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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 26, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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too funny. >> the winner is the bush library. 64% voted for that. the shark comes in second and the dancing baby is last. >> "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: good morning. it's friday, april 26. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're going to have a great day. happy birthday, dad. communication failed. we know exactly who knew about the boston bombers and why the information went nowhere. we've seen this before. the stunning details straight ahead. >>steve: an amazing thing happened on capitol hill late last night. the famously slow-moving u.s. senate moved quickly to get air traffic controllers back into the tower, get them to work so there aren't delays at the airports. will you feel the difference this weekend?
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what you need to know before you go. >>brian: over 800 flights are a problem and his interview caused these anchors to totally lose it. what was the question that stumped him? this morning brian lockheed is responding. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: where is anna today? that's a shot you don't see every day. where are you? >> valley shepherd creamery in morris county, new jersey. there are about 600 sheep here. by the end of birthing season there will be 1,000 of them. today we will be shearing sheep, milking sheep and tasting and making sheep
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cheese. this little lamb is not over a week old. how sweet. >>steve: anna had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow. >>brian: they were making noise while anna was on. didn't they know we were live? [bleating] >>steve: like that? >>brian: get out of here. >>steve: we've got headlines. >>gretchen: watch out. you're about to be sheared. we have news and headlines. president obama said it would be a game changer in syria. >> a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons being moved around or utilized. >>gretchen: kweurgs the so-called -- confirmation the so-called red line has been crossed. u.s. intelligence agencies determined syria has used weapons but the u.s. says the evidence fell short of the marker. >> two years ago we should have intervened on behalf
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of the people struggling for freedom. it is a shameful chapter in american history and i hope this new revelation of chemical weapons will move the president to do what he should have done two years ago. from the statement coming out of the white house, i'm not sure they will. >>gretchen: the war in syria raged for more than two years leaving 70,000 people dead. >> president obama will become the first sitting president to speak to planned parenthood today. he addressed the group once in 2008 before he was actually president. the president made headlines over his connection to sandra fluke, the planned parenthood supporter. she led the fight against government contraception mandate. >> after hours of searching, the f.b.i. found the man they lost, the guy accused of sending a ricin-laced letter to the president. the president thought he went missing. they went to a family friend's house looking for him. when his attorney heard the
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news, he immediately told him his whereabouts. >> the presidential library in dallas dedicated. hundreds of national artifacts paid tribute to president bush's two terms in office. it marked the first time in u.s. history parents were able to see their son's presidential library. the nation's 43rd president choking up as he looked ahead. >> whatever challenges come before us, i will always believe our nation's best days are ahead. god bless. >>gretchen: all five living presidents attended the ceremony. the center opens to the public next week. >>brian: i thought it was great. jimmy carter, right away they were briefing. bill clinton was warned by mrs. bush to be quick, and he was. >>gretchen: she also made headlines, barbara bush, because she said she
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doesn't want any more bushes in the white house meaning jeb bush maybe shouldn't run if you ask barbara. >>steve: this just crossing o urgent. u.s. marshal service confirming dzhokhar tsarnaev has been trapb ported to the -- transported to the hospital and is now in a prison facility in massachusetts. now he is in jail. >>brian: after 16 hours of public safety, they shut that off. we discussed it yesterday. they read him his miranda rights. he has not said anything since. >>steve: he completely clammed up. >>brian: thanks. couldn't even get 48 hours out of him. meanwhile, he had those rights all along but they didn't read him his rights. they didn't lawyer him up. once they did, he stopped. meanwhile, you can no longer say that when tamerlan left the u.s., went to russia and came back, that no one noted he returned. as it turns out, according
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to "the boston globe," there was one customs agent that did realize that he came back and did alert the boston joint terrorist task force who did not tell the f.b.i., who would have then said, wait a second, maybe we should talk to him again. but it didn't happen because they stopped communicating to each other. >>gretchen: the alibi or defense of that right now is they're claiming even if they would have been notified that he was in the country after being away for six or seven months in a bad region of russia, even if they would have been notified about that, there wouldn't have been enough reason to do anything about him because they didn't have information that he was plotting. that is the defense now. they didn't have information that he was plotting anything. they are claiming they wouldn't have put him under more scrutiny had they been notified. >>brian: i'll wait for the f.b.i. to comment. if the f.b.i. talked to him in 2007 and said he's cleared and then got word
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he just got back from russia. i would be surprised if the f.b.i. didn't follow up on him. >>steve: russia contacted the united states two different times. the first time they said f.b.i., keep an eye on this guy. we think he's radicalized. second time we get this tip, pay attention. they told one guy in boston. that one guy did not tell anybody. human error happens; no doubt about it. but still, this is the same problem in a way -- a systemic problem we had before 9/11 where the agencies didn't talk to each other. i read on-line someplace, one blogger said we should outsource all domestic terrorism intel to russia. they're good at it. >>gretchen: let's take it a step more. the antiterrorism intelligence units in massachusetts were apparently never notified that the f.b.i. had originally talked to tamerlan back in 2011. if you can keep it all straight, let us know. the bottom line here is there seems to have been a communication downfall here. and it is disappointing based on the fact that we thought these agencies were
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coming together post-9/11. the only caveat i'll add to that is can you imagine how many tips that the f.b.i. and the c.i.a. in general, these antiterrorism units, are getting on a daily basis. and which ones do you actually think are going to become what we ended up seeing in boston? that's the problem here. there are probably thousands of these kind of tips. >>steve: absolutely. then they have analysts who connect the dots. the guy in boston, had he known about the f.b.i. -- somebody from d.h.s., did you know he went to russia for seven months. >>brian: it's not even verbal. it's computer. the white house is launching an internal investigation to try to reconstruct the event and ask the c.i.a., f.b.i., homeland security to tell me what happened. tell me why this stopped so we can try to fix it. meanwhile, the local boston people are ticked off, the f.b.i. is ticked off, the c.i.a. is ticked off and
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russia is wondering. >>gretchen: i'm ticked off as a parent and i think the viewers will be ticked off when they hear what the parents had to say, the parents of tamerlan czar -- tsarnaev. they came here for ten years, got scholarships to go to school for free, got welfare. listen to what the mom now says about her sons and america. >> -- in america now! why did i even go there? why? i thought our kids are going to be safe, but it happened. my kids! america took my kids away from me! only america. what have you done with my son? he was alive!
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why did they need to kill him. why didn't they send him to -- whatever. why did they kill him? why? why did they have to kill him? they got him alive; right. >>brian: the reason why they had to kill him is because he had a gun in each hand and was shooting at -- and he had just killed three people and wounded over 200. by the way, if she came to this country for asylum, why did she go back with her husband? where is she supposed to be so threatened? >>steve: any parent who loses a child, it's devastating to the parent. but keep in mind, she's talking about the united states killed my son. it wasn't the united states. it was your youngest son who drove over your -- >>brian: that's a good point too. >>gretchen: i think that's nauseating for any american to listen to that. come on. you know what?
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i don't know if we should let her back into this country, quite frankly. if she has those views about the way america treated her sons, i think most americans would disagree with her. >>steve: nobody has claimed the body of the eldest boy. if she came to the united states to claim the body, that perhaps could be understandable. we've been telling you about how that sequester is going to really screw things up. actually it kind of has over the last couple of days. flight delays into newark liberty airport two hours yesterday. people all across the country complaining. last night extraordinarily the slow-moving u.s. senate took action and gave the government, the f.a.a. authority to move money around. now they'll be able to put the controllers back in the towers. >>brian: they transferred $253 million from accounts that are flush into other programs to reduce operations in staffing. there have been delays of up to 863 flights. that's up until wednesday. they say it's all about the
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staffing. it's all about the air traffic controllers. so the senate took action the other night, supposed to pass quickly today, free up that money going forward. and, therefore, before they go on their week break, because they have already worked two weeks straight -- they need a break -- they will pass this forward. >>gretchen: i don't understand why you have to furlough people because the cuts were not cuts. they were cuts into more spending for the upcoming year. >>steve: less money. >>gretchen: it's the same amount of money for last year. they were cutting the increase for next year. i don't understand how that affects that many people. >>steve: with any luck the house will be able to pass this and things will get back. >>brian: meanwhile, it's the interview that had our friend, our only friend really -- >>steve: our longtime friend. >>brian: mike sheer doubled over with laughter. >> what are you doing? >> what am i not doing?
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seriously. how are they going to get enough material? >>steve: stay tuned. this morning brian lochte is firing back. if you ever heard of the underground economy, stuart varney says it is the first step toward a third-world economy and he has proof the united states is heading in that direction.
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[ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >>brian: as the economy struggles to get back on its feet more americans are going underground for work, and that might be saving the economy? a new report shows that under-the- table activity raked in about $2 trillion last year. >>gretchen: while it is a short-term solution to unemployment, is it a sign we're headed towards a third-world economy? i'm glad stuart varney is here to explain. >> $2 trillion a year in a $16 trillion economy? that is huge. and the studies suggest it has doubled since 2009. >>brian: people don't want to pay the taxes. >> point number one, you're taxed on everything in america today. absolutely everything. every transaction, everything you buy, everything you earn, you pay tax on it.
3:18 am
so there is an impetus to get away from those taxes, go underground, keep it in cash, don't report it. there's a more important reason. without a vast expansion of welfare in the last nine years, food stamps to medicaid, you name it, vast expansion, if you're receiving those payments from the government and you then start to report on the books income, you lose the benefits. therefore, you take work that is under the table. you're paid in cash. you don't report it. you keep the benefits. that's what's going on. >>gretchen: what does that mean towards moving towards a third-world economy? >> when you think of america, i'm a newcomer, came here 40 years ago, i've always thought of america as an honest tax paying society. it is a successful financial society because it is generally honest. like germany, japan, the u.k. you pay your taxes, it works. suddenly we've got a $2 # trillion underground economy, that makes us look far more like some
3:19 am
underdeveloped society where this kind of thing is more common. >>brian: someone told me the story, a talk show host on fox news channel, that their oldest son and friends file for unemployment -- they are in their 20's -- go to the jersey show, bartend, make a ton of money over the summer and they brag about it. >> there is a new way of doing things. >>brian: there is no embarrassment. >>brian: who cleans your -- >> who cleans your house if you have a house cleaner? you pay them in cash? drug dealing, bribery? any kind of cash payment between people, any kind of barter -- i'll fix your car if you fix my teeth, that kind of thing, all of that is the underground economy. for it to reach $2 # trillion a a year, it is very difficult to count. but if you take this at face value, $2 trillion is
3:20 am
outrageous. >>brian: today we're going to watch at 9:20 # eastern time. i'm not going to ask if we're discussing this. >> yes, we are. >>gretchen: he's fired up enough. thanks, stu. have a great weekend. >>brian: i like the new cover here, 40 years ago. >> fresh off the boat, baby. fresh off the boat. >>brian: we'll fill out the paper work for you. >> thank you. >>gretchen: a new report says hillary clinton was plain wrong on benghazi. now what? where do we go from here? our next guest, a former navy seal, has the answer. then our favorite clip of the week.
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>>brian: quick headlines. president obama is -- pick to be ambassador of france is out of the running. the new york fund reports the hedge fund billionaire withdrew from consideration tuesday. >> these siblings thought they were going to an all-day fishing trip in puerto rico, that is until their boat's electrical system failed. with that the ball stalled, water rushed inside. they decide to jump out. in five minutes the boat sank. the two swam eight miles over 14 hours.
3:25 am
they were rescued by a local farmer. a happy ending, wonderful story. >>steve: a house republican report on benghazi is taking aim at the administration over the deadly consolate attack on september 11 of last year. the report states -- quote -- "reductions of security levels prior to the attacks in benghazi were approved at the highest levels of the state department. up to and including secretary of state hillary clinton." some military veterans are urging congress to investigate further including our next guest who joins us from virginia beach. scott, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. how are you? >>steve: i'm doing okay. the report issued by five committees was damning of the administration and how the department handled things. but you want more? >> absolutely. we applaud the efforts of members of congress, of course, working on these five committees to come up with answers but we still
3:26 am
think the report itself is lacking in a lot of critical information as to what happened that night in benghazi on the ground, before, after and during. and also the near total of response of military action. there is only four pages in this report dedicated to that response. quite frankly, that's unacceptable to us. we would like to figure out why weren't military assets used. why did an african commander say he was ready to go but didn't get the order to do so. why did officials contradict that testimony before congress? >>steve: all great questions, is to the. plus why haven't we heard from the benghazi survivors? there are people who worked for the state department over there. they know what happened. there are contractors. we heard some of them in washington, d.c. who had spent some time in the hospital, they were told by their higher ups, if you talk, we will not only fire you and ruin your life, but you'll get fined and you might get prosecuted. that's why everybody's clammed up. >> absolutely.
3:27 am
that's an excellent point. we believe that this report was basically made on paper, not people. we want to see those folks testify before congress, even if it has to be behind closed doors and classified information. those are answers that we believe a special committee can look into and take those resources from the five committees and put them together and use that power and influence in the house and find answers for the american people and for those of us who have served in harm's way and are still serving in harm's way around the world. >>steve: it's interesting. when you take a look at the -- since you are a former navy seal, the navy seal raid on osama bin laden in pakistan. within two days we knew everything about it. here we are eight, nine months later after the benghazi attack. we don't know hardly anything, especially those mission-critical details that could really fill in on what went wrong that night. >> another point that you bring up. obviously you have to be careful always with classified information, that stuff not getting out.
3:28 am
the lack of answers is pretty telling here. quite frankly, it's a break into a democratic national headquarters is enough for a special committee at watergate, certainly a break into an embassy, a killing of a u.s. ambassador and a ripple in the fabric of the international community warrants a special committee to find answers. >>steve: thanks for getting up early, sir, and thanks for your service. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate it. have a great day. >>steve: all right. 28 minutes after the top of the hour. he blamed the united states for the boston bombings, but this united nations official will not only keep his job; we get to pay his salary. terrific. >> meanwhile, anna is back on the farm this morning; aren't you? >> good morning. we are at valley shepherd creamery. they make 35 different kinds of cheese here. this one -- coming up, we'll be teaching you how to milk a sheep. also learning about the cheese-making process. first a big happy birthday
3:29 am
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another app that tells men where they can buy hillary clinton's clothes. very useful. >>steve: jimmy. >>steve: she was at the big event yesterday. a lot of people were talking about a possible jeb bush-hillary clinton matchup. >>steve: i thought it was interesting when bill clinton said he heard how so many digital records were kept of the bush years, and he suddenly got a little worried. okay, they didn't keep track of the conversations i had with you, w., during the end of your second term, did you? >>brian: they talked about the hackers. >>steve: what were they talking about? >>brian: all i can tell you is the word is when they make a speech together and they do a lot for a lot of money, bill clinton goes back and defends everything that 43 did and salutes him. so it's kind of nice. >>gretchen: we've got to move on. >>steve: after a long winter, temperatures are
3:34 am
starting to finally rise. that's good news for america's farmers. >>gretchen: our own anna kooiman is live at one farm in new jersey where dairy season is officially in full swing. good morning. >> good morning to you. good morning to everybody at home. we're at valley shepherd creamery here in morris county, new jersey. they have about 600 sheep here on the property and they're halfway through birthing season, guys. by june they're going to have 1,000 little baby lambs like this one. i'm joined by the one and only curdiologist. show me how this process works. >> the process is very simple. sheep comes in. we attach the milking cups to them. the machine is milking them. >> how long do they have to stand there? >> until they're done. they love coming in there. >> they enjoy this. >> they're pushing to come
3:35 am
in. they get a little snack on the other side. >> a sheep candy snack. >> come on in, guys, and help us milk. >> when you say you milk them until they're done, what does that mean exactly? >> once the mil is done -- there is another one coming in. once the milk is done, the system will stop milking them and the cup will drop off. the milk will get sent to the next monday. at 8:30 we'll start making cheese from the milk. >> you also make 35 different kinds of cheese. how are they all very, very different from one another? >> they are. it is an aging process. it is the material in the cheese. it's the way we handle them. it's what the sheep eat on the field. what kind of grass are they eating today? >> thank you so much. you do offer tours for $6, $7, $8; not a lot to spend.
3:36 am
you can taste the cheese and bring some home as well. coming up in the 8:00 hour, we are going to be shearing sheep as well. back to you. >>steve: anna with a curdiologist. funny stuff. >>gretchen: dramatic new video released from the disturbing shooting at the headquarters of the family research council. that happened in d.c. last year. take a look at this. that's lloyd corkin bending over for his gun before shooting leo johnson. the heroic stafr struggles in the upper right portion of the video. corkins pled guilty to committing an act of terrorism. he was looking to kill as many possible because the conservative organization believed in traditional marriage. >>steve: a new jersey guy arrested for carrying homemade explosives. this happening days before the boston bombing. police found him carrying two home-made explosives on
3:37 am
a new jersey train bound for suffern, new york. the reportedly received a summons, but cops say the investigation is ongoing. people around here are saying why are we just hearing about this now? >>brian: days after the boston bombing, richard falk said there will be all kinds of resistance in the post colonial world. despite drawing outrage, falk is keeping his job and we're going to be paying him. falk will stay at his post until 2014. we will be paying 22% of his expenses. the leader of the u.n. has not called for his resignation. >>gretchen: earlier we showed you the brian lochte
3:38 am
interview. >> a reality show that follows you to the bathroom. you have to tell them what you're doing. >> i guess there's like a -- there's like a mirror with a sink and then you have a bathroom. >> brian, good luck to you. we'll be watching. >> thank you. >>gretchen: this morning lochte returning fire and reacting saying the more known you get in the public eye, the more haters you're going to have, and that's a given. you know what? all the haters, all the name-calling goes through one ear and out the other, and i don't mind it. the way i look at it, the more haters i have, it means i'm doing something right. >>brian: you mean the laughter is a hater? >>gretchen: there were plenty of laughs this week on the curvy catch. >>steve: if you missed any of it, we got highlights. here's a look back. the whole week in its entirety.
3:39 am
or just a few clips. >> go! >>brian: hyperventilating? don't breathe into that bag. >>steve: dr. marc siegel is on the case. >> what are you doing? >> what am i not doing? seriously. how are they going to get enough material? >> one and a half minutes of just laughing. >>gretchen: we laughed for at least a minute 30 about something called the belly button. >>brian: you also don't have a belly button, is that true. when mike wallace interviewed high tow la -- ayatollah, he asked him tough questions. >>steve: is that normal? >> i don't know but this is better than prozac. >> your news leader in high
3:40 am
definition. [bleep] [bleep] >>gretchen: he moved all his stuff to bismarck. now he doesn't have a job. >>brian: isn't this good fracking there? >>steve: sure. >>brian: he might frack a little. >>gretchen: i'm going to lay down because apparently i've got some issues. >>steve: thank you very much. >> thanks for having. >>steve: thanks for keeping your shirts on. did you ever think about attending a dance with spaghetti straps. >>brian: i look at all different outfits for the dances i attend. rudy giuliani looks great in my area. are you considering getting rid of me? >>steve: you look good on the right. >>brian: brian, you're fired. she wanted to do it. >> you have to let me go because i'm going to pass out right now! >>steve: maria molina in the after the show show
3:41 am
yesterday. >>brian: one of the most lethal men on the planet and he didn't look like he was struggling. >>steve: now you can protect yourself on the streets of new york city. >> i have new moves. my favorite clip was mike tobin. so professional, doing the kiss block. >>brian: you can't teach that. >> we want to take a look at the weather across the country. we have very good news for most of you, especially across sections of the midwest into the northeast. take a look at these high temperatures today. feeling like spring. if you live in minneapolis, 70 degrees. new york city starting off on the cool side but by this afternoon you're expecting a high of 65 degrees. there are a couple of areas seeing rainfall this morning. parts of missouri, parts of kansas. as we head into later on this afternoon, there is a slight chance some of you across oklahoma and texas could be sao*eg severe weather. keep an eye out for warnings if you live in
3:42 am
cities like oklahoma city or wichita falls. by the way, today is national pretzel day. >>diane: we're going -- >>steve: we're going to make some out there in about 45 minutes. >>gretchen: parents outraged their kids are learning a lesson on antisemitism in schools. how do these books end up in classrooms? >>brian: a bear in the back of a police car. how did that happen? the story behind this the story behind this video. i'm over the hill.
3:43 am
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our principles don't. you don't just have our word on it. you've got our name on it. that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. discover the full line of riding lawn equipment at or your local dealer. >>steve: quick friday morning headlines. ho-ho's and twinkies are coming back. the brand l.l.c. intends to cut ties with the teamsters and bakers union very shortly. >> a polar bear behind bars. that's a greenpeace activist protesting outside an oil company in russia. taken into custody within an hour. polar bears on ice. >>brian: the first round
3:47 am
of the 2013 nfl draft kicked off last night right across the street, right down there at the radio city music hall. millions watched around the planet from kazakhstan, even on long island. the kansas city chiefs did not have the sexiest chief but might have the best player. joining us is big daddy salgado. the top five picks looked like this. eric fisher, one. two, lou jackal. dolphins take leon jordan. barry sanders came out to welcome them in. why so many linemen this year? >> linemen are athletes. >>brian: describe the atmosphere at radio city last night. >> i think everyone was excited but also trying to figure out who's taking who. obviously there were so
3:48 am
many different picks that came out that i think other people thought they would be around later. >>brian: some of the bigger stories, howie long's son who didn't come into football until later. kyle long drafted by chicago, number 20 in the first round. that guy's huge but not very experienced. >> he's a good offensive lineman, has great pedestrian gray and our own jay trained him. got him ready. >>brian: jay glazer, a colleague of howie long. manti te'o for awhile for the most significant players. he does not go in the first round. >> he didn't get drafted in the first round. i think it was kind of shocking but not too shock. there was so much drama around him. >>brian: he's not that big and not as fast to lock him in as a first-round pick. i think it will go today. when itdoms bill -- when it comes to picking a quarterback, e.j. manual.
3:49 am
why are people saying this is controversial? >> i think people are saying this quarterback was available later on. you would have thought maybe brian was going or maybe gino smith. i think everybody got sort of like the wind came out of them. >>brian: look forward to the second round tonight. we showed you this tennessee textbook that says hamas and hezbollah political parties, not terrorist organizations. how did those books get approved in the first place? we'll tell you next. >> prince harry coming to a tv near you? why he's doing the news. top of the hour.
3:50 am
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>>gretchen: it's a story we've been following all week here on "fox & friends." a controversial textbook being used in tennessee alarming parents because it teaches kids a lesson that some say is antisubmit particular. here's a quote. if a palestinian suicide bomber kills israeli teenagers in a restaurant is that an act of terrorism? good morning, cynthia. who does make these decisions about the textbooks our kids see every single day?
3:54 am
>> this has become a big political issue and it was something that i fought routinely on the texas state board of education. we were dealing with similar issues in texas and still are now through textbook process called c-skip. i think the problem is a lot of parents threu some kind of viewpoint neutral pool from which textbooks are selected and they can take all bias out of the process. simply not the reality. the reality is someone is going to have to be making these decisions and a lot of times it is an elected board. there is an advocacy for there to be appointed experts in terms of like a bureaucratic branch. if you do that, you remove away transparency from the discussion and you take out of the hands any accountability to the electorate. my heart goes out to these parents because they're dealing with an issue that is chronic, and that is the abuse of viewpoint discrimination within the classroom through the textbook content that many
3:55 am
times is driven through the textbook publisher. if that's not caught, then it can get into the classroom, into the hands of students and become very problematic. >>gretchen: i think parents are frustrated when they hear this story because this is just one quote in a long book and you've got to wonder how many other things. the fact that the parents even knew about it, that it was brought to their attention. how many other things are kids reading the parents may not agree with? it was interesting to hear the statement from the williamson county schools where this happened in tennessee. they basically said nobody submitted a formal request to have this changed. yet the parents i spoke to earlier in the week said they told us if we did that, it wouldn't do any good any way. are parents' hands tied in these situations? >> that's a good question because i think we're going in that direction. a lot of times local districts have more control than they want to admit. it is not a question of whether or not they can choose textbooks from the state approved board but maybe how they get
3:56 am
reimbursed. i think governor haslam is having a discussion as to school choice initiatives. i think more americans are more comfortable with allowing the viewpoints of what their children are taught to be driven by their parents instead of the state and government. i think the bills they're talking about with school choice are very necessary because otherwise you still have someone, whether it's the local school district, elected state board or bureaucratic branch making a determination of what the children are going to be taught in a classroom. >>gretchen: thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. have a good weekend. >> it was supposed to be a big anti-n.r.a. rally. one problem. barely anybody showed up. how easily do you think americans would sign away their own personal rights? >> we're going to do
3:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's friday, april 26, 2016. i'm gretchen carlson. dzhokhar tsarnaev was just moved from his hospital bed to a prison cell, so what does that mean? what's next for him? we are live with the breaking details. >> brian: seems to be the only thing lawmakers can agree on. airport delays are ridiculous. they have to stop. they made a late night deal to get planes moving again. will it help this weekend? what you need to know. >> steve: meanwhile, how easily do you think americans would just sign away their constitutional rights? watch this. >> we're just going to do everything we can to support obama on repealing the 7th amendment.
4:01 am
we're trying to eliminate some of the bill of rights. this is a more speedy trial. >> steve: we don't need those rights, do we? guess what? it gets even more embarrassing. the guy with the clip board is going to join us live. "fox & friends" hour two for this friday starts right now. >> steve: unfortunately, i think when a lot of people hear 7th amendment, they don't know whats that. so if they're going to get rid of it, sure, why not? >> brian: i love as they're signing, as he continues to expand on what he's trying to do. >> gretchen: they're not listening or they're brain dead. >> steve: yeah. >> gretchen: those are the only two options. but both scary. >> steve: i think where the guy says we're just trying help obama. that prefaces it, so they're okay, well, i want to do that. even though it's crazy. you'll see some of the tape and the back story coming up shortly. >> gretchen: let's get to your headlines.
4:02 am
president obama said it would be >> a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. >> gretchen: and now confirmation that so-called red line has been crossed in that country. u.s. intelligence agencies have determined that syria has used chemical weapons as many as two times right now on those protesters. the white house says the new evidence falls short of the marker. >> two years ago we should have intervened on behalf of the people who are struggling for freedom. it's a shameful chapter in american history and i hope this new revelation of chemical weapons will move the president to do what he should have done two years ago. from the statement that's coming out of the white house, i'm not sure they will. >> gretchen: the war in syria has raged for more than two years, leaving 70,000 people dead. today president obama will become the first sitting
4:03 am
president to speak to planned parenthood. he did address the group in 2008, but that was before he was president. the president made headlines over his connection to sandra fluke, the planned parenthood supporter. she led the fight against government contraception man mandate. a person trying to jump from the observation deck of the empire state building. he broke his ankle. he was arrested and he's now being treated for his injuries. it was one very royal newscast. >> special guest today, prince harry. >> thank you. >> gretchen: well that, is prince harry. reading the news for a college newscast in england. he was touring notingham. it's the city's first local tv station, but prince harry is far from the first member of his family to do the news. his father became a weatherman for a day last year in scotland. >> steve: it looks like the prince is following in the
4:04 am
footsteps of famous broadcaster, the king, larry king. >> brian: yeah. very good. >> steve: exactly four minutes after the top of the hour. fox news alert. the surviving boston marathon bomber has been moved from the hospital. molly line is outside the hospital once again this morning with the very latest on what we know. >> what we've confirmed through the u.s. marshal service is dzhokhar tsarnaev has been moved from beth israel medical center to a secure facility about 39 miles west of boston. it's fm c devon, federal medical center. it's a big federal prison that allows prisoners with long-term medical care to be treated. he's been moved from here. good news for the hospital, things will be getting a little back to normal for them as they continue to treat some of the patients that were actually injured in this bombing here at the hospital. there is some new developments as authorities struggle to figure out which agencies knew what and when they knew in regards to the older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev, who was killed during the course of the
4:05 am
shootout. we know that the f.b.i. and the c.i.a. were both warned about this older brother. but now there is word from the "washington post" that nine months before the boston marathon bomng, a u.s. counterterrorism task force got a warning that a suspected militant had returned from a long trip to russia. it cites unnamed u.s. officials. the warning was delivered to a single u.s. customs and borrowed protection official. but officials say there is no indication that that customs officer then went on to warn other members of the task force. in addition to that, the "boston globe" reports that the boston regional intelligence center, intended as a clearing house for potential threats, didn't know that the f.b.i. had interviewed tsarnaev. the parents of the two sons are claiming that their sons are innocent and in a news conference from dagestan, here is what the mother had to say. >> my son not an american now!
4:06 am
why did i even go there? why? i thought american going to take us, our kids. it's going to be safe for any reason. but it happened. america took my kids away from me. only america. what have you done with my son? he was alive. why did they need to kill him? why didn't they send him or whatever. why did they kill him? why? why did they have to kill him? they got him alive, right. he was in their hands. >> the parents have been speak out since the beginning of this investigation, claiming their sons are innocent and that they've been framed. the father of the two suspects is expected to come here to america. he says he wants to claim his son's body. back to you. >> steve: that's right. thank you very much. the mother there, as we saw, crazy with grief and rage.
4:07 am
but from all indications, she was crazy before. >> brian: right. she basically was accused of shoplifting $1,600. instead of appearing in court, she within to another country, her own country, where she escaped and asked for asylum. >> steve: it sounds like she's the one who radicalized her sons. >> gretchen: i don't think there will be a lot of sympathy for her. in the meantime, were the two suspects and the entire family, for that matter, on the government dole for the entire time that they lived here in the united states of america, a country they now hate? were they on the government dole? apparently governor patrick in massachusetts won't exactly explain what taxpayer assistance they received because he says it's a matter of protecting their personal privacy. well, that's interesting because one of those suspects is dead and so what kind of personal privacy would be at hand to not be able to at least release what should be public knowledge if the taxpayers actually were
4:08 am
financing these two people and their families for the last ten years. >> steve: before the governor told all the state agencies to clam up, it was clear, it was leaked to some of the boston papers that both the bombers wound up with massachusetts state's welfare, their parents wound up with welfare. his wife, the eldest bomber, she wound up with welfare, along with their three-year-old and they were on welfare when he was sitting at home while the wife was work 80 hours a week as a home health care aid. howie carr, a friend of this program and a boston legend, he says it's time that we got some answers regarding the privacy of these guys and whether or not they were on the state dole. >> i think is a resume enhancer for deval on stonewalling on the terrorist welfare. he's standing up for the rights of a terrorist. s that a good thing on the democratic campaign platform. it's amazing.
4:09 am
if you're an american citizen with a job, paying taxes, then you have no expectation of privacy. it will be posted on-line at the boston and on the state treasurer's payroll web site, but if you are a muslim, terrorist, alien, dead beat, mass murderer, your privacy rights will be defended to the death by the commonwealth of massachusetts. isn't that great? >> brian: what do you think about what howie carr had to say? do you agree the governor has it just about right to worry about their privacy? you make the call. you can write us. all right. now let's talk about something else that might be affecting you more directly if you're not in the new england area. you might be trying to get on a flight. if you're one of the people set to get on one of the 863 flights that have been delayed since
4:10 am
wednesday, you might be able to breathe a sigh of relief because of what the senate did last night. they found $253 million to put that in the faa to keep the air traffic controllers with their head sets on, landing planes. >> gretchen: the house hasn't passed it yet. >> steve: this is money the faa had and remember, the republicans wanted to give the president the flexibility to move things around. he said, no, no, no. as it turns out, now the state -- rather the democrat-led senate said okay. let's give them the flexibility. the house it looks like will pass it quickly. but people who are flying today may wind up in long lines. >> brian: it's like picking out the old jeans and finding $253 million in it. >> steve: have you done that before? >> brian: it got close. 22 and i was elated. it happened last tuesday. i'll give more details on the after the show show. >> gretchen: i found a coat in my office yesterday that's been up there for seven years and i
4:11 am
didn't know. the closet was locked that long. you gave me that memory. i realized, i liked that pink coat. but jay carney, the spokesperson for the president, had this statement back to sequester and the faa, physical be good news for america's traveling public if congress spares them these unnecessary delays. but ultimately, this is no more than a temporary band-aid that fails to address the overarching threat to our economy posed by the sequester's mindless cuts. or could it be that if you do look at the budget and find other ways to manage your pocketbook, that you can find extra cash in other areas that could pay for some of these furloughed employees. >> steve: that was interesting that clip you just read there because he's thanking them, but then calling them mindless. keep in mind, it was the white house itself that devised this crazy sequester thing and jay carney himself admitted it when bret baier was interviewing him on february 12 of this year on the "special report" show.
4:12 am
>> what i will concede is that we were looking and the reoking for a trigger around which to build the mechanism to get us out of default possibility and the sequester was one of the ideas put forward, yes, by the president's team. >> steve: there you go right there. ultimately, though, what's happening is the white house is realizing the sequester thing, it's backfiring on us. >> brian: right. when you are delayed on a flight, you can't get to a business meeting or go on vacation, nobody cares if you're a democrat or republican. they want to know why this doesn't happen and why we're paying so much in taxes and getting less. >> steve: the guy who runs jetblue, a fellow who has been on this program, said yesterday the weather around new york city, they had what's referred to as severe clear. it was a perfect day to fly, yet there were extensive delays. at newark, two hours long. mr. barger said this government is not working, he told people on an earnings call for jetblue yesterday. he was right. >> brian: straight ahead, next, however you want to phrase it, this is what's coming up. why tsarnaev read his miranda
4:13 am
rights on the exact moment he was giving up critical information. why was it necessary to rush those people in? house intelligence committee member mike rogers live from dc next. >> gretchen: mike tyson no stranger, out there. there is something you don't know and brian found it out. >> brian: way to go. >> steve: i can hardly wait angie's list is essential. i automatically go there.
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>> brian: this morning we know exactly who knew what about the boston bombers and why the information went nowhere. details i find frustrating. maybe you do, too. joining us, the man in charge of finding out what happened, former f.b.i. guy, congressman mike rogers. chairman, we found out a customs agent was alert -- did alert someone in the joint terrorist task force in the new england area that tamerlan came back from russia. but that information never got to the f.b.i why? >> well, we're still looking at that. that information didn't get circulated, at least to the best of our knowledge today. we have some questions about why that would be. i will say in that agent's defense, travel alone isn't a derogatory bit of information. now, you would have hoped that
4:18 am
would trigger at least a airport. at the facility, at but i'm not sure it would have triggered something to happen at the joint terrorism task force. the investigation had already been completed and closed because they weren't able to find enough information or any derogatory information to go further in the investigation. so travel alone wouldn't have done it. it may have raised some questions to say hey, maybe we should go back and talk to the guy. but remember, at that point the russians stopped cooperating with the u.s. government as well. >> brian: they did inform, unless you know better, the f.b.i. and c.i.a. about this guy, look out for him. you used to work in the f.b.i how rare is that for the russians to make that effort? >> they will do it. here is the problem, sometimes when working with certain intelligence groups with the russians, they would give informationing, derogatory information about somebody that they politically did not align with. so the f.b.i. has to sort all of that out.
4:19 am
remember at one time, these were very hostile intelligence services to each other. the f.b.i. to the fsb, so you have to take every piece of this information with a grain of salt and they didn't give them a lot. they didn't give them a loft background information. it was just hey, you should watch out for this guy. we think he's going through this radicalization process. could you check it out? checked it out, asked a question of the russians, here is the thing, the russians i think have a lot more information here, brian, than they are sharing today. they've kind of let us peek under the curtain a little bit and it's very clear to me that they have valuable information, a, that they should have provided earlier, and b, that we need to get now to understand what happened when he went back to russia. >> brian: i understand we have people there trying to reconstruct his six months as we speak. that's coming together. can you share with any information that might come out -- that has come out already? >> we really don't know yet. again, i think the russians need
4:20 am
to cooperate more than they are now to fully understand those six months. >> brian: chairman -- >> i don't think they're there yet. >> brian: how disappointed are you, if at all, that we only questioned him 16 hours under the public safety exemption passed by the supreme court 20 years ago and we didn't even get 48 hours? why did this happen in. >> well, this should be maddening to everyone. the supreme court said listen, you have this public safety exception and it was based on the case of one single gun trying to recover this gun, so it water a danger to others. this was weapons of mass destruction. you had people who had bombs. we know -- we believe they had more bombs. this was a huge deal. so you had other persons of interest, were there other people out there? did they have other bombs around? the judge intervened hastily into what was a proved u.s. supreme court activity, meaning you could interview this guy. we've never seen anything like this.
4:21 am
so the doj apparently didn't fight it and we were -- i think all of us were robbed of public safety information. >> brian: keep your phone on and charged. we want to keep in touch. we want to keep in touch. back in a momentpast mprime? i'm a victim of a slowing metabolism? i don't think so. new great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. new great grains protein blend. as well as they could because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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>> gretchen: 24 minutes after the top of the hour. time for news by the numbers. less than 100, that's how many people showed up for an anti-nra rally in washington. it includes members of the media covering the protest. next, 14 hours. that's how long it took the siblings to swim to shore after their boat sank while fishing in puerto rico. they were eventually rescued by a local farmer. we don't have that picture, but that's the news about that. and 9.6 million. that's how many viewers tuned in to watch the season finale of the show "duck dynasty," making it the most watched show
4:25 am
wednesday night. congratulations. >> steve: sorry, "american idol." meanwhile, the sixth and 7th amendments to the constitution guarantee you the right to a fair and speedy trial. also a jury trial by your peers. but you won't believe how many people just decided they heard that, they just gave up those constitutional rights. >> the 6 and 7th amendments have just become a nuisance in the war on terror. we're trying to repeal the 7th amendment and the 6th, too. that will help speed up the trial process or just eliminate it once someone is charged with a crime. we're just repooling the 7th amendment. thank you. the problem is people get stuck in the court cases and it takes a long time, so eliminating the 7th amendment will help speed that up. thank you. >> steve: oh, man. >> gretchen: media critic and social analyst mark dice was the
4:26 am
man behind that petition and joins us once again live from san diego. good morning to you, mark. i guess you decided to take your mission to the other bill of rights because you talked originally with some of the people in california about the first and second amendment, you moved on to 6 and 7, huh? >> it's incredible. i just keep going and going. all i have to do usually is mention the key words, will you support obama? their eyes light up and they're literally signing their rights away. i want to make the point that these videos, these petition videos, i'll fill the petition up with a dozen or so people in 15 to 20 minutes. it's absolutely staggering the level of ignorance in southern california. >> brian: it's after you say support the president, you keep going on and on and you say the most outrageous things possible and it doesn't stop them from signing. >> no, i don't think these people can walk and chew gum at the same time or in this case, sign and listen. it's absolutely incredible. all die is tell them, hey -- i
4:27 am
pretend to be like a politician and promise them something that's going to do exactly the opposite. >> steve: that sounds familiar. >> in this case, speeding up the court system by just removing the sixth amendment that guarantees us the right to a speedy trial. the blight public didn't go off in anybody's heads. the only people who didn't stop to sign it were those who didn't want to be bothered. but everybody who stopped and listened to me just signed their rights away. >> brian: what do we got from this? what are we supposed to conclude from this? >> people need to turn off their celebrity news and start reading newspapers. we've become extremely lazy culture and ignorant. so i think the zombie apocalypse is start not guilty southern california. we need to stop it from spreading to the rest of the country. we need to have people reading newspapers, people need to start reading books. people need to turn off their celebrity news and their "american idol". we're laughing at this 'cause
4:28 am
it's funny on one level, but we really should be crying -- >> gretchen: we should be because i have a sneaking suspicion it's not just california. i think if you took this show on the road, you'd find it, unfortunately, not our fox viewers, but you might find it in every other state. >> a lot of the comments on my facebook change and youtube, say the level of zombies, as i call them, it seems to be the case all over the country. it's incredible. 15 to 20 minutes. the videos are five to six minutes long and i have to cut out a lot of people because it just becomes redundant. it would be a 15-minute long video. so i keep them nice and short for five minutes. last week we talked about repealing the first amendment. hey, help obama. we're going to stop people from saying mean things about obama. let's just repeal the first amendment. who needs that? sounds good. >> steve: yeah. mark dice joining us today from san diego. thank you very much. >> gretchen: coming up next, senator joe manchin had a late
4:29 am
night trying to fix this week's airport delays and this morning he's here with us. was it all a political move? we'll see what he thinks. >> brian: he blamed the sus for the boston bombings. but this official will not only keep his job, we get to pay his salary. >> steve: let's give him a raise ♪ [ male announcer ] just when you thought you had experienced performance a new ride comes along and changes everything. the 2013 lexus gs. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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♪ come on baby let's do the twist. >> steve: did you know that today is national pretzel day? joining us is sean from pretzel make. people get free pretzels today? >> yes. today is national pretzel day and today's theme is snack and hilarious. if you come to the store and tell use joke, we'll give you a free pretzel. >> steve: does it have to be funny? >> if you don't have a good joke, just say it's national pretzel day and we'll give you one anyway. i have a great joke. what does a nosey pepper do? it gets ha la penny business -- ha la penny business. -- jalapeno business. we have two new flavors this year. we have buffalo blue cheese and
4:34 am
cracked pepper and sea salt. try them out. >> this is the buffalo blue cheese right here. >> so we've had six flavors last year that we introduced like bbq chipotle. >> steve: right now when you tell a joke, try to be funny. use his. >> yeah, if you need to. >> steve: we roll out the dough, now what? >> now twist this. you got to roll more, maria. >> steve: quick! >> i don't know thousand do this. -- i don't know how to do this. how do you make the pretzel? >> steve almost got it. >> steve: you're a former marine? >> former marine, yes. in operation desert storm. >> steve: and what exactly are you doing to try to help
4:35 am
veterans today? >> we got a great program from veterans who are coming out of the military who want to be a small business owner. we've got a program set up where they can get a significant discount on their initial franchise fee. this is perfect for veterans because they're used to being in a system and they come and get in our system where everything is kind of figured out for them. we got the marketing, logistics, food, they just come in and execute. it's almost perfect. we have a job opening for you. >> steve: it's national pretzel day. >> where will you be today? >> i'll be all over today doing this for national pretzel day. we've got 350 locations. you can look it up on national pretzel or pretzel >> steve: check it out. all right, very good. >> let's take a quick look at the weather across the country and even here in new york city where we're looking at perfect weather to make pretzels outside. currently a little on the chilly side. we're going to get up to 65 degrees. sunny, dry, beautiful day. in the city of minneapolis,
4:36 am
you're actually going to make it up to 70 degrees today. so that's great for you because you have been looking at very chilly temperatures over the last several months. you haven't seen a high temperature at 70 since last october. we are tracking several areas of rain across parts of missouri, parts of and even into kansas. there is even a slight chance that some of you across the plains could be looking at severe weather. keep that in mind today. again, slight chance for severe storms. oklahoma city and the city of wichita falls. naumov to pretzels. >> steve: i think i like the low blue cheese. inside now for some headlines. >> gretchen: all right. thanks so much. looks delicious. here are your headlines. he was looking to kill as many people as possible at the family research council. he was carrying nearly 100 rounds of ammo and 15 chick-fil-a sandwiches when he stormed in, angry the group supports traditional marriage. this video released from the shooting, take a close look. that's corken, bending over his
4:37 am
gun before shooting the security guard. johnson tackles the shooter and holds him until police arrived and arrested him. brian? >> brian: he blamed the u.s. and israel fort boston bombing. that makes sense. richard fox saying as long as tel aviv has the complaint ear of the american political establishment, those who wish for peace and justice in the world should not rest easy. despite drawing outrage for that stupid comment, he's keeping his job and we're paying him since the u.s. is a member of the human rights council, we pay 22% of his expenses. he's a form heavyweight champ and one of the most polarizing athletes of his time. i got a chance to sit down with mike tyson, former two-time heavyweight champ of the world, one of the most fascinating things today say had nothing to do with boxing at all. >> my family, we're the biggest liberal family in the world. but we have -- my wife going to kill me for that. it was a good year financially.
4:38 am
>> brian: bush and reagan had this idea that you should keep your money. >> i'm going to work on that, too with this obama administration. obamacare help us keep some money. >> brian: his show "the undisputed truth" is running right now and he has -- i'll go over it later. meanwhile, here is gretchen with a great interview. >> gretchen: finally, you will go to a broadway show, which is the headline. good news for fliers overnight. senator joe manchin had a late night trying to fix this week's airport delays and he's here. was it all a political move -- good morning, senator. thanks for being our guest. >> thanks for having me. >> gretchen: so how did the senate come to this decision? enough was enough? >> i think basically thursday night might be the key for us passing things 'cause everybody wants to go home. they're on planes and trains trying to get home and they will agree to anything. this should have been avoided a long time ago. >> gretchen: let's go back into the history of it all because it actually was the president's
4:39 am
idea, the whole sequester situation. now it appears some people would argue, that some of these cuts were painful for the public so that sequester would get more attention, so that people would call people like you, politicians, to say hey, we really shouldn't do these types of cuts. your response? >> let me just say that basically the failure to do the grand bargain or the big bargain, which is the bowles-simpson plan, three-pronged approach to cutting expenses, having revenue and not raising taxes but having revenue through efficiencies and also reforms. we've got to do it whether you're a democrat or republican. if you're an american, you got to face the facts. we haven't done that. so sequestering was the penalty that nobody thought would ever happen. it happened. nobody planned for it. and basically they're saying okay, here is how it will be -- it will take effect. they say across the board. you don't run your household that way or nobody runs their life that way. but yet they expect government to say everybody gets cut evenly. and there is enough waste and
4:40 am
absolutely just -- it's just awful how this thing is being implemented and what we said and i worked with pat toomey, jim imhoff bipartisan, saying if you're going to implement, if you're going to implement the sequestering, then let the agencies have the flexibility to do the less harm and pain to the american public. >> gretchen: right. senator, that seems to make sense. but the president was also given the same leniency to be able to do that and he said i'm going to veto that bill. >> i just disagree with the president and the administration on that issue because everybody is afraid of the politics being such a hyper sensitive thing. if someone says, well, i'll go ahead and do that and make the cuts and you're going to maim me for it. i like to look at it this way, basically you're going to save some agencies and prioritize what's important to the american public and flying safely, the public flying safely is a high priority. head start is a high priority. there is other things that we could be doing and get rid of a
4:41 am
lot of waste. i'm hoping they take the initiative. we've got a piece of legislation that's laying there, it's been ready to go for a long time, that gives flexibility to the department of defense to cut their 42 1/2 billion dollars without doing harm to our country. and nondefense, 42 1/2. let the agencies do what we as politicians haven't been able to do. >> gretchen: you're making so much sense here, hopefully people are listening to you. yet another thing that you disagree with the president on, even though you're also a democrat, is the keystone pipeline. you want this thing passed, don't you? >> from day one. when i was first told about that, they said, what do you think about the keystone pipeline? i said, in west virginia, common sense is this, we'd rather buy from our friends than enemies. it makes all the sense in the world. this is bipartisan. my friend up in north dakota, we were governors together, worked very closely, and john has been pushing it. i've been right behind him, been a co-sponsor. this has bipartisan support. i cannot explain to you why it hasn't moved quicker and faster. we're still there. it's going to happen of the it's
4:42 am
just a shame that we have so many jobs ready to take off, ready to help this economy and we're still puttering around with it. >> gretchen: some would argue it was political before the election that president obama would not have supported it then. but why not support it now? >> i'm sure there was some concerns. and i appreciate that. but the concerns have all been answered. our friends in kansas and all across the country now have said we can do it safely. listen, if we can build a pipeline through the antarctic, the most severe weather conditions and do it safely up there for years and years and years, we can surely do this one safe and it's really for the american economy, the independence that we would have, the security we would have as a nation. this is just common sense. i pray to the good lord everybody gets -- quit fighting about the politics. do what's right for america. >> gretchen: hopefully again, some people are listening to you again. senator joe manchin, thanks for being our guest. >> thanks for having me. i appreciate it. >> gretchen: buying a home? now 44% cheaper than renting.
4:43 am
so where can you get the most bang for your buck? this house under $150,000. more like it. coming up on the show. and is the rock worth your cold hard cash? your weekend movie review coming up next alright, another one just like that. alright, right in the old bucket. good toss! see that's much better! that was good. you had your shoulder pointed, you kept your eyes on your target. let's do it again -- watch me. ♪ [ male announcer ] pass down something he will be grateful for. the rdable midsi passat. and you'll be grateful right now during springtoberfest where you can lease one of four different volkswagen models
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call 1-800-orencia. >> go, go, go! get him! get him! did you get him? he was right here! where did he go? you see him? there he is! you get the bmw! i told you to check the license plate! >> it was an honest mistake. >> steve: we had to bleep a lot of words. >> gretchen: no doubt. that was one of the movies opening this weekend, but is it worth your time and dough? >> brian: i think i just saw the movie. joining us, fox news contributor kevin mccarthy. should i shell out money and take these two kids out for a date tonight? >> i'm not the kid for this one. this is rated r, one of the most shocking, disturbing true stories i've ever seen.
4:48 am
it's directed by michael bay who did transformers and armageddon. this is a character piece based on three body builders who get caught up in an extortion ring and goes horribly wrong. we're dealing with murder and two of the guys are on death row currently. it's being advertised as a comedy, but the comedic elements are only because you're laughing at the stupidity of the criminals involved. the rock is incredible. he gained 40 pounds of muscle, his character is doing drugs for a lot of the film. i always wonder, what an actor has to do a drug scene, what are they really doing? how do they make it look so real. so i sat with him a couple months ago for another movie and got this. >> generally movies, what the cocaine can be, either powdered milk or zorbatol or something like that. but in this case, i went for the gusto. i wasn't messing around.
4:49 am
it was time. so i went ahead and i just snorted -- the whole room gets quiet. >> i know, is he going to saco saco -- say cocaine. i drink powdered milk. >> i gave it 3 1/2 out of five. it's a little too long, but very shocking and disturbing. it's not a mom dee. you're laughing at the stupidity. i recommend it if you're a michael bay fan. >> steve: lightning round, "big wedding" has big stars. >> robert deniro, susan sarandon. it's a waste of talent. complete waste. i found myself -- i didn't laugh once. i gave it two out of five. skip it. wait for the rental. >> steve: all right, kevin mccarthy, thank you very much. have a good weekend. >> thanks, guys.
4:50 am
>> brian: does robert deniro say yes to everything? >> steve: apparently. >> brian: straight ahead. >> gretchen: are you buying a home? 44% cheaper than renting in some areas. so where can you get the best deals like this one under 150,000? more like that coming up. >> brian: first on this day in history 1980, blonde's "call me" was the number within song. she's the blond one. ♪ call me ♪ you can call me any day or night ♪ ♪ call me [ male announcer ] what are happy kids made of? bikes and balloons, and noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze, a dunk of grilled cheese. catches and throws, and spaghettio's. a wand, some wings, s puddles and pails and yes, puppy dog tails. for a lunch like this, there's a hug and a kiss.
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4:53 am
>> steve: asking prices for homes for sale rose 7% in the last year. but if you're looking to buy, don't be discouraged. the latest data shows it's cheaper to buy than rent in many
4:54 am
of america's 100 largest metro areas e. here is real estate expert and the author of "find it, fix it, flip it," michael corbett, live in l.a good morning to you. knowing it's cheaper ultimately to buy than rent, let's start in shaker heights, ohio. suburb of cleveland. what house do you have for us today? >> you know, i found one that's really terrific. it's about $145,000. these four bedrooms, two baths. adorable house.. it was built in 1925. it's actually got a home theater in the basement and a gym on the third floor. it's really a wonderful house. here is the deal, though. yes, as you're saying, it is in many areas, cheaper to buy than to rent. according to trullia's report, this house would actually cost you about $627 a month to purchase. however, to rent a similar house, this is going to cost you
4:55 am
about $1,100. ultimately if you're going to hold a house, it's cheaper to buy than rent in this area. >> steve: you could make money. let's go off to memphis, tennessee, one of the prettiest towns. you got a house for $194,000. this is another one of those deals where if you bought it, you could rent it and make some money. >> absolutely. it's about three bedrooms, three baths, about 2,000 square feet. completely redone. it's got wonderful new amenities and walk-in closets and it's even got a nice featured sort of fenced in backyard. it's a really well done, completely redone house. now, to purchase it, it's going to cost about $869 a month for your monthly payment. but to actually rent it, it's about $1,225. so it's actually, again, cheaper to buy than to rent there. >> steve: lightning round, birmingham, alabama. >> in birmingham, alabama, i've got one that i really like this
4:56 am
house also. it's about 175,000. it's three bedrooms, two baths. and it's got wonderful amenities. a granite counter top, wonderful brick fireplaces, big bathroom, it's a really good house. this one again is going to cost you about $784 a month. but if you went out and tried to rent this house in birmingham, it's going to cost you almost $1,500 a month. again, it's cheaper there to buy than to rent. >> steve: this is all good advice. by the way, michael does have a blog on trullia. go to our web site and we'll link you to it. thank you for joining us today from the city of angels. >> my pleasure. >> steve: all right. subway riders get the surprise of a lifetime. a performance from a very famous singer. that's right. it's him. ♪ i, i, i
4:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's friday, april 26, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. happy birthday to my dad today. he's 70 something. still look fabulous. love you, dad. new this morning, the boston bomber is out of the hospital and off to prison, but not before revealing more deadly plans, like their plot to bomb new york city? her rally here to weigh -- geraldo here to weigh in on that. >> steve: the famously slow moving senate moved to get air traffic controllers back to work and stop the sequester delays at airports. will you feel the difference today or the weekend as well? we're going to tell what you you need to know before you go. >> brian: his interview made these anchors speechless. >> what are you doing? >> what am i not doing?
5:01 am
seriously. how are they going to get enough material? [ laughter ] >> brian: this morning brian lochte is responding to you, mike jarrett. >> steve: hater. >> brian: that's what we hear. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ >> steve: there is anna kooiman out on the farm in jersey. anna, a lot of people have had goat milk, but never had sheep milk. that's a specialty there, isn't it? >> absolutely. we're at valley shepherd creamery in morris county, new jersey. i've got a little lamb with me, just a couple weeks old here. we've been making cheese. we've been milking the sheep. in just a bit, we'll be
5:02 am
sharing -- shearing some sheep. a bit of a tongue twister. >> gretchen: it's just that oh, sheep, it reminded me of that anchor. >> brian: this is why we don't have bob beckel do the sheep shoots. so we don't have to bleep him out. >> gretchen: you did that very smoothly, brian. that almost came out differently. >> steve: she's going to show us how they shear the sheep shortly. >> gretchen: first we got to do some -- >> brian: very good. >> steve: thank you. >> gretchen: we got to do some headlines because we have news to tell you about. overnight, the slow moving senate moving quickly to pass a bill to stop delays at airports across the country. yea. the house could soon pass it as well. they got to do it today 'cause they go back on vacation. the bill would free $253 million from other less essential parts of the faa's budget and put it towards fully staffing furloughed air traffic controllers. democratic west virginia senator joe manchin was on "fox & friends" just a few minutes ago. here is what he had to say about it. >> i think basically thursday
5:03 am
night might be the key for us passing things 'cause everybody wants to go home. get on planes and trains trying to get home. they'll agree to anything. this should have been avoided a long time ago. >> gretchen: but the white house criticized the bill, calling it only a band-aid. president obama said it would be a game changer in syria. >> a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of cremecal weapons -- chemical weapons being utilized. >> gretchen: there is confirmation that that so-called red line has been crossed. agencies determined syria used chemical weapons at least twice. but the white house says the new evidence now falls short of the original marker. >> we should have intervened on behalf of the people struggling. it's a shameful chapter in american history and i hope that this new revelation of chemical weapons will move the president to do what he should have done
5:04 am
two years ago. from the statement coming out of the white house, i'm not sure they will. >> gretchen: the war in syria has raged for more than two years now, leaving 70,000 people dead. after hours of searching, the f.b.i. found the man they thought they had lost. the guy accused now of sending that ricin-laced letter to the president and other politicians. the feds thought james dutschke went missing. they went to a family friend's house looking for him when his attorney heard the news, he immediately told them where he was. appantly he wanted to get out of the spotlight, so he reportedly fled through the woods and is staying with a friend. stories of inspiration continue to come out of the boston marathon. a survivor had to make a horrible decision to amputate her leg. >> if i kept my foot, it was badly mangled, it would most likely never have fully healed. although the prosthetic is going to be something that i'll have to get used to, i think i have a
5:05 am
better chance of living my life the way i used to with that. >> gretchen: horrible. that's just one person affected by that. heather abbott said she's been surrounded by so many upbeat people that she doesn't even have time to feel sorry for herself. those are your headlines. as we start to see these stories come out, it just really brings the whole thing into -- >> brian: 250 affected. still 33 in the hospital at this hour. and all of them dealing with maybe lifetime changes. geraldo rivera is here. that's one thing we can count on. what were you thinking yesterday as ray kelly and mayor bloomberg said they had -- the bombers were coming to times square? >> i wasn't surprised. new york is the target of choice, as we know. i think police commissioner ray kelly is absolutely right about that. every terrorist dreams of launching an attack on times square or the trade center. this is the center of american commerce. this is the center of american pop culture. so many people gather. so i wasn't surprised at all.
5:06 am
it seems, though, that the perpetrators in this case, the alleged perpetrators almost had a spontaneous -- almost by default. what are we going to do now? they were so, you know, diabolical in their scheme to build their deadly devices and so sloppy and disorganized and amateurish in terms of an escape plan or what plan b was or page two of their conspiracy. >> steve: what's troubling to some is the fact that ray kelly, apparently didn't know about this until yesterday sometime, or later. >> brian: through the interrogation. >> i had a long conversation with commissioner kelly. >> steve: they actually found out -- the feds knew days earlier and if there was a second wave, shouldn't they have given new york city at least the top cop a heads up? >> yes, but here is the way it went down. initially they questioned him on sunday, the surviving perpetrator, dzhokhar tsarnaev, and -- >> steve: he was out of the hospital. >> he's under extreme security, though, in a federal army base, military facility, medical
5:07 am
facility within a military base, about 40 miles northwest of boston. but initially he told the interrogators that that was their plan, spontaneously, let's party in new york. it was only after further questioning before the miranda warnings that he suggested that they had seven bombs left. one pressure cooker and the pipe bombs. let's go use them in new york. that is the default target again and that's why. there is good news and there is bad news out of the investigation and just want to relate to you my conversation with commissioner kelly about the good news. i asked him, one of the great failures in 9-11 was the lack of coordination between the agencies responding, the first responders, the fire department couldn't talk to the cops, et cetera. now in boston where they have many, many more fractured agencies because of the nature of the community, it's a lot smaller, the city of boston and all these satellite communities, there was a great risk of failure of coordination and communication. that did not happen because of
5:08 am
post-9-11 reforms. everybody could speak to each other. >> steve: that's a local thing. >> right. now the bad news. the bad news is even though tamerlan was on the federal radar, not only hayes questioning -- his questioning at the request of the russian authorities in 2011, but also when he went back to dagestan, brack to southwest russia, the muslim area, the area racked by religious conflict and conflict between the russian government, even though he went back, twice he should have been flagged, the federal authorities never communicated his fact that he pinged on the watch list to the local authorities. >> gretchen: why do you think that is, because there is other new information about other communication failures now that apparently somebody did know he came back into the country. >> brian: customs agent. >> gretchen: but didn't relay that information and then the c.i.a. yesterday reported maybe got information but didn't talk to the f.b.i so why? >> well, i think the obama administration is correct to
5:09 am
accept responsibility for what appears to be a failure in terms of that coordination at that level, at the level of inter-agency cooperation in terms of a terrorist threat or someone being on the watch list. they are rightfully now investigating internally what went wrong. so i can't answer definitively why there was not communication between the feds and customs and the f.b.i. and the c.i.a. and the boston -- >> gretchen: you don't think it's a matter of politics, there is no politics involved in the way we look at terror? >> there could be a policy failure. i think that's what we have to assess now. i don't want to unfairly say that somebody obviously dropped the ball here and it's so easy to monday morning quarterback when you start at a tragedy and work your way back, that's easy to put together what should have happened. but in this case, it does appear that there was a lack of coordination. there is the need for some structural reform. it's pretty obvious. i think they'll get around to it. >> steve: what about this failure? you being a lawyer, i'm sure you got an opinion about it. so they talked to him in the
5:10 am
hospital for 16 hours. next thing you know, door flies open, there is the judge, reads him his miranda rights and he clams up. >> brian: the f.b.i. was astounded by this. >> steve: plus, brian was talking to mike rogers and he couldn't believe it either. he thought it was extraordinary that they would pull the plug on it. 'cause he was singing like a canary. >> he was singing and for 16 hours, they got enough information, i think, to know what -- >> steve: how do you know? >> well, i don't have a good answer. why not 48 hours? why not 30 days? i understand the impulse to wring him dry if terms of information. but i just ask people to slow down, remember he did give a lot of information in those 16 hours. and he's now facing at least four death sentences. so if the federal government and if all of us are willing to say about this 19-year-old, we will let him live in a super max, six stories under the colorado
5:11 am
plains, solitary confinement for the rest of his life, 23 hours inside, a windowless cell, underground, in exchange for him telling us every detail, every -- in terms -- i think they should cut a deal, as they did with terry nichols in timothy mcveigh. he was the prime actor. he was executed, as in this case, tamerlan died. now left the kid, super max, for life, give us everything you know and we'll trace it back. >> brian: here is what -- i agree. i think the average american is very -- has very little interest in compared to death penalty and life in prison. i don't think we really care. i don't even care about military tribunal or u.s. district court. who cares? i care about maximum information. what i'm really concerned with is how quick everyone tried to close the circle. two guys on their own, didn't know what they were doing. got it off the internet. got radicalized by a dvd. that bothered me. you have a good gut feeling on this. we were getting led.
5:12 am
>> i think in this case, o'reilley is on to something. >> gretchen: i wasn't going to bring it up. >> he's on to something. follow the money. it's not a lot of money, brian. we have to understand that. how much does it cost to buy a pressure cooker, to buy $200 -- >> gretchen: they were on government assistance. >> but they didn't have a lot of money. how did they put together the couple of thousands it needed. is there someone else involved? i think a is a worthwhile probe. my instinct is, and i agree with you, they shouldn't close the circle and stop the investigation in terms of okay, two guys, self starting, stop right there. they should broaden it, follow the money. did someon give them the money? what really happened to tacker lynn when he was over there in this tumultous area? what did he learn? with whom did he meet? >> gretchen: that's brian's point. there are so many unanswered
5:13 am
questions. >> right. but there is also what the kid knows. >> steve: have a great time tomorrow with your date. >> as long as he doesn't try footsy or anything. >> gretchen: oh, my god. coming up, congress plot to go exempt themselves from oakey's pet funeral home & crematory. can they actual -- from obamacare. can they do that? peter johnson, jr. has the prescription for truth next. >> brian, good luck to you. we'll be watching. >> brian: thank you. >> gretchen: make jarrett making fun of brian lochte, the swimmer. this morning, brian lochte firing back. >> brian: look out, jarrett
5:14 am
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5:18 am
plot that some of the democrat leaders had. let's get some of our staff members and congressional members out of this obamacare mess. we don't want to be in these exchanges that all you other filthy americans who can't get insurance policies will have to be in because we may have to pay out of pocket the 75% subsidy may go away. we can't have our staff members paying 6 or $7,000. now, there are other people -- >> steve: other people. >> people on the other side of the coin. couple of sages in washington, apologists for the democratic congress who say, oh, no. this is just a drafting error. this is about the 12th drafting error. so now the democratic leadership in congress and the white house is in a bit of a pickle because if they step away from obamacare, who are the biggest hypocrites in the world? >> steve: of course, the people who jammed it through. >> jammed it through saying, oh, we don't want it. we can't do it. we want to join all the other thousands of people that got exemptions.
5:19 am
>> steve: one other topic, the center for consumer information and insurance oversight, you ever heard of that? no. but they are the agency implementing the obamacare throughout the world. they won't face any furlough. >> they're terrified. one official of the center for medicare services said earlier in the year that well, we're afraid this is going to be kind of a third world enactment of our health care exchanges. so what the federal government has apparently done is said we're going to exempt obamacare from the furlough cuts, the sequester cuts 'cause we want this to work. the things that we don't want to work, we're going to cut. so they've been set aside. they continue to move ahead. i don't believe they're going to hit their marks on time. it's going to be continuously delayed and it's been delayed already. so now we're getting the nuts and bolts of obamacare. evidently congress read the legislation now. didn't like it. and that's what we have.
5:20 am
>> steve: you know what? max baucus, senator from the dakotas, remember, democrat, helped get it through the congress, says obamacare, train wreck. >> hope not. >> steve: he's leaving town. >> hope not, looks bad. >> steve: peter, thank you very much. okay. straight ahead, how easily would you sign away your constitutional rights? >> we're just going to do everything we can to support obama, rereeling the 7th amendment. we're trying to eliminate some of the bill of rights. this is a more speedy trial by repealing the 7th amendment. >> steve: here to react is need yep and member of the blue color comedy tour, jeff foxworthy. anna is on the farm in new jersey, aren't you, anna? >> yeah, we absolutely are. i'm feeding this little guy right now. and coming up in a couple minutes, we are going to be shearing some sheep. all right, here we go! ahhh!
5:21 am
>> baaa
5:22 am
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5:24 am
>> steve: quick headlines. ho, hoes, dingdongs and twinkies are coming back. that's right. but they're coming back without the union workers who once produced them. the reborn hostess brand company intends to cut ties with the teamsters and the bakers union. they're ununionized now. and the united nations monitor for palestine, richard balk, blamed united states and israel for the boston bombing. but he keeps his job and get this, the united states paying for it. as a member of the human rights council, the usa pays 22% of his
5:25 am
expenses. great. >> gretchen: they're going to try and trick me. sheep shape. our own anna kooiman is learning thousand shear a sheep. >> brian: she joins us now live from valley shepherd creamery in long valley, new jersey. who is going -- have you ever shaved a sheep before? >> i never have. there is about 600 here on the premise that's here in morris county, new jersey. and we're in the middle of birthing center. by the end of june, there will be 1,000 of these little girls and guys running around. i'm going to hand him off to you and start some shearing. this is one of the chores that you have to do. it's a necessary evil when summer comes. can you do one? >> yes. what you want to do is just keep your hand kind of flat. you just want to kind of gently go like that, almost like barber's clippers. >> this is going to take about 15 minutes, right? >> yep. >> now, every year, about 700
5:26 am
sheep are sheared at the farm. and it makes about two tons of wool, right? >> right. a lot of wool. >> there really is. but the owner was telling me that it's actually a money loser, not a money maker. it's just a necessary evil because when the temperatures get up so high, they can get sick when they get overheated. i'm clearly not very good at this. i'm going to let you have it. let's see the professional sheep shearer, mr. christian bend. the clock is going. let's see you work, mister. is this painful for the sheep? it's almost like he likes it. >> it's not painful at all. in fact -- >> should i grab some of it? >> of course. i mean, can you imagine a hot summer day, having this on top of you. understand why these guys have to do it. what's the best time of day to do this? in the morning, i imagine? >> morning, evening.
5:27 am
any time. allall right. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> gretchen, brian and steve, you want a hand in this. >> steve: not a bad job. very nice, anna. if this doesn't workout, you can always try super cuts. >> brian: there you go. >> gretchen: all right. americans signing away their rights without any questions. have you seen this? >> we're trying to eliminate some of the bill of rights. this is a more speedy trial by repealing the 7th amendment. >> gretchen: comedian jeff foxworthy has a lot to say about that and he'll be here live. >> brian: subway riders get the surprise of their lifetime. a performance from a very famous singer. who was it? >> steve: find out. ♪ i wonder ♪
5:28 am
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>> we don't know who has been drafted yet. got to be a tricky night for manti te'o, huh? when that phone rings, is he really being drafted or is it just another scam? [ laughter ] >> yeah, we're going to hire you, yes, that's right. >> brian: guess what? his phone did not ring because he did not get drafted in the first round. >> gretchen: he didn't. my husband decided to tell me that at 3:00 a.m. for some unknown reason in the middle of the night. >> steve: are you sure he didn't caulk to an imaginary coach? >> brian: it could be. so far, nobody called. not a real or imaginary. >> gretchen: maria is real. >> steve: we are calling her. tell us about the weather today.
5:32 am
>> hey, good morning. good to see you. happy friday. if you live in the northeast and across the midwest, it is a very happy friday. not just 'cause the weekend, but also because we're talk being beautiful weather in store, including us in new york city where right now we already have the sunshine out, temperatures rising, high temperature in new york city should get up to 64 degrees. 66 in chicago. take a look at minneapolis. your high temperature today could be 70 degrees. you have not seen temperatures in the 70s since last year. so incredible stuff out here. the bad news with the warm-up is that we will be seeing some snow melting and it could melt very rapidly today. we could see some river flooding concerns, especially as we head in to early next week as the river levels will be rising and flooding will be a concern, especially in the city of fargo. so keep an eye out for that. otherwise across sections of missouri, arkansas, oklahoma and kansas, you're dealing with rainfall today and later this afternoon, into tonight, you will have a chance for some severe weather across places like oklahoma city and down into
5:33 am
wichita falls. back inside. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. stormy day. >> gretchen: time to get to your headlines. president obama will become the first sitting president to speak to planned parenthood. did he address the group in 2008 before he was president. he made headlines over his connection to sandra fluke, the strong pro choice advocate and planned parenthood supporter. she led the fight against government contraception mandates. >> brian: all right. he was looking to kill as many people as possible. floyd corken was carrying 100 rounds of ammo, and chick-fil-a sandwiches when he stormed into the building. the angry -- he was angry at the group and he supports traditional marriage and that's how he showed it. now dramatic new video released from the shooting. take a close look. that's corken bending over for his gun before shooting a security guard. johnson tackles the shooter. holds him until police arrive and arrested him.
5:34 am
>> steve: a giant head floating in the hudson river has folks scratching their head. the mayor's college rowing team found it during practice in new york, upriver from us here in new york city. the head is seven feet tall, made out of styrofoam and fiberglass. it took ten people to pull the head out of the river. it is, by the way, a theater prop. but so far no word on who put it there. >> brian: earlier this week we showed you brian lochte's interview that left our panel, mike jarrett, in tears of laughter. >> in reality show, they follow you into the bathroom. you have to tell them what they're doing. >> i guess there is like a mirror with a sink and then you have the bath. >> ryan, good luck to you. we'll be watching. >> thank you. [ laughter ] >> brian: this morning lochte firing back, saying, quote, the
5:35 am
more known you get in the public eye, the more haters you've got to have. and that's given. but you know what? all the haters, all the name calling goes through one ear and out the other. quickly, i would imagine. and i don't mind it. the more haters i have, it means i'm doing something right. >> steve: there you go. good way to put it. >> brian: jeff foxworthy is here. do you have chance to see that clip? >> i did indeed. >> brian: when you look at ryan lochte, great swimmer. are you thinking reality show, i'd love to live his life? [ laughter ] >> steve: now you're doing it. >> unbelievable. no, i don't want to live that life, no. >> gretchen: but you do want to talk about some video that we were showing our viewers. there is a comedian in california who was asking people if they basically wanted to give up the bill of rights, the first amendment, second amendment, sixth and seventh. most recently, look at this, i'm
5:36 am
waiting for your comment. >> a signature, we're trying to just repeal the second amendment to make sure that only the criminals have the guns and get them out of the hands of the law-abiding citizens. and the sixth amendment, the 7th amendment, it slows down the justice process and it clogs up the court systems. so we're trying to eliminate some of the bill of rights. >> steve: oh, yeah, that makes perfect sense, doesn't it? it's a little scary how quickly people just oh, it can help the president? sure, i'll sign that. and i'll get rid of my constitutional rights. >> yeah, the scary thing is, these people are voting. you know, early in my comedy career, i used to encourage people, because i think every one of us thinks our family is crazy and i would encourage people to try to go to the fair at least once a year because one you got to the fair, you'd look around and you go, you know
5:37 am
what? we're all right. you felt better about your own family. when i watched this, i thought my family is okay because these people are out there walking around. it's crazy. it's like the age of critical thinking has disappeared. >> brian: here is the scary thing, jeff. your vote counts as much as theirs. >> yeah. >> steve: they're canceling you out. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: it is a sad commentary. >> brian: so is larry the cable guy and you lived with that for a while. >> i lived with larry a long, long time. but you have to take a test to get a license to drive a car. but you could just walk into a voting booth and vote. that's frightening to me. >> gretchen: good point. here is a bit on the rumor patrol. are you going to be hosting a new church-based dating show? because your bible trivia show did so well, is there any truth to it? >> it's strictly a rumor at this point. i haven't heard anything about that. i don't know -- i'm not smarter than a fifth grader. the thing on the bible show, if
5:38 am
you could see my note cards, it's nothing but the phonetic pronunciations of the old testament names. i can't imagine how i would do as a match maker. but that's just a rumor. i don't know anything about that. >> steve: all right, mr. ezekiel. meanwhile, we're going to walk over here because you have teamed up with grasshopper, the mower company to help one very lucky military veteran, who is right over here, take a look at this video. >> you've done a great service to our country. we'd love to give you this mower so we can get start -- you can get started in your contract mowing business. >> you got to be kidding, man. oh, my god. >> steve: that's awesome. joining us are trent with grasshopper and military veteran tom trotter, who won that brand-new mower. good morning to you n good morning. >> steve: how did you guys get involved with jeff foxworthy? >> so often military vets come home from battle and they have a hard time transitioning to civilian life. we felt the way we could give
5:39 am
back was to give a commercial grade zero turn mower to a vet and help them get started in the business. we gave them the mower and took him on a hunt at foxworthy's farm. >> steve: it sounds like a great deal. did you have to mow it? did you have to mow the farm? >> a little bit, yeah. >> gretchen: what were your injuries? >> i was shot in the arm, gunshot wound, and i had radial nerve damage. >> brian: tough doing physical labor with that. what's it like to receive what you got? >> a blessing. it gives me a huge opportunity. i've been jobless since i got out six months ago. this gives me an opportunity to make money for my family. >> steve: jeff, i see you sitting there in atlanta and you got a big smile. you love helping these guys, don't you? >> you know what? we've done it for years and years, tried to help the wounded warriors and i have a farm and an outdoor company, foxworthy outdoors. we use the grasshopper stuff. in talking to those guys, they kind of had the same heart for the wounded warriors.
5:40 am
to be able to find somebody to team up and do something like that -- how do you say thank you to people that put their lives on the line so we can live the life wefully this -- we live in this country? it's a small thing. fun to watch. >> steve: in this case t could change your life. >> we partnered with military warrior support foundation to locate tom. that's a 501 c 3 organization that puts wounded warriors in mortgage free homes. we partnered with them and we'll continue a program like this, giving a mower away each year to a vet. we'll start with them, military >> brian: thank you for doing this and tom, thanks for your service. >> gretchen: thank you, jeff, so much for sharing this story with us and so much more. we'll see if you get that dating show, too. >> yeah, yeah. you bet. we'll see you soon. thanks y'all. >> steve: straight ahead. shut out for asking questions. the film festival showing a controversial anti-fracking movie turns away farmers and
5:41 am
journalists who wanted the truth and our next guest was one of them. >> gretchen: secret revealed, how new mom jessica alba bounced back from having a baby. >> brian: first here is clayton and ali who seem very nice. and they are lovely people and they want to talk about this weekend, don't you? >> we do. we want to say what's happening tomorrow. your money and you have to know where to look for it. how you can make a lot of dough by getting rid of stuff in your house that you don't want. >> ali the pack rat will be unloading some stuff. are you making it impossible for your child to succeed? is it because you're overparenting? how you can tell if you need to leave your kids alone, let them grow by themselves. >> then a modern take gold rush, but not out west. one of the stars of the show "ice cold gold" is going to join us live. >> that's all ahead starting tomorrow. we start at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. wake up before the kids so they don't get to watch cartoons.
5:42 am
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5:46 am
>> brian: quick headlines. new york city commuters treated to this subway surprise. ♪ . >> brian: buble stopped by the 66th street station in new york city and sung the jackson five classic "who's loving you." he's in town promoting his new album. he said he always wanted to show off on a subway platform. then no matter how high you go, you still want to go low. and jessica alba's secret to regaining her hot body. the actress wore a double corset day and night for three months after giving birth to both of her children. she says it was sweaty, but worth it. i will follow that story wherever it leads me. gretch? >> gretchen: i'm sure you will. let's do this next. the anti-fracking documentary "good land 2" getting a lot of attention. most recently because those who
5:47 am
had tickets were tossed out. one of the folks exposed gas land's discrepancies in his own film "frack nation" and joins me this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen. >> gretchen: so tell me what happened. you were at the tribeca film festival, not allowed to go in. what happened? >> yeah. so there was a red carpet there and i was there as a journalist. i had my prescore consciences. yoko ono and director came to give media super views. i lobbed a few inconvenient questions at them and a group of farmers there, up to 20 who felt they were being misrepresented in gasland, felt their lives had been lied about really. so they started lobbing questions. it got a bit noisy, but it was respectful but noisy. and the red carpet. some accused -- he refused to address the issues. myself and the farmers movement around to try and go in and we were told no, you guys are not
5:48 am
allowed. we don't want your sort here. we only want people who agree with us at the film. >> gretchen: let's take a look. you happened to videotape some of what went on on the red carpet. let's take a look. >> i want to go in. i have a ticket. my wife is already in there. here is the ticket. >> we're not going to let you in. , you're making trouble. >> gretchen: we heard, they said you were making trouble. here is the statement, guests that purchased tickets and were in the line 30 minutes prior were admitted into the screening. once the house is at capacity, the remaining ticket holders were unfortunately not able to be accommodated in the theater. is that how you saw it? >> that is not correct. as you can hear, there are people saying, we don't want you in because you were asking questions. we have all the people saying, we're not comfortable with having you in there. they didn't want us in there 'cause they didn't like our questions.
5:49 am
we have photographs from inside the theater, row and row of empty seats. 20 people who were outside, it was not a full house. they issued that statement three embarrassed byfter the event refusing. when it became clear they didn't like the sound. so it's very clear at the time that they didn't want us in because they weren't comfortable with us. there is only one type of opinion in a lot of tribeca film festival. they don't like people passionate about films. >> gretchen: i know your film is in direct -- exactly the opposite of what "gas land 1 and 2 talk about, right? >> yeah. i'm a film maker and a journalist. i'm used to being told i can't go somewhere or that. but these farmers, they got up at 4:30 in the morning. 4:30 in the morning, to travel a couple hundred miles to view this film, see this film, and then they were told, you're not welcome. i mean, i thought tribeca film festival would want people who
5:50 am
traveled hundreds of miles to see a film. but they don't want these kind of people passionate about films. i feel sorry for the farmers. their questions are not allowed. >> gretchen: thanks so much for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> gretchen: if you missed a minute of "fox & friends" this week, you missed a lot. but we picked the funniest moments for you, that's coming up next. but first let's check in with martha what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> we've got brand-new details on the extent of the new york plot and the 19-year-old bomber has moved from hospital to prison. the first homeland security chief, tom ridge, and congressman pete king, join us with a stunning new take on how officials missed a man who really met every bit of profile for a potential terrorist. all that coming up. we will see you at the top of the hour right here
5:51 am
arigato! we are outta here! finding you the perfect place.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> gretchen: there were plenty of laughs on the curvy couch. >> steve: there were. we want to bring you some of the best moments. watch this. >> brian: i have nothing to say. >> mark, get set, go! >> brian: hyper ventilating? don't breathe into that bag. >> steve: dr. siegle is on the case. >> what are you doing? >> what am i not doing? seriously. how are they going to get enough material? [ laughter ] >> 1 1/2 minutes of laughing and giggling. >> gretchen: we laughed for at least a minute third for something called a belly button. >> brian: when mike wallace interviewed the ayatollah could asked him tough questions, that's what i channel. >> steve: take that dog over to dell frisco's for a nice steak.
5:55 am
it's on me. >> brian: they open in an hour. >> steve: is that normal or nuts? >> i don't know, but this is better than prozac. >> steve: no kidding. >> gretchen: a little sugar. >> your news leader in high definition. >> (bleep). >> gretchen: he moved all his stuff to bismarck. now he doesn't have a job. >> brian: don't they do frabbing there? of sure. >> gretchen: i'm going to lay down because apparently i've got some issues. >> brian: the form kings are here to set the spinach straight. >> steve: dan, pete, thank you very much. >> thank you for having us. >> steve: thanks for keeping your shirts on. did you ever think about attending a dance with a spaghetti straps? >> brian: steve, i look at all different outfits for all the dances i attend. >> please don't do that. >> brian: rudy guiliani looks great in my area. are you considering getting rid of me? >> i was getting nervous. >> steve: although you look good on the right. [ laughter ] >> brian, you're fired.
5:56 am
[ laughter ] >> she probably could be very good. let me go because i'm going to pass out right now. >> brian: sounds like a french guy choking. >> steve: whatever you do, maria, don't kill the guests. >> brian: you showed him a few moves. >> he was such a good sport. that was a lot of fun. >> steve: very nice. >> gretchen: we'll be right back right after this new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain. here we go. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek. ♪
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6:00 am
>> brian: mike tyson sits down with us for a half hour on monday of the you can see him in washington saturday and sunday. >> steve: see you martha: all right. we've got new developments on the boston bombing suspect. just this morning dzhokhar tsarnaev was moved from a hospital room to a federal prison facility in massachusetts. we're told he will continue to receive medical care there while he awaits trial for the blast that killed three people and injured more than 270 others at the boston marathon. welcome, everybody. good morning. i'm martha maccallum here in "america's newsroom.". >> i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. his transfer is coming after we learn more about the secretary record attack that thankfully never came to be. dzhokhar tsarnaev telling investigators he and his brother made a spontaneous decision continue to killing americans planning to drive to new york


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