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tv   America Live  FOX News  April 24, 2013 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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everyone. i'm megyn kelly. new intell report being send out to local state and federal law enforcement. details on the bomb-making materials. authorities believe remote controlled toy cars may have been used as well as a type of explosive that may come from fireworks. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live in washington with more. catherine? >> thank you, megyn. influence has learned a new jig intelligence bullet and fbi was sent out to local state and federal law enforcement to bring them up to date on the findings of the forensic snals of the bond. the jib sections of which were given to fox news indicate the boston bombs were not identical and relied on remote control cars. each device likely incorporated an electric fusion system using components from remote controlled toy cars. such as a transmitter and receiver pair and electric speed controller used as a switch mechanism. former seal and explosives expert tells fox the bomb
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maker needed hands on training to build it. >> it's the same thing with explosives. if you look into a book and you try to construct something, you can make an object but when you add in explosives to it and you don't know how those explosives should be handled, you are setting yourself up for a lost hand or even life. >> this morning the fbi is now going on the offensive pushing back hard against reporting that they were contacted more than once by the russian security agency known as the sfb over tamerlan tsarnaev because russians believe he was islamic radical intent on joining extremist group overseas. fbi and homeland security knew about tam member alan's trip to russia in 2011 has not been cleared up neither. this morning, speaking in washington, the head of homeland security said despite the fbi investigation two years before the boston bombings, there was no negative information in the immigration files. >> they are vetted from the time they apply to the time between when they are told
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they are going to be a citizen and they actually take the oath at a ceremony. so we're continually revetting, going pack, checking, checking, checking, checking. in this instance, in boston. the systems contain no derogatory information as to either brother. >> just to clarify that flip was in 2012 not 2011. in any event the intelligence committee will get a briefing from the fbi today. second such briefing on the hill for the intelligence committees in the last 24 hours, megyn. >> megyn: just to clarify, so that the fbi is now saying that they were only contacted once by are you sure shah. but we have got the senator who was at the intel briefing yesterday saying the united states was contacted several times by russia. is this a pipeline issue like maybe it wasn't the fbi who got contacted and they weren't talking? >> i'm just going to speak based on my experience because i don't know what that senator meant by we were contacted more than
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once by the russians. it could have been one the intelligence agencies. that would go to the issue of stove piping senator feinstein and saxby chambliss raised after the briefing with the fbi or could have been less specific and just the bureau in this case. the bureau is saying it was not us. not more than once. but here's the thing. when a foreign agency contacts the fbi and says that we believe legal permanent resident in your country is an extremist intent on joining a terrorist group overseas, this is, of course, is the kind of lead that gets a higher priority and hits a higher threshold than someone calling none the streets saying they have got some suspicions about somebody. when it goes to that level. it's supposed to get a lot more scrutiny and if the fbi had known about his return from russia, the very country that had contacted him about him, that would have required a second set of interviews which we do not believe took place. >> tell our viewers we have
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the chairman of the house homeland security committee who is going to be joining us in our next hour and we are going to ask him about this now, discrepancy between what a top senator is saying and between what the fbi is pushing back with today one day after the fbi briefed that senator. what's really going on here? we'll try to get to the bottom of it in our next hour. at the same time a team of u.s. investigators traveling to southern russia now to interview the parents of the boston marathon bombing suspects. we understand that they traveled from misco-to the predominantly muslim province of dag stan. another is supposed to be interviewed today. they were in america but went back to russia. continue to deny sons played any roles in the bombing. insisting they were framed. much more in a live report at the top of our next hour. meantime, a professor, affiliated with princeton university for the better part of three or four
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decades now sparking major controversy after suggesting that the city of boston was really just collateral damage and the victims were really just commu. richard faulk who currently teaches at the university of california santa barbara and is a member of the u.n. human rights council suggests that the members, he is not a member. he is sort of a spokesman for it suggests that the bombings were a price the united states paid for trying to dominate the world. trace gallagher live in los angeles. he a advises the u.n. human rights counsel. i'm not saying he is the head. he advises them. princeton, uc, santa barbara, advisor to the u.n. and basically said, you know, poor little martin richard, the 8-year-old victim he was just a canary, the one you send in a coal mine to let you know other deaths are coming based on your behavior. >> keep in mind that is he a very known 9/11
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conspiracy theirist. semantic views one time addressing the conflict. compared israel to nazi, germany. he said boston had it coming. becausetonians happen to be as you say the quote can a canaries that resisters decided to have die. going on to write and i'm quoting here the american global project is bound to create all kinds of resistance in the post colonial world. in some respects the united states has been fortunate not to experience worse blow-backs. should we not all be meditating on the w.h.auden's line those to whom evil is done, do evil in return. richard falk was a faculty member of princeton 40 years teaching international law among other subjects. he is now professor emeritus from princeton. he goes around the world speaking, linked to princeton university. for the past 11 years, he has been a research
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professor and international studies associate at the university of california santa barbara. editorial boards like left leaning magazines like the nation and progressive. he is also a member of the united nations human rights council. that's supposedly impartial group that investigates human rights concerns. we contacted princeton. all they sent us back was his official title. we contacted the university of california santa barbara. they say they will not comment about. this and, of course, we contacted the united nations. and this is what they first told producer jonathan wachtel yesterday. listen. >> he is not a representative of the secretary general. is he free to say what he wants to say. the secretary general doesn't comment on everything everybody says. >> free to say what he wants to say. now u.n. secretary general has commented. he has now contempted the comments made by that man, richard falk, 24 hours after the u.n. spokesman
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said he is free to say what he wants to say. megyn? >> megyn: how about princeton? have they commented on this? they are find with mr. fullback-falk saying they deserved it. >> they sent us almost like a business card what his title was. there was no comment. there was nothing. just what his title is at princeton university. professor emeritus. that's it. nothing else. >> megyn: this is an american citizen, right, mr. falk? >> yes, yes. >> megyn: we will get to the bottom of this coming up a lit barrett later in the show. this is not his first time making controversial comments. and why, why would we be paying him for 40 years at princeton? really? do your kids go to princeton? do you know this is the man teaching them for all that time and now he is professor emeritus there? not to mention u.c. santa barbara and advising the u.n. human rights council?
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wow, that explains a lot about the human rights council. this is ridiculous. and we're going to talk about it a little bit more in just a bit right here. there is also new outreach today as we learned that at least one of the boston bombing suspects was financially supported by the people of massachusetts. according to the boston herald, deceased suspect tamerlan tsarnaev and his wife were receiving welfare benefits up until last year. and both, he and his younger brother, dzhokhar also received the same benefits when they were minoring living with their parents who were also on government assistance. howie carr is a columnist for the boston herald. radio talk show host and author of the book rifle man. howie, thank you for being here. you tried to get the answers from this from the welfare department in massachusetts all day and they didn't want to give it to you and didn't want to give it to you, and didn't want to give it to you, and you finally got it, and the answer is, yes, they were on public assistance for years, and years, and years.
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>> right, megyn. we knew what the answer was going to be but we had to wait for them to confirm it. and they seem to think our deadline was 8:30. so at 8:35, i got an email and the reporter got an email confirming it. and this is just one of these -- another problem with the whole immigration system. these people came over from chechnya or dagestan and they claim they were seeking refuge. they are refugees, they're seeking asylum so they were granted asylum. that means they are automatically eligible for welfare and these people obviously took advantage of it. >> megyn: let me stop you there i don't think a lot of people know that it's one thing if you come over here illegal immigrant, normally you have to wait like five years before you can get public assistance. there is an exception for refugee. >> or anchor baby. >> megyn: there is exception for refugees. as soon as you come you can get public assistance. >> correct. >> megyn: that's what we have reasonable to believe this family may have done. i mean, it could be close to a decade that this
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family and now we, you know, being told two of the brothers just bombed us have been receiving the public's money. >> right. and the department of transitional assistance, which is what the welfare department is called in massachusetts, they wouldn't give us the breakdown but we think they were probably getting section 8 housing voucher. so they were getting cheap housing. probably getting mass health card, free healthcare. ebt card, electronic benefits transfer and god only knows what else they were collecting as well. now it turns out this morning the herald is reporting or this afternoon that they were also -- that tam tamerlan, when he was accused of domestic water on his girlfriend in cambridge in 2009, he had a public defender then. >> megyn: sure, as his brother does now. it's been nothing but public-funded living for them since they came to the united states. and not to mention the
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$2,500 scholarship the younger kid got. >> from the city of cambridge. we think he has a state scholarship. we're trying to nail that down as well. the worst part about this, megyn, they claim they are refugees from this terrible oppression in russia. yet, they are going back and forth, back and forth to the country the six months there, the two parents are now back there. she defaulted in a court case court case for shopping lifting last year for lord and taylor. there is outstanding criminal warrant out there right now. >> megyn: apparently the public assistance wasn't enough to support her lifestyle. she was said to be stealing dresses. not her traditional muslim garb, women's dresses. howie, it's unbelievable we did for those two young friends. thank you for being here. >> less than 24 hours on new report from benghazi
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>> megyn: benghazi is back in the spotlight today. we have learned that the house is preparing to hold new hearings on the terror attack that killed four americans on september 11th of last year. we understand lawmakers will look into information that has been turned over by whistleblowers inside the administration. this comes less than 24 hours after house republicans issued a harsh new report accusing the obama administration of lying, of covering up, of altering talking points, all to protect the state department from criticism in the wake of that terrorist attack. the report directly places blame on president obama and then secretary of state hillary clinton. joining me now utah
10:17 am
congressman j.c. shae -- go to see you congressman. i want to start with that that's a strong term and yet it is out there about whether secretary of state hillary clinton in particular blatantly lied to the lawmakers looking into what happened in benghazi. is that your contention? >> well, look. she testified very definitively that she had played no part, no role in this. but we now know that there was a cable with her signature on it reducing the security parameters. gone by september 6th with her signature on it and obviously that begs more questions than it answers and puts her in a position where what she said and testified is directly contradicted by a document with her autograph on it. >> let me pause you there because we have that sound bite of hillary clinton testifying before congress in january of 2013.
10:18 am
listen here. >> the specific security request pertaining to benghazi, you know, were handled by the security focials in the department. i didn't see those requests. they didn't come to me. i didn't approve them, i didn't deny them. >> megyn: i didn't approve them, deny them. your report concludes among other memos an april 2012 state department cable bearing her signature acknowledged a formal request for additional security assets but, instead, ordered the withdrawal of security elements to proceed as planned. >> yeah. the ambassador to libya in march sent a communication asking for additional resources or at least to hold on to what they had. it was literally three weeks later to the day that secretary clinton again with her signature on it went back and denied that request. that is new information uncover. there is some 25,000 documents that we have been able to review. we don't have them but we
10:19 am
have been able to review them. that is among one of the documents buried deep in this 25,000 set of documents. >> megyn: the folks at the state department are trying to explain this by saying, look, she, as a general rule, all of the cables, in fact, the quote was every single cable sent from washington to the field is sent over the secretary of state's name. is that true? i mean, every single cable sent out was signed by hillary clinton? >> that's different than actually having her signature on something. and it also begs another set of questions. here we are libya. after revolution direct request for more assets. and she says -- her claim is ignorance. she was never involved and engaged in this? she had no idea what is going on with her signature on it really, secretary clinton, it's better than that they have had months
10:20 am
to go through this. no involvement it's absolutely wrong. >> megyn: why haven't we seen that april 20 memo. that memo 2012 where she specifically signed it. why haven't we seen that memo security. >> one of the great frustrations, one of the things hindered our ability to investigate this the state department indictments. despite what secretary kerr i can't understand secretary clinton has said they will not give us the documents. allow for in camera review. in camera review they watch us looking at the documents. 8 trawnchs of this. slow down the investigation. they will not give us the documents. good staff work going through there. i have -- they found this needled in the hay stack. one of many things that i think the committee and congress should say if they want to actually get to the truth and get to the bottom of this and conclude the
10:21 am
investigation, which is what we all want to do. >> i'm short on time but i want to ask you one final question. this next hearing which has been scheduled for may supposed to focus on information you guys got you say from whistleblowers about benghazi who are citing attempts to suppress information and so on. hearing about attempts to cover up. >> trying to get at the truth. come forward to ho have firsthand knowledge of this. we have been poring through documents. we believe the state department owes us more. we will get to the truth. that's one of the ways we will get there may not be the first a series of hearings moving forward. >> democrats in the house have come out and called it a staff report without vetting for accuracy or consideration. coming up, a growing debate today over president obama's decision to be the keynote speaker at a planned parenthood event this week.
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>> megyn: developing details of the letters containing ricin sent to president obama and a u.s. senator as well as a judge in mississippi. after authorities broke last week a authorities quickly arrested paul kevin curtis. somebody who sometimes worked as elvis impersonator. we showed you the tape. they cleared him yesterday saying he may have been framed. trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom with where the story goes from here. trace? >> and you have to remember, megyn, that all these ricin letters reportedly were signed i am
10:26 am
kc and i approve this message. of course, kevin curtis, the elvis impersonator that you mentioned was the first person arrested in this case and now all the charges against kevin curtis have now been dropped. though they may reinstate them, they say, if they get some more evidence. now they are focused on another man, his name is everett dusky. last night for the second time they searched his home in a week. they spent more than eight hours in the home in the woods surrounding the home. he says he is isn't. he doesn't know much more he can take on this thing but dusky and kevin curtis have had this ongoing feud for years over comments that dusky apparently made years ago and kevin curtis says he has no idea why dusky stocks him and hates him to this day. the mississippi judge that you mentioned that got the ricin letter her name is sadie holiday. she also knows everett dusky. he ran against her son for state representative several years ago and he lost and the family accused dusky of making disparaging
10:27 am
comments about them. but dusky still maintains they have got the wrong guy. listen. >> >> my family knows i don't have anything to do with this. the people that actually know me, know i don't have anything to do with this. and, quite frankly, the people that don't know that this is just crazy, this is just insane. >> both fbi agents and chemical response teams are now processing any evidence that might have been taken in and around dusky's home. both dusky and kevin curtis maintain they have no idea how to make ricin. in fact, you heard curtis say yesterday he thought they said rice and he said i don't even eat rice. that's where the story is going now, megyn. >> megyn: you can't make it up. you can't make it up. we will have much more on that in our next hour. trace, thank you. well, at the top of the hour, we talked to you about the princeton university professor igniting a major controversy after suggesting that america basically deserved what it got in boston. this is an american
10:28 am
citizen. he is teaching or has taught at at least two top american universities. and he is advising the u.n. human rights council. why? why? fair and balanced debate on that next. plus, the state of florida now considering a change to a long standing law that has women's groups up in arms. we'll show you the big change florida is considering when it comes to divorce laws. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is a stunning work of technology. ♪ this is the 2013 lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> megyn: fox news alert on one of our top stories in just an hour the u.n. secretary general when asked by fox news condemned the remarks made by the american college professor and u.n. official who thinks america got what it deserved in these attacks on boston. that's a paraphrase but, trust me, he was close to it an official suggesting that america is still making enemies around the world and referring to the people killed in boston marathon's bombings as can a canaries who happened to be the one the resisters decided have to die. joining me to discuss it is david webb host of the sirius. colmes a fox news contributor. old richard falk is not only this human rights council. professor emeritus at
10:33 am
princeton university taught there for 40 years and is now retired. now teaching the uc santa barbara and goes on and on in his piece talking about the hysterical boston dragnet for the remaining suspect that lived last week and the poor little canaries who, quote, have to die before we awaken from our geopolitical fantasy of global domination. can i just start here with you, david? how about princeton university. because they refuse to comment on this. i mean, it's -- this guy has a long history of anti-semitism and other problems. but this is beyond the pale. >> his history goes back to the 1990s that we have in current reporting and record on him is clear. his work with the with u.n. human rights counsel as princeton has chosen to keep an association and for every parent that sends your child to princeton, let me ask you.
10:34 am
>> megyn: and santa barbara. >> and frankly, look. this is not just prince to be. derek bell at harvard, these photographers that they espouse these radical views that are frankly anti-american in many ways just read their words. the anti-semitism that comes out of photographer photographer -- professor falk is clear and obvious. the u.n. human rights council is a sham we should not be a part of it. >> megyn: which we are. we didn't used to be. president bush said no, we are not going to partake in an organization that condemns israel but not iran or saudi arabia or china on the subject of human rights. so that's really not what we want to stand for. but under president obama that changed. >> here is what was said by assistant secretary of state esther brimmer which she traveled to gentleman new year's geneva. she called it the esteem body. has anyone ever looked at the women, childrens and human rights records of these members of most of these members of the council? >> megyn: mandatory abortions in china?
10:35 am
that's not a problem for them. but, israel, they need to be -- condemned. let me get to this sally. the human rights council is controlled by islamic cooperation which explains some of their positions we have just discussed. he has a incident to. we just did a segment and cathy bodine convicted triple murderer. she admitted to triple murder as part of the weather underground 30 years ago. killed a cop and two others. two cops and a brinks security guy. and now she is teaching at columbia. bill ayers taught at university of chicago. dohrn and now this guy, all over the place. u.n. and the money he gets from the travel he does is funded in part by the united states. coming out and calling little richard martin a canary. >> there is a lot in there put the two things aside. first of all, you know, what this guy said was reprehensible and actually his history reprehensible goes way back before the
10:36 am
1990s being cozy with ayatollah khamenei and really awful things. we should be clear that two years ago u.n. secretary general bon can i moon reprimanded richard falk for something else he said. >> megyn: good job that works. >> they don't have power over the human rights council that's a problem. we can talk about that. also secretary susan rice our secretary to the united nations two years ago also called for him to be removed and again on twitter yesterday said she denounces his what he. >> megyn: of course she does any true patriotic american would denounce this guy. >> try to smudge the u.n. and smudge the obama administration. let's be clear where both of those bodies stand with respect to this guy. now, separate from that. >> megyn: but i'm not that persuade. >> sally, one thing though, you talk about actions over words. it's like the. they write a boldly worded letter and supposedly that stops all problems. actions matter.
10:37 am
we give them money. lots of money. we can say we want action. we have someone who sits there and does this and speaks about jews, everyone basically is an anti-anything that is not part of the far par outlier left. we divided to join this council? actions matter. a tweet in 1 40 characters or less does not say anything. say we withdraw from the council. >> more important things to do than police every volunteer person. >> megyn: he has a long history in the human rights council. >> megyn: let her finish. go ahead. >> suggesting that our government should micromanage this -- even bon can i moon can't get rid of this guy if he wants to in his volunteer position. >> no one is suggesting that here is where i want to go next. why aren't we seeing princeton come out in santa barbara university and more
10:38 am
people coming out you know richard falk. you have nothing to teach him or santa barbara. >> i don't want my kid to learn anything from you, mr. falk. >> megyn: he published this last week while dzhokhar was still on the run. >> it came out though. people are just starting talking about it in the last 24 hours there is a slippery slope here. i think everyone, right and left, is very aware of it, which is we know the reason we hold our country so dear is that we do protect freedom of speech, including speech we find odious and offensive and vial. >> okay. >> we want to be careful. >> megyn: o'reilly in the past week on some who have been too quick, perhaps not to the extent mr. falk has, to look internally, to try to blame the boston marathon on america. and i'm not equating mr. falk with tom brokaw.
10:39 am
very different there. different men from what can i see this. has a sound bite that has o'reilly up in arms with tom brokaw talking about in specific our drone policy. listen. >> i think we also have to examine the use of drones that the united states is involved in. and there are a lot of civilians who are innocently killed in a drone te'o tack in pakistan and afghanistan and in iraq. and i can tell you having spent a lot of time over there young people will come up to me on the streets and say we love america. but if you harm one hair on the head of my sister, i will fight you forever. and there is enormous rage against what they see in that part of the world as a presumptionist of the united states. >> megyn: so our viewers know when mr. falk wrote his piece he cited comments like that one that callers made calling in to npr in the wake of the boston marathon bombing. he was hopeful about people making such statements. o'reilly has a very different view. where do you stand on it? >> it goes along with what sally is talking about, the
10:40 am
track record of the comments made by this man and the associations. when talking about actions and what we should do as americans, it's not let them have their first amendment rights, that's sacrosanct. we can pull back and say we won't accept this. when it comes to dealing with princeton university, meg ginn again. let me suggest when you send hour children there. send them check for $10,000 for endowment. next year send them a check for a dollar. someone from princeton will call you and ask you why. you tell them you have an association, which by the way there are other professors at princeton that do agree with those kind of statements and it's come out before in the news. we have got to take action. i don't want to cut off. sally, i don't want anybody's first amendment rights even if it's offensive but i will say that we can take specific actions to tell them that we don't agree with this and we want our children to be taught not left or right but to be given a true education and the tools to go forward in life and bill is absolutely right to make this on the blame america
10:41 am
crowd? i'm sick of hearing people blame the greatest nation on the earth that has pushed really espoused and spread freedom as being responsible for what radicals do. >> it's not blaming america to say that we should, look, at whatever it takes to protect our country and to prevent further attacks. >> megyn: let her finish. >> there was a young boy from yemen testified at the drone hearing in congress he went to american high schools and drone strikes all the friends heard about great stories how wonderful america was. drone strikesd because because people were fearing these planes overhead there were neighbors and loved ones killed. innocent people by our drones, he watched them turn against our country. now, i don't say that -- i distance myself entirely from -- it's not blaming america. but that's saying come on, we have to be realistic that there is mr. back. >> megyn: just to let the viewers know, there is a difference, i mean, a true blame everywhere of america is richard falk.
10:42 am
he is a true blamer. >> no doubt. >> megyn: what happened in boston was blow back. it will only get worse if we don't fundamentally alter our rations with the islamic world. and on and on he went. i will spare you the rest. mr. falk you welcome to come on the program and any time. we asked him to through a spokesperson he is on his way to lebanon. is that where he is going right now? lebanon or libya. i don't remember which one. in any event, we will take your thoughts on it now twitter follow me megyn kelly, thank you both. >> thank you. >> megyn: fox news alert. word that philadelphia abortion doctor kermit gosnell will not testify or call witnesses. at his own capital murder trial. the defense just rested, wow. up next, we will take a look at that development and the growing debate over president obama's decision to be the keynote speaker at a planned parenthood event thisweek after new reports suggest that that
10:43 am
group knew about some of the horrors playing out at that abortion clinic and did nothing to stop it. next. for all kinds of reasons.
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>> megyn: fox news alert. moments ago the associated press reporting that the defense has rested in the capital murder trial of philadelphia abortion doctor kermit gosnell. he will not testify. he will not call any witnesses. this is a surprise to those who have been closely following this trial. and it comes just as the
10:47 am
white house announces president obama will, in fact, speak at planned at a planned parenthood event this friday. he will be their keynote speaker just as the group comes under fire for reportedly knowing about some of the horror stories from the gosnell clinic but not doing more with that information. monica crowl solid a crowley is a radio talk show host. philadelphia enquirer says women used to go into the philly plant clinic all the time and complaints of injuries. dr. gosnell. planned parenthood we would encourage them to report it to the department of health. that's about it. so you have got that. and then you have got this planned parenthood lobbyist who just testified down in florida she was so confused whether a baby born alive as a result of a botched abortion couldn't decide whether that baby should get medical care. would it get medical care
10:48 am
in the baby is born alive. it's on the table struggling for life. do you call the doctor or not? do you remember her? let's watch her. >> you stated that a baby born on a table as a result of a botched abortion that that decision should be left to the doctor and the family. is that what you are saying? >> that decision should be between the patient and the healthcare provider. >> i think that at that point the patient would be the child jug gling on the table. wouldn't you agree? >> that's a very good question. i really don't know how to answer that. >> megyn: good timing for president obama to be going to a key noted speaker at planned parenthood event. >> did put out a statement after a lot of pressure after the lobbyist said that and said that they would, of course, would want the baby to receive medical attention even though it almost never happens. which my obvious question that i had after that what is almost never happens means and how many babies
10:49 am
above the number zero are we okay with this happening because this happened in the context, as you know, megyn, over debate of an infant born alive act that would require that by law that you would give medical assistance and planned parenthood was opposing that. so, you know, they later withdrew that opposition because they were getting so much bad press. why would you oppose that if you say you support providing medical care to infants born alive? >> megyn: it's very in your face, monica, for the president to go and do that to be the keynote speaker for such a controversial group and even if you support them, you have got to admit they are controversial. they have now come out and condemned kermit gosnell and his clinic and said in their view it justifies the need for planned parenthood more than ever. but this guy ran this clinic for 30 years and reportedly killed hundreds, if not thousands of babies born alive. >> yes. well, the words of planned parenthood now when they were as kirsten points out backtracking on their florida lobbyist words and now saying that they find
10:50 am
that what happened in kermit gosnell's clinic to be appalling, that's all kind of self-serving language now to justify their appalling inaction when their attention was called at least several times by people who had been in this clinic saying the conditions here are absolutely outrageous. and this clinic needs to be looked at. but i think in terms of the president, megyn, you know, when you are talking about bad timing yes. it's not mystery why the president is speaking at sphund raising gala on friday night. this is a man who has consistently supported this kind of thing. and i go back to his time as a state senator in illinois. he had a chance, not once, not twice, but three times to put into place or at least to vote for a law called the born alive infant protection act in the state of illinois, 2001, 2002, 2003, that would protect infants who were, as in these days cases born alive.
10:51 am
>> megyn: and he wouldn't do it. coming up against a hard break hold on. >> actively opposed it three years in a row. >> megyn: coming up against a hard break. he was asked about this trial. he had a different view on some other trials. that's next. on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the deliciousness you desire. the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. the 8% every 10 years.age 40, we can start losing muscle -- wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time.
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>> megyn: back now with a couple items of breaking news. the white house announced president obama will speak as planned planned parenthood this week was going to happen thursday but now it's going to be friday. keynote speaker for planned parenthood this week. despite reports that planned parenthood knew of some of the horror stories coming out of this philadelphia abortion clinic but didn't do much about it. and, again, the philadelphia inquirer, monica crowley is back with me, kirsten powers as well is reporting that ms. steinberg who runs that
10:55 am
philadelphia planned parenthood appeared with gloria stein am in recently. he cowrged them report it to the department of health. i mean, we don't know what she was told. we don't know what the women going to planned parenthood were told after they went to gosnell. but, what was happening in that clinic is is babies were being killed on the tables by, according to numerous staff members. numerous staff members. in fact, they said the vast majority of abortions performed there were performed past the 24 week mark. can i tell you as a pregnant woman you get to the 24 week mark you see your baby on the ultrasound, he or she is is yawning, they are kicking, he they are sucking their thumb. that's who he was murdering, okay? that's who he was murdering, why is president obama going to planned parenthood which isn't accused of this kirsten, but it's clear they could have done more in gosnell. it's clear they are so controversial other parents have not been this
10:56 am
in-your-face about it. >> planned parenthood certainly is is not responsible for. this i think the fact that if you have them saying if they knew about it if you look at the grand jury report, everyone in the community what was going on. the national abortion federation had inspected this clinic and knew what was going on. it's not just about the babies. the women, too. women being butchered he had paid damages multiple times, five times for perforatinger cervixes. giving women diseases. they are supposed to be protecting women so i would think that they would be standing up for these women. >> megyn: it's on for now although gosnell is not calling witnesses at his own trial. panel, thank you. much more news up ahead. do not miss the top of hour two. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪
10:57 am
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>> megyn: fox news alert. the parents of the boston bombing suspects now meeting face-to-face with american investigators in a remote region of russia as new details emerge about the brothers' recent activities. brand new hour here of ""america live"" on a busy afternoon. welcome, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. the feds are trying to track down exactly what tamerlan tsarnaev did during a visit to the region last year. there were conflicting reports whether the parents were in the country. an up at is claiming the parents were in the u.s. and tamerlan was alone for that trip. although the father had been quoted as saying he was there and tamerlan never left his side. the surviving suspect
11:01 am
younger brother dzhokhar has reportedly told authorities that his brother was the mastermind of the boston marathon bombing and that there was no international influence. but the feds are investigating the possibility that during his trip overseas tamerlan may have had contact with a man known as the russian bin laden. sea chechen islamic radical considered one of the world's most wanted men and we learn this information just as we learn that our fbi is saying contrary to reports out of the u.s. senate that it did not have multiple contacts from the russian government as the senator had suggested the fbi or the others. get to that in a minute. first though greg palkot joins us with the very latest live from london, greg? >> yeah, megyn. officials we have been speaking to at the u.s. embassy and at the fbi are not saying too much about this visit but multiple reports confirming that it
11:02 am
appears that a team of fbi agents have traveled to the southern russian province of dagestan and they have been talking to the parents of the suspected boston marathon bombers. one topic they are certainly talking about, that six-month visit by the tamerlan tsarnaev that he exactly what he he did. our amy kellogg was able to reach the father. he says he claimed to u.s. officials that his sons are innocent and that tamerlan made no contact with radicals when he was in dagestan. extremist group there claim the same. as you note, megyn, there are a lot of questions about that trip. there are different reasons given for tamerlan going. conflicting time lines of where he was and who he was with also a lot of focus on one of the mosques he is said to have attended there. it is an extremist mosques and militants are said to attend along with the congregation. one report does in fact say that russian officials think that he had multiple contacts with at least one extremist leader. now, again, what we don't
11:03 am
know yet if there is is any hard evidence of contact, we do know for a fact that in that six months that he was there, he was exposed to a lot of violence there were a lot of clashes in the dagestan capital. there were different fights between islamist groups who are fighting for independence away from russia and russian led security forces there were bombings there, there were shootouts there. it could very well have had an impression. at the very least, megyn, we are seeing circumstantial evidence of the silg cans of this trip by all accounts tamerlan turned much more conservative in islamic believes in the years leading up to the 2012 visit and then after the 2012 visit he was posting islamist videos on the youtube page, was speaking out on radical causes in a boston mosque and maybe, according to officials, preparing for that boston marathon bombing along with, allegedly, the surviving brother dzhokhar. back to you, megyn. >> megyn: all right, greg.
11:04 am
thank you. the suspect's mother is facing legal troubles of her observe. she is is wanted in the united states on an outstand pg warrant accused of shoplifting $1,600 worth of clothe from ward and taylor department store last june. the mother could be arrested if she returns to massachusetts. she has recently suggested that she may not come back after she was faced with those charges. she fled. and she has never answered those criminal charges against her. well, our next guest warns that the good work of our law enforcement officials in boston in tracking down this guy should not overshadow the serious lessons that need to be learned from the failings that happened leading up to the terror attack to begin with. fox news strategic analyst ravel peters is is with me now. ralph, there have been questions about both how the search for the suspect went and why they were not able to track him down sooner. but the big questions are how did this happen in the first place when the fbi had been alerted to this guy by the russians in the first place and you say that that raises just a
11:05 am
whole host of questions and potentially, inspiration for other would be jihadists. >> yeah. well, first of all, the cops done good. boston police, the feds, everybody, they got them, and they got them fast. this wasn't a year's long manhunt. applaud to them. that very success secured the fact that from the standpoint of international terror, al qaeda and its affiliates. this was huge. it was virtually a no cost operation that killed three americans, wounds hundreds, including multiple amputations. it shuts down a major metropolitan city -- area for days. costs tens if not hundreds of dollars. still talking about it today right here. inspire copy cats with a show trial to come. this may be and i suspect it will be a model for more copycat attacks.
11:06 am
run by either native born or particula are radicalized and just cannot adjust to american society like the tsarnaev brothers. >> megyn: i know that you believe that since they completed this act, according to the authorities, as legal immigrants here in this country, one had obtained u.s. citizenship on september 11th of 12, and one of the other was in here with a green card. you say that this will inspire others to go that route and that political correctness, you say, will make it virtually impossible to stop them before they commit a crime. why? that's disconcerting? >> well, several. first of all, the fbi who did briefly question this young man, there, as you know, they are ham struck not only by our laws, because the younger man was a -- the dzhokhar tsarnaev was a u.s. citizen.
11:07 am
the elder tsarnaev, tamerlan was a legal resident. and there is only so far the fbi can push without warrants, et cetera. politically incorrect. i'm not radical. nobody here but us chickens, that's that. but the only problem that we have is that our immigration system is broken. it's broken in ways the immigration bill in congress does not correct. for example, why on earth did our officials in the russian federation give visas to this family? they added nothing to the united states. they brought no skills. they were chechens. chechens, i have been in that part of the world. they are the biggest thugs on earth. chechen gangsters make mexican drug lords look like sissies. these are phenomenal violent people and the jihadis. all they had to say, elders of tsarnaev had to say i'm in danger here, i'm a political refugee i need
11:08 am
asylum and, bang, we give this guy and make him a friend with benefits that come here, collect welfare for years, get radicalized, guy beats up his girlfriend and his wife. we don't do anything about it and then he attack the boston marathon. and that's another story. >> megyn: i know that you believe that it's no accident he chose the boston marathon. that that would have a symbolism to somebody like tsarnaevs well beyond what the average american would even conceive of. >> indeed. first of all, we have con a great job of protecting federal and state buildings. protecting the stadiums that host super bowl and other games. but these young guys were smart enough it realize that this was a 26-mile open target with tens of thousands of athletes. i think it's around 30,000. hundreds of thousands of spectators. you can't protect it all. plus, i believe, megyn, i truly believe that a key aspect to this, besides the targets of vulnerability is the fact that you had men
11:09 am
and women athletes exercising together in these skimpy costumes. i mean, a woman in track pants running a marathon and a halter top is as favoring to these sexually whacked out jihadis as a woman in a bikini. i will tell you freud has a lot more to tell us about these sickos than any washington think tank. >> megyn: that's interesting. tamerlan tsarnaev married an american gal katie russell. >> and put a tent over her head. >> megyn: she wound up converting to islam and suddenly started walking around in a i burrca. his mother got more devout over the course of the last few years and wouldn't leave the house. this is the wife. wouldn't leave the house without wearing her burrca. apparently the father thought that was strange. they had not been that devout. but the mother did it and tamerlan went along with it and then started to object to drinking and anything associated with western
11:10 am
life it is interesting to consider was there something about the boston marathon in particular that represented something for these two guys? >> indeed it was. by the way on that visit to dagestan that the fbi is investigating, dagestan is right next to chechnya. these people are chechens, stalin drew artificial borders. megyn, it is impossible for me to believe that this radicalized young chechen american went to dagestan for six months, did not meet with radicals such as daku and other terrorists. imagine he went there and watched car tunes. >> megyn: father claims he was with me at all times. what 20-something-year-old man stays with his father at his elbow for a six month period anywhere. thank you. >> thank you. >> megyn: boston bombing investigation is far from over. lawmakers now raising new concerns that our country's
11:11 am
national security measures aren't working as they are supposed to. the chairman of the house homeland security committee joins us live and i will ask him about these conflicting reports now. we had somebody briefed at the senate intel committee yesterday saying we were warned several times by the russians. not once, not twice. several times. today the fbi pushed back on it. what is did? >> considering a change to lock standing law that has women groups up in arms. now florida may be rewhiting charges. dropping charges against elvis impersonator wrongly accused, they say, of sending poison-filled letters to president obama and others. what is next for the man who said all along he was innocent? ♪ all right, elvis has left the building. i told you absolutely straight up to this point you know that he has left the building. he left the stage and went out the back with the
11:12 am
policemen and he is now gone from the building.
11:13 am
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11:15 am
>> megyn: fox news alert out of washington attorney general eric holder prepares to make remarks at the justice department ceremony recognizing 12 individuals and organizations for, quote: brave actions and innovative approaches to ensuring crime victims rights. mr. holder is expected to address the bombing in boston at some point in these remarks. if he makes news, we will bring that to you. >> megyn: we are getting conflicting reports today about what the feds knew and did not know about the dead boston terror suspect. this is new details emerge about the bombs used in the attack. a mysterious trip to russia and questions about whether someone may have dropped the ball of keeping track of tamerlan tsarnaev, the older brother. the homeland security committee is going to hold hearings to try to get answers. michael mccaul is the
11:16 am
chairman of that committee and my guest now. mr. chairman, thanks so much for being back on the program. >> thanks, megyn. >> megyn: conflicting reports yesterday the senate intel committee held a hearing close-doored with fbi representatives. at least one senator was quote upon emerging from that hearing saying that russia had alerted the u.s. about tamerlan tsarnaev, in quote. multiple contacts. including at least one since october 11th. multiple contacts, not one, not two but multiple and today the fbi is pushing back on that suggesting at least the fbi, they say, was only contacted once by the russians. how do you square it? >> well, there are a lot of unanswered questions here, obviously. the fbi has informed me that only one communication took place afterwards they opened up a lead on the individual. now, it's possible that the cia could have gotten multiple intelligence leads but we don't know the answers to that at this point in time.
11:17 am
and i think what was most troubling, megyn was that, you know, yesterday we heard from secretary napolitano that she was aware of his foreign travel to rur vureb that when the fbi had been saying for days that they had no idea he was going to russia. so we have very conflicting reports here and when you look at after 9/11, we talked about connecting the dots. you know, sharing information, and the idea that homeland security had this information, did they share it with the fbi? did the joint terrorism task force know about it? because, if they did know that he traveled to russia, just maybe they could have reopened that lead, that case that they had on him that could have possibly prevented this tragedy from happening. >> megyn: right, because somebody from russia contacted somebody in the u.s. government in october of 2011. now you are at the end of 2011. and so there would have been, you know, perhaps some folks could have talked, could have chatted, and we would have been keeping our eye even more so on this guy.
11:18 am
sounds like the fbi says weled. but who was called? homeland security? cia, and also, congressman, we are learning that he was on the so-called tied list. people we view as potential terrorists. but there is over half a million names on the list. is it too cumbersome to manage? >> yeah, tied has many names on the list. unfortunately the name was misspelled with the wrong date of birth that was given to us by the russians. however, again, the department of homeland security database did flag him when he left of the country. by the time he came back the case that the fbi was closed by year and it didn't show up. it's just, you know, sort of these clerical errors that is very frustrating to get to the bottom of this case which i, as chairman of homeland security have an obligation to do for the american people. one thing is certain. the communication from russia does warn about him leaving the united states to join underground
11:19 am
extremist groups. he returns in july of 2011 and then by august, is posting theist radical jihadists videos up on his web site. clearly has changed. and my view something happened, he has been trained, and i think that -- we need to get to the bottom. i hope the fbi is casting a wider net in terms of who may be out there. who trained them whether it was overseas or in the united states. i know the fbi sent teams as of today now to the chechen region to interview individuals over there. >> megyn: yeah, the other piece of this is, the younger brother became a u.s. citizen on september 11 of 2012. but the older brother did not receive citizenship. although we are told he applied. there have been all sorts of reports, it was in the process. they held it up. they had already determined to deny it. are you aware as chairman of the house homeland security committee about whether there was any negative information in
11:20 am
tamerlan tsarnaev's file that prevented him from getting citizenship here? >> well, when you talk about 'a file, what you are talking about is several month lead investigation done by the fbi in a short period of time before he went over to russia. so, what they will tell you is there was no derogatory information pursuant to that investigation. that's the same information that the department of homeland security is operating on. i have heard the same reports from you they put it on hold but then they said, well, you know, we just sort of -- it's a regular process that took time and the fact the fbi interviewed him obviously should have raised some flags. like i hope it did and i hope that's why he never did get his citizenship. but there are so many questions, you know, the device itself, i have to tell you, i just found out that it was detonated by transmitter used by a toy car. this is a very sophisticated explosive device. hand in a very -- handled in a very professional battlefield way. and the idea that these two, young, you know, did
11:21 am
not get any training is very difficult for me to believe. finally, the idea of people coming out in the media and these u.s. intelligence officials saying there is no foreign connection when the fact is is the fbi has just started their investigation into this. it's very premature for them to be saying there is no foreign connection. we don't have all the evidence before us. >> megyn: do you have any reason to believe why? why would people like secretary napolitano be suggesting that? >> i don't know. and that's why i'm holding hearings to get to the bottom of this. i am greatly troubled by the automatic response there is no foreign connection. one thing is for sure. you can say it's homegrown and assuming that's true, this was foreign inspired. this was inspired by jihadists overseas when you look at the videos much less the travel that he made to russia which we want to find out more about. so the idea that for people to say, again, there is no foreign connection, when the fbi literally has just begun their investigation into this is is very
11:22 am
premature and very irresponsible. >> megyn: chairman, thank you. >> thank you, megyn. >> megyn: bringing breaking news how they arrested the wrong man for sending ricin to the president. who is the right one? that's ahead. ♪ to more efficient pick-ups. ♪ wireless is limitless. ♪ from tracking the bus. ♪ to tracking field conditions. ♪ wireless is limitless.
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11:25 am
>> i want to say at the top that it appears that the a.p. twitter account has been hacked, anything sent out by twitter account is false and the white house will be out shortly to clarify that if it hasn't already. >> i appreciate that i can say that the president is fine. >> megyn: that was a remarkable moment that happened at yesterday's white house press briefing. after another remarkable event when the official twitter account for the associated press was hacked and we all get their alerts. we read the associated press alerts on here. all the news anchors do it.
11:26 am
and they were sending out some crazy stuff yesterday. and it turned out it was a hacker. they sent out a fake message that the white house had been bombed and that president obama was injured. not true, not true, not true. but it it caused some drama on wall street as automatic trading dropped and sented dow down 140 points in moments. and now comes the fallout. trace gallagher has that. trace? >> and even though the associated press, megyn, quickly tweeted out that they had been hacked, as you said, the market dropped 140 points, much of the damage on wall street had already pretty much been done. so now you have twitter coming under fire again for its subpar security measures. look, a.p. is not the first news site to get hacked. fox, cbs we have all gotten hacked. news organizations are highly attractive because of their reach and influence. experts have a couple of theories about how this might have happened. one, it was a fishing scam
11:27 am
because last week hackers sent out pictures of the boston bombing and when you clicked on them. it infected your computer with a virus making it much easier for the hackers to get in and steal your key information or, two, they accessed the user name password of an a.p. employee. er in other words, anybody authorized to use the a.p. twitter account. if someone, for example, would were to leave their phone somewhere, you could almost compromise the entire a.p. network. twitter has not commented about this at all. they have been trying to increase their security system. kind of following in the footsteps of google and facebook. so far clearly not working all that well. and the investigators are also looking into whether somebody might have been trying to gain the market by doing. this in other words, short selling so now they are kind of looking to see if somebody made a bunch of trades before the twitter went out because as you said the market dropped and that might lead them in the right direction as well. security measures clearly looking to be beefed up
11:28 am
online, megyn. >> megyn: maybe our old friend anthony weiner was hacked. oh, then he came out and admitted. never mind. >> yeah. >> new twitter handle, do you know that? he is back on twitter, anthony weiner? >> no. >> megyn: we will leave it at that. coming up. >> okay. >> megyn: new search underway today to find the person or people who sent poison-filled letters to the president and other lawmakers. this story is so nuts. the elvis impersonator. he got arrested. he got charged. now they dropped the charges and he and others believe that his neighbor, some guy he has had some feud with for quite some time, it involves mensa is the real culprit. our legal panel will join us on that. plus, the state of florida now considering a change to a long-standing law that has women's groups up in arms. what's going to happen to your alimony? in kelly's court.
11:29 am
>> in are going to be on their own much sooner than they thought. for women or men who are considering being stay-at-home parents, they better think twice. when our little girl was born,
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(girl) what? (announcer) the all-new subaru forester. (announcer) designed for your most precious cargo. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> megyn: more than a week after the marathon terror attacks, another sign that boston is getting back to normal as the area near the finish line reopens to the general public. traffic allowed to flow all the way down boylston street for the first time since the deadly bombings,
11:33 am
some stores directly affected by the blast remain boarded up. but the copley subway station reopened today as well as did the boston public library. you got to get back to life if you can. i respect obama. i love my country. i would never do anything to him or to any other u.s. official. this past week has been a nightmare for myself and my family my mother has suffered as well as my children. i would like to get back to normal, which, for me, means being the best father that i can be to my children i'm so confused. are you as confused us a i am on this case? that's the guy they said did the ricin poisoning. the letters that were september to president obama and other lawmakers. well, yesterday they released him. saying we got the wrong man. and they dropped all charges. and now the fbi is looking at a new person of interest in the case of these
11:34 am
ricin-laced letters. authorities in hazmat suits searching a different home in tupelo, mississippi, investigating the possibility that the original suspect who you just saw paul curtis was set up by a neighbor with a grudge. joining me now to break it down doug burns, former federal prosecutor. lis wiehl also former prosecutor and fox news analyst. all right. so you have got paul curtis who now they say is innocent. >> the elvis impersonator. >> megyn: this isn't his lawyer, this is the authorities, the fbi the feds saying it wasn't him. >> dropping all the charges, right. >> megyn: they can refile. >> any time, of course. >> megyn: who are they looking into? >> now when they arrested him and they arrested him and kept him for a b. a week. when they held him they said who might be against you or threatening you or something like that who might be an enemy his lawyer gave a whole list. included on this list was the second guy james edward deutschey. his home is being searched, his tiquando studio is
11:35 am
being searched. he says there is a grudge between them. tremendous interestingly, interestingly, -- very interestingly, megyn in going after this guy, remember, there were three ricin envelopes sent. one was an obscure judge, judge holland in mississippi. that judge is the mother. >> megyn: got a mississippi senator, i can wicker. >> right. >> megyn: you have got president obama. >> and then you have got this judge. random judge. >> megyn: state judge. >> mother of somebody who this guy, the second suspect went up against in a political battle apparently a really nasty political battle according to both sides so why, that's a pretty good piece of evidence for the fbi. and on the first guy, the elvis impersonator, doug and i have the complaint in front of us. fairly weak that they make probable cause. facebook postings that were bizarre. those could have been a set up as well. >> megyn: the letters that he wrote along with whoever wrote the letters said maybe i have your attention now. even if that means someone must die. this must stop. is he wrong not oppose
11:36 am
silent partner to its continuance and they were signed i am k.c. and i approve this message which is not really the way to do it if you don't want to get caught. it's always helpful to look at the witnesses or in this case the would be defendants. >> take a being a lot. saw a little bit plaintiff curtis, second sound by the of mr. curtis when you have been charged with something. mr. curtis. watch this. >> when you have been charged with something and you just -- you never heard of ricin or whatever. i thought they said rice so i said i don't even eat rice. >> megyn: okay. so. that is the same man who now says it was dusky, doug. and he says this other guy dusky doesn't like me. he received an email. i have created a band called robo drum and we are going to throw you off the national circuit. some music rivalry. >> now, look, investigators are going to be able to figure out. first of all his demeanor
11:37 am
may sound silly for me to say. lisa and i have been looking at witnesses for 50, 60 years combined. that demeanor is very converse and consistent with somebody who didn't do it. that's number one. number two, when they went and did extensive search warrants. you would normally find some trace of the substance. some computer search for it. something. although just because it is not in his house does not mean he may not have done it somewhere else. >> megyn: they went in and searched dusky's home. we don't know what they found. on the subject of identifying the witnesses or taking a look and -- let's listen to the first dusky sound bite. >> my family knows i don't have anything to do with this. the people that actually know me know i don't have anything to do with this. and, quite frankly, the people that don't know that this is just crazy i'm not human lie detector but
11:38 am
that's weaker than the first guy. >> former cia guy who actually does -- he is a human lie detector says when you are lying you don't say -- you say if you say megyn you put ricin in the envelopes you say i did not. no i didn't. absolutely not there will knob evidence linking me it the records. don't say all my friends will tell you i didn't do it. anybody who knows me. i'm not condemning, interesting point of analysis. >> 100% right. >> not actually denying it. don't innocent they deny it. >> in court as assistant u.s. attorneys. ladies and gentlemen, he said oh, as opposed to what are you talking about? exactly. >> megyn: now, i understand that mr. dutchy may not be the most upstanding citizen among us. is he facing child molestation charges. just charges. he has not been convicted. but that is a far cry from sending poison to the president. you have got a grudge against your elvis impersonator neighbor you
11:39 am
try kill president obama. >> doesn't the manifestation of those charges against actually molesting a 7-year-old, those are the charges he is out on bond for that doesn't that show you, doesn't that indicate a life that's spiraling out of control? all of these things put together, the political opponent. all of this stuff. you think people do not like this guy. that's very clear. >> that's a good point. >> megyn: one final point. take a look at the last sound bite from him mr. curtis seems now getting ready to say that he is being set up here. watch. >> just simply blows my mind that the paranoid antigovernment schizophrenic is the one that wraps up me, who is in his fantasy world who is a patriotic american. >> he just seems calmer, more straightforward, and more credible. >> megyn: you just said you didn't think he was credible.
11:40 am
>> i'm not watching on the monitor. was that curtis? >> no. that is. >> megyn: you contradicted yourself. >> i didn't get to look him in the face. that's what we need to do. >> curtis to the other issue i want to get to. does he have a civil lawsuit because can he go after the fbi? there is a tort claim 1983 tort claim deprived of liberty under law? >> why? they dropped the charges. >> what they have to show is malice. i don't know, doug, if you agree with me, i don't think that they can show that they were actually maliciously going after. >> proof was that they were. >> don't have any proof. >> ordinarily and funny because a lot of people came out of gate quick he has a great claim he was locked up. he does not have a good claim except for one fine point on the pencil that doesn't apply. if he said to the police hypothetically you don't understand this guy is is setting me up. and ignored him that's different. there is no evidence. >> what about let's just say last question if they charge mr. dutschke and we
11:41 am
have no reason that he did it other than looking at him. how are they going to get a conviction against him when they charged somebody else? >> that's a phenomenal point which comes up all the time. when they falsely charge somebody, right, the defense in the second case is wait a minute, they arrested mr. x for this crime. so you are right. >> megyn: they found out it was elvis. >> the evidence will speak independently on its own it's a great point. >> there have been many cases where that does happen. the prosecution will have to get around that the defense will have to bring it in. it's not the end for the prosecution, absolutely. >> megyn: they can get past the charge. dutschke threatened to sue curtis because he said he was a member of mensa which is a group with people super high iq's. he found is to offensive. >> he missed the mensa meeting. >> i'm in mensa all day. >> >> megyn: same thing about me. total lie. card carrying member. >> megyn: i'm sure actually
11:42 am
somebody bothered to test my iq. >> you would be. >> megyn: all right, panel. thank you both so much. >> my pleasure. >> megyn: all right. coming up next, we could keep you guys for. this listen to this one. >> sure, i'm ready. >> megyn: state of florida is now considering a change to a long-standing law that has some women groups up in arms. imagine getting your alimony payments year and year and the government comes in and says "they're done. requests that's next. that's next. >> involuntary servitude slavery abolished since 1865.
11:43 am
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11:46 am
>> megyn: "kelly's court" is in session. >> megyn: kelly's court back in session. on the docket today drastic changes to divorce laws in one state. if florida governor rick scott signs the bill that is currently on his desk, lifelong alimony payments in the state will end. it would also allow judges in the state to change existing deals struck long ago with the approval of counsel and the judge. critics say the bill is antiwoman and mean-spirited but if signed florida would follow massachusetts. interesting to have those two aline offed in overhauling the alimony system which typically requires payments until death or remarriage. well, often requires payments. now, some other states are also considering similar efforts. so this could be coming to near you. joining me, arthur aidala and
11:47 am
jonna. you're telling me that you get telling me you get divorced in florida right now and you could have to just, alimony for life? >> well that's what my adversary things is a good idea. researching the segment, it seems that's what it is. even for short term marriages. that's insane. these laws are premadmen, from the 60s and 70s where women didn't work at all and it was such a hardship on them financially when they got divorced. times have changed and first of all, massachusetts and florida are agreeing and even in florida, the vote was 85-31 crossing party lines that this standard, judges should take all different factors into consideration when deciding alimony. not that they should be computers and it's the same thing every single time. >> it would do a couple things, jona, it would end
11:48 am
lifelong payments and allow judges to change preexisting deals that preexisting deals that aren't necessarily lifelong deals. what right does the legislature and governor scott have to come right do they have to come back on a previously signed deal approved by another judge, you know what husband or wife go back to another judge and have them take a look at this because we don't think it's fair. >> talk about crowding the courthouses, megyn, this would be so unfair. i don't believe they have the right. one very good reason why they shouldn't have the right to do that is this: when you are negotiating a divorce. sometimes one spouse will give up something in exchange for something else. so you could very well have 100,000 agreements where, excuse me, a spouse is saying i'm going to take maintenance instead of my share of the pension for example. so now if they come and cut the maintenance out, the woman usual solid is left holding the bag. that will never ever fly. there is another big segment of society that is going to be hurting because of this. when you get divorced after
11:49 am
a long marriage and you are between the marriages of 50 and 600, good luck getting a job. good luck being self-supporting. >> megyn: good luck getting married again, too. the stats don't favor the woman in most of those circumstances. >> a judge is allowed to take that into consideration when making decisions. he's also allowed to take into consideration retirement of the husband or money spouse, to be correct. so if he was making $100,000 and retired and makes $50,000, doesn't it make sense the payment he has to make -- >> megyn: this is one of the women speaking up against this. one of the democrats in florida. they say i've heard from women who said they've given up their careers to help their spouses. when hips changed from size 36 to 46, their losessers husbands, decided to change their spouse. spouse. alimony for life? >> that's where the judge should take those factors into
11:50 am
consideration. >> megyn: take out the tape measure? >> no, but could this woman go work or should the payments be decreased and don't forget this is all based on, which blows my mind, megyn, gross income. they are saying that the husband has to pay 35% of his gross income. did everyone forget that everyone pays taxes. in florida taxes aren't that bad. >> megyn: the opponents say actually it's actually paternalistic that a woman, 50, 60, whatever she is, she is incapable because she was married without a job -- she is incapable of working. >> the truth is, megan she might be able to get a job doing what. if she didn't go to college and didn't work for 30 years. what? i just handled the divorce of a married for 47 years. 47. 47. they were both in their 70s. not in good health. >> obviously there should be different rules. >> she should be taken care of. i think everyone agrees but
11:51 am
if someone's married five years, there shouldn't be lifelong of the marriage into consideration before you get lifelong alimony. that may all be changing. panel, thank you. panel, thank you. we'll be right back. finding you the perfect place. your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars.
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with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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making and we're one day from the official dedication of the george w. bush presidential library and museum. on the campus of southern medicine district university. casey segal is live from the campus in dallas. casey? >> good to see you. if you stop back and think of the eight years george w. bush spent in office, the good, bad and ugly, they have it covered. 35,000 artifacts laid out in the 14,000 square feet museum
11:55 am
starting with the 2007 election fiasco, the recount, the chad's, the supreme court decision. a lot of attention it paid to the events of september 11, 2001. just eight months into the first term. you see a beam from the world trade center, the bullhorn used at ground zero. then the emails, george w. bush is considered to be the very first president in the all digital age. his father sent 2.2 million emails in office. bush 43 sent a record 200 million emails all inside here, enough to fill up about 10,000 smartphones. >> we have 80 tear bites of information. the clinton era has 20 million.
11:56 am
in 80 tear bytes we have over 200 million emails if. you print those out. it would be over a billion pages just of emails alone. >> tomorrow's dedication will host all living u.s. presidents and first ladies, including of course president barack obama and mrs. obama. countless dignitaries from condolleezza rice and colin powell. the library and museum opens to the public may 1st. >> megyn: thank you. we'll be right back.
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