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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 23, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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you to people. >> i could. thanks, andy. immogen, bill schulz, jaime, ambassador, that does it for me. i'm greg gutfeld. see you next time. caution. >> do you consider the u.s. bombing on citizens in afghanistan that left 11 children and a woman killed a form of terrorism? >> bill: here we go again, the left-wing media equating war with terror attacks on civilians. >> i think we also have to examine the use of drones the united states is involved in. >> we will explain why these people are desperately wrong and how their opinions hurt all of us. >> there were concerns about this individual. and yet, when he travels abroad, against a very dangerous part of the world, nothing seems to be done. >> bill: what about the federal bureau of investigation. it apparently screwed up
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the investigation of one of the boston bombers yet did a great job of tracking them down. brit hume will weigh in on this very controversial situation. also tonight, bernie goldberg on how the media is covering the terror story and adam carolla has personal thoughts on the attack. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. politics now entering the boston terrorism story and zeal that in our second segment this evening with the talking points memo. first the lead story tonight. update on the terror bombing investigation there are some unanswered questions. did where did they get the bombs. the grenades and the bombs
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apparently lawyered up in rhode island, hasn't yet been interrogated. also why hasn't the obama administration declared the wounded terrorist to be an enemy combatant? he will not be treated as an enemy combatant. we will prosecute this terrorist through our civilian system of justice under u.s. law the united states citizens cannot be tried in military commissions the. >> bill: well some constitutional experts dispute mr. cancery's statement if you partner up with a foreign terrorist organization you become part of that. it's about interrogation not about trial "wall street journal" has by far the most section tonight left one bomber dead, one police officer dead and other bomber gravely wounded. joining us from boston brian bender "boston globe" reporter and craner. let's pick it up ms. cram kramer with the two suspects in cambridge
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around 10:00 p.m. thursday night. take it from there. >> yes. that's when the chaos essentially began. what happened was they come upon officer sean collier, for reasons we do not understand yet and may never understand they open fire on him. the word that has been used for that was an assassination by police. police have called it an assassination. from there, they move to hijack a vehicle from a man who was driving a mercedes bins. they take the vehicle and drive it into water town. they release the man will he let him go. what the man leaves behind is a cell phone. that allows watertown police officers and other officials to track him down because they ping the cell phone and they find the vehicle in watertown. >> bill: let me stop threw. i understand there are two vehicles now. one vehicle the hijacked mercedes and the other a stolen honda; is that correct? >> yes. the vehicle that was driven.
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stolen suv and honda following close behind. but what happened was both suspects eventually enter the mercedes bins suv and with the hijacked victim for a short period of time. >> why didn't they kill him? >> we don't know yet. there is is a report out there that the reason they didn't kill him because he was not an american. we cannot verify that ourselves. but that's apparently what was out there, they let him go because he wasn't an american. >> bill: surely had to know he was going to call 911. the cops get the ping. they know where the mercedes is they know where these two guys and then one water town police officer finds them. go ahead. they they find them and begin to open fire on the police officers. it's a very dramatic shootout and the brothers actually flee the vehicles and start shooting back at the officers older brother
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tamerlan puts his cruiser in gear so it begins to roll down the street. as is he out there firpg officers empty the rounds. able to move in on him and capture him. >> bill: i understand they were in very close quarters and they shot tamerlan he was shot a number of times, right? >> yes, yes, yes. he was struck by bullets. it's unclear when he suffered the fatal injuries because as they are struggling with him. as they are trying to arrest him and handcuff him, he is resisting arrest, his brother shoots out with the suv. his brother got into the suv and drives into the scene and drives into the brother. >> runs him over? >> runs him over and carries him several feet with the car. >> and the police dove out of the way. one police officer was shot, right, in the shootout not only was tamerlan shot but a cop was shot as well, right? >> a transit police officer by the name of richard
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donahue was shot in the leg, suffered a very serious injury but is recovering thank god. >> so then the younger, the 19-year-old he disappears in the suv, he drives away for a few blocks and gets out of the car. cops are chasing him i assume, right? >> he immediately ditches that suv and fades into the night. what happens is an all night manhunt where you have hundreds of officers, you know, walking through water town, creeping around backyards in the pitch black, not sure if there is any more ieds that have been set up that could detonate and kill any one of them. it's a very terrifying night for officers. many of them haven't even slept for days. >> many knows what happened. he goes into the boat and one of the neighbors sees blood and calls the cops and they take him in. mr. bender, there is a wife here, tamerlan's wife down in rhode island as she still as far as we know hasn't been interviewed by the fbi. do you know anything about that? >> well, yes, tamerlan was married. and we had one child and
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apparently living with her parents from north kings town rhode island about an hour from boston. we do know the fbi visited her parents' how many where she was living at least three times on sunday. what's not clear is whether they have interviewed her officially or whether she has just been cooperative giving them information. clearly the fbi wants to know what she knows because she was. >> >> bill: why didn't they take her in? can you take somebody in for questioning. why isn't she in an interrogation room? >> it's a good question, bill. we don't really know. >> bill: we don't know yet. we don't want to speculate. >> it could simply be that she is cooperating and telling them everything she knows. she does have an attorney, apparently. >> >> bill: it's a little training strange. not getting anything out of the finel are they interrogating her. whatever. we are getting reports that there is an interrogation underway with the younger bomber who is in the hospital shot in the throat. looks like he shot himself in the throat. and wounded and what he is cooking, mr. bender, do you know? >> well, i know yesterday,
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officials were saying that he was not in very good shape. he certainly wasn't able to speak. apparently is he communicating. he has answered some written questions. i think the focus at this point or in the early interrogation has been on public safety issues. in other words, were there accomplices? are there other bombs that need to be diffused. that sort of thing. clearly, you know, he is in the hospital. he is handcuffed to the bed. he has now been charged. and you know, they are going to want to get everything possible out of him. >> is there word that he is cooperating? do we have any guidance on that at all? >> the reports that we have heard is that he has been cooperating to the extent he physically can at this point. and he has been given a public defender. he has been assigned a public defender. but, you know, again, he is in pretty booed shape. he had a wound to the throat. self-inflicted it seems. >> bill: yeah, we know he is in bad shape. the doctors there are the best in the world. ms. kramer, one final question for you. a lot of people say how you are in a shootout with a number of cops and you jump in an suv and you flee,
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what, four blocks or i think that's what the watertown police chief said, how do you get away? shouldn't the guys right on his tail? was there anything that happened there that gave the guy an add van tang to get away? >> that's a great question. and to come honest i don't know the answer to that yet. the cop fusion of the arrest of the brother. he plow through and runs over his own brother that is a very confusing chain of events. and he very quickly ditched that car and ran off into the night. you know, fading away. so it's a good question. but i believe the confusion of that moment is what could have helped him evade authorities as well as incredible action of running over his own brother. could have thrown off the police officer. >> can i add something bill here too? >> sure, go ahead. >> i think one element added into this is one of the brothers it seems or at least they thought had a suicide vest or had explosives on his person. from a law enforcement
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perspective that's going to change the whole equation. approach this guy like you would any suspect. >> bill: thee guys are throwing explosives at the cops they didn't know what they had. >> we know you are busy. we can't thank you enough for helping us out tonight. left wing politics emerge just hours. and tom broekhoff is center stage. right back with that report.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. politics in the boston terror situation. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. even while the two suspects were at large, people like barney frank were politicizing the boston terror bombing and incredibly some in the press were doing that as well. >> i send my deepest condolence to the families in boston. president obama said that the boston was an act of
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terrorism. i would like to ask do you consider the u.s. bombing on civilians in afghanistan earlier this month that left 11 children and a woman killed a form of terrorism? why or why not? >> well, i would have to know more about the incident and obviously the department of defense would have answers to your questions on this matter. >> bill: here is how ridiculous that question really is the u.s.a. is fighting a war, a war in afghanistan in every war, collateral damage happens. civilians are killed. there is no way to prevent it. it is not u.s. policy to target civilians in afghanistan. in fact, we go out of our way not to. everybody knows that. yet, this woman has the nerve at a white house press conference to equate military battlefield action with the bombing of civilians of boston. very disturbing. but here is something even provocative, former nbc news anchor tom broekhoff
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apparently putting some of the motivation for the boston bombings on his own country. >> i think we also have to examine the use of drones. the united states is involved in and there are a lot of civilians who are innocently killed in a drone attack in pakistan and afghanistan and in iraq and i can tell you having spent a lot of time over there, young people will come up to me on the streets and say we love america, but if you harm one hair on the head of my sister, i will fight you forever. and there is this enormous rage against what they see in that part of the world as a presumption -- >> bill: let me get this straight, tom. we shouldn't use drones to attack al qaeda leadership or taliban terrorists hiding in the mountains of pakistan? we shouldn't do that? so how exactly would you fight the war against terrorism, tom? do you want to invade pakistan? is that what you want to do? or, do you want to sit back and let terrorists hatch
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their plots and watch americans die at home and on the battlefield? it's either/or, tom. either/or. one or the other. i challenge you to come on this broadcast and answer that question. of course, tom broekhoff will not do that much too difficult. he wouldn't associate with the peasants here on the factor. no. he is up here. drives me crazy. it stuff really makes me angry. now, it is worth noting that during world war ii, u.s.a. did target civilians in japan and germany. it did what it had to do to win the war and -- now we have cadre of americans who for some reason don't feel that the u.s.a. has a right to defend itself? every decent person laments civilian casualties anywhere. again, in war, they happen. so, it's time to knock off the nonsense. the war on terrorism is real. the dead and wounded in boston are real. and this ridiculous
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left-wing moral equivalency is insulting. and that's the memo. now reaction. joining us from mary katharine ham and juan williams. where am i going wrong, man? >> i night upset you, but you are right. you know, i don't understand what they're talking about. to me, there is a big difference between an act of terror, bill, which is what happened in boston and act of war go after people that are in fact engaging in terrorism and trying to hatch plots to kill us. i don't get it. but, here's the thing. some of these terrorists, in fact, insinuate themselves into communities hoping that then the united states will not act -- will not go after them and, in fact, you know, this is the truth. the defense tempt department, the pentagon makes an effort to avoid any injury to civilians. this is not casual. they will avoid targeting people to avoid it and no acknowledgment. i will say this for
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broekhoff -- >> bill: it's worse than that, juan. mary katharine, do you know who broekhoff is. >> yes. >> bill: he wrote a book about the greatest generation. world war 2 how far great americans performed during world war ii. tom, did you ever hear of hiroshima, that you sack can i and dresden? how about that tom? japanese weren't too thrilled when they seen hundreds of thousands of their people dying all civilians no. he is just so politically correct, drones. oh no they hate us. what do you do? it's so irresponsible. what do you do broekhoff. >> the path they are going down is not just to make this horrible moral equivalency right to refute. also to consider the grievances of those who are killing 8-year-olds in the streets with bombs. i don't think that you get to have your political grievances discussed at that point. not if you are chris dorner, the cop killer out in california. not if you are timothy mcveigh and not if you are
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these guys. we shouldn't use this as pivot point to discuss serious policy discussions. the drone debate we have been having for a little while. rand paul was right to race question about it we can continue to have that debate. this should not be the pivot point. >> you are making a comparison between what happened in boston to afghanistan, to drones? is that what you are doing, lady? juan, president obama has not used the term muslim terrorism in the whole boston incident. hasn't used it. >> well, we don't know that. >> yes we do. >> muslim terrorism. most chechens are not muslims. >> yes they are. >> bill: yes they are. any of the reportage about the guy on social media putting all of this stuff about jihad on there? don't you know that juan? >> no. i know that but i'm saying, look. >> what do you think it is?
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i don't know if it's muslim terrorism. >> it's terrorism. i don't care where it came from. >> you have to care. if it came from ireland. >> you shouldn't leap and i shouldn't leap muslims. >> i'm not leaping. >> happy to -- everybody in the media i can't is happy to leap. somebody right of center. that's why they were hypothesizing about tax day all day long. i'm happy to have a moratorium waiting to jump conclusions. we don't get that in all situations. only get that when the guy in question has youtube links going to al qaeda and other extremist imams. >> bill: juan, you need to read what this guy posted on social media. i have got to governmental i seen it i want to be very sure before i leap. let me say one last thing, bill. you were right to say to broekhoff, do you want us to send troops over there? because more people, more civilians. >> bill: of course. >> bill: will die. if the troops have to invade. i don't understand why they don't see that. >> bill: i want you to do me a favor, mary katharine.
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>> will do. >> bill: go to tom pro-call's house and get him on the program. >> i will see what i can do for you. >> bill: directly ahead. did the fbi screw up and allow one of the boston terrorists free reign when he was doing questionable
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>> hume zone segment tonight. good news and bad news to the central bureau of investigation. it did a tremendous job in tracking down the two boston bombers in four days. bad news the bureau tipped off about the older terrorist but did not take aggressive action to monitor him. >> he applied for citizenship and the department of homeland security put that on hold based upon his fbi interview so there were concerns about this individual and, yet, when he travels abroad against a very dangerous part of the world, nothing seems to be done. >> bill: yeah, and then he
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puts all kinds of stuff on his web site. joining us now to reaction to react fox news senior analyst brit hume. same thing that happened with nidal hasan in the fort hood shootings. the bureau got tipped that this guy was in contact with al awlaki. that he was a jihadist. didn't do anything. bang. this looks like the identical thing here. and you say? >> well, it looks similar. but we can't say based on what we now know that the fbi blew it in this particular case that we talked about you. no certainly the fbi knees to explain itself. hasan case led to a commission appointed by the director led by william webster which came down very hard on how that case was handled in the hasan case and said major mistakes were made and a lot was missed and me blew it whether they blew it this time is impossible to say yet. i think a lot of questions need to be answered about what exactly the russians and we now, i guess we know it was the russians who tipped us off. what exactly did they tell us? what exactly did the
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hasan -- did this guy say when he he was questioned? what was he asked? and when the fbi said, you know, they found no evidence, you know, how did he get out off the country and back in without apparently knowing about him and there is a lot here. >> when you look back though, it's very similar because the investigation to hasan refresh everybody's memories. the reason the bureau didn't take really strong action is because they were afraid it was a muslim thing they didn't want to offend and the pentagon didn't want to offend and all of this. as i pointed out to juan and mary katharine no example of muslim terrorism? is that important, hume? is it important that the president or is the implication enough? i don't know that it's important that the president say it unless, bill, his refusal to say it
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represents a refusal to face the fact that the principle, indeed the overwhelming threat that we faced extent. i mean the obvious threat we faced from terrorism in the world is from jihadists muslims everybody knows that it is i understand it. >> there has been an attitude it started in the bush administration somewhat as well that you don't want to give the world the impression that we're having a war against muslims islam broadly speaking. hesitancy to say that but there is a certain political correctness in there and you wonder if it filters down is agencies like the fbi which finds itself hesitant to call hasan out in the way that he needed to be called out and investigated and that may effect the decisions in this case as well. that you have got to tread carefully where muslims are concerned lest you be accused of anti-muslim bias. >> i will give the
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president of the benefit of the doubt there are muslims governments who cooperate with the united states. especially on intelligence matters. they don't want to be branded under this anti-muslim or muslim terrorism because there are good muslims and bad muslims. and i think that's what barack obama is doing. he doesn't want to ignite this so that there is a lot of anti-muslim stuff that bubbles up in the united states because that works against u.s. interest abroad. i get that i think he should explain that rather than just avoids the issue all together. last word. i agree with that. that makes perfect sense to me. look at what happened in the hasan case. the pentagon, i think to this day still categorizes the hasan attack as work place violence rather than terrorism. let alone muslim terrorism. there is history here and the fbi has some explaining to do. >> all right. brit hume, everybody. thank you. >> you bet. >> bill: we have a brand new bill o' poll question posted.
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we are asking you. do you believe the government is doing all it can to protect us from terrorists? do you believe the u.s. government is doing all it can to protect us from terrorists? yes or. no bill o' plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. should the captured terrorist lying in boston get miranda rights or should he be classified as an enemy combatant? later, bernie goldberg on how the media scoferght story. including the giant cnn screw up about an arrest that never happened. hope you student to those
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>> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight, two very intense questions coworker the at that point cured terrorists now being treated in the boston hospital. should he be given miranda rights and should he be classified enemy combatant to take him out of the civil system as far as interrogation is concerned. white house says it will be a civilian case but should be be? joining us from national tennessee albert toe gonzalez under president bush the younger. so, we understand that this guy dzhokhar has been given miranda rights in the hospital. he has an attorney appointed to him. some are saying and the "wall street journal" is saying among them that's not smart. they could have labeled him an enemy combatant and intear gaysed him without all the protections and you say? >> well, i think the white
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house has made a calculation the department of justifiable has made a cool could you legs that they can bring this person, i'm sorry, to justice, and also get the information that may be important to prevent future attacks and also provide answers that may help bring closure to the victims and the families of the victims. you know, there are some challenges, of course, with respect to the designation of enemy combatant. people forget that once that happens, dealing with an american citizen and what he will do is file habeas petition challenging that designation, raising again this question does the president on his own authority can he designate an american citizen enemy combatant which was an issue that came up with al awlaki. when that happens, go into court and here this defendant will force the government to present evidence to show this person is enemy combatant. government doesn't want to do that going to complicate criminal trial. >> take it into a criminal
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direction that just is not worth of exercise. that's valid that's valid and reasonable. when you get a guy like that though, and it becomes purely a civil crime. purely a criminal action. being charged at the federal level with terrorism crimes. if convicted he could receive the death penalty which i believe he will.a lot e difficult then to squeeze him for more information about al qaeda, about what his dead brother knew and what happened and who gave him all the arms and all of that. the guy doesn't want to do it he doesn't have to do it, correct? >> well, here we have a situation where he has information that we want. and we have something that i'm assume he wants. which is his life. so there is a possibility that we will get the information that we desperately want. and, of course, there are criminal cases where a defendant will sing like sinatra at either guilt or desire to be famous it is possible, and, again, i'm assuming the department of
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justice in consultation with the white house has made a calculation that we can bring this person to justice in our criminal court system and get the information that we need. now, nothing prevents the president at some future time if in fact things are going badly and outcome is we are not getting the information that we think we need, he could always designate this person as enemy combatant. then, of course, we phase the same problem. >> bill: you have just insinuated that it might be up to the federal government to bargain with this guy. say we won't give you the death penalty if you spread it out and give us everything you know. that's not going to go over with the public mr. attorney general, you know that. there is a vengeance in the air they want this guy to get what tim mcveigh got. >> and that you understand that this mearp pay give up information freely or he may not. there may have to be some kind of bargain reach it may be sufficient for the victims and the families of the victims that they do
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get information, they do get answers that helps them some people unhappy. i'm not suggesting they should go that way. >> bill: last question. the fbi, you just heard brit hume and i debate the fbi. this guy going over to russia and coming back to boston. did that give you pause? do you think there might be something wrong? >> i think it's worth exploring. i agree with chairman mccaul. i think companies the role of congress to ask questions. we do have the example of what happened to hasan and you had the fbi coming out initially saying, you know, we did everything right. i think under the circumstances it's necessary. we need to find out whether or not the fbi did its job based on what's been disclosed publicly i would say that they did. again, i don't know what i don't know. >> bill: i don't know. if they were watching him closely, you know, it's a disturbing situation although i think the bureau
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did a great job tracking these people down in four days. that was amazing how they did that. >> no question about it. >> bill: want to be fair to everybody, mr. attorney general. thanks for coming on. how the media has covered the terror bombing in total. then, carolla has some personal thoughts about what happened in boston last week. those reports after these
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. get to the purveyor of bernard who joins us from miami. "new york times" column today excoriating. word of the day excoriating cnn reporting arrest had been made in the case last wednesday when of course that did not happen. how big a hit do you think cnn should take on this keeping in mind that the "boston globe," the app. and fox news were also wrong on the story? >> right. first, let me say that
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covering breaking news in the field while the facts are changing second by second is not easy as we hold the media accountable we should be aware of that. cnn was bragging about excliewnk how they were the only ones capture they got it wrong. only up to a point. as you mentioned correctly in the lead in there were many other news organizations that got many, many things wrong the "new york post" said there were 12 dead. wrong. numerous news organizations said there were more than two bombs, wrong. here is the important part that i haven't heard too many people, if anybody talk about. not one reporter at cnn or fox or any place else concocted these supposed facts. not one reporter made stuff up in order to be a hero and get on the air with an
1:42 am
exclusive. >> no, it was honest mistake. absolutely an honest mistake. >> yes. here is the other half of it, that nobody wants to talk about. every single mistake. every single piece of misinformation came from supposedly credible sources in law enforcement. except they weren't credible. they were incredit bled. they didn't know what they were talking about. >> what king should have done the cnn guy out the sources. so and so told me and he was wrong. >> they didn't know what they were talking about. they were passing on things that they heard. they were passing on hearsay. and they are getting off way too easy as far as i'm concerned. >> bill: it if i were somebody burned me on the story here is who burned me. i did the best i could. go. >> let me say this in defense of king or however you want to look at it. if i'm out in the field and i get a tip from a source that i consider reliable in law enforcement, and maybe
1:43 am
backed up by a second source in law enforcement, yeah, i prefer that they give me their names so i can go with it if they don't, i'm going with the story. >> bill: i would have gone with it with the a.p., "boston globe" also concurring i would have gone with it. you saw this woman at the white house press conference ask carney about the equivalency between afghanistan and boston bombing and you say? >> i say that if they gave out a lameo award for most pathetic response in the year 2013, jay carney would get it. he actually said to this woman i have to get back to you on that. the correct response should have been do you understand -- by the way, i don't know if shy was asking a question or actually making a statement buy the correct response should have been intent matters. intent counts. when we killed 11 children and a woman.
1:44 am
it was a terrible, terrible mistake. it was an accident. when bombers in boston killed people, it was no accident. it was no mistake. it was intentional. >> bill: she had hell of a nerve. >> he didn't have the guts to tell her that. >> he didn't have the guts to say listen, lady, set you straight. on that same topic, am i being too tough on broekhoff? he is your pal. am i being too tough on him? >> only to this extent. but only to this extent. when broekhoff says that we make enemies in pakistan and afghanistan and places like that, when we use a drone that kills civilians, he is obviously, even you would agree, he is obviously correct. but then as you said earlier, in the program, well, what are we supposed to do about that? >> right. >> there is implication here that if we didn't use drones that maybe they wouldn't hate us as much. but, you know, we never used drones before 9/11 2001. and they. >> i think the more
1:45 am
important question is what would you do instead? >> yes. exactly. exactly. >> bill: the greatest generation. that's what really torqued me off because we know what happened in world war ii. all right, bernie, thanks very much. carolla is on deck. he has personal comments about the boston bombing. then the tip of the day how we can all help the grievously wounded in boston. we are coming right back.
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>> bill: rolling with carolla. like most other americans carolla following the story. he joins us from los angeles. what's the big headline for you? >> well, first off, just how good a city boston is. because, you know, the fact that people just got done, i heard a story about a woman who ran the marathon
1:49 am
and then went into surgery as a surgeon and worked a 40 hour shift. that just doesn't exist in los angeles. and the fact that everyone ran into sort of what was going to be danger, there was a second bomb there. it says a lot about boston and the people that live in it. as far as the coexist bumper sticker on the car that got carjacked makes me list. >> bill: co-exsis bumper sticker. this is on the member mercedes we talked about top of the program. two bombers hijacked in cambridge. this bumper sticker was on the car. i don't know what this is is. what is it? >> it is basically a bumper sticker that shows all the different religions of the world and how we need to get along together when that bumper sticker could be shortened quite a bit to maybe just co, it doesn't need half the religions that are on there. and it is just part of the
1:50 am
problem, which is everyone is the problem. everyone is not the problem. there is certain religions that cause more trouble than others. i think we know who they are, we need to focus on them and not pretend like the just's fault just as much as the christian's fault in this particular case. but, also, here is a question to you, bill. coexist bumper sticker on your car or this car insured by smith and wes son. which car would be more likely to be jacked? president obama hasn't used the term muslim terrorism. does that offend you? how do you see that? >> this whole thing of and it's been going on through the time what did would do to offend them? we must have done something to offend these people? why do they hate us so
1:51 am
much. perhaps if we play nice with them they will stop doing. this they hate our culture. they hate our way of life. they hate the fact that our women's boobies get bigger. our cars get longer, our swimming pools get deeper, and we're building skyscrapers and bridges and allah is supposed to take care of all of this decadence but allah never does so he they they take it upon their hands to do it themselves. we act like if we make friends with them them then maybe they will back off. they are not going to back off. >> bill: they are not going to back o one of the reasons geopolitically is u.s. supports israel. that is one of the bigger factors here. carolla, you are some kind of race car driver or something? you won another race, the toyota pro-celebrity grand prix? >> yeah. >> bill: is that you with the big bottle of champagne there? is that you? >> yeah. although i don't consider that a large bottle but i drink pretty good. >> bill: you won this race. who did you beat? were there any other
1:52 am
celebrities in there? justin bieber? who did you beat? >> you are missing the point. i won the celebrity category arrest year. in year i raced in the pro-category. i won the pro-category. no one has ever won the pro and celebrity category. my 6-year-old daughter said to me yesterday has any other celebrity ever done that? i said nope. she said not even obama? >> bill: wow. >> i said nope, not even obama. and then she said well maybe you should be the president. >> bill: this is for charity, right? >> all going to the catholic big brothers. >> bill: good for you. big brothers is a great organization. we know you are daring because you hang out with miller. we know you are daring. that paid off. adam carolla, everybody. factor tip of the day how we can all help some of those grieve --
1:53 am
1:54 am
>> factor tip of the day, helping injured people in
1:55 am
boston. but first, there's been a dramatic rise in american patriotism. it's a good thing. we have great gifts for mothers and father's day. i love my country mugs for your mother. that's great one. and a variety of other things that celebrate america. check them all out and make mom and dad happy. now the e-mail. >> my opening line on friday's live program is hell has a new resident tonight. we define what the boston terrorists did precisely and accurately. you need to wise up, cj. from porterville, california. >> apparently the family received welfare payments from the u.s. government and the state of massachusetts. and a relative gave the boys money, as well. but i'm with you, rosemary. i think the support system needs to be fully vetted.
1:56 am
>> you know, i appreciate that, michael. we have tons of letters saying the same thing you say. we thank you all for watching on friday night. indications are more people watched the factor than any other tv news program at eight to nine. we were both on able and broadcast. again, thank you. from malaysia. >> that's an excellent question, john. the answer is close to none. but there are muslim countries friendly to the u.s. so it's not exactly the same. >> sure, memo to mo's family. he deserved premium tickets to the show on the i. also spokane july together. still some tickets available.
1:57 am
everywhere else, sold out. >> i hope you enjoy it, marty. we have a special town hall meeting tonight on it's all about the books and the terror attack. from costa rica. >> wow, i hope we didn't scare the penguins down there, jerry. finally, the factor tip of the day. as i said we are all in this together. even though americans often disagree with each other on various things, we're all in it together. but there is a fund that's been set up called a one fund boston, and you can access it on many people lost limbs in the bombings. you know how intense that is. so if you can help out, you will be a patriot. i know money is tight and it's
1:58 am
hard, but just like five, ten bucks, it mounts up. these families are going to need a lot of support. the factor tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from we would like to you spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world, including antarctica. if you wish to opine, the word of the day is do not be lugubrious when writing. remember, the spin stops here. we are d
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