's when he was nabbed by the f.b.i. details on this breaking story out of chicago this morning. >> and an emotional return for red sox fans. to fenway park. >> ♪ touching me ♪ touching you ♪ sweet caroline [ all singing ] ♪ good times never seen so
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good ♪ >> more on the surprise performance by neil diamond. "fox & friends" hour one begins right here. ♪ ♪ >> good morning again, everyone. we have a fox news alert for you. so much new information on what has happened in boston and the suspect. great to be with you. clayton morris, tucker. wonderful to you guys. under heavy guard and the bombing suspect is inside a massachusetts hospital following his capture friday night. >> that's where molly lion joins us from boston with the latest on his condition. molly? >> good morning, guys. well, dzhokhar tsarnaev is inside under treatment and under heavy guard, as you mentioned. no word whether or not he can communicate. but outside fenway park yesterday afternoon, governor
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edward deveau saideval patrick y he can't communicate. he's stable. the f.b.i. telling us he is in serious condition. no word on exactly what his injuries are. but the a.t.f. told the "new york times" that he was shot in the neck and also in the leg. at least one of those injuries was analysis stained in that first gun battle that occurred in watertown, the gun exchange with the watertown police department. late last night, chief edward deveau of the watertown p.d. gave more information about what happened in the capture. we know that the suspect was able to climb out of that boat, where he had been hidin hiding. as he was climbing out, he was able to lift the shirt to show authorities there was no device strapped to his body. we know at least as of late when he was captured, he was able to move around some. and able to use his arms. that sort of thing. a little more information about the scene, where the
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shooting had finally come to a close. in the car that was abandoned when the suspect ran and hid if the night there had been blood found. in the course of the hunt across watertown, the police chief said they did find a home where there was blood. but at that time, they had no exidea of the extent of the suspect's injuries but believe he had been bleeding for quite a while. watertown residents last night after the long day of being shut in, gathered together and held a vigil. they worked to remember the victims and gather together after a fearful long, long, more than 24 hours. take a listen to what the watertown residents had to say. >> when the cowards fled from cambridge and they hopped the fence over to watertown, they landed in the wrong backyard. >> we saw the video of everyone cheering in watertown as the law enforcement officers streamed out of the community following the
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capture of the suspect. the vigil gave the residents a chance to gather together and thank the officers that strive to keep them safe. tucker, aly, clayton? >> tucker: thank you. >> clayton: we have an interesting picture this morning, of what it was like to live in this home. this mother raising these two children there in this family, also their daughter. this comes to us this morning from alyssa kilzer, 23-year-old who used to go to their mom's house, a is a lan, spa. >> alisyn: sort of. >> clayton: if you call it that. she used to run a day spa. moved it to her home. people would come to your home. you are around the family on a regular basis. she went there to get facials and beauty treatments for five or six years. >> alisyn: yes. >> tucker: it's chaotic home. filled with the sounds of arguing and food cooking. and clothes all over the place. she describes a family that became increasingly religious over the years that she -- >> clayton: radical. >> tucker: exactly.
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>> alisyn: the boston bombers had two sisters. so there were the two young boys, two relatively young girls in the house. this young woman would go for facials got to know them, because she went there for five years. so she said the mom became, who would give the facials, became increasingly, she thought, zealot. she also developed conspiracy theories. she thought that 9/11 was a government plot to make americans hate muslims. but she says the girls were nice and she thought that -- what is his name? the one in custody? >> tucker: dzhokhar. >> alisyn: dzhokhar was nice. but tamerlan was not nice. she met him twice and thought he was nastier. but the younger boy, who everybody thinks was the follower, this is the older son, tamerlan she did not like him. he said, "i don't any american friends. i don't understand them." the younger boy that people
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think is a follower, she thought was nice and kind. >> tucker: talked about the extremism and radical underpinnings of the family. you could tell that the mom was influenced by the older son, the 26-year-old. talk about the 9/11 conspiracy. she says this. this is what alyssa says in her opinion piece for she writes this shouldn't surprised me because she was increasingly religious in college. and she mentioned allah and lesson of the quran. she was telling me that 9/11 was created by the american government to make america hate muslims. it's real, she said michigan son knows all about it and you can read it on the internet. >> surprisingly. she said at one point it's okay, you can use the bathroom. there are no men in the house. what is striking, the longer they live in the united states the less american they became. the more radical. whoa writes i read online she
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left russia for a few month, a few months ago my reaction was to rethink what she might have known about the attacks her sons were planning. >> alisyn: yeah. she thought the timing was suspicious, because the mom would return back to russia from time to time. but she left two months before the marathbings, this writer thought that seemed odd. i recommend you go to to read about this. if you want to know more about what was going on in the house when the men were younger. and how the family as you said seemed to be getting more and more radical. >> clayton: even the sisters. we have mentioned them in passing but that was striking in this piece. the young girl, 18, 189 years old also in this house, she noticed that she suddenly had an arranged marriage. that the family put her through this arranged marriage with this guy. she was miserable. he beat her. you can see a cultural divide.
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>> tucker: forced in to marriage and had a child and a man was beating her. she came back to live with the family. >> alisyn: it sounds dysfunctional family. whether it makes them rife for radicalism, perhaps. which is the chicken or the egg. >> tucker: radicalism made the family dysfunctional. exactly. >> alisyn: a great window to what was going on in the boys' household. >> tucker: here is what the uncle says. the uncle of this family, of the boys, these men, went on television and explained his break with the family. here is what he said. >> right now, i have no moral right to feel the losses in this family. they are still part of my family. yes, at the time, in 2009, i dissociateed myself. i denounced my relationship
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with the parent. and with the family. my brother's family. >> i think that i was unhappy. very unhappy. the way children t children were -- way the children were brought up. so this is the call, i mean the cause for why we got distancdistant. mostly, it does not relate to my brother who was a very hard-working man, who spent his life from the age of 20 up to now just working. working for his family. >> alisyn: all right. so his brother -- >> tucker: who is still back in russia. >> alisyn: who is in russia, the father of the two suspects. he was often absent. he wasn't around a lot. he was described as being sick. he may have been battling cancer. as we know from listening to him, he often seems to be in denial, not have the best grasps on reality and the facts. >> tucker: apparently. meanwhile, his family came to believe in the states that the u.s. government was behind 9/11. imagine thinking that.
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"a," how crazy, truly detached from reality would you have to be that on the basis of zero evidence? second, what does that say? if you really thought the u.s. government was behind 9/11, i mean, why would you be here? but it suggests a level of hate and craziness. i mean it's no wonder they wound up murdering people. >> clayton: right. more on this coming up. we are learning new details about the family but also about how this all unfolded. and some remarkable details about the final moments where the younger brother was caught in that boat. we have more on that coming up. >> alisyn: meanwhile, other news to tell you about. here are the headlines. another terror suspect captured and taken in custody, this time in chicago. the f.b.i. arrested 18-year-old adella akmed tunisi trying to board a flight to turkey at the chicago o'hare international airport and he planned join al-qaeda affiliated group out of syria. he researched violent jihad
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online and close men of the man arrested last september for trying to set off a bomb outside a chicago bar. and flexing more military muscle. report from south korea says the neighbor moved short-range missile launcher to east coast. they may prepare for missile test. they moved two mid-range launchers in position this month. a short time ago, tribute at the start of the london marathon. runners observing 30 seconds of silence in honor of the victim of monday's terror attack in boston. many supporting black ribbons to pay tribute to victims. they have a relief fund and will donate $3 for every person crossing the finish line. they are putting out 40% more officers than they had last year. and the young m.i.t. officer killed in the line of duty by the two marathon bombing suspects honored by thousands of people.
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[ bugle ] ♪ >> alisyn: fellow officers and members of the community lined the streets of wilmington, massachusetts, holding candles, american flags and signs in remembrance of sean collier. the 26-year-old was shot to death as he sat in the police cruiser thursday night. his family releasing a statement stating, "we are heartbroken by loss of our wonderful caring son and brother, sean collier. our only solace is sean died bravely doing what he committed his life to. serving and protecting others." those are your headlines. >> clayton: boy is that sad. >> alisyn: sad. >> tucker: coming up on "fox & friends," several high-ranking lawmakers calling on president obama to classify the bombing suspect as enemy combat tant. remember, he wasn't read his miranda rights. what would it mean? and why is it important? the constitutional attorney will weigh in on this when we come back.
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the focus should no joining us now with why it's crucial to hold suspect number two as enemy combatant is our constitutional attorney david ripken. nyst to see you. >> good to be with you. >> why is it important to keep him an enemy combatant? after all, his miranda rights weren't read to him. >> they have not been read to him yet to the extent the
3:17 am
administration will proceed with a criminal trial. they will be read in the near future, plus he would have access to his lawyers. all things being equal, benefit of a military system is you can have unimpeded interrogation process that can go on for weeks and months. without the worry tact needs of a criminal trial. that's important if you don't use enhanced interrogation techniques that are off the able to establish psychological dependency on the part of the person interrogated. criminal justice is not conclusive to this environment. >> clayton: would you need to show that the suspect was abouting on behalf of foreign power or in capacity as a military combatant to try him in a military trial? >> that is correct or treat him, put him in military system. we have don't have all the facts but the arguement is this. his older brother was inducted in al-qaeda affiliateddentity while he was being trained in
3:18 am
russia. he came back and inducted his own brother. not all the facts on the table but what is troubling to me and senator whose statement you read is the administration is utterly uninterested in exploring this. they want the option off the table. instead of waiting for days or a couple of weeks until all the facts are in. i will be the first one to say if the facts don't support the classification as enemy combatant we should not do that, but we should not rush the process to give benefit of treating it as enemy combatant. >> clayton: what stood out to me the president's comments we're safe. we got him there. seemed to be a sense of wait a second, do we know all of the details yet? do we know the connection? is this truly the end? are these two lone wolfs? we have learned from the "new york times" and others they were part of a pretty radical mosque in the boston area, with radical ties, connections there. we don't know everything yet. can we simply close the book on that? >> no, we don't.
3:19 am
this administration is allergic to paradigm. despite drones they are disinterested if classifying anybody as enemy combatant. for every incident in a knee-jerk fashion they run to criminal justice paradigm. the typical defense is we can successfully prosecute him in the civilian court. that is not the only issue. intelligence gathering is important. the other issue that is important the symbolism. do you want to tell the american people we're not waging war against jihadist, that this is an isolated attack, lone wol? symbolism is important in this context; particularly, dealing with a democracy in context of a long conflict that requires us to appreciate what we are dealing with. it's intelligence gathering and symbolism that are at stake here. >> tucker: all right. david rivkin joining us from washington. >> clayton: thank you. coming up, the cost of terror.
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quick headlines for you. bodies of five snowboarders have been recovered after being buried by a massive avalanche in colorado in a back country area called lov loveland pass 60 miles west of ten ver. a snowboarder managed to tig out and call for help. no word on his condition. massive brush fire forcing over 200 residents to evacuate their homes in southern california at this hour. fire investigators say the blaze started in someone's backyard. i quickly coverageed over 170-acres. the fire is burning on steep
3:24 am
hills to make it dif can you want to put out -- difficult to put out the flames. >> alisyn: thank you. the stock market had the worst week in five months but now that we capture and killed the suspected boston marathon bomber, will wall street bounce back on monday? let's ask john tamby, editor of hi, john. >> greet to be here. >> alisyn: great to have you. on monday, the boston marathon attack happened. then the stock market went on to have a lousy week. would have connected are the two? >> very connected. let's face it, invesors are trying to figure out how to deploy capital and ceos are trying to figure out whom we hire, where we hire and where we'll expand. when something unexpected likebe a terrorist attack occurs it forces them to pull back and be more careful, because terror might make the decisions appear noneconomic down the line. >> alisyn: of course, we know that market hates uncertainty and terror attacks
3:25 am
cause uncertainty and anxiety. generally how long do those lasts? obviously 9/11 the impact lasted for a while. but not forever. they to bounce back. >> yeah. in this case, not to minimize what happened last week but at least what we know now it seems that the attacks were somewhat local. imagine if they had been ira iranian or north korean terror cell? it would have spooked the markets more and for lse the ind have to price in are we going to war, open up another front in the war on terror. what does it mean for the government spending? less we forget the invesors buy future dollar income stream. war itself and spending impacts the dollar. so it could negatively or positively impactbe the stock market down the line. i could make them for now feel more comfortable. >> john, of course, like it or not, sad to say, we live in a dangerous and risky world.
3:26 am
are we all going to have to get used to this? >> we are. this is unof the biggest tragedy of 9/11, something we still live with today. what is probably the most animating feature of the united states, at least in the commercial sense is that we are dynamic. we are risk-takers, constantly innovating. the shame of terrorism it has forced investors and businesses to be far more careful, far more likely to invest in something that has nothing to do with the economic growth like gold rather than a feature company that will change how we to business. they have to be that way precisely because terrorism is uncertain. it strikes unexpectedly. it's forced the businesses and a nation known to be risk-taking and forward-thinking to be far more careful about what it does. >> alisyn: on the flipside -- i don't want to sound pollyianaish but define 9/11 teach us we will go on and we will get through in this? it took more than two months after 9/11 for the stock
3:27 am
market to bounce back. the boston marathon will be a much shorter time. wit have we all adjusted to the risk? >> i think so. we have adjusted. americans in particular, all they know how to do is be hard-working and entrepreneurial. i do believe that is true. investment is all about risk. it forced investors on the margin to be risk-averse and less likely to insnares the innovator that will change businesses and how they operate. that that is unfortunate. the existence of the possibility that the terror is going to strike forces everyone to be more careful more looking over their shoulder rather than taking care of business, helping clients, helping customers. this unfortunate. we will always bounce back but it's always in back of our mind. >> alisyn: that is a shame. but hopefully this week we will findee qual librium and see how the market -- equilibrium and see how the
3:28 am
market does. heart-stopping moment when a car at a race went in the stands. you have to see to believe. and more on the boston marathons and how it went town. did they plan to kill more people? we hear from the watertown police chief with new information next. [ engine sputters ] [ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road. whether you're an allstate customer or not. all you have to do is call. [ female announcer ] call and sign up for good hands roadside assistance today. [ dennis ] are you in good hands? for good hands roadside assistance today. tony used priceline to book this 4 star hfree breakfast why. with express deals, you can save big and find a hotel with free breakfast without bidding. don't you just love those little cereal boxes? priceline savings without the bidding.
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[ singing ] >> ♪ star spangled banner ♪ yet wave ♪ oer the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave [ cheers & applause ] shot of the morning. emotional return to fenway park. they joined in the singing of the national anthem. and "boston" on the front of the jersey. david ortiz had powerful words last night. >> this is our [bleep] city. nobody is going to dictate our prison. stay strong. thank you. [ applause ] >> alisyn: there was a minor profanity but no one seemed to mind in boston. if that's not enough look who called up 40 minutes before the game and asked to perform.
3:33 am
this was a surprise to perform for fans. >> ♪ touching me ♪ touching you [ all singing ] ♪ sweet caroline ♪ good times never seemed so good ♪ >> alisyn: everybody, sing it at home! >> tucker: that is neil diamond, of course, entertaining fans with the fenway favorite "sweet caroline" in the eighth inning. red sox capped off the amazing day inevitably with a 4-3 win over kansas city. >> alisyn: that is beautiful. that is just what boston needed. so nice to hear that song. >> tucker: fenway park. that is really great for the city. >> clayton: now we learn more about what unfolded as the manhunt was unfolding where they cordoned off a major section of the city. then pinned it down to watertown area of boston. we are learning from the police chief this morning how many firefights unfolded.
3:34 am
we have the helicopters up looking over. hard to hear. we had reporters on the ground thinking they were hearing gunshots. they knew firefights were unfolding. police chief say they were armed and dangerous, ready blow up and do more damage. take a listen. >> they had handguns, they threw five bombs, three went off. two didn't. one of the bombs my understanding is a similar -- it's not exactly like the bomb that went off at the boston marathon. pressure cooker and lid embedded down the street. in res row spect now we saved a lot of lives. they didn't flee the scene after the boston marathon. their pictures were tv. they define leave. they had weapons. so they were going to use those devices. i have no information about it but it was obvious to me they wanted to kill more people before they were done.
3:35 am
>> tucker: you know the most shocking thing about all this, i think, these animals went and executed this m.i.t. cop for no apparent reason. there is no reason they had any exchange with him. i think there were video cameras that recorded what exactly happened. there was no exchange of gunfire. they just walked up and killed the guy. >> alisyn: they were on a ruthless killing spree. i'm glad the police chief in watertown clarified what was happening. the scene was so chaotic on friday, it was impossible to know what was happening. reporters on the scene were pushed back. some people speculated it was a flash bang. the thing that the police throw that causes a series of explosions to try to flush out a suspect. bombs that the suspects were throwing. they had more. everybody speculated there might have been a second wave, waiting it out for a second 2003 cause more carnage. that is what they had on them. >> clayton: that is a great point. did they have help? the police chief there talking
3:36 am
about the other pressure cooker bomb they built. they are ready to go? did they have history or connection we should look in to deeply? i hope we to before we close the book on the guys. >> tucker: yeah. we do know they attended the islamic society of boston, a mosque, in the area. we know that mosque has hosted a number of pretty radical speakers over the years. people who have attacked the united states. people who attacked israel and jews by name. one speaker said islam will overwhel testimony united states. we know that at least for some period of time, they were in this called ron of anti-american rhetoric. >> alisyn: one man who has made it some of his life's work to study this mosque is scholar out of harvard named charles jacobs. hep has been looking in the
3:37 am
mosque for years. he found that it serves as a front for the muslim brotherhood in america. and that they have, people connected to this mosque, he claims have been connected to al-qaeda. they have tried to funnel funds and money to al-qaeda. and that they have hosted people who in speeches said the goal was to conquer america and conquer europe. there are things that are troubling coming out of the mosque from the scholar. >> clayton: this guy web was the imam of the islamic society of boston and he joined al-qaeda operative anwar al-awlaki two days before the 9/11 attack at a fundraiser. so when you look at all the pieces and you begin to piece this whole puzzle together. that is what is troubling about the president's words the other night when he seemed to say we're safe now. we got them. >> tucker: and he gave us a lecture on diversity, his
3:38 am
default mode. and commanded us not to reach any conclusion until finish permission by the government to do so. given that this mosque had apparently a history of welcoming extremists, it's a little surprising to learn they received, as the daily caller reported this weekend, a subsidy from the city of boston. basically, they were sold land for a community center at less than half the actual market value of it. in exchange they did good works. gave lectures to college nearby. they got a sweetheart deal, subsidy from the taxpayers. >> clayton: boston subsidized part of the mosque's funding. that's shocking. >> alisyn: we know from all of the controversy, you will remember at ground zero they were considering building a mosque there, it was going to be called a community center and help serve the lower manhattan community. it may very well have, it was never built, however, what they learned in boston is that you can call something a community center and you can even have speakers come in but
3:39 am
it also can have lot of anti-american and hateful rhetoric. >> tucker: can you imagine if some evangelical protestant church tried to get a subsidy from boston to build the religious building. these are the same people, the politicians who run the government, lecture us on separation of church and state. >> alisyn: they don't get land deal. >> tucker: but the radical mosques do. i would love to know who made that decision in love to have them on the show and ask them. would you to the same for assembly of god congregation? i suspect not. >> alisyn: we can do that. we can book that, tucker. we'll find that person. meanwhile, here are the headlines tem you what else is happening. the long line of people in west, texas, given a green light to return home after a deadly fertilizer plant explosion. they put a curfew in effect and told people not to wonder off their property. residents overcome with emotion upon arriving.
3:40 am
>> i just want to come home. i want to see my house. >> alisyn: the massive explosion left 14 people dead and nearly 200 injured. officials say they are still dealing with small fires near the blast site. mile high mayhem in colorado as someone opens fire in a pot rally. injuring two people. annual event in denver on april 20, national marijuana day, as you know, clayton, was packed with a crowd of 80,000 people. >> we heard something and then people just started swarming. >> some people said it was firecrackers. i mean, but it sounded like gunshots to us. >> alisyn: the two victims suffered minor injuries. they are expected to be okay. meanwhile, the city canceled events today as police search for this funman. there is amazing video this morning of a drag racecar exploding and flying in to the stands. my bosh. that is terrifying.
3:41 am
look at that. the engine of robert heitz funny car blew up sending the frame in the air as you can see and toward fans in north korea. luckily, only two fans suffered minor injuries and the driver was unharmed. remarkable. the wreck cannot help but remind us of the crash in da toena in february. 28 fans were injured when half of kyle larson's car went flying in the stands. rick reichmuth is here this morning. extreme weather alert to tell you about. flash floods dreamting the midwest and responsible for death of two people. this is indiana. torrential rain causing dozens of rivers to overflow, flooding highway and making travel impossible. hill hit hard by flooding. many of the state, city and town evacuated until water levels there return to normal. which begs the question when, when will the rain subside? >> rick: this is a story that got lost this week in all the other news, rain falling wednesday and thursday,
3:42 am
primarily across the plains. the water has to go somewhere. we have flooding concerns because a lot of it is draining in the streams and tributaries. eventually leading in the mississippi river. take a look at the weather map. they will show you the areas looking that flooding threat. it's right there around the great lakes. a lot of areas along the illinois river that cuts town toward the mississippi river are cresting yesterday, today, or tomorrow at all-time record stages. the mississippi river will get back toward major flood stage this week, as well. very big contrast to what we saw last year when we are seeing record level lows along that river. after the year before that we saw the record level highs. we have been seeing the water level vacillate between one extreme to another in the last couple of years. we have more flooding there. rest of the country, showers across florida. tail end of the cold front moving through the east that brought the temperatures down. you see the moisture there across parts of the northern rockies, central rockies, a little bit of rain toward the plains.
3:43 am
that is our next weather maker. it's going to bring some more snow this week. starting this evening in to tomorrow across the central plains. three to six inches of snow possible. toward chicago, where we have the flooding, possibly up to another inch of rain. it shouldn't cause major flooding problems with them but insult to injury on top of the rain they had this week. back to you inside. >> tucker: i said this is cold. how long will the cold weather going to stick around? feels like it's going to winter. whole week. >> alisyn: thank you, rick. >> clayton: next of the rundown. >> tucker: in the wake of the boston bombing should we do more to combat extremism amongst the muslim community? the next guest tackles that dy jasser coming up. note ♪ er coming up. hoo-hoo.
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3:47 am
bombing suspect shows video praising extremism associated with al-qaeda. >> alisyn: just when and how did the brothers become radicalized and what role does the muslim community play in combating extremenism joining us is the founder and president of american islamic forum for democracy. dr. judy zasser. hi, how are you? >> hi, how are you? >> alisyn: doing well. what today to you wish the muslim community were coming out to say? >> i am disappointed that many organizations are come out as if they are the victim saying be careful of the backlash and the fear,eths. america will be resilient. we'll stay together. we as muslims need to recognize this happened on our watch. the is a muslim radicalized in our community. look back instead of denying the link and the radicalization between the political ideology of islamism
3:48 am
and the preaching of grievances against the anti-americanism and westernism. own up to it and say we need programs to counter these things so they don't end up when they get isolated to go to internet and get final step of radicalization and bonding with al-qaeda. until we take responsibility and start to say you know we have to lead this and be part of the solution, america is going to continue to get more and more fearful about what role we actually play in our silence. >> tucker: so both brothers attended a mosque at which a number of radical speakers gave the barn-burning speeches about israel and the united states. this is a story i seem i have read before many times. is there any effort to at mosque like this to keep crazy speakers out? was anybody stand up and say no this is not a good idea to have a nut case railing against israel and the mossk? >> well, tucker, when i went to testify at the chairman king hearings on radicalization, you talk about the mosques in phoenix that i
3:49 am
think could radicalize the american muslims. they weren't preaching violence but it was hate of west, antisemitism and the seasonals in iraq killing muslims. all of the things that could alienate muslims. i was vilified as uncle tom and king was vilified for having hearings. i think in similar in massachusetts, and in boston, this imam web who is there linked to brotherhood. but yet, many of the speeches are peace and tolerance, et cetera. but when he opportunity take on political us -- when he doesn't take on political islam -- a week before the bombing he was on "face the nation" talking about interfaith cooperation as being the representative of peaceful islam. he was going to be the muslim representative with the president interfaith service. in a few hours he tweeted he would no longer be it a they brought in a more moderate organization and representative from the american islamic congress. >> alisyn: dr. jasser, stick around. we want to take a quick break
3:50 am
and hear more what about you recommend on the other side of that. >> sure. >> alisyn: thanks. three more minutes until "fox & friends." ♪ using telemedical and mobile technologies, verizon innovators are connecting trauma surgeons to patients in the field. helping them get the attention they need,
3:51 am
before they even reach the hospital. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon.
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3:53 am
>> alisyn: we are rejoined by the founder of american islamic form for democracy. dr. zdudi jasser. you talk about how you wish that more law abiding, peaceful muslims would come out and condemn these things when it happened. you must have been heartened by the suspect's uncle who immediately came out and vociferously said he completely disavow what they stand for. he's disgusted by the actions and he wishes he could turn them in. if he knew where they were. is that what you are talking
3:54 am
about? >> yeah. at the last step, absolutely, that is disheartening. they don't get radicalized overnight. they are talking about conspiracy theories and nonsense about being framed. this is easy when someone doesn't ask for the community to say he was kicked out in the mosque when he yelled something but they don't look that they may not preach violence. but where america is the problem. this creates where al-qaeda and violence element till their idea. we have a liberty project that teaches the muslims that the lens of their identity should
3:55 am
be constitution that separates the mosque and state we have to defeat the state. web and other mosques that i think need to be looked at about their ideas. not from government. but by moodia and others that have been apologist for many ideas. >> tucker: tell me what you thought of the president's reaction. he gave a talk to the country yesterday. you got the sense that the greatest consequence is rest of america will be anti-islamic and revenge killings and he gave us a lecture about diversity and told us not pass judgment. do you feel that muslims in america are under attack? >> i'm sorry. this president doesn't get it. the greatest threat, as you neand many know is what we experience globally with this in many ways good arab awakening to see the flourishing demilwaukee and liberty. he doesn't have a doctrine. if he had a liberty doctrine, promote the element as the battle for soul of islam,
3:56 am
there is a battle going on. this president doesn't want the take sides within the muslim community. wants to just use us for deporting the minority. when there is a battle to take sides on. as long as they call it work place violence, they can say terrorism. how do you expect to us get the stages of radicalization early. work the right muslim organization and foster a counter islamist movement to fight the petro dollars in the country like qatar and turkey that are growing international and national movement to threaten us and get in minds of the people like the brothe brothers? >> tucker: thank you for joining us. >> appreciate it, thank you. >> alisyn: coming up, new video of the bombing suspect. hiding out in a boat. close in on him friday night
3:57 am
in watertown. wait until you see the infrastructure video. a live report on the condition after the fierce firefight with police. ♪ [ male announcer ] sixty-two horsepower. fifty-three miles per hour. the gator rsx 850i. it's a whole new species of gator.
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>> alisyn: good morning. today is sunday, 21. i'm alisyn camerota. thank you for joining us. we have a fox news alert. new obstackle in the investigation of the boston marathon bombing. the only living suspect now sedated and unable to speak. we have the latest on the condition. and new pictures from his final moments on the run to show you. wait until you see these. >> tucker: did the bombing brothers act alone or are they part of a larger group of homegrown terrorists? we have some alarming new information on their ties to islamic radicals. >> clayton: he was -- [ inaudible ] but they say that wasn't terror. how cause fort hood survivor
4:01 am
feel about the boston marathon case? hour two starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: well. good morning. we begin with a fox news alert. hospitalized under havy guard, the boston marathon suspect remains in a massachusetts hospital following his capture friday night. molly line is live in boston with the latest on the condition. what have you heard? >> reporter: well, dzhokhar tsarnaev is still in a hospital bed. best of the best among the law enforcement authorities are waiting to speak to him. he is in serious can. reportedly still stable, though. atf spokes perp told the "new york times" he had been shot in the neck and in the leg. we know at least one of those injuries happened withautobahnfn police officers where officer was severely wounded.
4:02 am
there is no word yet on whether or not he can communicate. but for deval patrick spoke outside of fenway park yesterday afternoon. offered us some details. >> hi and i think all the law enforcement professionals are hoping for a host of reasons that the suspect survives. because we have a million questions. and the questions need to be, need to be answered. there are parts of the investigation in terms of information and evidence that still needs to be run to ground. so in that sense the investigation will continue. >> reporter: we do know that the suspect lost blood in the course of the hunt for him, because watertown police chief edward deveau mentioned that there were pools of blood pound in the watertown community as they were looking for the suspect. word today on the mbta officer severely wounded and is hospitalized in critical condition. there will be a press conference later this
4:03 am
afternoon in which his brother, who was also a police officer, will be speaking. hopefully we'll get an update on how he is doing. guys, back to you. >> alisyn: molly, thank you very much. all right. let's go back to friday for a second. remember, the authorities lost him. there was a gun battle with the two suspects. then one of them somehow managed to get away. the next thing they do is get a 9/11 call that the suspect is hiding in a boat. >> this is remarkable because it takes place a few moments after the lackdown lifted. lockdown, in your home you are not allowed to leave your home. do not get on the street at all. city says around 6:00 p.m., okay, in certain areas it's okay to come outside. >> alisyn: that made no sense. there was still a suspect on the loose. >> clayton: it didn't make sense from the beginning. but thank goodness it did happen. because the homeowner where the boat sat in the backyard came outside. notice something was up with his tarp he kept over the boat. which by the way he kept so tightly wrapped to boat that
4:04 am
up in of the winter storms manage to penetrate it to lift it up a and make it windy. what was going on with the boat? >> tucker: these were police hospitals over the boat. these are caking with a device that reads heat. that can be captured through walls. >> alisyn: this is incredible. see where he was hiding. he was against the wall. there you know the authorities didn't know who was in there. but because of the thermal image -- oh, my gosh. it's hard to tell if he is shooting out. because we know that he was armed through much of this manhunt, or if they are shooting in. >> tear gas or something inside. >> when the owner opens up and looks inside the boat and he sees that guy is there. he peeks in to see this man huddled inside eating
4:05 am
something. that's when they called 9/11. they are whisked away. >> tucker: in case you wonder why the police in boston didn't use this technology in the first place to prevent him from escaping earlier, they couldn't. the cloud cover was so low they couldn't put the chopper up earlier. >> alisyn: i didn't know that. here is the water township police chief on how to boat take-down happened. >> talking about, you know, the negotiate team went in. my understanding, i wasn't there. he was at the command post. he eventually stood up and answers commander. we were concerned he might have a device on his chest. he lifted his shirt to show us that he didn't. the people on scene were able to take him in custody and get him to a hospital. >> tucker: that was a major concerned. armed and dangerous. did he have other bombs on the person? police were to move in on hism, would he end up blowing himself up? >> alisyn: his brother, we are told by police was wearing an explosive vest of some kind when he was killed. so they that is all that
4:06 am
dzhokhar might do it as well. incredibly dangerous. the fact that people in watertown weren't killed in the gun battle and 24-hour manhunt and the takedown is remarkable. testament to how the police handled this. >> clayton: that raises questions. the guys had a lot of hardware on them. handguns, long funs, they had five explosive devices with them. not including the two at the boston marathon. were they part of a largeer cell? could there be others in the united states now, islamist extremists who helped these two? >> rudy giuliani who knows all about terrorism and combating that here, the former mayor of new york city speaks outs and says his instincts tell him something different. listen. >> my instincts tell me that other people helped them with aspects of this. this is hard to believe they could have pulled off the bombing effectively they did without help. i must have been tested.
4:07 am
there is evidence of people in the area that heard sounds weeks before. now, this could be who knows what? or it could be they were testing it out. very unlikely that the first time they detonated the two devices was right there. very unlikely they hadn't tested it before. very unlikely they would have been abled to pull it off without a little bit of help. could to it but i would say the f.b.i. is much better off going on the hypothesis that there are other people involved. let's go find those people. >> alisyn: we have heard that from other weekends as well to say to pull off explosion is like that, they had to have training here or abroad and other people are involved. >> tucker: we should be clear the suspect now being watched the 19-year-old who is in the hospital in boston was apparently at some point shot in the throat. and is now unable to speak. i don't think the investigators have been able to question him yet. >> alisyn: we have other news to tell you about. another terror suspect in capture and taken in custty in
4:08 am
chicago. f.b.i. arrested 18-year-old tunes while he was trying to board a flight to turkey at the chicago o'hare international airport friday night. authority say he planned to join al-qaeda affiliated group operating out of syria. he reportedly researched violent jihad online. was also a close friend of a man arrested last september, trying to set off a bomb outside a chicago bar. north korea flexing more of the military scle. new reprt out of south korea says the neighr moved short-range missile launchers to the east coast that indicates it may be prepareing for a missile test. the north moved two mid-range missile launchers in position this month. well, a man hijacked a bus and lead police on high-speed chase. they forced the driver and passengers off of it and took off. police spotted him and that's when the man led them on a 30-mile chase in the end he
4:09 am
turned the fun on himself -- gun on himself. brush fire forcing 200 residents to evacuate their home. this is monrovia, california. and fire investigators say the blaze started in someone's backyard and coverageed more than 170-acres. the fire is burning on some steep hills making it difficult to put out the flames. fortunately no homes have been damaged. those are the headlines. thank you. coming up next on the show, he was shot seven times by a muslim extremist. the government said it wasn't terror. how was the fort hood survivor feel about the boston bombing case? we talk to him live next.
4:10 am
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that work the way you wish they would. like a front-end loader you can detach from your seat? or a mower deck you just drive over and cut through knee-deep grass no problem? yep. we thought the same thing you did. that's why we build them this way. that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. visit your dealer or to see the new signature series and 1 family tractors. if you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. or faster relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. for predictable relief try dulcolax. >> alisyn: boston marathon bombing suspect was not read
4:13 am
his miranda rights when arrested. some want him to be treated as enemy combatant. the victim of the fort hood shooting is still struggling to get the benefit they need because the government classified that attack as workplace violence. >> if that confuses you, the question may be is the administration klitcally correctbe to deal with the harsh reality of terror attack when they occur on american soil. >> joining us is mr. runsford. thank you for joining us. is this a movie you have seen before? >> this was a shocking reaction initially. the question i ask myself was how many more times are we going to let events happen on u.s. soil? >> alisyn: what do you mean by that. how can we stop event likes this happening on american soil? >> well, the answer to your question is stop being reactive. let's start being proactive. we have enough power and
4:14 am
enough technology in our grasp where we can stop this from happening well before this is in the initiation phase. >> alisyn: like what? let's use the boston marathon as an example. what should authorities have done before monday? >> well, they should have made sure the area was more secure. then if you look at what happened, the brother that was killed he was interviewed by the f.b.i. interviewing and not following one this guy, giving him a pass. if he is perceived as a threat and treated as a threat until he is no longer a threat. >> i want to go back to something, because some of the viewers may not be fully aware of itism want to make sure and clear to the viewers that the fort hood shooting of you were a victim are still not recognized as an act of islamic terror. that is true? >> this is true. even on thursday, we were in washington, d.c. we went to a senate hearing with our attorney general.
4:15 am
they asked him the reason why the department of justice has this is workplace violence as opposed to terrorist act. at the time, eric holder abouted if he did not know, he did not receive correspondence to this. so basically he was lying. if you look at the c-span video you can look at the face and he was a dear in a headlight. he didn't know what was going on. he had to get answers from those behind him. jhim. jo you were shot seven times and heard the suspect yell "allah akbar" and shortly this week after the boston marathon bombings the question called it terrorism. what do you think the distinction is between what happened to you and what happened on monday?
4:16 am
>> both are terrorist acts. if your commander and chief and the president called at it terrorist act. fine. make sure it's like that across the board. they got the orders from al-awlaki on the wanted list. terrorist act. let's call it what it is. >> and major hassan called it what it is. he didn't spend time hiding the motivation. he was motivated his by perverted religious belief. why the hesitance to call something what it is? >> political correctness. he was one of the first to go through walter reed. but we need to hold people accountable for what they do is correct and incorrect. if you are in charge of the
4:17 am
organization, the department of justice, in charge. do your job. if you can't do your job, move out of way and let someone do their job without prejudice. >> alisyn: you were shot seven times. >> yes, ma'am. >> alisyn: you know the victims on monday are still in the hospital with previous injuries, and many lost -- grievous injuries mand lost limbs. what is the message? >> they surviveed no, matter how much pain they are going through, their glass is half full. do not let the anger consume them. do not suppress the feelings. talk to someone. one of the best organizations is victims of violent crime. that organization would give them a smorgasbord of help to receive for those in the hospital and family members.
4:18 am
the community in boston will reach around and embrace them and give them the support they immediate to have. this is something that the nation will surround them and stand firm. stand tall. we will survive this. >> amen. inspiring message. thank you, sergeant. we appreciate it. >> alisyn: i'm sweet out that organization also, victims of violent crime. thank you so much. now we know that terror suspect number one is a fan of imam that preached radical version of sunni islam. who is this guy? former c.i.a. operative gives us insight. straight ahead. i'm phyllis, and i have diabetic nerve pain.
4:19 am
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4:22 am
>> alisyn: 21 minutes past the hour. time for quick headlines. secretary of state john kerry pledging $123 million in nonlethal aid to rebels in syria. the aid maynclude body armor and communica equipment. it doubles the assistance we provide. tribute for the london marathon runners talking 30 seconds of silence to honor victims of the terror attack in btoson. many sporting black ribbons to pay tribute to fallen. they set up a elease fund for victims. clayton? >> clayton: tnk you. the bombers up flipsed by radicalism but who is australian imam that possibly influenced the older brother? could he be the new al-awlaki? we will ask mike braker. great to see you. >> thank you. apeciate it.
4:23 am
let's get specific. the bomber in theshoot-out, the 26-year-old, had according to a social media profile a fan of eth radical guy. this guy associated with radical brand of islam and al-qaeda. number of video he linked to on the youtube profile. this guy on the screen. muhammad. what do we know about this guy? >> i won't hold him out as the next al-awlaki. there are fiery, radical imams spread around the globe that basically, they are doing the same thing. spreading the word of radical islam. in an effort to directly or intrechtly through the internet ramblings and the speeches. they are trying to influence and encourage impressionable, disfected individuals like the boston bombers.
4:24 am
perfect target for what the radical islam tries to do. imam in australia, the family moved from lebanon to australia. he was born there. in his early 40s. proponent of al-awlaki, as are a lot of the fiery imam that are out there. it don't want to lump them the one category. but they're doing the same thing. important to go above the individual preachers and say what they are trying to do is what they have done with the other bombers elsewhere. fort hood ooting is a perfect example. >> as a former c.i.a. covert operation officer what do we expect now of the intelligence community given this time of inforti? this is a changing beast. we have had success in the past years. targeting al-qaeda and the like-minded minions.
4:25 am
we have takeen away permanent training bases for the most part and terminated operational leaders. that shifted the focus. i don't want to just say al-qaeda. it's fortunate go above that to say radical islam. there are entities and like minded individuals and groups that fall under that. what they realize over the years now recently, the holy brail for em is -- holy grail for them is influence, recruit, turn diseffected individual iside infidel countries like the u.s., u.k., ance, wherefore i wherever t mad turn them to terrorism. they're in the border. mobile, blend in. they understand the culture, they can move freely. that has been an emphasis for them. through the internet. whether they're self-radicalized or start to radicalize and come in contact
4:26 am
directly with extremists and they receive resourcestrainting. from al-qaeda and the other perspective, it doesn't matter if the end result you have a new terrorist. >> fascinating, mike. mike baker, the former c.i.a. covert operations officers and a friend of the show. thank you for coming in. >> sure. thank you. >> we should mention to mike's point coming up later in the show we'll talk about how closely we need the be monitoring the internet now and looking at these individuals who may become radicalized as a result. more on that. plus this, the bombing brothers came to the u.s. from russia ramping up the immigration reform debate in d.c. texas congressman gomer will join us live with more on that ange to this story when we come back. ♪ [ male announcer ] ah... retirement. sit back, relax,
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welcome back. fox news alert. the department of justice could charge alleged boston bomber, the younger one, as early as today, despite him being in serious condition at the hospital. meanwhile, some republican lawmakers want the 19-year-old charged as an enemy combatant. elizabeth prann joins us live from washington with the latest an the details. good morning. >> reporter: forming. you're right, the federal prosecutors are formulating the charges for dzhokhar tsarnaev. he could hear them as early as today. even in the hospital. in theory, they had a preliminary hearing that could take place in the next month or. so he could be indicted in grand jury and the case would
4:31 am
begin. he would be appointed at a federal public defender but for now the government is invoking the public safety exception. it's a designation that allows investigators to question tsarnaev without reading the miranda rights. albeit it uncommon there is a group of lawmakers who say he shouldn't be finish the miranda rights period. john mccain, kelly ayotte, and lindsey graham, peter king think he should be enemy come pattant to allow the feds hold him without attorney and without rights afforded being an american citizen, such as the right to remain silent and right to counsel. graham told fox news it's necessary to protect our nation. >> it would be a shame and frankly unconscionable for our nation to deny our intelligence community, f.b.i., c.i.a. and others access to this pair of suspects to find out where they went and who they know and about future plots. so that's why i've been urging
4:32 am
the obama administration to hold him as potential enemy combatant to continue the dialogue apart from the criminal case. >> reporter: on the other hand this has potential to become a political hot potato. the service of the democratic senator carl levin says the suspect should not be held as enemy combatant and says he opportunity see the evidence that tsarnaev is part of organized group and not a legal basis for him to be held as enemy combatant. back to you. >> alisyn: thank you. >> clayton: do the boston bombing suspect expose flaw of the immigration system? chuck grassley brought this up on capitol hill. >> we don't know the immigration status of people who terrorized communities in massachusetts, when we find out, it will help shed light on the weaknesses of our system.
4:33 am
>> clayton: that raises a largeer question. could it reshape the immigration reform? ask texas congressman louie goehmert joining us from philadelphia. nice to see you. >> thank you. great to be with you. >> clayton: let's dive deeply in the question. we look at the individuals who are here on green card or working visa. does this throw any immigration reform in to flux and raise new questions? >> well, i hate to point out again as senator grass grass did, because he is taking a lot of abuse for it, i understand for those who want to ram through immigration bill so people wouldn't know v a chance to know what is in it, this is inconvenient thing. the fact is, with the system the way it is. even with another country reporting that there is a potential problem here we didn't have the resource or the wherewithal to pick up the guys radicalized.
4:34 am
and now you have people saying we are going to throw millions for a system that hasn't done a good job with what we had. expect it to make things better. to criticize senator grass grass for pointing out the problem is cleaning up a flood in a basement and water is flooding in through the window. grass grass says hey, why don't we close the windows while cleaning up the mess? it's inconvenient but we need to deal with the problems. one other thing. for the president to ineffect figureively be saying, taking the position look, i am using for leverage the fact i'm not doing my job to secure the border. but if you will give amnesty to enough people, then i will really and truly start to secure the border. the president would start to secure the border.
4:35 am
he needs to do it now. tonight need to overload problematic immigration system. >> alisyn: congressman, how does this case illustrate porous border? the guys came in when they were eight years old and 15 years old. how would you change kids or teenagers coming in, seeking asylum from a war-torn country? wouldn't we still welcome people like that who want to get out of that situation? wouldn't we open them with open arms? >> yeah. this doesn't specifically point out a problem with the porous border. this points out the problem with the ingration system. where you had -- immigration system where you had people before they were made the legalized citizen, one made a citizen, september 11 last year. before that, they were radicalized and we didn't have the wherewithal to make sure that we were not legalizing people that were going to hurt us. that is what this case points out.
4:36 am
not the porous border. >> it seems to me, here is the theme i am readingn't once you get here, hard to send you back. we know in the case of the older suspect not only did he get picked up on charge of domestic abuse, he beat up his girlfriend violently, but he was reported by russia to be islamic extremist. if we can't act on those two things, wife-beater and potential terrorist, what can we do? >> exactly. when i was a judge we dealt with the same problem. there were people not deported, committing crime. then they do something about it. 34.2% of the prosecution are for people who have been deported and come back in the country illegally.
4:37 am
when i was an exchange student i love to read the "new york times." how sad, i found out when reading an article they took a shot at me pointing out we have people, radicals coming in posing as hispanics and they take a shot at me for fear mongering when all they had to do at the time was send something to look online and they would see that the f.b.i. director said you have people from the radical areas taking hispanic-sounding names learnting spanish, coming in, wearing clothes trying to blend in with the hispanics. they came after me. those folks, gosh, how sad. if they just do their homework, grassley would not be criticized so much. they wouldn't have thrown me in for gratis. they would have understood the real problem here. >> alisyn: congressman, rojelio samuel gomez, thank you -- congressman louie goehmert, thank you.
4:38 am
we'll see where the immigration battle goes from here. >> thank you. thank you for is staying on top of this. you're doing great. >> thank you, congressman. get to headlines now to tell you what else is happening in the news. new video out of china where the rescue workers struck to reach survivors of a massive earthquake. the 6.6 quake hit yesterday killing at least 179 people. and injuring more than 6,000. it also triggered lands that cut access to roads. in some cases crews had to blast boulders out of the way to continue their relief effort. should your action behind bars be used as in evidence court? prosecutors in the aurora movie massacre case requested the jailhouse video and audio of the accused gunman to potentially use it at his trial. i shows james holmes acting "normal." it could disprove any claim of insanity if that is the case. he is accused of killing four people and injurying 70 others
4:39 am
last july. more troubled water for carnival cruise ship passenge passengers. power outal hit the ecstasy ship headed for florida. it was out for 19 minutes making for uneasy time for the 2 ,500 times on board. >> or mechanical. >> alisyn: they are blaming mechanical issue for outal. this is hours after the company announced it would spend $300 million to make the ships more reliable. >> that can happen when you are on ecstasy. money well spent, i say. now extreme weather alert. devastating flash floods, frenching the midwest. responsible for death of two people. >> look at indiana, where torrential rain caused dozens of river to overflow dramatically. to make the travel nearly impossible. the rain forced residents across the midwest. out of their homes. thank heaven rick reichmuth is here to tell us when the rain will subside in the american heartland? >> rick: that rain subsided a few days ago. there is more rain they will get in a few days but not as
4:40 am
bad as that. chicago o'hare saw 5-1/2 inches. indiana saw up to 7 inches of rain in a couple of days. look at the weather map and see the flood warnings going on. area you see the dark green, active flood warpings happening. a lot of the water in neighborhood is receding. but it's going now in toward the streams. illinois river will be cresting at the all-time record highs heading down toward where it enters in the mississippi river. those games are getting to a major stage. they were so low last year, they are happy to get water back to that river. here is what the error looks like right now. the satellite radar picture. front moved through the east coast, dramatically troping the temperatures to make its way to south florida with rain showers. as we talk about the rain showers, scattered and light across the area of the central plains toward the northern rockies snow. that snow will get a little heavier throughout the day today. we will see significant snow
4:41 am
develop from denver an northeastern colorado, and nebraska. three to six inches for a lot of people. certainly hate to see that this time of year. again, we say that the trout is so significant there. that they are thank to feel get this moisture. temperature wise, it's cool. across a lot of country. 46 in atlanta. wake up. 31 in chicago. people dealing with flooding and basement flooded and wet furniture and the wet carpet. those things. cold uncomfortable morning. today your temperatures are in the mid-50s. cooler air than you would like to see this time of year. all right. send it back to you. >> thank you, rick. coming up on the show, sign of the times. the girl scouts adding a banal for video games. that's one i could get behind. details of the new marriott award for video game. >> if you were a girl scout. >> you are making that up. >> trying to be. >> mystery around a massive explosion that rocked a texas community. how did it happen? could the other areas at risk if for same catastrophe?
4:42 am
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at or your local dealer. quick headlands, procter & gamble recalling food of salmonella. now all the treats have been recalled by the company. affected pet food poses a risk to human beings. it's okay to play. the girl scouts of greater los angeles rolling out a new video game design patch. patch program will teach girls to program and design their own video game. they hope to spread the patch across the country. others hope not. ali? >> alisyn: well, the town of west, texas, devastated after fertilizer plant explosion left the community of west in shambles. residents there are able to go back to the homes for the
4:46 am
first time, but only under strict curfew. clair s there clarity on how the explosion happened? could it happen again? joining us is dr. tim murphy, associate professor and the chair of environmental safety and occupational health programs at the university of finley. thank you for being here. >> good morning. how did something this catastrophic happen? >> a combination of things. when you have a fire, we still don't know what the source is, it inimpinges on the ammonia tankss and the tanks because they're partially fille filled h liquid and partially with vapor, they heat up. the pressure ruptures the tanks. then the ammonia ignites at 1200-degrees. the fire there was at that temperature. that's how we end up with the explosion. >> alisyn: dr. murphy, aren't there safe forwards in place if a wire were to break
4:47 am
out at factory as sometimes happen that the anhydrous ammonia doesn't ignite? >> it begins with the planning and reporting requirements from everything we have been able to determine so far, the facility had a large amount of ammonia nitrate fertilizer, larger than the planning quantity. and so they should have been reporting to both the state of texas, and the local emergency planning commission. fire extinguishing equipment, the sprinkling system, they didn't have any. because the local fire department doesn't know what is there, because they weren't reporting they enter the facility trying to do their job, protect the human health facility and the environment. they end up in a bad situation. >> alisyn: i would say so. no sprinkling system. that is remarkable. i didn't know that. meanwhile, the records reveal
4:48 am
only six fertilizer plants in texas were inspected by the occupational safety and health administration in five years. how does that strike you, the low number? >> well, it is low. there is a lot of facilities to be inspected. there is 1400 across the united states. they are inspected by ok makal health or in some cases by security if they have more than a certain amount of nitrate on the facility. the inspections should be more. in times of austerity, the inspection agencies don't have funding to get everybody out where they need them to be. >> alisyn: so in your estimation, was this catastrophe that happened there, the fault of the factory or lack of oversight? >> the facilities got the responsibility to notify the local fire department.
4:49 am
if the fire department knows what is there, they would have beheyed differently. they would have treated it as a defensive fire. they would have placed water on the fire from a long distance away. immediately vac waited everybody within -- immediately evacuated everybody within the blast range or impact range. >> alisyn: dr. tim murphy from the university of fnley. thank you for your expertise on this. >> thank you. >> alisyn: well, terror at home, has the government gotten too lax on the potential threat in america? the next guest says yes. because terror never left the u.s. after 9/11. copd makes it hard to breathe... but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can help make this a great block party. ♪ [ male announce ] advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function.
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4:53 am
the bombing at the boston marathon keeps americans on high alert. the next guest says there has been more anti-american attacks in the last four years than the previous seven years after administration. has the administration been too careful looking in to possible terror suspect for fear of racial profiling? joining us is the awe for of "battle for our minds." dr. michael wolansky. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: you say the obama administration is more worry about that racial profiling than the terror attack? >> yes. a problem for the obama administration but didn't begin just with the obama administration. going back even to the nixon administration we have american administrations that soft petal arab terror, arab islamic terror and cover up for it. you know that the 9/11 bombers one of the reasons they were able the get on board was because there was a rule
4:54 am
against profiling. it came up in 9/11 commission. the former secretary of the navy talked about it. the fact they were only allowed to ask two people on each flight if they were arab, two people if they were black, two people if they were white, various categories. that's how they got on the plane. this is a real problem. we shouldn't be worried about giving offense to terrorists, we should take the offense against terrorists. >> tucker: the idea, then, apparently is by giving offense we invite more terror attacks, in other words it's our fault. our bias draws the attack. isn't that the underpinning of the world view? >> this is like the battered women's sib drome. somebody rapes you because you are too attractive? that is not the reason. rape is a power play. terrorism isn't like another crime. it's like treason and worse. this is something you have to prevent. not something that you prosecute.
4:55 am
so you have to know what is coming a know what the terror cyst thinking. you have to get in his head. >> tucker: interesting. are you surprised that this happened at all? the idea of the past five years was to convince the rest of the world that the united states was proislam. that we are not singling one most many religions for scrutiny and the world would love us because of that. >> i discuss this and site the f.b.i. crime statistic. obama administration and others have said we're profiling islam and making the muslims feel bad. hate crime against muslims run at 6 to 8% of the hate crime in the u.s. hate crime between jews is 60 to 80% in the last ten years. what are we getting worried about? that is not a rise in hate crime against muslims. on the other hand, number of terror attacks by muslims
4:56 am
around the world skyrocketed in 20 years. it's not that the muslims are all terrorists but that many terrorists are muslims. we could be foolish not to look at the phenomenon and get ready for it. don't play games. don't fbi it to lawyers. give it to scholars. people can study this and get redty for change in balance and deal with the problem. >> tucker: the book is "battle for our minds. western elites and the terror threat" which i plan to read this afternoon. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: thank you very much. we are learning more about the bombing time here in the u.s. chilling new details of their life at home. that is coming up. [ male announcer ] you could be at the corner of "medicare part d" and "up to 75% lower copays." as a preferred pharmacy, walgreens can save you as much as 75% compared to other select pharmacies.
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>>. >> alisyn: today is sunday. fox news alert there is new
5:00 am
obstacle in the investigation in the boston marathon bombing. the only living suspect is now sedated in the hospital and apparently unable to speak. as they pressure the government to read him his rights. we'll have more on this. >> firsthand look behind the walls of the bombers' up bringing from the mother's bizarre truth and beliefs and to forced marriages. what the f the teenage suspect refuse to talk. should he be sent to guantanamo bay. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> alisyn: fox news alert. he is hospitalized and under heavy guard. the boston marathon bopping
5:01 am
suspect remains inside a boston hospital. molly has the latest on his condition. what do we know. >> molly: good morning. we are at beth israel medical center. it's unclear exactly where the suspect is being treated but we understand he is under heavy guard at this hour and we don't yet know if he can communicate or been able to do so with investigators. we do know there is a teams of the federal government very best waiting to ask him a lot of important questions. he is in serious condition, dzhokar tsarnaev. he had been shot in the neck and leg. one of those injuries happened during the course of the initial gunfight following the carjacking and the gunfight in watertown where one officer was severely wounded remains hospitalized. the governor has given insight and offered a few details.
5:02 am
>> i, and i think all of the law enforcement professionals are hoping for a on heofltd of reasons that the suspect survives because we have a million questions. those questions need to be answered. there are parts of the investigation in terms of information and evidence that still needs to be run to ground. in that sense, the investigation will continue. >> molly: we do know that the suspect suffered a loss of blood over the course of the manhunt following that gunfight because the watertown police chief because there was pools of blood found around the perimeter area. more information on the officer that is hospitalized, richard donahue. his brother is expected to attend that and he we understand he is still in critical condition at this hour.
5:03 am
>> thank you so much. we are learning more this morning about a home which bred terrorism. a home in disarray. where the two brothers grew up. its horrifying story. a firsthand account, 23-year-old girl, her name is melissa. she would go to the mom's house where the kids were raised. she ran basically a beauty spa inside her home. she would go to the home and get facials and other beauty treatments while other members of the family. for five or six years she would get beauty treatments. what she saw was horrifying. >> alisyn: she painted a picture of a are very dysfunctional family. the sisters were set up in arranged marriages and watched as the mom became more zealous, more and more extreme.
5:04 am
she, there she looks very western, but the young woman who went from for facials said she began spouting some veaz conspiracies that 9/11 was a conspiracy -- that the u.s. government brought on itself to make americans hate muslims. >> tucker: here is the op ed and describing her reaction the mother, it does not surprise me so much because she was increasingly religious while i was in college. she mentioned allah and she thought 9/11 was purposely created by the american government to make america hated muslims. it's real, she said. the mother said. my son knows all about it. you can read about it on the internet. so that. >> that points to the older
5:05 am
brother we now know has been big influencer to the younger brother who is currently in the hospital and captured, this sort of radical notion that the u.s. government perpetrated terror on its own people in an effort to make americans hate muslims is absolutely crazy. you get to see this sort of pattern emerging, this radicalization and where these individuals, taken to the internet to try to be influenced by other individuals. we know from the social media profile the radical imams he was studying from. is that the next anwar al-awlaki >> alisyn: and i recommend you read it on it's fascinating window into their lives. the younger brother was always nice. he moved her car occasionally when she at risk getting a parking ticket. people think he was just a
5:06 am
normal, nice kid. obviously went terribly wrong, but the older brother, the one who was 26 years old and killed was not nice and the mom crying admitted he gotten his girlfriend pregnant. he has had a three-year-old daughter and american wife although they were separated i guess. >> tucker: people look at this group and how can people like this do something this awful. if you really believe that the u.s. government created 9/11 intentionally and murdered thousands of people in order to discredit islam, why wouldn't you declare war on the united states. scary thing is there are a lot of people that share that view. there are a lot of buy that view and it is terrifying. >> why wouldn't you leave this country that has given you home and refuge.
5:07 am
this mom who wrote this piece, she read online that the mother had left nor russia a few months ago. my first reaction she may have known about the attacks that her son was planning. right around christmastime she left for russia. why did she leave. furthermore, why did the uncle talking so much about how disgraced he feels about his family and these two brothers, why did he cut ties with the family back in 2009? listen to him. >> i have know right to to -- feel love for the family. in 2009 i dissociated myself. i denounced my relationship with her and the family, with my brother's family. i was unhappy.
5:08 am
i was unhappy the way the children were growing up. >> alisyn: it's interesting to hear from these two people. the woman that went to the house and those are the only two so far how they became more and more radical. the rhetoric was more and more radical. other people, the kids went to school with these kids, they were wrestlers and athletes. they were boxers and i party with them. these two i think are giving more accurate depiction of what is happening. >> tucker: apparently the russian government contacted the f.b.i. and said, you may have potential terrorists. the f.b.i. acting on that tip interviewed the older brother. so, while their extremism was
5:09 am
coaxed from the neighbors but it was obvious enough to attract a foreign government. >> want he on the terrorist watch list? >> tucker: he bet beat up his girlfriend and murdering strangers at boston marathon and murdering the m.i.t. security guard, they went up and executed him. there were red flags. these were the sorts of red flags that was pieced together after 9/11. so all this chatter over here and this information could be shared and jointly figured out. all the signs were there. we'll have much more on the story coming up. >> alisyn: a young m.i.t. officer that we were just talking about believed to have been killed by the two bombing suspect during the dramatic escape. he was honored by thousands of people last night.
5:10 am
[ "taps" playing ] >> alisyn: fellow officers and members of the community lined the streets of wilmington, massachusetts, holding candles and signs in memorandum rans of shawn collier. he was shot to death. his family released a statement we are heartbroken by the loss of our wonderful and caring son. he died bravely what he committed his life to serving and protecting others. >> alisyn: f.b.i. is taking another terrorist off the street. he was arrested on friday night while trying to board a flight to turkey. he joined an al-qaeda affiliate group. he researched it online and was
5:11 am
a close ties with a man that tried to set up a bomb outside a chicago bar. a special tribute to the london marathon. runners observing 30 seconds of silence in honor of the victims of monday terror attack in boston. many wearing ribbons to those that were fallen and they set up a relief fund to the victims and donate about $3 to every person that crosses the finish line. police are in heavy guard putting out more than 40% more officers than last year. the obama administration taking heat of the aclu for not reading the bombing suspect his miranda rights. chris wallace is live here next. >> tucker: what if the teenage suspect refuses to talk. should he be sent to guantanamo bay. the secretary of defense just weighed in on this. we'll bring it to you when we come back.
5:12 am
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welcome back. obama administration taking heat from the aclu for not reading the boston bombing suspect his miranda rights. he can hold him under the same laws as those in guantanamo bay. is this the administration's way to walk middle ground. chris, thanks for talking to us. tell us what you know about the idea behind this, why did the obama administration decide to take this tact. >> chris: it is a tact they took ever since the underwear bomber. it's called the public safety exception. if there is a live investigation and possibility of a continued threat to public safety, prosecutors are able to talk to a criminal in this case a suspected terrorist about a
5:16 am
possible, are there more bombs out there? are there other co-conspirer tos but it's limited in time and scope. once they try to get into a deeper interrogation, at that point as a criminal as opposed to be an enemy combatant and they are treating him as a criminal they have to ride his miranda rights. there are a lot of people think, treat this guy as an enemy combatant. ask him questions and they are allowed to do that as long as they don't use anything he says against him. that raises the question, do you really need anything this guy is going to say to convict him given the fact there is all the videos and involvement with the explosives. maybe the most important thing to do at this point is get any intelligence as to the connections between these two brothers and anyone outside. >> alisyn: is there a possibility they would switch course and begin treating him as an enemy combatant and have
5:17 am
guantanamo bay involved as some people suggested? >> there is a possibility. we haven't heard an announcement from the justice department. when the u.s. attorney was talking at the news conference after the capture, they were talking of a public safety exception, miranda rights, very much in term of the criminal track. >> you took a little bit of heat i comments you made in bringing up the gun debate as the whole operation unfolded. what were your comments and do you think the reaction was justified or not? >> i didn't realize i took any heat. what i said, this was the middle of the day on friday that i didn't have any doubt that the entire boston metropolitan area, more than a million people and particularly people in the neighborhood where the shooting had taken place and where they thought the suspect number two
5:18 am
had escaped. those pictures you have up on the screen those folks in those houses in watertown, how many of them would have liked to have a gun to protect themselves and their families in case this guy burst in or try to take them hostage. did i take heat? the. >> i don't see anything controversial about the statement and good for you to inject common sense into the conversation. who do you have on? >> we have a great show. we're if going to talk live to the police commissioner of boston, ed davis. we'll get the latest on the condition of the suspect, how they are going handle him, how the investigation is going into the plot. is there anyone else involved? are they concerned there may be other people that may be plotting more attacks and talking about miranda rights and all the other gun control, immigration reform. this is spilling out into some of the issues, dianne feinstein and pete king and two people on
5:19 am
the front lines on the war on terror, police commissioner, charles ramsey of philadelphia and philip mud who use toed be a top official at the f.b.i.. >> alisyn: check your local listings. thanks for joining us. >> never take heated from us. >> identifying the boston bombing brother, should we install more cameras to keep our country safe? a fair and balanced debate is next. >> a building demolition gets goes horribly wrong as a worker gets stranded on top. more coming up. [ male announcer ] we build things
5:20 am
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5:23 am
>> clayton: welcome back. the bodies of five snowboarders have been recovered after being buried in a mats i have snowfall >> take a look at incredible video. building demolished with a worker on the roof. fortunately the man was wearing a harness and it saved his life. he walked away from this without a scratch. >> alisyn: scary. >> without surveillance cameras the f.b.i. may never have tracked down the brother suspected in the boston marathon bombing. it was these images that gave agents their big break casing the tsarnaev brothers and backpack and those cameras made it so easy to solve.
5:24 am
should we have more cameras? here is lis wiehl and doug burns. thanks so much for being here. it's safe to say they got them, they knew who they were. >> because of the surveillance cameras. i think we should have more of them. we live in a country where we have these horrible things happening and without the surveillance cameras we would not have caught them as quickly. we have no reasonable expectation of privacy on the streets. supreme court has said that and reaffirmed afterwards. >> alisyn: you don't like it? >> lis is right but you don't have an expectation of privacy and in publicly you don't have a reasonable expectation of privacy. but we're going down an
5:25 am
orwellian road where everybody is going to watch monitors what you are doing. >> if you know you are being monitored. i'm all for having signs and surveillance signs, let me just a couple of other points. in baltimore the crime rate went down 25% when they installed these cameras. in chicago, it went down 38% after cameras were installed. it's just a matter of fact. >> i have another idea to encourage people. i tell you what with everybody's phone cameras and videos, you know that is going to help solve crimes. >> alisyn: so the citizens should be more responsible in putting up surveillance? >> well, yes, and the government should focus on policy campaigns to encourage people to keep their eyes and ears and phones open. >> alisyn: i don't think you can count completely on citizens. they may be frightened from the
5:26 am
police. let me tell you, in london, 2005 the government surveillance videos that allowed the londoners to find these guys. >> you make a great case but the genie may be out of being a. 400 security cameras is already there. >> i did a lot of research and many, many cities have more cameras than you realize. nobody knows what is the exactly what the situation is and aclu is resonating, but it's more prevalent than we think. i think cameras are fun. let's not get it out of control. >> the a aclu has no leg to stand on. >> its brand-new world. my pleasure. >> what if the bombing suspect refuses to talk? should he be sent to guantanamo bay? the secretary of defense has weighed in on that and we have that next. vo: from the classic lines
5:27 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ banner yet wave ♪ for the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave
5:31 am
[ cheers and applause ] an emotional return to fenway park for the boston red sox. they joined in the singing of the national anthem and word boston was put on the front of the jerseys and david ortiz had powerful words for the city. >> this is [ bleep ] for the city. >> alisyn: it was quite a crowd. if that is not enough, look who showed up as a surprise. he called in 40 minutes before the game. he flew in on his own dime and he asked to perform this classic song for the fans. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:32 am
♪ touching you ♪ sweet caroline >> alisyn: it proves people chime in. where are you guys, what is happening. >> that is neil diamond, of course, singing "sweet caroline" the theme of fenway park. red sox had a 4-3 win over kansas city. >> alisyn: beautiful. meanwhile, we have some brand-new photos to show you this morning. as you know the suspect the younger one was caught inside a homeowner's boat after the homeowner noticed something was amiss. look at these new photos. this is the gun battle continuing while d tar far lay there on the bottom of boat. >> tucker: this is thermal imaging camera that uses heat
5:33 am
that emanates from a suspect's body andkable precision they can see living things on the ground. they didn't have the helicopters earlier in the day when the suspect was able to escape because the cloud cover was too low. >> clayton: you are seeing those explosions, looks like flash-bang grenades they are trying to drive him out of boat. the homeowner came out after the curfew so to speak where everyone was supposed to stay in their homes. curfew was lifted and walks out to the boat area and notices this tarp that had been tightly secured over the top of his boat for the winter. you winterize your boat, take it on dry land and put a tarp. it had been cut open. and peeked inside to see a person in there eating. that is when he called 911. that is when the police arrived
5:34 am
in minutes and grabbed him, swooped the family out of there and descended upon this boat. >> alisyn: they had to proceed with great caution they didn't know if he was wearing a vest or grenades on them or had a weapon. all the things the brothers had had earlier in the gun battle with police. here is the watertown police chief talking about how they flushed him out. >> the negotiation team went in. i wasn't there, i was at the command post. he eventually stood up. he answered commands. people that were on the scene were able to take him into custody and get him to hospital zbluitd are these two brothers part of a much larger cell? could they have done it all by themselves. rudy guliani weighed in on that.
5:35 am
my instincts tell me they helped them with certain aspects of this. the point that you make, it must have been tested. in fact there is some evidence of people in the area that heard sounds weeks before. who knows what and they were testing it out. very unlikely that the first time they detonated those two devices was right there. very unlikely they hadn't tested it before. very unlikely they wouldn't have been able to pull it off without help. f.b.i. is much better off going on hypothesis, there are other people involved. >> alisyn: we would like to hear all your thoughts. you can find us on twitter. let's get your headlines right now. >> could the accused born bomber be headed to guantanamo bay if
5:36 am
he refuses to talk. there are discussions over the 19-year-old's future. in israel, chuck hagel was asked if the president would support to move him to the facility in cuba. they will not make any more decisions until more facts are released. there is no apparent tries to overseas organizations. dzhokar tsarnaev has not been read his miranda rights and he can be detained indefinitely on that safety exception. >> someone opened fire during a pot rally injuring two people. the annual event that take place on april 20th, national marijuana day was packed with a crowd of 80,000 people. >> people just started -- >> some people said it was firecrackers. it sounded like gunshots to us. >> two victims suffered minor injuries. they are said to be okay.
5:37 am
meanwhile, the city has cancelled events today as they search for the gunman. >> one shocking live pictures of the devastation in west, texas. this is all that is left of the fertilizer plant after the deadly explosion wednesday night. meanwhile, this long line of people giving the green light to return to their homes finally. authorities put a 7:00 p.m. curfew and told people not to wander off their property. it's still dangerous there. residents are overcome with emotion upon arriving home. >> alisyn: the explosion left 14 people dead, 200 injured. >> tucker: now, to an extreme weather alert. devastating flash floods are responsible for deaths of two
5:38 am
people. this is in indiana. flooding highways and making travel nearly impose and forcing residents out of their homes. keeping track of the storm, has it subsided yet. >> the rains why between wednesday and friday. a lot of area is five to six inches of rain. it caused record flooding and lots of streams of cresting at record levels across illinois river in illinois. take a look at the weather maps. it's going to be moving into the mississippi river. we're going to be seeing major flooding there. a stark contrast to the record low river levels that we saw last summer across the mississippi river. the summer before that we had the all-time record high levels. it's been a very volatile last couple of years. we are going to be dealing with record flooding across the red river in towards north dakota and minnesota later on this
5:39 am
month or into early may as that snow begins to melt. we have big stories there. today, however, we have a sunny day across the eastern seaboard but much cooler behind the cold front. then you see the snow developing in parts of parts of montana. that will be the next snow maker and more snow in areas like denver and omaha and lincoln. that area has exceptional drought going on. any moisture we can wring out is good news, but unfortunately it's coming right in the end of april in the form of more snow. >> we don't know the motive of the boston marathon bombing but we do know more about the two brothers and digital footprints could be invaluable evidence in the investigation. >> and near disaster, after a commitment from the company to make the ship more reliable.
5:40 am
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>> alisyn: time important quick headlines, more troubled waters for carnival cruise. ecstasy ship losing power for 12 minutes. they blamed a mechanical problems for the power outage. >> could we see another bush in the white house? former president george w. bush has his way, he recently told parade magazine, he hopes his brother jeb bush will make a 2016 run. no word from jeb on that just yet. >> clayton: with the only surviving suspect in the bombing suspect apparently shot through the throat. there was a search for a motive through all of this. clues like this popped up.
5:44 am
youtube pages dedicated to radical immams. they left behind a valuable digital footprint. here is to explain, morgan, nice to see you this morning. what do you think investigators will be able to pull together from their social media pages to sort of paint a profile and motive? >> what you have, we use social media to document our life. it's the historical record, much like the "new york times" is the paper of record. so now what we see when they started off their first social media presence, we see what their preferences are and likes are. you can document changes in preference and thinking. what you subscribe to. maybe i was yankee's fan and became a boston fan. we can see people's attitude and prenksz change and it can help detectives, when did their thinking change? when did they start looking at
5:45 am
different things? that helps in our investigation. >> clayton: here are some of tweets that were sent out. here is a tweet after the bombing. i'm a stress free kind of guy, he writes. here is another one. ain't no love in the heart of the city. stay safe, people. they are walking around with bombs reportedly trying to do this again. >> you know, what this is, there is seven stages of terrorism planning cycle. they believed they weren't going to get caught. that is why they are sending tweets like that out. you see dzhokar tsarnaev walking around calmly. that is why the tweets tell you and say they are not on the run. if they are on the run and hiding chances are he wouldn't put up a tweet because we would be able to track the location. and they thought they were going to blend in with the produced
5:46 am
crowded and get away with the bombing. >> clayton: is this an isolated case or as a detective, the internet poses a threat in the future. these lone wolves and watch videos of anwar al-awlaki. should we be concerned about this? >> you should always be concerned. there is an old famous saying, pessimists contain about the wind and optimist expects it to change, social media is this new wind. we have to figure out a way to harness it because you won't get people to stop it. kids aren't going to get stop watching youtube. this gets back to community policing. in this digital age, if you see something, send something. crime is not a police problem. its community problem. politics are local and all
5:47 am
terrorism is local. it's the community seeing changes in behavior of people. at what point do they report that. that is why we have to get better at that that they are more radical than the day before. it's really out the community engages appropriately with the police to identify this behavior and then surfaces. >> clayton: we're in a new era. thank you for joining us. >> coming up president came under fire for not calling the bombing brothers terrorists and now there is now controversy with the word enemy combatant. >> and a teacher gets fired for giving a student a bible. can she sue for that? and i quit. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the firsweek... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking.
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5:51 am
>>. >> tucker: less than an hour after the capture of the final bombing suspect, police and prosecutors and president spoke to the press. they promised justice but the question most people a seemed to go unanswered. >> in terms of whether or not to seek the death penalty. you review all of the evidence and it's a very thoughtful, long process that is engaged and it's the attorney general of the department of justice that makes that final decision. >> that american spirit includes staying true to the unity and diversity that makes us strong. there a temptation to latch on to any bit of information and jump to conclusions. that is why we take care of not rushing to judgment. it's not about the motivations of these individuals and certainly not about groups of
5:52 am
people. >> tucker: what does that have to do with diversity of american people. what does diversity have to do with that? >> nothing. we saw an example, weak and weaker, wishy and washy. i was devastated as i watched that. u.s. attorney general saying, it's a long process. i don't know. we have to think about this. i'm going to ask eric holder about what he thinks. why don't we ask him about executing this guy. then the president comes out as you point out and talks about diversity. what does diversity have to do with this. why not a good faith in the american's ability to separate the acts from other people, whether they are chechens or muslims or anybody else. we have a good track record but to cast aspersions on the
5:53 am
american people, we need to withhold judgment, it's time for decision-making and getting tough other terrorists and time to reigning the reining f.b.i. in and making sure it doesn't happen. i don't like this attitude. this is going to happen from time to time. why? >> tucker: if you watched the president and you parachuted in, you would imagine that the u.s. had a long history of anti-muslim paradigm. we could be rounding up muslims. >> this is a gorgeous mosaic, we are melting pot. we are people that are tolerant of each other's. we welcome each other's differences. we need to be talking about what the f.b.i. did. we need to be talking about what kind of interrogation is going on in this atmosphere. we need to be talking about how
5:54 am
we never allow this to happen again. obviously, there were failures. there were failures in boston. there were failures in washington. there were failures in the process. there were failures in the execution. so now, we're giving high fives to each other. i congratulated the police in the area, atf, f.b.i., bringing this guy to justice, killing the other guy, but at the same time let's start looking hard what we need to do to stop this. let's stop being part of the pc patrol. we need to be part of the terrorist patrol, not the pc patrol. weak and wishy and washy has to go. >> tucker: there are an awful lot of public events that take place on streets, parades and marathons and have been lined with cops. what should those law enforcement be doing? >> i'm not go going to second guess. i come from a great tradition
5:55 am
from great police officers in my own family. we value and honor their loss and tragedy and their service. but at the same time did someone make an error in boston? were the police looking at the crowd? were they looking at the runners? who interviewed this fellow two years ago from the f.b.i.? then we know he is considering travel. did we follow up on the travel plans? what is the protocol? when russia tells us this man may be part of radical islam, we have watch lists that have affected me and maybe you in terms of travel. how did it affect him when he traveled to russia? was he detained going over? was he detained coming back? is the family involved in any way? where were they radicalized. what kind of situation do we have here? are there other college students involved? what did it take from the days
5:56 am
before were, were the people on the scene then? what were they going to be doing with them? it was described they had their own bomb making factory. what was next in terms of the plans. >> tucker: and where was it and why did the neighbors noticed. should he be tried as an enemy combatant? >> no, absolutely not. then they win. i do not believe in martial law, i do not believe in indefinite detention for american citizens no matter how contemptible and disgusting that citizen is but we are a body of laws, not a nation of men and the constitution stands in this country and they won't take it away from us. >> tucker: its rousing summation i'm impressed. peter johnson, thank you so much. >> he was shot seven times by muslim extremists shouting allah
5:57 am
akbar but they is said it couldn't be classified as terror attack. how do they feel about the boston bombing case? he responds at the top of the hour. . ♪ lookin' good, flo!
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good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. we have a lot of news including this fox news alert. a new obstacle into the investigation in the boston marathon shooting. he'we're live at the hospital wh the latest. then stunning new surveillance video from friday night's manhunt and the shootout with the teenage terror suspect who was hiding in a boat. how police closed in, and in the end took him alive. >> and he was shot seven times by a muslim extremist screaming allah akbar. the government said it wasn't terror, it was workplace violence. a fort hood survivor speaking
6:01 am
out about the boston bombing case. "fox & friends" hour four begins now. we do begin with a fox news alert. so many new developments in the case of this because o boston mn marathon bombing. two days after he was captured, the boston marathon bombing suspect remains in the hospital at this hour while authorities are waiting for him to become alert so they can ask him dozens of questions. >> yeah. molly lion is live outside the hospital. we heard reports he may have been shot in the throat. any sort of being awakend may not solve the opportunity for him to be able to speak. >> reporter: right. we don't know a whole lot. we're at beth israel medical deaconess. he's under close watch, heavy guard both because they want to protect him because they want to be able to get information out of him. what we know right now from the u.s. attorney's office was the fbi is he's in serious
6:02 am
condition. an atf spokesperson told the "new york times" he had been shot in the neck and in the leg. at least some of the injuries he suffered over the course of this occurred during the manhunt, during the course of a battle with watertown police officers, a gun battle, and the reason we know this is he apparently had been bleeding during the course of that manhunt and watertown police officers had actually seen some pools of blood as they searched that area. charges have not yet been filed, but they could come at any moment. it's possible those charges could come while he's still here in the hospital. something we should remember this morning. an mit police officer lost his life during the course of this. sean collier was murdered thursday night, ambushed. shot in the back of the head, according to the chief of the water town police department, just 26 years old. also, another officer gravely wounded in that gun battle that i was speaking about. mbta officer richard donahue, 33 years old. he remains hospitalized in critical condition. we're expecting to get more
6:03 am
information about how he's doing later on today. something of interest here, donahue and collier knew each other, they were friends. they had graduated together from the municipal police officers academy in 2010. guys, back to you. >> thanks, molly. >> molly, thank you. the gun battle molly was taltalking about started thursdy night and stretched to friday night. on thursday night there was a gun battle between the watertown police department as well as boston and the two suspects. now we know how well armed these suspects were. there was always speculation that they were planning a second wave of attacks, and based upon what the police chief in watertown says, it sounds like they had the ammunition to do it. let's levin t listen to him. >> they had hand guns. they had a long arm, and they threw five bombs, three went off, two didn't. one of the bombs, my understanding, is similar, if not exactly like the bomb that went off at the because o bosto.
6:04 am
it had the pressure cooker and a lid embedded in a car down the street. in retrospect we saved a lot of lives. they didn't flee the scene after the boston marathon. their pictures were on tv. they didn't leave. they had weapons, so they were going to use those devices. i have no information about it, but it seems pretty obvious to me that they wanted to get more people. they wanted to kill more people before they were done. >> furthermore, they wanted -- they didn't hold back in sort of exclaiming that they were going to. they took to social media about -- to talk about different things. after the bombings they were resolute. it raises the larger question about how connected were these individuals. did they do this by themselves? did he they have somebody else helping them or providing advice to build the bombs? >> clearly bit end, therm determined to go out -- they were determined to go out killing other people in a hail of gunfire.
6:05 am
they didn't leave the city. they carjacked the driver of a mercedes station wagon and drove him around to atm machines to take money out of his account. during the time they were with him, according to him, they admitted to being the marathon bombers. they had no expectation of fleeing. they were, in effect, suicide killers. >> earlier on the program we had one of the survivors of the fort hood shooting on with us. you'll recall that the fort hood shooting where the suspect in that case, nidal hasan, yelled allah akbar ahead. that has been deemed workplace violence whereas the administration very quickly after the boston marathon bombing came out and said this is an act of trosm on ou terrorr soil. we talked to one of the victims who was shot seven times. what was the distinction in his mind? he thinks there's no distinction and the administration should call what happened to him terrorism as well. listen. >> both events are terrorist
6:06 am
acts, and if our commander-in-chief and our president called it a terrorist act, okay. then fine. make sure it's like that across the board. don't distinguish between the two because the difference between both events is that one, major hasan got his orders from someone on the warning list. again, it's a terror act and the fbi has proven it's a terrorist act. let's go ahead and call it what it is. stop being reactive. let's start being proactive. we have enough power and enough technology to where we can stop this from happening. >> one of the things that he suggested in terms of being pro active is at the finish line, they could have sealed off that block to make it more secure, not allow people to carry backpacks just like they do in times square on new year's eve. you can't carry a backpack into times square on new year's eve. from now on, they will. >> here's a suggestion. why not speak english? why not sell the truth? be clear what you mean. if we speak in muddy,
6:07 am
politically correct terms, we won't be safe. clearly not true. you see the explosion. political correctness didn't save us. let's be honest about the threats we face. >> we'd love to hear your thoughts. in the meantime, there's more news to tell you about. the young mit officer believed to have been killed by the bombing suspects during their dramatic escape was honored by thousands of people last night. >> fellow officers and members of the community lined the streets of wilmington, massachusetts holding candles, american flags and signs in remembrance of sean collier. 26-year-old was shot to death as he sat in his police cruiser thursday night. his family released a statement saying in part we are heart broken by the loss of sean. the only solace is he died bravely doing what he committed his life to do, serving and protecting others.
6:08 am
well, the fbi taking another terror suspect off the streets. he was arrested friday night while trying to board a flight to turkey at chicago's o'hare international airport. authorities say the 18-year-old planned to join an al-qaeda affiliated group out of syria. reportedly he researched jihad on line and was close friends of a man arrested last september for trying to set off a bomb outside a chicago bar. earlier this morning a special tribute at the start of the london marathon. runners observing 30 seconds of silence in honor of the victims of monday's terror attack in boston. many sporting black ribbons to pay tribute to the fallen. the marathon sponsor has set up a relief fund for the victims. they'll donate about $3 for every person who crosses the finish line. as for security, police are on heavy guard, putting out 40% more officers than last year. those are your headlines. >> okay. thanks, ali. will attorney general eric
6:09 am
holder push for the ultimate penalty, death penalty in the boston bombing case. former u.s. attorney general michael mukasey joins us next. [ male announcer ] when you take shortcuts,
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you've got our name on it. that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. discover the full line of riding lawn equipment at or your local dealer. the second suspect in monday's marathon bombing is in custody. the justice department has with held reading his miranda rights. let's explore why. >> yeah. so does this mean eric holder and the doj are planning to give the ultimate sentence. former u.s. attorney general michael mukasey joins us now. we're trying to get into the head of what holder must be thinking. first of all, the debate has emerged on whether or not he should be tried or given a trial as an enemy combatant, a military trial. where do you stand on the issue? >> i don't think we need that here. i advocate treating people as enemy combatants he when the circumstances warrant it.
6:13 am
here he committed his crime in the united states. he was apprehended in the united states. the courts are open and functioning, and there's really no need to do that, although it's been done in the past. >> you know, they haven't red him his miranda rights yet because they're under the public safety exemption. in other words, maybe he planted another bomb somewhere. maybe he has information that would threaten public safety. you don't like this argument. >> no. i don't think it's going to fly. the public safety exception was conceived in the case where a fellow threw away a pistol after a supermarket robbery. the police, as soon as they arrived, asked him where's the gun because they needed to find it before some kid picked it up or some civilian picked it up. here we don't have that. obviously we don't know what else is around, but the we don't know isn't enough to invoke the public safety exception. if it were, there would never be a case where you couldn't question anyone. >> that won't jeopardize the case, will it? >> it will only jeopardize using the statements against him in court. that's giving away ice in the
6:14 am
winter time. they've got his confession to the person he carjacked. they've got film of him committing the crime. they don't need his statements. >> he is expected to be interrogated by the president's high value detainee interrogation group. what does that mean? what does that mean for his civil liberties and will lawyers be involved on his behalf before that takes place? >> the answer to your last question is no. it doesn't mean anything for his civil liberties. it may mean something for our safety. the high value interrogation group was supposed to have been put in place when the president bollished the cia interrogation program. regrettably, it wasn't. the christmas bomber who tried to blow himself up on the airplane was taken into custody. we didn't have the high value interrogation group. it was a year afterwards. we should have. he was given his miranda rights. finally they had been put in place. they're going to question him to use that information to collect intelligence so that they protect the rest of us. >> this case seems like a prime candidate for capital
6:15 am
punishment. do you think there will be much debate about whether or not he gets the death penalty? >> i sure hope not. he's a poster boy for if. >> how so? >> he used an explosive device. he killed people, he maimed people, he intended to do more. he rings all the bells. >> what if he gives more information about people overseas who they were in could cahoots with? >> you mean cooperates? >> yeah. is that the thing that helps you avoid the death penalty. >> it's one thing that helps you avoid the death penalty. i hope it doesn't get him anything less than life. >> we see this and it sort of reminded me of the dc sniper case in a way. maybe the younger person who was influenced by his older brother. maybe led astray in some capacity. we may uncover that the brother was really the ring leader here, the one who was driving his younger brother to do this. is there a way that we can connect the dots for a larger, some sort of larger quilt, if you will, of terrorism, linking
6:16 am
other individuals overseas? could he be tried as an enemy combatant if we see these enter international connections? >> the short answer to the could be is yes, he could be. we don't need to here. i hope they do pursue overseas connections because we'd like to know, for example, who financed this. >> right. >> who paid for the older brother's trip? who supported him during that period? he apparently had a very comfortable lifestyle. where does that money come from? who else do they have contact with? who taught them how to do this stuff? you know, putting together bombs is a delicate thing. we've heard people blowing themselves up, blowing their hands off. they didn't make any of those mistakes. >> it's your belief that they needed help to pull this off? >> oh, yeah. >> something of this size. >> this is not something you can do this way out of a book. i would be amazed if they did. >> you know, the younger brother is an american citizen. he, as everyone has pointed out, ironically became a citizen on september 11th, 2012.
6:17 am
the older brother was not an american citizen. he, of course, died during the gun battle. does that change, obviously, how they would have been tried? >> i don't think so. we tried germans who landed during world war ii. in a military commission in the united states notwithstanding the claim by one of them that he was an american citizen. that went up to the supreme court. the supreme court said it was irrelevant. once he joined the enemy, you can be treated as the enemy. >> the bottom line here, the americans should have faith in their court system and not worry about this becoming a a military tribunal. >> there are weaknes weaknesses. if they can collect intelligence on the older brother, for example, the younger brother might try to create a defense or at least mitigation along the lines you suggested, that is, he was influenced by his older brother. he would want to know and get access to that intelligence so that he could make that point, and if that came out in a public courtroom, that could make us less secure. i think we have to be wary of
6:18 am
that. >> michael mukasey, the former u.s. attorney general, fascinating insight this morning. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> nice to see you. a teacher is in trouble because his student asked to see his bible. he gave it to him and got fired. is that fair? the teacher joins us next. a heart-stopping moment at a drag race when a car goes flying into the stands and lands on top of spectators. you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands?
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6:21 am
welcome back. quick headlines for you. the bodies of five snowboarders have been recovered after being buried by a massive avalanche in colorado. it happened in a back country area called loveland pass 60 miles west of denver. one snowboarder managed to dig out and call for help. no word on his condition this morning. amazing video of a drag
6:22 am
race. the car exploding, flying into the stands. the engine blew up, sending the fiber glass shell into the air. luckily only two fans suffered minor injuries. the driver was unharmed. you can see the frame of the car continued on with the parachute in the back. tucker? >> thanks, clayton. fired for giving a student a bible. that's what one new jersey teacher said happened to him after one of the students asked for a copy of the good book. inquiring about a bible verse mentioned in school. now, walter tutka is suing the school for religious discrimination. he joins us today with his attorney, the president and ceo of liberty student. just to be totally clear about this, you were asked, you say, by a student for a copy of your bible. you handed it over. forr that offense, you were fired? >> well, actually, what had happened was after several
6:23 am
conversations with the student about a scripture verse that i quoted them at the beginning of the school year, i happened to have my pocket testament with me a particular day. it was on october 12th, and the student, as he had done several times before, he stopped me in the middle of the hallway again to keep the conversation going about the quote, and i mentioned to him, i mentioned to him that i just happened to have my personal pocket testament with me. i pulled it out to again show him where the particular verse he had a question about. i showed him where the verse was, and i looked at him and i said to him look, this is my personal testament. i'm giving it to you as gift. >> okay. so just to be clear, the verse in question, let's put it up on the screen here, from the sermon on the mount, is one of the more ecumenical phrases. the first shall be last, and the last shall be first. >> i can't see the bottom of the
6:24 am
screen, but it's found in matthew, in mark, and also in luke. >> mr. shackelford, what do you think would have happened if mr. tutka had offered a koran instead of his new testament. >> hard to know because the school is stonewalling. they won't give the justification. they're actually hiding adopts from an open records request, so they're not trying to justify it. i think it's unjustifiable. they have a bible in the school library. would they fire the librarian if one of the students said hey, can i check out a copy of the bible? i mean, this is really irrational behavior. it's pc run amuck. unfortunately, a good teacher who loves kids like walt is a victim at this point. >> just to be clear, mr. tutka, you were not telling your students h they had to to belien jesus in order to be saved or pass your course. >> he asked me about a verse,
6:25 am
the first shall be last, the last shall be first. i was just amazed at how many times the student would stop me in the hallway to ask about the verse. nothing more. just the verse. >> so mr. shackelford, are you seeing a lost cases like this? do they mostly pertain specifically to christianity? >> we do see a lot of these. liberty institute, one of our main areas is sort of stopping attempts to sort of, you know, religiously cleanse our schools and take away the rights of students or teachers, and this kind of treatment like the bible is some sort of banned book. the supreme court has said that it's actually good to teach the bible in the schools. it's the most -- it's the best-selling copy of any book in the history of the world, and it's referencing shakespeare and all kinds of things. so the idea that, you know, a teacher can give literature to a child who asks about it, a student, but the bible is somehow this new pornography that we have to ban,
6:26 am
unfortunately this is the type of thing that's going on, but when it does happen, we need to understand it's wrong. he we have a constitution substitution, wfederal law, ando everything we can to get walt back to doing what he loves, teach kids. >> thanks a lot for joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> we reached out to school for comment. we've not heard back. when he we do, of course, we'll bring it to you. inside the home of terror. a firsthand look behind the walls of the bomber's upbringing from their mother's bizarre beliefs to forced marriages among teenagers. we'll tell you all about it.
6:27 am
6:28 am
6:29 am
6:30 am
>> clayton: welcome back. we've learned a lot more about the home that apparently spawned these two bombers, a home in disarray, beset by extremism. we now have a firsthand account written by a girl who lived near by, a high school student at the time who went to the house of these two bombers to get beauty treatments from their mother who opened some kind of beauty spa in their house. >> clayton: what she saw was an evolving radicalization of this family. there is the mom. >> alisyn: looking very western in that shot but got progressively more fundamentalist. >> tucker: she would put on a
6:31 am
hajib and go outside. she writes in this opinion piece. she said it shouldn't have surprised me so much because she had become increasingly religious while hi wa i was in college. she mentioned allah and the lessons of the koran and quoted a conspiracy theater and thought 9/11 was purposely created by the american government to america to hate muslims. it's real. you can read it on the internet. she was there and could see the two brothers regularly if he house. the older brother she saw once in a while. the younger brother moved her car at one point while she was there getting a facial. the younger brother moved it so she wouldn't get a ticket. she described him as a nice guy. >> alisyn: the younger brother who is in custody was injured. she thought the two sisters who were her age were nice. things progressively started to get more extreme. the two sisters who were 18-year-olds were married into arranged marriages and the mother began spouting more of these crazy conspiracy theories.
6:32 am
when she saw the older brother, tamerlan, she found him unfriendly. he said he had no american friends and didn't like americans. here's a picture of him. it's just an interesting window into this highly dysfunctional family. then the mom, she says would leave occasionally to go to russia and what alyssa kilzer said, when i read on line she had left for russia a few months ago, my first reaction was to think that she might have known about the attacks her sons were planning. alyssa said she has no evidence of that, but she just felt as though the family, the whole family, had become more radical and more extreme and the mom might have been in on it. >> clayton: and hated america. anyone who believes that the u.s. government intentionally murdered thousands of people on 9/11 for some political purpose by definition hates the country. one of these pictures we've put up, this is not a family beset by poverty. you see the guy holding a cell
6:33 am
phone with glasses on. this is a family that basically took advantage of everything america has to offer. the kids went to a pretty good school for free, both of them went to college on scholarships. they lived pretty middle class life and yet this is what we wound up with, them murdering people they didn't know for no obvious reason ocean hating this country. >> clayton: was this part of a pattern where the mom new knew something was afoot and the uncle you saw on television talking disparaging about this family and how disgusted he was. he cut ties with the family back in 2009. he knew something was up. here he is talking about this. listen to his reasoning. >> right now i have no moral right to feel a loss for this family. they're still part of my family. at the time in 2009 you disassociated myself. i denounced my relationship with
6:34 am
them. with the family. with my brother's family. i did not like the way the children were brought up. thi>> he was unhappy with the wy the children were being brought up with more of these radical ideas. meanwhile, we didn't know until now what happened between the attack at the boston marathon on mobbemonday night and the time t the manhunt and the chase and the gun battle with police happened thursday night. now we have information. in fact, it seems as though these two brothers were trying to blend back in and lead their regular american lives. the younger one on the right side of your screen there, dzhokhar, apparently partied with his soccer buddies less than 48 hours after he allegedly murdered people including an 8-year-old boy at the boston
6:35 am
marathon. he was acting normally. he was being casual. he was sending out his friendly tweets. here is a friend of his talking about seeing him the day after. >> this is so shocking. like one day, i don't know, like one day you can just like act like nothing happened, and like if he really did this, which it just seems like he did, it's just like crazy how he can be so cool and calm tempered. he acted like nothing hammond. > >> tucker: we saw that in the media after math, in the video surveillance watching like nothing happened. >> what a pig. can you imagine flipping on the television, learning you killed a little kid and you're getting high with your buddies? you know, this really -- by the way, he's supposed to be this religious guy, acting out of, you know, pure religious fervor and he's smoking pot with his friends in college? i mean, this -- the picture that
6:36 am
is developing now is not of some pious person acting out of principle but of a socio path, a loser who has no con chuns at all. >> alisyn: this is what we always find out about terrorists, that their words never match their deeds or their own behavior. what's most chilling, of course, is you always want to think there were warning signs, that there were red flags somehow and the idea that he could go in and out of character, that he could act as a normal teenager with his buddies and then do something so heinous and murder people and then go back to acting like a normal teenager with his buddies and drinking beer. that sends a shiver down my spine. you want to think that somehow you'd be able to spot this, but apparently not. in the meantime, we have more headlines for you. let us tell you what else is happening. if the accused boston bomber refuses to talkers he could be headed to guantanamo bay. in israel today secretary of state chuck hagel asked if the
6:37 am
president would support such a move. >> we just don't have the facts, and i until we get the facts, it will be the responsibility of law enforcement, d.o.j., other institutions to make some determination as to how that individual should be at an trea, detained, charged, all that goes with it. >> alisyn: dzhokhar tsarnaev has not been read his miranda rights. effectively he can be detained indefinitely on a public safety exception. mile high mayhem in colorado as someone opens fire during a marijuana rally, injuring two people. the annual event in denver which takes place on april 20th which is national marijuana day was packed with a crowd of 80,000 people. >> i heard something and then people just started swarming.
6:38 am
>> some people said it was fire crackers. >> yeah. >> but it sounded like gunshots to us. >> the two victims suffered minor injuries. they're expected to be okay. the city has cancelled events today as they search for the gunman. you're about to look at new video of the devastation in west texas. this is all that's left of that fertilizer plant after that deadly explosion wednesday night. >> alisyn: meanwhile, this long line of people given the green light to return home. authorities put a 7 p.m. curfew in effect and told people not to wander off their property. it's still dangerous. the massive explosion left 14 people dead and injured 200 people. >> tucker: now to an extreme weather alert this morning. flash floods are responsible for the deaths of two people. this is indiana you're looking at, torrential rain causing dozens of rivers to overflow, flooding highways and making travel nearly impossible, the rain forces residentses across the midwest out of their homes.
6:39 am
rick reichmuth, when will the rain subside or has it? >> the rain itself has subside tdz, but the water has to go somewhere. the smaller streams feed into the larger ones and eventually into the mississippi which will see major flooding levels as we head into the alert part of week. in the meantime we're talking about flooding. look at the maps all across areas of the illinois river. the illinois river seeing record flooding from this. they saw around seven inches of rain in a few spots, and a wide area of seeing between four to six inches of rain. that causing the major problems there, so it's going to take a while for those river levels to go down. most of the areas on the illinois river cresting either yesterday or by tomorrow. then it will head down towards the mississippi. eastern part of the country, a very cool morning. somebody sent a message to me on facebook or twitter and said not just cool, it's cold. it was 19 degrees this morning in areas of michigan. that front now bringing a few scattered showers across areas of south florida. aside from that, the eastern seaboard will be very sunny all day long. southwest, you're still looking
6:40 am
good. in towards the far northern rockies, this is where the next storm is pulling in, and yeah, more snow. we're talking the alert part of april. we got more snow this week. the next couple of days in across parts of the central plains. take a look at the your temps as we move through the day today. we'll warm up to 64 or so by around the middle of the day and towards kansas city. by the evening we'll start to see things cool down. into far northern rockies, the last couple frames here, you see much colder air getting in. some temps maybe into the single digits by the time we get towards the overnight hours tonight. guys, i'll send it back to you inside. >> alisyn: single digits? that's crazy. thanks, rick. >> clayton: is home grown terror a bigger problem in boston? ahead, we'll look at a mosque the bombers attended an their extremist ties. [ male announcer ] extreme environments can cause a spontaneous change in dna,
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6:44 am
the information coming out this morning that could serve as a possible motivation behind the boston terrorist suspect actions. >> alisyn: officials are investigating possibly links to an extremist and a connection to boston mosques currently under scrutiny. here to explain this is dr. charles jacob. he's the president of americans for peace and tolerance. thanks for being here. you've spent ten years looking into the islam i can society of boston. it's a mosque with two different locations, one in cambridge, one in boston. what can you tell us about the mosque? >> the one that's in cambridge was the first islamic society of boston mosque. it's around the corner or two three blocks away from the chechen terrorists, where they lived. for 10 years my group has been warning boston officials, the media, religious leaders and politicians that this is a radical mosque that special eyeseizesin ratted
6:45 am
in radicalizing people. the founder is in jail for 23 years for raising money for al-qaeda. he's a supporter of hamas and hezbollah. the first trus trustee of the me is the spiritual head of the muslim brotherhood. you can see, people can see, they can google him on film, on youtube saying muslims must kill homosexuals, they must slaughter jews, and they must take over the world for islam. >> alisyn: so if the brothers attended this mosque and there is some evidence that at least the older brother went to this mosque, what soforts things would he have heard? >> we don't know what you would hear inside the mosque. we do know at the mosque there was found hateful literature. they had in their library the foundational texts of islamic jihad. they had radical preachers going there. when they built the mosque, and
6:46 am
they had on their website how to beat your wife. they took it down when we exposed it, but we have a copy if you'd like to learn that. when they built, they decided to build the large mosque in boston, in downtown boston which eventually cost $16 million and was subsidized by the city of boston. >> alisyn: why was it subsidized by the city o city of boston? >> it's a long story. the city o city of boston had sy inside the boston redevelopment authority who was also connected to the mosque, and the deal was made. the land was worth about $2 million, and they sold it to them for about $200,000. >> alisyn: and they justified it by saying it would be community center. >> well, they said it would be community center, right. >> alisyn: tell us more about the imam at the islamic society of boston. what's he like? >> the current imam, he's the imam of the largest mosque in new england. it might be bigger than the one you have in manhattan.
6:47 am
saudi funded. here's a man who is virulently homo phonhomophobic. this is all about the radicalization of the historically moderate muslim community in america. most muslims are peace-loving people. they would have hated, they would hate what happened in boston. the problem is their leadership and the problem is our leaders who refuse to deal with reality. >> alisyn: so as someone who has studied this for 10 years and tried to raise the warpin warnis about what's going on, what should we be doing? >> get rid of political correctness. it may be our suicide. we should ask the real questions, who are the people who are heading the mosque? 80 percent of mosques in america, according to congressional testimony, are led by radicals. saudi money comes in, rainan money comes in. the normal people who have been moderate muslims all of a sudden find them sem themselves under e
6:48 am
leadership, whether they want to or not, of radical leaders teaching hate. they were saying christianity is filth, you have to kill jews, horrible things. we don't know if the chechens were radicalized there, but it was right around the corner. >> alisyn: dr. charles jacobs, thanks so much for sharing all of your research with us. >> thank you. >> alisyn: well, it's been a turbulent week for america, to say the least. how do we recover from the terror, and where should we turn? father john is here to restore some faith, he says, in america.
6:49 am
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>> clayton: after a long week of tragedy, many americans turn to their faith this morning to help them get through these tough
6:52 am
times. >> alisyn: we turn to fox news contributor father jonathan morris who joins us. more evil that we've seen. what are we supposed to make of it? >> well, i think the first thing to make of it, and i'll talk about this in my church a little later this morning, is that not all ideas are created equal. as the doctor before us in the last setting spoke, not all ideas are created equal. some are true, some are false. whether you use the name of god or not. some are rational and some are stupid. anyone who suggests that their idea or their belief impells them to kill the innocent are not only radical but they have lost their minds, and we have to make sure that nobody gets away with saying somehow these are my beliefs, my beliefs are based on my understanding of god, and therefore, they might be equally as true as others. simply not true o. all of us, believer,
6:53 am
non-believer,s christians, jews, we can all stand up to that and we have to. >> clayton: what do you say to those who might find their faith rattled. those who were there looking on the horror, how can god let this happen? >> it's a great question, clayton. we can say god didn't do this. two brothers did this. what they did was evil. now, we say why didn't god stop that? i think we don't know, we can't give a perfect answer, right, but one thing we do know, and this helps me a lot, is that if god stopped every one of our bad actions andd consequences of bad actions, if i were to punch clayton, i couldn't do it to alisyn, but if i were to try to punch clayton and god stopped my fist from hitting him or hurting him, if god stopped every one of our bad actions, we would become robots and we would not be able to use our free will for the good. in other words, we would not be able to love. >> clayton: and to learn from
6:54 am
our mistakes. >> and learn from our mistakes. imagine if god stopped every one of our bad actions. then we would just be little pets of his. instead, we can choose to love. this is a time when we see a misuse or an abuse of free will. it's time for us to double down on love, if our families, in our communities, especially those who are suffering the most right now. >> alisyn: you know another thing this shows us, and it shows us free will, when the explosions happened, some people ran towards the explosions. they ran towards it to help. i think i can safely say i would have run away, but some people were historic enough to know that they were needed and they ran back to the scene of danger. >> absolutely. we saw this morning earlier on the show images of baseball stadiums where everyone is singing together. it's a sense of unity, a sense of love, a sense of kindness. that can come forth, as you mentioned, alisyn.
6:55 am
we can become better people because of the tragedy. thank god for fragile? no way. we have a responsibility and an opportunity to respond with love rather than hatred. that's what this radicalism is. that's not religion we know, right. that is a choice, an irrational, irrational, an angry choice for vengeance rather than a rational, loving choice for justice, truth, and love. >> i saw a posting to alisyn's point this week that someone recalled about mr. rogers, fred rogers, who said his mom had taught him to always look for the helpers out of tragedy, always look because you'll find the helpers there. don't look at the tragedy, look at the people who ran towards those people. >> that's right. i think we also say, you know, it's a fact that it didn't happen to me. that's means i can hug my children a little tighter now, i can be closer to my parents. i was in ohio this last weekend with my own family, with my parents and brothers and sisters, and that sense of, you know what? life is precious, and i don't understand why god allows some
6:56 am
of these terrible things to happen, but i do thank god for the lift of life and the gift of the people that i love very much who are close to me now. >> alisyn: that's great point and it's incumbent on all of us to reach out to people who may be sad or feeling like loners. i felt this way after newtown also, people who are ostracized or feel they are loners, even if it's just us with awareness noticing them, that they might be doing something or reaching out to them. we need to do that. >> that's great point. do you think somebody might have been able to get to the younger brother? >> alisyn: don't know. >> maybe. why did he feel a need to get attached to the radical elements? probably because he didn't have enough love in his life. i believe that strongly. we can do that. we have a responsibility to do it. >> alisyn: father john, great to see you. >> thanks, guys. >> clayton: more "fox & friends" in three minutes. r tool with these cool sliders. what's this one do? i dunno. the name's bear, fancy bear. score planner is free to everyone. free score applies with enrollment in fancy bear slider still in beta.
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>> clayton: thanks for waking up with "fox & friends" this morning. continuing coverage here on the fox newschannel throughout the day on all the emerging details about the because o


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